"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, February 26, 2018

Oh the Fleeting Days

I'm home today, on purpose.

Blackberry had a nail that needed a vet, so we were off to the vet this morning.

Coffee night with my "sisters" is tonight. After several snowy nights when we had to cancel we are finally hoping tonight works out. We have birthdays to celebrate and much to catch up on. I can't tell you how having a couple of dearest friends to share life with helps with everything.

I encourage you to build friendships!

Friendship is a gift from God.

I have a niece who is giving birth to twins this summer. I was able to craft two cute baby blankets for them this past weekend.

We had a family reunion, of sorts, too. I got to meet my third cousin and her family. It turns out she lives in the next town over, teaches second grade in the same school where I taught second grade 30 years ago, and her husband has a form of leukemia.


I don't believe in coincidence.

It was really fun to get to know her a little.


It's interesting to see how many people may be crossing your path on a daily basis and you may be fourth or fifth cousins with them! Truly fascinating.

The snow has blanketed us thickly over the weekend. It's blindingly white and beautiful. I look out and have an instant lift to my heart.

So bright. So pure.


Margaret was home for the weekend with my "new" daughter, Abby. I get them home every few days, and it is a joy. They work together at a halfway house downtown Minneapolis.

They desperately need a break from the drama there every so often. Mental health preservation is important.

We cannot fix people who never learned to live. Only God can do that. We can be compassionate and meet their needs for survival, but ultimately it is the power of God that saves and transforms. No where else is that so obvious but in such an environment.

Many things to hash out in the world: school shootings, politics, Billy Graham's death, the Olympics, the slide toward Armageddon.

Jan Markell has a good program this weekend about occult practices that have been adopted by Christians, supposedly transformed, to be spiritually "Christian." (Tarot cards, for example)

It's a good program.


We are astounded at the lack of discernment in our world, then we remember Satan's deception. We remember that the world is lost. We remember that he comes as an angel of light, masked in beauty to the unwitting masses.

The way is broad to destruction.

I was reading about Charles Darwin and his upbringing this morning. He couldn't get over the knowledge the Bible presents about hell. He preferred to ignore it, explain away God, circumvent anything Biblical. The source I was reading asserts that he probably never cracked open a Bible while studying theology in England.

His lack of reading God's Word robbed Him of its transforming effect.
Charles Darwin eternally suffers for it, and is dragging millions, if not billions, into suffering behind him.

Awesome awful thought.

Crack open the Word of God today. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through His very Word.

The days are fleeing by. How much time do we have? Surely not much.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Commi or Dem?

Pray for this man to come to Christ!

Take the Time

Warnings! Warnings!

I get discouraged when I see friends seek to place the blame for societal ills on some political motive. I get discouraged when any blame is misplaced.

God knows the culprit. God knows! I don't need to get discouraged!

Are you discouraged, friend? Are you looking at the world and harboring anger towards someone, something, some abstract idea?

I can get discouraged, and I know the Truth of God's Word!

Satan is a liar and a conjure, too. He even gets God's own sheep to believe little lies here and there.
They are cunning and believable, deceptive, devious. Can you think of another word for masterful deceit? Satan is that. You've been taken in, countless times.

WE ALL HAVE BEEN DECEIVED by him at one time or another. We're human. He's a fallen angel.

No, he's not all-powerful. He has limitations. I still can't figure out why he keeps up the act of wanting to be God when he knows Bible prophecy better than all of us. He's spoken with God. He's a first-hand witness to all of history. He's not all-knowing, but he knows a lot. He knows you. He knows me.

The world is in his power right now. Everyone is either in his camp or God's.

WE are born into his camp. We must CHOOSE to follow Christ.

Make that choice today.

We watchmen have been crying out for decades that time is ending. We still have at least a thousand and seven years ahead, but time is short for those of us living blissfully and unconsciously of the waning moments of this existence.

All truth is God's truth, and His truth declares a coming end to what we know now.

JD Farag, an Arab preacher from Lebanon now serving in Hawaii, has a timely word. PLEASE watch his video below.

Music is quite the power, and I am overly aware of that. You can choose to justify or explain your desire to hold a sinful thought or habit ----music?---close to your heart. I'm testifying that it isn't worth it. Cast away your addiction to the wrong music for a sweetness in Jesus.

You will be eternally grateful.
Please listen to JD.
Take the time!

