"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Escalating Prophecy Fulfillment?

Bad earthquakes in Nepal this weekend.

Funny games in closed Walmarts. What in the world is Jade Helm?

Illuminati shenanigans with Bruce Jenner--normalizing oddities, breaking down norms.

Tightening the screws on Christian businesses--"go fund" type discrimination.

Progressive Christians lauded, while Bible believers are marginalized. (Huffington Post article mentioning Michelle Bachmann's righteous warning)

Incited riots in Baltimore.

Economic bubble looking burstable. Selling your shares?

May 1---a significant day for Luciferians. What might happen?

Harry Reid enigma, Hillary Clinton's woes, Barack Obama's bitterness...nasty politics all around.

Are you watching?

Even so, come Lord Jesus.  MARANATHA!

Interesting Promises:


Friday, April 24, 2015

Farewell to the School Room

It isn't that we are quitting home-schooling, it is that we are finding a new purpose in our home life.

For sixteen years this little house in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities has been a cabin, classroom, and workplace. Nostalgic today.

I have decorated with classic paintings and prints, lined the walls with bookshelves and musical instruments, hoarded tables for work stations and put in a Scandinavian touch of decor here and there. My love of tea parties and flowers is evident.

I've made nooks for beds and carved out storage space for linens and candles, games, puzzles, art supplies, and books, books, books!

Outside are our beekeeping supplies, bikes, skis, and tools for fixing cars. All the things we love to do when we have the time. Canoes and a sailboat, camping equipment, and various other sports-related items----things that have attracted us, and sometimes almost owned us---and enough for all of our family to use at once!

We're downsizing.

All week I've been steadily winnowing away at the generous amount of stuff we've collected. I mentioned reading inspirational books on gaining control of chaos---and it's helping.

More, though, it helps to see a change of lifestyle, a change of purpose. Next year Ed will start PSEO (college courses), and Cherie will be the only one left to home school.

I just don't need all the stuff for home-schooling that I once did. I need things for entertaining now, as I anticipate having lots and lots of friends and family coming over to visit and stay at the new place.

How bittersweet to cull books from the shelves and craft supplies from the cupboards. There is a sadness to saying goodbye to an era in a family. It isn't easy.

So please pray for me as I seek to simplify, to downsize, to purge. My selfish instincts are at their worst, and I admit my sinful nature battles with my more generous side! I must conquer that sinful nature! Christ has, but it still shows itself.

How nice to purge the sin....if only. In Heaven alone.

I look out at the familiar views I've enjoyed all these years. I have more beautiful ones to anticipate, but I think about not having these anymore. I think of the lilac bushes I planted 16 years ago. The cherry trees that we planted only four years ago, now--just beginning to bear fruit. The blueberries, the peonies, the perennials. We planted several oak trees. One is about 20 feet tall now, still in its youth.

My favorite tree, the stately white pine, which stands at the front door, I will miss too. My little pond that reflected the sky was such a haven for wildlife and my goldfish. Our fire pit which beckoned to our friends and neighbors on weekend nights----always a marshmallow roast for a passing friend!

There will be new memories made at the new house, but allow me my day to revisit the good times here.

We grow, change, leave.

I know that friendships remain forever, and that is hugely comforting to me.

Corgi Hollows is moving, and the black lab, the two cats, and the Corgi, of course, are heading west to the country. The essence of our lives is unchanged, just the surrounding and direction. It is an abrupt difference at a juncture in life----nestlings leaving, and a new home.

Really, it is a gift, and a good thing.

A lovely cabinish house on one acre of God's earth, energy efficient, space for a large family or a couple, wooded lot, excellent neighbors, close to shopping, a community college, eateries, a lake, parks, and the train station, well-built, with hot water heat and a top notch furnace, dry foundation and many amenities, full of happy memories---FOR SALE!

---contact the Owner :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Catch Up!

It's late, and Sunday, and I usually don't write on the weekend---but things are happening so fast, and I had such an unusual weekend of events that I wanted to update my faithful readers!

Ed does well. Prednisone, which he now needs to take for a week each month during this "maintenance" period, can be rather traumatic for his body to be on, then suddenly off. It's painful.

