"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Extremely Righteous

Wouldn't it be something if anyone could label you "extremely righteous?"

No one is righteous. Not one. Our "righteousness" is as bloody menstrual cloths----filthy rags.

Yes, it's disgusting. Remember, evil is disgusting. Sin is evil. We all sin (no exceptions).

But God loves us, and we are called to righteousness. Apparently there is hope for even our own puny attempts to please Him.

Our salvation rests on Christ's sacrifice alone, but we bear a responsibility for our behavior that will be judged by the Righteous Judge.

There is no power spiritually apart from God.

Without Christ there is only spiritual death. Oh, yes, everyone's soul has been affected by the spiritual world, but until you are born again you are DEAD spiritually. You are DEAD. You are blind to the Spirit. You cannot hear the Spirit. It's there in Corinthians.

So this year, ask Jesus to forgive you. Repent. (That means turn, or go a different way.) Ask Him to be your Savior and experience spiritual LIFE as never before.  Join those forgiven, those joyful, those with everything to live for.  Join the living.

And love righteousness. Pursue godliness. Strive to please Him. We must give an account when we see Him, our infinite Judge. So be known as an extremist---extremely righteous.


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