"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, March 30, 2015

And Then It Was Different

When I woke up this morning I had no thought that today was all that different from other days, but it really is, and here's why:

Ed went to the clinic. It turned out to be his last Pre-Maintenance treatment. He got two shots of Erwinia, and his ammonia levels were manageable. There will be no more Erwinia scheduled.

He goes back to the clinic next week to begin "Maintenance," the three-year-long treatment phase that includes periodical spinal taps and daily oral chemotherapy. Infusions in the clinic will happen every two weeks to monthly.

All in all it will be a lighter schedule.

So what will we do with ourselves?

I kind of feel that life is restarting---as of today. And for the clan at Corgi Hollows life is getting very interesting. Today the last inspections were done on the house we bought last week.

The bee house, next door to my parents, the house my uncle built 60 years ago, the new Corgi Hollows, is to become ours in May.

And life just changed like that!

It's also the beginning of the Third Watch today. In prophecy circles there has been talk of blood moons and solar eclipses. There is a set of four lunar eclipses happening in 2014-2015, and these happen every six months on Jewish feast days. We are entering the third period between the eclipses, and some have called it the "Third Watch," the darkest time of the night.

Do I know what that entails? No, but I can imagine, and so can you, if you think about it at all.

The darkest hour before the dawn.

Our Creator, the One who made everything, and who is beyond our little comprehension, has set patterns in the galaxies for us to watch and know. Are the "blood moons" astronomical events, or literally blood on the moon? My Creator can do anything, so I wouldn't be surprised at either, but I have the logical, reasonable side telling me it is what we are witnessing in the night sky at this point in time. Blood moons are predicted for the end in Scripture, therefore we watch for "blood moons."

If your spiritual eyes are open, you see things differently.

So begins this next phase for me, for us at Corgi Hollows. How long do we have before the Messiah comes? It looks like things are getting closer to His appearance. I wonder if the devil is guessing/watching the signs even as we do...

Probably, and he has supernatural knowledge---beyond what we can figure for now.

For Ed, the signs say that his life will get to a new normal with cancer. For all of us, a new normal of daily patterns and views. For the world?

Let's watch and see.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Musical Gluttony

Last Saturday I was able to be at six concerts. Yes, six.

It was Bach's birthday, so Pipedreams hosted a day of Bach at five different Minneapolis churches, all of which have pipe organs. Each concert was roughly an hour long, featuring the works of Bach on the organ, piano, cello, and medieval instruments, as well as a representation of choral works.

Would that be too much Bach?

Not for me. I loved hearing the music, but also quietly enjoying the different spaces was part of the allure. I happen to love stained glass windows, and each of these churches had remarkable windows.

It was a nice day to trundle between the concerts too---Spring was celebrating its birth too.

I met a woman who teaches flute and french, and we chatted throughout the day--and found out we had similar taste in music. You never know who you will meet who share your passions.

That evening my husband and I heard the Concordia College (Moorhead) Chapel Choir. Ninety-six voices in this group!

My son was in this choir for three years, and I certainly missed him, but it was an excellent concert. These students worked hard on difficult works, and it was great.

I admit that six concerts was a bit much, but I have to say that it set me up for a lovely Sunday, the next day.

A little musical gluttony once in awhile can't be too bad.

Yo-Yos and Roller Coasters

We wouldn't want to die of boredom, now, would we?

That is what my husband says when we face another big thing.

So, the saga of the bee house----The New Corgi Hollows---continues. We signed papers last night that indicate we will be moving in May of this year. There are still a couple of things that need tweaking, and the situation still needs a lot of prayer, but things seem to be going forward.

This is really another miracle. I think you have been praying for us! I am so thankful!

I would ask for you to pray for the couple that is selling the house. They have been separated for awhile, and they need lots of prayer. Please lift them up. I know they are heartbroken about leaving the house. Things sort of went in the wrong direction for them financially.

That could happen to any of us, and we have deep empathy for them.

So, we are certainly on a roller coaster of ups and downs, one moment the deal is looking good, the next not so much. I assume that will be the case until everything is squared away.

And we face a Move, a paring down, a purge. Any home schooling family that has lived in one house for 15 years has an accumulation of stuff, and all of that must be evaluated and properly disposed of or distributed.

I still have Cherie, who will be my student, Abba willing, for a few more years.

Ed might be starting PSEO next fall----Minnesota's Post Secondary Enrollment Option --which simply means college for his junior and senior years.


I still look for the big change---Christ's coming for His own---to happen very soon, but we must go forward with the small stuff, and the sort of big stuff anyway.

