"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, January 21, 2017

New President

I didn't watch the inauguration yesterday. I was working all day---first teaching science at the high school, then at the deli until 8.

My unpleasant coworker was not there, so I had a wonderful shift. By myself.

Don't you wonder sometimes who doesn't like you?

It's a good question, and I do. I know that we are supposed to love everyone, but some people are just naturally lovable. Others, not so much.

I know that there are some of my own family members that I would prefer inhabit other parts of heaven in the next life, and I'm sure they wish the same of me.

How mean, right?

Isn't it wonderful that God is going to make us all new? We'll actually like each other in heaven!

Happy thoughts.

I suppose that some people are reconciling themselves to President Trump. Maybe they think he's going to be in hell.

I don't know, and I can't care.  It's beyond me to have an impact on Trump. I know that Barack Obama will be somewhere where Moslems go, as they claim him. Unless he repents and follows Jesus.

Donald Trump? Who knows?

WE are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

I love Bill Gothard's "Commands of Christ" series. I don't care how bad Gothard is as a human. I don't know. I know that his series on Christ's commands is perfection.

Follow Me.
Humble yourself.

Check it out. It's what keeps me loving those that aren't loving to me.

Following Christ is the ultimate passion, the ultimate life path.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Corgi Thoughts

It's been an interesting weekend.

I'm dealing with a person who could be classified as mentally ill, but it comes across as harassment and verbal abuse. It is trying to "put up" with these attitudes, but I am in awe of the lessons God is teaching me---responding in love, quietly, with a quiet spirit (last year's lessons!), and patience.

It's unusual for me to be called a "stupid idiot." Every few minutes. Over and over. That, and other choice things.

I'm not, so it's just interesting. My responses must be Christlike, so I pray for the right words to say. It is a lesson in feeling how Christ feels. He was abused, scorned, mocked, and there are no promises that we won't be either!

I just thought it would be for standing for righteousness. Right now it is because I exist.
The mocking comes constantly, undeserved, and predictably (always!)

I would wish this on no one.

But I'm dealing with it. I'm rubbing shoulders with the untouchables, the forgotten, the working poor, the hopeless, the lost.

And, because of Christ, I'm not that.

So, I can take it.

I come home bruised. Wounded. Hurt. Not physically. In my spirit. I lay awake trying to pray for this person.

I am troubled for him. I take on his needs, his thoughts. He has opened up to me in spare moments, and I can see a checkered past. I know this person is what he is because of dysfunctional family background. And because of sin.

It's always sin. Iniquity.

I looked up the definition of iniquity today. I read something about the distinctions between iniquity, transgression and sin.

All are sin. Transgression is a specific act, and iniquity is the moral failing state of being that results from sin. So, sin.

He was bruised for our iniquity. Our moral failing---to a deep degree.

Our pastor had a little illustration a week ago, and he repeated it this past Sunday. He would not have needed to repeat it. It stuck in my head.

A man was asked what he did for a living. He replied that he was a witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he funded his ministry by being a butcher during the day.

I love it.

We have such a high calling!

My friend, Jeremy, has so much to offer. He just released his second book. He deals with the outcasts, the untouchables, of our society. You know, America has them. Jeremy is living a life that is completely and utterly dependent on God's provision. It's absolutely stunning. His spiritual mentor is George Mueller, and he brings each and every need to God. God provides. Always. It takes great faith, but he is teaching the poor and broken souls of this world to do the same. He is teaching the dysfunctional to live.

My brother just visited Cuba. We have it SO EASY compared to Cuba!

People earn about $16 a day there. Free health care, but only about 4 medicines are ever available. Pharmacies are mostly closed. He met a scientist who only makes about $150 a year. It's unreal. They are happy people, in a sunny land, but so, so poor. Americans are beginning to travel there and money is starting to flow in the country, but many Americans are taking advantage of these destitute people.

Here in the US there are people who work hard and never can get ahead. America has these untouchables, poor, stricken folk as well!

There are truly inequalities that exist.

Perhaps you read the article below about 8 people controlling half the currency in the world. This is a gross inequality. We all must see it.

I think we needed someone like Donald Trump to shake them down.

The little person, mentally ill, struggling, no healthcare, broken, poor----what voice does someone like that have?

I am absolutely against Obamacare. I wouldn't want to be like Cuba!

I truly believe the entire healthcare system needs a financial reboot. Oh!--- for the days when doctors were community stalwarts, helping those who couldn't afford as much and those that could as well. Insurance is wonderful, but the loop-holes and over-charges are enough to stymie any industry.

Let's pray that Donald Trump will be true to those that elected him and right the cabal of controlling elites that have reigned for centuries.

Maybe he's one of them. But maybe not. We'll see.

God is in charge.

To those who are horrified by Donald Trump, I'd say that you are seeing what an unrighteous society degrades to. By ignoring the Bible, the righteousness promoted in the Bible, we have all been guilty of bringing this on ourselves.

Point the finger at yourself. Admit that we all need repentance and Christ's commands to live righteously.

Sinners will always be around. It's human nature to be iniquitous. But we have JESUS CHRIST to save us, the HOLY SPIRIT to convict us, and our Heavenly Father to forgive us, and be merciful.

LIVE RIGHTEOUSLY. It is the only answer to this sin-sick world.

And please pray for me and my wounded heart. Help me to love in return for hate. Help me to turn the other cheek. Help me to serve the servant. Pray for this poor person who is so desperately needy.

It could be that I got this job just to help in this life.

BTW, I love subbing. I'm a grandma now, and I don't take any guff. I could care less what the students think of me. I learn with them, and we appreciate each other. I'm already learning names of the students! I get to work with the choirs in both the Middle School and the High School again this week and next.

This is a balm to my spirit.