"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Corgi Afternoon

Morning Glory

The Time is Late

I went to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee last Saturday with my friend and our two youngest daughters. Her daughter, and my daughter. I just realized that you have to be specific these days. What was once assumed is no longer so.

The girls dressed in costume. My friend and I wore our mom uniforms: jeans and tops.

It was muddy and cloudy, a rain had soaked the ground earlier in the morning. Still, crowds turned out, and long skirts soaked up the dirt and feet got brown with the clay of the gravel that this event sits on.

I auditioned for a role at the Renaissance Festival 30 years ago, when it was just beginning. As a conservative Christian I didn't really fit in, and when it became clear that I'd be expected to camp out all weekend with lechers I backed out.

Still, I attended the Festival then, and enjoyed the costumed finery and the pretend history, the madrigals and the food.

It was time to go again, after 30 years. And bring Cherie, who is, as you know, a devout LOTR fan.

Yes, there were indications of other LOTR fans present at this affair. The Tree of Gondor decorated many a cloak.

But I saw much more.

First of all, this event is the PERFECT spot to try out a new gender.

I was surprised by how many wenches spoke in masculine voice. Likewise, young knights had the voices of maidens. You needed to engage in conversation to detect an anomaly, but since I did that regularly all day I was amazed at the prevalence.

Also remarkable was the Lack of costume. Wenches  (?) advertised their busts and midriffs. Openly.

The shops all had pentagrams, hexagrams, trees, amulets of darkness and dark healing. Incense, elf ears, horns were for sale.

So many people were wearing horns it was truly creepy. Baphomets? Goats of Mendes? Jebaalon?

A dragon with big blue eyes and black horns (dragons have horns, I guess) beguiled small tots into his/her arms for photo ops.

There were psychics and "priests," jugglers and jousters.

The architecture was nice.

But there was something spiritually dark over the entire place. Oppressive darkness.

I could sense it, and I think there was something freakish happening in the invisible world. I had several characters come up to me, and engage----as these actors are wont to do, but there were some other bizarre encounters that I cannot explain. Perhaps they were demonic.

Maybe my "aura" indicated something---? I had to wonder.

People who do not believe in the supernatural are completely clueless to the spiritual warfare that goes on all around. I was most definitely on enemy turf last Saturday and I could feel it.

And so could they.

"Why is everyone talking to you!?" my friend said, "You're freaking me out!"

Engage? Pray.

The time is late. We are seeing the manifestation of demonic entities in people---but also in other ways.

The next day I went to Jan Markell's last class on prophecy in Eden Prairie.

The hour is late. There is a convergence of many prophetic signs.

Here are a few:

Russia/Iran/Turkey alliance (Ezekiel)
Earthquakes (large ones)
Disease and unheard of destruction (Fukushima Pacific Ocean contamination)
The sun and its changes---Wormwood/Niburu/Planet X on the way?
Astonomical signs (the age of Aquarius) are indications of change
Unprecedented "500 year" floods
Economic uncertainty (the banks---who runs them? Are they sustainable with the current economic situation worldwide?)
World population, poverty, famine, war
Demonic activity

These are the things I watch.
Jan pointed out that the easiest "crown" to get from the Lord is the one for "watching."

I'm getting that one.  I've been watching my whole life, and I'm going to continue.

The "Bema" seat is a seat of judgment for believers. Good, and bad. Our works will be set out before us and rewards will be meted out.

This is NOT the great white throne judgment, where believers will be separated from unbelievers. Remember, the world is condemned already. It's going down in a fiery blaze.

But after that, or perhaps during that bridal feast after the Rapture of the Church, there is this time of reckoning with the Lord. Crowns are given out, rewards.

Perhaps there will be some type of admonishment. That isn't theologically clear, though some would say our sins will be no more---therefore nothing negative could come back to haunt you.

I'm not so sure about this. The Bible supports both sides. It's up for debate. Just to be sure I want to live a life of righteousness, and confess my sins, repenting of those things that displease the Most High God.

As a believer I need to go to the cross daily---I'm saved. I know that. But I need to live a disciplined life of holiness, sanctification, and that is a daily grind.

