"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Misty Memory


It's pretty easy to debate non-believers on philosophy or theology. One starts from a completely different premise, so there is little to touch base on, to find common ground. In fact, it is almost impossible to convince any atheist of faith.

It must come from within.

But when you debate spiritual issues with people of faith it becomes sort of hard. For me, at least.

Why? You MUST remain loving. You must try to be kind. You must be considerate. Even if the other person isn't.

That happened to me the other night. It began as a question on Facebook about Trump voters. The question was TO people who supported Trump or voted for him.

Well, that's me. I voted for Trump. I don't like him, didn't support him, but I voted for him. I felt it was a line of defense against the New World Order that Hillary actually represented.

So, I gave an opinion and was promptly accosted by a self described "civil rights activist" who had studied Bible at an evangelical college and had read the Bible in Greek....
You get the picture.

Then I was accused of being snarky for answering the questions put forth!

No good deed goes unpunished...

But the question for me, really, was, "How do I respond in an loving manner to people who come across in bitterness to me, who react to my ideas with rancor?"

How can we be Christlike to our faithful siblings?

I struggle with this. I struggle with responding in love when I am made fun of. I have a family member who routinely scoffs at me, and I've wondered over the years how I should respond to him. It's a question I have wrestled with.

Why does he scoff?
How should I respond?
Can I avoid him?
Should I avoid him?
How can I be loving in response?

He doesn't agree with me on anything, but since he is family I MUST interact with him on occasion. That's hard for me. I ask the LORD, how? How should I act?

How should I act toward the "activist" who disagrees with my Biblical stance (in this case it was self-defense as a believer).

I'm not sure ignoring is the answer. I think the true church must defend itself. Look where we are now! Yes, we are watching the ongoing march of prophetic events which includes apostasy in the end times, but don't you wonder how people who grew up with Christian parents or grandparents can support gay marriage?

I do.

What happened? Biblical illiteracy?

It's a combination of things, certainly, but I think we true believers have an obligation to use apologetics to defend our faith, even on the offense, on the battlefield, on the philosophical turf of the opposition.

Christ did.

We need to keep it on the offense, and when we are falsely accused we need to respond in a Christlike manner.

Love. Soft answers. Kindness. Self examination. Pure heartedness. A ready word.

Showing Christ's love is Christlike. Waiting on His purposes and His action is our recourse, our defense, and ultimately our offense.

We know the end!

Praise Jesus!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Corgi Hollows Podcast: Foreign Devil in China, Episode 1

Announcing the Corgi Hollows Podcast

Ed and I are trying something new. We don't expect much from it, and we are complete amateurs, but we think it would be fun to do podcasts.
We both have a lot to say, right?
Boring for some, perhaps, but things that interest us and a few folk.

I'm going to review books that I've read. I want to talk about Corgis! Ed wants to talk shop----current events, cancer, mental illness, computers, math, science, philosophy, languages, pipe organ, music----basically the things he's an expert on. (:))
Look for the podcasts to appear on the Corgi Hollows YouTube page. I'll link it.

Cool, Clear Waters

The days shorten.

I am a prophecy watcher. There is one thing that convinces me Christ's return is imminent more than anything else, and that is the spiritual blindness that I see around me.

Am I spiritually blind? We all MUST ask that question.

I have discovered that basing my faith on the one thing that God ordains is the only safe path to true belief-----that is, the Bible.

I live or die by the veracity of that document. I have no other post to stake my belief on.

My experiences, though amazing and wonderful, are spiritual, and cannot be fathomed by anyone not born again.

I can revel in them, but they are not transferable.

The only thing I have to trust is God's Word, and everything measures up to it in this world; Science, doctrine, psychology, philosophy, meaning. It all must bow to its authority.

Can I rely on the Word of God, the Holy Bible?

The Old Testament is completely reliable. The Jewish scribe, Ezra was instrumental in bringing forward ancient texts from the patriarchs. The OT prophets and writings of David are more reliable than any other ancient document. Archeology continues to affirm the claims of Scripture.

The New Testament is also reliable. I've been fascinated and educated by Christian Pinto's research on the reliability of the King James Version. I like to compare the Martin Luther German to the KJV. I'm satisfied that the KJV is an accurate translation, true to the manuscripts brought to Europe after the fall of Constantinople. These manuscripts are probably the most reliable. Not the Vulgate, nor the Codex Sinaiticus. The KJV was translated from more reliable manuscripts.

