"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Glad to be Back at Corgi Hollows!

Well, I've been in four Midwestern states in the past few weeks, all on separate trips!

I can't recall such a schedule in my life ever before! It's been fun, though, and all good.

First to Indiana, with my husband. That was the quiet time, holed up in the nice hotel for reading Francis Schaeffer.

Then to Chicago, Illinois, to help Margaret with her French visa.

Off to Iowa after that, a high school reunion for my husband.

Last weekend it was DeSmet, South Dakota to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder museums and the pageant they've done there for decades. We spent time with dear friends and generally had a wonderful weekend.

There is so much to do here at home, but the time between trips seems like recovery, so I accomplish little.

Oh, well.

Make hay while the sun shines, as Pa Ingalls said, famously, in the Long Winter. Incidentally, that was the pageant theme. I can't imagine surviving that winter. We're too "soft" these days.

And there are politics to mull over. Discuss. Remark on.

Next week the plan is to take Ed to the Ark in Kentucky. We both want to see it.

I just saw an article on NPR about the dangers of exposing your children to creationism.

My, my. Fear mongering all around. Horrors! What if your child actually believes the Bible????!!!

I have to shake my head. My blood pressure is getting higher as I age, and I don't need to foster high blood pressure reading such opinion from a supposed neutral news source.

Yes. I believe the plain Bible. I stand before the Creator and dare to take Him at his word.

Actually I see no better or more logical option.

Faith is something that permeates, envelopes, and surrounds the spirit. Once chosen by God for faith it is inescapable.

Faith is the power to rise above human reasoning and attempts at finding meaning. It is the air beneath the wings of humanity.

Faith is the delicious knowledge that GOD IS AS HE SAYS.


There is a lot of fear around these days. My young friend in Asia messaged me that his friends are fearful, watching what is happening in the world.

The priest in France was beheaded this week.

Hillary Clinton is the most unfit human being to serve as President of the United States, woman or not, and yet she walked away with the nomination and the purported "in the know" polls predict her victory come fall.

I predict her election, and subsequent incarceration. (Either here or in Eternity)

Her rapist husband does not deserve to walk free, either.

She picked a Jesuit (New World Order) vice presidential candidate to boot. And what about those Virginia politics? The eye of Sauron should fix on that state's shenanigans. Things don't make sense anymore, do they?

The world is upside-down, and we blink at the absurdities.

I've been hearing the question, "Where are the adults?"

The Great Babylon falls as predicted. Why should we be upset? It's all happening as planned, predicted.

Have we mentioned the floods, famines, earthquakes, signs in the heavens, lately?

Yeah. Daily. Monumental destruction.

We're going to be out of here relatively soon, friends.

For those of you who are living in unrepentant sin, your time draws nigh as well. Take the mark of the Beast on your hand or forehead or die. The economy will collapse and you will need the mark to buy or sell.

You may THINK you are saved, a Christian, but you will be deceived. You will fall for the deception of the Antichrist.

I liked the description of the Antichrist that Ron Rhodes gave the other day on "Prophecy Watchers."

He is the antithesis of the real Christ, deceiving many into eternal punishment.

So says the Scripture. I point you to the Bible.

We live in exciting times. Every morning I'm amazed to still be here, alive, watching for the next fulfillment of prophecy.

It's amazing.

Praise be to the LORD of HEAVEN and EARTH! The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob!

Hillary's health

For your consideration:

Friday, July 22, 2016

O People

Why do the nations rage so furiously together?
I love quoting Handel's Messiah on mornings after upsets.
The Donald is all the rage. We have Turkey, ISIS, Liberals, Globalists, Terrorists  raging.
So much rage.
The opening verse encourages us to fix our eyes on something eternal when the summer months heat up with human turmoil.
Where is your anchor?
Where is your trust?
Conservative Christians, like me, have learned over these last Obama years that rage and fear have no place in the fellowship of saints.
All believers are counted saints by the blood of Christ ---despite their human nature.
So relax, dear ones. Spread the Gospel. Do your civic duty.
Live quietly.
Don't worry.
Trump or Hillary, equally unattractive options, are completely in God's hands.
The nations bring judgment on themselves by rejecting the Creator. We who are filled with the Holy Spirit can face the times with sweetness.
We are called for such a time as this, even as Esther was for Jews in Babylon.
This is our Babylon.
Rise above.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Politics and ...

What a weekend. What a Monday!

