"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good Stories

I don't have much of a story. (I still write.)

I am a simple midwestern housewife with five kids and one grandson. I'm an army mom, formerly an army wife, (still a wife!) formerly a missionary to Germany (church planting/Muslim ministry). I'm a teacher.

I grew up in the house next door to Corgi Hollows.

I've lived in Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, (briefly) Colorado, Texas, and Germany---besides Minnesota. I've been to Turkey and Israel, Canada, Mexico, Scandinavia, England, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Switzerland.

When I travel I like to stay places, not rush around. I like to feel the culture.

I'm an artist, musician, and writer. I'm not very good at any of these arts, but I DO them, and I make stuff, and I take the time to write, to articulate. Many could do so far better than I do, but I do it, at least.

But my story is pretty dull. You just read it.

 I became a follower of Jesus when I was four years old at special meetings held each summer in this area. Several evangelical churches banded together to support an evangelist's guest appearance at these meetings. Eight nights of singing and preaching, children's meetings, hanging out with all the Christian folk in the area.

I have good memories of that. I made my decision to ask Jesus into my heart as a child, responded to the invitation to pray with a teacher at a little kidney-shaped table my kindergarten size.

I remember it. I prayed with Carol Mooney, who has since gone to be with Jesus.

That's not much of a story, is it?

But that prayer was truly meant, truly life-changing, truly real. I had other epic moments (for me) that propelled my spiritual life onward, but I can't see much of an epic theme. Normal conversion is really all I can summarize my spiritual walk as. Normal, dull, boring. Not special.

But it is my story, and I believe I would have been a completely lost basket case had I not met Jesus quite young.

I read people's testimonies with great interest.

Other people do have good stories. I really love to read the ones about atheists who become Christians. I like to ferret out the moments that convinced them there was a Creator, and that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is that Creator.

I like to read about people who were sucked into spiritualist lifestyles, New Age, Yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, Satanism, Superstition--the Occult. Then they come to Jesus in a lightning blast of knowing and love! Incredible, I love it! I am thrilled with their transformation.

Johanna Michaelson, Steven Bancarz, Mario--the Vigilant Christian, Nabeel Qureshi, just to name a few.

These are the people I listen to. Their stories are amazing, but they have so much to say. They recognize evil in a way I never could. I watch with interest where their genuine faith in Jesus takes them. They are far more spiritually minded than many of the "Christians" I've known personally for most of my life.

Mental illness doesn't scare me anymore. Perhaps it should. The reality of it is ominous, but Jesus is so much greater than mental illness. I recognize it in some of these testimonies, but the presence of God in these lives makes the miraculous spiritual genesis for each of them all the more amazing.

I love these people!

I learn so much from them. If they recognize something evil I perk up my ears. Maybe there is something I need to be aware of. Maybe they are helpfully trying to warn us!

Too many people in the church pews are lulled into a complacency about their walk with Jesus. Reading the Bible happens once in awhile, church most Sundays, ---porn, violence, and evil themes (movies they watch in the theater and on TV ) are just making up the rest of their free time.

So what? Everyone does it. Barely anyone researches roots and origins of Hollywood (Did you know that Hollywood is the wood witches' brooms were traditionally made of??) and other societal mainstays? It's too much work!

But enter those who have gone the path of darkness. They all seem to be completely enamoured of the dark side, even for a time, sometimes for years. God intervenes and everything changes. These former workers of evil are completely and wholly different, changed, free.

Powerful testimonies.

I would urge you to read a few. Go onto YouTube and watch several people tell their amazing stories.

And then question yourself, your story, your ideas. You may need to ask God to revamp your own life.

Most of us do.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sunday Night Activity

As you know, Corgi Hollows hosts a prophecy study on two Sunday nights each month, the second and the fourth. I have jail ministry on the first Sunday night at the Sherburne County Jail, with Pilot Outreach. There is one free Sunday night for me each month, and I attended Jan Markell's Prophecy Study in St. Louis Park last night.

I had no idea what the topic would be. I just showed up at 6 pm, the study starts at 6:30.

I chatted with the woman seated next to me.

"Michele Bachmann is speaking tonight," she said.

I was glad I was there! I wished I could call several of my friends to get there quickly! It was too late. There was a packed house, no seats available.

So what did I hear?

Amazing stuff. Reassuring stuff. Remarkable stuff.

Michele was with Donald Trump last Monday. She was in the group of "spiritual advisors" that met with him that day and prayed for him in the oval office.

So what's the inside scoop?

