"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Falling to Peaces

falling to peaces  http://fallingtopeaces.com/

Please order this series.

I got this last summer, and I am re-watching it this one. I've lent it to a few people.

We perish from lack of knowledge. This series is just excellent. You will be amazed and warned. The age we live in is like no other.

Again, I plead with you, order this. It is worth every penny. We all need to be awake right now.

Happy Mid-Week!

Love these colours so pretty and sweet for a Swedish wedding
All is not sunshine here at Corgi Hollows.

The skies are overcast and the air is cool. I'm a sky watcher, and the clouds have been unusual this summer. "Angel" clouds are almost always there. I've been trying to find out why, and all I come up with is conspiracy theories. Everyone has a different idea.!

At least it gives food for thought, while we wait for our summer skies.  Everything is very green, unusual for this time of year. Much mowing much ensue.

We're pretty much recovered here.


-Rested up from the trip to Voyageurs National Park
-A bridal shower for my oldest son's fiancee
-Chinese student guests for the weekend (until yesterday)
-A church picnic, where I met some like-minded Bible prophecy buffs
-Painting and flooring a bedroom (It's beautiful!!)
-A visit from my brother and his wife, some of his children
-Wrapping up a "Cooking Merit Badge" obligation for scouts
-Cleaning (that is ---"extra" cleaning)

I had a real prayer request for last Friday. I was seeking to do the impossible. Did you know that all things really ARE possible with the Lord?

He is so wonderful. He answered my----our prayers----and I saw more things happen that day, effortlessly, with His wonderful strength. Really herculean tasks were attempted, and fulfilled in time for all the many activities of  the weekend.

So I thank you for praying, and I thank the Lord for answering.

There has been some talk in the prophecy world of the Blood Moons coming in the next two years. Also the alignment of the planets to form the "Star of David" in the sky this afternoon.

My husband, the eternal skeptic, came in from the garage this morning and asked if an alignment of long lost screwdrivers had any prophetic significance  !!

Apparently ALL of the pieces of a favorite (and apparently long missing) screwdriver set appeared in his toolbox this morning!

Yes, I said. It has significance. It proves that alignments are really amazing and interesting, and that we can expect GREAT THINGS! :)

What a happy Wednesday it is already!

Now if the sun comes out....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vital History


Almighty God of love
Set up the attracting sign
And summon whom Thou dost approve
For messengers divine.
From Abraham’s favoured seed
Thy new apostles choose
In isles and continents to spread
The dead-reviving news.
Them snatched out of the flame
Through every nation send
The true Messias to proclaim
The universal Friend.
That all the God unknown
May learn of Jews to adore
And see Thy glory in Thy Son
Till time shall be no more.
O that the chosen band
Might now their brethren bring
And gathered out of every land
Present to Sion’s King.
Of all the ancient race
Not one be left behind
But each impelled by secret grace
His way to Canaan find!
We know it must be done
For God hath spoke the word
All Israel shall their Saviour own
To their first state restored.
Rebuilt by His command
Jerusalem shall rise
Her temple on Moriah stand
Again, and touch the skies.
Send then Thy servants forth
To call the Hebrews home
From west and east, and south, and north
Let all the wanderers come.
Where’er in lands unknown
Thy fugitives remain
Bid every creature help them on
Thy holy mount to gain.
An offering to their God
There let them all be seen
Sprinkled with water and with blood
In soul and body clean.
With Israel’s myriads sealed
Let all the nations meet
And show Thy mystery fulfilled
The family complete.

---Charles Wesley

Victor Davis Hanson

Thursday, July 25, 2013

So, um, I need some prayer...

I re-read "What Happens When Women Pray" by Evelyn Christenson.

I just have to say it's great. It's wonderful.

And we need to be praying.

We also need to be asking for prayer too, and God delights to show His power in answering our requests.

Prerequisites are as follows:

Confession of sin, a clean heart, desiring God's will.

There's so much more to discuss, but it would take a book.

Right now I need prayer for the energy to complete the tasks required by the demands of this week's activities.  I'm not done.

So, I'll ask you to pray for me, and I'll report as soon as I can.

Thank you, dear readers!

It's humbling to be asking for prayer.

