"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Update from the Hollows

This weekend is full of activity to get "The Cabin" ready for sale.

It's gorgeous.

New floors, new paint, shining brightness. The new shingles are going on this weekend, and the outside of the house will get a shade darker with the new color "Wildwood Stable."

The window frames will be painted white and the worn ones exchanged for new.

It's all rather exciting.

The fourth (and new) bedroom is spacious and inviting. The walk-in closet is a real beauty!

We all feel a tug at the heart leaving our sweet old home after 16 years, but we are completely ready to move on and let it make a new family happy.

This evening I had my dear friend come out for a quiet supper and coffee on the porch here at the new Corgi Hollows. Ed made us a delicious stir-fry with fresh green beans from our neighbors. A delightful sign on their mail box invited us--- "Free, Picked Today! Green Beans"

It was around 9 pm last evening when I walked by so I figured everyone else had had their chance at the beans. I snapped them up.

The yard is newly mowed. The weather couldn't be more perfect. I'm enjoying both sunset and sunrise walks on the our country roads.

This morning we said a temporary good-bye to our Chinese student. She moved to her new apartment. We had a successful and productive week with her, helping her settle and get ready for school.

Yesterday she passed her driver's test, much to her relief.  She took the test in our 12-passenger van (it is our only automatic transmission vehicle, the rest of them are manual) and she's used to a Smart Car!

Appointments for tests are booked until late September, so we waited at two different exam stations for a non-appointment test. It was a long day, but worthwhile.

We've really enjoyed getting to know this young woman. She's delightful and fun to talk with. Margaret will be connecting with her often at the University this fall.

Tomorrow we say good-bye to another good friend. He's entering the Army next week. His folks are giving a farewell bash and we want to be there.

The wheat up the road is truly amber colored. Hay is in its second cutting. Summer is ripening fast. As my friend and I drank coffee this evening the acorns fell from the oaks, sharply knocking on her car. Like hailstones.

The apples are starting to fall too. In a few days the blue jays will be telling each other that they need to make preparations for winter. I guess this means school approaches.

I used to get a sick feeling when I heard the acorns and jays. Harbingers of fall, the loss of summer, the loss of freedom. I don't feel like that anymore. I love these lush days of mid-summer. It is an unplanned joy to relive my childhood sights and sounds here in this new/old house.

School for us is just fun now. We do it all year, so there's no special dread of the "first day of school." We meld our school with each golden day.

It's a perfect summer.

Monday, July 27, 2015


Because I believe time is ever increasingly short, I have a set of warnings for you beloved readers, appropriate for this time, for whatever they are worth.

Things are going to get pretty hard from here on out, and I'm already in the thick of it. Because I'm experiencing so much darkness already I assume you are too.

We need to link arms and stand strong until the end. Someone you love is deceived right now by the devil, and you can be a last link to truth in Christ Jesus for that one.

1. Remember that persecution and accusation are wonderful motivators to drive you to the Bible, to reading it daily, to gleaning God's personal word to encourage you. It's a wonderful result to a nasty encounter.

2. Remember that a small slight can escalate into a permanent prejudice. FORGIVE everything. Look beyond those misspoken words, those petty differences, and even the worst of the worst. God says forgive, so do it.

3. Remember that Satan is an angel of light. He is the father of lies. He wants nothing more than to deceive you into false sense of SECURITY. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling!

We may know that our salvation is in Christ Jesus alone, but if we are serving another god--and that would be the devil---he would like you to think you were just fine---even serving Christ Himself. There is a beauty to evil that is extremely deceptive. It is a false beauty, but it takes many in. What if you were to wake up someday learning you had been serving a false entity? What if, What if, what if????

MAKE SURE! Test the spirits and pray the blood of Christ Jesus on any spiritual encounter. Do what Jesus wants you to do.

4. Learn Christ's commands: "If you love me, you will keep my commands."
This requires loving and serving, gently leading, helping, and sometimes even warning. The Lord gave many commands to His disciples. Make a study of it, and keep them.

5. Saturate yourself with the Word of God. Learn it by heart, read it, meditate on it. It is the only thing that is eternal besides the soul, and it is full of comfort and truth.

6. When someone hurts you, slanders you, falsely accuses you be willing to examine your own life and heart. Is there truth in the accusation?

Look at the circumstance. God has a way of bringing consequences for behavior that goes against His ways. Everyone has stories about how God uses circumstances to teach and discipline His own children. Perhaps your "bad" consequence is a direct result of something you brought on yourself. God loves you too much to let you go a wrong way.