It gets easier when the Holy Spirit gives the power, and I've spent time in the Word and prayer.

It's easier when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, and your spiritual eyes have been opened. Your spiritual ears can hear.

Don't kid  yourself. If there is sin in your life you must question your salvation.

"Work out your salvation with fear and trembling."

The Holy Spirit convicts of your sin, and if you think you are "A-Okay" you're probably not.

You have a human nature, and it can really mess you up. Even daily.

Have you taken on the New Man? The Spiritual Man? The New Nature?
That will be indicated by your life, your "fruit," your behavior.

If you are living in sin your "new nature" is questionable.

Better work that out. Repent TODAY!

Time is short.

I'm watching, and I think the Lord comes soon. I've been watching for years. Last fall, on the Day of Atonement, I was so excited for what was going on in the world----anticipating huge changes that are foretold.

We are on the fast track now.

Live each day as unto the LORD. Do good. Feed the poor, visit the sick, visit those in prison. Take care of the widows and the orphans! Help and serve each other. Learn to be the servant of all, as Jesus was. Learn of Him.

Tell the GOOD NEWS to all. Preach the Gospel. Lead people to salvation.

Worship the Most High with your whole being, and in all that you do.

You know what to do. Now do it.

And don't forget your armor. Ephesians 6. You're going to need it.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Titus 1:15-16

Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. Titus 1:15‭-‬16 KJV http://bible.com/1/tit.1.15-16.KJV

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's About Sin

Sorry, my faithful readers. I've been distracted from my writing lately.

Dear children have been visiting, recovery from travels, and preparing for the upcoming school season have taken my time.

I've been mulling over this subject of sin, too.

The past three weeks the Pokemon craze has gripped our area. Creepy. Discussion on Facebook and generally has revealed deep seated beliefs about the game that are worth defining for me.

It boils down to the verse from 1Corinthians, chapter 10.

Verse 23: "All things are lawful for me, but not all things edify."

But we all agree that some things are simply sin. Paul agrees. Read Romans 1.

Here are the main violations, (but not all):

Ignoring God
Ignoring People (Not loving your "neighbor")
Not Honoring the Seventh Day
Not Honoring your Parents
Adultery (all forms of sex outside of M/F monogamous marriage)
Occult/New Age/the system of the Beast

Am I right? If you have issues with this list, I'd point you to the Word of God. I included the "Seven Deadlies" in there because they are the sins of the mind which seed the others.

Now, let's list some of the things of this age that many Christians believe are "lawful."

Addictive Substances
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Contemplative Prayer
Modesty (Define)
Movies----ratings (!)
Computer Games
Essential Oils
Holistic Medicine

I stepped on some toes there, didn't I?

As a believer I have had to analyze EACH one of these subjects in light of my faith. I think every believer should!

You probably have a longer list? Things I forgot?

Are these lawful? Are these innocuous? Are these God-honoring?

I've navigated my way through these things with fear and trepidation, dabbling in some, promoting some, partaking in some. All things are lawful, right?

But as I've experienced these "gray areas" I've discovered something. Not all of these things are beneficial.

Are they neutral?

I don't think they are.

Underlying my faith is the knowledge that Lucifer/Satan is the god of this world, and he is out to destroy. He has power. He has a legion of supernatural beings at his command. The earth is not neutral territory. It belongs to him right now.

Remember how he offered Jesus part of it? He has authority over this beautiful place that God made.

Remember that we are in this world, but as believers, not of it.

I would contend that most of the things listed above are of this world. They are NOT neutral. They are tools of the evil one to ensnare humankind.

Instead of arguing for or against any of these things I would challenge all of us to self examination.

Dear friends, time is short. The devil is manifesting everywhere. We need to focus on Christ Jesus, and Him alone.

It's like that counterfeit money illustration that keeps popping up. In order to know counterfeit money the pros become intimately acquainted with REAL money.

Get into the Word. Meditate on the WORD. Live godly lives----balanced, clean.

We've been reading the little book by Richard Taylor http://self-help-ebook.net/20528-the-disciplined-life-the-mark-of-christian.html this summer. I think it is powerful. Helpful.