Monday, July 22, 2013

We're Back!

This is where I spent the last four days.  It's a lake in Voyageurs National Park, Lake Namakan. 

You regular readers will remember that Ed and I went there last summer, and had an idyllic weekend. This one was much the same idyllic -wise.

The flavor was different---different people, different activities, and different times.

This national park is  the most recently created of all the national parks. It truly is a treasure----the incredible amount of fresh water, and the beautiful pine. The sky is so blue, and the clouds ride the wind overhead, faster, it seems than down here in the prairie.

There were many wild blueberries. Pancakes on Saturday. Scrumptious.

We saw deer, beaver, snapping turtles, pelicans, gulls, and eagles. The fishermen caught wall-eyes, small mouth bass, and rock bass. Ed water-skied.

We sat by a crackling fire and ate enough food to last for at least a week!

Today we recover from all that fun.

AND I have a sibling visiting this week., with some family, from out-of-town. A shower for my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law on Saturday, and Chinese guests arriving that evening.  It turns out that a young friend/relative of my husband is moving away, and we hope to be of help to him. He's doing an international move, and it will be a challenge to find a home for all of his effects. We're hoping for some time to do all of this!

I won't be writing, unless I need a moment of sanity in all this activity.

I'm off to make a blueberry pie before the softball game tonight. (Can't get enough blueberries!)

High adventure. Loving it.

A Mighty Rushing Wind: How Close are we to Tribulation?

A Mighty Rushing Wind: How Close are we to Tribulation?:    This, perhaps will be my biggest post I have ever done on blogger, for I am going to attempt to put in it every ounce of prophecy knowled...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So July 2013 Part 2

My Jesus My Saviour Lyrics

What's on Your Mind?

It appears that the country has the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin affair on its mind. Add to that the economic woes that just don't stop, government embarrassments (Benghazi, IRS scandal, Eric Holder's Fast and Furious), and the continuous news of well-known people dying (prematurely) or babies missing.

Wearisome. Sad. Downright depressing.

How do people handle the news without a worldview that is anchored in a solid mooring?
I've asked that question before.

"You are the light of the world."

A simple statement, spoken by Jesus to his followers, sums up our existence on earth.

Long ago my mother told me of a concept she'd heard somewhere.

Six seconds. That is what our life is compared to eternity. Six little seconds of living and breathing----and it's over! Eternity begins.

But what an incredibly important measurement of time. According to the Creator God we must choose WHERE we spend eternity in those six seconds.

Heaven or Hell.  Your choice.  You may think it's hell on earth right now, but you have no idea how bad it really is. The few descriptions in Scripture are enough to horrify.

This is the world according to the Creator, God, not based on anything out of the human mind. It is the divine story.

Human reasoning has always striven to write the Creator out of the picture. The Devil (a created being) has set himself up as a shining alternative who can win at the cosmic game. Too many people have succumbed to his lies. They believe that God is within us, that he is the earth, that he is the moon, or sun. Anything but Who He really is.

Creator God. Patient, loving, merciful, but just.

Read about it.

Time is short. Whether we have 500 years left on this earth, or 50, 5 months or 5 days. Perhaps we have 5 seconds left. God is so patient! He doesn't want anyone to perish, but He lovingly gave us that choice to follow Him.

I'm thinking the signs predicted by His completely accurate prophecies in Scripture point to a VERY soon  coming. Jesus is coming for his bride, the church, and I believe He is at the door.

The Trumpet shall sound. The Church ----that is, the believers in Christ Jesus----will disappear.

They will be with Him in Heaven, and those left behind will forage for a new world order. Supernatural beings will manifest themselves, and people will be tried.

The Bible predicts a time of severe conditions for those who are here.

You can choose to believe now. Then you will have no choice but to believe.

1 Thessalonians 5:9 says that we are not "appointed to God's wrath." Believers will not experience the wrath of the trials here in the period of seven years before Christ returns. God's wrath will ultimately destroy this earth----as promised----with fire.

And then He will make all things new.

So believe today, and escape THAT wrath.

God is not mocked. Scoffers will be judged. Those believers who are going through persecution and martyrdom now will see the promises of Scripture regarding them----so persecution is simply a fact, but the wrath of God is not on them.

