"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, December 29, 2014

Just A Note

Ed's hair is coming out in clumps tonight.

It was nice that he was able to keep it for so long. Next time you see him he will probably look different.

The prednizone that he is taking is kicking in too, making him puffier. Cushinoid.

Changes. Yet we continue to be thankful that fevers and cough continue to abate. We continue to be thankful that he improves.

God is good!

Tozer Again:

Believe What God Says He Will Do for Us

           By A. W.Tozer
         Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins
         may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall
         come from the presence of the Lord.       -  -  Acts 3:19
             True faith requires that we believe everything that
         God has said about Himself, but also that we believe
         everything He has said about us!
             Until we believe that we are as bad as God says we are,
         we can never believe that He will do for us what He says
         He will do.  Right here is where popular religion breaks
         down.  It never quite accepts the severity of God or the
         depravity of man.  It stresses the goodness of God and
         man's misfortune.  It makes sin a pardonable frailty and
         God is not too much concerned about it --- He merely
         wants us to trust in His goodness.
            To believe thus is to ground faith upon falsehood and
         build our eternal hope upon sand.  God has spoken.  We
         are all under solemn obligation to hear the affirmations
         of the Holy Ghost.
             To manipulate the Scriptures so as to make them
         excuse us, compliment us and console us is to do despite
         to the written Word and to reject the Living Word.  To
         believe savingly in Jesus Christ is to believe all He has
         said about Himself and all that the prophets and apostles
         have said about Him.
             A dreamy, sentimental faith which ignores the judg-
         ments of God against us and listens to the affirmations
         of the soul is as deadly as cyanide.  A faith which
         passively accepts all of the pleasant texts of the Bible
         while it overlooks or rejects the stern warnings and
         commandments of those same Scriptures is not the faith
         of which Christ and His apostles spoke!


I have a personal relationship with the prefix "con."

So many "con" words:


It seems they are mostly negative, but there are a few that are outstandingly positive. Contentment is one.

When contentment is the order of life there is immense power in living.

Power, is after all, the one thing that drives rebellion against God in its purest form. Lucifer wanted power, was not content in his own estate, and coveted his creator's power.

Power has corrupted a historical list of humanity.

Knowing that power is completely illusive when one believes in God is the key to contentment!

God, in His own form, His own changeless Person, is Power. There is no other power. It can only be an illusion.

So, with the knowledge that contentment is the antidote to power, we can approach a subject that grates and needs exposure. We are to expose the things of darkness.

Conspiracy. It is the opposite of contentment.

We all know of conspiracy theory, the jockeying of elitist "powers-that-be" for world domination. Satan is at work, training his minions in a last attempt to wrest power from God, knowing full well that his demise follows that confrontation. He is on a power trip to send as many humans to hell with himself ---to bring down mankind in a fiery eternity.

So where does that leave us? Puny little powerless humans? 

Actually we aren't powerless when we follow God's Word. We have the Holy Spirit and the knowledge of the eternal. We are the people who love God, who are saved by His merciful grace.

There is so much deception in the world. It has crept into the church as the Word of God prophesied. There are those that compromise truths. There is a false gospel that doesn't preach repentance. There are prosperity gospel lies, and those that have a false Christ, a demonic masquerading of spiritual power.

What about the ones who seek to limit the world population to 500,000,000? It's all there in Lester Brown's work, the Georgia Guidestones, the Hollywood Puppeteers.

I'm not a big movie/film watcher. I hear of movies from my kids, from reading reviews, from seeing snippets. There is enough to alarm me in real life! I don't need trumped up excitement from the theater. If I do see a film I'm guilty of having my radar up for conspiracy messages----just what is this film trying to message? Hollywood is showing more and more indication of their lust for power. The big media simply bows to the whole elitist agenda. Step away from it and it comes into focus.

As the world gets smaller and smaller via communications and travel, population explosion and knowledge, we will be seeing a desperate attempt at power grabbing.

There really is one who is trying to grab power, the ultimate conspirator...the most powerful creation, Lucifer himself.

So watch out for him! He's not everywhere, but he certainly knows what's going on. Many servants inform him. Learn to be content with what God teaches you through His Word, and don't be deceived by power hungry entities, be they spiritual or material.

This is the time to cleave to God's Word, cling to His commands, His promises, His strength.

When you hear words like Illuminati, Nephilim, Annuki, Trans-human, Bilderburg, Extra-terrestrial, Jesuit, Vatican, Royal lines, Bloodlines, United Nations, or New World Order---you can listen with interest but complete contentment! These power-hungry institutions have nothing on the Creator of the Universe, known through His infallible Word, the Bible.

Trust the gift of His Word, the sacred Word that informs and empowers anyone who commits his life to following it, knowing it, obeying its commands. It becomes the only thing we CAN trust in this fast moving time of prophecy fulfillment. The Bible is God's way of showing us His power, His plan and His created future. It is our anchor in turbulent times. It is the source of all that is good and true, protected and passed down supernaturally, translated and internalized by believers for centuries. It is the only thing we can be sure of. We believers have the inside story, the scoop on time.

Fascinating. It's like having a front-row seat on historical drama!

True contentment. Don't be afraid.

Trust in the Lord of Hosts. He is the true King.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

News from Corgi Hollows

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, meaningful and full of joy!

We did. I'd say it was a quiet Christmas overall.

I made a triple chocolate cheesecake from a recipe on Pinterest, and it was the center piece of what we ate. With that kind of richness one couldn't eat much else. Oreo crust, thick chocolate cheesecake with melted German chocolate, thick chocolate ganache on top. Delicious.

My parents, Jim, and his wife came over to help us eat it.

You saw the pictures of the Smorgasbord we had on Christmas Eve at my parents' house.

That is always an anticipated tradition.

Ed tested positive for the flu on Monday. This confirmed that I had it the week before...and that your prayers are powerful, for Ed never had a temperature that would have dictated a hospital stay.

Amazing. Really, miracles are happening all the time.

His cough is continuing to improve, and we all feel healthier as the days pass.

Winter has returned to our neighborhood after a second thaw. As my husband says, every warm day puts us that much closer to spring without struggles of fighting ice and snow.

We do like snow here, though. Really. Margaret has made noises about buying a new cross-country ski package for this season. I want to keep using my old Normark II's, wooden skis that I've had since I was 12 years old, still in great shape. Unfortunately the boots have disintegrated, and the 3-prong toe tip is hard to find. Replacement is no easy task.

I wear size 8 now....(If you happen to have an unused pair lying around.)

Cherie is making a gingerbread house today, but the food around here is sufficient for weeks, I think: Fruit, nuts, cookies from our sweet neighbors. We have more than we can possibly eat.

Come over for tea and treats.

