"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Miss This Quick Read


I have a response to the documentary we watched last evening, here on this blog, because it was asked for, and yes, I admit that I am part of the resistance.

Vive la RĂ©sistance!

I realize that there are people who do not see warring factions in different realms, but that doesn't eliminate their reality.

God against Satan.

God wins.

(We know the end of the story.)

That said, there is a battle raging for people's hearts and minds, and sometimes the opposing factions appear to be winning.

Not so.

Politics, education, philosophy, religion. There is a thread that runs through all of human existence that unites the godly against the godless or pagan.

Can we get used to that word? It seems medieval, but it's current.

The pagan society of Minnesota cleaned the ditches on a major U.S. highway just miles from my home. Believe me, they got their recognition! Pagans are an entity of which we will see much more.

"Agenda" is about Communism, and its godless influence in our society. Yes, America has its token communists who seek to implement their "agenda." They have a blueprint with goals just like any well organized movement. It didn't die with Marx, Lenin, or Stalin. It's still alive and well in the minds of professors, politicians, and philosophers.

Unfortunately it has influence, worldwide.

Christians never need fear it, but may suffer (and have, horribly) at its hands. (Read "The Gulag Archipelago" and "The Heavenly Man")

Communism sees human society as a tool for godless organization, sheep led by wolves, conveniently situated to feed the eminent leaders' every (evil) desire.

But there is a much more powerful force that overcomes this godless philosophy/structure on every level! (Read "The Bible")

This is the truth that Christ Jesus, the Son of God, is the Savior of this poor world. The Spirit of God is master of the spiritual dimension, an infinitely more powerful dimension than the one we see with our natural eyes.  The spirit lives forever.

Satan disguises himself as a bright spirit, even as Jesus Himself at times (Read "The Beautiful Side of Evil"). That's why the Bible admonishes us to "try the spirits."  We can be deceived easily by the Great Deceiver.

It's part of his warfare tactic, and it works. I think he likes using it.

But God is the merciful Judge at the end of the age, and all Deception will be unveiled. Those that trust Him will be saved by His grace. Those that don't will be sent to hell.

So, be aware of these forces. One infinitely good and holy. One proud, deceptive, and evil.

Don't be deceived. Godless philosophies never win. 

Praise God!

If you can, watch "Agenda." It's a good compilation of anti-communist scholars sharing their thoughts about the progress the Communist Party has made in the last 2 decades. It's interesting.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Volcanic Vent

I haven't written for a few days because I'm reading stuff, and having coffee with good friends.

My reading list:

"The Beautiful Side of Evil," by Johanna Michaelson

"The Creature from Jekyll Island," Griffeth

"Buried Alive," Jack Cuozzo

"National Geographic," (current)  (Aren't those Romanians interesting?!)

The Holy Bible

"Ephesians" -an inductive study

Of course I'm reading all the stuff on the web about politics, hurricanes, and the Minnesota State Fair.

I also watched the movie, "2016 Obama's America," last Friday, and tonight I plan to see "Agenda" with good friends.

Oh, and school ramped up for my eldest three, the younger two some too. We plan to start our math curriculum "whole hog" next week. (I like fair analogies. Our Minnesota State Fair is in full swing right now, and we spent the day on Saturday)

I just met with friends who all think (like I do) that time is short.

It seems the signs are indicating that Our Lord Jesus, our Savior, is soon to be arriving!

Does your heart quake at that, or sigh?

I confess that mine does both.

What if He doesn't come for decades? Would that change my behavior?

Probably not. I still tremble with awe that I may be caught up to be with Him, transformed. I still long for a world wide solution to the blind insanity that humankind seems bent to.

I still plod along daily, waiting, watching, living.

I am ever more mindful of the evil darkness closing in on believers. Will we stand fast? Will we bend? Will we listen to his cunning lies, believing half-truths, partial truths, blatant falsehoods?

Will I listen to and feed my flesh, or my spirit?

It's a daily choice everyone must make.

Choose to feed your spirit. It lasts forever.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spiritual Digestion

In June I went to a prophecy conference and purchased a few DVD's to watch. Last night I finished watching the last one: Falling to Peaces

It is a 12-part series on spiritual deception.

Today I feel a little vulnerable despite my faith in Christ!

It is alarming to see how our world has changed so gradually that we hardly perceive the change, and how the Master Deceiver has cunningly orchestrated many facets of life on earth to his advantage.

The Bible warns us!

Yet we are lulled by his sly power.

I think I am an alert "watcher" of the signs, but some of the information I learned (and it is VERY up to date) was foreign to me.

I do think that people coming out of a pagan spirituality are hyper-sensitive to the devil's deeds, and that is where they can help people like me: They warn us of "frog in the gradually boiling water" syndrome!

And now I must "digest" all of this information.

What I'd like is for every Christian, or anyone who thinks that he or she is a Christian, to watch "Falling to Peaces."

It's like a reality check.

Please get this series and try to show it to your church, study group, or family. (I'm not getting any "cut" for promoting this ;)) I think the producers did tremendous amounts of research and plain hard work in compiling the information, putting it together in a digestible format, and making it affordable.

