"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Swamp


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Poverty to Prosperity

Special Message from Don Perkins “Abuse in Bible Prophecy in the Last Days”

Entreat Me Not to Leave You - Dan Forrest

Wading Into the Deep

There is a heaviness in the atmosphere, and it's not the rain and gray clouds that are overhead.

Anyone who has access to media knows that football took center stage----over Israel, Syria, the Kurds, radical Islamic terrorism at a church in Tennessee, the earthquakes, the fires, the hurricanes---

Upside down, crazy, dark sadness.

We had a full weekend, and it was marvelous in our own little world at Corgi Hollows. Friends, family, birthday celebrations, church, good food (a wonderful Thai place in Maple Grove) cupcakes, cake, cake cake. We had the prophecy study, a boost to the spirit. I listened to Jan Markell and Michelle Bachmann's fascinating conversation on "Understanding the Times."

We live in our quiet joy.

But outside there is confusion.

You get on a slippery slope away from God's Moral Law and you have trouble finding footing again.

It literally takes a conversion to gain a firm foundation.

A word about the National Anthem nonsense: (I could go on!) As Sarah Huckabee said so succinctly, there is nothing wrong about defending the National Anthem, nor the pledge of Allegiance. I have my issues with the pledge, but the Anthem (as Garrison Keillor said recently) elicits feelings of gratefulness and warmth for the sacrifices made that we Americans all can live our lives in relative luxury compared to the rest of the entire world.

Should racism be acceptable? God forbid. I don't believe in race. The presence of melanin in skin should have zero consequence.

Cops should always arrest people for doing bad things, not because of who they are.

Come on, people, racism has recently blossomed because of Barack Obama. He became the spotlighter for something that had become passe. He reignited it, and Trump, who one must admit is no paragon, is hardly a racist. Accuse him all you want----his actions speak louder than his words.

I know Donald Trump is the second judgment on our nation----his debauchery (and I do believe in repentance and conversion!) follows him and his beautiful wife.

Your past will follow you, so watch your reputation, people. Have you been perverse? Homosexual? Gluttonous? Prideful? Lustful? Have you lied? Have you been greedy or envious?

Have you sinned? Watch out. Your reputation may never recover, as Donald Trump's hasn't.

He could have been anointed by Jesus Himself, right in front of you. Nothing will change the perception of Trump.

Sorry, folks. YOUR reputation matters.

There is one person I can think of who seems to have overcome her sordid past. Rosaria Butterfield.

She was a lesbian professor of women's studies at an eastern university. She became a Christian----total conversion. She renounced her homosexuality, and she is truly living for the LORD now.

I think people realize her change, her complete repentance. It's real.

Then there are those that continue to justify their sin before God. Revel in it. Deny His moral law. That is their choice, and we all live with that.

I'd love to believe that gluttony isn't a sin, and I could eat all the delicious cake I desire to. I'd like that kind of dispensation, too. But denying God's moral law is death to the soul.

You will go to hell if you believe you can be an unrepentant sinner and get to heaven.

So WAKE UP! Leave your homosexual life, your gluttony----whatever your sin is! Don't condone it. Don't excuse it. Don't go that path. It is the path of death.

Every single one of us struggles with human nature, sinful, fallen. I was born with it. You were born with it! That doesn't excuse it!

Jesus died for that reason! Don't call good evil, and evil good.

Don't try to twist Scripture into saying something it doesn't. God doesn't change. He is the same yesterday, today, forever.


Join the path of love and light. Join the path of forgiveness and spiritual power. Convert. See Jesus as He is----the LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS, able to forgive, able to help, your advocate in heaven against eternal judgment.

And don't say sin is okay. It's not.

My friend who has cancer is deteriorating. It's hard for me to believe how quickly it's progressing. I'm sad today.

I know that should the next chemo treatment they are going to try doesn't work she will be with the Lord very soon. Her dad passed away a few weeks ago. We never imagined she might follow so soon.

Please pray for her. Pray for her pain, which is significant. Pray for peace as she faces the great divide between life on earth and eternity. She knows where she is going, but the process is hard.

Pray for the Rapture of the Church. Even so, Come LORD JESUS!

