"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, August 26, 2011

Francis Schaeffer's shame... - BaylyBlog: Out of our minds, too...

Francis Schaeffer's shame... - BaylyBlog: Out of our minds, too...

This blog post by Joseph Bayly's son is quite interesting. Joe Bayly was one time editor of Eternity magazine, and wrote many evangelical works. He was the featured speaker at IVCF's Bear Trap Ranch family camp when I was a child. I've been following this blog since I discovered it several years ago.

I have read many of Francis Schaeffer's works, and I have always been an admirer of his succinct thinking, Biblical world-view, and helpful exegesis. I find it absolutely tragic that his son can be such a scoffer of those with a Biblical world-view.

Lately there has been much scrutiny on Francis Schaeffer since Michelle Bachmann has listed him as an influence on her life.

Another link about Franky Schaeffer:

 (Dec. 26, 2012)

Hatred comes in many forms! Sometimes people are so blind they can't even see their own, but project it on unlikely sources.  Fascinating.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've had a few conversations about getting old, how the aches and pains of aging help us to long for our new home in heaven. Today I'm feeling it: the longing, I mean.
I've been in the car shuttling students hither and yon for 3 days now, and the constant being on the go is wearing me down!
We have two Chinese students living with us right now, and a young man who grew up in the Philippines.
My husband just got back from a trip to the north to remove bees from a wall of a church building on an Indian reservation. Success in removing the comb, but not sure if all the bees were outed. He hopes so. Honey from a naturally formed comb (not supers) is more difficult to extract, so there will be little "profit" from the operation, other than saving the building. (Which is significant)
My eldest is back at school. He's happy. Margaret is wading into her new life as a college student, and I think she's going to swim. It's been a couple of days of adjustment for her. The demands of the new regiment are dawning on her gradually. Spirits are still high, though!
My youngest son has some sort of malady in his ear. He is seeing the doctor today. He came home from Boy Scout Camp with it. Whatever IT is! We'll find out.
School started here at home, sort of. New math books were brought out, work was begun.
I've been cooking, doing dishes, and trying to get laundry done, besides driving all over the Metro area!
Yesterday was the earthquake on the east coast. Surely they are all dealing with that event out there.  (My issues pale in comparison!)
My Corgi and Blackberry are feeling a little neglected, but at least they have many more people to interest them. I think one of the students is a little wary of dogs.
Hoping my pain subsides. I have too much to do to lay around and nurse it! (Like that ever happens!)
A freak wind/thunderstorm brought yard clean up to do too. Maybe I can get my crew of young men to help out?
Trusting in my Lord to heal and help. I have a grateful heart, despite the pain.

Friday, August 19, 2011

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Well, it's here. Time to say good-bye to my eldest for the school year. Margaret starts her college classes Monday too, and then it will be just days for my second son to have before his school starts.
Today my oldest boys are suffering. My eldest had 2 wisdom teeth pulled, my other son 4! They are in a lot of pain right now, but we hope for a relatively quick recovery. We were assured that the black and blue might appear by Sunday, but it's uphill from there.
Girls week is over, and I cleaned as much as I could. Not enough! I guess I'll be up early tomorrow morning with the final touches.
We drained the pool today because the air feels cool, and I wonder if we'll be back to any hot days this season. The State Fair starts next week, and that is always a harbinger of fall for me.

Have you been reading the newspaper? I looked at TIME magazine in the surgeon's office today and felt rather sick. I read "The Economist" earlier this week and couldn't help feeling some dread. Today the markets closed low, and Europe is teetering on financial collapse. The Drudge report had a horrible photo of thousands of unemployed people lined up for a job fair. Depression? We were all perturbed by a local report about Siemens hiring several thousand: it's hard to believe. My husband had two interviews with them, and he is highly qualified----even understands German!---but they can be as choosey as the next company, and he was NOT chosen. His math and engineering skills are top notch, so it appears they want top-notch, but rather young? Don't know, but I DO know something.

God provides. The blessings in our lives aren't always good days, but the worst, and hearing His voice in my spirit is matchless. His voice? His promises: I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Fear not! Don't I care for you much more than these? Look how I clothe the lilies of the field? Aren't you worth much more?