What a beautiful day.

The carnage of the past week seems distant to me, and we become accustomed to this weekly dosage of terror and mayhem, so a bright and beautiful morning is still cause to rejoice.

I'm so glad that Donald Trump picked Pence as a running mate. Now I can vote for him instead of the Donald when I go to the polls in the fall.

You know, our country is suffering. It's bearing the wounds of forgetting the Creator.

Welcome, mayhem. Welcome, bad leaders. Welcome dysfunctional families....

There are those moments when everything becomes crystal clear in your thinking. It all makes total sense. I wish we could capture them, live in them.

But life continues and the people we love flounder. Those moments will continue to muddy the clarity of the underlying truth.

Lord, why is life so hard?

We are just back from my husband's high school reunion in Iowa. I admit that as a spouse I was hardly looking forward to the event. I was blown away by the what happened, though.

I found a soul-mate there. We chatted for two precious hours!

Her story is incredible, and I just wanted to listen. It's possible that she will be reading this post, and I want her to know how she blessed me. I'm careful to protect identities, so I'm only going to give the outlines of her story, but it is so inspiring I wanted to share it with you.

We connected when I learned she had adopted a boy from Sierra Leone. I'd read "A Long Way Gone," and I'd watched documentaries about the Lost Boys. (If you haven't read this book, or informed yourself about the political horrors of Africa, you need to.)

What faith and patience, clinging to the Lord, she experienced as she fought political corruption and impossible circumstances to bring her son home.

But that wasn't all the story. Her own testimony of finding the Lord was inspiring. Courageous!

She was rather wild back in her early adulthood. God plucked her out of that lifestyle and set her on solid ground! Her thirst for truth and the Word became overpowering. Soon her husband became a believer, and the two of them started over in life.

Transformation. It's what the Holy Spirit does!

Spiritual eyes are opened, and there is no turning back!

Such inspiration.

Well, we had a wonderful time of fellowship. Delightful.

She became a believer at great personal cost. She left her religion, and many in her family do not understand the transformation she underwent.

I can only praise the Lord for her courage. She has a contrast to remember----dark, then light. Lost, found. It's such a powerful contrast that she is utterly transformed.

I was so young when I believed that I was sealed away from much of the spiritual confusion that reigns in this old world.

I've only known the joy of the LORD.

I've been blessed.

When cancer, rape, need, dysfunction, mental illness assail me-----I've always had that incredible power to get through it that only comes from Christ Jesus.

When the world goes to hell around me, I have that scarlet rope of hope in Christ.

I've read the ending.

My book club friends always laughed at me. I can't stand suspense, so I read the last chapter of the the book after I've read the first chapter. I go back and read the book after I know how it ends. I can read in peace then.

Yes, I'm one of those people.

(There are only six literary plots in every work of fiction, anyway! Hate to burst your bubble, there!)

But in the Bible there is a last chapter. It all becomes wonderful for believers. It all becomes hell for everyone else.

And the specific prophesies are there for us to keep track of the whole mess.

God knows. He controls it. It's all there in His Word.

What comfort. What peace.

The Luciferian minds of this world are already defeated. It doesn't matter what Stalins, Hitlers, Maos, Pol Pots, Korean Dictators, Mullahs, (name your horrible fear!) gain control.

This is Earth. There will be sin here. Hardship, torture, mayhem, death. Don't ever believe that there is hope for this earth. It's going to be over soon.

The elites have their caves, their plans, their seed banks. They hoard the gold and the land. Hopeless strivings. They, too, will perish, for all their genetic manipulation and life-lengthening science.

The ending is already wrapped up, and it's good for those who believe.


Demonic forces are gaining momentum. Don't think that our political leaders are blind to their dark power.

I write so that you will be aware! Open your spiritual eyes!

The economy is only a propped up sham by a private corporation (the Feds) and we are dealing with illusion.

You really think that those people in control of interest rates have our interests at heart?

Wake up.

I met with an old friend yesterday. He's a "prepper" to the max.

I joked with him. "Why would you even WANT to survive the coming awfulness predicted in the Bible?!"

He has sweet intentions, and I do not fault him for that.

I just see the rate of surviving the next World War without an identification chip or some type of New World Order VERY unlikely. I just can't see another time of temporary war/survival (like WWII) feasible. We've progressed too far with technology and population to hide ourselves from some evil Antichrist.

Since I'm not concerned about surviving the seven years of tribulation I don't care if my body dies.

