"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little Kim Hill Tonight

It's been a busy week.

One trip to the clinic last week, one planned for this week.  Next week Ed will be admitted to the hospital. The chemotherapy that he is to receive is so strong that he needs "rescue drugs" at the ready. Also, he will be carrying a back-pack pump which infuses IV fluids into his port even at home.

Fun times. (:/)

No, I'm not looking forward to this next "phase." It is going to last two months, with four hospitalizations.

So these two weeks of rest have been splendid.

Thank you, readers, for your kind letters of encouragement. You brought me to tears, thankful for your prayer, thankful for your kind words. You blessed me. It is a joy to know that you are praying.

Over the weekend there were many activities. Ed went camping with my husband. This was a sort of victory for him. Since we left the Boy Scouts due to their new policies last fall Ed has mourned the loss of fellowship with other boys, but even more he missed the camp-outs which occurred almost monthly.

Because he was ill last year we didn't get the camping equipment out once.

They went to Fort Ridgely, near Fairfax, Minnesota. The weather was perfect. They took just the pup-tent, and that was enough for one clear night.

Wildlife was minimal. The coyotes were quiet. (They must have moved up here!)

After journeying home the afternoon was taken with honey harvest.      

One hundred twenty pounds of raw pure delicious honey! We're selling it for $10 / lb., and that isn't enough to cover costs. We are a small "operation"---and the bees are kept primarily for the good of the environment.

Of course we keep some honey for ourselves...and for my parents on whose land the bees live. If you want some, leave a comment. I can ship it to you. It's going fast...

It's wonderful stuff.

Honey harvest is always a little stressful. The weather must be warm enough for maximum viscosity, and it should be done indoors because the local bees are very interested in the product.

The LORD gave us an unusually warm day yesterday for the end of September. (Thank you Lord!) And the honey came out well. The extractor flings the honey out of the beeswax cells.

Ed helped with the whole operation, and we're all glad it's done for the year. Now my husband can look forward to bedding the bees down for winter sometime this fall. The stress of getting the honey harvested is over.

This weekend is Jan Markell's prophecy conference. It's in Eden Prairie, and we plan to take a van-load of interested folks. Won't there be much to discuss this year??

Those of us who have been watchers for years observe all the new prophecy buffs with interest! Yes, it's okay to show your interest. Things are unfolding so fast now it's almost like reading aloud from Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Ephesians! We are truly appointed for "such a time as this."

Yesterday was my niece's birthday, and she was visiting from Connecticut. It was fun to have birthday cake with her and her friends! Cherie and I got to see them.

Margaret struggles with school and work, changes, and family stress. I think she is wonderful, but this early semester anxiety seems to get her down. Remember her in your prayers.

Cherie got glasses last week and I had trouble figuring out who she was a few times! She claims to love them. I think they are cute.

My oldest son is about to finish up at his officer's training school. He and his wife will be moving to Washington, finding jobs and a place to live. My great-aunt, who lives out there, says that jobs are easy to find, but housing not so much.

Pray they can find an apartment that allows a dog AND a cat---and that's affordable! God CAN do the impossible!

Our other grown son and his wife are still snug in their place a few miles away from Corgi Hollows, waiting for their move to Oklahoma in January. They will be taking their beautiful new German Shepherd with them.

Our Blackberry needed a visit to the vet last week. Her age is showing, and she's been having problems that a little estrogen is supposed to fix. Let's hope so. It's hard having a dog needing help when the people in the house need more help!

So, tonight:

Ed tried out a new boy's club called "Trail Life." It meets at a monstrously large church in the city across the river from us. He liked it. We'll try to make it a part of his life, as much as possible.

After spending the day cleaning, I'm tired. My husband is in Indianapolis for the week, and last time he was there for business Ed was diagnosed with Leukemia. It's sort of amazing to see how the summer went. It's amazing to see all of the things that have happened at Corgi Hollows in just that time frame!

This is my testimony...

Listen to Kim Hill's memorable songs. They play in my mind on occasion, and tonight I was hearing them again. They encourage me.

And, yes, they are 80's songs---the greatest era.... !

Kim Hill - Testimony

Kim Hill -- Charm is Deceitful

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On My Heart

As Ed has a respite from chemotherapy between the different treatment phases I pause to breathe and evaluate.

My own emotions and moods cough up their blues and anxieties every once in awhile. It's fall, and the year has made a complete circle since our first hints of bipolar disorder. I am a believer in bio-rhythms, that memories surface at different seasons, different dates.

There is relief that we've made a circle of a year, and that we are still here, still functioning, still going forward. All glory to God on that.

