"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fledge, Little Ones!

Tomorrow four of my chicks will leave the nest.

Two will fly over the Atlantic to parts eastern. Two will ride north to Bible camp.

I'll have only one left at home. (And it's not the youngest)

Not sure how I'll be able to divide my time---since there will be no demands on it from the youngsters!

Last evening some of us attended a prophecy conference. Looking at the events of the world through the eye-glass of Bible prophecy is sobering and exciting.

I'm one of those people who LOVES to study the Word of God, loves to read the news, and loves to draw conclusions for myself! I ponder.

Let me tell you, times are fascinating.

My little nestlings have such an incredible world to grow up to, and they are trying their wings away from home, interpreting their own experiences through the worldview they've been raised to understand.

It's exciting for them, and for me.

Blackberry's ear is healing after her surgery. Misty comforts her. She is finally in heat this year---way later than usual.

The cats greeted each other this morning with a nose touch! Progress. 

I started sewing this afternoon and my machine said "fix me!"  Guess I'll be using Ed's over the next few days until mine works again. So nice to have a back up!

So it's tally-ho!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's a winner!

Just came up with a great dip recipe. (It's addictive, so watch out!)

Cheesy Garlic Dip

1/2 c Mayo
1/2 c. Salad Dressing (Miracle Whip)
1/2 c. shredded cheese
1/2 c ground almonds
1 T. chopped garlic
1/2 tsp. Lawry's salt

Mix in blender with enough milk to make creamy (about a Tablespoon)

Have no idea how many calories, but it's probably really fattening. And tasty.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Production Increase!

It's summer, and the creative juices are flowing freely.

I just hauled the junk out of the "inactivity" room (Yes, it should be the Activity Room, but it's so full of everyone's projects that no one does anything in there!) and set up the sewing machine in a pleasant setting.

It's amazing how a clear table top beckons for a project to be done.

My friend took me to visit her beautiful new office downtown, and the clean counters inspired me to get MY work stations in order.

So I did.

The table with the knitting machine is now just for Ed's knitting machine. My son is happily working up blankets and other items as I write.

My embroidery bag is right in front of me, but I don't plan to get to that until the sewing projects are COMPLETE!

I am not a happy sewer. I had the most wonderful and fun lessons as a young girl, but the perfectionist tendencies required for good products were never in my make-up. I do my best and most of the time the item fills the need for which it was made. Thankfully my mother-in-law is one of the most gifted sewers I know, so when I'm desperate for help I needn't look far!

And yet, I do think it is a skill worth developing. Margaret and Ed are both working on projects--a skirt, a blanket, and quilt.

The stamps have been used again to make some wrapping paper and a few cards. My X-stitch materials have been found. (Cherie must do one small one, just to learn how). A couple of summers ago we visited the Mille Lacs Indian Museum and learned to bead Indian bracelets. Now we have the looms to do that. Hooking rugs is one of those things that is so easy, but it takes discipline to keep at it until it's DONE!

Each project requires a minimum of skill, so it's sort of art class/school in a home school sense.

The last few days have been Minnesota summer cool. It is the best weather for inspiration. Brain function really turns on when the humidity levels go lower.

Prayers, please, for a young soldier leaving for Afghanistan next week. He is someone close to us. We all wish things were better there, but they aren't. This young man is exceptional: He has sent a letter home each day since he went away for his first training. It's been a journal of all he's experienced!

Yes, I'm pretty sure it will be a classic one day. It certainly could be. I got to read a few of the letters last summer, and they are candid accounts of each activity and every person he meets! Fun stuff.

When someone close is in harm's way it is easier to pray for all who are.

You know those old buildings on main streets of small towns? There is often one with pretty brickwork that spells out "Bee Hive." I think it was an old five-and-dime type of store, with needlework supplies.

I think the name fits. This house is as busy as our own beehives!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I'm having the best summer for reading!

The other night I finished "Unbroken," which I had started a long time ago, but hadn't got back to.

Funny that I have a survivor/raft/ocean theme going with some of my book choices this summer.  I'm in the middle of "Life of Pi," too.

We are reading the biography of Sadhu Sundar Singh again. I think I've read his story at least a dozen times (different bios and versions, my favorite is the one put out by Moody Press in 1950, Cyril Davey), and I am always inspired and touched by the power God in his tremendous story.

Through reading R.A. Dickey's bio I picked up a book he recommends, "The Power of One."  This book is gritty, but it touches you. It's about a young boy beating tremendous odds.

My ongoing fascination with Israel has me reading "The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu," and this is also extremely interesting. Joni was killed in Entebbe, he was the older brother of Bibi.

I am always challenged and strengthened by reading stories of faith and hope. Even if the premise is not of Christ, I am doing mental war with the argument, testing my own understanding of my faith.