Since we had four inches of snow overnight my husband is out playing with the new snow-blower. Now that our shoveling crew has flown the nest--or is otherwise debilitated---a new machine was a necessity. He is having fun with it. My back is thankful.

It is so much fun to get your cards and calls at this time of year. Thank you for thinking of us, praying for us, showing us your love. We feel so blessed. May God bless you richly this upcoming year of 2015!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Smorgasbord


If Only

If only people would believe the message of the baby in Bethlehem

That small child, born of a virgin, miracle birth, miracle existence

God made man

Redemption for a fallen race

What a message,
What a story,
What a truth.

To believe, repent, and live as He did

--to triumph over evil---

What a difference it would make

If only.

God has made His solution evident, transparent, broadcast to the ends of the earth.

Nothing hidden. Nothing secret. This is the Truth that every man and woman must know. God made flesh, sacrificed for the fall of mankind.

Simple truths.

Come unto Him, all ye who are heavy laden. He will give you rest for your souls.

 If only they'd believe.

Purify your hearts, place your lives in His hands, confess your sins, live as Christ commands.

If only the world actually believed the Miracle that is Jesus.

If only

Monday, December 22, 2014


Moving away this week, Jim and his beautiful wife will begin a new adventure.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ed and the Cats

History Lesson, Minnesota 101

This is a slice of history that interests me, and I just got a book from the library that gave much new insight. Let me introduce you to a fascinating time in Minnesota's history.

This is the Kensington Runestone:

  It was found near Alexandria, Minnesota in 1898, by a Swedish farmer named Olof Ohman.

The story began that he dug it up in his field. The experts that regarded it called it a mystery, an enigma, a puzzle. Most accused Olof of making the stone himself.

The inscription, in Runes, reads:

We are 8 Goths (Swedes) and 22 Norwegians on
an exploration-journey from
Vinland over the West
had camp by 2 skerries one
day's-journey north from this stone
We were out and fished one day After
We came home and found 10 of our men red
with blood and dead Ave Maria (AVM)
Save us from evil

{We have 10 of our party by the sea to look  \
after our ships 14 day's journey                             (On the side of the stone)
from this island Year 1362}                            /   

The runes used on the stone are obscure, but since finding it, similar runes have turned up in Europe. (That Olof Ohman could have known those runes is questionable).

Olaf Ohman averred to his death that he did not carve the stone, and that he found it when digging up an aspen tree  in his field. The stone was enmeshed in the roots of the tree.

Olaf Ohman was purported to be a church-going man. His family never questioned his integrity, even though he did enjoy a good joke!

Now for more interesting evidence: (This from the book by Thomas Reiersgord)

The stone, a graywacke boulder, is similar to boulders found at Knife Lake, MN, which, interestingly is called "Knife Lake" because of the cutting that happened there.

"Skerries" refers to boulder islands. There are two boulder islands in Lake Mille Lacs:
              This is "Spirit Island"

Spirit Island is a fascinating geological feature. There is another similar boulder pile called "Hennepin Island" east of Spirit Island. They are both easily visible from the southern shores of Lake Mille Lacs.

It is likely that whoever engraved the runes was referring to these "skerries" and even the journey length described matches the distance between Mille Lacs and Knife Lake.

Everyone who reads the runes about men covered with blood assumes that it was the result of an altercation between the native people, the Dakota (there at the time).

Reiersgord suggests that The Black Plague was really the cause of death. He builds a convincing argument for that.

On to other notable things.

  This is a Dakota History record.

At the River Rendezvous this past September we learned about these. They are quite old and fairly easy to interpret according to the Dakota. They are a good report of conditions and major events through centuries, even.

Interestingly the first event, always in the center of the circular record, is often a large rectangle with strike marks ---eerily like the Kensington Runestone. But it couldn't be that simple, right?

If, in fact, a group of Europeans came over to what is now Minnesota in 1362, they would have been Christian, the "Goths" or Swedes, monks, even. What is likely is that they told the Dakota the story of Creation and the 10 commandments. This was recorded at the beginning, with the significance of stone tablets clearly depicted!

There is a collaborating story to give weight to this. A very old Dakota woman who spoke no English, told a story to an anthropologist in 1930 from her people's legends.

"Thirty-eight white men came in ships with sails and shields. They had tools and weapons. They were jolly people and they did not marry the Dakota people." A few other details rounded out the legend.

The likely events were that a party of Europeans came west, exploring from the then-known region of "Vinland," a well-documented place now known to be New Foundland. They had been exposed to the Black Plague, and some ended up succumbing to it, even perhaps passing it along to the native peoples of this area. The year really was 1362, which predates anything Columbian. The larger craft were left on Lake Superior, which was a "sea" to them, and dugout canoes were used to forge up the Brule River (in Wisconsin) to Lake St. Croix. They portaged to the St. Croix River. From there it was up the Snake River to the Knife River, ending up at Knife Lake, and eventually Lake Mille Lacs.

But how did the Kensington Runestone get to the Alexandria area?

This stone was clearly transported, and probably by the Dakota. It was special to them, an important record, even if the runes were unintelligible to them.

As a sacred object it was taken to a sacred burial. The site on the Ohman farm is close to a sacred mound. It was buried and a tree planted on top of it, per Dakota custom.

Reiersgord gives a very likely record of the stone's journey, even evidencing a possible encounter with it by John Carver in 1767. Carver's journal indicates that he saw a tombstone-like stone covered in "hieroglyphics" treasured by the Dakota. Fascinating. Was it the Kensington Runestone? Maybe.

When you look at the beauty of the lakes and forests of Minnesota, the fertile soil and abundant hunting, it isn't any surprise that Minnesota has a long and colorful history, that it was a magnet to many people groups.

Now, to find the boulder that the Runestone was cut from. Knife Lake....

I love puzzles.

    Knife Lake

The Cat Printer Malfunctioned

My Eldest

Heretofore my eldest two sons have remained unnamed. Both are now married, off to their own lives. I want to give them blog names...so this is now Joe. My second son will be Jim. Love you, boys.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Prayer Please

I'm sick. I slept most of the day yesterday. Feverish, generally achy, and blah.
Margaret took Ed to the clinic this morning. Bless her heart.
Ed's cough is still deep. It sounds terrible.
Please pray for us.
We are unusually downhearted for this time of year, despite the hard things.
Thank you

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Witchcraft, Wicca, the Dark Arts, and ...

I have a bad cold. I got it from Ed. I spent the afternoon sleepily watching this DVD, and I think it is important.

Since I know at least three witches (and they know that I am a Christian) I wonder at the impression many have that witchcraft is innocuous.

Stepping on toes here, for sure, as I know many people who LOVE Harry Potter and all books JK Rowling wrote for children. I think that the whole story should be known and told, and ignorance could be dangerous.