Milestones. They help us evaluate, count our blessings.

And there are blessings. We live in a warm eco-friendly house, with an acre of garden around us. We have vehicles that work, electricity to power our 1st-world lifestyle. Food of any desire, clothing to cover a village of people, electronics to amuse and assist, and equipment and tools to foster any hobby or interest. We have music to accompany our activity, music to comfort our spirits, to praise our God.

We have so much. Our sweet pets look to us for their needs, and give so much back to us in love and trust.

And we think about things.

I think about God all the time. This is a heart matter, and I'm writing about that today as the days grow darker, shorter.

It's Jewish new year today.

My mother has been reading Hannah Whitall Smith, and about her. Her ideas as a Quaker were edgy, but within the realm of orthodoxy for the most part. She didn't believe in hell.

I am not one to condemn people for their unorthodoxy. I maintain that God is always the judge, and it isn't my right to judge a soul.

I do judge beliefs though, because we all do. We all have made judgements on what is right or wrong. I believe ignorance is an excuse for heresy up to a point.

After all, we aren't all theologians and seminary students. I'm not, though I can say I've taken a couple of classes at two theological seminaries. Personal study is the ticket for most of God's people. God is the merciful judge.

And yet I keep thinking about heresy, about idolatry, about choosing the broad path that leads to destruction.

I keep thinking about putting another god before God.

I think about Satan's deceptions, his grip on people, and his ability to seem like an angel of light.

I think about the "orthodox" believers who stand firmly within the confines of their theology, be it Reformed, Catholic, or Spirit-filled. Each would find fault with the other, each would claim truth.

So what's a believer to do?

As God cares for the birds and the beasts of the field, He cares more for us.

He leads us in paths of righteousness, for His Name's Sake.

There are a plethora of  "discernment" ministries out there. I read many articles that point out heresy, and I appreciate the concern. I feel that discernment is a much-maligned spiritual gift.

Discerners rain on everyone's parade. Right?

Perhaps discernment ministries step on toes and make us uncomfortable, but they serve a vital purpose in our lives.

We must question the times, the trends, the spirits! We MUST be discerning.

Here is a question I have about Hannah Whitall Smith. As someone who doesn't believe in hell, that God is merciful to all, that trusted Christ Jesus as savior, yet had such personal failure and sadness---exactly what could be determined about her spiritual state?

God is the Judge, and I leave her to Him, but don't we all wonder?

If we make God in our own image, our own idea, defining Him in a way that we can accept----but not what Scripture teaches, WHO IS THAT GOD?

I wouldn't be quick to cast out someone like Smith. I don't know God's heart on this, but I do know she defined Him differently from what I read in Scripture.

I do know her son-in-law was an atheist (Bertrand Russell) and that you can't have your cake and eat it too when it comes to God. It is easy to claim atheism when you don't like the God that you've come to know.

I think many of my contemporaries just resort, (like Smith), to defining God as they like.

Perhaps the appeal of Islam or Hinduism is the definitive description and lack thereof, respectively.

Christianity is a religion of paradoxes. Once we accept that, we can go beyond ourselves. God loves, God judges. God chose, we choose. God is eternal, never beginning, never ending. We are never ending. Creation shows His work, however it may appear to us. His Word is definitive, is reliable, is trustworthy.

How much do you love Him?

Are you willing to see Him as He is, or define Him as you want?

I think about Jesus saying, "I never knew you."

My spirit gives witness that I belong to my Lord and Savior. I trust Him. I believe He is working in my complexities---leukemia, neurological blips and bruises, relationship scars, acute pain, and failures---and using my suffering to draw me to Himself.

Yesterday I was able to meet someone who believes in the Pleiadian race. You know, the aliens from the Pleiades? That he taught his beliefs to a group of school children at a special field trip outing was just a little bit unsettling.

Do know that such beliefs are fair game now in education. Throw out the Judea-Christian worldview and you open the door to demons.

Atheism is just a denial of the spirit and a lack of repentance. Idolatry, far more insidious, is self definition of deity.

I pray I never fall into the trap of idolatry. I pray this for my family and friends too.

Enter discernment.

Don't follow the Pope. Don't follow the guru. Don't follow the Luciferian (who claims to be the true god).

Follow Scripture. Try the spirits.

It doesn't hurt to try the spirits. DO IT.

Trust the Holy Spirit to be your guide, and believe the words of Christ Jesus.

Choose Christ Jesus, come in the flesh, born of a virgin, sacrificed on the cross, risen, alive, at the right hand of God.

Don't risk worshiping an idol.