"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, June 29, 2015


Most of my pro-sodomy friends will probably not take the time to read this article from the "Federalist" but one big question about sodomy that seems to stifle or trip up "Christians" is the validity of enforcing a traditional view of marriage for non-Christians in a primarily Non-Christian country.

Young people will be less likely to understand the ramifications of this momentous decision. Their classic response is simply, "Well, if they love each other..."

Here is a thought-out response to the question of society and its freedoms sans Christianity.

For true believers there is no doubt about sodomy. Same-sex attraction is sin, as is pride, anger, lust, gluttony, envy, etc.. The Bible is more than clear.

If you don't believe the Bible, you are completely free from adhering to its teachings.

But the implication of sodomy for society from a non-Biblical standpoint seems to hold more clout for these Non-Bible-Believing-Self-Labeled-Christians.

Here is the article for them;


The battle has been lost, but this is just to help those who claim to know Christ.

I would only encourage all of my friends to repent from sin, to see God as He is depicted in the Bible, and cease to make Him to be the God of one's own imagination.

Idolatry is also a sin.

The most loving thing a follower of Christ can do is to point a fellow human toward eternal salvation.

Repent while there is time.


Saturday, June 27, 2015

From Desiring God

"Let’s hope that if there’s some new cultural agenda promoting thievery — one that says it’s now our right to take whatever we want from others by whatever means — that Christians will speak out against it. The issue is sin. That’s what we’re against. And that’s what should make our voice so unique when we speak into this debate."

Friday, June 26, 2015

No other name


The Sorrows Have Begun



I was glad the clouds were so breathtaking tonight. As my heart was sore and blue for our country, I needed a spiritual uplift from the God of Nature.
As legalizing abortion legalized human sacrifice to the idol of materialism, so the legalization of Sodomy endorsed a new low in the institutionalization of sin.
Hell is not a welcoming place.
The God I worship has much to say about sin, and its eternal punishment is a fiery furnace.
So I say repent. The kingdom of heaven is at hand, and I want you with me there,
Your conscience has warned you of God's truth. Time is short.
Make things right and turn from sin.
Jesus saves.


So-called marriage


Monday, June 22, 2015

Via the "Watchmen Community" on Google

prophecy is real: What's Going On Around the World ? (THESE HEADLINES WI...

  Jason A has been around for several years now.

Take a look at his concise compilations of crisis happenings around the world.

When he started out there was a need for a compilation every few months. Then it was monthly.

Recently it has been almost weekly.

Birth pangs, friends.


So many things to say, so many things to think on...and life just keeps happening! This is a post of superlatives.

It seems that each day is full and memorable, with hardly a chance to appreciate every sweet moment.

I. Love. This. House!

I'm watching a thunderstorm roll away to the east from my bedroom windows right now. The sky is ominous and dark above a huge white mass of cloud. The storm left a green velvety track beneath, and this first full day of summer is cool and refreshing.

Over the weekend we hosted a gathering of family and friends. We had 30 people here, great food (potluck), and lots of love.

Several people who had either grown up in the house or lived in it at least awhile were here, and it was fun to have them. The changes were interesting to them in particular.

I look forward to having many more gatherings!

Last week several gals from our church came out for lunch and a walk through a peony supplier farm in the area. Fun day!

Peonies are regretfully short-lived. I think they eclipse any other flower for beauty, show and scent, but God in His wisdom made them fade after just brief days of glory.

Cut on Saturday, today they drop their masses of petals in a heap beneath the vase. Two days of beauty.

We saw, at the farm, a yellow showy peony called Bartzella that I would love to own. I am a fan of all things pink, but these yellow peonies are just breathtaking! Expensive, too. Maybe next year...

It takes several years for peonies to establish.

And I wonder how much time we really have. We are looking at events worldwide that seem to indicate the earth is truly short-lived.

Let's not put our heads in the sand.

