"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, August 28, 2015

So Good:

A Word

The following article is quite the researched piece! Whether or not you believe in the events described in this article it touches on all the chatter and speculation out there now.

It's important to be informed.

Take time to read it, and don't be surprised if September turns out strangely...

How does one prepare?

Asking Christ to be your savior. Repentance. Belief and trust.

That is ever only the way to prepare.


Are You Prepared?

Thursday, August 27, 2015



World of Wars


LA Marzulli's Latest:


What If?

It's the 27th of August today.

People are fond of quoting the verse, "No one knows the day or hour" when we talk about Christ's second coming.

But there are far more verses that describe the time of the second coming, or even the birth pangs accelerating before the rapture.

What if Jesus keeps the fall feasts, the Feast of Trumpets, and we are snatched away this fall?

How would that change your life today?

I ask myself that question every day as I cry out "Maranatha!"

Would you do as you had planned, on your Day-timer? Would your agenda change? Would your week look different?

I have said this all along----If Christ returns for us PRAISE THE LORD! If He doesn't, we'll just calmly wait until we pass on. We should live every single day as if it is our last on earth.

And prepare for a long life as well.


Life if full of them, and so is spiritual life.

The only way to navigate a life of faith is to be immersed in the Word of God, and to begin to know the Creator personally, on an intimate scale. Then the Spirit of God can move in your heart---your spirit---and reveal truth to you.

Do we make mistakes? Yes. We see through a dim glass right now. We are shackled by our human nature.

Yet our spirits are alive in Him, and we can glean the joy of life from that privileged relationship. It's win/win.

Who am I writing to today?

First of all, my own children. I am their teacher first, as well as their mother. I can't dictate in their lives, but I can hope they follow wisdom. I can hope they make good choices. I hope and pray daily that they become mighty in spirit.

There is an enemy out there who would love to trip them up and see them fail.

I'm writing to friends who don't know Christ personally yet.

I'm writing to family who are on the same path that I am----different stages, different experiences---yet knowing the same Lord, same background.

I'm writing because I love you.

I'm writing to encourage you, friend, who reads this blog regularly. We are on a narrow path together.

Why does the path of truth have to be so narrow? I just don't like that. But I must accept it.

Get on it, Friend! What if we have just days left?

What if Jesus snatches us away and many are left to go through tribulation? Satan has a purpose in all of that, and God's wrath is nothing new on this old earth.

Remember the flood? The geological record of the flood is literally under our feet. It was a time of judgment.

It's going to be worse this time.

Jesus warns us all about it. He Himself, the author of Love, invites us to escape that wrath.

Ask Him to be your savior today. Ask Him to forgive your sins. Repent. It seems that there are many who profess to be followers of Christ Jesus, yet are living in unrepentance, in bondage to sexual sin, alcoholism, and deceit. It's an old story, since the dawn of time.

Unrepentant hypocrites are Satan's best allies.

No one can claim to be without sin, yet we all need to be living lives that show the power of the Holy Spirit, freedom from sin's bondage---even those besetting sins that appear as addictions.

Shout, cry out to the LORD for freedom. Ask the Holy Spirit to transform your heart, and bring those sinful thoughts captive-----arrest them! STOP THEM!

God's power is truly great. He gives it freely.

To see the peace and joy that fills a transformed life is one of the most beautiful things on earth.

But it is a daily thing! No one can rest on the mountain tops of spiritual highs. One must descend to the trenches of daily sanctification. It's a battle. Satan is still in the fight for now.

So, if we have days left---
or weeks---
or months and years----

Set your minds on things above.

There is a parable in Matthew 25 of the ten virgins that has tremendous implications for these last days. Five had oil in their lamps, and took oil with them. They were prepared for the bridegroom to appear and they were admitted to the bridal feast.

Five did not prepare. They had to go buy oil from the sellers and missed the call to go in. The door was shut and there was "gnashing of teeth." They missed that blessed hope.

Jesus gives us this story for a reason. GET YOUR OIL.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you today. Be ready.

What if the call comes this day?

Pitch the agenda.
Live Jesus.