Think back to the times in your life when you felt chastised. Think about harsh circumstances---like cancer, joblessness, loss of friendship, disease, disappointment---

Why did God allow that? Perhaps you needed to stop a behavior that was damaging, or not glorifying God. Perhaps you needed to see the power of God in a new way. Perhaps you need to die. We all die. God allows certain things to bring death about. Interesting thought, huh?

Bad things happen to "good" people. But guess what? There is no one good, not one. That's right there in the Bible.

Examine yourself and figure out what God is telling you. The "bad" thing may be a blessing in disguise to help you pinpoint a real issue that needs clearing out in your life.

7. Keep your eyes on Jesus. This "warning" is the most important one. Know Him and don't lose sight of Him. He needs to be central to everything in your life and nothing should come between you and Him. He is your lifeline to eternal life and nothing matters but Him. He is your number one priority, your only true love, your central focus. "Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you."

He knows what you need, so put Him in first and let Him provide.

Dearly beloved, hold on! Time just marches on, and we all know that He must be coming SOON.


Friday, July 24, 2015

Another Video exposing the Heinous Planned Parenthood

O People..;

We have many things happening right now.

We are hosting a student from China as she prepares to start school this fall at the University.

We are finishing up "The Cabin" for selling. Still some stuff to get rid of, stuff to move. The outside painting and refurbishing is yet to begin. We really want to sell it soon, and the market is favorable right now.

My brother is here from New York City with his family. We've had fun brunch and coffee times together. Yesterday the circus (Carson and Barnes) was in town, and we all went to see the elephants get a bath from the local fire department.

I love elephants.

Cherie and I actually went to the Circus last evening, and it was quite the show!

I like these smaller, family owned circuses better than the big ones. They seem so quaint.

The rest of the family went to the St. Paul Saints baseball game. "Wishes and More" supplied four tickets to see them win against Lincoln's team. The Saints have a new stadium right downtown Saint Paul, and it's pretty nice, I hear!

With trips downtown everyday, out to the airport, up to the cabin---it's been exhausting.

Ed has a condition which has resulted in difficulty walking and this has an effect on our lives, too.


The weather has been gorgeous. I've been trying to keep the grass from taking over. Small things.

Cherie had the pep-talk for school this morning. We home-schoolers do this every once in awhile. It's time to rev up for the next school accomplishments. Ed has to get back on track too. He takes the ACT in September.

Life just keeps happening!

September. What will it be? Expectations can be dashed, but it's good to have them at times.

I expect completely that God is in control of each situation, each event. That's comforting.

Off to get our Chinese student a driving permit----

The Power of Words

"Name it and Claim it" is a sort of belief that you can say desirable things and expect these things to come into being.

False expectation that it is, there is truth to the power of the spoken (or written) word. There is even power in the thought.

Lately I've been under spiritual attack, and I can tell you that much of it comes from my own sin-nature, and the negative thoughts that get in my mind.

Believe it or not, the devil can use his own staff of demonic entities to battle against the forces of good.

We are at war.

If you are a believer you can expect warfare, and if you don't think you are experiencing warfare you are probably not where you should be spiritually.

The tactics of the devil are brilliant. He gets us to believe a negative message about ourselves or someone else and if we don't "take that thought captive" as the Bible admonishes---STOP THINKING IT----we can let it grow into a negative reality.

So there is some truth to "Name it, claim it" but it's not positive.

There are ways of thinking that can be harmful!

The words we think have power.

As the Holy Spirit gives us the reassurance of His promises and His love for us we can have power over the negative warfare of the devil---the fiery darts of bad thoughts.

I would challenge you to be careful to think positively in direct counter-attack to the devils tactics.

This does not involve false ideas. It simply quells the bad words, bad imagery and bad vibes that shouldn't be our focus.

Know the enemy's tactics and win the battle.

Fight positively.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

K.I.S.S. or "Belief in Christ for Dummies"

I'm not trying to demean anyone, but these popular references help me define my post today.

This past week:
Monday: Greece burns
Tuesday: Planned Parenthood dives
Wednesday: Iran/US deal, disastrous for Israel
Thursday: US Service members shot by a Moslem, five killed
Friday: Reaction---one acquaintance of mine asked all of his friends to "Breathe!"

Today, for me, a simple spelling out of what is going on and what we all need to reaffirm in our lives.