So chemotherapy goes on, Spring continues to make her presence known, my children have all of their activities in full swing, and I am along for the ride.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Snowy Morning

Ins and Outs

Just briefly here, for my dedicated readers, bringing you up-to-date:

We made a good offer on the "bee house."

It was countered in terms which were beyond our means.

For now we lay it all down to rest in the Father's hands.

Such is this ongoing story of life. This door closed.  

For more of this story we can talk!

Again, thank you for praying.

Signs of the End

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Love of Christ

I think that the Heavenly Father teaches us lessons by emphasizing certain things through various means.

For an example, this morning I was reading in "The Commandments of Christ" the command "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Then I opened Paul Tournier's book "The Healing of Persons" to a chapter about acceptance, and the whole passage was about loving people.

They will know us by our love.

The faith of a believer is characterized by love. Love for God, love for self, love for a neighbor, (that is, anyone you meet), love for a brother, love for those who serve you, and those you serve.

Love, love, love.

God has no greater message for us.

And loving is not always easy. There are hurts and wounds that make it hard. There are selfish desires that thwart our attempts to put others first.

But I can say that acceptance ---and love---of everyone is what God requires of us, in fact, it has direct effect on our own being, health, and mentality.

To accept is to live free.

Paul Tournier brought up a story of a man who had lost everything in the Russian Revolution. His acceptance of that loss had made him one of the happiest men that Tournier knew.

Acceptance, and love, forgiveness and selflessness---these ARE the keys to happiness.

This is the love of Christ.

This is true joy.

Ed had another dose of Erwinia yesterday. He reacted a little, but he felt better in the afternoon. The dose was a half dose, so it is nice that it works.

Our trip to Duluth, and Gooseberry Falls was pleasant. We also stopped and hiked at Banning State Park, along the river rapids. That Sunday was unseasonably warm, and we enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air. We stayed overnight on Canal Park, and then drove up to Gooseberry Falls in the rain on Monday. We walked the trails by the falls, some muddy, some full of snow. The ice made spectacular sculptures. The river was running there, too.

After a slice of "Great Lakes" pie at Betty's Pies (I had that----we also ordered Turtle Coconut, Coconut Cream, Cherry Cream, and Cherry---is your mouth watering yet?) we headed home as planned. If you are wondering, as I did, what "Great Lakes" pie was---a combination of berries and I think peach, with a crumbly top crust. Very good!

It was a nice little get-away. And no fever for Ed!

We are now in the process of exploring a Move. The sale fell through with Ray and Jay! Thank you for praying regarding this whole issue. I don't know what will come of it, but we are looking at making an offer. I have my hands open, knowing that God will put us where He thinks we should be. Please pray with us.

Life changes. They happen no matter what.

There is a series of concerts this Saturday in honor of Johann Sebastian Bach, here in the cities. I call it the "Bach Walk," and you can find information on Pipedreams website. Perhaps I'll see you there. Ed and I are looking forward to it. We are looking forward to having friends come and stay with us this weekend, too.

I still need to wash my windows....

Too much fun happening around here!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Could I be Convincing?

I know that the Holy Spirit is the one that opens spiritual eyes, but what does it take for me to be open with the Gospel?

More than anything else I want those who read this to become believers in Jesus, the one and only Messiah. Why does it seem that I carp on this all the time?

Because I'm not sure everyone who reads this is saved, and there is nothing more important in this world.

As someone who loves life, loves the Lord, and loves people, I am compelled to pass on my beliefs in hope that the Spirit opens the eyes of the soul towards belief in Christ.

So what would it take to convince you that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and glory, and that everyone else is condemned to eternal punishment?

Not a pretty picture, but the one that the Word of God paints from Genesis to Revelation.

We all must believe. In the past two hundred years, at least in America, the Judea-Christian faith was practically known throughout the western world. Most people were familiar with Christianity.

Now I'm not so sure. I think the culture has forgotten the Bible and what it actually says. The Catholic Church has softened on many issues, and no one seems to remember what it means to be moral. Everyone has a definition of one's own.

I am amazed at things happening in our culture today. I believe that many people are terrified of things to come, knowing bits and pieces of the End of Time. Most don't know enough to recognize that it is close. Those who know something about it don't want to talk about it or think about it.

They WANT to be ignorant of things to come.

I think that knowing what is coming and seeing it play out with a knowledge of how to face it in Christ's power, is the most compelling reason to believe in Jesus.