When you are living godly lives and you are filled with the Spirit you will have no questions about the above-mentioned issues of this age.

You will know, and the truth will set you free.

So discover for yourself what God thinks about these things. You will. I'm confident. Test the spirits, rebuke the demons, and let the Holy Spirit speak to your conscience.

Don't shut it off. It's so easy to ignore, suppress your God-given conscience. Don't do it.

Live a life of spiritual power. Discipline. Freedom.

We don't have much time left. The Banquet is being prepared above. Jesus is coming for His own Bride, those with oil, the Holy Spirit, believers. You don't want to miss that "Midnight Cry."

Get in the Word today!

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Politics and the Supernatural

The title here is a nod to L.A. Marzulli, the fringe prophecy figure that I like to watch.

I recommend you watch his documentaries on demons, too. They are eye-opening.

I have always been politically aware. I can't help it. I was brought up to be. I cut my teeth on politics even before I could vote, working to stop gambling from being legalized in this great state.

Alas. "We" failed. Gambling has been around for decades now.

I had "Abortion is Murder" bumper stickers on my dresser. I loved Jesus, and the whole Roe vs. Wade thing happened when I was in Kindergarten.

It's been a life of activism, of varying degrees.

I'm patriotic, serving my country, hoping for the best for everyone.

I'm for freedom of religion. Though I am not religious, I realize that my faith beliefs are impacted by that freedom.

I am a believer. I believe Jesus. He is the Messiah, the ONE TRUTH, the answer.

I know that He has blessed my life, saved me, healed me, touched me. It's totally supernatural.

I am one of His sheep, and I hear His voice.

It's the Word of God as written in Scripture.

Here is the great divide of this age.

Theology has driven scores from the plain truth of Scripture. You can barely find a pastor who believes in in-errancy these days. Everything is qualified, questioned, weighed, disputed.

It's a big mess, and I'm one of those people who chucked it all and cast myself on the verity of Scripture as it stands, as it comes to us.

I'm in pretty good company, historically. Martin Luther, Erasmus, Wycliffe, Tyndale. Just dropping a few names here.

Satan has tried to debunk God's Word from Eve on. It's his favorite battle ground. Well, I'm not playing. I'm sticking with the plain reading of Scripture until the day my soul leaves this earth.

It's so solid. It's so reliable. It's so true.

This year is fascinating. Every election is interesting for multiple reasons, but this one is really amazing.

I'm reading all sorts of interesting opinions.

Politics. Every human has had to deal with them from the first civilization. Monarchies and Dictators, Caesars and Senates. Power.

The Jewish people, in their sinful human nature, couldn't handle the most excellent form of government conceived----a theocracy, with YHWH at the head.

Yes. We are sinful.

We need a resolution.

The human race came pretty close to a fantastic option with the founding of our Constitutional Republic. Political balance seemed to have been achieved for a century or more, despite the atrocities committed by Democrats up until the 1960's. (Indian wars, racism, Ku Klux Klan, etc.)

There was always balance from those that believed God as He revealed Himself in Scripture. The Republicans like Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Frederick Douglas.

True heroes.

The Republicans held their own, combating evil for a very long time.

They lost the battle for life, abortion, in the 70's, and the battle for the family in 2015. They've been infiltrated by evil bigots and racists since the 60's.

Nixon, a crook, was in charge for awhile, but his shenanigans were nothing compared to the incredible obtuseness of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama.

We've devolved.

I am convinced that there is NO HOPE FOR AMERICA.

The sheep must separate from the goats, and put their trust in God alone. Government, truth, fairness, justice is a thing of the past. We've slipped down the slope to the tyranny of sin.

Sheep won't kowtow to such governance. They know their own Shepherd, and they hear his voice. They follow Him.

So, this is to encourage you sheep out there. Hold fast. Be patient. The Goats will follow their Lucid Leader to the grave, the predicted New World Order ending in the prophesied horrors of Revelation.

The Sheep will be fine. God promised this.
Bless His Holy Name!