Mid-East Prophecy Update – February 18th, 2018

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Completely Believable




Hitting the Fan

This septic system is problematic.

Corgi Hollows has been a wonderful haven for us and our friends, but it seems a week doesn't go by without some other issue rearing its head.

This week we found the pipe to the mound was blocked by winter ice. This means the pipe has settled, and the long term fix is to dig up the driveway, the yard, the pipe, and put in a new one.

Now we must pump the system out regularly.

Hey, it's functional.

It's expensive.

And the Lord wants us to lean on Him and rely on Him DAILY!

Here's a funny that my husband just repeated to me:

Never criticize someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

You'll be a mile away, and you'll have their shoes. (Ha ha ha)

My beautiful red car has been in the shop for three weeks. Something was defective in the transmission. Rather strange, since we purposefully bought a manual transmission to thwart bugs in the system. We have driven manual transmissions our whole driving lives. I learned to drive it in Germany. He learned it in high school. Funny how the things we choose to avoid problems can become problems!

You can't win.

But God. God gently leads us through all these irritations.

Irritations are a given in life. It's how we roll with them that produces character. We all know this. We sometimes practice what we know.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Ed has scheduled his next knee replacement surgery. It will happen this summer. Deterioration has been steady and increasingly obvious. We're praying he can finish this semester at the community college without too much pain. Mayo Clinic, here we come again!

Dr. Truesdale is probably the best knee replacement surgeon in the whole world.

What a privilege to be able to have him do the surgery!

Ed's new knee from last March is fantastic. We are so grateful and thankful.

We got a new pet family member recently. He's a pure white cat named Gandalf, and he's just what we all needed. Corwyn now has a superior (Gandalf), a peer (Topaz), and an inferior (Predicate) feline for playmates.

Blackberry continues to slow down, need outside breaks more frequently, and just wants to curl up by the fire. At thirteen she's entitled to quiet and peace.

My mom likes to take Corwyn for walks on sunny days, and she enjoys the outings, the treats she has in her pockets, and the exercise. I take Corwyn around the hayfield after school (when I have the energy!). We follow coyote tracks and deer, we snuff out little mouse trails. It's such a joy to be out in the pure cold snow.

That Corgi needs exercise! She's still in destructive mode, with a particular affinity for earbuds and pens, Scotch tape dispensers, and anything left within her reach. Puppy behavior can be extremely frustrating. Cherie has declared war on Corwyn several times this past week!

I subbed preschool three times this past week. PLEASE remind me not to do that often! I just don't have the flexibility in my limbs for such intense activity! These young preschool teachers are slim and lithe. You have to be. Preschool is insane.

I can keep up with one or two, but fifteen?! They are certainly very cute.

Tonight I am able to go back to the jail for the second time this month. Pray for the inmates at the jail!
Some wait for months to be sentenced, and it is hard on them. Can you imagine waiting in suspense for months?

I hate suspense. I read the back of mystery novels all the time before starting the story. There must be some mental disorder classification for people like me, but I can't help it. I like knowing how things end.

That's why I love the Bible so much. There are still mysteries that I've had to be comfortable with, but I know the end. I know I'm saved from eternal death. I know Jesus is my savior. I know how it all ends. I've read Revelation.

And the most amazing part is that I'm seeing the Bible's prophecies coming true before my eyes!

This whole micro chip thing is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. It's in credit cards. Our money system is not a gold standard, it's what is determined by the elites of the privately owned Federal Reserve. When the Federal Reserve says that they are switching to a chip economy----who is lining up for the chip?

Not me.

I guess I'll have my head chopped off-----

EXCEPT that I have the BLESSED HOPE of the saints, Christ's return for the saved! Believers know that they go to be with Jesus for a feast before He returns in the second coming on white horses.

It's all there in the New Testament, and it gives glorious hope to those who believe.

Is there a better way to live?

I can't possibly think of even one better way. To look for Jesus every day is beautiful beyond measure.
It's the only way.

He gives us the strength to overcome when circumstances "Hit the Fan."
He gives us hope to keep on getting up each day and face the issues of the moment.
He gives us the reason for living.
He gives us the love we need in our hearts to function.


I'm reading "Heretic" and "Love Thy Body."
Both excellent. See the links below for "Heretic."

The creationist movement is working. I sat in a high school biology class recently where the teacher conceded that the creationist arguments were well given. This is progress.