Monday, September 25, 2017


Sound familiar?...heard this a few times:

I know many sincere Christians who do not recognize the signs of the times because people have talked about Jesus’ soon return for so long and nothing has happened. They point to World War II and how bad things looked then, but we recovered from that. “Things may look bad now,” they say, “but history has a way of correcting the extremes in society.”

From the following article at Rapture Ready

What's so Significant?

Brother Humble Horse: Such Joy

Good Night, Dear Heart

September 23

Changes, people. We are seeing it.

Lucifer has his mind set on defeating believers, and he had this September 23 date in his sights for years. We always see a significant spiritual downturn after September 23 each year, and I believe especially this one.

People are beginning to wake up to the evil forces all around us, and how they deceptively influence us.

No two of us has had the same experiences physically nor spiritually and we cannot judge each other and our spiritual condition without a Biblical plumbline, but we CAN see the deception and the hook-line-and-sinker swallowing of the lies Satan promulgates.

More people need to wake up.

I don't know who is considered a believer these days. I'm not the judge. I do know that many people who call themselves "Christian" have zero discernment when it comes to culture and its influence. I think there is blindness, lack of information, lack of knowledge.

The Bible says that people are destroyed by lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6.

WAKE UP, friends! Sound the alarm! Your people are being destroyed for lack of knowledge!

Satan doesn't come dressed in a red suit with horns most of the time. He comes as a handsome gentleman with desirable offers. Candy.

And people are so easily deceived. Jesus calls us sheep, and sheep are not known for their intelligence as animals.
Dogs beat them, hands down. Pigs are smart. African Greys are smart....

But sheep?

When we get to heaven there are going to be exclamations of surprise at the silly things we ALL thought right and true---and guess what?

WE were deceived.

That is why it is so absolutely important to know the Word of God. What else do we have?

I've been more and more convicted about English translations of the Scriptures, which ones are more accurate to the Hebrew and Greek original texts.

Chris Pinto, from Adullam Films, has documentaries about Scripture translations that have opened my eyes to deception within the church, especially regarding the Word of God itself.

The Reformation occurred because monks like John Wycliffe and William Tyndale, Martin Luther actually read the Scriptures that came from Constantinople after its fall to Islam. Early, reliable copies of the New Testament.

The Hebrew Scriptures are historically reliable. They have been preserved exactly for thousands of years.

The Greek manuscripts were read and translated to English and German by these first Reformers. The King James Version was thoroughly vetted by Reformed scholars and translated with a committee of true believers. It was a reliable English translation.

Then came the Counter Reformation. The Jesuits.

How could they undermine the Reformation? Why, by undermining the reason FOR the Reformation: THE WORD OF GOD itself!

Hence we have the Vulgate, the Codex Sinaiticus, the NIV, the ASV, The NASV, the various paraphrases-----all confusing and incomplete.

All undermining the authority of Scripture in the minds of scholars worldwide.

Yes, the Bible you have is the best Bible, right? We all have heard that. The Word of God does not go forth without effect! Even particles of the Word. Truth is simply truth.

But there is a an undercurrent here. A story of Satanic deception. A story of division and control. The Counter Reformation is a Satanic movement that seeks to place people back under the authority of religion, not true spirituality and belief in Jesus Christ.

It's huge.

It's eye-opening.

It's real.

After living in Ingolstadt, Germany, and seeing the shrine to the Illuminati there back in 1986, my eyes were opened to the power of Lucifer. I didn't think of it much (Because greater is He that is in ME than he that is in the world!) until after 2000 and the last days of the last days commenced.

Now we see the New World Order and the powers that run the economies of the world. We see the cabal of rich and elite families that tweak the media and other forces of population control everywhere. We know philosophy and how it affects governing policy and society. We know that Marxist Socialism is popular in every educational institution worldwide. Godless Marxist Socialism.

We know that witchcraft and paganism are on the rise, that New Age Philosophy/Humanism is the religion of the schools. Yoga and Mindfulness, practices of these religions are promoted and accepted in every public school in America. The religion of Education is the New Age.

And Lucifer laughs.

His time is short, though. God reigns in the heavens, and those of us here on earth who fully adhere to believing Scripture, Sola Scriptura, are completely confident in God's ultimate plan.

Believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST and thou shalt be saved.

You too can be SURE of eternal peace by placing your faith in Christ Jesus alone.

