"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Minnesota Caucuses

 I'm writing this post in hope that I can log my political duty regarding Minnesota politics.

I have been a registered Republican since I was old enough to vote.

I do not identify with the GOP much any more, but hesitate to declare myself independent.

Ben Carson is my candidate of choice.

Trump seems to be a liar of the first order, and if by some diabolical miracle he is elected to office he will be a judgement on our nation.

Is it not apparent that the media prefers a circus to sanity? Media ignores Carson. The focus is on shouting and childishness. The Media clearly want an abhorrent presidential race between  Clinton and Trump.

I don't believe that Trump isn't one of the despicable elites he claims to eschew.

Cruz and Rubio are politicians. I can't get excited about them.

The Democratic Party is hopeless.

The state of the Union is dire.

What's a civic-minded gal to do?

I'll vote against Trump first, for Carson second.

I hope we can all agree!

I wish. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bad Day, Good Day

First of all, thank you, dear friends,  for your friendship,  your concern, your prayers,  your love and support.

I don't know what I would do without it.

We are in a season of über-activity.

Our trip last week was a whirlwind respite. Ed was home, going to school and taking care of the animals. He did well, but got a little lonesome.

Yesterday he got crutches. We visited a orthopedic specialist, and got the rundown on his osteo necrosis. It doesn't bode well. There is extensive damage.

I would ask for your prayer.

Getting used to crutches, pain, continuing decay...all these things need  supernatural intervention.

Please pray.

His blood counts look good, leukemia seems under control.

Last night we were able to replace the car Margaret was in in the accident last fall. That was a blessing. God provides.

It's another Ford Focus. Such a great car!

We had 230,000 miles on the last one, before it was "totalled."

Here's to 300,000!!!

God is good, all the time.

Down 12 # With Trim Healthy Mama!

I just want to share that this diet WORKS.

It us a logical, sensible approach to losing weight. It is a diet for life.

I'm sold.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon



It has been an eventful week. We traveled through 13 states in a period of 8 days. We took in precious times with family, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, part of the Oregon Trail, and home across northwestern Nebraska and southern South Dakota.

February weather cooperated, and we had dry, safe roads for the majority of time. Snow in Iowa and rain in South Dakota, but otherwise sunny skies.

How welcome to sit in the sun, soaking up that vitamin D!

I will post a few photos of our trip. Truly we saw magnificent views. We decided to drive back roads on purpose, and of necessity.

We drove along the south rim of the Grand Canyon, stopping at almost every lookout point, including Mather Point to Desert View. Each spot had its attraction.

I struggle with a fear of heights, so I kept behind all barriers erected by the park. We bought a book at the gift store, "Over the Rim," which
chronicles 700 of the deaths at the Canyon. Rather macabre, but fascinating.

There were high gusts of wind there that evening, and I could imagine one easily shoving anyone over the edge.

The fear is part of the mystique. What would a giant hole in the ground be without the shivering possibility of danger?

After the Canyon we drove through the Rockies, putting our ruby Ford Fusion through its paces. it did remarkably well, manual transmission much appreciated.

Thankfully the temperatures were in the 60s throughout the trip until we got to South Dakota.

We intended to drive I-70 through the mountains, but a rock slide spoiled those plans. Perhaps it was providential!

The road less traveled proved to be worthwhile.

From Rifle, Colorado to Casper, Wyoming, we drove where few have gone before! At least it seemed that way.

Open, beautiful country with snow capped peaks all around.

We are so glad we went!

Saturday, February 13, 2016


That's the number of items on my list today. I was in my journal listing the things that are taking up my time and my thoughts, you know, the things that your life is all about in an instant?

Twenty-two important things.

That's why my blog writing has suffered.

My spirit is rebelling, because THIS IS FEBRUARY, PEOPLE!!

February in the Northland is the time to curl up by the fireplace and knit and watch Jane Austen films. And now I finally have a fireplace!

Oh well.

Ed had to have an MRI yesterday. His knees continue to worsen, or at least it seems so. My fear is that I'll be pushing a wheel chair before long.

Might as well face the fear...

I am praying for a miracle. There is a young man among our acquaintance who recently had frost-bite on his hands. He is going through wound-care, which we did that fateful summer of 2014. I can only relate. Many are praying for him, and his hands are really recovering much better than predicted. Yes, a miracle. So thankful!

(Yes, it really is very cold here this winter! Sub-temps are a regular occurrence.)

I pray for a miracle for Ed, but I think the miracle will be the RAPTURE, which is fine by me. Perhaps my faith is just smaller than a mustard seed.

The sun is shining today, and the snow is glistening. My skis cry out to me from the corner.

Alas, I have twenty-two big things to occupy my day already...

Many of you have asked about Ed's treatment, and how it is going. I'll just give an update:

He takes oral chemotherapy every day. Once a week an oral dose (quite large) of Methotrexate is given. Once a month he has an infusion of chemo at the clinic. Once every three months he gets a spinal tap. 

We swim three times every week (or more) as part of his on-going physical therapy. This is a huge time drain, as we live about 15 miles from the nearest YMCA.

This treatment will continue for another two years.

Yes, it is long. Leukemia is the longest period treated cancer. We are truly in this for the long haul.

