"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Feds are talking about???


As you know, I listen to many prophecy related items each week. I do my research.

Most times I glean a few things from the floods of information.

We know that this world is not going to last. Prophecy is our warning from God that events signal His times and seasons.

There is chatter in the prophecy community of an imminent economic collapse.

Monday the 25th? Question mark.

I'm just reporting.

At any level YOU need to be prepared for eternity.

Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins. Confess Him (out loud!) as your savior. Repent (turn away) from your sin.

Follow Christ.

He is coming. Be ready.

Whatever happens, you need to know the God of the Universe personally.

You'll only find Him in the Bible, his own Word.

Not the church, not your spine or chakra,  not your idol of choice.

God defines Himself in the Bible.

Repent today.

This Past Week

Friday, April 15, 2016

The Perfect House

The perfect house:

Close to family and friends
Plenty of bathrooms and beds for guests
Fresh country air all around
Big rooms with plenty of space for working!
Space for bookshelves and craft supplies
Space for music to echo through the halls
Fireplaces !!!
A garden with fertile soil
Love and Patience and Goodwill
A serving attitude

A galley kitchen to whip up healthy meals
Room for the pets

I've found the perfect house.
It's a gift from God, and He has let me live in it. 

Robins, Frogs, and Signs of Spring

For two days now the frogs have been singing from the swamps surrounding our house. We are serenaded all day.

Robins are everywhere. It's been unusually warm, with the temps in the 80's.

I want to move the giant aloe plants out of my bedroom and into the sun, but do I dare?

The weather can be fickle this time of year, and I don't want to risk a total freeze. It sure feels like summer.

I am feeling sort of cheated. Those of you who love summer won't understand. I think of March and April as a catch up time, prepping for the summer, exerting thought, but not muscle, righting the inside of the house, cleaning, finishing handwork, baking treats and being cozy.

I've been forced to exert muscle earlier than usual!

Today we did school on the porch. I'm not sure if the porch is officially opened yet, but at least we are out there!

We are reading "The Screwtape Letters" out loud, and I am amazed at each chapter. C.S. Lewis was a master. We are all amused by the clever way he gets truth across.

We are also reading "Twice Pardoned," by Harold D. Morris. My, what a story that is. I recommend. I am chagrined to see that my copy belongs to someone I borrowed it from when we moved from Iowa. I plan to send it back as soon as we finish the last chapter---after 17 years!!!! Ugh.

I think there are copies for $0.01 on Amazon. Postage also, of course. I need to get a few and send them to people I know would love this amazing story.

(If I borrowed a copy of something from you, and you haven't seen it, PLEASE let me know! I've been organizing our books over the last few weeks, and I come across all sorts of wonderful stories! You might have lent one to me...)

I'm getting my little lending/giving library ready. It's fun to see it come together.

This yard is going to require much more work than the old one. Living in the country is like that.

The bees seem happy. We have five hives this year that appear healthy. Margaret is trying to devote some time to them. Weekends are the only time my husband has to care for them. Beekeeping can be intense at certain times of year, but mostly a check each week is all that is needed.

Have you noticed the hazy skies? I sometimes wonder if we'll ever see the days on end of blue I remember from my childhood.

Living in the same place that I grew up has its idiosyncrasies. I can remember things better.

Last weekend, with our friends, we walked by a spot where I remember a fox den. When I was little it was situated on a south facing slope on the edge of the hay field, just a few feet from a fence. It was marked by a small bush.

Now that bush is a tree, and the old fence still there. I didn't see anything in the overgrowth, but Blackberry, who was walking with us, immediately "pointed" toward that very spot!

I suppose there is still activity there.

Predicate, our shy house cat, has ventured outside to breathe the fresh air. Kiwi, the black mouser, begs to patrol the foundation of the house every morning.

I wonder how safe they are with foxes and other predators around.

Yesterday Ed and I saw a remarkable sight on the way to his math class at the community college---two bald eagles and a crow cavorting on the ground in a hay field next to the road!


Life is returning. I hear the trill of the red-winged blackbird, the chickadee, and the nuthatch. Woodpeckers and flickers are hard at work. It's still too chilly to have the window cracked open at night, but I heard an owl the other night.

Our phoebe birds keep returning to the spot where their nest was last year. We had to remove it because the mud from it was impinging on the door beneath it. I wondered what sort of insect colony had called it home as well!