First of all, Witchcraft: Fantasy or real power?
Real power. Science has tried to disprove any supernatural force, but most people know that the supernatural really does exist, and that there is power there. Many people think that the power they get from witchcraft is far more powerful than any power from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

They may see the Jewish/Christian God as a player in all of their theory, not the most powerful being after all, but clearly a force to be reckoned with.

Secondly, Occult Practice: Good or Bad?
Bad. The occult is a vast network of demonic power. It is harmful, ultimately, as it teaches things that are in direct contradiction to what the Bible says. Basically the Occult is fine with experiences and subjective truth. No absolutes, nothing wrong, only power for the use of "good."

But what is good? We all have different ideas of good. Hitler thought he was good. I think I'm good (most of the time)---but really the only standard that is reliable about what is good or not comes from an external source, not internal.

There is only one option; believe it or not.

Thirdly, paganism, mythology, and the dark arts: History or Current?
Both. Paganism is acknowledged to be alive and well. It is the over-arching genre that includes everything of Lucifer/Satan. (Pride and Anger) Therefore it incorporates God as "mother," feminism, witchcraft, Norse mythology, wicca, wizardry, horoscopes, indigenous ceremony, black magic, white magic, gray magic, cults, and some types of Catholicism, secret societies (Southern Baptist Freemasonry) and Pentecostalism. Some would say all things "extra-biblical."

Stepping on toes here.

One thing we can all do---TEST THE SPIRITS!

Say, as Michael the Archangel did in Jude, "The LORD REBUKE YOU, by the blood of Christ Jesus, shed on the cross."

He inhabits the praise of his people.

When Ed was in a manic state I was able to find such comfort in the spiritual warfare that ensued. It was exhausting, but we saw the power of God to comfort, quiet and cleanse. Praising the LORD is a powerful thing when dealing with evil. Mania is not good, but even when caused by a legitimate illness, it can be handled spiritually as well as chemically. The power of God is far greater than any found here on earth.

So, regarding all of these subjects mentioned there really is an absolute solution to spiritual conflict. The Word of God is the answer to mankind's ultimate problem: sin and rebellion.

Witchcraft is rebellion against God.

Know that either God must be true, or Satan. Satan would love to have you believe him, that he is the true creating force as Isis or Ashtoreth, Baal, or whatever god or goddess form he may take.

He is a Liar. He is a deceiver. He loves to have you think that fantasy world involving magic and witchcraft are completely innocuous.

But you knew that, didn't you? We all must decide where our ultimate allegiance lies. Is it with the Father, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His son Yeshua?

Or with the deceptions of this very clever being we know as Lucifer?

We all must make the choice, and you only have one chance to get it right before death. The Bible says that death comes to all men. After that, the judgement.

Where do you place your ultimate authority? Church teachings? Traditions? Spirit Contacts? Preachers? Books? Spells and Magic? What your friends say? YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES?

Or the Holy Word of God?

Be sure you know the answer to that question. As Tim Keller said sometime, "Is your God the ultimate version of yourself?" --or something to that end. That's idolatry, folks.

God is who He is in the Holy Bible. There are severe consequences for defining God without Biblical knowledge.

I think it is extremely important for young people to read through the Bible yearly at least five times. People don't even know what is IN the Bible! (It's one of Satan's very successful ploys to enforce Biblical illiteracy)

Read the Bible, and find truth.

And the Word IS truth.  

Stay away from witchcraft, fantasy or REAL.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Northern Lights Chorale - O Magnum Mysterium - Morton Lauridsen

Christmas Roses

My husband is seeing that it looks festive around here!

Did You Know?--(I found this on our schedule board today...)

Things Happening Fast

What a busy time.

We are at the clinic with Ed every other day again for chemotherapy. This should wrap up on the day before Christmas.

Today we saw the psychiatrist, who is pleased with how things are. Ed is tired, though, and nursing a cough. Utmost precaution is taken at the clinic for keeping "bugs" from spreading. The flu is going around, and that is problematic.

If Ed gets a fever he ends up in the hospital, the last place he wants to be right now.

I am so grateful for the wonderful team at the clinic. They seem to enjoy seeing Ed every time, always happy and full of smiles, encouraging him. It must take a very special person to be so upbeat in the face of hundreds of young cancer patients! I am so impressed.

Ed enjoys seeing each nurse or health professional. Today our psychiatrist told Ed that he always looks forward to seeing Ed. There's always something interesting to talk about! (That was nice!)

It's rather freeing to not worry about Christmas decorations this year. I think housewives tend to get a little stressed over the holidays whether they mean to or not. There is just more to do than sit around!

I know some people would find it worse to sit than to be doing something, and those people thrive on the details of pulling off perfect celebrations! I admit I'm not like that.

I prefer my knitting and my books, my cup of tea and a fireplace, my cats and my pups lying at my feet! I do love a cozy Christmas time though, and that involves PREPARATION!

This year I'm doing my best to find a few meaningful gifts for my family, but it won't have the year-long prep and shopping that I've been guilty of in the past.

I know they will understand.

What a fun weekend we had! Friends visited us, and we moms went to the Minnesota Historical Society to see the "Toys" exhibit. Toys from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. So many memories! I doubt our kids would have had as much pleasure in it. Half the fun was seeing all of us old people getting silly over old commercials for toys playing on the old televisions. Very clever staging! How simple we were then!

We went to Cafe Latte on Grand Avenue in St. Paul after a brief turn around the Cathedral. My friend hadn't been there before. I recommend Cafe Latte---the salads are delicious, and the CAKES!!!!! Indulge. It's worth it.

That evening we went to a wonderful concert. Our suburb has a non-audition band that is superb! They had great sound! Friends of ours invited us to hear them sing in the 100 member choir, beautiful Christmas music. Also a youth vocal ensemble sang. Really excellent!

On Sunday we drove downtown Minneapolis to the sing-along "Messiah" at St. Olaf Catholic Church. Like last year, this was wonderful fun. You cannot hear "The Messiah" too often in my opinion, and when I hear it I always want to be singing it! Certainly we'll be singing it in heaven.

Something wonderful happened while we were there. My friend sat down in the alto section and a couple of women sat down next to her. She thought they looked somewhat familiar. Lo and behold, my friend had taught the younger gal in Budapest, Hungary, 10 years ago! Out of all the hundreds of people in that auditorium the LORD had those two sit right next to each other! Isn't He good?! They had a sweet reunion.

Also on Sunday we celebrated my son's 22nd birthday. My daughter-in-law made the most scrumptious white cake with almond flavoring and we all enjoyed it at their apartment. Soon they will be moving to Oklahoma---next week, to be exact! It was fun to celebrate with them.