Some of my friends are completely into natural, homeopathic treatment. I, too, advocate natural treatments over pharmaceutical ones.

When Ed was diagnosed with leukemia we were asked to sign an agreement that we would continue the treatment as prescribed by his oncologists. We did that, and that is where we stand now, 1 1/2 years into the treatment. We are bound by that agreement to a reasonable extent.

Overall we are completely pleased with the remission of the cancer, the continued progress, the likelihood of complete recovery. We love his oncologist, and the staff at Children's. We know that they are wonderful people, and have Ed's best interest at heart!

I still get discouraged about things like his knees, Avascular Necrosis. This is where I pray for supernatural things to happen-----water into wine, the blind seeing, the lame walking----------

I do pray for them. God is mighty.

But perhaps that won't happen. I realize that the ultimate plan is God's. Not mine. I can make good decisions about my life and health, but for my body and your body-----God decides---the diseases, illnesses, issues. He does it through genes and circumstance.

It is appointed unto man once to die. We all die. Of something.

So, maybe the Rapture of the church is the ultimate miracle for us. Surely I live my days awaiting it!

You really never know when your last day is-----so live like this is YOUR LAST DAY!

Get right with the LORD, and let your friends know the path to truth and hope.

It's the holiday frequently characterized by flowers and chocolate. I think it would be more appropriate for me to find a .22 rifle to get my sweetheart!

A memory of this incredible time in our lives.
Also handy out here in the country!

You should see the plastic container I put the birdseed in, out in the shed. Whatever varmint found it completely gnawed the thing in pieces! Seriously.

The Corgi and the lab aren't doing their duty, protecting the place from varmints. They sure do enjoy barking at stuff out here, though!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Jason A

Joint Conspirators

Notice the destroyed lip balm container.

These little EOS lip balms are easy to refill with beeswax balm. We purchased a few with that intent.

I have been enjoying our forced bulb pot from Costco, tulips and hyacinths, and I stuck a couple Eastery egg looking lip balms in among the flowers.

Predicate, the Naughty, fished it out of the centerpiece, batted it to the floor, and the Corgi police seized it. Contraband.

The delicious berry smell was too much for the police.

Lip balm must be scrumptious.

I'm squirreling away the remaining egg. Not going to risk it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Geri writes

This and That

Corgi Hollows is buzzing with activity. We have had so many appointments and events, new schedules and obligations that there has been hardly time for fun! jk

Add to that 8 inches of snow which took about 2 hours to drive home in----I never took the transmission beyond third gear! Slippery and icy.

Today Ed is out snow-blowing after the plow came through. Thankful for a plow. He came at around 2 am, and did the first sweep. The other guy showed up around 9 to tidy it up.

Still, the walks, steps and where the vehicles are sitting need doing. It's a beautiful snow, but it does require extra effort to get it cleaned up.

Today the girls celebrated Margaret's college graduation (on the dean's list!) at a lovely place called "The Mad Hatter" in Anoka. Grandma took us out for tea and chicken salad, scones and jam. Actually, that is what I had. Everyone, Cheri, Margaret, Grandma and I had something different. We shared, and it was all delicious.

I recommend!

The roads were melting in the longer February sun, and the sky was as blue as could be. It was a pleasure drive today!

Ed likes his math class at the community college. He had his first test yesterday, and we think he did fine. We'll see. This class keeps us pretty busy, as it's two days a week. It's a per-curser to his full-time PSEO classes starting next fall.

Today he took apart and put together again a laptop computer he was given by my good friend last summer. He got it running just right! Yay for Ed. I know I couldn't do that!

He's seriously contemplating a major that has to do with computers.

Margaret is keeping Uber-busy with making coffee drinks and tea, smoothies and coolers at Caribou Coffee. Recently she was asked to become a shift supervisor, so this is a good thing. A modest raise in pay will accompany! Every cent possible is going to pay for the next exciting thing in her life----FRANCE.

This morning she started her car and braved the snow drifts before the plows to get to the shop at 5:00 am to please the intrepid coffee customers on their way to work. She said it was rather exciting and even scary in a few places. I truly believe in angels, and they have been extremely active keeping her alive this past few months!

Ed is keeping up with his organ lessons. Cheri with cello and piano. We love to sit by the fireplace on mornings we can be home and do reading. Homeschooling, that is.

Those mornings are treasured.

My husband and I have started the spring season for our choir, the Northern Lights Chorale, and the program is gorgeous. I invite you to put one of our concerts on your calendar. We have three this spring, most weekends in April.

Trips. This Corgi family is going on the road! Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Duluth, and Moorhead. Lots of  events and people to see! How exciting!

In between we want YOU to come over and ski with us. The trails are just outside the door, and we LOVE it! Stay over night and enjoy our fireplace with treats.

Recently we got a Raclette set at Aldi for $14.99, and if you know what that is you will smile-------------!

We had raclette with our friends in Germany back in 2012, and we considered getting the grill then. Too expensive! For the low price at Aldi I splurged, and what fun we've had since! We've had five dinner parties so far!

Come on over and we'll have raclette!

It's February, the cabin fever month. The month I dream of the Seychelles.

I love it here, though, and your company would make it extra fun.

Looking forward to seeing you :)