It is a message for such a time as this!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Day Christians

This is a post I put up last October.  It's a link to a newsletter article about the book of Jude.

I think it is fascinating! Please re-read it in light of a year's events.

Last Days

Wedding vs. Marriage

This past weekend I and my husband got invited to attend the wedding of one of my best friend's firstborn.

What a handsome groom. What a beautiful bride!

It was a gorgeous day, and the sunset was magnificent as my husband and I left the reception.

Another child I watched grow up is married.

Yesterday my son's Intended came for the afternoon, and it was a sweet time of quiet fellowship, campfire, games, and good food.

I've got romance on my mind!

But not just romance. Ceremony and commitment is all a part of this tender subject.

Weddings are ceremonies. They are seals of pledges made by two human beings, (opposite sex, I must add) to become one flesh.

Weddings are for the observers: the participants and guests, as much as for the bride and groom.

When you attend a wedding you are approving the match, you are committing to helping the match endure, to praying for them, to help "make it work." It's a responsibility and a privilege.

You are a piece of the lives of the couple.

A Christian wedding is holy. There are few times we are called upon to make vows, and this is one of the big ones. For some it might be the only vow one ever makes!

People often forget that in a Christian wedding the vows are made not only to each other, but to God Himself. The bride and groom are making a promise to God to stay in a marriage until one of them dies.

And a blessing is spoken.

Vows are not to be broken. God hates it when they are. Because He never breaks His promises His example is for us. He asks us to be holy, perfect, becoming more like Him. He asks us to keep our promises. Always. (Yes, he has a few caveats for rash vows or vows made with youthful exuberance). Generally, though, He holds us to our promises, and when we break them (and most people do) there are always negative consequences.

I just read the Biblical account of Jephthah. Perhaps we could learn something from this story about a rash vow, and the seriousness of keeping it.

In light of this seriousness, I think it should be a frequent reminder that wedding ceremonies really should be SERIOUS.

That it is a time of celebration is a given, but the service itself is a time of contemplation. It is a time of commitment. Silliness shouldn't play a part, but joy is a main character.

I loved looking back to the meaning of the symbolism of many western wedding traditions. I found many interesting ideas about white dresses, giving of the bride, rings, and wedding cake.

If you are interested, look up some of these! It makes a traditional wedding so much more meaningful.

Marriage is the product of the wedding, and of course it has infinitely more importance. Whom you marry can make all the difference in the world, and how you work out your existence on earth will be ultimately affected by your marriage.

Therefore step into it with great caution!!

(Please remember that my audience is my own offspring, primarily!)

Marriage takes work. Marriage is working out your promise to God, to serve another human with either love or respect, and sometimes both. :)

Marriage can be a great way to spend time with your best friend, or provide a secure environment to raise the next generation of humans. It can be a building-block of society, and a financial boon. It can provide a healthy and safe outlet for fulfilling human behavior, love, and affection. Marriage provides male and female role models for children. Sometimes it creates a team better equipped for serving others, the husband doing the heavy lifting and leading, and the wife filling in with the smaller or feminine (multi-tasking) details!

It is a lovely tradition, and it would be sad to see it go in our society.

I know it will not pass from Christian tradition in the Biblical interpretation of faith, and that is comforting.

Marriage is all these things.

As the world changes we will rely on the power of God to keep our lives pleasing to Him. He has given us His blueprint in His Word, and the power to keep His commands.

I know that so many say there is change afoot, that we cannot hold to old things like the Bible and its claims and admonishments, that we must morph its meaning to our new culture (whatever that means!).

I think that God will faithfully allow those of us who still hold to Scripture the power to stand for Godly things. I think marriage fits exactly in that genre.

My friend has 10 children. We figured that it could be about 20 years of weddings for her and her husband ahead!

That's a whole bunch of fun ahead!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Surprise! Corgi Hollows has reached almost 8,000 hits!

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our little world here in Minnesota.

Friday Theology

Facts and Flaws

I love it when an article slices and dices the nitty-gritty of deeper thought.

Then I don't have to tax my own brain. I just read along and say to myself, "Yes, good point, I agree, hmmmm, now that's it! ah-huh, okay."

We are all shaped by what read and what we find we mostly agree with. All experiences do count. We listen and learn and read the Word and somehow we grow.

I may not agree with everything in this man's opinion, but he certainly did a good job of boiling down some arguments I do agree with.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So Much to Say!

Can four or five days go past where the calendar seems relatively empty and your world becomes almost insane with activity?


And I couldn't appreciate much of the last 3 with a screaming mean headache. Functioning became a challenge, but today I convalesced on the porch swing in the country at my parents' home.

Why don't I do that more often?

Well, life happens to be complex right now.

A lovely wedding, a day spent being a novice election judge at the local primary, a picnic of beekeepers (our family being in charge of the children's games), and Ed off to another Scout camp.

Sometimes I feel like my life mirrors everyone in the world, and other times I think I'm the only human being who could possibly have ever experienced what I do!