God is love. He gave His Son to die on the cross for the sins of mankind.
The World---all of it---is condemned.
-------yes, all of it. I didn't make that up. It's in the Bible. You see, I don't base my faith on "feel-goodedness." Faith in Christ is based on what is written in an ancient book.

Belief: what is it? A decision, a will, an "I shall," a trust, a path, an obedience, a turning away from something else.
Repentance: forsaking, turning, leaving, stopping, running from, becoming.
Belief and Repentance are requirements for God.

Christianity is the only true faith.

Everyone is going to hell.

Praise God, He made a simple way to avoid it, but only according to HIS rules, His plan.

That is belief in Jesus as the savior of the world.

What a precious, beautiful, simple and loving answer to the problem of sin.

So what does it look like to be a Believer?

You are to be showing love to EVERYONE.
You let God be the judge.
You tell the Gospel, the plan of salvation, (What I wrote above) to everyone you know.
You serve others. You let your light shine, and you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
You ask the Holy Spirit to fill you, everyday, and expect Him to reveal truth to you, and how to serve others.

When you are tempted to sin, or perhaps you have allowed a sinful attitude to prevail in your heart or mind, you resist the evil one, and you ask for the Holy Spirit's power to stop spiraling downward. You call on Him to help you get the victory over sin.

You take sinful thoughts "captive." You turn from them, stop them, do something else, and above all else DON'T act on those sinful thoughts!

That IS sin.

Is that simple enough?

Somehow we have lost the simplicity of belief in Christ.

There are those that actually believe sodomy is okay. There are those that actually believe murder and idolatry are just fine.

What dupes.

Immorality has been around since the dawn of time. To call evil good and good evil is the nature of evil and a practice of the devil. It happened in the garden of Eden, first few chapters of the Bible.

The world is both natural and supernatural, and once you accept that you are on the path to finding truth.

Get out of your human understanding, and ask God to reveal His supernatural truth to you.

Don't wait. Time is unbearably short for the church. We're getting out of here very soon. If you are not taken as a believer you will perhaps find belief after we're gone, but you will suffer in horrible ways to cling to Christ.

We know this. It is prophesied in Scripture, and all of the Bible's prophecies are 100% accurate. We know this today more than ever before.

Remember the simple timeline of Biblical history and knowledge----

Adam, sinned
Abraham, called and promised
Moses, preserver of Israel and recorder of the law
David, beloved of God, and an example of God's grace and mercy before Christ
The Prophets---Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, ---all given knowledge from the LORD, YHWH.

JESUS CHRIST, the Messiah, the one foretold, the pivotal figure of all time, Son of God, God made flesh, Blood Atonement.

His followers; the disciples, the church, the Apostle Paul, all believers in the Word of God.

We continue a beautiful plan of redemption from the time of creation.

Don't shake your fist at God. Bow before Him. Leave your old ways and follow the one who is the giver of life and peace, love and beauty.

Don't follow the counterfeit, Lucifer, angel of light and beauty, fallen, prideful, angry, and deceitful. Watch out! Examine your heart and spirit. Make sure you aren't in his camp.

If you think immorality is okay with god, he (Lucifer) truly is your god, and you will suffer eternal punishment.

Sin---if your conscience isn't completely seared you do know what sin is.

There are some people in the world who openly worship Lucifer, who think he really is the true God.

Thank the LORD we have His WORD, which warns us of this.

I have been reading my German Bible recently, one chapter in German, the same one in English. I am always fascinated at how similar and exact both translations communicate the meaning. Both translate from the Greek or Hebrew.

You can trust the Word of God. It is faithful and true.

Trust Him.

Come out from among the heathen.

Believe in the ONE TRUE GOD, LORD of heaven and earth. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Yeshuah HaMeshiach, Jesus, Prince of Peace.

Repent and follow Him. Aren't you desiring Truth?


It's getting too late.

Monday, July 13, 2015

These are the Days of Warning

So many things are happening that are related to prophecy one hardly knows where to begin!

Could it be that we are two months away from some type of world change?

Very possibly. The signs are pointing to economic changes coming in September.

The powers that be have been warning us about September 23 (Yom Kippur---Day of Atonement---9/23) for years.

(Just watch any Hollywood thriller or even a cartoon! Look for references to that day. You'll find them on clocks, video clips, even shirts people are wearing. I'm not crazy, I'm simply noticing.)