Stick with the Truth of Scripture. The Holy Spirit will reveal truth to you when you test the spirits and steep yourself in the Word of God. You will know right from wrong. You will know who to vote for. You will know righteousness and peace.

God is so good. Jesus is the Answer to ALL of life's issues/problems. It's so elementary that "common sense is not needed" as Corrie Ten Boom wrote.

Yes, it's a hard choice for President this year. It was hard four years ago, too. Four years before that as well. It's always a challenge, because we are stuck with imperfect people.


So choose the candidate that may follow God.

Most likely.

Yes, it is hard. It's also pretty clear who WON'T follow God.

Ask the LORD to help you decide. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you, and trust Him to do so. Remember to test the spirits!

It's not scary. It's an absolute must these days!

And don't be anxious! God has revealed Himself in His Word. Get into the Word, and find His ways, His thoughts. His spirit will open your eyes to new truths, and you will be amazed.

Try it. It's supernatural.

Even watch the first five minutes

Friday, August 5, 2016

Interesting Points from a Liberal

Define yourself

It's so much fun being an activist/community organizer!

I recommend the career wholeheartedly.



Those who identify as lovers of God, the Word, and prophecy have a day when they make a major choice.
It happened to me.
Go with the flow, or make a stand.
Scripture gives us the incentive and justification for taking a stand, but at times the cost seems too great.
It costs relationships, family, friends. I know this.
It isn't popular, especially in this age.
There was a time when I optimistically believed in the culture, that it would intuitively know truth and love and lean towards Godly good.
That ain't happening.
Instead there is a massive push away from it. The truth of God's Word,  the love of Creator God, the spiritual sensitivity toward Yeshua is unpopular.
As predicted.
Those of us who strive to practice our faith in God are marginalized. We're strange.
But that is exactly where we need to be. We are light and salt, according to the Gospel of Matthew. Preservers in a rotten world.
Thankfully there is a community of us who believe God, and don't attempt to justify evil. Evil.
Ask yourself if you want to identify with evil or God.
Such a hard question. It will cost you.
There is NO middle ground. No fence sitting.
You must choose.
I pray you can choose "unpopular."

Don't Surrender

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bill Koenig assessed Obama:

Revealed: Obama's Legacy, written by White House correspondent William Koenig, documents how life in America will never be the same as the consequence of the two-term president.
"I've observed this man for eight years in his White House environment," says Koenig, who is currently available for interviews. "I'm compelled to provide Americans with the truth that hasn't been told about the dire consequences of the Obama presidency that we will be dealing with for generations."
Revealed: Obama's Legacy documents how Obama was radicalized, his pro-Islamic defense, how he is leaving a destabilized Middle East that endangers both Israel and U.S. allies, his destructive actions' impact on the U.S. military's culture, his complete lack of emotion over the persecution and slaughtering of Christians in the Middle East while being very passionate about bringing Middle East refugees to America, and his promoting positions and policies that are hostile to God-fearing Christians and the Bible.


Today Ed and I went to the "Ark Encounter."

It's in Kentucky, close to Cincinnati. Easy to get to, worth the time.

Surprisingly, I had the urge to cry as we left the massive structure, a monument to the flood of Noah.

Here are my thoughts.

It's huge! Already full of great exhibits, but there's room for more.

So many people! What are they thinking?
Are they believers? Skeptics? Scoffers?

Noah. The flood. The Bible.

God, the Creator.  Visitors must face the truth of the Biblical account, look it in the face, confront it.

Did God write the Bible? Was He telling the truth?

Do I have a better knowledge of the earth's history than what the Bible says?

Should I believe God?---The God of the Bible?

Why, God?

So many interesting ideas about how the human race survived the worst catastrophe ever.

Feasible ideas.

I had to give up my god idol years ago---the "pick and choose what you like" god.

I think people visiting this tourist attraction will be faced with this issue. Cling to the god you have made, or the one who wrote the Bible, the flood narrative.

It's great.
This ark may be an "ark" of safety and truth,  saving souls from idolatry and hell.

I think so.

I hope so.

Time is short. Get in the ark!
Don't be left behind.

Very thankful that Ken Ham had the courage to pursue this project. Great is his reward in heaven.