"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, August 30, 2013

Breaking: Children Seized in Shocking Raid

Breaking: Children Seized in Shocking Raid

Sadly, Darmstadt is where my former mission is now located. We visited that office last November.

Really, the lack of understanding regarding home-schooling in Germany is appalling.

This is a subject very close to my heart.

Please pray for this family!

Start Your Mind Re-vamp Here:

Check it Out!

If you haven't found this website, I would ask that you go there, see what you've been missing, and think about the linkage of ideas and articles they've presented.


I've been encouraged by so many of the stances they've taken on multitudes of issues.

This past week, as we prepare for the first of five upcoming weddings, I've had a quiet song playing in the back of my mind.

What is true conversion?

My husband and I sit and drink coffee before he goes to work on some days, solving the world's problems, and bouncing theological ideas back and forth.

It's a great way to start the day, if we don't get too worked up!

Yesterday we discussed this tantalizing subject of  "true conversion."

Who, really, is saved?

Is every church-goer saved?

Is every "believer" saved?

Is everyone saved?

I know I'd get a zillion different answers from a zillion different people, because quite frankly, we are all products of our experience and upbringing. We all have read different books and commentary.

We really are all at different places in our lives.

I happen to be reading about George MacDonald lately. His ideas got him pitched out of the church, yet he persisted and wrote so much about God's love.

There must be a "red-line" somewhere, where God has certainly decreed that one person is "saved," and another not, and no, the three options listed above don't cut the red line.

We can go to Scripture. That is MY red line, and because there appear to be MANY standards for belief within Scripture I'd be pretty sure to at least THINK about them all.

1. Fruit.
2. Love
3. Confession of belief
4. Repentance (turning away from sin)
5. Sorrow over sin
6. A knowledge of and obedience to Christ's commands (He that loves Me keeps My commands)
7. Growth or progress spiritually
8. Baptism (ja, it's there)
9. Persecution

Now, we all know that the thief on the cross went straight to heaven the day he died. He clearly had no time to display much about his conversion to Christ in his life.

Comforting to us.

But it doesn't stop there.  Perhaps you know this. I'm not writing to the one who is confident in his salvation.

I'm writing to you who are torn with doubt, experiencing the first trials of spiritual growth, going through deep waters.

I'm writing to the one who has a false sense of security. The one who has allowed sin to dominate in some areas,  who has a "blind spot" about the world and its devices.

You see, as I get older, and as we see The End nearing, I see a greater gulf between "believers" and "non-believers."

I'm asking the question----Are you a believer? Does your life show it?

A popular question I've heard lately, "Is there enough evidence in your life to convict you of being a follower of Christ?"

Along with this is the truth that Satan is working overtime as a deceiver. He has managed to convince a whole lot of people that it's what we DO that earns our salvation......WORKS.....

And that is false. Only the grace of God saves. You can't EARN salvation.

But wait-----didn't I just say that there were things in a saved person's life---works----that show salvation?

Bear with me here.....

The things I listed above are signs of a true conversion, not works that save.

Our salvation is in Christ Alone. He will save us, when we turn to Him for that salvation. He DID IT ALL.

Once you rest on that, the works of righteousness just begin to flow-----out of a loving heart that HE is forming in you.

Baby believers don't have all the answers. They have little experience of the love of God, but they certainly know the most important thing: JESUS SAVES. They have the joy of a clean heart before God, and the wonderful assurance of the Holy Spirit.

And can we be deceived after that?

Of course.

The Bible tells us that even "the elect" will be deceived in the last days.

So start looking around and asking yourself---------HOW AM I BEING DECEIVED??????????

You might be surprised at what the Lord starts to show you.

I was.

Watch out.

Thankful, so thankful----that Jesus is coming soon. The end is truly near.

Here is another link that is helpful:

And this:

Monday, August 26, 2013

DNA Deterioration


Last fall we heard a bio-chemist with a PHD talking about this.

This is a good summary of the issue.

