"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time to Write

Weekend activities: an ROTC review, where my son was awarded the AUSA Military History Award, a recital of cello, violin, and piano by my two daughters, a concert to perform with the Northern Lights Chorale (Look for a little Irish fluting on here soon--something I hadn't done before, but really had fun!), a Boy Scout event, and church---with my husband's parents here for all the these grand things!  Deep Breath.

The fish are back in the pond, but snow is still expected, and the temps dropped alarmingly this evening as we inaugurated the 2013 campfire season with the first fire.

It is so nice to be outside again!

I have the Boy Scout Garage Sale to prepare for over the next few days.

They have made a ruling of sorts, about homosexuality, and I am perhaps one of the few that is okay with it. Since older boys are often the worst perpetrators of bullying and harassment, it's best that they be open about things, and that all the scouts can learn how to deal with that in a courteous way. Remember the Scout Law!

I remember the Law the Lord gave us: LOVE.

Love your enemies, even. It's easy to forget that when you are frustrated with their lack of understanding, isn't it?

We must be watchful, and that includes everything about our children and their activities. Sometimes we learn that the hard way. Children suffer from our oversight, our mistakes. They are resilient, but damage can occur, and we can never be too careful regarding their lives.

And they will make their own mistakes, and learn from them, too.

I'm still recovering from all of this excitement, and I have some major spring cleaning to do. Fly Lady, I'm looking to you for some clear direction!

Just finished "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" tonight. That's one to digest. I think it will be fun to address this topic in light of Bible Prophecy soon. So many points coming together here. Food for thought.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Edith Schaeffer's Funeral

I had the joy of attending a very meaningful memorial service today in St. Paul. Edith Schaeffer was an author, artist, musician, thinker, and wife of a prominent theologian, Francis Schaeffer.

I was truly amazed that the church was not full, for she has affected so many people's lives.

I keep hearing more stories of how she blessed people by her friendly interest, her books, and her example.

The service was a concert, fitting for Mrs. Schaeffer, with beautiful works performed by talented musicians. Really, it was fantastic.

The message was the wrongness of death, and the promise of God's re-creation. Very moving, very comforting, very apropos.

I am so glad I got to be there.

I know she is enjoying heaven.

Monday, April 22, 2013

It Was Epic

Absolutely. Fabulous. Awesome. Epic. Sustainable. Special.

Don't you get sick of hearing those words all the time?

But this past weekend was really _________---positive.

My husband and I drove with Cherie to attend the Minnesota Association of Christian Homeschoolers conference in Rochester, MN on Friday.

There we met our friends, who we count as family, for a day of searching for treasures, listening to inspiration, and just great fellowship.

We were able to meet a father who homeschools, against the law, in Germany. Very inspiring and touching to see and meet someone who is currently trying to do RIGHT in a culture that squashes a high degree of personal moral conviction. (One MUST tow the line, after all.)

Brave man. He's not exactly Thor, but he seems to be sort of super-hero.

Would you go to prison for your children?

On Saturday the bees were checked. A wicked snowstorm hit us on Thursday, as predicted, but the temperature was a record low. Seeing that our bees were newly hived we feared the worst. Yet they were alive and well, and one of the queens was laying eggs!

Snow again tonight. Not so worried this time. They've had a day to orient themselves with sunshine and new pollen in their new home. We hope for a banner year!

Mistums Corgums, our resident Corgi, mostly known as Misty, except when she's ailing, continues to ail. I wonder if we need to have that surgery. She gets around, happily, but that hind leg still limps. Another vet visit is in her future. The problem is that the surgery is rarely completely successful.

Yesterday we went to an Eagle Court of Honor for a fellow scout. Our troop has had 3 of those within just a couple of months!

Then it was off to a recital by Gunnar Idenstamm, a wonderful organist from Sweden at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. Ed, my husband, and I were enthralled.

His program was completely wonderful. I had too many favorites, but I was thrilled to hear "Pavane," by Ravel (which is on my blog), and "Bolero." I know you either love Bolero or hate it. I am one of the lovers. Idenstamm's transcription for organ was ingenious. Very exciting, very clever.

So that was yesterday.

Kiwi is talking loudly this morning, yowling about something. What do these animals know, anyway? I was awakened by a cat alarm. "MMEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!"

Our epic weekend is over.

What Will It Take?

Everyone has a core of beliefs that really make up someone's identity. Personal philosophies drive the world, the economy, the cultural trends.

After listening to a stirring talk given at the home-school conference I wondered at the gall shown by the speaker. He actually decried the injustices of the prevailing world-view against people who choose to live and teach their children their deeply held beliefs.

Yes. He stated his views.

His audience (a packed room) listened, nodded, and said 'amen!' frequently. I wondered how motivated they would be to take their own thoughts and beliefs, put in their own words, and take a stand on their own ground.

What would it take?

Some of us are afraid of public speaking. (Ho-hum--we've heard that millions of times). Some of us can't write an understandable sentence. Some of us are petrified of losing popularity or even friendships----even family relationships.