New World Order Info

Predicate and Kiwi


Burnished Rows of Steel

Last evening we had an impromptu visit from a dear friend.

That often happens with him and his family. They are underway much of the time, helping in jails, with people who are struggling, and really, just about doing things for anyone who needs something. Remarkable.

My friend just published a book.

It's a thriller, political, contemporary, and thought-provoking. It's set in northern Minnesota, for the most part, and it is a good read.

Self-published, I am honored to help market it.

Call the number listed on the front page below.

I don't want to say too much for spoiling anything for you! Just read it.


Yom Teruah

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


A Morning to Write

I'm alone this morning. The younger ones are in South Dakota for the week. Margaret is helping a friend move with our large van.

My husband is hard at work.

I have a headache and I'm reflective, lonely, and a bit down.

Perfect writing conditions.

The sun is achingly beautiful, lighting the zillions of leaves, blades of grass, and animals frolicking in the front yard. The squirrels are cute, burying their acorns so efficiently. It's shiny out there.

It makes me think of heaven.

As beautiful life on earth is, the sweetness of friendships, relationships, love and fellowship---it's all a shadow of what will be.

I am no longer shocked by the daily headlines----stocks roller-coasting, LIVE murder on TV, famine, disease, planned parenthood, and debauchery.

It doesn't phase me. I'm thinking about eternity.

And you should be, too.

I had five very good, old friends over last night for dessert and remembrancing. That should be a word, you know. We all grew up together, "Daughters of the King" was our singing group's name.

Those were the days. Our friendships have always held, always been a constant in our lives.

A newer friend (met her only about 16 years ago) sent me a link to an article on friendship and how it works as we age. Very interesting, and insightful. The jist of it was that real friendships are hard to forge as you age. They become compartmentalized, fitting each aspect of our lives---school, work, kids, etc.

I know that I have been blessed with some spectacular friendships, and it makes me so excited for heaven, where we will all be in beautiful fellowship with each other, enjoying each other's company forever.

God has blessed me. I value each and every friendship God has allowed me.

Such richness.

As we face the future we have such a deep peace about the ultimate. God has given us this!

The headaches, back aches, rib adjustments     (I had a rib "out" last week, fixed on Saturday morning by a chiropractor who had seasons tickets to Gopher games with my cousin for 15 years ---the things you discover while one's skeleton is being adjusted!)     the PAIN of this life just doesn't compare with the peace and joy to come.

Today I want to adopt all the little babies who are unwanted. I want to rescue all the Corgis that need a home. I want every skinny horse to be fed apple treats from my hands----I want the world to be right.

But it's not that way.

It's coming though. Just wait. It won't be long now. September is coming, and I have high hopes that Jesus will keep the feasts.

He does, you know. Patterns are for us to know the times and seasons.

So, friend, be ready. I want fellowship with you eternally.

Join this lovely knowledge of Truth and Light, and come to Christ today.

Remember, the old will become new, the dark, light, the sick, well, the ugly---beautiful.

He makes all things new. Don't lose hope.

Just get right with the LORD.

Out to mow that lovely grass.


Friday, August 21, 2015

I'll miss this cheerful vintage front door:

New oak entryway

My old orange door:

Family room

The Cabin; the family room

The Cabin...the new bedroom:

Gopher hunter hawk this morning

My Nidaros

The south copse

Ed's garden

Views of the Hollows


As we face the weekend I reflect on the week.

I'm swamped, as we all are.

It's end of summer! The fair is coming! School is ramping up! Sell the Cabin! Prepare for guests! Get the garden produce preserved! Buy local apples! Mow! Remember all the appointments!!!---These thoughts race through my mind.

Margaret has been laid low all week. Her "teeth of wisdom" came out on Tuesday, and it seems to have wrung her out more than we expected. Glad that's over. She goes back to work this evening, and all weekend.

Ed's counts are pretty good right now. We resume chemotherapy at a lower dose because of his successful weight loss plan. This is a good thing.

His eyes, which were pinkish and mattery, are improving.

I'm still washing windows. :(

It's detail work, and my back has been excruciatingly
painful. Must see someone who can fix that soon. Any recommendations for this in my new neighborhood, local readers?
I need help!

