"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

And, No, Trump and Mussolini aren't Alike (Because the Marxists would like you to think so!)

I Should be Planting Tulip Bulbs

Every morning when I get in the car to head for school I sing my "Maranatha" song. I feel so acutely that Jesus is coming soon, and I've been watching for decades.

The world is plumb crazy.

Harvey Weinstein, hurricanes, earth tremors, Trump hate, Hollywood garbage, Sex, Crime, Conspiracy, Disease, Mayhem.

It's all there.

As believers we are the most stable of stable. We knew this was coming, we are ready for it. We are the stability in this mad, mad world.

Like I said, I should be planting tulip bulbs, in hope of a springtime appearance of pink flowers. I wonder if spring will come this year.

I wonder.

Can this world keep on this track of sorrow?

My liberal friends are moaning and groaning. They think Trump is the reason for every evil.

What a burden for a man to bear! I wonder how he does it.

I watched the Project Veritas clips from the New York Times. There is a terrible bias against Trump, but even more against Mike Pence---who from all accounts is just a decent guy.

Something stinks.

Maybe Pence is evil. Maybe he is the devil incarnate, masquerading as an evangelical Christian.

Oh, wait! The liberal mind thinks that EVANGELICALS are the devil incarnate.

We're getting used to it. Lucifer laughs. He loves calling wrong right and right, wrong.

There is this "Me Too" campaign running on social media. I can't imaging there is a girl on this earth that hasn't experienced some type of harassment, or what could be termed that. There are those who have been raped, gutted, and beheaded, too. I believe that we all suffer from the sinful nature that pervades this earth.

However, the perps are probably far fewer than the male population as a whole. One perpetrator can do a lot of damage. I'm afraid for my sons, strong, upright young men, as far as I know, and what the World of the Female is accusing the masculine world of right now is frightening.

Sexual harassment is experienced far and wide. It's sin. Not every man has experienced it like most women have. That's a given. It's good to finger it, to stop it. Unfortunately the blame is laid at the feet of the innocent sometimes.

There are more than one of the Harvey Weinstein type.

The only way to make sense of it is to call it sin, and deal with it like one deals with sin.

Our compass is Scripture, and if it isn't your compass you have very little to stand on.

I spent two days listening to Dr. Tommy Mitchell MD from the Answers in Genesis ministry. His first message was on the authority of the Bible and that is where we all must begin.

If you don't stand on Scripture you don't have much to stand on, do you?

Scripture identifies sin, so if you have sin in your heart the Word of God is extremely unattractive.

BUT, if you want the answers to everything, and a hope for eternity, freedom from sin, power to face each day----The Bible has it all for you.

And it is the only thing that has the answers from the One who made you.

There is that sin above all others that seems to block even the best, the "goodest," among us. PRIDE.

It got Lucifer, and it's getting most of the human population, born in sin, born condemned already.

God, the judge, hates pride.

If you struggle with pride, and the ideas that you know more than God's Word, you have a huge problem. You have more to overcome than the vilest rapist. You think you are right, and you aren't, and you will end up with the same end as that criminal.

Because sin is sin, and God's rules are that it is forgiven only by Christ's shed blood on the cross. Jesus did it, for you.

So, I will go plant tulips. I hope I don't see them in the spring---I hope that the LORD JESUS comes to get us before then.

But we must live the appointed days.