Keep it UP! It's the truth, and the truth always wins.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Reaction

The Article

A Quote From a Lucianne Thread

Reply 11 - Posted by: Mulhaven, 2/17/2018 9:37:42 AM     (No. 11546772)
If there were Russians trolling web sites, would Mueller please inform the public which people were reading their posts? Obviously it is not possible to direct posts to individuals at web sites. But even if they could who would be their targets and why would anyone, especially political operatives, take note of what they had to say. What clever and insidious things could they say to sway anyone´s opinion. There were lots of trolls on this site when the election was held, but they had no impact. People at this site had fun with them, and they got sore about it. Why does it matter what people say? If you are dumb enough to be swayed by anonymous posters, then you are not protecting yourself. How can those who make what they consider persuasive posts expect any kind of success in affecting an election. It is only the mass media that can be influential with propaganda.
Mueller needs to get his head out from where it is choking the oxygen out of his brain. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Thoughts and Prayers

Red Lake
Coptic Churches
Isis Victims
Wounded Knee
Dakota/Ojibwe conflict
Ghengis Khan
The Coliseum of Rome
Sandy Hook
Gabbie Gifford
The Gulag Archipelago
Boxer Rebellion
War on Terror
Communist Takeover
Islamic Takeover
Roman Catholic Crusades
The Inquisition
The Plague
Old Age

Yes, death is hard. It's a result of sin.
The heart is desperately wicked. Who can know it?

If I put the numbers of victims after each item on the above list it would be staggering. The list is one I made up just off the top of my head---no research!

Think of all the death I missed.

Death comes from sin. Not guns, not weapons. It's hearts that are sinning against God.

The sooner people realize this, the sooner we'll have peace. Peace on Earth.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Thought Provoking clip from "Heretic"

More later, but here's a brief paragraph which peaked my interest.
During that same period I was acting professor of biochemistry at my university there in Helsinki, and my course lectures really stirred things up, with students crowding the lecture room and participating in animated discussions. One reason for this was that I wove through the lectures a frank discussion of the molecular-level problems facing chemical and biological evolution. Until my lectures, most of the students had been shielded from this side of things, and the peek behind the curtain galvanized their attention. I have former students who tell me that even today, some forty years later, they still remember those lectures.

From "Heretic"-----current reading

Although a biologist, I must confess that I do not understand how life came about…. I consider that life only starts at the level of a functional cell. The most primitive cells may require at least several hundred different specific biological macro-molecules. How such already quite complex structures may have come together, remains a mystery to me. The possibility of the existence of a Creator, of God, represents to me a satisfactory solution to the problem.--Werner Arber, Nobel Prize winner, science

In Defense

Friday, February 9, 2018

Stuff at Moody

February Hiatus

I took three days off this week to catch up at home.

A housewife's job is highly underrated. I had projects that needed attention, cleaning, laundry, pet care, cooking. My children still living at home have had the flu, and they needed follow-up at the clinic.

Ed had his bi-monthly clinic visit, and his platelets were way into normal range---up about 100 from last time!

His ANC, the magical mean of several blood count scores, was the highest it had been since the onset of leukemia in 2014.

All I can say is "PRAISE GOD!"

Many have been praying for this blood count issue in particular, as it weighed on my mind. Ed's condition was fragile, but now it seems he has entered the realm of Normal Young Man.

Amazing. Thankful for a great, and reassuring medical team. Thankful for a mighty God who knows each cell.

I'm trying to get life organized, trying to juggle several ongoing issues (perhaps I'll write about these later) and generally trying to keep afloat.

My husband has joined the Minnetonka Choral Society, and we are both singing this spring season. I can honestly say that choir is every bit as effective for me mentally as psychological therapy. I feel energized after rehearsal, mentally at peace, and healthier all around. We actually sang only one work on Tuesday, and nuances and harmonies were discovered and I never lost interest! I had my expectations exceeded.

Singing is therapeutic. Join a choir today!

I've thought of starting a choir out here in the west metro of Minneapolis, but I'm not sure it would fly. I don't have the credentials, just a love and a bent toward music. My musical training is adequate, but I do not have the letters behind my name.

That is something that frustrates me with our society. I have a college degree and credits from two different seminaries. I attended the University of Munich for German for Foreigners. I've had other (countless) courses over my long life. I don't have the M.A. (yet) or the P.H.D. (yet). Life has given me the experience I've needed and I'm a reader.

