"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heart Matters

Just some thoughts today, prophecy and observations, for those interested in such things.

First of all, I share my views as a form of discussion, to pass on information, to react to the times. I never intend to offend, but I know that opinions invite polarity.

Some of us aren't afraid of that. Some of us are.

I'm trying to overcome my own fear of being offensive in a positive sense.

To take a stand, or not? That is the question.

I can passive aggressively post articles and info bytes until the cows come home...but we all must STAND for what we believe, what motivates us, what drives us, what gives us hope----sooner or later.

So, it's an election coming up. I'm a conservative, as well established here on this blog.

I'd like to make a plea for sanity regarding the election next week, in my own weak way. As an election judge I'd ask that you obey the rules of voting. Look them up. Do what's right. I don't want to write up incidents and call in back-up.

Vote your heart, not the party line. Don't think your vote doesn't count with all the fraud. It can be discouraging for conservatives to read about voting machines that only mark democrat votes, dead democrats voting, and buses of illegals being payed off to vote leftist.

We get what we deserve, politically. If the progressives want to drive the country to the grave, we deserve it.

But still vote. Maybe God will have mercy on us and deliver us from Obama by giving us an opposition in the Congress.

Maybe the sun will shine again.

And maybe not.

Look around. The oceans are dying. I read this week that 50% of all animal life is dead or dying due to environmental stresses. Earthquakes, sunspots, blood moons, solar eclipses, deadly storms and sinkholes continue to increase.

Pestilence. Ebola is just the latest. Fear.

Fukushima is still an issue. The nuclear power plant affected by the Japanese tsunami is a the gift from hell that keeps on giving.

Cancer. Who doesn't know 10 people affected by it? Some worse than others.


Smut. I don't watch TV except for the Viking's games. I'm always appalled at the ads for evening shows. Have you been a frog in the water, slowly coming to a boil, without struggle as the water heats? That's what watching TV does----the slow boil.

It's pretty shocking when you turn on the TV every fall for football season. The standards fall significantly every year. This year I'm seeing a preoccupation with death in almost all the evening shows. Evil seems to be a theme. Remember, I'm only reporting the advertisements---I haven't watched any of the shows.

Maybe you should take a break from the media and wake up to the slow cooking of culture via TV, movies, and music. It's shocking.

Slow boil.

Now there is a state that is sanctioning an incestuous marriage. We knew that would happen, once the "definition" of marriage was "officially" changed. The slippery slope begins. The Houston mayor who dared to intimidate pastors (Seeking to regulate their sermons!)....  is only the start of more threatening behavior toward Bible-believers. Watch.

There are those who seek to crush the Truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. They have their conclaves and convergences,  all to plan the demise of "radical religion."

Who can blame people for reacting?

When my Bible -based faith becomes an object to suppress, we are seeing the great Conspirator, Lucifer himself, get a short-lived victory.

He doesn't win.

The Holy Spirit has promised us that Lucifer doesn't win. We stand in ultimate victory, sealed by the Spirit of life and love.

Jesus is LORD.

Watch, therefore, and be ready to meet Him.

The Jewish Messiah is coming back for His own bride, the Church, and to save His Chosen people, the Jews, who recognize Him as their Messiah.

If they aren't fooled by the Anti-Christ first.

We all have a choice to make.

Choose the Way, the Truth and the Life.

And choose the best candidates next Tuesday on Election Day. (Don't vote socialist/progressive!!!)

There. I took a stand. That's what's on my heart.

Eight Witches Who Turned to God

Friday, October 24, 2014

Week Three

It's the end of the third week in this stage of "Interim Maintenance."

I'm tired. Ed's doing well. He came home from the hospital this afternoon. He'd been there since Tuesday, really the treatment started on Monday with accessing his port and blood tests, then a back-pack of fluids attached to him via IV overnight before actually being admitted to the oncology ward.

I feel somewhat brain-dead, but I wanted to write about a few things happening.

Thank you for your prayers. I am hearing from you, that you have been praying, and I know that....because your prayers are being answered.

Treatment for his ALL is going exceedingly well, and I am grateful.

This week on the ward I saw many less fortunate patients. There is certainly an aura of pain and despair on that floor. I'm not sure how some of those nurses can handle it!

We had an interesting talk with the chaplain a couple of days ago. He told about the difficulty he had with families who were in despair. As believers in Christ we are spared SO MUCH HEARTACHE!