I don't understand all of this, but I have eyes that see things and a brain that makes sense of what the eyes see.

Some things don't add up, and we eliminate the nonsense. There are too many things that cannot be dismissed in light of future events.

I've written about all of this in various posts since I began this blog years ago. I think we are ramping up to to SOMETHING.

I hope it is Christ's call for the feast to begin. Blessed HOPE.

If you think prophecy is ridiculous or scary you need to inform yourself now. When things start to happen that are truly scary or crazy, you will be right where you should be in the protection of Christ Jesus.

This life is so temporal, so insignificant compared to the next one.

So make things right. Now is the time to be vigilant. Now is the time to watch and prepare----spiritually.

Jesus' blood was shed on the cross for the sins of mankind. Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? Have you repented?

Don't let the family of God question your faith or commitment. God knows every heart, but you spiritual family is encouraged by you voicing your belief in Christ! We want to see your fruit, your declaration, your confession. We want to rejoice with you at the prospect of Christ's return.

The other day I had a great conversation with a good friend. How do we know our friends and family are ready for the final days?

Well, we really don't, but we can see what sort of lives they live, what they choose to occupy their time, what matters to them.

If Jesus is low on the list, and sin is pretty high on the list, you can pretty much guess that they need to repent.

Preach the Gospel to them. Love them. Don't accuse! Satan is the accuser. Christ is the LOVER.

Love them into the kingdom, but don't stop preaching! Time is short. Preach it!

Day of Reckoning?

Saturday, July 11, 2015


There comes a time in a move when you are overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done but it is too late to reverse action. The result is doldrums.

I'm there. I don't want to move back to the old house, which until it sells is called "The Cabin" around here. The Cabin was a wonderful place, and I knew where everything was.

Or pretty much.

Corgi Hollows is a wonderful place. The pets are in ecstasies. We are at peace.

But we can't find anything.

We haven't found a place for things yet, haven't installed the shelves we still need, haven't yet purged some of the old memorabilia that clings to our emotions.

We've had to re-do the septic system, find and manufacture screens for windows (previous owners used A/C----we don't), figure out the phone/internet (that took 4 weeks!), and adjust to fewer trips to the store. We are no longer conveniently located to shopping. There is still some painting to do and the forest we now own needs attention. Lawns must be mowed.

Lawn mowing has become a real challenge. The terrain here is quite rolling, and it takes some planning to avoid rolling the rider. We are currently using one riding lawn mower to mow everything---my parent's land and ours. It takes two days to get it all done. Unfortunately we have had several break-downs since mowing season began. The machine is old, and it begs for retirement. Another machine is in the shop, and the push mowers are either out of commission or at The Cabin. It's like a game to keep everything going.

But it's good. Really. I've had some issues flair up with my poor old thyroid and severe headaches -----but all that is pretty normal for me. It just slows me down.

So, no turning back.

In a week our Chinese student should arrive. She will be with us before she starts school at the university. Margaret starts her last semester there this fall, and she's begun planning her foreseeable future.

A year in France is on the agenda.

Ed's procedure went well on Wednesday. He did have a sedative, but was conscious the entire time.

His counts are low. Not completely okay with that, but the oncology staff seemed to be satisfied. The prednisone chemotherapy has done a number on his joints, so he's in quite a bit of pain. His limp is visible.

An MRI is scheduled for next Tuesday to assess the damage.

Along with other doctor's appointments and activities we have volunteered to help with the local church's Bible School. Starts tomorrow. It's nice to connect with old friends and meet new.

Cherie loved her week at camp. After we picked her up yesterday we took a drive around Lake Mille Lacs. It's about a 60 mile drive around the lake, and worth doing once a year. The sky was especially blue yesterday, so the water reflected deep azure. So beautiful.

The Canadian wild fires are affecting our skies. I think that the evening glow is rather Norwegian-looking. The beautiful light of Norway refracts in a distinct way, and we are getting a sample of that. It's gorgeous, and makes for stunning photography. The sun and the moon have shown distinct rosiness. Sad that the smoke has such a negative health effect. It seems to affect the older generation far worse.

Ed is in demand lately for his music ability. He and Margaret played at the wedding last weekend, and on Thursday he took his accordion to the local nursing home for their monthly birthday party. He was warmly received. You can imagine!

As my readership grows I've become more of a target for those who disagree with my musings. Sometimes that is hurtful, sometimes a challenge. When you are a public presence on the internet you invite all kinds of conversation. I am careful to mask many things about our lives here at Corgi Hollows, but caution can be breached on occasion.

