"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Witchcraft, Wicca, the Dark Arts, and ...

I have a bad cold. I got it from Ed. I spent the afternoon sleepily watching this DVD, and I think it is important.

Since I know at least three witches (and they know that I am a Christian) I wonder at the impression many have that witchcraft is innocuous.

Stepping on toes here, for sure, as I know many people who LOVE Harry Potter and all books JK Rowling wrote for children. I think that the whole story should be known and told, and ignorance could be dangerous.

First of all, Witchcraft: Fantasy or real power?
Real power. Science has tried to disprove any supernatural force, but most people know that the supernatural really does exist, and that there is power there. Many people think that the power they get from witchcraft is far more powerful than any power from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

They may see the Jewish/Christian God as a player in all of their theory, not the most powerful being after all, but clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Secondly, Occult Practice: Good or Bad?
Bad. The occult is a vast network of demonic power. It is harmful, ultimately, as it teaches things that are in direct contradiction to what the Bible says. Basically the Occult is fine with experiences and subjective truth. No absolutes, nothing wrong, only power for the use of "good."

But what is good? We all have different ideas of good. Hitler thought he was good. I think I'm good (most of the time)---but really the only standard that is reliable about what is good or not comes from an external source, not internal.

There is only one option; believe it or not.

Thirdly, paganism, mythology, and the dark arts: History or Current?
Both. Paganism is acknowledged to be alive and well. It is the over-arching genre that includes everything of Lucifer/Satan. (Pride and Anger) Therefore it incorporates God as "mother," feminism, witchcraft, Norse mythology, wicca, wizardry, horoscopes, indigenous ceremony, black magic, white magic, gray magic, cults, and some types of Catholicism, secret societies (Southern Baptist Freemasonry) and Pentecostalism. Some would say all things "extra-biblical."

Stepping on toes here.

One thing we can all do---TEST THE SPIRITS!

Say, as Michael the Archangel did in Jude, "The LORD REBUKE YOU, by the blood of Christ Jesus, shed on the cross."

He inhabits the praise of his people.

When Ed was in a manic state I was able to find such comfort in the spiritual warfare that ensued. It was exhausting, but we saw the power of God to comfort, quiet and cleanse. Praising the LORD is a powerful thing when dealing with evil. Mania is not good, but even when caused by a legitimate illness, it can be handled spiritually as well as chemically. The power of God is far greater than any found here on earth.

So, regarding all of these subjects mentioned there really is an absolute solution to spiritual conflict. The Word of God is the answer to mankind's ultimate problem: sin and rebellion.

Witchcraft is rebellion against God.

Know that either God must be true, or Satan. Satan would love to have you believe him, that he is the true creating force as Isis or Ashtoreth, Baal, or whatever god or goddess form he may take.

He is a Liar. He is a deceiver. He loves to have you think that fantasy world involving magic and witchcraft are completely innocuous.

But you knew that, didn't you? We all must decide where our ultimate allegiance lies. Is it with the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His son Yeshua?

Or with the deceptions of this very clever being we know as Lucifer?

We all must make the choice, and you only have one chance to get it right before death. The Bible says that death comes to all men. After that, the judgement.

Where do you place your ultimate authority? Church teachings? Traditions? Spirit Contacts? Preachers? Books? Spells and Magic? What your friends say? YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES?

Or the Holy Word of God?

Be sure you know the answer to that question. As Tim Keller said sometime, "Is your God the ultimate version of yourself?" --or something to that end. That's idolatry, folks.

God is who He is in the Holy Bible. There are severe consequences for defining God without Biblical knowledge.

I think it is extremely important for young people to read through the Bible yearly at least five times. People don't even know what is IN the Bible! (It's one of Satan's very successful ploys to enforce Biblical illiteracy)

Read the Bible, and find truth.

And the Word IS truth.  

Stay away from witchcraft, fantasy or REAL.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Northern Lights Chorale - O Magnum Mysterium - Morton Lauridsen

Christmas Roses

My husband is seeing that it looks festive around here!

Did You Know?--(I found this on our schedule board today...)

