"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Greetings for Resurrection Sunday

I've been processing the things I've learned at the Prophecy Conference all week.

Ed had a successful (uneventful) spinal tap on Wednesday, and that is wonderful.

He's beginning to experience neuropathy in his toes, but the physical therapist says that should diminish after chemotherapy ends.

Let's hope so.

This spring has been unseasonably warm, and the snow is gone. Water stands in the base of the swamps. Swans have returned, and yesterday I saw a pair of cranes.

The birds are singing madly.

It really must be spring. This El Nino year is causing interesting weather patterns.

My husband and I walked up the dirt road last night and observed large frost heaves periodically. What a nightmare for the village road crews!

It's a nightmare to drive on!

I am happy to report that we have a relatively free weekend. I have lots to catch up on, so I'm going to be busy.

Cherie is liking track. Ed is liking math. I am liking everything right now.

And yet I weep inside for the lost souls around me. This time of year makes everyone somewhat reflective, spiritually, and I grieve when I reflect. Not for my own sinful, saved self! Things are settled for good, there.

 I grieve for my friends that I know do not know Christ personally. Oh, they "know" Him. They grew up in a church, even a family that believes. These people don't know what it means to be a child of the Most High. To have Jesus Christ be the most important thing in life to them! To live free of fear of death, of even life's hardships!

To face cancer, to face poverty, want, and loneliness with complete peace.

That is what I'm talking about.

I know where I am going when I die. I may suffer (with the help of the Holy Spirit!) here on earth, but I know what is coming.

Confidently, with all my heart.

Jesus saves. Once you have been filled with the Holy Spirit you are sealed and solid!

I've had my days of grief, need, and pain, but I've never faced them alone.

I grieve for those who don't share that faith with me.

I fear for their eternity.

Remember, you are saved by FAITH! not of works, lest ANYONE should boast.

You are saved by faith in Christ Jesus, His blood shed on the cross, and His work of repentance in your heart!

You will turn. You will turn toward HIM.

I loved the testimony of the Reiki witch that I posted last night. It's fearsome to watch, but it shows the power of the Holy Spirit to free a soul from bondage.

There is a community of believers that is simply the most powerful group of people on earth. Better than any superhero conceived of! I have the privilege of being a part of it and knowing souls all across the world who share this identity!

It's magnificent.

Make this day of remembrance for Jesus' resurrection from the dead be your homecoming into His arms of love and forgiveness.

Ask Him. Repent. Believe. Have faith. Follow Him.

Just do it.

And celebrate!

He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

The Book of Jude. Please take time for a study today:

Monday, March 21, 2016

Today's reading: a sign?

Love it when this happens. See my following post!


Just returned from a prophecy conference up in Moorhead, MN.

It started at 9:00 am on Friday, and lasted all day Friday and Saturday, and ended at noon on Sunday after a lengthy question and answer period.

My mind is saturated.

I've written about prophecy events before, and the mood I detect among the participants. It's interesting to me to calculate the societal temperature toward prophecy.

I see a rise.

There were fewer people in the seats this time. I attended this particular conference in spring of 2014, right before Ed was diagnosed with leukemia, and before my oldest children graduated from college. (I tend to date things around life experiences.)

Fewer people, but a deeper sense of the significant times we are in among those there.

We're in for it, people!

Last year was a very intense year, prophetically. There was an expectation in response to prophetic events that I'd never seen before----disclosures, blood moons, unrest, weather, earthquakes-----all increased like never before.

The door was opened. Now, those of us prophecy nuts have license to openly acknowledge the events of our times in a prophetic atmosphere. We all sense the fulfillment of prophecy and the shortness of our earthly time.

Not only in the Biblical sense, but from the culture we live in.

That said, I want to give some "bullets" of information I gleaned from the speakers, and what my brain is chewing on. I invite you to "chew" with me.

Politics (let's start here!)

We acknowledge a "shadow government" who really decides who to "puff" politically. We see we have been given an unreasonable choice between a socialist felon and a Front-man for president. The other candidates are window candy.