Some of us might be afraid of a government, or a militant opposing group. Some of us might have neighbors who are mean.

Really, it is fear that shuts us up.

We all know fear. Fear is part of the human condition, and our Lord and Savior addressed it numerous times in Scripture.

Are you afraid?  Fear NOT.

So what else is keeping you from taking a stand?

What will it take for you to lose the self-consciousness and speak out?

Don't let the pundits, the talk-show hosts, the TV entourage speak for you. Speak out.

There is a world of human beings dying in their sins, headed straight for eternal punishment, and you need to speak out.

Don't be afraid. Their souls depend on it.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Walter Veith

You know how I like Walter Veith, a Seventh-Day Adventist who does meticulous research.

Absolutely worth your time:


Coming soon: A report on things from the home school convention I was able to attend, the people I was able to meet, and the concern for mainstream evangelicals as we all fight to keep our own rights to our faith creeds.

I have wonderful friends visiting, so it will wait...
I admit I have a pressure cooker, but it's up in the cupboard almost all the time. I really rarely use it. It's nice to have though! :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fasten Your Seatbelts, Folks!

I know there are a few people out there that live from day to day, driving to work, eating lunch, driving home, eating dinner, turning on the telly, or the computer, picking up a book, "normal" stuff, you know---who aren't paying attention to what the world is coming to.

Perhaps they hear, and they cope.

Boston. Now Texas. Earthquakes, Weather, War.

A-hem. This should sound familiar to all of us, but too many of us are Biblically illiterate to recognize that these are the very birth-pangs mentioned in Daniel and Revelation, Ezekiel and Matthew. Jude is coming alive before our eyes!

Wake Awake! Night is falling! The Watchmen on the Walls are Crying! (F Melius Christiansen)

Don't stray from the Truth of God's Word!

I know it will become the only true anchor in a sea of deception and fear.

I was reading an invitation to salvation given the other day. It said that if you consider becoming a Christian, regard that as Christ's Holy Spirit calling you. Don't delay, don't put it off. Time is incredibly short, but God is patient, and HE is unwilling that any should perish.

He will fulfill His prophecy, and time will come to a close.

 Have you heard of salvation before? Don't wait. Contact me if you need to know how to become a Christian.

Meanwhile we literally fly through our days.

On Monday we heard transcriptions of Franz Listz's transcendental etudes for pipe organ, world premier, at a church not far from us. This was a great treat! They have not been recorded yet, but the performance was stellar.

We hived our bees, just in time for another snowstorm to envelope us here in Minnesota. We know that frost can happen, traditionally, until May 15, but this is getting ridiculous. Snow is still on the ground from the last storm. Strange weather.

Praying the bees will make it through this cold spell with very little to eat besides sugar syrup and pollen patties.

Wedding plans are coming together. This occupies my thoughts. I will say it over and over this year, but I am thrilled with my new daughters-in-law-to-be. They are gifts to my sons.

As the grooms' mother I have very little to do with the weddings, but I do have SOME things to do, and I'm excited to help in any way.

Weddings are simply the most romantic and lovely and joyful, happy, anticipated events. Babies are all that too, but first comes the wedding!

Will we see this year out? I'm watching every day, and I know that as I get through each daily task or event that is a moment to help others see the Light in the darkness of this world.

Friends coming for the weekend tomorrow. Corgi Hollows B & B is back in full swing! Next week I'm planning to attend the memorial service for Edith Schaeffer (the widow of Francis Schaeffer). Her obituary appeared in both papers yesterday (I live in the Twin Cities) and everyone was "heartily" invited. As she had a huge impact on me and many people I know, I can think of nothing more fitting than to attend her funeral. Concerts and recitals are next weekend, a home-school convention as well. I'm still recovering from the snow camp-out last weekend. Oh my! I never reported on this, did I?  I survived, and it was fun. I was able to keep my toes warm enough to live through it all. The Scouts were wonderful. No one froze, but we had some pretty cold boys by Sunday morning! We have plenty to keep us busy. We actually got to "Betsy and Joe" (the Betsy-Tacy series) in our reading time for school, so that was a milestone too! We are honing down our school work every day!  Just a week left of Awana, and two Good News Clubs to go! Then my beautiful Margaret is graduating from high school, with all that entails.

Distractions, all distractions, from the roaring in the world.

Praying, and looking up.

 Photo: Scouts this morning eating cold donuts and cereal and wishing they could start a warm fire with Brian Wamsley and Dave Zdon!

The Dark Side of Prophecy


We watched the movie "Iron Lady" tonight. We heard Mrs. Thatcher died, and so we ordered it from the library.

Despite attempts to make her look foolish, a warm heart and clear head couldn't help but shine through.

Here is her grand-daughter today, at her funeral, reading from Ephesians.


There is no need to say anymore.

If You Love Knitting... (like I)

A Yarn sweepstakes: (I entered too!)


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spiritual Warfare

I found this clip through "twitter," and I wish so many would see it.