Things Happening Fast

What a busy time.

We are at the clinic with Ed every other day again for chemotherapy. This should wrap up on the day before Christmas.

Today we saw the psychiatrist, who is pleased with how things are. Ed is tired, though, and nursing a cough. Utmost precaution is taken at the clinic for keeping "bugs" from spreading. The flu is going around, and that is problematic.

If Ed gets a fever he ends up in the hospital, the last place he wants to be right now.

I am so grateful for the wonderful team at the clinic. They seem to enjoy seeing Ed every time, always happy and full of smiles, encouraging him. It must take a very special person to be so upbeat in the face of hundreds of young cancer patients! I am so impressed.

Ed enjoys seeing each nurse or health professional. Today our psychiatrist told Ed that he always looks forward to seeing Ed. There's always something interesting to talk about! (That was nice!)

It's rather freeing to not worry about Christmas decorations this year. I think housewives tend to get a little stressed over the holidays whether they mean to or not. There is just more to do than sit around!

I know some people would find it worse to sit than to be doing something, and those people thrive on the details of pulling off perfect celebrations! I admit I'm not like that.

I prefer my knitting and my books, my cup of tea and a fireplace, my cats and my pups lying at my feet! I do love a cozy Christmas time though, and that involves PREPARATION!

This year I'm doing my best to find a few meaningful gifts for my family, but it won't have the year-long prep and shopping that I've been guilty of in the past.

I know they will understand.

What a fun weekend we had! Friends visited us, and we moms went to the Minnesota Historical Society to see the "Toys" exhibit. Toys from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. So many memories! I doubt our kids would have had as much pleasure in it. Half the fun was seeing all of us old people getting silly over old commercials for toys playing on the old televisions. Very clever staging! How simple we were then!

We went to Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue in St. Paul after a brief turn around the Cathedral. My friend hadn't been there before. I recommend Cafe Latte---the salads are delicious, and the CAKES!!!!! Indulge. It's worth it.

That evening we went to a wonderful concert. Our suburb has a non-audition band that is superb! They had great sound! Friends of ours invited us to hear them sing in the 100 member choir, beautiful Christmas music. Also a youth vocal ensemble sang. Really excellent!

On Sunday we drove downtown Minneapolis to the sing-along "Messiah" at St. Olaf Catholic Church. Like last year, this was wonderful fun. You cannot hear "The Messiah" too often in my opinion, and when I hear it I always want to be singing it! Certainly we'll be singing it in heaven.

Something wonderful happened while we were there. My friend sat down in the alto section and a couple of women sat down next to her. She thought they looked somewhat familiar. Lo and behold, my friend had taught the younger gal in Budapest, Hungary, 10 years ago! Out of all the hundreds of people in that auditorium the LORD had those two sit right next to each other! Isn't He good?! They had a sweet reunion.

Also on Sunday we celebrated my son's 22nd birthday. My daughter-in-law made the most scrumptious white cake with almond flavoring and we all enjoyed it at their apartment. Soon they will be moving to Oklahoma---next week, to be exact! It was fun to celebrate with them.

Ed cannot be too far from the clinic. One hour radius, they said. Especially when his blood counts are low, which they will be for this next weekend. The chemo starts to bring it down about now, and we need to be extra careful while his counts are lower. This means that he will not get to Iowa to his grandparents' Christmas event. Disappointment all around!

Yes, there are some things that are simply not wise. Really, though, we do many things around here to make up for it. It's so good to be in a city with practically endless possibilities for something interesting or fun! In some ways we are spoiled.

I don't know if I'll have time to write over the next week. Maybe, between a few batches of cookie baking?
If not, I wish you all, my readers, a very merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year!

God bless you. Thank you SO MUCH for your faithful prayers and interest!

(Of course if I see prophecy stuff I'll be posting!)

The Mark?


I am seeing this "mark" more and more on end-time related things.

Perhaps a warning?

Let's watch and see what happens here.

Certainly the illuminati must be thinking of ways to bring about the new world order even now. This could be a beginning, a advertising campaign, to test the waters.

Very deceptive!

What do you think?