Both ideas are flat wrong. This I know.

I know that home schooling is rather uncommon despite hearing often, "I did that for a year..."

I've done it since my eldest was in first grade. He was labelled a "behavior problem" in kindergarten, and I knew that wasn't good. That was 15 years ago.

I checked into home-schooling and never looked back. All five kids, all grades.

It is a life style that gives and takes like any other, but the benefits are phenomenal.

Today in the Wall Street Journal there is a review of a book critical of homeschooling, by a mom who tried it.

I'm not going to read it. The review said enough for me, and it sounds like the Critical Mom had an experience vastly unlike my own.

And yet she said some striking things about perceiving Christian home-schoolers. It became very clear that she had absolutely no understanding of the bond and language we share. It baffled her. Instead of seeking to understand she derided us.

It would be like going to Germany and ridiculing the fests held during the summer in almost every town.

Yes, it is a different culture. Faith is seeing things with completely new eyes. Spiritual eyesight, spiritual light.

And happy is the one who finds it. Whoever seeks it will find it. Faith is a wondrous thing.

Wedding thoughts still cooking. I have another wedding this weekend (so excited!) and another invitation came in the mail today...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What's up at Corgi Hollows?

Impromptu family reunions, a trip to see Betsy-Tacy memorabilia (Mankato), introducing special people to other special people, coffee times with friends, embroidering and painting, dog-sitting, dog bathing, dog loving, dog entertaining, campfires, watching the Olympics, and preparing for attending two weddings.

I should mention that five children have schedules that must be accommodated as well.

I've been thinking about weddings and marriage quite a bit lately.  I jotted down some ideas in my journal, and soon I'd like to share.

Since the thoughts of my own offspring are now turning to romance and inklings of future commitments I thought it would be ideal to have some of those rather unsought misunderstandings that inevitably occur during family meldings parried as much as possible.

(Have you been watching fencing at the Olympics? I have missed the TV coverage, but I fenced in college, in Germany, and in Louisiana at Fort Polk, so I LOVE IT, and I love the terminology as well!)

Deflecting conflict only goes so far, but it's nice to assess your differences at the outset!

And it shouldn't be thought of as a battle, but a "match." We must work through this.

Stay tuned for exciting times ahead!

Stakelbeck on Terror

Interview with Anjem Choudary

Very interesting interview. Try to skip through the commercials, but make sure you hear what is said, including the conclusion.

It is worth your time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Morning Reading from IBD

Socialists and Communists

What seems so obvious to us readers of history is sometimes not Transferred Information to the next generation.

History counts. Read it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Human Fools


Listening to this on MPR this morning as I come and go with my daily agenda.

Just had to react.

Alex Stone inferred that people can be just as fooled by financial services providers as by magic tricks.

I believe him!

There is too much evidence to back up that people make crazy decisions because their minds/reasoning fool them into believing what the con-artist wants them to believe!

No one is immune, because our minds work in a similar fashion. We can all be fooled.

So much more becomes our reliance on God's Spirit, and the wisdom we can ask for from Him.

This is especially true of matters financial and life-changing.

When the world seems right, think again.

God's ways are not man's ways.

Don't be fooled.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What He Said...

The Evolution of a Creationist

What a concise collection of arguments that have also convinced me to change my views. Excellent work.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

When Life Imitates Fiction

Have you ever watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?"  (I'd imagine few haven't).

There is so much in that story line that people can relate to, especially those of us who have dabbled cross-culturally in our lives: language mix-ups, clannishness, religious differences, misunderstandings.

We get a kick out of it, but we all could learn something too.

When things just aren't the way we think they should be it's nice to be reminded that there are many ways of seeing things. Often it's culturally related, too.

I happen to come from a stoic Scandinavian background (I'm half Swedish, and my other grandma was fully Norwegian.)

Sometimes my Minnesota culture/Scandinavian heritage colors my vision.

I think being so close to the arctic must have taught my people to conserve----even energy/ heat---which could be expended in an emotional outburst.

We tend to see emotions as wasteful expenditures. (Except at Vikings games)

I think this is our northern imbalance as humans. Pair us northerners with those who live closer to the equator and the worlds clash (quietly from our side!).

Our worldview colors our outlook as well.

Throw out the words bigot, intolerant, racist, ----phobe, and these be fightin' words!!

Just because your culture sees things differently doesn't mean you can demean.

I'll stand on the Bible. I guess you can call me and others what you want. It doesn't make any difference when you are rooted in a reality outside of yourself. Nothing can sway us.

God's culture has always been "called out" to be separate. Old and New Testaments. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is greatly more severe than any Old Testament Law. As followers of Jesus we must adhere to the culture/trend setting wisdom of Christ, and be different.

It's rather touching in the movie, when the main characters accept each other's culture.

Perhaps we can all live with that. Or not? Who will be "intolerant"  now?

Those who love Christ (and love their "enemies") or those who don't.

Many will say "Lord, Lord!" and He will say, "I never knew you! Depart..."  

Them's FEARFUL words.

Worth Reading