God is holy love. Perfection.

Choose today. Your seconds might be almost over. Follow Christ, as He asked you.

And don't be discouraged by the things of this world. All this must happen. Look forward and claim the promises of the kingdom of heaven.

As a believer you can claim those promises new every morning.

That's on my mind. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Twists and Turns

Got a text message last night informing me that my son will be on a plane today, but not bound for home as planned.

He was selected for an elite course during his officer's training.

His fiancee informed us that my son had also won an award while in training.

Crow with me a little.

But I will miss him for a few more weeks.

My oldest son hit the ground running at this officer's training, and I glimpsed one photo of him there via facebook.

His fiancee has the countdown ticking until she (and we) see him again------and the wedding.

It's coming quickly!

So much to do.

Today I am painting a bedroom. The furniture is out, and the floor is being prepped for the new laminate.  So excited to have a beautiful new room!

So much to do!

You Know I like Victor:

Friday, July 12, 2013

Prophetic signs of the end of the world: June 2013

Yoga is anything but "harmless stretching" TVC Interview on Q90FM Stand ...


This week little teensy-weensy-tiny toads are sunning themselves on the edges of the fish pond. There are still numerous toadpoles in the water, waiting to lose their little tails, seeking the sun and morphing.

One mystery. Only one little fish is in the pond. What happened to the others?  Our beautiful big fish are GONE!

I'm so sad! I guess there might be a coon who found our pond and decided a midnight snack was just the thing for him.

I'm going to buy a few more 13¢ goldfish today. I need to have those little mosquito larvae eaters in my pond.

Yes, the joke on Minnesota is that the mosquito is the state bird.

They have been really bad this year, with all this rain.

Yesterday Cherie and I found a lovely park on the Mississippi. The water had clearly been way over the current bank recently---muddy banks all along the edge. Water was flowing swiftly in the middle of the current, but Cherie dipped her toes in by the boat landing, and saw clear water, minnows, and sandy bottom. She said it was warm.

Few people were enjoying the beautiful day. It was one of those memorable Minnesota summer days!

We brave the bitter winters to enjoy these perfect summers!

Alas, the mosquitoes can't take that away from us.

I have had wedding preparations on my mind, reunions, birthdays, camp-outs, and military operations. My two boys are in officer's training this week. Because there are 6,000 cadets I strongly doubt they will link up with each other, but you never know!

One is coming home next week.

We're getting ready for our Chinese guests who are coming soon. We have a boyfriend/girlfriend combo this time, so that changes the guest arrangements! My wonderful husband is busy laying the floor in the downstairs bedroom. Hope it's ready in time!

Life buzzes along.  That reminds me: our bees are doing GREAT!

I made banana cake last night, but today I'm making cherry pie. Our little cherry trees had some fruit on them this year. The birds got it all. So thankful to my mother-in-law for cherries from her trees! We're enjoying them tonight with roast chicken from her, as well! A summer feast.

                                   Off to a wedding recently.

Ray Does it Again!



Please take a look at this trailer.

We downloaded the movie yesterday, and it's just as powerful as the "180 Movie" Ray Comfort put out before. It's coming out on YOUTUBE in August, so you can wait for it. I wanted to give Ray a little financial support, so I was happy to buy the download yesterday.

I have always believed that this issue is pivotal for this age.

The older generation just went along with whatever the seminaries and scientists were "preaching" at the time. Trying to synthesize science with what the Bible says proved to be too difficult.

Instead of holding fast to Scripture (which is truth) the last generation avoided Genesis, avoided the whole science/creation/evolution issue, and tried to move on.

I can't blame them. I thought my grandma (who held to the Biblical account) was old-fashioned and not "with the program."

How wrong I was.

It's good to come late to the game, rather than not at all.

I love science, and I see the hand of God written all over it. It's the most beautiful thing. Good scientists acknowledge that there are still mysteries out there.

But everything we know is backed up by the Word of God, or it can't be true.


This is a watershed thing.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We had an unexpected trip to a Dairy Queen last weekend.

We picked up a young friend at the bus about an hour from here, and since she hadn't eaten we stopped at the DQ which is located right by the DQ headquarters here in Minnesota.