Ed cannot be too far from the clinic. One hour radius, they said. Especially when his blood counts are low, which they will be for this next weekend. The chemo starts to bring it down about now, and we need to be extra careful while his counts are lower. This means that he will not get to Iowa to his grandparents' Christmas event. Disappointment all around!

Yes, there are some things that are simply not wise. Really, though, we do many things around here to make up for it. It's so good to be in a city with practically endless possibilities for something interesting or fun! In some ways we are spoiled.

I don't know if I'll have time to write over the next week. Maybe, between a few batches of cookie baking?
If not, I wish you all, my readers, a very merry Christmas, and a very happy New Year!

God bless you. Thank you SO MUCH for your faithful prayers and interest!

(Of course if I see prophecy stuff I'll be posting!)

The Mark?


I am seeing this "mark" more and more on end-time related things.

Perhaps a warning?

Let's watch and see what happens here.

Certainly the illuminati must be thinking of ways to bring about the new world order even now. This could be a beginning, a advertising campaign, to test the waters.

Very deceptive!

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Take a Minute;

Answers Hangout with Dr. Terry Mortenson and Tim Chaffey

Some Words on This:

As a middle-aged "evangelical" who went through a year of college at Wheaton College (IL) and then the University of Minnesota where I became very involved with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, I look back at some defining spiritual moments.

Creation, Biblical Authority, Theistic Evolution, Calvinism, and spiritual warfare continue to be water-shed issues that I've grappled with now for decades.

The LORD has been good to me, my Heavenly Father patient and longsuffering as I've lived and read and grown spiritually.

Do I know it all now? Sorry if it seems I act that way. I'm not stupid. There is so much to learn! One thing I can say, that as I continue to grapple and define life dependent issues I am most comfortable with God's Word. Whatever reliable translation....German, English...(for me), the Bible is the most satisfactory authority I've ever found.

Philosophies sway us for a season, but the truth of Scripture eclipses even the most alluring ones.

As a lowly freshman at Wheaton I remember three "confrontations" which helped to define my passions now.

Pardon the "navel gazing"----but I think these things may be pivotal for many of us.

Experience No. 1: "Why does it matter so much?"
A friend, Randy, asked me, as we questioned the view about Scripture being all true---inerrant.
I remember saying that I could trust God if He was consistently truthful, not so much if He was recording (through men) myths as the Bible. To me this was foundational.

Experience No. 2
My anthropology professor, Dean Arnold, was a solid evolutionist. Why Wheaton ever gave him a position at the college I wonder, as he seemed to continuously undermine evangelical students and their solid upbringing in the truth of the Bible , particularly the Genesis account. I remember writing a paper on Ramapithicus, an early humanoid creature (according to archeology) and how it didn't fit in with the Biblical inference that by MAN came DEATH. Ramapithicus was (according to archeology) long gone before man made his appearance.  I got a "D."

Experience No. 3
Dr. Bilezikian and I had a brief conversation. I remember that I said something about God's sovereignty, and he got a quizzical look on his face. He replied to me something like, "Is He?"

Eighteen-year-old's tend to take these moments of confrontation and turn them into cud for chewing.

Seminaries have consistently chosen the path of "intellectualism" ala Malcom Muggeridge. Look where intellectualism leads: Dusty, lifeless thought.

The Spirit is dead.

The above YouTube conversation is an excellent explanation of why the intellectual approach is so shaky. God is so way above man's intellect.

The Father, Elohim, is almighty. What does that word mean to you?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Of Note

A few noteworthy things:

"Unbroken" is a must read. I'm hoping that the film does it justice, and the powerful message of Christ's healing is extremely evident as it was in Zamperini's life.

Don't miss Trey Goudy as he addresses Gruber on C-Span. I'm sure you saw links to it today.
Ed's chemo went great today. Thanks for praying!

Our young friend canoeing down the Mississippi is having quite the adventure. That's his story, not mine, but it is amazing. His dad stopped by tonight to visit.

I just placed a large order from Caryl Matrisciana, the lovely Englishwoman who grew up in India, now filmmaker. Her DVD's and books are excellent. Let me know if you want me to lend them to you. Better yet, order from her and give her materials to someone for Christmas.

Another bad crash occurred in a very familiar location for me. Disturbing. Two weeks ago a young man suffered a fatal car crash injury across the street from our driveway. Today a head-on collision occurred in the small town where I grew up. Somehow these events are so jarring, as you experience them, even if you didn't know the victims personally.

I started a new blog featuring some of my art stuff. Click on my profile to find it. It's fun to find time for creativity again.

Thank you for keeping up with us here!

Added 12/10/14: 

From Ray Comfort's Facebook page:

A new movie is coming out on Christmas Day called “Unbroken.” It’s the true story of Olympian and World War II veteran, Louis Zamperini, who was able to extend forgiveness to his captors because he was a Christian.
Apparently, Hollywood was able to make the whole movie with hardly a mention of the reason for his love--his faith in God.
My friend Steve Sanchez saved me having to endure the movie. He went for review purposes and said, "Saw 'Unbroken.' Needs fixin'. Apart from them using Jesus' name in vain, there is no mention of Him. The only reference to his faith was at the end, and this was only as a footnote."
Shame on any Christian who sits through a movie that uses the precious Name of Jesus as a substitute for a filth word (Steve excluded).
After seeing the nutty "Noah" movie earlier this year (for review purposes) I noticed something that takes place when Hollywood's faith-based films hit the screen:
Bob to Fred: “I went to see that movie that they said was bad. It’s bad. Totally unbiblical.”
Next day. Fred to Bob: “Last night I went to see that movie you said was bad. It’s really bad. Horrible. Unbiblical.”
When we go to movies that pervert scripture, we empower and encourage Hollywood. Money at the box office is a big pat on their godless backs.
After hearing that some friends (who knew the "Noah" movie was horrible) went to see it, I thought, “You’re giving money to Hollywood!” But I didn't have to say anything to them. During the movie there was a large earthquake and they made a hurried mass exodus out of the theater. No kidding.
Speaking of a mass exodus, Hollywood’s "Exodus" comes out on Friday. I will go to see it then give you a review.
If they include forty-foot monsters sucking up the Red Sea so that the children of Israel can pass through it, I will tell you that it’s bad. Really bad. And you can then go and see it so that you can tell your friends it’s bad (the title already annoys me).

Monday, December 8, 2014

Delayed Intensification

Ed starts a new phase of chemotherapy tomorrow morning, bright and early.

Delayed Intensification is, as its name implies, intense. Ed will get a spinal tap and chemo, also meds to help with nausea. We will be at the clinic most of the day.

Yes, hospitalizations are not planned anymore, but our nurse told us that they were likely with the possibility of low counts and a fever from some bug developing. It is flu season, after all. Prayers are requested!