No works. No pilgrimages. (I can't believe all the people who are doing that pilgrimage in Portugal/Spain!!)

It's worth nothing.   ---Maybe a few sights to see, good food, new folk to meet---

But nothing eternally.

Only Jesus. Jesus saves.

The overarching picture of history and God's eternal plan, conceived before the Garden of Eden, is playing out and obvious to those of us who have spent time reading the Bible.

It's obvious.

It gets more obvious as the days progress. Each new day is a new evidence that God's plan is coming to fruition, as prophesied in Scripture.

Watch, people. It's all coming together.

God has given us a supreme charge: PREACH THE GOSPEL.

What is the Gospel?

Man is sinful. Jesus died on the cross paying for that sin. He rose. We must believe in Him to be saved, to gain eternal salvation.

He's coming again, Messiah, LORD OF LORDS, KING OF KINGS. Every knee shall bow and every tongue SHALL confess: JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.

No Mary, no deeds, no actions, no good works, nothing, NOTHING you can do will save you except believing on JESUS CHRIST.

So believe. Drop the religious stuff. Let it go. It does nothing for you but condemn.

You're a sinner that needs God to save you.

So believe, trust, change, repent! Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes right now. Ask Him to fill you with truth and righteousness. Ask Him to save you.

Do something else----In the the name of Jesus Christ and His blood pray against all the powers of darkness, that they be driven away from confusing your mind.

Anyone who does not believe the Gospel is fair game for the Deceiver and his minions, so don't think they haven't influenced you at some point. Pray against them that the TRUTH of the Bible is revealed to you. Do it. You must rebuke the forces of evil. They are manifesting like never before, and you will be influenced by them without the protection of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you with His truth and righteousness.

A whole new existence will open up for you. Truth will sit at the center, on the throne. Everything falls into place. Confusion is gone. The love of God is all encompassing! Anxiety abates.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the place to be, now and with Jesus in glory.

If I could shake everyone I know into a state of wakefulness regarding Biblical Truth I would.

I can't. I can just sit here at my little Chrome Book and figuratively scream, hopeful that those I know and care about are coming to TRUTH.

Time is short.

Our prophecy studies continue this fall, Sunday nights that I do not have ministry in the jail. We encourage one another as the days fly past. We discuss the developments of the past two weeks, we affirm the truth of Scripture and its indications about our times.

Join us if you can. You will be blessed.

I know people who would say "They are just Expressing themselves"

The Doctrine of Separation

Thursday, September 21, 2017

By The Way...

The end of the world is not September 23. The Rapture could happen that day. It could happen any day. There ARE signs in the heavens.

God does give warnings. He gives signs. We believe we are in the end times, or last days.

People judge others without really listening to them.

I hope Jesus comes for us, the born again believers. September 23 is even too long to wait for!!

The end of the world is after the seven year tribulation predicted in Daniel. Then there's the millennium predicted in Revelation.

We are at least 1,007 years from the end of the world.

Just thought you should know what the Bible says. I don't give Credence to anything else. It's a waste of time.

Mark of the Beast Listen to the man that helped design it. Then the Lord...

"The Sign of Revelation 12" - (MUST SEE)

The Hollows

For those of you keeping up with Corgi Hollows I have a few things to report.

(Thank you for your prayers!)

Life just hums along.

Ed, as you know, had The Port taken out last Friday. Milestones. He continues oral chemo until October, but all spinals and infusions are OVER. Praise God!

Cherie is full tilt in Junior Varsity Cross Country with the Northwest Nighthawks, a home school team from our area. Tonight she has a meet up by St. Cloud.

Cross Country is such a nice sport for the spectators! Beautiful golf courses, evening sun, colorful teams, excitement!

Cherie runs with all of her heart, and she is seeing great improvement this year. She's exhausted after each race, but willing to face the next one!

Margaret juggles two jobs and three pre-nursing school courses. Her friends are marvellous, and she tries to maintain a semblance of social interaction too.

I have decided to bow out of the Northern Lights Chorale for now. This decision was huge for me. The conflicts between school, sports, homeschooling, subbing, working at the deli, and Ed's transitions proved to be my maximum, and I was all "done in."

I joined a choir that is much more convenient and closer to home for the time being. I have to sing.