Nothing to be alarmed at----FOR NOW.

Just a sign of decay and wear in the human genome.

The LORD has a plan for all of this.  No worries.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Because this IS, After All, Corgi Hollows!

Wow. He Said it All

Age of Grace to End

And Today:

Well, Carl said a mouthful. I guess I can go back to knitting and Corgi petting. :)

Our sweet pets are enjoying these last days of summer. They stay by the house with little oversight, a sign of their maturity and inner peace.

I'm busily finishing preparations for my eldest son to return "home" for the last time. He's off to college next week after months of training with ROTC. He comes home to wed his darling fiancee in a couple of weeks.

This age of growth is to end.

Let's Have a Little Balance, Shall We?

In response to the latest Christianity Today article about mysticism within Christianity, Eric Barger writes:


You do want to be balanced.

As someone who has seen the drift toward New Age ideas quietly but forcefully overtake solid Biblical grounding, even the Augustinian drift of the 3rd century, I think it is paramount to be balanced, scriptural, above any theological drift.

As I've said many times before-----read your Bible. Let the Holy Spirit be your guide, not a seminary student.

It worked for William Tyndale, Martin Luther, and the Waldensians.

It will work for you too.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

So You Didn't Think it Would Come to This?


I spoke with Jordan last fall when he was here for a forum on marriage at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis.

He is a very good old friend of mine, my high school Bible Study leader.

We chatted, catching up on family news, the state of the world, and other things.

I had been reading so much on Canada's woes with marriage that I was pretty pessimistic about the state law changing here and its implications.

Jordan seemed to think that it would be much more difficult for Christians to be affected here because of the constitutional rights we have to practice religious freedom. Also, our freedom of speech set such a precedent that Canada lacked.

Lo and behold. This case with the photographer in New Mexico was lost.

Really, this is beyond any expectation, and it sets an unhappy precedent for the future of Christian business owners in the USA.

The Lord knows. It is certainly as in the days of Noah, and we are marrying and giving in marriage. The world winds down, and we look up.

Christians who only love God, and God alone, will always obey Him.

To America With Love


Take a few minutes and watch this. Amazing how this message is being repeated at high decibels all over creation right now.

Sad that too many still aren't hearing it.

It's not for lack of trying.

Chuck Missler's financial advice is well taken, but there are many ways to prepare. It's commendable that he seeks to provide a means to an end. Too often there are those who simply don't know where to turn for good financial advice.

After working with Primerica for a year, and listening to each Saturday morning training session there are a few "must-do's" financially for every American, every person.

1. Pay off your debts. Start a pay-off plan where you stack your debt load payments as soon as each one is paid off.

2. Stay out of debt. Live within your means. You DON'T need that bigger house, dream house, cabin, camper, boat, Corvette, -----mid-life crisis expense.

3. Have a plan, financially, for the hard times----Investment banks have lots of ideas for your money, but you certainly should look into other options too. Be careful of collectibles. Watch diligently for scams.

4. Find a network of friends and family to rely on in extreme conditions. Do you have a plan for communication with them?  It's kind of like a fire drill.

5. Have a (at least limited) stock pile of goods.

6. Trust in the Lord, and share His message of hope throughout any crisis! You are the light of the world.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Another Warning


"Funny" how the watchers are beginning to see the same things. We must be vigilant.

Donna Wasson felt compelled to throw out this warning today. I have seen similar warnings on the web, and it's worth passing on.

The main message is: Time is short. Get right with God.

And that is a message for ALL time.

I'm so thankful that the Lord has everything in His hands, and that we have been prepared "for such a time as this."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

So cute: Had to share----

Depner Farms, Michigan:

Just How Corrupt Is the Obama Administration? | FrontPage Magazine

Just How Corrupt Is the Obama Administration? | FrontPage Magazine

My Heart's on Fire

My niece sings a song with this phrase in it.

I am troubled by where she's going with that phrase----but this morning, Tuesday, Aug. 20, MY heart is on fire for truth.

