"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, October 12, 2015

Jesus Calling Warning


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Monday, October 5, 2015

That Pause

I heard a message that had an illustration about a demolition project. When a downtown church was to be removed for a new building project the experts came in to take it down.

The dynamite charges were set off in strategic places, but for several eternal seconds it seemed nothing had changed.

Then the earth shook and the building caved into a massive pile of rubble.

The preacher said that, metaphorically speaking, we are in that pregnant pause as a country right now. The charges have fired. The destruction is inevitable.  It's coming.

He pointed to three things that "charged" America's demise: in 1962 God was pitched out of school, in 1973 abortion was legalized, and in 2015 marriage was degraded.

We, the people, thumbed our noses at a Holy God.

I think that September lit some final charges for the entire world. The powers that be enacted a global agenda, (Eliminating all the poor people was number one!---what a convenient way to get to that 500,000,000 population goal!) Russia swooped into Syria, and the world passed the baton of "Super Power" to Vladimer Putin.

Israel was left to itself with the Iran deal, and we all know that if you align against God's chosen it's "curtains." You're done.

So now we wait. Every thing is in place. We can practically hold our breath!

We've had an exceptionally gorgeous fall here in this part of the country.  It's been warmer  and milder than normal, allowing the most bountiful harvest in Minnesota history.

I see it metaphorically.  What a generous "pause" we've been dealt! It's time to turn to the One who made the weather, the harvest, the beginning and the end.

As I've watched Bible prophecy unfold these past 70 years--(I've been alive 50 of them)--since the re - gathering of Israel--- I've seen things that I expected (foretold in Scripture) and things that amaze me. The accuracy of God's Word is astounding.

To think that the world would welcome "tolerance" in the form it has, allowing debauchery a place at the table, is only prophetic. To think that political alliances predicted 3,000 years ago would suddenly form at the minute they did is almost unbelievable.  Russia, Syria, Iran...You can't make this up!

It's as if they used the Bible as a playbook. I've wondered if Putin actually knows Scripture,  atheist KGB communist that he is!

God gave sufficient detail to recognise the events of this time as the times depicting the end. Remember, the Apostle Paul said we were in the end times. As Time goes, we are. It is the end of the end. It's here, and if you are not ready for it you need to know these things.

Seven years of specific events are about to unfold.

You won't be able to buy or sell without some type of "mark."

You will hear the words "peace and security" over and over.

One individual will come forth as THE world leader. One person. He will govern a global community.

There will be a temple rebuilt in Israel. Jerusalem will be considered a city for all religions.

People will start to die in spectacular natural disasters. Two thirds of the world's population will simply perish.

Animals will suffer.

The sky will look different.  There will be periods of darkness that are unusual.

Christians will be beheaded. Yes, that archaic form of execution will be brought back. (Oh, wait, that happened already. )

God will make terrible sores, boils, appear on people and they will be in such pain they will wish they were dead. 
They won't be able to die though.
Weird, but that's what the Bible says.

The entire world is going to change. Fire figures heavily in this destruction.

God was so specific about these signs!  Everyone will recognise these things, and who Jesus is, but they will choose Lucifer over God's only begotten Son.

They will believe a lie from the pit of hell over repenting from sin.

God will leave His signature on all of this activity,  and still people will deny him. They will choose to believe anything but God.

They will continue to define their own gods, refusing to submit to the Creator, YWHW.

When you see these things happening you can expect to see Yashua Messiah's return. Those who are His followers will be with Him, having been hidden away for this "week" (7 years) of trouble. 

We're out of here. Either we've been killed, or taken. We like that greek word harpazo,  or taken up. It means rapture, but we like to really define it.

There is a time of feasting with the Son, the bridegroom, Jesus---for us.

Us. Not them, not you who don't repent.

So repent.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and transform your whole life. He can change your heart, birth your spirit again, lead you in paths to peace and safety. Let the power of God change you into His desire.

Call on Him.

The Pause is now. We don't know how long, but it is here. He will not delay long! Escape the this demolition site NOW!

It's not as men see it, but His compassion for many, that drives this moment before the end.

Believe. It's never been so easy!

Ask God to soften your crusty old heart to see His ways, His plan to save you.

I Like You

I've never met someone I didn't like.

I love you if I've ever told you that you need Jesus,  and you need to repent.

I may not trust you. You might have hurt me, and I have tried to bless you in those cases, however that manifests. I've tried to forgive. I probably disagree with you on something.

If I've looked in your eyes I've seen your pain,  your distrust, skepticism,  your disdain! If it's there I've seen it.

You may see the world in a completely different way than I do. You might see me as completely zany.

But I like you, if I've met you. You can be sure of that.

I love you enough to tell you to love Christ.