Here's the Dish:

-Donald Trump is a believer, a patriot, pro-American, pro-Israel. He's an energetic, funny, strong personality. He's been considering the presidency for 30 years. The time was right, and he won. He is destroying the Clinton machine. He is pro-life, pro Christian refugee, anti Islam. He is getting an unheard of amount of work done, cleaning up the VA (You wouldn't believe the stories!!) and he could care less about the media and liberals in general.

-He has 13 born again believers on his staff, more than any administration has had in the past decades.

-He is a nationalist, anti-globalist. He's an American, raised Presbyterian, now adheres to a "Word of Faith" doctrine.  Paula White is his main spiritual advisor, and has been for 16 years.
(Major doctrinal issues with this for me!---but it's in the Christian/believer camp.)

-He watches Christian TV, and he has been advised to listen to GODLY ADVICE over and over. He seems to agree with that. Whatever his sordid reputation it appears he has had a conversion experience. He still flies with the big boys. He's conquered three major industries: real estate, entertainment, and politics (which is, as you will see, an industry of sorts).

-There are only about five believers in the Republican party. The majority is being paid off by several large health insurance companies who want to monopolize the healthcare industry through Obamacare.

-Obamacare is about to crash

-Mike Pence is a believer. Michele asserted that he has an audience of one----the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! He asserts that Donald Trump is a believer. Can we trust believers? They answer to God.

-Several evangelical leaders have prayed with Trump, including Robert Jeffress and Franklin Graham. These individuals have all shared the Gospel with him.

-81% of evangelical voters voted for Trump. That's virtual unanimity. Although evangelicals are too small a group to elect a president, they are a significant block of voters. They won the election for Trump.

-Donald Trump is not a globalist. The country has been run by Harvard, Yale, and Goldman Sachs for decades. ( I would add Jesuit-schooled individuals and the Rothschilds/Rockefellers. ) Donald Trump is a refreshing change.

-Trump is hated. Hated. Hated by the media, and liberals in general.

-Islam is a religion of world domination. Everyone knows the nice Muslim neighbor who loves peace. Islam is not peaceful. It has sought to dominate the world, and right now Europe is about to capitulate to Islam. Islam tried to take Europe centuries ago---and the Islamic forces were stopped at the gates of Vienna---but now Europe has opened wide to hundreds of thousands of Islamic immigrants.
Islam has always had as its objective to crush Christianity and western civilization. Islam is succeeding.

-Crushing Christianity is the main objective of globalists, and Islam is the force being used to do it. There are no more Jews in the middle east, except Israel, and Christians are fast being wiped out too. Also in north Africa, the coptic church during the Obama administration underwent severe persecution. Yazidis in Syria have been tortured and almost annihilated. This is Islam's objective. Domination.

-Russia. There is absolutely nothing to the "Russia" story of the past months involving anything to do with Trump. The real Russia story is Hillary Clinton's selling of 20% of the US uranium deposits to RUSSIA during her time at the State Department. Where does this uranium go? Russia and Iran have a new alliance and this gets sold to Iran with the Trillion Dollars that Obama gave to Iran.
That is a Russia story.
The Iranian leaders have vowed to destroy Israel within 25 years. They are enriching their nuclear weapons program quietly and quickly with all that cash Obama gave them.

-US Israeli embassy: it looks really positive for it to be moved to Jerusalem. Really positive. Don't listen to the secular/liberal media regarding this story. This is in the works.

There was so much covered last night. As a Bible Believer I could not HELP but be excited by Michele's report. She is incredibly articulate and asks all the right questions to the people that have real influence these days;  Trump, Kushner, Netanyahu. She is friends with Mike Pence, and other believers in the US government. She's a beautiful woman with incredible knowledge and influence.

And liberals viscerally hate her.

What is it about Bible believers that turns non-believer's stomachs?  Faith is a gift from God, a spiritual veil lifted from spiritually blind eyes. Faith is incomprehensible to the non-believer. We are literally of two different worlds.

God is giving this world one last chance (I believe) against the Luciferian elite. Donald Trump is president, and his time in office is a pause, a cog, in the globalist onslaught predicted in the book of Revelation.

God's word always comes true. Always. It's happening now.

Jan showed a cover of the Economist which depicted a phoenix rising out of a pile of currency burning. The title article was about a ONE WORLD CURRENCY.

Bible prophecy fulfilled. Jan said that if this is the headline today, we can be assured that Jesus will come for his own even before the headlines come to fruition.

We're on our way, dearly beloved!