Besides that we have the love of the Father in Heaven, and He deserves all of our love, our time, our energy.

So I pray that eyes will be opened. That each of us will share the Gospel with boldness and peace, ambassadors for the LORD.

Please believe.

Black Pets, Sunny Morning

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Hidden Dangers of Rock and Roll music - Part 1


Follow the links on this YouTube clip to see all of this classic talk on music. I remember sermons like this from my childhood. The backwards stuff is interesting. Worth your time.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Break, But What a Break!

Easy and hard, positive and negative, good and bad...It's been one of those times of intensity, and I'm still sorting it all out.

Life doesn't "behave" the way you need it to sometimes.

Friends asked us to join them in a donated time-share up at Breezy Point, Minnesota this week.

Permission was granted by our oncologist for Ed to travel that distance away from the hospital (It's three + hours away from the clinic). We made our plans, and took off on Monday.

What a great time we had while it lasted! Ed started feeling a sore throat the next night, and by Wednesday morning he was very feverish and miserable. A bad night's sleep with those irritating fever dreams made it worse for him.

We decided to head back for the clinic right away, so we packed up quickly and took off.  We were in touch with the clinic as we drove, so we were directed to the ER.

Ed had a fever, but his blood counts (the real concern) were pretty good! We are still scheduled for a spinal tap tomorrow morning, early. We were allowed to go home for the night.

We got home to Mistums Corgums unable to walk. Margaret took excellent care of her, but she needed to be seen by the vet.

Sure enough, she's having a relapse of Lyme Disease. She got sick from a tick bite the first year of her life. Similar symptoms---pain, inability to walk. Our vet checked her out and she has meds to take for about a month. Thankful that she is feeling better already.

When your pet can't walk it seems like it's the end for her! I am so thankful that she has days ahead!

My husband and I were talking about moving to a house that was for sale where our bees live. Unfortunately, before we were able to make a "move" on that, it sold----pending for now.

Ray and Jay got it...I'll call them that, as they will be the beneficiaries of our bees! Perhaps the sale won't go through, and I am quietly hoping that. It would be so nice for my husband to be close to the bees. It's out in the country, and exactly where it would be wonderful.

Three of the five hives are alive! They made it through the winter! Sugar syrup and pollen patties have been given to them, and we hope that they will make it to the warmer spring days.

We've been spoiled this week with warmth, for sure. We saw dozens of Trumpeter Swans migrating northward on our trip homeward yesterday. Bald Eagles were fishing in the opening lakes. The sun was shining and the breeze was gentle. Huge amounts of snow disappeared.

We are all ready to burst out of the house, clean up the yard, breathe in the spring air, and soak up the sunshine. I'm stirring my energy for a real spring cleaning. Windows, here I come!

Spring break for Margaret next week, so perhaps we'll be granted permission for another outing. With Misty ailing it may not be feasible.
We shall see.

So, I have mixed feelings of gratefulness and concern. Thankful that the great Navigator, our Heavenly Father, is truly at the helm.

One day at a time!

That's it from Corgi Hollows for now. Spring's a-coming!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

At War

The following episode about Earth's ages may be edgy for you, but if you haven't exposed yourself to the information the presenter talks about you need to become informed.

I am not very familiar with "Alberino," so I can't endorse his ideas yet, but what he presents in this little clip is entirely accurate according to other research I've done.

It is a nice summary of the spiritual warfare going on since creation.

Really, the Bible predicts that we will have an increase of knowledge at the end, that people will be roaming to and fro throughout the earth, that we will see signs and wonders.

Aren't we?

Satan/Lucifer/the devil --a fallen angel---is waging a cosmic war.

When you wake up to that war you will never see things the same again. There have been hints of it in literature, science and philosophy for centuries, but it has never been so obvious as it is now.

"Disclosure." Such an enticing word. Don't we all want to know the whole story? Keeping information from people seems to be a form of control, but it certainly is the simpler path. What will be gained by disclosure?

Fear? Control?

As we learn of new, bizarre, and practically unbelievable information, stuff that shakes our worldview, be aware that the Bible presents the entire story for those who will seek Him, the savior.

When your eyes are opened the planets align. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you. Ask Jesus to be your savior. Ask the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to forgive you for your sin.

And be safe in the fold where the Shepherd gently leads.

The Alberino Analysis - Earth's Earliest Ages: Episode 3

Swedish Limpa

1 cup warm milk
1/8 cup molasses
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cups rye flour
2 cups flour
1 Tablespoon finely diced orange + peel
1 teaspoon caraway seed
1/2 teaspoon fennel seed
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoons yeast
2 Tablespoons butter
Put in your bread maker.  I use the "basic" setting. Easy and delish.