I felt bad ruining their work, but I know they are capable birds, and could build there again if so inclined.

Misty, the Corgi, likes to sit at the end of the sidewalk and sniff the breeze. She is queen of her domain.

I baked Swedish limpa this morning. This week we found some old recipes from my husband's childhood---banana cake with penuche frosting, tuna casserole---and we are fixing them.

Our spirits need a little uplift. Life isn't always easy, and sometimes old tastes and smells can truly be comforting. It's been a rough few weeks at Corgi Hollows.

I can't give the details, (some stories are not just mine) but I can ask for your prayers.

Again, when the going gets tough, I count my blessings! And the blessings outnumber the woes by leaps and bounds.

God is good. All the time.

My old computer continues to be problematic, so my writing has suffered. Add all the spring work and cleaning to that and I've found little time to fix the issues!

Thank you for taking the time to stop in once in awhile and catch up with us.

Ed is doing well. His knees continue to deteriorate, but we're thankful that there is a "fix" for that. He still tries to get along without his crutches.

Cherie runs everyday, almost, for track. Her first official meet is next week. I'm excited for her.

Margaret works hard. We've had the privilege of meeting several of her friends this spring. They've come out from the city for walks and talks in the country with us. Cookies and tea, too. And pizza.

Our choir is beginning a three weekend "run" of concerts tomorrow. Email me for details!

I put banana date nut bread in the oven a half hour ago, so I have to check it. The recipe was from a woman who shared my birthday (along with my dad and another lady!) We celebrated almost every year together!

She passed away from breast cancer 30 years ago. She was a very sweet woman, and I still think of her.

She's in heaven!

Perhaps we'll all be there soon. I'm reading a book about Martin Luther. It's called "Our Neighbor, Martin Luther---the Schoenberg-Cotta Chronicles"

It's very entertaining and very deep. I have to read it slowly, which bugs me. There is so much history in the story line.

Martin Luther was convinced that the end was at hand in 1530. I know exactly what he feels.

Perhaps there is much more life on earth ahead (not just seven years of tribulation). I do think that we are awaiting the last days, and I'm in good company with the likes of Martin Luther.

People scoff at those who watch. I read in the Bible that those who watch have a blessing.

I just add that to my list.

Jesus is coming soon. Maranatha! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How to Love and Annoy Your Closest Humans

Some days you feel like you are just missing the mark all around. The bleakness of life can be overwhelming.

Those are the days you need to count your blessings!

So here it goes, Friends!

-Jesus is coming SOON!
-We are all healthy
-Cancer/leukemia seems under control
-Bi-polar disorder seems under control
-It's Spring!
-Tulips are coming up
-We have a full pantry
-We have loads of fun things to do: sewing, knitting, crafting, games
-Interesting materials to read and watch from the latest Prophecy Conference
-Loving and understanding family
-Second Chances
-Great and Wonderful Friends!
-Exciting times for friends and family--weddings, babies, new beginnings
-Helpful family (Our nephew just did a fund raiser for childhood cancer research)
-Sweet pets
-Fireplaces that take the chill off an April morning
-Activity, Activity, Activity!
-Seemingly healthy BEES!
-Jobs that satisfy and pay well
-A Loving Heavenly Father

Must head out to track, so the list COULD go on, but I'll leave it at that.

More later....

Monday, April 4, 2016

Reflections from the Hollows

What a week it has been. I've been madly pitching old files, cleaning out junk, and generally organizing some long-overdue stacks of accumulated mail and paperwork.

It's herculean for me. I hate filing, and it shows.

Take five home-schooled children, life events like weddings and babies, chronic mental illness, AND then add cancer to the mix----things just get out of hand.

I'm the type that reluctantly accepts help, too, so there's a real problem.

I have one friend who I can let into my innards (so to speak) and unveil all the ugly to. She's been a great help, along with her husband. He helped to organize MY husband's vast accumulations of tools, beekeeping supplies, camping gear and OTHER, stuff I have no idea what it is for!

These friends are so wonderful! I'm thankful for their help. She is a retired missionary to Hungary. He has a home business, and is semi-retired. They graciously donated time to me before our move, helping to box up and organize all that stuff. I want her to come out again and do a second purge with me soon! Purging is a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly activity, and I do need help. I'm planning all sorts of things for the future----

Today the new bees arrive. We will put them in a bathroom until we can hive them, as the weather isn't promising for the next three days. Snow, cold, yuck.

