"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, January 22, 2018

Common Sense Here (Sadly Sorely Needed)


Will the Real Lindsey Graham Please Stand Up?


Painful Parts Here:


Thursday, January 18, 2018

Click Bait or Epic?


Ben Shapiro

In regards to the porn star accusation/supporters reaction to Trump:

"Perhaps that says something about many religious Americans: in their view, they’ve despaired of the culture anyway, so they may as well support the guy who will enact their priorities. Perhaps it says something about American society more broadly: the worst seem to get ahead, while the most virtuous seem to get left behind."

Ben Shapiro

Conservatives are ALWAYS held to a higher standard than liberals.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018



Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Aliens and UFOS

I promised discussion on the movie we watched last week.

Many times I have referenced L.A. Marzulli on this blog:


I think L.A.'s research is pivotal, and he's worked on this subject for years. I maintain that anyone should seek out his work for a comprehensive understanding of this subject.

Last week another ministry put out the movie, "Alien Intrusion," and it was good! I learned several things from it. My husband and I went to see it with some friends.

The movie  can be described as a "primer" in understanding the spiritual nature of alien interaction.


Aliens are demons, that is a fact.

They respond to the name of Jesus, they morph with the centuries. In the Middle Ages they appeared as fairies, elves, brownies---and the culture accepted them as such.

Because we live in a world infused with sci-fi we understand demons in the context of interplanetary travel, space and time, wormholes, dimensions.

"They" used to be from Mars, then Venus, then star systems, then galaxies..... As science learns more of the nature of our universe the demons change their story.

It's really all the same. Whatever deception works is good for demons!

Satan is a liar. See my last post.

He has millions of kids believing in extra-terrestrials. He has scientists searching for something that cannot be found.

The physics of space travel are insurmountable. Aside from the theory of wormhole dimensional transfer there is nothing even close to being in the realm of possibility, and IF there were, the Aliens would have been here already. They are supposedly superior to us, right?

Aliens are demons. They do appear to people. They hurt people. They mess with us. They are certainly inter-dimensional, as Harvard professor John E. Mack asserts.

We live in a world infused with supernatural encounters. Does that alarm you?

Humanists cling to their view of the physical world, and they search for a physical answer to the strange evidence of alien encounters. To admit the spiritual aspect is defeat for them. Yet they must assert something is there. Something is happening. Something is interacting. Something is REAL.

Welcome to the spiritual world!

Welcome to the facts of spiritual warfare. That is what it is.

If you have encounters with aliens, you are messing with the devil and his cohorts.

A very poignant moment in the film was the  acknowledgement that even the NAME of JESUS had power over these fiends. However, they recognize head-knowledge over heart knowledge, and only if someone has Jesus as Lord and Savior of one's life (not just a knowledge of Jesus Christ) will these beings stay away.

What power. There is POWER in knowing Jesus.

But you must REALLY know HIM!  You must surrender your life to Him, admit your sin, repent! Ask Him to redeem you and put your whole life in His hands.

That is authority over evil, and at your fingertips.

Watch the devil flee.

Lies! All Lies!

Satan is a liar and a conjurer too-----

A line from one of our chorale's spring concert songs.

It should be a thing we say to ourselves daily.

Satan has hoodwinked an entire generation into believing that gender is fluid.

It's a lie.

If you believe anything other than X and Y chromosomal gender determination you are believing a LIE, and you WILL suffer.

Satan laughs.

He scoffs.

He has you hoodwinked royally.

It's a lie.

Remind yourself that Satan, in his very nature, is a liar.
If you are not spending time in the Word of God you are susceptible to his lies all the time! Even believers can be deceived!

Our whole generation is living a lie right now---that you can have an attraction to the same sex, that you can change your sex, that you can find happiness in something outside of Biblical marriage.

It's all lies.

Come out of the deception and seek the face of Truth, Jesus Christ, who affirmed our sexuality, our image of God. He loves us. He created us.

You will never find peace in a lie.

Satan is a liar and a cheater, too. Don't let him cheat you out of life itself.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Please! And also Hollywood and High School Students!

The Importance of the Word

I have written about this subject over and over.

Are you sick of it yet?

Truth is truth, and in this day of fake news we all need more of it.

Believers MUST spend time reading/meditating/studying God's Word absolutely daily.

It's one of those absolutes we need to accept, like gravity.

I have five living children. My friends have burdens that I help bear. I sometimes feel like a forest fire fighter, praying gushes of prayer on each little blaze that crops up each day, sometimes many times a day. We live in the last days, and these little fires of problems are rampant.

It's about to turn into an epic California-type fire for everyone!

We need to be vigilant, reading our life manual, getting our marching orders from the Chief, the LORD most High.

I cannot take the burdens of each day without Christ.

There have been many days over the past month when I've been burdened with cares, but I've remembered the promises of God----Don't Fear! ---"My burden is light"--- Cast your cares on Him, for He cares for you----

Simple? Yes.

Effective? Yes.

Whether it is cancer, conflict, corrosion, cantakerousness, catastrophe ------

It all fits nicely under that heading of faith in Christ Jesus. Classify it there, and leave it with him.

Cast your cares.


My view today

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year, New Things

I'm sitting in a Early Childhood Development classroom this morning on my lunch break.

Lately I've been so busy that my thyroid dictates my energy levels back at home after work and I am EXHAUSTED.

This old gal is BUSY.

Margaret spread her wings and is working with substance addiction cases at a halfway house. Please pray for her. She has a lot to learn, and she is continuing at school, Caribou Coffee, and occasionally the deli (when I'm desperate.)

This is a trial run for her, and she may decide it's not the right fit, but it's good experience.

Chérie starts driver's education this month.
Again, prayers.. .

I am so finished with teaching kids to drive! It's stressful. This is number five, so I speak from experience. Can't wait until she's solo!

At least she's been mowing with a rider, so she's got a feel for the mechanics.

The weather turned cold this morning after a January thaw. We sit by the fire and doze frequently. It's a good life.

Like you, I read the news and watch the interesting global developments. Lately it seems there's a trend to discuss and disclose spiritual activity on a grand scale.

Tonight a film is playing in our area about UFOS and I'm planning to go (weather permitting). 

These things are either explainable or spiritual, and I'm interested in hearing the take of this film.

Go see it! Let's discuss! Certainly we will discuss this subject at our upcoming prophecy study.

End times are here, for sure.

Must quit. I have to corral the little ones for a few hours.

Will report back soon!