Calendar Notice

Don't Miss

Monday, March 2, 2015


Today's Headlines from Jan:

Lightness Stirs

First of all, the nuts and bolts:

Ed has an infusion later today, but we know that his platelets are low, and his "numbers" are not normal.

His allergies are officially changed to reveal the reaction that the Erwinia gives him: High Ammonia.

Will this eliminate Erwinia completely? That seems to be THE question. There is still a voice among the oncologists that wants to keep trying it.

I have my reservations. Maybe the LORD is saving Ed from this type of chemotherapy altogether. The indications are that he reacts much more quickly with each consecutive dosage. I'm skeptical about using it again, but I am just the mom, and even moms do not have the final say...

We had a weekend of pipe organ bliss. Ed played the organs at two churches in St. Paul, thanks to the Twin Cities Chapter of the American Guild of Organists Pipe Organ Discovery Day on Saturday. Then we heard a recital yesterday that included some of his all-time favorites---a Mendelssohn suite, and several Bach pieces, including a Bach re-write of a Vivaldi concerto. It was heavenly.

I just love being there with him.

Now for the lightness I speak of of.

I happened to be at a ELCA (Lutheran) church where a flyer announced an upcoming lecture on PROPHECY and the APOCALYPSE!

I just about fell off my chair!

As you know, we are not members of any church but the family of God---which is THE Church, but I do like to learn about denominations of various kinds. We attend "Grace Community Fellowship" weekly, at the Coon Rapids City Hall, where the preacher is an expository Bible teacher.

I've had exposure to just about everything out there that is considered orthodox, and some that are maybe not so much in line with orthodoxy.

For an ELCA to sponsor a talk about prophecy is really exciting.

Prophecy is ignored in most mainline denominations, and it is to their detriment.

Perhaps we are seeing an awakening? A lightening? Perhaps there is a stirring before the end?

"National Geographic" arrived in our mailbox the other day. Did you see the cover?

"The War on Science."

When you look at the cover piece you realize one thing---Truth is winning!

That the NG must address the issues listed on the cover and acknowledge them as a "threat" means that some Truth is making headway.

They link some legitimate concerns with some far-out fallacy ideas, but that they even felt the need to address evolution, GMO's, climate change, and vaccinations is proof that "The Establishment" is feeling threatened, and that TRUTH is WINNING!

It made my day.

If only everyone would dig deeper. If only we all would see the Cosmic Plan of the Creator as it plays out.

Very exciting.

As we all read the headlines, and watch tiny little Israel take center stage in the world, we can only nod in agreement with God Himself.

God's Word is true, and all of His prophecies come to fruition.

If you aren't in line with Biblical faith you will be confronted with it sooner or later.

Watch out that your heart isn't completely hardened to accepting God's way.

I met someone recently who simply refused to see God as He has described Himself in the Bible. She mentioned his jealousy, his justice, and she called Him "spiteful."

The Bible doesn't describe God as spiteful, but it does say He is jealous, that He is just. That He is love.

He hardens hearts, He causes hard things---like wars, death, and judgment.

Yes, that is Who He is.

To shake our fists at Him for not being the Being we have thought up in our own minds seems silly, but we must admit that it is easy to come up with our own version of "god." That IS idolatry though.

Be careful. To go against GOD is to be condemned.

To love Him, to believe, to have faith in Him, is to become His beloved child, and to experience life at its fullest.

And remember, there is an IMPOSTER out there. He manifests as Thor, as Baal, as Lucifer, as Shiva, as Allah, as the Plumed Serpent, as the Kundalini. He pulls the wool over the eyes of atheists and humanists. He masks as light. He is the Light Bearer.

He speaks sweetly and softly into your mind that he is god. He hates the one true God, and it is his ultimate wish to kill and condemn.

Open your eyes to the truth of the Bible!
The hour is late, and the wrath of God is about to fall on a world gone hay-wire.

Oh YES! My son Joe got the offer!!! He starts as a Washington State Patrol Trooper on March 13!

Wow. Just wow!

We are so thankful and excited for him! This mom asks for your prayers when you think of him, doing things that seem dangerous sometimes in this changing world.

But someone's got to do it. Actually, with his happy disposition and tendency to make everyone laugh it might be a pleasure to be stopped by him for a traffic violation. Really.

Pray for his safety and for his continued training. Thank you!