"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Thursday, July 28, 2016



Glad to be Back at Corgi Hollows!

Well, I've been in four Midwestern states in the past few weeks, all on separate trips!

I can't recall such a schedule in my life ever before! It's been fun, though, and all good.

First to Indiana, with my husband. That was the quiet time, holed up in the nice hotel for reading Francis Schaeffer.

Then to Chicago, Illinois, to help Margaret with her French visa.

Off to Iowa after that, a high school reunion for my husband.

Last weekend it was DeSmet, South Dakota to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums and the pageant they've done there for decades. We spent time with dear friends and generally had a wonderful weekend.

There is so much to do here at home, but the time between trips seems like recovery, so I accomplish little.

Oh, well.

Make hay while the sun shines, as Pa Ingalls said, famously, in the Long Winter. Incidentally, that was the pageant theme. I can't imagine surviving that winter. We're too "soft" these days.

And there are politics to mull over. Discuss. Remark on.

Next week the plan is to take Ed to the Ark in Kentucky. We both want to see it.

I just saw an article on NPR about the dangers of exposing your children to creationism.

My, my. Fear mongering all around. Horrors! What if your child actually believes the Bible????!!!

I have to shake my head. My blood pressure is getting higher as I age, and I don't need to foster high blood pressure reading such opinion from a supposed neutral news source.

Yes. I believe the plain Bible. I stand before the Creator and dare to take Him at his word.

Actually I see no better or more logical option.

Faith is something that permeates, envelopes, and surrounds the spirit. Once chosen by God for faith it is inescapable.

Faith is the power to rise above human reasoning and attempts at finding meaning. It is the air beneath the wings of humanity.

Faith is the delicious knowledge that GOD IS AS HE SAYS.


There is a lot of fear around these days. My young friend in Asia messaged me that his friends are fearful, watching what is happening in the world.

The priest in France was beheaded this week.

Hillary Clinton is the most unfit human being to serve as President of the United States, woman or not, and yet she walked away with the nomination and the purported "in the know" polls predict her victory come fall.

I predict her election, and subsequent incarceration. (Either here or in Eternity)

Her rapist husband does not deserve to walk free, either.

She picked a Jesuit (New World Order) vice presidential candidate to boot. And what about those Virginia politics? The eye of Sauron should fix on that state's shenanigans. Things don't make sense anymore, do they?

The world is upside-down, and we blink at the absurdities.

I've been hearing the question, "Where are the adults?"

The Great Babylon falls as predicted. Why should we be upset? It's all happening as planned, predicted.

Have we mentioned the floods, famines, earthquakes, signs in the heavens, lately?

Yeah. Daily. Monumental destruction.

We're going to be out of here relatively soon, friends.

For those of you who are living in unrepentant sin, your time draws nigh as well. Take the mark of the Beast on your hand or forehead or die. The economy will collapse and you will need the mark to buy or sell.

You may THINK you are saved, a Christian, but you will be deceived. You will fall for the deception of the Antichrist.

I liked the description of the Antichrist that Ron Rhodes gave the other day on "Prophecy Watchers."

He is the antithesis of the real Christ, deceiving many into eternal punishment.

So says the Scripture. I point you to the Bible.

We live in exciting times. Every morning I'm amazed to still be here, alive, watching for the next fulfillment of prophecy.

It's amazing.

Praise be to the LORD of HEAVEN and EARTH! The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

Hillary's health

For your consideration:

Friday, July 22, 2016

O People

Why do the nations rage so furiously together?
I love quoting Handel's Messiah on mornings after upsets.
The Donald is all the rage. We have Turkey, ISIS, Liberals, Globalists, Terrorists  raging.
So much rage.
The opening verse encourages us to fix our eyes on something eternal when the summer months heat up with human turmoil.
Where is your anchor?
Where is your trust?
Conservative Christians, like me, have learned over these last Obama years that rage and fear have no place in the fellowship of saints.
All believers are counted saints by the blood of Christ ---despite their human nature.
So relax, dear ones. Spread the Gospel. Do your civic duty.
Live quietly.
Don't worry.
Trump or Hillary, equally unattractive options, are completely in God's hands.
The nations bring judgment on themselves by rejecting the Creator. We who are filled with the Holy Spirit can face the times with sweetness.
We are called for such a time as this, even as Esther was for Jews in Babylon.
This is our Babylon.
Rise above.