I'd appreciate your prayers for him.

The possibility of moving becomes closer and more sure every day. It won't be absolute until May 1, when we are supposed to "close" on the deal, but it seems that God has overcome quirky obstacles DAILY! I sit back and am in awe.

I know that moving is daunting, but I want to do it in small stages. If you want to help me move books, PLEASE!!!

Just kidding. I do accept your offers of assistance, though, gladly! THANK YOU in advance! I've been blessed already by your prayers, and the help of my dedicated friend, J, a week ago, now. She was wonderful. You need an objective mind to purge things. She had that for me.  Thanks, J!

This weekend was the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators' yearly conference. It was in St. Paul, and our good friends from South Dakota joined us for it.

The key-note speaker on Saturday morning, Rick Boyer, started out talking about life's hardships, and he spoke of failed business attempts. Then he started talking about how that had actually prepared him for more difficult trials that were coming...

When he mentioned his fourth son's feelings of illness, describing the vague symptoms the boy began to experience back in 1996, I got a funny feeling. His story sounded eerily familiar.

As I listened to him describe EXACTLY what we went through last June, 2014, my friend and I began to weep. I can only describe my feeling as 'surreal.'

Mr. Boyer's son, Joshua, succumbed to AML--leukemia.

We know that treatment has advanced by leaps and bounds since then, and Ed has ALL, not AML. Still, I felt the Boyer's story keenly.

Why in the world did the Lord have me hear his story? Was it to discourage me? To make me lose hope? To let me be an emotional wreck and get a splitting headache from crying for the rest of the day? Was it to make me feel raw?

He told of the assurance God gave him in that desperately hard time....the small voice that repeated, "It is going to be alright."

God's voice.  The testimony in Mr. Boyer's life is that God is true, and it is "alright."

And that should be our testimony as well. It is going to be alright for us, believers in the one true God.

I left the home-schooling conference in time to hear Bill Salus speak at a prophecy conference that was also going on this past weekend.


This book just came out, and it is about the situation in Iran. Jeremiah 49 has a prophecy about a part of Iran called "Elam," where a large nuclear power plant situated there is aging, and a concern to the Arab states.

What a fascinating talk! He spoke of the huge revival taking place in Iran, despite the flogging and torture that believers KNOW they will experience when their faith is revealed to the authorities.

There were moments in his talk of conviction for the USA too. One Iranian believer, living in the US for a time after her conversion, said that she wanted to return to Iran despite the danger...."Satan is singing lullabies to the western church, and it is asleep! I want to go back to a church that is awake!"

Ouch! But it is true. How many Americans are willing to die for their faith? America is supposedly a "Christian" country. I believe it is not. What passes for "Christian" is actually a lukewarm, nimby-pamby, empty, social faction.

When you don't have the authority of the Bible you have nothing but feel-good fellowship, and Satan laughs at this weakness.

I was able to see several familiar faces at this prophecy conference, and enjoyed talking to these dear prophecy lovers.

This morning our pastor continued his series on the fear of the Lord.

Last Sunday his message was just excellent, and again today! Hear it here;

The concept of Biblical fear of the Lord clears up many theological misunderstandings.

So many powerful thoughts in this talk.

My husband won 2 tickets to the Minnesota Twins game this afternoon, and we got to see Torii Hunter hit his first home run of this season. Twins won 7-2, and the weather cooperated. April games can be misery here in frigid Minnesota---but it was warm enough, and the rain held off. Fun.

So, now we pack up. We cast off, we get our house in order, so to speak, the rest of this week and month.

Next weekend we have our Northern Lights Chorale concert at Bethel University, Benson Great Hall. It's Saturday at 4:00pm. See you there?

Ed is still liking driver's ed. We hope to wrap up the classroom time this week. No clinic for him this week, a most welcome adjustment, yet still an adjustment! What will we do with ourselves?! We have become accustomed to these frequent trips to Children's Hospitals and Clinics!

Also this weekend my husband was able to help get a new beekeeper started! What a joy to have this interest. The young man is pleased to begin on this great life-enhancing hobby.

Busy days, full days, exciting days.

Come Quickly, LORD JESUS! Maranatha!