Margaret is really getting into the swing of beekeeping again (she got us started years ago!) College is over, and her journey to France is in the fall, so now she has the time to give to nurturing bees and perhaps a garden.

She graduated (in December) with a B.A. in French, and a certification in English as a Second Language. She's got her marching orders!

She's a capable and indispensable coffee server at Caribou Coffee too, and her hours are WAY over the normal full-time allotment. They love her. She serves hot chocolate and tea too---so if coffee isn't your thing you're covered. Stop by and order something from her soon!

Ed has his new virtual organ. He plays it morning and evening. The virtual 32' pipe rattles the whole house. I'm afraid my fine china is going to crack!

He has ear buds for it, but I enjoy hearing his pieces too. He's composing, as well as practicing, and it makes for delightful background sound. We are so incredibly grateful to the generous souls who gave him this organ. We were flabbergasted! It was a wish fulfilled!

For many years I had a vision of opening a cozy place where people could come to learn. I wasn't exactly sure what kind of place it would be, but there would be lots of books, yarn, coffee and tea, firstly.

There would be friends gathered for fellowship. Discussion on theological matters, particularly prophecy.

Good, healthy and clean food.

There would be encouragement for home-schooling. Music lessons. Art lessons. Tutoring. Discussion on books---book club!

It seems that some of my fellow home-schoolers have been proactive in getting this type of "business" started, but I can't give up my own vision, with its personal tweaks.

The time is now, though.

I was at the jail last night doing my normal thing there----singing and reading Bible stories. The women BEGGED for more!

They are so hungry for intelligent conversation and spiritual food! They know so little about the Bible, and I am so happy to help introduce them to some of the most basic stories!

I'm using Hurlbut's Stories from the Bible for Young and Old.

It's great.

Context is important to understand the Bible, and too many people ignore that, get lost in the vastness of the work, or focus on one thing like the Psalms.

The Gospel is the key element, but there is so much in the O.T. prophets!

I think that there are more people than those in jail that need someone to help them spiritually. That used to be called discipleship, but it seems broader.

Life lessons. How should we live? Francis Schaeffer asked that. He came up with L'abri, and I think I had a vision for Corgi Hollows when I read about that. A place to learn to live as a believer, a contributing member of society.

The birth of a vision.

I don't claim to be a Francis Schaeffer, not even slightly, but I do love books, art, and music. I love nature and living.

I home-school. 

I told you that I'm reading Isaiah this year. I finally decided to study it in depth, and afterward I realized that I'm 53 this year, so it seemed appropriate in a way. The 53rd chapter of Isaiah is the best. Some say it is forbidden.

I'm slowly working through the book, and WOW! Treasures to linger with, mentally.

I can't emphasize enough the need to spend time in the Word of God, for each and every day, finding the map for the day, gaining peace and encouragement, and even advice.

It doesn't work well unless you have a regular plan of reading. This I know, because the spiritual element works best when you are deliberate about your spiritual life. It's a discipline!

I am continually amazed at how a day's reading will coincide exactly with life events! It's uncanny. It's miraculous. It's spiritual growth, fertile soil for the soul.

That was my rabbit trail, but I think it fits in with the "learning to live" lessons that Corgi Hollows is all about.

So, here is my launch.

A few of you have needs that I can perhaps help with.

I can teach you music theory, piano, flute, and guitar. Come and play my fiddles and cellos. Ed will teach you organ. Margaret will teach you violin. Cherie can help you learn cello.

I would love to paint with you---acrylics or oil, watercolors. Colored pencils, charcoal or pencil. I'll help you!

Do you want to learn to knit? I can show you. Let's do a scarf first----then whatever strikes your fancy.

Need to borrow an excellent book (Sonlight curriculum, perhaps)? I've got it. Pretty sure about that. (You are nodding, right?)

Let's discuss the prophecy videos I can loan you, or we can watch together.

God gave us four fireplaces to curl up by and chat. I know He wants them to be used for HIS good.

You know you want to feel that warmth. Right?

We can have homemade toast and tea and honey from the hives.

It's time to become a channel, not a repository, of all the blessings we have been given.


Let's enjoy knowing Christ together.

Let me know when you can come over.

I'm serious.