Fever = hospitalization

So, we start this phase, knowing that the next few weeks will be extremely busy.

No, I'm not putting up a Christmas tree. We aren't decorating this year, except for a few items. Jesus was probably born in September anyway. This is certainly the year to acknowledge that!

We will hope to exchange gifts on the 25th, (as the wise men probably arrived in Bethlehem on the 25th!--Check out Rick Larson's Star DVD) and my son's birthday comes this weekend. We have many things to celebrate, but we're keeping it extremely low-key this year.

Being Scandinavian I am always up for a party this time of year! I've raised my kids that way, too.


Swedish SmorgÄsbord is part of our family tradition on the 24th of December. All the goodies will be enjoyed then. If that is the only thing we get done this year, that's okay.

There's an article quoting George Mueller that we read this morning. I want to share it, because it has such wonderful wisdom for these times we are living in right now.

Making the Most of your Devotions

As we turn our minds toward Christ this season, we can see an effective way to communicate with Him. I thought it was helpful.

May I make a gift suggestion for every person in your family? A Praying Life

It's on Kindle, too. What a powerful book! Energize your family!

You know, when I get up in the morning I still say "Maranatha!" (Come Lord Jesus!)

Life on earth just isn't all that great. It's so time to go home! But we all must live the appointed days, and in order to get through them, pacing ourselves until Christ changes us in a twinkling of an eye, we must rely on His ideas for living, that is, prayer, feasting on His Word, and trusting Him with each minute of each day. So simple,  so hard.

On Saturday I made pecan rolls. We also gave chocolates to commemorate Nicholas, the old fellow who helped a family of young girls in Turkey back in the 4th century (NOT the "Old Nick!"). The chocolates were mostly consumed by the dogs. Not on purpose. (And yes, they are fine, just a few extra trips outside!) The rolls were enjoyed by all who came to breakfast!

We had the joy of seeing our Chinese "son" who stopped by for supper last evening. It was wonderful to catch up with him. He came as a young freshman to the U of MN nine years ago now! We met through the Chinese American Friendship Association. Our good friends have returned from South Africa, glowing with a spiritual joy. They attended a wonderful Christian conference there last week. They stopped by on their way home from the airport yesterday. We hope to spend next weekend with them again.

Two bridal showers are in the works...which I am hosting for close friends. Exciting times! Margaret has finals this week. My husband just got back from a week in Indianapolis.

A few tea parties and concerts will round out the end of this momentous year. The sing-along "Messiah" is next Sunday at St. Olaf Catholic Church in Minneapolis. We are planning to go...

I hope to make rolls again several times soon. Stop by for coffee and...


Free breakfast at Ikea

We ARE in the End Times


This is a major "duh" for the watchmen, but sadly we must proclaim it.

There will be older folk who poo-poo the warnings of "The End is Near"----they've heard it all before, in the 20's (stock market), 30's (Hitler), 40's (WWII), 50's (Communism), 60's (Moral Decline), 70's (Vietnam, Abortion), 80's (Cold War), 90's (Socialism), 00's (Islam on the Rise), 10's (Here we ARE!)

You can go back and talk about the Chinese Revolution, the Communist takeover of Russia, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, ---

We can go back as far as we want, and nothing compares to what is happening now:

Unprecedented earthquakes, Israel, space phenomena, Israel, Christian persecution, Israel, demonic activity, Israel, corruption, Israel, immorality, Israel, apostasy, Israel, signs in the heavens (the Gospel in the Stars), Israel, Economic lunacy, Israel.

Political unrest is only ONE sign. We can't base our end-times indicator on politics alone!

Nations will rage...

People, it's time to proclaim the life-giving words of the Bible. That so many will slip into eternal fire for lack of knowing the Truth of Scripture is a travesty.

We must share Christ's Way like never before. Be bold. Talk about things.

I can't wait for that moment, that "twinkling of an eye," when we shall all be changed, and I think it is going to happen real quick here. If we are around next year at this time---December---I'll be flabbergasted.

I read a comment on the inter-webs from a woman my age. She put my thoughts down well----"I've been watching for the Rapture of the church for 40 years. I'm looking for it at every likely moment, but if it doesn't happen then I'll re-set my sights on the next possibility!"

We are watchmen. We ARE supposed to be aware of the times, the seasons, God's whole plan. We don't walk in darkness! We walk in the light of the Truth of Scripture, and Scripture tells us to WATCH! Jesus gives us signs!

We are seeing all the signs now, in multiples. They are happening more frequently, more obviously than ever before. The Last Days are here.

As David Jeremiah said recently, "We've been saying for years 'The End times are coming, now we say that the End Times are HERE!'"


Jan Markell's program on Saturday was excellent. Don't miss it.

Pace yourselves, friends. Repent, as Jesus Christ commanded. Clear the sin out of your life in preparation for His return. Jesus paid the price, but we are to walk in light, obeying His commands. If you aren't doing that you can question your salvation, and you should.

Don't walk in darkness.

Look up, your redemption draws nigh.

Those of us who've been watching for years are getting really excited. It's happening, friends! It's happening.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Time to count blessings: (I haven't done this in awhile!--You know what this means...)

Sunny skies
A warm home
A daughter who knits lovely socks and scarves for the people in her family and her friends
A cheerful son who faces a life-threatening disease. (More on that later)
A husband who gladly supports his family, and has a wonderful job
Minnesota ---the sparkling lights of Minneapolis, the clear air, the fresh snow, the crisp cold. Beautiful.

A really cool car to zip around town in. Yes, it's new, and I love it. My husband and I thought we were being sensible buying a Ford, just a little bigger than our old Focus, since we don't need a 12 passenger van much anymore. He insisted on stick shift (which I prefer, too) and the only car available like that anywhere nearby was ruby red.

I truly have the coolest car around now, hands down. Since I'm on the road so much with Ed it has been a joy---easy to drive, low gas mileage, and safe. It fits in the parking ramp at the hospital, too. I count it a major blessing.

Organ lessons for Ed, which started up again today after 7 months
Fun things to give for this season of remembering Jesus
A plentiful honey harvest
Parents who have excellent health, overall. (What a huge blessing!)

Wonderful friends, caring friends, helpful friends, servant-hearted friends!

A truly Bible-based church fellowship. What a precious group of totally great people!
No goofy seeker-sensitive mumbo jumbo at this church...just straight expository preaching. How refreshing!

(It's what actually works in reaching people who know they are lost, and some who don't know they are lost!)

Fun concerts: the Northern Lights Chorale just finished their fall season, and that was fun. We also went to the Episcopal cathedral of St. Mark's to hear a concert of music by Franz Liszt. Ed loved it. Liszt has never been my favorite, but some of the pieces were really beautiful.

