"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

She's Guilty


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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

It's Darker

No, it's not just the season of haunts and spirits, the fall of the year, the political process.

There's something dark growing on the horizon of our lives,  and I can feel it.

As a believer I am giving my fears to God every morning. His mercies are new each day, and His strength is enough.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. Perhaps my choices haven't been so cheerful, but I'm learning about Barack Obama, Churchill, Robespierre, Hillary, Trump, and Joy Davidman.

None of these people are uplifting to me.

My mom is reading the book about Davidman, "Joy." It's a shocking exposé of a narcissist. Mom is summarizing for me.

People are sinners.

My prayer each morning this week has been for forgiveness. My wayward heart needs its daily cleanse.

It's dark.

We can turn on the spotlight and examine these lives, but it only pivots the beam into ourselves. 

Where have I gone wrong?

I'm no better. Just forgiven.

My heart turns toward Jesus and our meeting Him. That is my joy, my mainstay, my compass for getting through this darknes.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Thursday, October 13, 2016

It's Coming

It's a time of expectancy for me, for many.

This weekend Jan Markell's conference takes place in Eden Prairie.

Amir Tsafarti will talk about the Middle East and the Illuminati.
Bill Koenig will talk about the White House.
Mark Hitchcock will prove from Scripture that the Rapture is SOON.
Ann Graham Lotz will exhort us that we are in the very last days.

That's what I expect.

I expect a winner of the US election to be a complete disappointment.  No worries. My hope is in the Lord, not the US government.

Not in the rulers of this tired, old, world.

I expect the birth pangs of prophecy to increase in severity and number.

I expect God to reveal Himself in miraculous ways, for the light to shine in the growing darkness like never before.

I expect people to be blind to that, no matter how earth shaking. Sadly.

I expect a ladies' fall luncheon, a Cross Country banquet, my garage to get cleaned, my best friends to return home from a vacation (I miss them), Ed's knees to get worse, his leukemia to be gone forever.

I expect to see my two miscarried babies in heaven.

I expect Jesus.

Expectations are really dangerous, but I do have them in spite of that. I am extremely daring.

Join me in looking up. Maranatha!

See you in Eden Prairie.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Is Globalism Demonic?


Dear Lord

Thank you for who you are.
Thank you that you are in control of everything, that you know the end from the beginning.

Thank you for your love, for salvation, for mercy.
Thank you for forgiveness.

When we have people in our lives who disappoint us, help us to be forgiving.

The drunks, the sex-driven, the gamblers, the rich, the liars, the mean ones, the rude, those who ignore us, the baby killers, murderers, thieves, robbers, the failures at parenting, the adulterous, the fornicators, the proud, the gluttonous, the power hungry, dishonest, the self righteous, the misguided, the persecutors, the hypocrite, the blasphemer, the idol worshippers, the envious, the narcissist, the covetous.

Forgive us, as we forgive.

Help us to love.

I pray for Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama. I pray for their souls. I pray for their repentance.

I repent, Lord.

May you be glorified in your ways. May we reflect your goodness and light in this very dark world.

Help us to shine your message of the gospel brightly.