Like the old "Dragnet" episodes began ---"The stories you hear are true, but the names have been changed to protect the innocent!"

I have been careful to do that, but I do understand that there are risks. Being a target, especially for spiritual issues, is hard. Perhaps it is a taste of what we are all facing in the near future?

Clinging to Jesus in the midst of a crazy world will have its hardships. The worst hardship would be to lose hold of Him, though, so I am grasping my faith and belief in Him like never before.

Rebukes and challenges send me to the Word of God. It's a very positive effect for a believer!

It's still hard.

The old booklet by Theodore H. Epp was one thing I found easily amidst this moving chaos. Most of my resources are askew in this house, but Epp's book was handy. "How to Resist Satan." http://pdf24.crumbpdf.org/49s2m_how-to-resist-satan.pdf

I was thankful for it, and I think you would benefit from its timely advice. We are at war with the "Prince and Power of the Air."

Warfare is a learned art, and spiritual warfare is no different. We are at war.

It is noted that persecution can come from the Pharisees as well as the faithless. Finding your place in God's love is the key to eternal peace. I've had to go back to Scripture---washing in the Word---to regain my own sense of peace.

War and Peace. Peace in War. Another spiritual paradox.

Blessings, Friends.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Indicators of an Evil Heart


I just had to share the excitement around here.

Our first grandchild is on the way!

We will be a country-length away from that precious little life, but we are thrilled that a new eternal being is growing, developing in our family!

It's Jim and his wife, having a baby later this year.

Please pray with us for the healthy start to its life.

We couldn't be more pleased.

Ed has a spinal tap tomorrow morning, and he is going to try it without anesthesia!
There will be a anesthesiologist present, in case things go awry. We are hoping that it goes well, because it would be so much easier on Ed to avoid the side effects of anesthesia each spinal tap.

Would you pray with us that it goes well?

Our leukemia journey continues, but it seems easier at this time. Please pray with us that it continues to be easy, that Ed can be healthy, that his counts stay in the prescribed window for chemotherapy.

We are still reminded of his condition daily, as he takes his oral chemo and we watch for any sign of sickness developing.

Joe's wife has started a beautiful jewelry business "P.31" #morepreciousthanrubies.

Her work is really lovely, and the jewelry very durable and sport-friendly. I am one of those people who puts on a necklace for months at a time, swimming and all, regardless. This is exactly the type of jewelry that I needed!

Check it out on Etsy.

We are always reminded of our fleeting presence on this earth. As we live in our new house and experience a new sort of country life, with grandparents right next door, we are struck with the whimsical nature of our existence! Who could have thought we'd be where we are today?

I am amazed.

I enjoy the lilies that the previous owner planted, her color combinations and her thought into beautiful views. I thank her daily, and think of her.

It seems a twist of nature that we are in this place, in this time.

How quickly life changes!

This Golden Morning

It's beautiful here today. 

What a week it was, last. Our friends had a wedding, and since they are from out-of-town, we helped with many various tasks including the rehearsal dinner.

So much fun! Everyday was filled with joy and expectation, moving the bridal pair's belongings into the new apartment, celebrating, shopping, and ultimately the lovely, sweet, Christ-centered wedding.

It was July 4, too, but we hardly noticed.

Somehow, as this old land passed another Independence Day, I felt little elation regarding the holiday, and it wasn't for distractions.

As you know, my two oldest sons serve our country in the Army, and we are as conservative and patriotic as anyone. Yet I feel a sorrow, and a different expectancy this July. 

What has happened to America? Land of the Free! Home of the Brave!

We have all turned to bondage and cowardice.

Our free speech is threatened. We are afraid to speak our minds, fearing firstly being labelled bigot or homophobe, but also fearing the specter of legal ramifications now possible with the new Supreme Court ruling.

Can I say that homosexuality is sin? Can I say that the world benefits from biological marriage, male/female, and suffers from any aberration?

Perversion. Abomination. Anathema.

Well, I'll say it, and I hope you do too.

We have seen a separation of the sheep from the goats over this single issue, and I think it truly is a brightening light for eternal implications.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the Creator, the One in charge. He makes the rules, He makes it all.

To go against Him is to rebel, and that is entirely human.

Those of us who cling to His salvation plan are entirely justified in our fears of rebellion against Him. We are concerned about obedience, pleasing Him, and living as light in this sin-sick world.