Ed's counts were rather low this past week, so he couldn't continue with chemotherapy or other appointments as we had hoped. We always have good conversation in the car, and on Monday when we were driving I asked him about having the possibility of not getting well, of not beating the cancer, and how he felt about that.

"I'm ready, Mom," he said. Big sigh.

Yes, he is. Thank the LORD.

The nice thing about being a Bible believer is that you never have to rely on your own imaginary hopes about God. It's all there in the word of Scripture, our hope, spelled right out, and solid as rock.

The one who believes in the Bible has a mountain of solid authority to stand on, to face life's worst with.

It's like night and day.


Old hymn/choruses are so handy!

Yes, we can. We can count our many blessings.

Oh, yes, and we have such sweet pets: the cats, the black lab, the corgi. Smiles everywhere!

Thank you, Lord.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Little Tozer For Today:

      By A.W. Tozer

          A few things, fortunately only a few, are matters of life and death,
     such as a compass for a sea voyage or a guide for a journey across the
     desert.  To ignore these vital things is not to gamble or take a chance;
     it is suicide.  Here it is either be right or dead.

         Our relation to Christ is such a matter of life or death, and on a much
     higher plane.  The Bible instructed man knows that Jesus Christ came
     into the world to save sinners and that men are saved by Christ alone
     altogether apart from any works of merit.

         That much is true and known, but obviously the death and resurrection
     of Christ do not automatically save everyone... How does that which Christ
     did FOR me become operative WITHIN me?  To fail here is not to gamble
     with our souls: it is to guarantee eternal banishment from the face of God.
     Here we must be right or be finally lost.

         Being spiritually lazy we naturally tend to gravitate toward the easiest way
     of settling our religious questions for our selves and others; hence the formula
     (most often heard) is "Accept Christ".  It has become a panacea of universal
     application, and I believe it is fatal to many. Though undoubtedly an occasional
     serious minded penitent may find in it all the instruction he needs to bring him
     into living contact with Christ, I fear too many seekers use it as a short cut to
     the Promised Land.

         The trouble is that the whole "Accept Christ" attitude is likely to be wrong.
     It shows Christ applying to us rather than us to Him.  It makes Him stand
     hat-in-hand awaiting our verdict on Him, instead of our kneeling with troubled
     hearts awaiting His verdict on us.  It may even permit us to "accept Christ"
     by an impulse of mind or emotions, painlessly, at no loss to our ego and
     no inconvenience to our usual way of life.

         To accept Christ is to form an attachment to the Person of our Lord Jesus
     altogether unique in human experience.  The attachment is intellectual,
     volitional (action of the will) and emotional.  The believer is intellectually
     convinced that Jesus is both Lord and Christ; he has set his will to follow Him
     at any cost and soon his heart is enjoying the sweetness of His fellowship.

         This attachment is all-inclusive in that it joyfully accepts Christ for all that
     He is.  There is no division of offices whereby we may acknowledge
     His Saviourhood today and withhold decision on His Lordship until tomorrow...

         Further, his attachment to Christ is all-exclusive.  The Lord becomes to him
     not ONE of several rival interests, but one exclusive attraction forever.

        That we accept Christ in this all-inclusive, all-exclusive way is a divine
     imperative.  Here faith makes its leap into God through the Person and work
     of Christ, but it never divides the work from the Person.  It never tries to
     believe on the blood apart from Christ Himself, or the cross or "finished work."
     It believes on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, the whole Christ without modification
     or reservation, and thus it receives and enjoys all that He did in His work of
     redemption, all that He is now doing in heaven for His own and all that  He does
     in and through them.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Shake Up Your World

Twenty-five years ago I was exposed to some things that I had no idea would have any impact on my future life. I was clueless.

I never thought I'd live until I was 40 years old---now I'm past that, and here we all are, waiting for Christ's return, signs of the times all around us.

I saw last week that over half of all Americans believe we are seeing signs of the end.

As information becomes more available, and you know where to look, things start to come together for Satan/Lucifer. This anti-god is making his move, and he's becoming more blatant, practically by the day.

The New World Order predicted in Revelation is on its way. The great Apostasy predicted in Jude is roaring right now.

So we all need to wake up and be vigilant. Arouse yourself out of your sleepy complacency and become informed spiritually.

You will not like what you see here, but you will be aware of how things can come together quickly. No one wants to be "mean" or "judgmental" or "picky." Once you have been made aware of the spiritual warfare that is raging all around us your perspective changes.

Please watch this interview. Pray about this. Wake up.
Illuminati Infiltration

If you have questions, feel free to call me and chat. I can give you more information.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Double decker cats

Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, we are thankful.

We know that our Lord has everything in His hands, under control.

To someone who doesn't know what it really is to be a follower of Christ it must be confusing to see our fervent and single-minded devotion to the Way.

I sense that in non-believers. They just don't get it.

They must think we under some massive delusion, some crazy notion that denies their unspiritual existence.

Well, when you've experienced Christ, you are never the same.

I had the joy of knowing Christ as a very young child. I can hardly fathom what it is like to live without Him, facing the struggles and troubles of life.

Ed's cancer has been hard. I wish it on no one else, but the sad reality is that it IS in people's lives. Many people. But how do they face it without the hope our Savior gives?

How do they walk that horrid path without the strength from the Holy Spirit, the abiding joy that all of us believers know?

So today, in this week of Thanksgiving, I am grateful. I'm thankful.

I'm thankful to God that He is so good, so loving, so merciful to save wretched and rebellious human beings from eternal fire. I'm thankful that He saved me.

Thank you, LORD!

Mid-East Prophecy Update – November 23rd, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Prophetic Coincidence?

Thanksgiving Roses from my better half:

Aren't these beautiful?  Sharing the Beauty. Kiwi approves.

From Colin Smith this Morning:

Monday, November 24, 2014
How to Know You're a Genuine Believer

 Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard). 2 Peter 2:7-8 NIV
 Here is one "hidden" mark of a genuine believer. It cannot be known for sure in others, but you can be sure of it in yourself. But be careful not to make false judgments about others. Peter writes about those who "deny the...Lord" (2:2), but he denied him three times.
If you were to say, "He's a counterfeit!" you'd be wrong. There will be many surprises in heaven - who's there and who's not. Lot chose to live in the city of Sodom, and he experienced a great deal of unhappiness there. Some decisions in life have lasting consequences - where you live, what career you choose, who you marry. A bad decision may bring you sorrow, but it cannot stop God's grace in your life. The mark of a righteous man living in an unrighteous world, Peter says, is that he is "distressed" and "tormented" day after day. He is distressed over sin in the world around him. And he is distressed over sin in his own soul. The distinguishing mark is not that Lot was without sin.
The evidence that Lot was a righteousness man was that he grieved over sin wherever he saw it.