The pets have become night watchers, and bark at all the critters that come to call during the night. This doesn't help our sleeping, but it's nice to know they are on duty!

This morning a doe and her fawn stepped gingerly across the clearing, always alert, facing the house. I thought of Bambi and his mother. One of the saddest moments in Disney history.

For me, at least.

I've been posting things from the web here that I think are helpful reminders that life on earth is really short.

I'm beginning to believe that any of us has only seven years. The seven year tribulation pretty much wraps up life as we know it on earth---before the millenium---so we have just weeks before the tribulation starts, if things fall into the Biblical feasts pattern, and 2015 is the year to get the ball rolling.

I'm hoping that the next seven years we are in a safe place, "Thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book." Dan.12:1

So prepare.

We are finishing up "The Healing of Persons," by Paul Tournier. Today we read the chapter "Inspiration." What inspiration! The life of a believer in Christ Jesus is a life of victory.

We may be broken sinners (and there are ample reports these days of sinners professing Christ) but when we repent and live in the meditation of the Word of God we have the victory over sin and death every minute of our lives.

We need to choose that, however.

We can choose to be torn up by constantly sinning---giving in to the temptations that plague us all---or we can have the victory through a Christ-consciousness that comes through knowing Scripture.

It is the key.

Living in repentance, living in the Spirit, is the key to successful life. It will even cure some physical maladies!

Fret not. God's got this.

But get right with God!

Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! All of our woes will be done away with. We are facing finals that have eternal consequences.


The Breastplate


Coming Soon!

The Coming Rapture

Monday, August 17, 2015

Biggest thing in the Universe


What a weekend.

Two of my adult children flew in for a few days and we have had a sweet reunion. Life is a continual surprise of unplanned events that coincide with the expected ones, and it sure keeps it interesting.

Today I intend to wash the last windows and dust the floors of "The Cabin" for the last time before listing it for sale.  We project to have it on the market by Wednesday.

That neighborhood has had a 24 hour turn-over in the housing market, so we MIGHT see it sell in a jiffy. It certainly is pretty! New floors, painted inside and out, new roof, clean as a whistle.

It's a milestone.

As I cleaned that house this past week I was flooded with so many memories. I had to stem the tide of sadness. Why do we grieve the past, even when it's sweet?

For things lost?

As we head into a hyped-up time in human history I can understand the reluctance to become enthusiastic over things to come.

If you aren't a believer it really is going to be horrendous.

I don't know when the Lord will call His bride home, but He indicates in the "Olivet Discourse"---chapter 24 of Matthew---that there will be signs of the times of the end.

WE are in the end, because WE see these signs.

Surely the people of Germany who believed in the Word of God (Despite liberal theology there were always a few...) were convinced they were witnessing the end of time when Hitler rose to power. What an anti-Christ he was!

But now we have Israel, a fulfillment of the Ezekiel prophecy, the sign of the end---and that is only one sign. We have the pedestal of hindsight. We can see the "leaves on the fig tree," as Christ allegorized for us.

We can see the global economy becoming a reality. We see the moral decay. We can easily imagine a global pestilence, sweeping over entire cultures, as super-bugs come into being. We can see the technology needed for the mark of the beast.

We see natural disasters on a daily scale----earthquakes, fires, sinkholes, volcanoes, sun spots.

How long do we have?

I certainly have a peaceful outlook today. There is barely a breath of breeze this quiet country morning in the the middle of the North American continent.

I could be so lulled to spiritual sleep.

But there is this hype in all I see worldwide. This is a time I think we do need to prepare for.

Extra food, extra water, extra cash...

Both Believers and Luciferians are seeing the signs. SOMETHING is coming.

----Or manufacturing the signs???

Remember...Conspiracy theories are all lumped together in one giant movement-----Satan's. Satan is the master Conspirator. If you haven't figured that out yet, you need to read the book of Job in the Bible. There are clues to his mentality, his purpose, his ability.

But God is the victor. God is the Creator, Satan, the created.

God is allowing the Great Conspirator to bring things to a grand old close, and we are witnessing the rumblings of the end even now.