As we entered the restaurant we noticed a marquee welcoming a "convergence" convention.

We really were clueless about what that could mean, but we soon became aware of an interesting group of people---all dressed in indescribable costumes (?) with dark eyes----eating their treats.

My husband did a quick search on his phone to see what "convergence" was all about.

It's a sci-fi/fantasy group.

Wow. These people were interesting!

My young friend, who had just been to the nation's capitol on her trip said, "I didn't see anything like this on my whole trip east!"

Interesting, and I felt that we were the distinctly Un-normal people in that place. A strange realization.


Monday, July 8, 2013

I Wish My Own Family Would Read This


It is sad when your own (extended) family has already drunk the Kool-Aide of Post-Modernism regarding the church, but just hoping for a CHANCE that they will be awakened, I'm posting this article.

We try. We preach. We hope. We pray.

We wait.


I don't want to take away from my last post, earlier this morning.  My eldest is off on training for several weeks and had to get to the airport very early.

I decided to log in some writing time with these early hours.

It's been a non-stop schedule for this family over the past month, and through it all I've been hearing rumblings in the prophecy community that need to be made known generally.

For a fact I realize that most believers have little interest in prophecy, and when I chat about end-time events with them they seem uninformed.

Perhaps spending so much time in Revelation and now Jude has made me hyper-sensitive, but here are the new ideas we need to consider.

Satan is moving in for the kill. Demons are beginning to manifest themselves, but naturally they don't appear as demons-----they are "extra-terrestrials."

Why would Satan be truthful about this? His nature is to deceive.

This article sums up some of the weird that is alluded to in Jude. It isn't scary to us, because WE know the God of the Bible, and that He has this all under His control. Time must end. Those of us who know Christ Jesus must cling to Him until His return for us.


A new race? Sounds like the days of Noah, the Nephilim, and pure evil.

The first time God destroyed evil it was a flood. The next time it will be fire.

Even the Elect

Trying to commit Jude to memory has been a "trip." My imagination has been piqued, and I see some pieces of the puzzle falling into place.

These are the end times, brothers and sisters.

When Satan came up with the lie that is also known as Darwinian evolution he really did a masterful job.

As the master deceiver he pulled out all the stops, and though it's hard to admit, most of the church blithely followed his deception, right down to most of the Christian colleges we all know and love.

Thank the Lord for Ray Comfort!----and a growing host of non-evolutionary scientists whose work is undeniably superior to anything that reeks of evolution!

Sadly, as a freshman at Wheaton College, in Illinois, I had an anthropology professor who was committed to the theory of evolution and leading fundamentalist students away from their "fundie" upbringing.

My world was shaken, and I've never forgotten a fellow student's response to my machinations: "Why does it matter?"

It matters.

It matters so much that MOST of the students I knew then are not even in the ballpark spiritually now. Most of them are liberal/progressives, pro-choice, pro-homosexuality, and Biblically illiterate. They have no concept of what it means to be sanctified. They mock Bible teachers, and seek their religious justification in the pet social issues of the Left. They love wine, money, and social status (in that order!)

They have been hoodwinked.

Yes, it really does go together, beloved friend.

Even the elect would be deceived.

Fasten your seat belts. The End Times are now.

Believer, gird yourself for battle.

And yes---I am aware:

Fundamentalists Mentally Ill

Thursday, July 4, 2013


In a few minutes we are hosting a "bash." I invited all I know, via my church and via my facebook account. That being said, I think we'll only have about 50 people here.

Last night we watched fireworks and a parade. The Scouts picked up litter  after the parade, and I think I gave myself a pretty nasty headache.

Just want you to know how great God is.

I cried out to Him to help me, and He did. I'm thankful. I am functioning. I've been loopy today, but I'm able to prepare for the party.

I have a big dish of hobo beans on the stove. A devil's food cake is frosted. Hot dogs are procured, buns, and s'mores ingredients.

My friend stopped by with berries and watermelon.

My husband, the master ice cream maker, has 7 gallons of ice prepared in the freezer to aid his delicious concoction. We all look forward to that.

The house is picked up and vacuumed. The kitchen floor is scrubbed and the bathrooms clean.

We're ready. Dogs are excited. Cats are searching for a place to hide.

Time for fun.