"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, March 30, 2015

And Then It Was Different

When I woke up this morning I had no thought that today was all that different from other days, but it really is, and here's why:

Ed went to the clinic. It turned out to be his last Pre-Maintenance treatment. He got two shots of Erwinia, and his ammonia levels were manageable. There will be no more Erwinia scheduled.

He goes back to the clinic next week to begin "Maintenance," the three-year-long treatment phase that includes periodical spinal taps and daily oral chemotherapy. Infusions in the clinic will happen every two weeks to monthly.

All in all it will be a lighter schedule.

So what will we do with ourselves?

I kind of feel that life is restarting---as of today. And for the clan at Corgi Hollows life is getting very interesting. Today the last inspections were done on the house we bought last week.

The bee house, next door to my parents, the house my uncle built 60 years ago, the new Corgi Hollows, is to become ours in May.

And life just changed like that!

It's also the beginning of the Third Watch today. In prophecy circles there has been talk of blood moons and solar eclipses. There is a set of four lunar eclipses happening in 2014-2015, and these happen every six months on Jewish feast days. We are entering the third period between the eclipses, and some have called it the "Third Watch," the darkest time of the night.

Do I know what that entails? No, but I can imagine, and so can you, if you think about it at all.

The darkest hour before the dawn.

Our Creator, the One who made everything, and who is beyond our little comprehension, has set patterns in the galaxies for us to watch and know. Are the "blood moons" astronomical events, or literally blood on the moon? My Creator can do anything, so I wouldn't be surprised at either, but I have the logical, reasonable side telling me it is what we are witnessing in the night sky at this point in time. Blood moons are predicted for the end in Scripture, therefore we watch for "blood moons."

If your spiritual eyes are open, you see things differently.

So begins this next phase for me, for us at Corgi Hollows. How long do we have before the Messiah comes? It looks like things are getting closer to His appearance. I wonder if the devil is guessing/watching the signs even as we do...

Probably, and he has supernatural knowledge---beyond what we can figure for now.

For Ed, the signs say that his life will get to a new normal with cancer. For all of us, a new normal of daily patterns and views. For the world?

Let's watch and see.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Musical Gluttony

Last Saturday I was able to be at six concerts. Yes, six.

It was Bach's birthday, so Pipedreams hosted a day of Bach at five different Minneapolis churches, all of which have pipe organs. Each concert was roughly an hour long, featuring the works of Bach on the organ, piano, cello, and medieval instruments, as well as a representation of choral works.

Would that be too much Bach?

Not for me. I loved hearing the music, but also quietly enjoying the different spaces was part of the allure. I happen to love stained glass windows, and each of these churches had remarkable windows.

It was a nice day to trundle between the concerts too---Spring was celebrating its birth too.

I met a woman who teaches flute and french, and we chatted throughout the day--and found out we had similar taste in music. You never know who you will meet who share your passions.

That evening my husband and I heard the Concordia College (Moorhead) Chapel Choir. Ninety-six voices in this group!

My son was in this choir for three years, and I certainly missed him, but it was an excellent concert. These students worked hard on difficult works, and it was great.

I admit that six concerts was a bit much, but I have to say that it set me up for a lovely Sunday, the next day.

A little musical gluttony once in awhile can't be too bad.

Yo-Yos and Roller Coasters

We wouldn't want to die of boredom, now, would we?

That is what my husband says when we face another big thing.

So, the saga of the bee house----The New Corgi Hollows---continues. We signed papers last night that indicate we will be moving in May of this year. There are still a couple of things that need tweaking, and the situation still needs a lot of prayer, but things seem to be going forward.

This is really another miracle. I think you have been praying for us! I am so thankful!

I would ask for you to pray for the couple that is selling the house. They have been separated for awhile, and they need lots of prayer. Please lift them up. I know they are heartbroken about leaving the house. Things sort of went in the wrong direction for them financially.

That could happen to any of us, and we have deep empathy for them.

So, we are certainly on a roller coaster of ups and downs, one moment the deal is looking good, the next not so much. I assume that will be the case until everything is squared away.

And we face a Move, a paring down, a purge. Any home schooling family that has lived in one house for 15 years has an accumulation of stuff, and all of that must be evaluated and properly disposed of or distributed.

I still have Cherie, who will be my student, Abba willing, for a few more years.

Ed might be starting PSEO next fall----Minnesota's Post Secondary Enrollment Option --which simply means college for his junior and senior years.


I still look for the big change---Christ's coming for His own---to happen very soon, but we must go forward with the small stuff, and the sort of big stuff anyway.

So chemotherapy goes on, Spring continues to make her presence known, my children have all of their activities in full swing, and I am along for the ride.