I'm concerned about eternity.

Eternity is forever. Forever. Your soul lives forever. It will feel pain in hell, or joy in the presence of the LORD.

That is what concerns me.  Nothing else.

I want you to know the truth, but I can't force you to come to Christ. The Holy Spirit does that. He will draw you.

If you feel compelled to believe what I am writing this morning, you ARE being drawn.

Believe in the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and you will be saved.

You will fall in love with the Hound of Heaven, and your life will be amazing.

Don't wait. Choose the path of righteousness for His Name's sake.

Repent. Stop fornicating. Stop lying. Stop your idolatry. Become filled with the Holy Spirit. REJECT RELIGION.

Don't look away from your one chance at eternal peace.

Follow Jesus.

Jesus saves.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Watch this

Lost You, Didn't I?

Even as my blog grows in popularity I lose touch with those I've known and cherished in my life.

That is a cost, but it is one that I must pay.

Following the Bible has rather painful consequences in this life. It's all good for eternity, but now it hurts.

I am always amazed at the opportunities to draw lines between faith in Christ Jesus alone and the rest of the world.

This weekend there is an event in Washington D.C.. It draws Protestants and Catholics together under a religious unity in Jesus.

There is no unity between Catholics and Protestants in essentials. Yes, we are both pro-life, pro-marriage.

Not the Pope, but most old-school Catholics.

But Catholics serve tradition and church teachings.

Protestants are known for following the Bible and its teaching on grace.

It's not the same, friends. It's very different.

The Bible refers to the whore of Babylon in the book of Revelation. It speaks of this "woman" in chapters 17 and 18.

The whore is directly unrelated to the "bride." The Bride always refers to the believers in Christ, those washed in the blood of the lamb. The Whore is a false entity.

There has never been a time more auspicious to finger who the Whore is. She is clothed in red. She is a world power. She is wealthy. She is sits on the Beast. There is an allusion to Rome with the seven hills.

I know that there are sweet Roman Catholic friends who are showing distrust of this new pope, Francis. He has made very divisive statements about marriage, the climate, and evolution. He has made overtures to Protestants, asking for a unity under the Roman church. He seems to promote a communist philosophy.

These are problems for old-school Catholics.

It's time to ask the question---What is Truth?

At some point, if you examine the evidence, you will be forced to choose an authority. Science? The Pope? The Illuminati? Hillary Clinton? Your teacher at school? The pastor? The writer of your favorite book? Your mind?


God reveals Himself in His word. At least He says that. So, the choice is to believe Him or not. Simplistic? Hardly. You will lose everything for choosing to believe that.

But you will gain the most sublime reassurance of Christ's power in you, hope for the future, and sweet and satisfying fellowship with the Holy Spirit and fellow believers.

It's amazing.

You will instantly be family with souls across the World, from every country, every nation.

You will know Jesus and truth. Your eyes will be painfully opened.

But it is SO worth it.

Wake up.

The Truth of God's Word is ready to be yours with your repentance, your belief, your confession. It is within your grasp.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Time to go Home