In this world we WILL have trouble, but take heart, HE has overcome the world!

I'm doing my morning perusal of prophecy news and articles. My heart just began to burn--blood pressure probably rose, too---about the utter disparity between believers and apostates.

When Francis Schaeffer wrote the "Evangelical Disaster" many years ago he started with a memorable illustration of watershed issues.

A single drop of water on a mountain peak can end up in an entirely different ocean from its touching neighbor on the tip of the mountain----due to its inclination. Watershed issues separate, they divide!

Those of us inclined to believe the Bible is inerrant have a proclivity to LOVE Bible prophecy.

Those of us who don't mock us.

Take Gary DeMar (and co.--RC Sproul, Hank Hanegraaf etc.) and that spite toward us prophecy lovers!

I'm a nobody to such illustrious personages, but they attack the same world-view that I have found to be absolute truth.

Biblical prophecy cannot be ignored IF you have a high view of Scripture.

As we see current events we  KNOW that Biblical prophecy supersedes all else. Things WILL come to an end, and the atrocities described in Revelation WILL come to pass.

And no, they haven't already. That view would mean that you discount reams of Scripture, simply ignoring it.

That is something none of us should do.

Stop listening to the church! (The church is chock-full of apostates---That's predicted, remember? The Bible says so!) Stop listening to your current preaching idol! Stop listening to the radio, the TV, and Internet! Stop reading the magazine or newspaper------

UNTIL you filter it through God's Holy Word. Why do you trust men?


Trust His Word.  Trust His Holy Spirit.

Then fasten your seat belts, because is gets really interesting for those of us who watch!

There is no more satisfying, loving, fascinating and rewarding place to be in life! We truly have the answer to all mysteries-----wrapped up in the Mystery that God loves us, and saves us, if we place our trust in Him.

It's not scary for us, because we know Who wins. We know that perfect love casts out fear. We know that this world IS coming to an end, and that a new world order will take place.

We will be the bride of Jesus Christ, and the lover of His Truth.

Do what you can to save the world, (have bees, recycle, protest GMOs, save energy, buy organic, don't pollute) but place your trust in Jesus----He really saved us. The absolutely BEST thing you can do is tell someone---people--- compassionately how to become a Christ-follower.

It will save their souls. The earth is beyond saving.

The Bible says it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


It's the middle of the week, and it's been full of a sense of being timed----we're in a race, and we've got to be accomplishing the course before the buzzer buzzes.

The dogs even seem sort of rushed.

I went out to see the bees today. Their flight pattern is pretty direct out of the hives, straight out, I mean, so I didn't get too close. They have a long runway facing south toward the alfalfa field, and they use most of it. If you choose to get in the flight path you may have an unwelcome buzz in your hair. I chose to stay to the side.

The bees are looking really fine. There was only one varroa mite found in the test my husband did on them the other day. That's phenomenal.

Last night we had the annual Minnesota Hobby Beekeeper's summer picnic, and another beekeeper shared the woes of other bees in the area where our bees are living---out in the western end of the Twin Cities area. It seems that our healthy bees might just be unusually healthy for that area.

I'm thankful.

Honey harvest was put off until next week. Some of the frames could be more full.

Everything looked really good, though, and we are grateful.

Dresses for the weddings are ordered. They are being sewn and altered. Ties and shoes, pants, coats and vests are purchased.

It's been sort of a flurry. Fun.

My eldest son is still in Georgia, somewhere, learning of preparations via text messages. We're trying to accomplish herculean tasks for him without his input for the most part.

Margaret steadily prepares for her debut at the U. Today was a solo run downtown on the public transit system. All went well.

Our house seems to be bursting at the seams. And buzzing too.

Pressure can be a good thing.

We all must remember to breathe deeply, and let the Lord handle the minutes.

He manages our time, and that is a relief.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I want to slip this little thought in here tonight before the week ends.

I wonder if you have been as bombarded by bad language as I have been recently. It seems you can't get away from it---in stores, in the media, even in church!!!