Final warnings are being issued.

Get in the ark of salvation in Christ Jesus now.

Here are some facts:

The oceans, vast as they are, are polluted. Radiation from Fukushima has pretty much contaminated the entire Pacific, and it's only a matter of time before it spreads to all the oceans.

 Image result for tsunami radioactive pollution japan(Google Images)

Perhaps you've heard that there is a particle of dust from every square mile of the earth all across the earth---the efficiency of world-wide wind patterns brings us that phenomenon. We truly are a small world.

Air quality suffers in the most populated areas of the world.

Food shortages are an emerging specter, with the introduction of mono crop culture.

Bees are dying.

Christianity is being eliminated through terrible persecution throughout the Middle East.

Europe is a vast wasteland of spiritual power, at least good spiritual power. There is such a tiredness to most of Europe. They scoff at us provincial Bible believers. Apostasy is rampant, in all of western culture.

But the truth is, the Bible has never proved itself more true.

All of these trends prove one thing to me: TIME IS SHORT.

Yes, I'm required to police up my own little neck of the woods---right here in good old Minnesota. I'm responsible to be a steward of God's gifts to me. I'm asked to spread the good news of Christ's salvation to everyone I know, and I'm supposed to be a loving servant to ALL PEOPLE.

That is what the LORD requires of me.

So, in light of that, I write. I warn. I cry out, "WATCH!"

Yesterday at church I commiserated with another prophecy watcher. He observed that the evangelical church seems completely asleep, totally unaware of the events happening in the world. Perhaps people are just afraid? Hiding from reality? Confused? 

Repent, believe, trust.

Fire and brimstone preaching is completely in order at this time.

I actually do believe in Hell, and it isn't described as a fun place. The Bible says that the gate to salvation is narrow, and few find it.

I don't like that verse, but I believe it. The popular idea of hell on earth is a pale analogy. Hell is awful.

Everyone is going there, according to the Word of God, except those that repent and put their trust in Christ Jesus. Everyone. No exceptions. God is a righteous judge.

So get holy today, in the blood of Christ Jesus. Avoid this terrible time of tribulation on earth, and an eternal horror of punishment in Hell.

 Stop spreading a message of peace and prosperity, the false Messiah of the message that God forgives everyone.

Yes, He loves everyone, but mankind is saved only through HIS terms, His conditions.

Religion will not save you. Religion is a lie from the pit, a false path. A brilliant foil from the Great Conspirator.

Faith and trust in Christ are the true path to salvation.

Whatever comes in September, those who love the LORD JESUS CHRIST will be just fine.

I don't need to list the events we're anticipating in September. There is ample information all over the internet. I watch with interest. I hope.

I do look for that Trumpet to sound, the dead in Christ to rise, and those who remain to be caught up....harpazo, rapture.

As I've been cleaning I keep thinking a phrase: "Get your house in order!"

Isaiah 38:1 In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death. And Isaiah the prophet the son of Amoz came unto thim, and said unto him, Thus saith the LORD, Set thine house in order: for thou shalt die, and not live.
2 Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall, and prayed unto the LORD

God is a God of order. He wants us to be ready for His plans. I'm trying!

I'm looking! I'm hyped!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Coincidence is not Kosher

The Ripening

On my walk last night I was amazed at the smell of the fields. Near us are mostly alfalfa fields, but soy is across the road from us, and oats are up beyond the neighbors.

When I was little I took the sights and scents of my surroundings as my due. I never thought that the purity of air and the sweetness of grain was a luxury only country folk could know.

That the scents can change over the course of the season is even more alluring. I catch whiffs of wild plums, apples, crab apples, chokecherries, wildflowers, milkweed blossoms (so clean! like a bar of soap), and the ripening harvests.

Each evening there is a new aroma to detect, always pleasant.

There's a bit of horse manure in the air some nights, and to me that is no less desirable.

A couple of large bats accompanied me on my evening stroll. I wonder how Barney and Thelma and little Batty are doing up at the Cabin this year. They don't have our nightly campfires to dance around. The sky last night was striped pink, really gorgeous.