I'm thankful for Tyndale, Wycliffe, and the Protestant reformers.

Finding an external authority for a philosophical compass is a beautiful, healing, refreshing thing. The Word of God is that compass for me.

Cool, clear water.

But the days are full of muddying influences. The Word of God is attacked, mocked, undermined. That has always been the case, but perhaps more so now.

As Satan tries to infiltrate Christian institutions he snatches those who are not philosophically anchored.

That's why bastions of Christianity like Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy league colleges are no longer bastions of faith. Satan has won his battles there.

But he doesn't win the war, and everyone should be asking---"Whose side am I on?"

The "intelligentsia"  and self named "intellectuals" who rule in these institutions are a godless lot of sinners. They deny Christ and His commands. They mock the Apostle Paul. They thumb their noses in the face of the living God who created them and all they see.

As Psalm 120 warns, they will get what they deserve.

Simple, childlike, even foolish faith wins in the end.

It's so refreshing in these warming days, days of end-time approach.

The misguided concern over politics and policy will become moot in an instant. The world players act out their parts in the ongoing timeline of Bible prophecy and we faithful ones watch expectantly. We know the end, we see the whole picture.

God wins.

The relief washes over me like cool, fresh water.

A Song of Praise

I magnify the LORD, for He is good.

He is coming as he said.

I praise Him for his blessings, children who follow righteousness, beauty all around me, food and drink, shelter and warmth. I praise Him for small warm Corgi bodies.

I thank the LORD for his goodness. He has promised to love me, forgive me, and help me.

He has done mighty things, even in my life!

He has brought me through dark waters and given me the hope of his coming.


He has given me His word, through his disciples and followers throughout the ages.

I will bless his name.

The earth rejoices in His goodness, sparkling sunshine, greens and blues, bursts of floral color. The creatures He made are His, and He provides for them. His goodness is beyond imagination.

My heart praises Him. He deserves all glory and honor.

I praise the LORD for His forgiveness, and I forgive in response to His work. How can I not forgive?

Bitterness may take no root in me.

My soul rests in His peace.

My spirit soars in His presence.

My body groans, but only for a short while.

Praise be to the LORD ON HIGH!

Psalm 120 was my devotion today. Very inspiring.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Cost

Believers know there will be a cost to their faith. It's promised in Scripture.

It's like a daily mystery discerning the current cost of following a life bent toward righteousness.

Friends, family, jobs, moods, time, joy, pain, even life itself---all can be costs that can have spiritual implications.

If someone is being a jerk there is a cost, but that hasn't a thing to do with faith.

The costs of a person for faith matters are far more nuanced. Satan does attack, and he can attack with finesse, hitting his target pretty accurately.

So how do we manage the costs? How do we buffer the attacks? How do we survive the wounds?

Examine our hearts. Is there sin in the heart? Idolatry? Winking at wrong-doing?
Fornication? Homosexuality? Bestiality? Adultery? Drunkenness? Dishonesty? Gossip? Gluttony? Envy? Pride? Anger? Lust? Sloth? Greed? Disobedience to parents? The Romans 1 list is a great check for the heart.

A pure heart seeks God, so these things cannot stay. Repentance is in order.
One must turn away from sin to face the wily attacks of the evil one.

It's the only way.

The mark of a believer is that he or she is saved by grace alone, but sin should have no place in daily life. Sinful habits will be painfully obvious to the true believer. Conviction of sin will be forthcoming.

So, turn. Repent. Get a clean heart before God and ask Him for the ability to fight the fiery darts of the devil. God answers prayer, and there are always reasons for His actions.

He may say no. He may use the trial to further His kingdom. He may instantly and boisterously answer!

That's happened a few times in my life. It seems nothing short of a miracle when God brings an immediate answer to prayer. I love reading about these types of answers. The costs of faith seem well reimbursed for these.

But sometimes the costs are like overhanging debts. No may be an answer, but it's hard to discern when you are waiting for someone to come to Christ and you've prayed for them for years. The answer may simply be no, but how do you know?

Patience, trust, and hope are our modus operandi in this counting of the cost. What else can we do?
The Lord will bring about His plan and His desires without regard to our feelings and desires.

But He can and will bring our desires around to His desires and fulfill them as He wills. That is giving us the desires of the heart. God's heart is the main thing.

So, we wait. We hope. We trust.
We pay the price of following a holy and righteous Creator. It's a cost that is manageable and pays great dividends.

It's not optional.

It's inevitable.

It's doable, but only by the power of the Holy Spirit.