Socialism is simply a watered down version of totalitarianism. Marxism. To invite socialism into this free country is a mistake at any level. Personal freedom is cherished by the good people of America. Democracy ----a democratic Republic---is the best guaranty for personal freedom. To cling to the tenets of our founding fathers is not unreasonable. It is vital to our success as an exceptional country.

America IS exceptional. One speaker pointed out that it is the ONLY country on earth that people actually risk death to get in. Yes. It is. People have heard of the "American Dream," and although it is nothing like it used to be, it still has power.

Politics include the instigation of a New World Order. One speaker outlined the global unification of government, religion, and the economy.

The goals of totalitarianism are to unify the entire world under ONE SYSTEM.

Some of you may have seen the PBS special on Lester Brown a few years ago. I linked to it here back then. It was a clear disclosure of Global Governance as planned by Fabian Socialists and other "elite" groups.

--population reduction
--monitored speech

We all know that personal freedom doesn't fit the picture of a "global" society. One cannot be an individual and fit into the big system.

Our "friends" who control media have spoon-fed our children pretty images of dystopia through film and TV.

The original fabian socialists, H.G. Wells and Alduous Huxley painted alarming pictures of Dystopia in their books (Brave New World). We all recoiled. Or did we?

Soft disclosure is a reality. These books did their dirty work, softening the society to give in to a larger "better" system of governance.

So vote against socialism in the upcoming election. Even if it is for a clownish candidate. Socialism is the ticket to the prophesied New World Order, and you don't want to have that on your conscience.


I have repeatedly referred you readers to Wilfred Hahn. He is so learned and up to date on the Economy.

Suffice it to say here, a troubled economy leads to collapse. It's happened over and over again historically. We are troubled.

GMO crops and their prevalence and subsequent inevitable failure leads to world hunger. They contribute to health issues that decrease the population, or at least cause significant increase of health issues like autism and birth defects. Don't tell me you don't know someone with ADHD, ADD, or Asperger Syndrome. These things occurred before GMO's were introduced, but not to the incredible extent.

Wake up. We are on the verge of global collapse. Europe is tottering. Greece is just the beginning.

We are headed to a cashless, controlled society. You do know that the Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE organization. Please, people, understand the implications of that.


Here is where I could go ON AND ON.

BUT, in a nutshell, the issue here is GOD.

Who is GOD? Settle that question and you will see that there are TWO, and only TWO religions.

The God of the Bible and His followers, and the god of this world, which is exactly everything else.

A little history here. Brief.

God created the world. He made Adam. Adam sinned. God promised a way to overcome sin. He picked Abraham. Abraham messed up repeatedly, but the Jewish people held the keys to that salvation plan for thousands of years. The seed of Jesse, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  JESUS CHRIST. Yeshua.

The gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (Four accounts) are the bridge to God's plan for mankind's salvation.

Mankind is going to hell. To get to heaven you have to perfect. No exceptions. That's why our works are like filthy rags (menstrual cloths) to God. Only perfection enters the Holy God's presence.

All mankind is going to hell.

But God made a way, and a very easy one, really, for us, (not including the trials and tribulations!) to get to His Presence.

Faith alone.  Faith based on Sola Scriptura.

Am I being clear?

That is the ONE religion. Anything else is the work of the god of this world----------LUCIFER.

Lucifer wants you to trust him. Believe in him. Make a pact with him. It comes in the form of Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism (works!), Wicca, Mormonism, Free-masonry, Higher Criticism (liberal Christian theology), I can't name them all. It's every flavor and brand of "faith" in something other than the message of the Word of God.

We celebrate "Holy Week" this week. It's all about JESUS, right? Or is it?

Ask yourself if your faith is in Jesus Christ and his finished work---death and resurrection---or in your own goodness.

It's simple. Two views: the God of the Bible, or the god of this world.

Prepare to die for your opinion.

One of the fascinating messages of the conference was Chris Pinto's lectures on the "Road to Babylon."

I would highly recommend his excellent films from his company "Adullam Films" which you can find on facebook or the webs.

He gave a wonderful timeline of how we got the Bible, the history of the Protestant Reformation, and, as a former Roman Catholic, a complete run-down on the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) and their role in the Inquisition until now (the Pope is a Jesuit, the undermining of the Bible, our education system has had Jesuit influence, our Supreme Court Justices, Karl Marx's Jesuit influence, the Illuminati, etc.). What a fascinating account.