The new director called me (kindly, at least) a freak of nature ----since my range is so big. I sing low alto and high soprano. I am not a soloist, but I do have an unusual ability. God gave it to me.
The director was happy to have me join the choir.

At the new rehearsal location, and where he placed me in the seating, I can turn my head and look up to my Grandma's old apartment balcony! She died in 2001. I have memories of her nice apartment. I find it serendipitous that I'm brought back to that spot years later!

Minneapolis isn't exactly a small town. The chances of returning to something like that is rather coincidental---and I smile.

I will truly miss the Northern Lights. My husband is still in that chorale, and is better able to manage the rehearsal and concert times. The choir is moving its rehearsal location further away from our new home, and the new commute was just too much for me to manage after my duties here at Corgi Hollows!

Yes, subbing has begun. Yesterday I subbed "Agriculture" at the high school.

I am trying to keep my subbing to only four days a week. Cherie was short changed last spring while I became accustomed to the new lifestyle! I know I want to spend at least one weekday with her every week.

Such a young lady! She is, like most home-schoolers her age, self driven, self managing. I am like an overseer, not exactly a teacher.

She's my number five!!!!

One of my five was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service in the Army last week. Your prayers are very effective and working.

I thank you.

House guests, very welcome, are coming this weekend. Three birthdays will be celebrated.
I may try to make Norwegian Kranzekake again... (failed the first one, but it tasted great!)

I made Vermont Maple Cookies (from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book) last night. Those are just the best cookie ever.

The bees-----they love it here. It's been fun to see Ed and Margaret take over most of the work.

Corwyn? Oh the delight of my eyes! She's darling, sweet, smart, cute, loveable, and darling. 'Nough said.

Blackberry, Topaz, and Predicate: all healthy, wealthy, and wise.

The corn is ripening across the road. The colors of fall are golden with accents of orange. Our grass is covered with brown oak leaves. It's fall, and everything fall is good. I've befriended the three new horses in the pasture out back. Five horses graze within sight of our windows now, and I think it is such a nice collection! (Two chestnuts, a roan, a buckskin, and a black and white paint)

Apple orchard visit, anyone??

Cancer---and the End

As Ed completes, wraps up, his leukemia treatment we wait with baited breath the true outcome of chemotherapy and his entire treatment.

I've had to explain this whole blood cancer thing so many times that I sort of understand the whole concept behind cancer of the blood.

Blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (which Ed has) is where the white blood cells over-produce. Basically. The cancer cells are in the blood, and the blood is rushing all over the body.

You can't just see the tumor, the cells. You take samples of blood and count various platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells. Cancer cells may or may not be hiding somewhere else.

So, after chemotherapy is administered for 3 years the hope is that ALL OF THOSE CANCER CELLS are GONE!

And time will tell.

Here he is, three years later, getting on with life.

It isn't the same for many. Even last night I got word that a dear friend's cancer is growing again. Treatments for her must ramp up again. My heart hurts over this, but I bring it to the LORD.

Nabeel Qureshi passed away last weekend. That story is just so hard to accept! He was 34, and such a bright light for Christ.

God has his plans. Cancer happens. It happens more and more, wouldn't you agree? Another friend was diagnosed just this week...

And you must ask yourself, "When is it my turn?"

Because the likelihood of getting cancer is on the rise. We all must face the possibility, the likelihood.

Ed is young. Cancer in youngsters is traumatic and heartbreaking.

Those of us who are upwards of 50 sort of expect it to happen. Am I not correct?

Our world is truly dying. Pollution, GMO's, Chemical contamination----(skies, pesticides, vaccines, cleaning agents) are all factors in our world. There is an argument for certain uses of these chemicals, but we wonder about the long-term effects and their devastating capabilities.

I'm a questioner.

I long for Christ to come and make it right.
Yes, I'm totally an escapist. I totally admit it. I'm proud of it. I can't wait for my LORD and SAVIOR to come and fix things.

He is the judge, and I realize that His patience with mankind has delayed his coming. I understand that. I am not as loving or patient as He is, and none of us are. I acknowledge that He waits for all to come to repentance.

But we all know that "they" won't. Rebellion against God is just the nature of mankind.

And HE has his timetable.

Those of us who have been watching for His return know all about the Feast of Trumpets and its significance with the Rapture of the Church. The first feasts were fulfilled in Christ's death on the cross and resurrection. The last feasts are signifying what is to come ---as Dwight Pentecost titled his classic book on Bible prophecy.