Ed had a fun discussion with him on conservative versus liberal/progressive ideas, both political and theological. I wish you could have heard it. One nurse thought that Ed was reading from a textbook as he expressed his thoughts...! Funny. Ed IS articulate. I think the chaplain appreciates a patient/family who does not despair, but hopes. He indicated that people like us were rare.

That is too bad.

We have this expectancy---hope----that everything is going to work for GOOD, and even though the course of illness has its suffering, it seems so minor to the hope that is before us in Christ.

It makes all the difference in the world.

Today I had a long chat with a young Muslim woman who was working on the floor. I've spoken with her before. Today I got to share the hope of salvation in Christ Jesus with her. She compared her religion to mine, but I made sure to point out that Christ FORGAVE sin, took the punishment for sin, and we must BELIEVE in Him, and Christians do not earn their way to heaven. I do know that this is a huge difference between Islam and Christianity. She listened with openness, and bade us a friendly farewell when we said our good-byes this afternoon. Pray for her. I know that she is a devout Muslim.

There were several social events for patients this week that Ed took part in. That was fun for him. He met several new people. I do appreciate everything the hospital staff comes up with for making the course of treatment easier.

My eldest son and his wife have made the move to Washington state. They are in the process of finding jobs and an apartment. I'm happy to report that they've got a good outlook. Possibilities are forthcoming! His Army Reserve company commander has been positively saintly, allowing them to stay at his home with his family, and helping conjure up employment for both of them.
Really, God is so good!

Other news: We celebrated 25 years of marriage last Friday with my parents and all of our children. We had reservations at a nice restaurant, and we had a lovely time. No, it wasn't the actual day, but we all got to be together for the last time in awhile. Blessings!

I've left the endless chores and duties here at home to go to the dogs, literally, and nothing has been happening here but for the goodness of our friends who have picked up where we dropped things!

My friend, D, baked up some fabulous "sprouted bread" a-la "Trim Healthy Mama" and also some THM muffins for me to enjoy! I found a delicious hunter's stew in the refrigerator for supper tonight that she made for us. Wonderful! So grateful!

I always feel a little numb after being in the hospital all week, even when I'm not a patient. I drove straight from the hospital to Northern Lights Chorale practice last evening. I was so exhausted I could hardly sing, but as the evening passed I revived. Music does that to me.

The concert is going to be good. Our spring concert wasn't the best, and we've all made a real commitment to learn our music and not miss rehearsal this fall. The difference shows. We have been invited to sing at a choral convention in Mahtomedi along with some stellar choral groups from the Twin Cities. We have a few perfect pieces to perform there, and I am excited about it.

We have three performances this fall, on three different weekends. Come if you can.

Other music: I already posted some video from the West Metro Organ Crawl. Ed and I got to participate all day, visiting and hearing pipe organ concerts at four churches in the west metropolitan suburbs. THEN, in the evening, there was a concert on the Phipps theater organ in Hudson, WI by Ron Roades.

It was a day of organ variety! We got home at 10:30pm tired, but energized!

Pipe organs breathe, and so do humans, when making worshipful music. Worship energizes, and I think there is a link to the desperate need we all have to worship weekly. It rejuvenates us for the next week! Something to think about. I know that I felt able to go back to the hospital and finish up business there today after singing from the heart last evening.

It's a beautiful evening, and a lovely weekend stretches before us. I hope you have one too.

Thanks for your time, catching up here.

A Dream


Friday, October 17, 2014

Sorghum harvest

Driving the Horse

Fall Sheep

Ready for Winter--Owen eat Straw

Ed and the Oxen

Helping to Press the Sorghum Syrup



Oliver Kelly Farm

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Alan Horvath....great lectures!

About Fallen Angels & Demons: http://youtu.be/iGUV5dJyrao



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565

Days of Beauty

It's been awhile since I wrote.

Yes, it's been busy, and life has been full.

Ed was in the hospital last week, for the better part of it, and I didn't get much else done. Next week will be a repeat of that, with two more hospital stays following.

This phase called "Interim Maintenance" is more intense than we had anticipated.

Ed gets a strong dose of methitrexate---sorry, I'm not finding the correct spelling on that---but "sounds like." This drug causes mouth sores. Ed was no different in reaction, and spent the weekend at home with a tender mouth and low grade fever.

I'm hoping that he can weather the next dose better.

