"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've had a few conversations about getting old, how the aches and pains of aging help us to long for our new home in heaven. Today I'm feeling it: the longing, I mean.
I've been in the car shuttling students hither and yon for 3 days now, and the constant being on the go is wearing me down!
We have two Chinese students living with us right now, and a young man who grew up in the Philippines.
My husband just got back from a trip to the north to remove bees from a wall of a church building on an Indian reservation. Success in removing the comb, but not sure if all the bees were outed. He hopes so. Honey from a naturally formed comb (not supers) is more difficult to extract, so there will be little "profit" from the operation, other than saving the building. (Which is significant)
My eldest is back at school. He's happy. Margaret is wading into her new life as a college student, and I think she's going to swim. It's been a couple of days of adjustment for her. The demands of the new regiment are dawning on her gradually. Spirits are still high, though!
My youngest son has some sort of malady in his ear. He is seeing the doctor today. He came home from Boy Scout Camp with it. Whatever IT is! We'll find out.
School started here at home, sort of. New math books were brought out, work was begun.
I've been cooking, doing dishes, and trying to get laundry done, besides driving all over the Metro area!
Yesterday was the earthquake on the east coast. Surely they are all dealing with that event out there.  (My issues pale in comparison!)
My Corgi and Blackberry are feeling a little neglected, but at least they have many more people to interest them. I think one of the students is a little wary of dogs.
Hoping my pain subsides. I have too much to do to lay around and nurse it! (Like that ever happens!)
A freak wind/thunderstorm brought yard clean up to do too. Maybe I can get my crew of young men to help out?
Trusting in my Lord to heal and help. I have a grateful heart, despite the pain.

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Costanza said...

IT was swimmers ear. He should be back to normal soon.