What do I mean about the worst being a blessing? It is when we cling to our heavenly Father tighter. The blessing comes from God alone. It is His presence in our sordid earthbound lives. Blessings are often material, but the spiritual ones happen more often when the tangible ones are not on the horizon.

No, I may not be much to look at on the outside, but inside is the voice of the heavens: God's eternal promises are there for me, straight out of Scripture.

I was reading "Islam for Idiots" last night before bed (and I was very tired from cleaning and the activities of the day) Still, I have to say that I learned so much more from  that book! I've read so many different books on Islam, and parts of the Koran, (I just can't get into it!) But this book must have been some theological interpretation of Islam, because some of the understanding was so completely different from what I've read before. Also, the complete lack of understanding of Christianity impressed me! Wow. If they think we believe that they are sorely mistaken!

And now the dilemma: when you are limited in your ability to educate away from false teaching, how does one go about it? The question of the ages.

Scripture itself has so much power, that it can transform a life just by its reading. The Holy Spirit gives the new life to the believer, and voila', the change is evident. One must believe! One does believe.

Let me encourage you believers. TELL the TRUTH of God's Word, every time you can. It's power is enough.

And about the mayhem? Look up. Your redemption draws nigh!
God bless you.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Blackberry, coming out of the field.
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Remember the oak tree I wrote about? Here it is. (Actually, this is the first one I mentioned, cut down, after it died last year--the one that fell in the storm has a jagged stump.) This one is about 125 years old. My son and his girlfriend counted the rings, but I think it is older. Notice the funny projection on the left? I think the rings are indefinite with this add-on.
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Only Girls

Kiwi, the black cat, is the only male in the house this week. Therefore the art of housecleaning and purging will commence, and by Saturday this house will be spic and span (I hope), because on Saturday we have agreed to host another Chinese student, who will arrive that afternoon.
We have hosted Chinese students as they find apartments down by the U for 10 years now. It has been an enriching experience for our family, and we have forged some wonderful friendships through this program. Only a couple of years we chose not to do this, for various reasons, and we had informed the program organizers that this was one of those years (due to unsure life circumstance and ongoing house projects) but they called us and BEGGED.
I learned something from my friends up north this summer, and here it is: If the house is YOURS, you will be always afraid that it doesn't measure up for having people over to stay. I think all my friends can attest to this about this house (it is always humming with activity and a mess, always in need of cleaning) BUT, if the house you live in is God's, He will direct what happens in it, and if He wants people to come and stay in it, He'll make it quite clear. Now, that is the lesson my friends practice, and I've seen it work for years. God does let His thoughts and direction be known, to those willing to listen. I guess I'm willing, but sometimes my own ways get in the path of truly trusting Him.
Now, this works both ways: if the house belongs to God, and you live in it, you'd better keep it up. After all, you are the steward, the servant who wants to do what's right with the stuff God has entrusted to you. That's the part that I can miserably fail on.
So I am cleaning this week. Hope it looks great by Saturday.
We girls will have some fun too. It's what girls do!
I had a nice dream last night, that my husband got the job in Iowa. It was  dream, but so nice, I almost wish it really would work out. Dreams are funny. They do us a service in imagining possibilities. Of course our sub-consciences are grasping for any possibility at this stage. No worries. God always provides. This is a Truth. It is clearly God's word, with no question attached. I Will to trust Him in this. It may be another drop on the roller-coaster, but there's an upward or level track to come.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Song on my Heart


This was played at the recent royal wedding in Westminster Abbey. This is a wonderful song to background your day.

Just Quick

Such strange, unexplainable vision deaths.

I want to update you, and really I can't figure out what is going on, so I'll just tell the story. My husband had a wonderful interview with a company in Iowa and he came home thinking an offer for a job would be forthcoming.
 An email came from the HR/Operations Manager (who did part of the interview) saying that they loved meeting my husband, etc. etc., and that they had put the "cart before the horse," and needed to go before a board to approve this position AFTER ALL.

And this should take at least a month or more....
of course knowing that he might be considering other options in the meantime.


This is our life right now. Needless to say it is stupefying to both of us.
Thanking the Lord that He is really the one who appoints, who saves, who takes care of us. NONE of this has been willful thinking and head-strong blindness, charging ahead where there has been only personal desire. We have been careful to seek out every possibility with care and consideration.