What is to come?

We know that those who are born again in the spirit will meet Jesus in the air. He will catch us up and take us away from the wrath of God that is about to fall on the earth.

You think Harvey, Irma, Maria are bad? The 6.0+ earthquakes that have ravaged the ring of fire these past few weeks? The horrible and devastating fires that burn the west?

Child's play. God's wrath is inconceivable. You won't want to be here, but most likely, if you are still here after the Rapture you have a 50% chance of dying by "natural" disaster.

You probably won't survive.

The Elite make their holes in defiance of God's wrath. They will literally "hole up" and then emerge (if possible) at the end of each episode.

This is all in Revelation, so if you study it you will see what is to come.

The End is near. It has been for centuries. If not the end of all things, certainly the end of your own life. No one is guaranteed a single day of life. We all hang in a balance in God's overall plan.

He is Sovereign.

And we must choose to put our lives in His hands.

Don't wait. Birth pangs have been epic these past few weeks. Birth pangs don't stop when the end is near. I open the news each day and find another cataclysmic occurrence. It isn't stopping.

These are not Braxton Hicks.

Get in the fold.

We talk about the signs in the heavens. God's signs all indicate His second coming is near. That means the Rapture of the Church is even nearer. It's like the Christmas decorations we see in the stores now: Christmas is coming, but we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving before that.

It's a good reminder that time is short.

Cancer is bad. It's awful and I hate it. But cancer isn't the real problem. The real issue is that time is short for all of us.

No one is excluded. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

A Note For Praying Friends:

Ed is going to have surgery this Friday. His port comes out.

He's still sneezing and coughing, the sinus infection isn't over yet.

Counts are in a better range, no fever.

This is a prayer request.

He is scheduled to complete chemotherapy on October 7.

A celebration is planned-----and we are tiptoeing toward it right now. I can't quite describe the feeling.

This is a prayer request.

I have another major prayer request for you right now. It's huge. I cannot share it, but I want you to pray for it whenever you think of it.

Your curiosity may bring it to mind, and I would ask that you pray every time you think of it. I promise to share it as soon as I can. For now, there is a something my heart is just full of, praying, and trusting God about, almost every minute. PLEASE PRAY.

If you email me at corgihollows@gmail.com  I will share with you this big request.

Thank you, dear friends.


Drag Me, Kicking and Screaming

We are a pompous lot, aren't we?

We think we've been convinced, we've learned, we know.

And then something comes along that chinks our armor, lets a sliver of light in, an unwanted disturbance in the force.

Some embrace that moment! Perhaps the darkness is abated, over in that instant. It's no challenge to accept the new truth.

But some fight it.

Pride is the worst of the seven deadly sins.

It got Lucifer.

We all struggle with it, on different levels. It's part of our human nature. It's simply sin, and we are simply sinners.

So, when confronted with truths that dawn on our consciousness as right and good-----and life-changing---we have a decision to make, a choice.

Accept or deny?

Humble yourself?

Or mock...

I know people who have exhibited both behaviors. I come from a Scandinavian background and much of our upbringing is done with a flavor of wry. We kid each other, cajole. We make fun.

It's all in good faith! We laugh at ourselves, and we laugh at others. Ole and Lena, anyone?

But sometimes we let that good humor develop into a sense of superiority and aloofness. Some would say stoicism. Scandinavian stoicism.

Image result for Viking comes to Christianity
Image result for Viking comes to Christianity

It's hard for us Viking stock to bow and bend. That's why we have such epic scenes in literature of these chiefs and masters of the sea becoming Christians, becoming something they were not. Strong humans with complex civilizations and romantic gods bowing to a Jewish carpenter?


It brings you to tears to think of it.

That prideful spirit is alive and well in my environs. Minnesota. Viking land. We come to the table with skepticism and wariness. We are not easily convinced.

Thankfully my parents knew Christ when I was born and I became a Christian at age four.

It would have been hard to convince me later in life, I think.

But that doesn't make it less of a truth. My pride is significant, but not the end of all things.

Jesus is truth. The only way to know Jesus is through His Word.

We must know His Word!

That sliver of light changes our entire lives. The light illuminates each dust particle, each atom of our belief and reveals TRUTH.