 Your distress over the sin around you is a clear mark of God's grace in your life. A true Christian grieves over sin wherever he sees it. That includes the sin in your own soul. A counterfeit Christian takes it very lightly. It doesn't bother him. Are you distressed by your own sins? Or have you learned to live with them?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Mid-East Prophecy Update – November 16th, 2014


We are home from the fourth and FINAL stay at Children's Hospital, Minneapolis.


No, we're not done with treatment. That continues for three more years, but should health be good and treatment go as planned we will not have to stay in the hospital again.

Only if Ed gets sick. Fevers aren't our friends.

So we'll pray he stays well, his counts stay good, and we all will be happy.

The arctic cold is slipping away for the weekend, too, and that makes us very happy.

On the way home from the hospital the conversation in the car went something like this:

"Ed, I'm sorry if I'm stealing your joy about......."

"No, mom, you aren't stealing my joy, you are stealing my happy, and that isn't as important."

I love this kid. He's had a happy countenance all through this horrid disease, and that has blessed every single person who walked in the door of his room.

He told one nurse that being difficult didn't help anything. One might as well be pleasant as one could be. So through nausea, pain, sores, weariness, and CANCER he has been delightful.


And now we can hope that hospital visits are a thing of the past.


The next stage of chemotherapy is due to begin the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Time to get ready for the feast!

Thank you for your prayers. The LORD, Elohim, is glorified by your prayers answered in Ed. Thank you.

Sunrise this morning looking south from the hospital. It was a very beautiful view.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Musings

Tomorrow begins the last hospitalization that is scheduled for Ed's leukemia chemotherapy treatment. We are hopeful that it truly will be the last hospitalization.

Alas, if he gets a fever or any other dire illness symptoms he will be hospitalized.

But let's hope.

So, I am ready for the week, though somewhat flutter-brained. Our weekend included the big performance of our fall concert for the Northern Lights Chorale. Girl's Night Out happened, with my friend and her daughter, and my two girls: we saw the play "Pride and Prejudice" at the local Christian school. My husband's parents were here for the weekend, and we tried to stay quiet and low-key despite the events.

I still feel rattled tonight. Maybe it's because Margaret had a minor car accident over the weekend. Maybe it's because I'm feeling the need for some introvert time. Maybe it's the freezing cold and early snow pack outside. Maybe I see our parents and ourselves aging, gracefully, surely, but still the path slopes downward.
Maybe all the bells and whistles of dealing with meds and clinics and being very ill are at an irritating high pitch.

Perhaps it's all these things combined. I guess I'm ready for the week at the hospital, but inside I'm wishing I could be doing normal stuff.

Normal for me, at least.

Thanksgiving is coming. Plans are forming for the day's celebration. I started buying ingredients for the goodies. Last year I'd have been doing...

No need to bemoan any loss here. The Lord has placed us right where we need to be.

I skimmed an article this past weekend. It was about God not letting us suffer beyond what we can bear. It pointed out that that wasn't what Scripture said. It says we won't be tempted overly. Really there are no guarantees that we won't suffer extremely. Maybe even beyond what we can handle.

But we do know that the Holy Spirit ALWAYS stands with us, always helps us, always keeps us. I truly believe that He never lets us go.

Suffering will come. Pain, death, torment are facts of life. My mother-in-law knows some people who have never suffered much. I don't know anyone like that. I think everyone I know has been through hard times of some sort---illness or loss. Now I don't know anyone personally who has suffered torture. That is a whole realm about to be unpacked in our world. Evidence of horrible acts are turning up on my internet feed daily.

And we shouldn't look away.

We watch and steel our own hearts in the promises of God.

We meet the demands of our days with hope in our hearts, put there by the Holy Spirit.

Please continue to pray for Ed. These next days will be boring and difficult. The chemotherapy puts him in a compromised state health-wise. The next stage of chemo will be similar to what we experienced right after the diagnoses.

And yes, I'll have to administer chemo at home again.


Not sure if that starts the week of Thanksgiving or if it will wait until after that holiday. Certainly we'll be in the midst of it through Christmas.

Thank you for your kindness in keeping up with us, reading these posts, praying, checking in. We value, we treasure your concern, your friendship. We don't want to depress our friends. We want to show that these hard times can truly be navigated with God's presence.

Knowing Him makes all the difference.

I can't tell you how many moments of doubt I've had that have been cleared by His thoughts answering, clearing up questions. They happen in the sleepless nights, the reveries of afternoon.
Each moment of doubt confirms my need for God. The same God of Abraham touches my heart. He stoops to comfort me.

And faith becomes stronger with each confrontation of doubt. Amazing.

Looking up. It's going to get better!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Concert Tonight

Would love to see you at Benson Great Hall this evening at 7:00 for the Northern Lights Chorale concert. You are invited. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


          My cute son and daughter in law in the fresh snow :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The election is over, and as a conservative Minnesotan I have mixed feelings. The race didn't go as well for conservatives here. There are too few of us in this state.

Did you look at some of the headlines today?

The story about Obama's letter to the Iranian leader is still fresh. So is the one about the "Affordable Health Care Act" architect and his deliberate deception.

I am no longer a fan of G.W. Bush, but probably for different reasons than most progressives. I believe he belongs to the controlling few, and plays at conservative politics. As time goes on I get more and more jaded about American politics.

But this is a good thing. My eyes focus not on the weaklings in Washington, but on God, the Author and Ruler of all. Ultimately, the God of the Bible will bring things to a close here on earth, and despair about current politics just doesn't fit in my schedule anymore.

I'm done with that.

(Oh, yes, I vote.)

---And I do stay informed about things---after all, I consider myself one of the watchmen. I am looking for bigger things to be happening, and I look for clues and signs of Christ's return ALL THE TIME.

It's getting closer, friends. He's coming soon.

Repent, and get ready.

There are those who will say "Lord, Lord!"

And He'll say "I never knew you."

Better work that out with fear and trembling. If you have sin in your life right now, and you haven't turned away from it, watch out!

The LORD is quick to forgive. He loves you, and He wants to be your Savior. Just don't believe that your life is "safe" because you went to church growing up. You need to have a personal relationship with God, and if you are struggling in sin, no spiritual fruit, you'd better examine your life.

Don't wait. The Bridegroom comes for the Bride, the church of Jesus Christ.

If you aren't sure, get out your Bible and turn to the Gospel of John. Spend some time reading it tonight. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you through His thoughts and Words. Go to Him with a humble heart, ready to repent.

One thing that happens to a believer when He becomes a child of God is that there is this lack of a desire to sin. There is a conviction of sin in your life. All of a sudden you KNOW you are sinning.....in some clear way.