Discouraged? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. I am feeling drained and all the plans for that position (which were considered: buying another house, school options, Life options) seem completely frivolous. They are right now.

Live and learn. Go with the flow. WAIT ON THE LORD.
What else can we do?

Meanwhile I am learning the Primerica schtick and finding it very useful and helpful, very interesting, so I assume it is where I should be right now.

Please pray for our mental health. This Iowa thing had been such a boost to him, and we tend to drop low after a disappointment. We were rather numb yesterday.

God has blessed us with children who are like a balm to our spirits. They are incredible to me. Pray for them too, since we all feel adrift.

Please pray for God to show Himself mighty. Pray that He would be glorified in what ever happens. Pray that we can sustain our situation with integrity for the time being.

The Praying Life

I have been reading this book over the last week, and I wanted to share some of its truth----PLEASE READ THE BOOK! This is just to whet your appetite.

God is telling a story in each of our lives. Prayer is the means to see God's side of the story, what He is accomplishing in each of us, what He has in mind for us.

As in any good story the obstacles are great, and overcome. As Christians we ALWAYS know the end. It's a good one. How are we going to handle the crisis and suffering (the literary sturm and drang) of our lives? Will we be heroes at the end by overcoming, or bitter villains?

Miller gives us a chart. We have a choice between stepping out of the story line or continuing to the climax of the whole story gracefully. It gave me something to think about.

No Story                                                        Story
Bitter                                                            Waiting
Angry                                                           Watching
Aimless                                                         Wondering
Cynical                                                         Praying
Controlling                                                   Submitting
Hopeless                                                      Hopeful
Thankless                                                    Thankful
Blaming                                                        Repenting

My old mentor, Hazel Goodrich, always said cheerfulness is a choice. I guess we have a choice about lots of things besides being cheerful when it come to attitude.

Another nugget that Miller shares: stop trying to change things around you. Take it to God...the ultimate Changer.
Very inspiring. Very freeing.

I love stories. I'm hoping God is making my life and the lives of those around me EPIC Biography. He is.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Hal Lindsey Reports

Prophecy Developments

People wonder why anyone would be interested in Bible prophecy. I'm interested because prophecy is important to God. One third of the Bible is prophecy, or prophecy-related. Bible prophecy gives us hope, purpose, and direction. Jesus Himself dictated much of our end-times outlook.

"When you see these things, KNOW," He said (Matt. 24:33). It sure gives peace in this volatile world, to those who love and know Him.


Had to write tonight about the amazing experience our family had the last two days.

We moms get into "birth stories" but this one should be enjoyed by anyone!

Two days ago I trundled north with my family, but no dogs, to visit a friend who was due to have a baby. She has had six previous children, and the last two were home births with a midwife. This little one was slated to arrive yesterday, and the midwife duly paid a visit to check on the expectant mother during the day.

The baby decided to come at 1:00am this morning, and things weren't exactly smooth. Little guy was born needing CPR----and a most unusual birthing sequence had contributed to that! I was holding him at 8:00 am, and he was screaming lustily, all beautiful color, but that wasn't the case when he arrived in the world! Nothing short of a miracle brought the little guy to life, and we are all so grateful that he is showing signs of being just perfect.

It was a joy to be there, helping where we could, during this miraculous event. Birth is always miraculous, but this one was only by God's merciful power. My expectation is that God has big ideas for this little one.

The parents are tired, and we had to get back home. Pray for them and the little one, that he might grow with strength in the Lord and in body.

He is beautiful!

Margaret has photos 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Iron and Wine

Iron and wine

Here is my nephew on Jay Leno last June. He's playing the clarinet. :)


Reading a book by Paul E. Miller on prayer.  I love it. I've been so encouraged by it over the past week!
Our prayers are heard, answered, and desired by our Heavenly Father.
Yes, you've heard it all before, but it bears saying again.
Like silly woman's magazines which every month just repackage old timeless ideas (and weight loss programs) over and over-----humans need to be reminded constantly of truths.

Instinct isn't all its cracked up to be.

I have a 20 year old son now. I feel really old. But good.

Planning to head to the Mississippi headwaters tomorrow for a brief campout/mission to help one of my best friends as she awaits the birth of her seventh child (home birth).  I'll report when I return!