This morning I heard the cranes again. I looked out to the hayfield west of us and there was a pair, doing a crazy dance! One flew up, flapping, while the other observed---then the other one did a half-hearted hop in response. Later on they croaked above the house as they flew east. Huge birds. It's delightful to see and hear them.

Yesterday Ed went for a spinal tap. His counts were too low to continue his regular chemotherapy regimen, so we are on a hold for at least a couple of weeks. It could be a virus that is in his system, holding down the counts. He does have an occasional deep cough. A virus would affect him more than it would the rest of us.

We are still getting used to the added burden of dealing with his joint problem. More supplements, more swimming. Less walking. He tried to mow the other day at the Cabin, but gave up after an hour. Too much pain. Guess that is going to be a new thing to adjust to.

He can use a riding mower, though!

Stairs are difficult, so we end up doing them for him when something needs to be fetched. Good exercise for us. He can do them, but it's difficult. Glad our new home is mostly a ranch-type style, everything mostly on the main floor. Unexpected blessings, unanticipated needs met.

God does know best.

As I have alluded, this whole moving process was not on our agenda. Yes, we knew this house was going into foreclosure. No, we didn't know that it had sold four times before we made our offer. No, we didn't dream that it was all going to work out, obstacles falling to the right and left as we trod the path of purchasing a new home.

Remarkable, even to this day! I can sit here typing in full confidence that we are exactly where God wanted us to be. The Supernatural opening of doors was completely evident.

Lessons learned:

God really cares about you. The littlest details, even. His love is infinite, and He knows exactly what you need. Stop fighting Him! Let your desires be His desires, and trust Him to work out the details.

He has a sense of humor. Really. Be delighted in the personal touches He delights in. I smile every time I see an unexpected boon, either in this house or in the process of selling the Cabin.

Will things always be hunky-dory? No. We will get the cancers, lose the jobs, have petty disagreements, (big disagreements!), broken relationships, disappointments. That's life on earth.

Isn't it absolutely GRAND that we have eternal HOPE instead of despair? If you are a believer this life is as bad as it ever can get. If you aren't, it's the best it will ever be. (Sad thought)

And I see the ripening of time. Being a prophecy nut (self labelled) I am waking up every day to news that fits the ancient book's predictions. No, it wasn't always that way. Prophecy nuts have been looking for Jesus forever. The things that are described in Revelation are things that WILL happen, but we expect Christ first and foremost.

To see things happening that were prophesied is absolutely astounding and confirming. If you haven't read up on the ancient prophecies I suggest starting now. Time is RIPE. We are on a fast track toward its End.

The Bible talks about a 1,000 year time period:
Read Revelation 20. Satan will be bound for 1,000 years, and life on earth will continue in some form. This is after the "time of trouble," and after the age of the Church is past. It is something to look forward to, as a believer.

I think that age is coming soon. Satan has a counterfeit idea about it, "The Age of Aquarius," where everything is made right. Satan has counterfeit ideas about practically everything. Think about it.

The Bible teaches that only Christ can make things right. There is always a choice to believe the Bible, or your own ideas. As a young person I tended to dismiss the Biblical teachings that are called "Hard Sayings." I preferred to ignore them, crafting my own merry way, liking the things I liked.

I had a wake-up call one day. Do I believe myself or an ancient book?

Am I the authority, or is Scripture?

Do I believe the Bible over any other ancient teaching?

Am I willing to submit to the Creator, a Holy, Just, and Loving Being? The One True God? (Not Allah)

This is more than "asking Jesus into my heart." To submit was a true willful decision on my part.

I had to die to self. It didn't happen overnight, either. It was a process of combing out the nits of my own idolatry. I had to go back to the Bible like never before.

God gently leads when the spirit is willing. Faith is a growing phenomena. Really, now, how can we expect to understand a Being that is beyond description?

But we CAN know Him, and He wants that from us.

He pretty much lays it all down in His Word----the history, the rules, the grace, the fulfillment, the completely satisfying picture of what life really is all about. Meaning.

No doubts. No uncertainties, only the knowledge that I can't possibly comprehend this God who created everything. Yet He describes Himself as LOVE, and I do love Him.