Caryl does such a great job of explaining the dangers of  deception in the church today.

With the book of Jude describing the last days, we need to be more aware of spiritual deception than ever.


May I recommend "twitter" for linking up with like-minded believers and thinkers?

It seems to be a powerful tool for encouragement and information dissemination.

VDH---Must reading:

Friday, April 12, 2013

My World

Yes, the sky is falling. I guess I couldn't say I wasn't concerned.

 I'm just so glad that my world is complicated only the sense of trying to keep everything humming smoothly, and right now I'm hankering for spring!

The warmer weather will be conducive to SO many projects, and I just can't get anything done with a bad case of cabin fever.

That will be relieved this weekend, as Ed and I embark on what was supposed to be a "spring" camp-out with our fellow scouts.

My husband says that if the sun breaks through it will be spectacular and the snow will melt quickly.

I'm still bringing my down sleeping bag, wool socks, and any device to keep my feet dry.

The sun shines in our hearts, and that is where it matters.

Bye now.

Monday, April 8, 2013

John Dewey

A Ready Answer

We are studying Genesis.

What a great narrative, what great history.

What a tremendous God we worship and obey. He just gets more amazing everyday, with new things discovered throughout our Universe.

There is this question which seems to be asked in our culture frequently:

"How can you believe in a God who is so _________?"

The fact that my God is the one who wrote the Bible, and didn't attempt to trick us with some fancy date changes and false personality traits seems to be the issue, at core.

He is what He is. He wrote what He wrote.

Theology can spin whatever.

I choose to put my trust in Him, not remake Him as I think He should be.

It's an act of faith.

It's leaving worldly convention. It's safe. It's right. It's incredibly powerful. It's the answer to everything. It's all cut and dry, wrapped up and presented to our human race.

God is Who He is.

Do I believe?

Yes. And I wish you would too.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Listening to...

This week has had an added perk of hearing some great preaching.

Dr. David Jeremiah was in town last night, and Ed got to go with his grandparents to a well-filled Target Center to hear him speak. The report was good. I wish I could have gone, but alas, the Northern Lights Chorale concert is just 3 weeks hence! We had rehearsal.

But I have been blessed to hear a series of messages on CD by Dr. David Larson, professor emeritus of Trinity Seminary.  He gave these talks up at Camp Shamineau to a group of seniors last September.

If I could, I'd put them on here for people to access, but I'm not sure it's legal. I haven't got permission. Can I say that you should beg, borrow, or.......... to get them!

Everyone who hears them wants copies.

I'm thankful for his strong, clear message, given with his classic wit.

I'll try to do something about sharing them. For now, I'm just glad I can be ENCOURAGED and EXHORTED by such a great speaker.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Poor Misty

Misty hurt her back leg last evening. Romping with Blackberry on her usual "Daddy's Home From Work Backyard Run" she limped back to the house.

Was it ice? Was it a flukey thing?

She is not crying out in pain, but we are waiting for the vet to call us back. She'll have to see him today. I think it might be a sprain.

Poor little girl. :(

I'll update later...

 UPDATE:  Misty has twisted her knee. It appears she has a stretched ligament, and we'll have to keep her quiet for two weeks, in hopes that she can avoid surgery!  She'll be on an anti-inflammatory med for now. Poor darling. 

This is Rather Personal:


Yes, my young sons are getting married. For all the right reasons.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Have You Seen These?

There is a person on YouTube who makes the most interesting collages of news stories for each month.  Very worth watching, if you like a little suspense.  This the one is for March, 2013. February was spectacular. 


A Little Word

Some of you follow me on Pinterest. I got into something accidentally through Pinterest, and decided to deactivate my account.

I guess there are cautions to popularity!

Thankful for all the interesting new people in my life due to that avenue, and sorry to see it falter, but my priorities are to represent Christ, and things that would please Him.

I find the "Commands of Christ" series, by Bill Gothard, to be really stellar in defining some of Christ's injunctions for humanity. I have gone through it twice with my kids, as a Bible lesson, and plan soon to start it again. You can't be too aware of what Christ wishes. The lessons are simple and the photography is stunning. The design is pure genius. All the kids have memorized the commands AND the character quality that links to it. It's excellent.

Such wonderful events happening to our family!

Weddings, graduations, concerts, accomplishments. I'd be bragging if I told you all ;).

God is so good. He is to be praised in all the good, and thanked in all the bad. I'm happy to have entered a time of blessing....always subject to change!

That much I have come to know!

Sometimes we dread the hard times, forgetting the blessing that culminates the trial. No one welcomes difficulty. But it's a given, and we must face it. Christians face it with the inner power of the Holy Spirit, and the touch of God's hand in your life is more priceless than any trial.

No matter what curse may be pronounced upon us we know we have the infinite upper hand. We are victorious in Christ.

We will see Him face to face, and how wonderful to look Him in the eye finally, thankful hearts overwhelmed with His presence! Blessed people, who now behold Him, never more to part from Him.

God is good.