Perhaps you knew all of that already?

I didn't think so!

I need to have certain facts repeated to me over and over before I get them. That's why 2 1/2 days of consecutive hours of prophecy information works so well in my brain.

I actually start to put things together!

If you want to hear the speakers for yourself you can order the complete DVD set of the Red River Bible Prophecy Conference on their website.


You be the judge.

I want to lovingly show everyone that most important "choice" they must make in faith before it is too late and the New World Order takes over.

Yes, we talked about the Mark of the Beast, the microchip, Artificial Intelligence, Mind Control, Tranformationism, Technocracy, Alistair Crowley, Skull and Bones, Secret Societies, ISIS, Christian persecution, New Age stuff, trends, ----all the usual subjects at prophecy conferences.

But the emphasis on the importance of knowing (and trusting) the Word of God in the Bible was the main thing. We ARE in the last days. The New Testament writers told us that 2,000 years ago.

The message of Jesus---the ONLY way, truth, and life---was the central focus.

That is the most important thing ever. Ever.


Everyone is in Their Place

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

10:00 PM

Those great friends who arrive at late hours, with a half hour notice, are the most welcome!

We were treated to some deep conversation, and my sleep was permeated with the thoughts.

I got up this morning and felt I had to write some of it down, so here I sit, processing our ideas from last night.

As a believer, a Christ-follower, a Christian---I am always in search of new ways to share my faith.

I know that faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit, and that His invitation to faith can be as simple as the unexpected reading of a blog post on spirituality---or a random comment about religion.

He works in mysterious ways.

But when committed believers get together and "jam" about faith after a lifelong friendship and shared beliefs, there is always something fresh and exciting to ponder.

God is amazing.

We talked about the things Christ Jesus, Yeshua, commanded His followers to do. Christ's commands. The commands of Christ.

NOT the Old Testament commands and Levitical laws which Moses laid down for us, but the ones recorded in the New Testament. The things Jesus said to his followers.

Things like, "Turn the other cheek."

"Go the second mile."

Jesus says that He did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

If you study the sermon on the mount, you will be astonished at the complexity and the perceived impossibility of following his admonishment therein. What human can do this?

So many layers---we humans cannot do the acts of the spirit without the Spirit helping. But we CAN follow Christ in our hearts. We CAN be accountable to our own merciful God, striving for obedience in our spirits and hearts and lives each day.

How freeing.

God gave a workable, fair, just societal structure in the law of Moses. God, holy, gave a feasible, valuable, ingenious pattern for living in the Old Testament. It worked for the nation of Israel for thousands of years. God's commands still stand, driving human society to this day. And it pointed to Christ.

But the law of Christ is of the heart and spirit.

When you are under the law of Christ your existence is all and only about HIM.

What pleases HIM?

That question drives every thought, every action, every breath you take.

It is all that matters in life.

All the complexities of sin just fade away and disappear! No one has to argue what is "acceptable" or "righteous."

The law of the Spirit completely settles any question.

The heart that is governed by Christ's commands has no question about righteousness. It's clear.

What a gift.

And it's free! With love attached! Eternal life! Knowledge of the Holy, peaceful heart, all in one beautiful package.

Christ Jesus.

Every knee will bow. Every tongue will confess. Jesus is LORD.

Even so, come LORD JESUS!


So was our conversation, partly. We march to a different drum, and that is the enigma of spiritual life. It encompasses and surpasses the mundane, and we yearn for more and more!

Never ending, always satisfying, constant stretching.

It's good.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Too Much Coffee

I was falling asleep from weariness this evening before choir practice, so I drank coffee around 6:30 pm in order to stay awake.

I'm paying now.

Wide awake in the night!
I thought I'd write.

Cherie and I are sewing this week.  The dining room is a clutter of fabric and pattern pieces. We are enjoying the process, and so far we've had to rip out only a few seams.

The cats snooze on the rocking chairs and try to sit on each piece we drape over the back. They are opportunists. They like variety too.

