"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, March 24, 2017

Story of the Century?


Thursday, March 23, 2017

"I can quit anytime"....oh?


Sunday, March 19, 2017


I am grateful today.

Grateful for friends who have prayed for us.

I'm thankful for all the gifts that demonstrate the love you have for Ed and our family. The many containers of food, the flowers, the cards with words of encouragement. The DVD and gift cards!

I'm overwhelmed.

It is a privilege to be a part of God's family and see how caring and wonderful it can be when you go through deep waters.

It is a joy.

Thank you, friends. You are a gift to us.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Quick Updates

Ed is doing great. He's feeling pretty good, walking around with his walker. We are on Ed-watch, 24/7 for another few days. Then he can do things on his own.

He's been good about doing exercises, eating right, and generally watching out for his healing.

I'm not doing quite as well. I guess the stress is getting to me.

Kiwi's passing didn't do any favors for Corgi Hollows.

A pet. Even a pet's death can be a sobering reminder that we do not know what a day may bring!

I'm working my two jobs with the help of Cheri being home with Ed. She takes on Ed's watch while I'm away at work.

I'm becoming accustomed to the politics of workplaces. That is not something I missed as a home-school mom. Social constructs based on the personalities of the employee pool. It's there. It's real. It can be unpleasant. I'm tired of it already!

But I'm a good little worker bee, and I can keep my head down and busy myself along with the best of them!

It's been nice to have a little financial cushion again. It's not much, but enough. It's the timing of everything.

Blackberry moans in the night, she struggles to get up in the morning. I wonder, "How long?"

The day after Kiwi passed I went to the humane society and picked up a cat from rural Minnesota. He's all black with Topaz eyes. (Kiwi's were green)

It's uncanny how he has melded in to Corgi Hollows. It's remarkable how different two black cats can be! Topi (we call him) has a muscular farm-boy body. He's all black, no white markings. He's sweet and friendly. He and Predicate kiss when they meet in the hall. They still have their moments, but overall he has fit in purrfectly.

Somehow it distracts us from our grief to have him. Not needing grief-stress these days! There's enough stress to go around a few times, everyone with a heaping helping.

But we are fine, and looking for signs of spring.


Spiritual Concerns

Why do people even read Corgi Hollows?

My concerns are the same ones many have. I am a common thinker, a common soul. I think like the people of common sense. And I write.

It was the common sense thinkers that elected Donald Trump to be president. Sheeple? Perhaps, but they were discerning enough to recognize the cabal of globalism in Hillary Clinton, (or saw her distastefulness) and prevent further progress down that slippery slope for now.

So I'm sharing some concerns today. I'm going to share some things I'm learning, and I feel the need to warn my fellow believers, and my friends who are not believers. Things are happening fast.

I grew up with a critical spirit. That's not very nice. Some people would call it by its euphemism: discernment.

But it is what it is. "Everyone's a critic!" my husband likes to say. Well, it's a truth.

We all like people who are perpetually wonderful and never say a mean word! Would that we were all perfect.

Perhaps we can never say a mean word to someone's face, but we could still express our divergent views in a non-confrontational manner?

Well, that's me. That's what I do. At least I try.

I have opinions about everything. I don't hide them much because I write.

Boy, does that get me in trouble!

But there must be some of us who learn and wonder, share and change. Why write books? Why discuss? Why report anything? It's all just controversial and unpleasant. "It's not Christian!" ---as a character from the TV series "Anne of Green Gables" exclaimed.

I know that God changes minds. I also know that I make decisions based on what I know. A circular comes in the mail to advertise a bargain on spinach at the local grocery store. I buy it on that information.

These days the big story is "fake news." I think discernment is called for on a much deeper level than ever before.

The six big media corporations in America are owned by globalists.

What's a "globalist?"

Quick definition: Entities that support the New World Order---One government, one economy, one religion, all controlled by the tiny group of elites that have garnered power over the rest of the world by incremental measures, all under a Luciferian mindset. Think United Nations, Paganism, Club of Rome, Bohemian Grove, the Federal Reserve.

That's hooey conspiracy stuff!


It's not.

Discernment is a much-needed character trait in this epoch of time. It's so easy to be sucked into the master diabolical plan.

Since November I've been watching this argument play out on the national stage with Donald Trump's election to president. Most interesting is seeing the globalists frenzy. They hate Trump. I have to admit that I did not like him, and still do not like him, but I'm beginning to see his election as an act of God, and nothing less. I know that God raises up rulers. In that sense Trump is His pick. But why?

I'm beginning to see it. God is giving our society one more chance at becoming spiritually discerning. It's a wake up call.

See these globalists? See their Machiavellian plans? See their cabals? Their Luciferian dictates?

God is working. People ARE seeing the reality of spiritual warfare and waking to the dichotomy that has existed from the Garden of Eden.

It's God's way, or man's. And ne'er the twain shall meet. One must cross over the gap by faith from the natural man to the spiritual man. There is no in-between. No sitting on the fence. No impartial stance. You are in one camp, or the other.

That's Biblical.

I'm waking up to the liberal theology that permeates the religion also known as Christianity. It's so pervasive it has contaminated the Reformation, the Evangelical church, even the English Scriptures themselves. Translation wars. (But read your Bible, the one you have! There's truth in it that cannot be contained.)

Well, the evil camp is pretty smart. And deceitful. People just cannot conceive that they wouldn't be fooled by its master.

Even in the church.

The core problem is Biblical illiteracy. If one doesn't know the righteous standard, one follows the thing that sounds good.

But the Bible is an authority that goes against human nature.

All that introduction to give this piece of information gleaned from a guest we are hosting at Corgi Hollows this weekend. He's an expert in the area of paganism and globalism. We're privileged to have him, to ask him questions, to learn things. He's a committed Christ-follower.

I have been wondering about Mike Pence and his spiritual background. I wondered if he had any Jesuit influence, and if he was a pretend believer.

Our Expert thinks Pence is the real thing, that he became a Christian as an adult, and that he has a believer's mindset. That's huge. He has a great deal of influence, even as the Vice President of the USA. He has the ear of the president. He could be a tremendous influence of good.

The political left thinks Trump and Pence are the embodiment of evil. That's clear. But whose camp are they in? Baby sacrifice? That's diabolical. It's the watershed issues that define us. Common sense thinkers recognize this.

(Meals on wheels, education, the homeless, the EPA----The left is desperately trying to pin on Trump anything that colors him as a tyrant. These things have always been concerns of Christ-followers! There's no need to worry about them if Pence is a true believer, and Trump listens to him.)

We must be discerning, right? If the mainstream media is against Trump (like NPR) we must conclude that they are globalists. Trump seems to be anti-globalist in a refreshing and canny way.
He has the money, the chutzpah, the personality to take on the elitist cabal.

We'll keep watching him, evaluating his actions and plans, discerning his secret motives to the best of our capabilities.

Someone has to do the research.

Someone has to report the details.

Someone has to learn the truth.

That's why I listen to the radio, the podcasts, the teachers at prophecy conferences. I want to be alert to the trends that are infiltrating the church. And I feel the need to pass on this information---this criticism---to those I care about. That's why I'm grateful to the experts that ferret out information that changes the course of my thinking. It's about being willing to change and discerning the righteous path.