"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, February 19, 2018

Commi or Dem?

Pray for this man to come to Christ!

Take the Time

Warnings! Warnings!

I get discouraged when I see friends seek to place the blame for societal ills on some political motive. I get discouraged when any blame is misplaced.

God knows the culprit. God knows! I don't need to get discouraged!

Are you discouraged, friend? Are you looking at the world and harboring anger towards someone, something, some abstract idea?

I can get discouraged, and I know the Truth of God's Word!

Satan is a liar and a conjure, too. He even gets God's own sheep to believe little lies here and there.
They are cunning and believable, deceptive, devious. Can you think of another word for masterful deceit? Satan is that. You've been taken in, countless times.

WE ALL HAVE BEEN DECEIVED by him at one time or another. We're human. He's a fallen angel.

No, he's not all-powerful. He has limitations. I still can't figure out why he keeps up the act of wanting to be God when he knows Bible prophecy better than all of us. He's spoken with God. He's a first-hand witness to all of history. He's not all-knowing, but he knows a lot. He knows you. He knows me.

The world is in his power right now. Everyone is either in his camp or God's.

WE are born into his camp. We must CHOOSE to follow Christ.

Make that choice today.

We watchmen have been crying out for decades that time is ending. We still have at least a thousand and seven years ahead, but time is short for those of us living blissfully and unconsciously of the waning moments of this existence.

All truth is God's truth, and His truth declares a coming end to what we know now.

JD Farag, an Arab preacher from Lebanon now serving in Hawaii, has a timely word. PLEASE watch his video below.

Music is quite the power, and I am overly aware of that. You can choose to justify or explain your desire to hold a sinful thought or habit ----music?---close to your heart. I'm testifying that it isn't worth it. Cast away your addiction to the wrong music for a sweetness in Jesus.

You will be eternally grateful.
Please listen to JD.
Take the time!

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