"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urgency Noted

As you know, I love to watch prophetic events unfold.

Having said that, and having watched countless signs of the nearing age of tribulation, I just wanted to be sure to make a few things clear.

Jesus is coming. It's apparent that He will come when it is like the days of Noah. He will come and catch us up to be with Him in air.

There is a bridal feast in heaven. Heaven is amazing. Jan Markell had a great program last Saturday on Heaven. I recommend listening to it.

Her conference is coming up on October 4 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. By all means, beg and borrow to get there. You will not regret the day spent with people who are "in the know."

I have always linked the day of Christ's return to the Jewish feast of trumpets. After all, the Word of God says---the trumpet shall sound!

Malcom Isted has linked the Bible Code to the feast of trumpets 2015. It proves to be a day of significance for the church.

Signs in the heavens, (blood moons, the age of Aqarius, the end of the age of Pisces, fascinating planet conjunctions AND unprecedented unidentified flying object observation) earthquakes (Sweden got hit today with the biggest in 100 years!) increased, tremors, war. The Pope announced WWIII the other day.

More than that is the appearance of Israel, and the miraculous return of the Jewish people to their land. This is a sign of prophetic fulfillment that stands alone.

And what about the new one-world religion, taking shape as I write? What about the one-world economy? The rule of a one-world system?

What about a mark that lets you buy or sell-----and you can't without it?

Technology, travel, knowledge increased. These things are signs. They were clearly written about in the Bible, and people couldn't possibly understand them two thousand years ago.

Now it's simple. Open the newspaper in the morning and mark your checklist of prophecy fulfilled. It's that clear.

So what does it mean?

I think we have a year left. If not, that's that. I just feel an urgency to warn my friends and family that Christ Jesus comes soon.

He's only going to take those who are ready, those bought by His blood sacrifice, payed for with the price of His death on the cross.

We can't do anything to earn our salvation. It's a done deal. God's part of the transaction/covenant is complete.

But perhaps your part isn't.

Have you repented? Have you turned away from sin? Have you placed your faith in Jesus? Have you thanked Him for dying on the cross for your sin? Are you pursuing a life of righteousness, not because it earns you points for heaven, but because it pleases your LORD?

Are you thirsting for the Word of God? Reading it daily? Praying? Crying out to Him to save YOUR friends and family?

You may not have the joy of leading someone to salvation, but every little thing you do or say is drawing those around you to Christ.

You are part of a God-ordained/designed plan to bring people to Christ.

It's a wonderful calling.

If you don't know Christ, the Bible says you are going to perish----just as God said to Adam---You shall surely die.

It took a sacrifice to save Adam. It takes one to save you, too. Jesus did it.

Let's watch what happens this next year. You never know when you are going to die, so don't put off praying for salvation, repenting.

It is appointed man once to die, and after that the judgement. You get ONE CHANCE to get it right.

Satan has sufficiently dumbed down most of the world population to even be unable to read the Bible. He's succeeded way too well with this.

The Bible is the path to salvation. The Word is truth.

It's what you have been looking for all of your life.

So many exciting things going on. Keep your eyes open, and your ears.

To him who has ears to hear....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Me, a Cynic?

Yes, I am. I can be.

I look at the views people have who believe other than I do and I feel cynical. I'm sorry. I just can't easily tolerate what I perceive to be a huge lack of understanding.

Then I remember the things that I don't understand. The things that I haven't learned yet. The views that I hold because they've been proven to me.

I remember that it happens to all of us, and Lucifer knows exactly how to deceive. He's the Father of Lies, after all.

Then I turn to Scripture and read TRUTH. I read ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I turn outside of myself and find the plumb-line of God's Word to measure my views against. What is found wanting MUST be reckoned with.

I can't just ignore it.

Now, more than ever, when time is so incredibly short, we need to know Truth, say truth, be truthful.

Today Ed had to have blood, and we had to cancel a dentist appointment because his neutrophils (ANC) were too low.

He also received two chemo drugs. He makes up things with their names, like they are people he meets. Dr. Vin Cristine, I'd like you to meet Miss Erwinia...

He's got a good attitude still. He's not cynical much, yet. How quickly we could fall into that ditch though.

We attended a benefit event for childhood cancer this past weekend. It was very nice, and I'm sure much money was raised. I am grateful.

I'm still trying to be grateful, because it's still hard to be grateful in a situation like ours. I mean, dealing with bipolar disorder on top of leukemia has its challenges. Daily challenges.

I'm feeling cynical today.

I'm tired of dealing with all of life's irritants, anomalies, and oddities. The eccentricities of my idiosyncrasies wear me out.

Just thought I'd "keep it real" here.

But I'm a person of faith. That really does set me apart. I have super strength, and it really does color my outlook, view, and mood.

I can call on the Holy Spirit to fill me at any time I need. I can't control His response, but He responds in His pure timing.

My trust in His power is an act of will and devotion to Him. He has been my all in all for 48 years. I KNOW He answers. I know He is there. I know that whatever I have to face this year----or any other that I may live, I have the God of the Universe to help me.

This is strength. This is good. This is what life should be.

That is why suffering for a Christian is so necessary. We see His strength in our weakness.

A few years ago I was at a prayer meeting where someone had a word from the Lord. He cried out against all the pride in the church today. Pride is Luciferian.

I'm going to keep referring to Lucifer, as he is trying very hard to take control right now, and he will succeed to a huge extent, especially in the lives of those who don't believe in Christ. Master of Masks, he will come as an angel of light to lead masses to eternal death. The Bible says narrow is the path that leads to life, and FEW find it.

What does that say about our world?

MOST of the world stands condemned. As I see the many killings of inter-islamic factions I just grieve. These people are going to HELL. How horrid. How sad. How wasteful.

How will they hear without a preacher?

And how will WE hear without a preacher? Too many preachers shy from expository preaching. It's exactly what the Church needs right now---not shock value, cool, inclusive, seeker-friendly junk.

The church is dying from starvation----Biblical starvation!

The pulpits should be screaming about prophecy right now! They should be hollering about sin and repentance. Pastors should be digging into whatever book they fancy-----JUST DIG IN, and don't tell us anecdotes ad infinitum!  We are SICK of anecdotes.

Tell us truths!

Go ahead and illustrate your talks, but please keep the Main point the Main point.

I'm seeing bigger screens, more lights, more song, more dance.

And it's a song and a dance to follow the Pied Piper, right on down the road to Hades.
Little children, following blithely and deceived.

Are you in the Word?

You probably aren't getting it in church these days. (I hope and wish you are!)

And pray that I can become less cynical as this week progresses.

Thank you.

Keeping the Shemitah Produces Supernatural Results