It's been a tough week for America.
I feel a chem-trail brain fog myself...perhaps?
It's hard to get things done when your spirit is grieving.
These are interesting times.
I spent the morning listening to Jan Markell at the Eden Prairie Community Center. She is doing a Sunday morning prophecy series there.
A bunch of us old folk were there. Few young people.
Here are some things that stick in my thoughts this week,  and pardon the "bullet point" delivery, please. There just isn't time to be poetic.
This is a warning.
Prophetic birthpangs continue. Whatever is driving the division and hatred among people is Luciferian and not from God.
Jesus promised to save us from the wrath to come. The Harpazo is imminent. T'sh B'av?  Always mind the Jewish Feasts.
Are we in the last seven days before the Rapture?
I hope so. Our Savior comes quickly. He promised.  We watch.
Friends, the Creator loves you. He wants you to be His child. When you are born again you are filled with love for him and all people!  This is a SIGN that you belong to Jesus.
You will be craving the WORD of God and you will RUN from sin.
Your lifestyle will reflect God's moral and righteous laws.
You will be filled with the Holy Spirit and have the power to know what is right and do it.
It's about love, mostly, loving God and others.
If you are born of the Spirit I believe you are going to go to be with Jesus soon. You'll escape the coming wrath of God.
God says that he will destroy the earth. Tribulation is coming. The Bible gives hope to its believers alone.
If you are still here when a few of us disappear, remember that it's not some alien abduction. :)
We will be with Jesus. He promised,  and we know his promises are true.
It doesn't matter what you have believed up until now. God knows your heart.  You have time to get hope in Christ alone today.
Repent and believe. Soon it will be too late, and the wrath of God will be on the earth.
Tomorrow Ed has surgery. Wisdom teeth must come out.  We'd appreciate your prayers.
Margaret heads for France soon. Much preparation ensues, including a trip to the French Consulate in Chicago.
We've had a very cool, beautiful summer here.  Several of us have gotten colds,  though. Summer colds are the worst.
Misty is doing well on her new prescription diet but she clearly needs something more. Insulin starts soon.
Poor Blackberry has a sore foot, so she sees the vet soon too. Old age is hard. There can't be a sweeter dog than Blackberry! For us, at least.
I was mowing yesterday when the front wheels came off the rider! !!
That was a blunt end to my yard work! The damage, due to a cracked part, is extensive. I'll be mowing on foot for awhile.
Here's to great exercise!
Don't miss the "Christian Worldview" this weekend. David Wheaton talks about the gathering in Washington DC next weekend.  I called in to share my thoughts too...
Concerns everywhere.
Praise the Lord! Jesus is coming SOON!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A comment on Lucianne about Comey:

did u know that the way he conducted the pressed was highly unusual? Normally he gives a one-sentence statement & then opens it up for questions. This time he instead spent considerable time explaining WHY the evidence was irrefutable and then went on to spell out where and exactly when Clinton lied. He didn´t have to do that. So couldn´t it be possible that he saw a way to get his FBI findings out to the public & took advantage of it? He knew if he requested indictment it would not only go nowhere but Lynch would never disclose his findings to the public. Faced with such a choice, what would you do? If it were me, I´d opt to get critical info out to the public in any way I could---even if I had to risk my stellar reputation to do it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Pastor Jeffers

Drove this neighborhood today

Ben Sasse:

Sorry for you...

I'm sorry if your internet cannot handle these excellent programs I post. Chris Pinto is someone who will tell you what you don't like to hear----he doesn't "tickle your ears."
But you would have an eye opening experience if you could watch his documentaries and hear his broadcasts.
It is God who opens your eyes to spiritual truth, and that simply MUST be consistent with the Bible.

Theology may try to define truths about God, but too often strays from what is written in an attempt to make it easier to swallow.

The cold hard truth is that there is cold hard truth.

If you don't know Jesus as your Savior you are lost.  Condemned. You always were.

That's cold and hard, but you've got to get around that.

Another cold hard truth is that Satan is a pretty adept Deceiver. He's been lying to folks all along.

Ask yourself if just perhaps maybe you've been believing a lie.

I  ask myself this question. Am I believing a lie? I had to strip away all my preconceptions about everything, and then I decided to believe the Bible.

It's that simple.

Don't get lost in the murky world of isms and religion. Don't fall for the silly lie that this life is your best life now, that you can parse away the Creator and create your own acceptable tolerable god. Don't believe a tradition or a person over the inspired, infallible WORD of God.

You can do that, but you are on a broad path, and the Bible has words about that. It leads where you will not want to go.

Many will cry Lord!

He'll say, "I never knew you."

Saddest words ever.

Leave your false sense of security and cast yourself on your Creator revealed in the Bible.

Time's almost up, friend.

Chris Pinto

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Monday, July 4, 2016

On My Heart

Forgiveness is something hard to understand.

There are all sorts of definitions, but I'm not sure they all are right---or partly right.

I'm still discovering forgiveness myself.

I'm convinced it is something completely autonomous. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with anyone else. It is a personal condition of the heart, and we are responsible for it completely.

That said, it usually involves attitudes toward others. Yes, there is the anomaly of needing to forgive one's self at times.

We humans are so easily offended, though. People hurt us.

I'm sorry. I'm sensitive. You probably hurt me or my feelings once----

And I needed to forgive you. Perhaps in that moment, perhaps in the middle of the night when the introvert/introspective re-hashed the entire conversation---

Perhaps in the months that followed. Perhaps for years, perhaps each time the memory surfaces.

I'm speaking for all of us. I believe we either gloss over hurts, forget them, be "Teflon," or nurse them.

We are human. We react.