Storms have ravaged my home state, but our home was unscathed. Just last weekend my husband took the girls to a state park that is now raging with flash floods. It is incredible.

An old friend from high school lost his 12 year old Corgi yesterday. :(

Blackberry suffers from her ear problems, despite a $100.00 visit to the vet and medications.

I have had a pain issue since I saw my physical therapist (usually it is the other way around!) and I am affected by that (as usual).

But I am NOT on a raft drifting 2,000 miles in the Pacific Ocean, barely surviving on rainwater, sharks bumping the boat night and day.

It takes perspective, doesn't it?

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. That is a battle cry for being unbreakable.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012



Having heard of this since last year, I thought it an interesting compilation of these mysterious sounds!

We have yet to get a good explanation for them.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


No, I did not pass the qualifying test I had to take on Tuesday. Another test window must be opened for me, and I am unhappy about doing so poorly.

I guess it was rather unlikely that I could pass a test which I had only studied for in my "spare time!"

I'll need to get going on some serious study time next week, and make another attempt before long.

WE are all under one roof tonight, and that is a treat.

I've been thinking about:

The bridal shower I got to help with today. (It was lovely!)
The situations and conversations from last week. (I am preparing myself mentally for the next Scout trip in July. These things require great fortitude on my part)
Ongoing stresses of adjusting to change. (Change is a Constant)
Transcripts that must be devised. (You read that right: they do not exist yet)
Keeping a 13-year-old and a 9-year-old busy...productively...with school and projects.
How to accomplish projects that have been waiting to be DONE.
 Cats that continue to terrorize us all at least once daily. My black wraith Kiwi has maudlin delight in stalking the princess Predicate. (Her personality is truly upper crust)

(Kiwi is innocently curled up on the Turkish rug at my feet as I write. It's like Jekyll and Hyde. So thankful for the Corgi police force around here!)

It's summer. We plan too much, always.

My friend's mother and I had a good talk at the bridal shower today.

She reminded me that God is always good, and He gives us the grace for each day. He gives us the strength to lift the burdens of the moment, and He never leaves us.

Her burdens are being cheerfully borne. She is a good example for me.

What would we do without good examples?!!

They are priceless in helping us get through Setbacks.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just a Little Tired

Last Thursday at 6:00 pm I embarked on an adventure with my youngest son.

I returned last evening at 6:00.

I and a dozen or so Boy Scouts, and a smattering of parents. To Up North.

It wasn't strenuous. Sitting by a pristine lake, home of a pair of loons, sunshiny days, trolling for Northern Pike, canoeing through glassy waters, hearing the bullfrogs start their burping as the sun set.

As the lone old mom I had privileges. A cabin to myself, light duty, and few cares.

I sat looking at the water, keeping an eye on the 3 scouts who didn't pass the swim test. I did my KP duty and showed up for flag raising and lowering.

Delightful, but wearing. I'm reminded of the socialite character in "Enchanted April" who appeared to have it all, but insisted that her life was "wearing." I think I get it.

There was lots of interesting inter-action going on with those boys, aged 11 to 17. Leaders emerged. Scoundrels were labeled. Feelings were hurt. Laughter and pushing.  Normal boy stuff, mostly fine.

Adults tackled faith, politics, books, and junk science. Yeah. I guess it's not against protocol.

I got to read R.A. Dickey's new memoir, about finding the perfect knuckle ball. I started "Life of Pi" too. Nice choices. I shed a few tears surreptitiously. (The company I kept would hardly be amused at a weeping female).

I did not play cribbage. I prayed a lot.

My dad said a friend of his said the only things he learned from Boy Scouts was how to play Poker and swear. 

Happily I did neither. I was vigilant with my son's behavior too. A parent's duty, right?

Cribbage is the game of choice for these guys, and it was played heartily. Until late at night.

I retired at a decent hour each evening, but I am tired tonight.

Just a little tired.

Monday, June 4, 2012

"Respectable Sins"

Somehow this title makes me think of some best-selling romance, but it is indeed no such thing.

This little book by Jerry Bridges convicts uncomfortably.

I read it yesterday while my gifted husband fixed two vehicles after church.

Two trips to church by one driver (me) got everyone to church in the remaining working vehicle.  

I am so thankful for a husband who is phenomenal with engines. Really. He can do it---whatever that car needs!

Anyway, the cars are both running. I got to read. (Nice Sunday)

"Respectable Sins" is being read by our church, collectively, almost like a church-wide book club.

It steps on toes. It make you say ouch. It isn't pleasant reading. It takes courage to get through the whole book.

I almost put it down and constructed a few barriers in my mind as I read, but forged bravely ahead.

I conquered it just before bed.

No, I didn't like it. It is worth reading though.

If you want to challenge yourself pick it up. Prepare for battle.