I've come to the thinking that profanity/ vulgarity is driven by spiritual forces, and I think anyone who uses degrading language should question what it is doing to their spirit.

Is this evil taking over part of your soul? Is this a spiritual stronghold that is most easily spotted (just hearing what you are saying) and eliminated with most difficulty?

As we see a satanic spirit sweep our world, preparing mankind for his "anti-coming" I wonder if we will be bombarded with evil language.

Keep your thoughts and your tongue pure.

Don't succumb to the spirit of this age.

You are assaulting Christ with each vile word.

New Series from the Fuel Project

The Restless Church

I'm loving watching these little clips from a guy in Scotland. He's got guts. My heart says he's pretty much right on.

Friday, August 9, 2013

What Have We Been Doing?

Time for a Friday update on the activities of Corgi Hollows.

We're hardly twiddling our thumbs over here.

Bridal showers, wedding planning, preparations of all kinds, shopping, cleaning, sorting, (laundry),...

Margaret is at camp again this week, her third out of four weeks this summer. It was hard for her to go this time, with all the fun happening here at home, but she is a trooper, and she went.

She has nine girls in her cabin, and she's the camp lifeguard, so that is a big responsibility.

This camp is for children from a very violent neighborhood in Minneapolis. Most of the girls have major trauma in their lives. Because the camp is free to campers, it is a very popular place for guardians to "park" their charges for a time.

The staff does all they can to love, feed, and nurture these children spiritually. It's challenging, as the problems the kids have are so great.

But God is greater. There have been moments of real joy and peace for these little souls at camp.

Pray for Margaret.

I was able to find all the clothes for the groomsmen yesterday. (I must dress two of them!) And I looked for shoes for the two bridesmaids I must outfit. The bridesmaid dresses are in progress. I'm knitting a little sweater for the bride to wear after the ceremony, during the reception, at her request. It's going to be a mid-September evening, and it will probably have a bite of fall in the air.The sweater will feel good.

Plans are tripping along, adjustments are made, and we go with the flow!

I won't say the colors, or the ideas---but I CAN say it's going to be just lovely.

Today I'm taking the pastor's wife out to survey the garden spot where the ceremony will occur. Where shall the chairs go? Where will we set up canopies? How many tables?

You see, the wedding is going to be at Grandma and Grandpa's house---and preparations must be made by our family as well!

It's such a fun twist on a traditional affair. I feel it is a real privilege to be so involved.

Add to that the starting of a new home for the newlyweds. I've always said I could outfit an entire house with all my SPARE stuff, but that's not as fun as using your own beautiful wedding gifts! I will be happy to fill in the nooks and crannies of need when the time arrives.

My two dearest sister friends are far away. They are visiting Hong Kong for a week, and I miss them so! Our usual "texting" is on hold.

I've let the yard go, but Ed has been keeping the neighbor's yard looking spiffy. We had a deal worked out with our neighbor this summer. It benefited me. I got an Android tablet out of the deal, but I'm paying Ed every time he mows next door----It's an expensive tablet!---but so worth it. I must say that I find the device confusing still. I'm hopelessly un-tech savvy.

Cherie has been home now. Her occasional outings seem to satisfy her. She's reading book after book about some horse or another. Oh to be 10 and loving horses!

My second son is home from his ROTC training. We don't see much of him, as he prefers the company of his lovely fiancee! (Which is completely understandable!) He's getting organized for the start of his senior year at the University.

My eldest is still training. We do hear from him now. All's well. If only he knew how his fiancee ---and all of us!---are steadily humming along with preparations involving him!

The pets are fine. The dogs have been showing their age this summer, quieting down and staying closer to home. Blackberry continues to suffer from ear maladies. Misty just happily watches for crumbs and love. Predicate wanted "out" this morning, and she made a quick tour of the deck, patio, and hosta garden, before she zipped back up the deck stairs to the back door. She belongs.