But suppose we hurt someone? Suppose our human nature is so choleric that we do it often and well? Suppose we cease to care about those we hurt? What if we trampled on people right and left, abusing them with words and deeds?

There are those like that. I bet we each know someone like that. Maybe WE are like that!

Human nature is so annoying.

Then are those who live with that daily hurt, enabling the perpetrator's whims and habits!

Forgiveness comes hard then. Especially after a thick skin is grown to deflect those never-ending barbs.

Perhaps people think that is some form of forgiveness. I wonder.

Forgiveness is hard.

But God asks us to do it.

So even if there hasn't been a sign of being sorry, regret, or repentance, we are still on the hook. We still need to forgive.

God is just. He is love. That infinite balance is described in the Bible.

He knows we are unable to forgive easily. He understands. The whole earth needed His forgiveness, and he provided that bridge of forgiveness at the cost of death on the cross.

He understands.

So, yes. I have hurt you. She has hurt you. He has hurt you. _______has hurt you. I am hurt .....

You and I must forgive. We must. We allow that hurt to become a fragrance of the forgiveness of God.

Forgive as I have forgiven you. He said it.

Don't live today with that memory of pain. Give it to God, and live freely. It's Independence Day here in the USA. Be free of that wrong doing, that problem, that hurt. Be independent.

Independence Day

It's a quiet morning here at Corgi Hollows.

Ed is back from Camp-Mak -A-Dream, in Montana, and he had a marvelous time. He rode a horse, created art projects, played the piano in the talent show, and met 45 other cancer survivors.

From listening to him it was the people that made the biggest impression. The activities were fun, but the people were most important.

Ed is a "people person."

I'm grateful that he was able to go.

Last night at the jail there were only a few women who came to the Pilot Outreach meeting. There is a different atmosphere with only 8, versus 21---which we had the last time I went.

I don't know how to convey the grief that these women deal with. They are sorry for their wrongs, their crimes, sorry for the loss of family and children, sorry for the mess they've made of their lives.

Some of them have no idea how long they are going to be in jail. One of the Spanish speakers said that she didn't know anything about her sentencing, her time, her lawyers----she'd been there 90 days and she had no clue.

These women haven't seen the sun or moon since they were put in jail. There are no windows in this jail. One gal has been there 2 years.

Sounds beyond belief.

Apparently some lawyers consider these girls low priority, and they shove their cases off.

So they turn to Jesus. They talk about their spiritual lives and how they've been transformed. They are sweet.

What else do they have?

It proves to me that when there is nothing there is Jesus.

I thank the LORD for my Independence. My freedom. My faith, my life. I can only see blessings on this perfect fourth of July. God is incredibly GOOD!

I've seen some hard things. I've blogged my way through them these past 6 years. You know this.

But, ultimately, I've been blessed. God has always provided.

Sometimes, when you see people really suffering for their sins, here, now, in jail, you realize that your actions do matter.

I love how Francis Schaeffer drives home the point that God chooses people, and they are drawn irresistibly to Him, not of their own accord.

Yet, still, we human peons get to choose Him. We get to repent of our sin. We get to be numbered among the saints. We get to be loved and provided for, blessed beyond measure.

Those that have died in Christ Jesus are living the heavenly fellowship of Christ's presence today. Now.

So, repent. Choose Jesus.

Nothing else matters today!

I am thankful for the beauty of this country and my life in this quiet place. It could all change in a heartbeat, but I am grateful now, for everything until now.

God is so good.

I'm thankful for this country, that my husband and sons have given part of their lives to serve it in the Army. I'm thankful for a strong defense system.

I hope it is strong.

I'm thankful that my great grandparents chose to come here from Sweden, Norway, and Germany, way back in the 1800's. I'm thankful for that.

I'm grateful that I have hundreds of like-minded friends who show their love to us daily---in word and deed.

Thank you, friends!

I'm thankful for books and information, that we can know what is happening in the world, and know about the history of who we are.

I'm thankful for the Bible. The life manual that is ever astounding in its depth.

I'm thankful that God can speak to us, to each situation, in its amazing composition and clarity.


I'm thankful for His promises. He's coming again. This is our hope. This is what we fix our eyes on. He is coming! Soon!

I'm thankful for what the Bible has prophesied, so I can look for signs of His coming. I'm thankful that the signs are happening!

How exciting.

I'm thankful this Independence Day.

There's much to be discouraged about. I know.

But today I will focus on the goodness of God, and His presence and provision.