He chose us, we decided to follow Him, at all costs. Life, reputation, friendships, relationships. 

There is this insidious confusion about what it really means to be a Christian in these last days.

I think that we have seen the true demarcation line after this latest political change.

Either you are IN or you are OUT. 

Either you believe that God's Word is truth, or you don't.

Either you repent, or you live in your sinful human nature.


We have seen people lose their heads for Christ in the past year. Their choice cost them their earthly lives. 

The ruling powers that be are dead-set against Christ-followers. They are completely in the hands of the Imposter, Lucifer.

Now is the time to choose. Choose carefully.

God is patient. He is not willing that ANY should perish! He has provided a way to salvation----ONE way, Christ alone.

Let the sheep separate from the goats, and let it be suddenly clear who will follow the narrow path, through the straight gate, and into the courts of LOVE.

Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I love history, and I particularly enjoy timelines that put things together for me chronologically.

Were you one of those people who were tripped up by Biblical genealogies and apparent mistakes in the Bible?

I was. I did some research several years ago, and I was able to resolve that issue satisfactorily for me.

Since then I have enjoyed watching documentaries and listening to lectures that unpack historical events accurately according to real time.

What I have found is that there can be mistakes made archeologically, and the most consistent and accurate time teller is really the Word of God.

It is reliable to an unheard-of degree.

Consider this recent documentary:


And this one:

This professor's work:

And this book:

These are all credible historians and historically sound---yet they are all in conflict regarding some dates.

The lesson learned is that God knows the exact dates, man set the timeline, and everything really does add up---even exactly.

Among prophecy people there is talk of the 70th Week of Daniel.

Do you know what that is?

I will try to summarize it briefly.

Daniel was a prophet. He saw things far into the future. He accurately predicted the reign of King Cyrus, Alexander the Great, and the coming of the Jewish Messiah. He even gave an exact time frame: 483+7 years.

Lo and Behold, that time passed and Jesus Christ was born on the earth, grew up and entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

That date, (disputed by historians) halted the timeline set up by God. So began the age of Grace, the Church age.

I am no pastor, no theologian, so if you want to get more complete understanding of this you'll have to do your own research.

I tend to lean toward the date of March 29, 33 AD, bringing the death of Christ to April 3, 33 AD.

Differing timelines can be confusing.

Isaac Newton calculated dates, as did Pope Gregory (the Gregorian Calendar fashioned by his minions) --also different monks in the middle ages worked endlessly on this topic.

The truth is that it doesn't have an effect on the whole picture of God's timeline.

I find the dates Jonathon Cahn calculates on the Jewish calendar to be rather convincing, as one cannot deny the historical record of recent years!

The 29th of Alul is coming up this September on the 13th. This one is a Shemitah, a time of blessing or a curse. This calendar is apparently correct according to God's timeline as it matches up a recent historical pattern of every seven years and significant dates that fall precisely onto that time frame.

Interesting, to say the least.

So when does the last week of Daniel's prophecy begin???

That last week is known as the Great Tribulation, Jacob's Trouble, the Last Days.

It will be a time of God's wrath falling on the earth. (Think Noah's Flood, but fire, this time)

Jesus told his followers that they would see birth pangs, that certain events would happen leading up to this terrible time, that we would be warned.

Celestial events would occur (blood moons, astronomical signs, changes in atmosphere). Earth-changing events---volcanic and seismic---with increased intensity.

Plague and death. Mass Animal Death
That has started already.

Political upheaval, social demise, economic hardship, and HISTORICAL EVENTS will be signs for us.

Israel. There is no other sign more convincing than the nation of Israel.

Ezekiel prophesied particularly regarding Israel.

But Daniel's prophecy also regarded God's people. I love to turn to Daniel 12:1, where it says we, those with our names written in the book, will be delivered from the trouble to come.

That is my hope, and that can be yours too.

Timing is significant. Time exists as God created it, wholly and fully at the dawn of creation. He sees its beginning and its ending. Time, as we can understand it, can be understood better as a finite creation rather than an agent of creation itself.

Time is running out for us.

The concept of eternity is beyond our comprehension, but that doesn't negate its existence. To go beyond and out of time and into God's presence is not completely unimaginable, but it is difficult to grasp.

To spend eternity (timelessness) in hell is anathema.

I think the 70th week of Daniel may be starting this September. The Times are hinting at this.

Hope in Christ. He is coming soon.



Signs Everywhere!