Kiwi IS the feline ruler, and his demands are always met. He tends to follow me around everywhere, so when I don't see him I wonder.

When I'm gone for a weekend he is much more clingy afterwards.

We had a lovely family reunion on my husband's side last weekend. It was in Iowa. So many new faces, good talks. My in-laws can be completely satisfied that the event, which they hosted, was a total success. Folks came from the east and the west. The food was marvelous.

My husband has an aunt who lives in central Nebraska. She grows corn and raises cattle. Beef cattle. I've been switching to a more vegetarian lifestyle this past year, but I'm telling you, I would never pass up Aunt M's beef roast.

It's magnificent. Of course she feeds and tends her cows as cows should be fed and tended. The roast is put in the oven at 250° ALL NIGHT LONG, with onions, salt and pepper. She had added a "rub" too. (Not duplicatable).

It's something else. Tender, flavorful and absolutely mouth-watering.

I'm trying to make it in the oven right now. I put the chuck roast (our grass-fed organic beef) last night. I chopped up onions, and salted and peppered it. I added some garlic salt too.

The smell of it when we got up this morning was delicious. I turned the temp down this morning, as we aren't eating until late afternoon---but I HOPE I got it right! We'll see.

Berries have had the BEST year too. I'm making blueberry pie again this afternoon. I think it is my favorite pie.---But pecan, lemon, coconut, french silk, and Haralson Apple pie are--------

I like pie.

So does my husband :) It's a nice way to show him some love! (I recommend pie for husbands)

Well, off to a gorgeous day. The weather has been wonderfully cool here these past weeks. I've heard other parts of the world are baking, but we've had pure perfect after our LONG winter.


Not the Day, Nor the Hour

But the season....

"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour." Matt. 25:13

"But it's been that way since the time of Christ."

I hear this all the time, and yes, the church has been watching for her bridegroom for 2,000 years.

The disciples were looking for Jesus' return, right?

There are those "pesky" signs that Jesus talks about though.  Watchers have always been looking for those, and really, the biggest one IS the state of Israel.

In 1948, when Israel became a state, a huge sign indicated in Bible prophecy happened. A clock began to tick, and now we just sit back and see things unfold.

What a show! The bride of Christ may not know the day or the hour, but we certainly know the season, and we can be assured that God's Word is True, though man's word can fail.

Birth pangs are upon us.

It's time to make sure our lamps our filled with "oil." Are you a believer? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Have you repented from your sin, and are you living each day keeping Christ's commands before your eyes? Are you in the Word? Are you EXCITED?

Get ready!
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

Remember, He is the ONLY way.  

Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.  Acts 4:12

There is a collective breath-holding in the world of prophecy watchers right now. It's magnificent to see. Never before have there been such clear indications of a new world order beginning, one that can control most of the human race. 

We ARE living in the last days---the last of the last days.

Believe. God loves you, and He desires that NONE perish.

Oh, and tell people. Preach it. Let people KNOW what is about to happen!! Scream it, bellow it, whisper it, say it.

But don't just sit there and let the people you know perish without knowledge. You have a responsibility to share the truth with them. 

Start talking. The day and the hour are fast approaching.

Praise Jesus.

 "For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. . . . What does this mean? It means that if you read the book of Revelation but do not grow in your love for Jesus, then you have missed the point. Revelation, which means "unveiling," is not just an unveiling of our future; it is also an unveiling of Jesus. It is all about Jesus. He is the star of Revelation. He is the focus of Revelation. And He should be the star of and focus of our lives as well."---Greg Laurie

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Thirty -Three Years Later

PhotoThirty-Three years difference here. One person is missing, and the gal on the far right is our leader, not pictured in the first photo.

Fun, isn't it?

The gal missing lives in Tennessee, and she had come earlier in the summer when just a few of us could meet with her.

We were called the "Daughters of the King," and we all sang. We cut a tape back then, and gave concerts around the Midwest.

High School. Fun. Good friends, that have lasted our lifetimes.

I was in kindergarten with most of these gals!!  We grew up together.