I'm working on an a brightly patterned flannel nightgown, green, while Cherie sews a medieval gown. It too is green. Lincoln green, very Robin Hoodish.

She is really learning how to sew, and this pattern isn't easy. Nothing like a challenge!

Ed has been visiting friends away this week. It's spring break,  and I'm glad he got to get away for a spell.

He really enjoys his math class! I'm thankful.

The weather has been unusually springlike. The snow is gone and the lakes are turning deep gray. The ice goes early this year.

We have wintered in our new home, which makes four seasons that we've been here. We know what it is like now. Some unknowns are known.


It is such a life metaphor. There are these things we can't know yet. Death, resurrection, rapture.

Once we do there will be barriers never crossed again.

The unknown.

It makes me weary.

Good night!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thoughts on March One, Books and Drink

It is sunny today. The snow is gone, but the waterways are frozen smooth. This is a good year for ice skating.

I've been doing extra reading lately, and I have learned much. I'm also getting things done around the house, slowly but surely, and that makes my spirits lift.

Here's my reading list (recent):

Drinking in America
Charles Narremore, Psychology for Today
The Hiding Place
The Man Who Was Thursday
Screwtape Letters
The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Business Etiquette
Still Alice

Some of these are re-reads for me, but I had forgotten so much. The book by Marie Kondo, ---Tidying Up, advises that you get rid of any book that doesn't spark joy. Reduce to about 30 volumes.

I could not do that in any case. Here I am, revisiting books that I knew years ago, experiencing new insights, and sharing them with my younger children.

I've been thinking a lot about alcohol consumption. The book I photographed on Sunday is so thought-provoking.

It basically paints America as a country of drunks until the temperance movement took hold (which was a disaster). There was, however, a remnant of teetotalers after Prohibition.

I have observed a slide back into the days of yore, when all anyone ever thought about was drink.

Drink is a classic way to forget your troubles, gain a feeling of pleasure, and pass the time. The social stigma of not drinking is just too much for many people to bear.

Weakness. Spiritual weakness.

We all know that drunkeness is sin. You shouldn't be drunk. For some, a sip will make one tipsy. For others, a glass.

Inebriation is inevitable at some point. "Can't you hold your liquor?"

To read the disgusting account of alcohol dependency in the world is discouraging.

We can't ban vices. At least all vices. I hope we can ban murder. Not much else is banned these days. I guess it IS lawful to murder babies in the womb!

Zillions of silly laws, and nothing is illegal. Poor code enforcers!

I wouldn't advocate a ban on any vice. People should have freedom to choose---except when it ends the life of another human being, or damages another one's property.

Why stop people from being stupid?

 Alcohol is bad. Cigarettes are bad. Sex outside of marriage is bad.
If it is bad for you, stop doing it.

So, if you care about your health, the health of your children, the body of Christ, and your general existence, stop with the vices!

Just stop. Get rid of the temptation.

For me, sugar has been an addiction. I've had to plead forgiveness from the LORD for continuing to give in to my addiction. There is always that little voice in my head saying, "That little bit doesn't hurt! We all need glucose! Sugar is a gift from God. Why should I be so legalistic?"

I can't imagine what the addict/ism-tendency in my family would do to me should I start smoking, or drinking wine.

I come from Scandinavian stock, and there is that pesky alcoholism gene in my blood. My poor siblings, cousins, and offspring!

But knowing it causes such slavery can help some of us never start, never give in.

And those of us who have welcomed this life long struggle inadvertently---the LORD can help. He can give freedom. It takes a miracle, but it CAN happen.

Prayer, fasting, and devout abstinence.

And pray Maranatha, when our weak bodies will be made new! Lord, come soon.

On a good note, when we moved to this new/old place there were FOUR liquor stores in the nearby town. One has since closed. Maybe that is a good sign. This town is not exactly big.

Teetotalers unite! We have so much more to offer the world. Why waste our precious time on booze?

That golden swallow of the fruit of the vine isn't worth the mental cost.

And we despise that weakness.

The Bible specifically admonishes us to be sober in the last days. Dear Ones, it has been the last days for two thousand years already.

Prophecy Fulfilled

God Promises