I haven't recalled a moment of boredom in my entire life.

Housewives are underrated.

I think so.

God values us, as the role of wife and mother is often affirmed in His Word. That is where my stanchion is, and that supports my existence. I am enough in Him.

Prophecy Study will happen this Sunday night at Corgi Hollows, Lord willing. I'm planning chili, and my friend is bringing delicious home-made cornbread. We'll have several other treats on hand too. We will continue with Zola Levit's series, "Thy Kingdom Come." Avid discussion afterwards.

We don't always agree theologically, but it makes for wonderful discussion and fellowship. We bring diverse experiences to the study, and incredible life experience. It is a friendly and loving group of people.

YOU ARE WELCOME to join us!

As the days of waiting for the Bridegroom grow shorter we need to affirm each other more than ever. He IS coming. He is coming SOON.

As we see the world slip away from God's love and plan we must encourage each other---more than ever.

More than ever. Take the time this February to draw unto Christ. A hiatus is healthy.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018



Saturday, February 3, 2018

Must See

The Fallacy of the Political versus the Spiritual

I don't mean to offend anyone, but I always do, so apologies up front...

I am much more concerned about the spiritual lives of people I know or touch, than anything in the world political.

Politics are important, fascinating, life changing, and significant.

I find them irresistible.

Recently I had a huge debate with a couple of atheists over on Twitter. I can get combative on Twitter. I try to follow my Lord's injunction that I love my enemies. I try to be civil. I try to be loving. I try.

Sometimes I fail.

Thankful for forgiveness from the One that matters.

I try to see things from different perspectives, and this whole President Donald Trump thing is a chance of a lifetime to do that.

Here're the facts: Donald J. Trump is not someone I have ever admired.

He's more a democrat than a Republican. He's brash, sinful, immoral, and has a past. He reminds me of someone I'm close to who I struggle with loving. I project, and I find him very difficult to "love." He grew up under the Masonic tutelage of Norman Vincent Peale.

I'm not in favor of secret societies.

I don't think Trump is a part of a secret society, but what do I know?

I try to be skeptical.

I try to be skeptical of just about everything-----but the God of the Bible. I have to accept Him at face value, things I understand, things I don't understand, things I approve of, things I struggle with.

That's faith.

This whole past week has been revealing of the Swamp, Deep State, Secret Cabal that is Washington D.C. politics.

There are so many to implicate in the forging of the mess there. Both political parties bear blame.

I'm truly skeptical.

I lean conservative. (Duh!)

I approve their pro-life platform, personal liberty, and less government. Those are conservative values.

But I'm skeptical.

This memo that just came out---read all about it!

I've read BOTH sides. I know there are those that would discredit the memo, the "Never Trumpers," the liberal progressive socialists, the Hilary Clinton gang.

Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. I don't know.

The whole mess drives me to cling to the only truth I know more than ever! All these potentially anxiety inducing crises drive me to the One who KNOWS ALL!

And what peace there is there! Peace that passes understanding.

I'm putting into words what most of my followers are thinking. I'm stating the obvious! But I'm stating it. We need to support each other. We need to affirm each other in our faith! The spiritual far outweighs the political in importance.

I went to a community sing of John Rutter's Requiem. It was lovely, in House of Hope Presbyterian Church. I sat among all the liberals and wondered if they really believe the words about God they sang.

Once I wrote to John Rutter asking him how he could write such beautiful music about Jesus and not believe in Jesus.

He told me it was a private matter.

I think faith has to be public. I think we need to speak it. I understand that those of us with the spiritual gift of evangelism are more outspoken, but we need your support, and we all are commanded to "GO" and preach, and make disciples.

Faith out-trumps politics. Political views come and go. We all need to live with one another, after all. Faith is the solid rock that can drive the politics, make them bearable (as in Communist China or Russia) or spawn good (as in Harriet Beecher Stowe's writing or William Wilberforce). Faith is what really matters.

So we watch the drama of politics unfolding around us...ultimately the Satanic New World Order...and we stand on the rock solid foundation of our faith in the God of the Bible----------WHO NEVER CHANGES!

Praise God!

An invitation to visit Corgi Hollows for hot chocolate, discussion, and a lesson on how to dress appropriately for cold temperatures is extended to all the visitors from out of town for the Super Bowl this weekend. I'll be at the jail for the game, but you are welcome to come before or after!