You repent. You move away from your sexual sin, your profane mouth, your pornography. Your laziness, sloth, and greed. You no longer have Satanic condemnation speaking lies into your head about how ugly you are, what a failure, what a misfit...You desire the Word of God. You know His voice, because it fills you with a solid understanding of His forgiveness and His love. Maybe you will have a warmth that envelopes you. You will know.

And the Truth will set you free.

I don't care what religion you are, or were. You can come to Christ right now, asking Him to forgive you, repenting of your sin, believing that He is GOD, He is your savior.

It's personal. It's powerful. It's life itself.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus.

It's not about this world anymore. It's about the next.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Steve Saint---And Thoughts


Please take a second to watch this youtube clip.

Steve Saint is quite a guy.  My late sister-in-law, Susan Heche Bergman, wrote a book entitled "Martyrs" about 20 years ago. The chapter that Steve Saint contributed about the death of his dad and other missionaries in South America is one of the most moving and powerful chapters.

I, too, suffered a broken back, when I was 17 years old. I was thrown from our frisky horse, Sheik. Many times I've wondered how life would be if I'd ended up like Christopher Reeve. Steve Saint's injury did much more damage than mine did.

I love how he said "injury," not "accident."

After reading the book "Miracles" by Eric Metaxas this weekend I've thought of all the miracles in my own life.

Too many to list. I began blogging to record the common occurrence of them for me.

I'm not looking for any, but I see them daily. I love to read about them and experience them.

As you can see from all the posts today, this blizzard is good for writing. It's also good for cooking. I'm about to make quick breads and apple pie.

Ed is suffering a bad headache today. I've called the clinic for advice, but with the weather they discouraged our traveling to the clinic. We're laying low and watching for any change in symptoms.

Let's pray we don't have to go to the clinic in this. Pray his headache abates. Thank you!

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind Rutter

From Yesterday's Concert

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind Rutter: http://youtu.be/JHpRTvBQNXc


Good Night, Dear Heart - Dan Forrest

Good Night, Summer

In the dark of the early hours winter arrived.

We're all talking about it.

This was one of those years that stuff didn't happen because lots of stuff happened.

Raking. Oh well.

When I think back to last year, fall, when we were preparing for a beautiful wedding, traveling on the "Empire Builder" out to Washington, facing a winter of profound change, the mundane things seem completely irrelevant.

But they are relevant!

Age brings change. Illness does. Life events all conspire to baptize us in new reality.

So, how has it been? And the big question, what lies ahead?

Don't you wish we could know, prepare, navigate better?

Paul E Miller wrote the book "A Praying Life." Every single thing that happens to us is part of the story that God is writing in our lives. We have a choice each day to see the circumstances in a positive light ("He is working this out...") or a negative one ("LORD! Why me! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!) This is prayer.

So I sort of feel my life has been novel this past year. I'm seeing lots of interesting twists and turns that provide great plot material. I'm trusting that God is really writing a happy ending to all of this, but my expectations (harmful as they can be, inevitable) are that there is more upheaval to come.

Winter's onset does this to me.

So, the new snow-blower fired up this morning. The snow tires are on. The ground is blanketed with several inches of pure white snow already this morning. The leaf sweeper did not arrive in time to be used, but it will sit in the garage for spring yard clean up. The fish are in the fishbowl in the house, out of the pond. The woodpile is under a tarp, the outdoor furniture is stashed away, as are the bikes and bees. My husband put the bees to bed for the winter on Saturday, wrapping their hives in tar paper.

Will they survive the winter?

Will we?

In this somber mood I am singing this song softly, "Good Night Dear Heart."

Enjoy its quiet beauty in the next post.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Open Your Eyes:

The Fashion Industry Exposed: Illuminati and Occu…: http://youtu.be/i7znRWgWECQ
Warning: disturbing

Election Results

Watch: (Be Ready! )

Real AGENDA of the New World Order: This is the E…: http://youtu.be/viwlRP0qNgs

Hospital Views

Stupid Cancer

Got to the hospital this morning to find Ed racked out, nauseated, worn out, and generally blah.

Nurse says that high doses of chemotherapy like this can not necessarily be predictable.

Good thing I was listening to "The Master's Chorale" on the way here..."I will never be afraid!  God is my Rock. I will not fear, God is my refuge."

It puts things in perspective and fuels comfort.

Prayers are appreciated.

Monday, November 3, 2014

All Ready

I spent the day preparing for the week.

Ed has a spinal tap tomorrow morning, followed by his 3rd week of chemotherapy in the hospital. My husband is going to be with him tomorrow, as I am an election judge.

He took off work so I could do my civic duty.

I don't have the best attitude about it, but I can be there.

So, today was grocery shopping, finding foods that we can eat cheaply in the hospital. Hospital food isn't too expensive, but it does add up. Sometimes a juice and protein bar from home are totally sufficient.

 My husband had a whirlwind trip to Washington this past weekend. Our oldest son and his wife left for their new life near Seattle two weeks ago (already!). After they left my husband fixed up the car they'd left here for selling...and now it works so great they decided they really could use it!

So at 6 o'clock on Friday evening my husband left Minneapolis, driving that old car, steadily heading westward on the interstate. He reached Washington on Saturday, around 9:30pm.

That is quite a drive! All across Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and the small arm of Idaho! And all of Washington...! He stayed the night at both Bismark and Mt. Moses, reaching our kids in time to attend church with them Sunday.

All went well, but he returned via air this morning somewhat worn out and feeling sick.

Cheri is also on the end of a cough. We're hoping for no viruses as the week progresses! At the hospital masks must be worn when there is cough, sore throat, or flu symptoms. The winter policy is that no children under age 5 may visit patients.

If you are older than five we welcome your visit.

Ed is doing well. We had a quiet weekend here at home. It was time to recharge for this upcoming busy week.

In a few minutes the home health nurse will be here to "access" Ed for the IV fluids administered here at home in preparation for the chemotherapy tomorrow. A needle will be inserted into his port near his neck. He'll wear a backpack with a small pump and a bag of "lactated ringers" to his Trail Life event tonight.
Monday nights he has his club meeting. This is the 3rd time he's had to do this, and the other boys seem to be okay with that. It makes only a small little breathing noise.

Let's hope and pray all goes as it should this week. Thank you for your prayers!

Oh, and the image above? My friend gave me the lovely roses. Tomorrow my husband and I celebrate 25 years of marriage. It's the "silver" anniversary, and my gracious aunt gave me my Grandmother's silver service. I'm displaying it in honor of our wedding anniversary. Twenty-five years ago I married my own genius. Still going strong!

My son and his wife in their new rainy home of Washington: