"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, February 9, 2018

February Hiatus

I took three days off this week to catch up at home.

A housewife's job is highly underrated. I had projects that needed attention, cleaning, laundry, pet care, cooking. My children still living at home have had the flu, and they needed follow-up at the clinic.

Ed had his bi-monthly clinic visit, and his platelets were way into normal range---up about 100 from last time!

His ANC, the magical mean of several blood count scores, was the highest it had been since the onset of leukemia in 2014.

All I can say is "PRAISE GOD!"

Many have been praying for this blood count issue in particular, as it weighed on my mind. Ed's condition was fragile, but now it seems he has entered the realm of Normal Young Man.

Amazing. Thankful for a great, and reassuring medical team. Thankful for a mighty God who knows each cell.

I'm trying to get life organized, trying to juggle several ongoing issues (perhaps I'll write about these later) and generally trying to keep afloat.

My husband has joined the Minnetonka Choral Society, and we are both singing this spring season. I can honestly say that choir is every bit as effective for me mentally as psychological therapy. I feel energized after rehearsal, mentally at peace, and healthier all around. We actually sang only one work on Tuesday, and nuances and harmonies were discovered and I never lost interest! I had my expectations exceeded.

Singing is therapeutic. Join a choir today!

I've thought of starting a choir out here in the west metro of Minneapolis, but I'm not sure it would fly. I don't have the credentials, just a love and a bent toward music. My musical training is adequate, but I do not have the letters behind my name.

That is something that frustrates me with our society. I have a college degree and credits from two different seminaries. I attended the University of Munich for German for Foreigners. I've had other (countless) courses over my long life. I don't have the M.A. (yet) or the P.H.D. (yet). Life has given me the experience I've needed and I'm a reader.

I haven't recalled a moment of boredom in my entire life.

Housewives are underrated.

I think so.

God values us, as the role of wife and mother is often affirmed in His Word. That is where my stanchion is, and that supports my existence. I am enough in Him.

Prophecy Study will happen this Sunday night at Corgi Hollows, Lord willing. I'm planning chili, and my friend is bringing delicious home-made cornbread. We'll have several other treats on hand too. We will continue with Zola Levit's series, "Thy Kingdom Come." Avid discussion afterwards.

We don't always agree theologically, but it makes for wonderful discussion and fellowship. We bring diverse experiences to the study, and incredible life experience. It is a friendly and loving group of people.

YOU ARE WELCOME to join us!

As the days of waiting for the Bridegroom grow shorter we need to affirm each other more than ever. He IS coming. He is coming SOON.

As we see the world slip away from God's love and plan we must encourage each other---more than ever.

More than ever. Take the time this February to draw unto Christ. A hiatus is healthy.


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