Jesus is truth.

The battle begins----shall I mock it? Shall I fight it? Shall I capitulate at once?

Ultimately the choice to deny or accept is faced.

As we approach these last days on earth there will be things that seem unbelievable, supernatural, earth-shaking that start to occur.

The Church, the bride of Christ, will be removed from the Earth, hidden away for a time (Daniel 12), as God's wrath pours out on the earth for seven years.

Those left behind will have a 50% chance of surviving the seven years. Those left behind can start a timer, a countdown, of seven years until Jesus comes again.

Prepare now, if you choose.

Or choose Christ.

We had our prophecy Bible study last evening. We talked of things that are coming in the Tribulation, the pouring out of God's wrath on the earth.

WE are seeing signs of this tribulation coming right now. Birth pangs always increase as the time of the birth nears. They don't stop when the end comes, they get worse and worse until the baby appears.

We may have had a few Braxton Hicks pangs over the past 50 years and since the birth of Israel, (Ezekiel) but real labor is starting.

Jesus told us what the labor pains would be: signs in the heavens, earthquakes, geological events, hardships, apostasy, political upheaval, economic upheaval, famine, disease, pestilence.

These past two weeks: Record breaking hurricanes, flooding, mudslides, famine, earthquakes, fire---fire ----fire.

Yes, it is the season for such events. Look at the scope. Look at the destruction.

These are warnings.

God will not wait forever. Don't let your pride stand in the way of truth.

You don't want to be around for God's wrath.

God loves you. He's provided a way for you to escape. Put your faith in Jesus Christ and become a part of His church, His bride.

You are not appointed to wrath. Therefore comfort one another with these words.

I am comforted, and I'm excited. Jesus is coming soon.


Look up, for your redemption draws nigh. Kick and scream all you want, but allow Jesus to drag you into truth.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017



What do these folk have in common?

Collectivism. They are against personal freedom, personal stewardship, individualism.

Did you know that there is a world movement fostered by the most wealthy controllers of economies to take away the freedom of individuals? It's been going on for three hundred years, at least, and it's still going strong.

At times these wealthy elites over play their hands, and show their true colors (like the holocaust, the Archipelago, the revolution in China) and the horror is exposed.

But really the subtlety of environmentalism and "green" thought works so much better for indoctrination.

Yes, it is a political persuasion, a movement, a conspiracy.

"Social Justice," "Sustainability," "Environmentalism," these terms sound so innocuous and helpful to mankind. It's just euphemism for "Communism."

Collectivism equals Communism.

Collectivism is the thwarting of personal rights.

Brexit is a current backlash against collectivism. Donald Trump is also a result of an attempt at getting back personal free enterprise back from the collectivists.

Collectivism doesn't work. We've seen the experiment, many times over, most currently in Venezuela.

Collectivism is atheist, humanistic, secular, cruel, evil, powerful, and unfair. It gives power to the elite, and eliminates anyone but useful idiots who serve the powerful.

The USA was a bastion of personal freedom. There are still many people who believe in free enterprise here. The communists are watching and wily. They hate God, they hate patriotism, they hate.

Don't let your opinions be swayed by the many under-cover red diaper babies that are taking control of the education system, the political system, the rules and policy in our great land. The United Nations is trying to implement a plan called Agenda 21 by the year 2030.

They are absolutely well on their way to having each tenet in place by then.

I am not an alarmist. I am a believer in Jesus Christ!  I believe in personal freedom. I've read the horror stories from Solzenitzen, Brother Yun, "Cry, the Beloved Country."

I have the hope of the kingdom under Christ, who defines justice.

I'm sad for the majority of the world who doesn't get the evil forces afoot, the leftists, the fascists, the socialists, the elitists.

It's happening, and we need to wake up. Speak up, share the Gospel, and be aware of the powers that wish to control every one of us.

Fight for your freedoms!


Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day

It's a gorgeous day in Minnesota and I labored all morning at the deli. Margaret also labored, both at the coffee shop and the evening shift at the deli.

We had guests all weekend. Fun, welcome guests.

My husband and I went to the jail last evening for Pilot Outreach Ministry. I always get a blessing from being with these ladies at the county jail who are waiting for sentencing. It is an emotional experience for them and me.

What else happened?

I am still putting things in order from my travels. Is it worth it to travel, when you come back to things in disarray?

I conclude, yes!

This year there was this darling little corgi puppy that complicated matters----and enhanced them! We are all in love with the little amber and white furry body that makes up Corwyn. Her personality is just sweet! She loves her Grandma next door, who comes almost daily to take her for walks and gives her treats. She seems to be fairly well mannered overall.

She's simply marvellous.

Last week I was able to see family, several cousins and my brothers. My aunt passed away at age 94, a strong believer in Jesus, and so ready to go HOME.

Her funeral was very well attended. I think that corresponds with the impact she had on people. She was a quiet, generous loving soul.

Her lemon bars are simply unparalleled. I do not exaggerate.

I'm always meeting people at the deli (it is in my hometown) and seeing people who look familiar. We're all older now, so I wonder if the person I think it is, IS!

As we age people start to look more similar---prominent features stand out, eyes and chins, mouths and noses remind us of someone...

Who does that remind me of?

I'm asking myself that all the time. I think it's a form of memory sudoku! I'm trying to keep my mind sharp.

Tomorrow my school district starts classes where I substitute teach. I'm looking forward to seeing the students again.

I guess I'm just a teacher, through and through.

I'm in prayer all the time. For Ed, for others that desperately need prayer. Satan is attacking us. I can't believe how many people are going through some type of physical dilemma. I don't believe in coincidence, so I chalk it up to spiritual warfare.

It's so real.

God is greater than any evil force, but we MUST be ready to submit to Him and give Him glory in every circumstance.

We must "put on our armor" as Scripture commands. We shouldn't be surprised by these attacks!

I'm challenged to keep up with my daily Bible reading. I know that when I miss a day or so I lack the protection of spirit that is vital to my existence. My spirit suffers.

As I age I notice the power of being in the Word and how it affects my day even more keenly. It simply does. I know I need the time in Scripture to set the tone for the day, to guide me through the day, to keep me on the right path.

It's supernatural.

I'm looking out at some multifaceted cumulous clouds. They range from pure white, to cream, to gray, to pale blue. Gorgeous. The mature leaves are loudly blowing in the strong summer breeze. It's a robust day, and summer is really over.

I used to cry these days. I'm stronger now. I can handle this God-given beauty better. I'm thankful for it. Tassels are out on the corn, and it's 8 feet high at least. There's a vivid orange tree across the field. Probably stressed, but stunning against the green ones. The harbinger.

Golden rod is blooming everywhere. Black-eyed Susans and cone flowers are in full display.

Cherie and my husband are canoeing down the Crow River toward the Mississippi today. It's so perfect.


God is so good. He holds us in His hands. Life and Death can be left up to Him, and we can enjoy our each moment. We know He has the big plan.

May God be glorified. 

A Word to my Roman Catholic Friends and Family

For the record, please know that I think of you and pray for you daily.
I love you.
I realize that your faith is real, and you are wonderful people.

I want you to go deeper, find truths, and anchor your faith on the God of the Bible.

I have serious concerns about the Jesuit Order, the history of it, and its current mission. I am concerned about this pope.

I am your friend, your family, and I share my concerns out of love for you. I really believe the historical record.

I want you informed, wiser, and in real relationship with God.

Please know that I truly love you.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Please Listen to This:

Three Steps Forward...

This has been a stressful week.

Ed has got some sort of sinus infection and his counts are low enough to halt chemotherapy until a blood check can be done again.

I've had a few nights with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

It's what happens when you think the worst. I hide behind the normalcy of motherhood. Moms simply can't help but think all the options through, the hardest scenarios, and face them. I do. I think the worst, and pray for the BEST.

Everything is in God's hands, and I know this. I feel this. I understand this!

And yet this life is full of agonies.

He knows this. He had the worst of them.

Ed is trying to attend classes, trying to get to the bank to work, but his head hurts and he coughs too much. So many medications.

We have surgery scheduled to remove the port. It's coming up in just a week or so.

What if cancer isn't beaten?
Well, Ed is allergic to half of the chemotherapy drugs they used to cure it the first time. I can't help but think that a second go at curing cancer might be futile.

Ed is smart, funny, good-looking and full of good will. I am blessed to be his mom. I love him more than I can even express.

I am grateful.

Thanks for your prayers.