But there were other pleasant things happening. The colors of the trees are gorgeous. The sky is intense fall blue. There is a spicy sweet flavored aroma in the air, as if the leaves are dying in ecstasy. The first frost has come and the bugs are minimal.

We had a glorious campfire on Sunday. Such perfect weather for it! Also, we were able to be all together for pizza and bonfire with friends on Friday evening. Both of our sons and their wives were with us. That is a rarity, and a privilege! So grateful to our friends for the lovely evening.

Our friends from South Dakota spent a wonderful weekend with us, chatting, playing games, catching up. We went to a home-school day at the aquarium in the Mall of America.  That was fun! We got a deep discount on the tickets, which was much appreciated.

On Sunday our church had its monthly pot-luck dinner and as we drove into the driveway afterwards we saw friends mowing, raking, and sprucing up our yard for fall! They had been busy while we were eating! What a blessing.

Our son and his wife arrived home from Fort Leonardwood, MO and started preparations for their new life in Washington, out west. So many things to do! So many prayers needed! They both must find work and a place to live out there, and his Reserve commitment starts there soon. He is going to be taking a test on October 23, to qualify for police/game warden work. I would appreciate your prayer for him. She will look for temporary work until she finds something in her career field.

Yes, prayer is welcome!

I was reading an article on preparing for pandemics. Some good advice: take vitamins, walks, laugh a lot, and keep calm! Trust in God. Your immune system suffers from fear, so NO HORROR MOVIES!

In this season of Satan we all should take that advice!

Oh, yeah, and sugar isn't great for your immune system either. Sad face.

I'm sure honey is fine though!

My mother has been hard at work preparing jars for our treasure-trove of sweetness. With so many things happening we haven't been able to bottle our honey yet. I've had many requests for it, but there is still enough if you want some. Message me. I can send it to you. It isn't going to be express service, but it's worth the wait!

On Saturday there is an "organ crawl" sponsored by the local organist's guild. Ed is happy to attend, as there is "open console" time. Four church organs to play, out in the west-Metro. Four concerts before the open console time. Ed's practicing. Bach fugues are wonderful to listen to all day.

Blackberry is doing better on her medication. Thanks for asking. Misty is chipper as ever. Our son and daughter-in-law's dog came to visit and romped around the house together with our pets. All was happiness and cheer. The cats look for warm nooks to sleep away the days as the air turns cool.

Now: school. We are about to finish up the exciting classic by Howard Pyle, "Men of Iron." Along with that we've been reading "Life in Medieval Times" and the history plays of Shakespeare. Off to work.

Sweet days, made more beautiful by their increasing rarity.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Counts Good

Hello pray-ers! Ed had sufficiently adequate blood counts this morning. Spinal tap scheduled for tomorrow morning @ 10:00 with admittance to the hospital afterwards.
My dad is having surgery tomorrow too. Thanks for praying!

Friday, October 3, 2014


Sometimes the world meets you at unplanned junctions.

All of us are reading about Enterovirus and Ebola, and how the United States is beginning a battle to stave off epidemic.

Ed was scheduled to go back to the hospital on Monday, to be accessed for an IV pump in preparation for the hospital admittance on Tuesday.

Yesterday his blood counts seemed to be rising to an acceptable number, but lo and behold, the ANC number remained significantly below the other counts. This is that mysterious number that weaves together percentages and totals and decides the immune system's capability to fight foreign bodies.

Because it is still so low we must have another blood test before beginning the next stage. He is slated for that test on Monday morning, with a possibility that all goes forward by Tuesday morning with a spinal tap and the next chemotherapy.

Low immune systems + Hospital Stays + Epidemics can be of concern. Maybe just a little bit.

So, I'd ask you to pray. Pray his numbers go up, that he can continue his treatment for leukemia on schedule, that he be protected from terrible germs from foreign lands, that IF the WORST happens we all continue to trust our LORD for every minute, as we should anyway.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. I've always asked that if Ed comes to mind, take it as a sign from the LORD that he needs your prayer. As I've said before, prayer is a mystery to me in most ways, but I know it is effective, and the Word says that the prayers of a righteous man "affectith much." Therefore, my righteous friends, please pray!

This next stage is called "Interim Maintenance." It should last two months, with four hospitalizations, as I've said before. Doing simple math, this brings us up to the holidays!

How quickly the year goes.

Tomorrow is the prophecy conference. "Understanding the Times" with Jan Markell, in Eden Prairie. Hope I see you there!