Climate scientists scream "climate change." Geneticists discuss the demise of the human race (and, by the way, there is only ONE HUMAN RACE. We are all humans, no matter what our DNA patterns, all saved by Christ's grace when we put our trust in Him. Macro-evolution is a lie from the pit. Get over it!)

Politics stink. We are all disillusioned.
(I'm backing Ben Carson for president, by the way, for now, at least). The New World Order seems to be looming upon us.

As we see spiritual forces rally for the end of time I am struck by the shortness of time. We are short-lived!

Such deception. People are frightened, amassing in hoards of easily driven mentalities. Fear is tangible.

I was listening to NPR the other day on the way to our old home. The subject was (of course) the environment, and the whole interview was laced with an undercurrent of fear, of dire need, of desperation. Scaremongers all, all media, it seems.

Jesus tells us not to fear. We are NOT to fear. We are to live in trust and hope that our Heavenly Father knows our needs, that He provides----

Even when heads roll, literally.

Do you think about heaven much? Every once in awhile I write about it. I get a new insight from some speaker or article.

Lately I've been thinking I've landed right square back in the middle of heaven on earth. This bucolic setting that I grew up in is just about paradise to me.

Oh, yes, life has been pretty unbearable the last couple years, but we seem to have arrived at a place of peace and restoration.

The minute you think that, though, the next crisis seems to hit....."Murphy's Law," right?

But we are ready to face it. God's grace is so infinite and good, so available and free. As hard as this old earth can be, we have the supernatural power to face the hardship.

Been there, done that.

Job. Read it when everything seems unbearable.

So, even a sense of peace in a non-spiritual sense, in a particular circumstance, can only ever be short-lived. We KNOW that things are nearing climax. We have the signs of the times.

How many of you are preparing for financial collapse this fall? If you do not share faith in Christ I would advise you to prepare. Buy a generator. Stuff some money under the mattress.

I'm not. We haven't.

I am waiting for Christ's intervention. The Bride of Christ awaits a wedding feast, and I am looking for that...not a monumental societal collapse.

I'm ready. I advise you to get ready too.

We "don't know the Hour," but that is another term for the "Feast of Trumpets." Look it up. The timing of the beginning of the feast is not known until the priest in Jerusalem looks out from the Temple mount and declares the beginning of the feast. It was the vernacular name for Rosh Hoshanna.

Jesus knew this, of course. He is God. He knows everything.

He told us that for the world His return for the Bride would be a surprise---like a thief in the night---but for believers, watchmen, the signs would be like a woman giving birth----pang after pang until the baby appears!

I see birth pangs. I feel them. I'm watching for them. I always watch on the Feast of Trumpets!

I read that in some Jewish groups the men stay up all night on the feast of trumpets. It's a tradition. They are supposed to be watching.....

"The trumpet will sound! The dead in Christ will rise first and then we who remain will be caught up...TO MEET HIM IN THE AIR!"

The banquet of the Lord will begin, and we will prepare (in paradise) for a predicted return to earth on WHITE HORSES. ( Read Revelation)

It's all there. Just believe it. The word of God is showing its absolute truth and prophetic reliability every single day.

Satan, aka Lucifer, is the master of deception, and he knows his time is extremely short. He is deceiving as many people as possible right now. We all have been lulled into a fugue of spiritual darkness by our TVs, sports, entertainment, phones.

Yes, it's true. The powers of darkness are truly closing in, and we have little time. We are short-lived.

Will Jesus snatch His Bride away this Feast of Trumpets? I would be remiss if I didn't sound my own warning to my loved ones. I think it extremely likely. This September should be fascinating anyway, with so many world events concluding. Are you watching?

Watch. Prepare. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, sacrificed on the cross for the sins of mankind. Put your faith in Him and begin to devour the Scripture. READ THE WORD OF GOD. Jesus saves.

I have trusted my Lord and Savior for 48 years now. I've been through many dark moments, dark trials. I attest to His faithfulness, and His love, His never-ending peace and strength. He, alone, is the answer to our prayers----not religion, not tradition, not church.