I'm SO thankful for the Lord's blessing in our lives. We are all followers of Christ, and it has made all the difference in our whole lives.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Heads Up---Spiritual Dimension Manifesting!


Just change the wording on this a bit and you have a completely different outlook.

Intel community worried Obama administration disclosed too much about latest al Qaeda threat - Washington Times

Intel community worried Obama administration disclosed too much about latest al Qaeda threat - Washington Times

This article is just the straw that breaks the camel's back for me. Lately I have washed my hands of politics, and I'm seeing so many people I know doing the same. I even saw the words "conspiracy theory" in a mainline publication this morning. Wow. We are literally gathering speed as we roll down the hill toward destruction.

People, the spiritual world now takes precedence.

The earth trembles.

Only those with a solid spiritual foundation can weather this upcoming storm.

Mine is in the Bible, the Word of God Himself. Yes I believe it, and yes, it takes God-given faith to believe.

Last week I saw a photographic image of a beautiful woman lying dead. I will describe it because you must know what is happening in the world: Her heart was gone from her open chest, and a crucifix was stabbed through her mouth.

Horrid, and real. We need to stop pretending that our world is not changing. We have ONLY one hope, and that is in Christ Jesus. He can save our souls.

James 1:21

21 Wherefore putting away all filthiness and overflowing of wickedness, receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.

Now is the day of salvation. We may not have tomorrow. Prophesied events are unfolding before our eyes, and Jesus WILL take His bride home, to save us from the wrath of God.

Don't wait.

Please remember this, if nothing else, today. Lucifer is a being of light. He is a liar. Could you possibly be the victim of the greatest liar of all time? Could you believe something that is an apostasy? Could you be worshiping an idol of your own concoction?

Yes you could. Are you basing your beliefs on your own ideas and experience? Have you no spiritual authority outside of your own mind? 

Ask yourself: Could you just possibly be wrong?

Of course you could. Humans are on a level below angelic beings. We can easily be deceived by them! They are far more powerful than we are, far more able to appear like our only hope.

But they are not.

When you place your faith in Christ Jesus, and learn of HIM through God's Holy Word, the Bible, you are placing your faith in the one true God. You must abandon all else! You have chosen a reliable and proven authority OUTSIDE of yourself.  All other religions are just poor copies of the truth. To say that you are god is only idolatry.

It is a whole conversion, a whole change, a whole repentance that is required by the One True God.  

TRY the spirits you think are your "ascended masters"  by the name of Christ Jesus and by His blood. Try the spirits. You may be completely deceived by a false god.

It's worth a try, because your eternity depends on it. 

As the Truth Project ends, the speaker says: "You never meet a Mortal Soul."

----Everyone you meet has an immortal soul. One to endure hell, DOWN, or heaven, UP.

I didn't make this up. It's all in the Bible. Google an online translation and start searching with any words I've used today. Start reading. The authority of the Holy Bible is transcendent. It is timeless. It never fails. It is more powerful than any other authority. It has endured since the Genesis account----It is God's letter to us of truth. It is the Creator of the Universe entering our dimension to save us from our own tragic end.

His words stand whether we like them or not.

Too many people are falling away from the faith. Too many people never learn the Truth in Scripture.

People are perishing for lack of knowledge, but God's power is strong to save. 

GET RIGHT WITH GOD. Before it's too late.

You can't save yourself. You could never earn your salvation. You can only freely accept God's gift.

Please, please don't wait. 

Time is short.

This is my daily plea, that if you don't know Christ, that you come to him.

I am now getting many readers on my blog. I don't know where they stand spiritually, but I do know that some of my friends and acquaintances read this periodically. Let this be known to all of you readers: There is nothing so important as your eternal destination, and I am your friend who LOVINGLY pleads with you to make things right with God.

Become a believer. Believe. Repent. Turn away from unbelief.

Pursue CHRIST JESUS, and Him alone. 

 "Heavenly Father, let someone come to Christ right now. Amen."