I'm willing to be ripe for harvest, as Jesus described to his disciples 2,000 years ago. I think we are ready for it.

Are you?

Redeeming time

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Take a Stand

As someone who believes in the God of the Bible I have been aware of His compassionate dealings with all of His creation.

He has rules. He does care. He does judge.

But boy, is He ever giving the world a bunch of warnings and time to heed them!

He came as a person, a human being, and few believed Him. Believe me, if He came again few would believe now as well.

But some of us have been touched by the Holy Spirit, and we recognize Him as Love, and the Savior of the world.

Hell is real. So is heaven. There is only one way to get to heaven, and it is through Christ Jesus, the Messiah, alone.

I am always amazed by the binding together of those who believe the Bible, simply as it is written. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, we are no official denomination. We are simply believers, and that binds us like nothing else can.

We may differ on some doctrinal points, agree to disagree, and we may have seen visions or not---but we all believe in Christ Jesus, and in Him alone. He is sufficient.

We need not add anything to that. We see what is happening in the world and we are justified in our narrowness. The road is narrow. The gate---few can find it.

Be sure you are on that narrow road.

There is no special prayer you must say, no daily ritual that saves. Simply having faith in Christ, and Him alone, is what saves.

So don't add yoga, don't add to the Scripture. Don't do things that other idolatrous religions do. Steer clear of all other faiths. Don't burn incense, don't offer sacrifice. Don't kill your baby, abort it, as a blood sacrifice to a god of materialism. Don't join the Catholic church. The current pope is a Jesuit, and be aware of the Jesuit oath:

The Jesuit Oath

The last thing I want is to offend my Catholic friends and relatives. I LOVE them! That is why I have to warn of this upcoming deception! I have such compassion for them!

Don't become a Freemason. Your only oath ever should be "Yes," or "No."

Marriage: follow God.

To be in violation of marriage is to either be unsatisfied sexually (women) or violated (men)--and to break God's commandment to not commit adultery. The biology is self explanatory. People need to follow God's plan. Don't be a spiritual goat regarding this issue. We have seen such a separation of sheep and goats having to do with the definition of marriage alone!

How Satan laughs at the complete apostasy and deception our churches have fallen to.

To call evil good, and good evil.

Thankfully time is short. God put the signs in the heavens, and the age of the Water-bearer ---more popularly and heathenish in name---Aquarius, is about to begin.

The Millennium of God's Kingdom on Earth is about to begin.

But first there is a time of trouble. I believe it is at our door, time-wise. We either go through it, or escape it.

Many Jewish people will be beheaded for believing in Yeshua. Many others will also die for their johnny-come-lately belief in Christ.

People will be forced to take a mark on either their right hands or their foreheads in order to buy or sell. That mark will be a spiritual condemnation. No one who receives it enters God's kingdom.

Many will choose the kingdom of Satan over the Kingdom of Love.

We are facing a Shemitah year in September. I don't know what that means exactly, as we cannot predict the future. I do know that the last two Shemitahs brought about financial crisis.

I know that the world economy is in in pretty bad shape right now. We have a debt of trillions.

How easy for an elitist government to take control of a panicked people!

Natural disasters are going to be more frequent. Look around. They already are!

Disasters also bring about famine, ruin, hardship, and change. Get ready.

It isn't popular to predict gloom, but believe me, God has everything we need to know to avoid the ultimate gloom----hell.

This is a warning! He is warning us! Gently, He urges us to be light and help in this darkening world.

It is the beginning of August right now. What will we see this month leading up to the Shemitah? (The 29th of Alul, September 13, the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hoshannah, Jewish New Year)

I wonder, and I watch.

Take a stand among your friends and relatives. Warn them. Be willing to look foolish for Christ.

If they heed your warning they will only find blessing. If they mock you they will only find death.

You have nothing to lose but your pride.

Fasten your seat belts!

Jonathon Cahn:


Don't be hoodwinked!

(And take a look at his shirt there:) Is that another September 23 reference?)  
Image result for hoodwinked wolf Google images

Approaching the Midnight Hour