"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, November 17, 2017

Jonah Goldberg


Thursday, November 16, 2017

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Why Do Bible Believers Like Donald Trump?


Helpful Sources

Do you have issues with translations of Scripture?
The film by John Rhys Davies about the KJV is really good.

I'd recommend it. There are several preachers out there that are KJV only folk. I'm gravitating toward their camp. The more you learn, the more reason to do so.

Look up Christian J. Pinto of Adullam Films. His research is noteworthy.

Check out LA Marzulli. What a sweet and humble spirit, looking for Christ's return! Also, a watchman.

Ken Ham's newly re-released book "The Lie," is a wonderful "argument" against secular humanism and evolution.

Check out your theology. Theology is important, but are you getting a balanced diet? In which camp do you stake your tent? Do you care? You should.

Theology matters. Doctrine matters. You are first of all accountable to God for your decision to follow Christ. After that you must seek a Bible believing fellowship to belong to.

Do not forsake the gathering of the saints.

Don't just follow a herd. Be an active and questioning member.

Don't follow personalities. This NEVER ends well. People, men, are sinners. Whether it's John MacArthur, John Piper, RC Sproul, Joel Osteen, Mac Hammond, Joyce Meyers, Kay Arthur, ----You recognize the name?  Don't follow.

People disappoint.

There are skeletons in everyone's closets.

There are mistakes, false emphasis, outright heresies! Don't get sucked in. Stake your tent, pitch your tent on God's Word.

Stop calling names and stop accusing! JUST PREACH CHRIST, and Him crucified, resurrected! Be prepared with a good answer for questioners. Be like the Apostle Paul. Study to show yourself approved unto God!

The Holy Spirit will give wisdom and help.

Test the spirits. The Bible tells you to do this, so do it!

Perhaps we live in a world that advocates a denial of the supernatural, but a majority of us humans have actually experienced the supernatural, therefore we know it exists.

You cannot prove it to those who refuse to believe or chalk it up to nerves or drugs....hallucinations....but that doesn't stop us from going forward in our faith walk.

We know. We believe. We may have doubts, but that is all the better! We learn of Him with a steady diet of reading Scripture, OLD and NEW Testaments. We take it to the Word.

Check out a Systematic Theology----Ryrie's is very readable. Grudem's is good.

Read a Bible Story Book, like Hurlbet's, or Voss. These scholars have helped the reader understand the overlapping stories in the New Testament in particular. Very helpful.

Spend time with the LORD in prayer. Trust Him to work out ALL DETAILS whatever happens.

He does. All things work together for good, according to those who believe.

Trust Him with your time, your body, your work, your abilities. He made you, He loves you, He is using you in His vast plan. You belong to Him and He cares. He has your days numbered, and He is watching everything you do. He knows your every thought.


Don't grieve Him. Believe Him. Love Him. Serve Him.
Watch for Him.

Our Duty

We believers stand accountable to God alone. We have alliances on earth that we honor, but the final commitment is to God and what matters to Him is our main focus, our main reason.

Is Jesus coming soon?

Well, I hope so.

There is a sense that every man in any position ever has committed unspeakable acts against helpless victims.

Is that true?

Is anyone innocent?

This is the age of fake news. We are easily discouraged by what we hear, what we believe.

I look at this time as a gift. There is NOTHING on this earth that you can trust but the written word of God. God affirms His Word himself.

Our society has completely abandoned any semblance of morality in light of Judeo-Christian values. We are in the borderlands of anarchy.

Secular Humanism is in control. Atheism is the acceptable creed of the government, school systems, and the media.

But not for long.

Even IF Jesus tarries we know the inevitable end comes.

Morals go down the toilet. God is mocked. Believers are accused falsely (?) and mocked. Debunked.

We are completely aware of our sin, our failures, but we know a God who forgives, and loves.

More now than ever we cling to His Word, his promises, our blessed hope-----the Rapture of the church.

Is there oil in your lamp? Are you filled with the Spirit? Have you repented from all of your sin? Are you living for Jesus? Do you believe?

Have you been baptised?

It's time. Get right with Jesus. Clean up your act.

Jesus saves, but you have the responsibility to obey Him. He alone knows your spiritual status, you alone know if you believe and have repented of sin.

Go and sin no more.

Don't marry against God's commands! Don't allow lust to reign in your flesh. Don't, don't, Don't.

Stop justifying sin in your life and repent.

There may be little time before you lose your head, die peacefully, or watch the children of God disappear from the earth.

I fully expect to see Jesus soon. I anticipate that meeting daily.

Maranatha. Time is short. It has been for 2,000 years, and the USA is another blip in the passage of history. Things are out of control and we know it.

Our duty is to keep our focus on the chart of God's Word and weather this latest storm.

Hold fast.