Jesus only. Yeshua Ha Meshiach. Jesus, Messiah. Salvation.

Leave the trappings of your past, and follow Him.

He is coming SOON.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Some of May--and Some June

Yesterday Ed had chemo at the clinic. His counts were higher than optimal, so we are praying that we need not add more chemo to the mix to bring them down. Please pray with us.

After the clinic we met our friends at the American Swedish Institute for coffee and cardamom rolls. What a treat.

At 2:00 we had an appointment at the office of "Wishes & More" to receive the special gifts that make up Ed's "wish."

What wonderful people! Ed has looked forward to this ever since the "child-life" specialist at the hospital mentioned that leukemia patients qualify for a "wish" fulfillment.

Really, looking forward to something extraordinary is a big morale boost!

He originally wished for a trip, but practicality overruled, and he is getting something for school instead, via a "shopping spree" at the Mall of America.

We all get to go along!

So, next Tuesday Margaret, Cheri, Ed, my husband and I all get to ride in a limousine to the mall and enjoy a fun outing! Photos will follow, I think. Many thanks to "Wishes & More" for their generous and deeply appreciated service to kids who suffer life-threatening illnesses! What a wonderful thing they provide.

It was exactly a year ago tomorrow that Ed was diagnosed with leukemia. June 13. Friday.
What a lot has happened in these 12 months!

Change, healing, growth, learning. Twelve months that I would gladly never have lived, for Ed's sake, but still a time to see God's divine strength and love for us.

God is good, all the time.

Come soon, Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

We traveled to Oklahoma in May, but on the way home we stopped at the "Little House on the Prairie" site in southeastern Kansas. These roses were in full bloom, and everything was green with all the rain.
It was beautiful.
We are all Laura Ingalls Wilder fans. Are you?

How to stop drinking...great idea!


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Unclouded Day

The porch


Miriam's Story and Song

Back to the Future

Well, friends, I'm back online.

It's been over a month without the internet, and I've actually enjoyed it, grabbing wi-fi where I could, spotty phone connections, and simply silence.

Now our phone works, our internet is back, and I can update you on "the Move."

It's been wonderful.

I keep wanting to pinch myself! The green, birdsong, frogs croaking, fresh smells and clean air are such a privilege!

I walk up the road and view the rolling hills and banks of treetops. Even though I grew up here and have visited over the years I see differences, or perhaps I appreciate the place all the more.

May is a lovely month to move. The first hay has grown, the lilacs are spent. Iris is flagging the passers-by. Grass is so verdant that it takes up the balance of each week, mowing it.

The weather has been gentle, and Ed and I have driven countless van-loads of things worth saving to our new place. We have purged and said good-bye to tons of stuff...the things that were weighing us down.

We hope the stuff finds purpose elsewhere.

A party has been celebrated already---a wedding shower. It was fun to get the china out and pour the punch in Turkish tea glasses. Berries and whipped cream were on the menu. And coffee.

The new house finally knows us. Its sounds are familiar now, and the steps and paces are becoming automatic.

The nestlings above the porch door fledged on Sunday morning, early. All three took off in a rustle of feathers when Blackberry came through the screen door to join us for our morning coffee.

Their little yellow beaks were ready to start feeding themselves.

Kiwi and Predicate loll on the wooden floors. They seem to feel ownership too. It takes swift vigilance to keep Kiwi inside each morning. He feels the need to police the chipmunk population. Birds are on his menu too, so we keep him frustrated.

There is a birch tree in the front yard. It is quite big. My uncle planted it back in the '50's when he built the house. It was a symbol of the old land, Sweden, for these transplanted folk. My grandparents planted a birch in their yard when they came from Sweden back in the 1800's.

I feel a connection to it, anomaly that it is, surrounded by dozens of old oaks. It symbolizes coming home.

I do feel at home.

Corgi Hollows is truly home.

Looking for your visit, soon. Come for coffee.