"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Call Him Out


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

World Gone Loco

Today witches are casting spells on Trump.

It's all over the news, at least alternative news.

I'm talking about the non-mainstream ones.

You cannot label all non-mainstream news sources Nazi, or whatever. They aren't.

So, I really think witches are having their day. Apparently they've planned several more.

What does this say?

If witches are against Trump, maybe we should be for Trump?

I certainly do not side with witches. They are in rebellion against the Creator of the Universe.

I've always said I voted for Trump because I could not stand Clinton. I'm seeing what is playing out in Washington, hoping for the best, expecting nothing. It's all a grand play.

Is Mike Pence a Jesuit? If so, he's not to be trusted. Anyone can say they are Evangelical these days. The question is----REALLY?

That is why so many of us distance ourselves from that term. It has lost its meaning.

The world may be crazy with esoteric plans and actions, but we know the One Truth, and that is JESUS CHRIST.

How I wish everyone I knew had this assurance of peace and hope in their hearts and lives. Many do. I am blessed with a huge group of friends who are filled with the Holy Spirit. We connect instantly anywhere. It's a supernatural family.

But too many I know cannot connect on that level. They may actually side with the witches.

And that is rebellion.

Oh be careful little feet,
where you walk
Oh be careful little hands,
what you do
Oh be careful little eyes
what you see
For the Father up above
is looking down in love.
Be careful little-----------one.

Don't rebel. Find the Father and obey Him. Love the Son. Be filled with the Spirit.

Wake up to the deception all around us.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I'm trying to figure out why liberal Christians have such ease in condoning sin.

Take the illegal immigrant issue.

I know no one who is anti-immigrant. I don't know anyone who wouldn't welcome a legitimate refugee. I know many who disapprove of illegal immigrants living here, undocumented, some here for decades.

I disapprove of that. I think people should be following the law, especially if it is a good one, that does not contradict the convictions of someone who follows Biblical mandates.

So, I don't want to condone illegals.

But I sense that that is the argument coming from those leaning left.

I can't figure it out.


Is it because there is sin in everyone's life, so we can just condone crime, illegal activity, wrong-doing in everyone else?

I just don't see it that way.

So how does one condone illegals?

Refugees. They are people who truly have needs, must leave their country because of religious persecution, political unrest, natural disasters. I don't see refugees as young, perfectly healthy Islamic men---few women and children---who are crossing into Europe from the Middle East in massive numbers.

There is something about that picture that just doesn't fit the refugee argument.

Islam really is trying to take over the world for Allah. Aliyah. Moon god. Lucifer in disguise. Allah may be a name for God, but it has such poisoned meaning for one who was born into an Islamic culture that it cannot be a good transfer. Allah of Islam is a petty, mercurial being who demands works.

Read the five pillars of Islam.

YHWH is the creator. Maker of heaven and earth. Lover of mankind, sacrificial giver, merciful judge. We can do NOTHING to please Him except to believe in Him, love Him, serve Him. It's all about His grace, not our works.

Why would we promote the religion of Islam in  Western Civilization by allowing hordes of Islamic young men enter our borders?

Borders. There is a topic!

Rosaria Butterfield gave a talk recently on either David Wheaton's program, or Jan Markell's radio program where she mentioned that God is a God of borders and boundaries.

Think about that. It's true. God has made men and women, humans and animals, seas and land, countries, nations, peoples. Laws are boundaries. He made excellent ones to sustain life on earth. He made boundaries for the people of Israel to preserve their culture and bloodlines. He made sexual boundaries.

God truly is a person of boundaries. Borders.

Maybe we should learn from that and respect our own borders, and the borders of our countries.

Compassion is a given. We must be compassionate! I think of Herbert Hoover who unilaterally saved Europe after WWI. What an amazing person! He was probably the most compassionate president the US ever had.

Satan hated him, though. FDR, 33rd Degree Mason, destroyed him.

Compassionate people should be our role models.

But God gives us borders, and we also need to respect them.

I'm learning the Otiot from Alan Horvath. The second letter is BET. It means house. It looks like a little house. It has walls, a roof, and a door.


I don't think we should condone illegal immigration. I don't think we should foolishly allow capable young men (who could be rebuilding their own countries!) to come and change ours.

I think we should be compassionate helpers, wise and giving. I don't think we should condone sin in any form. Forgive it, yes, but not condone it.

We have a higher calling, a higher standard.

Let's run that race instead.