"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, January 31, 2014

Coping Mechanisms

When you are a believer life takes on a sharper focus.

The One you focus on is Christ Jesus, the Messiah, the Word Made Flesh.

And other things just really don't matter anymore.

When you have a focus on your Savior, all of the petty going's on of life seem peripheral compared to Him.

But human beings must look outward, even as Christ commands us to.

We must take care of ourselves, our own, the things entrusted to us. We look after our friends and neighbors.

We help. We shine as light in a dark world. We suffer, we grieve, we falter.

How do we deal with all the pain and suffering? Especially, how do we deal with eternal loss and spiritual death?

There are some coping mechanisms that fall into play.

First of all, as I wrote in the previous post, there is a separation. It becomes really clear that we are on two different planes: those who are saved, those who are not.

I may not know who is saved, but I make little judgements every day that trouble my heart ---whether I want to or not. (It's human nature to judge, you know.)

We are leaving the final call up to Christ, but we operate as if everyone needs Christ, and to know Him more. It's easy to see disturbing things, especially when you have at least a superficial understanding of the Old and New Testaments.

So how do we cope with the world "going to Hell in a hand basket" all around us?

We focus on Christ. We focus on Jesus, and we let His love surge out from our broken hearts. We ask for the Holy Spirit to fill us with wisdom, with good things.

And we let the chips fall where they may.

What comes across as judgement to people may just be true love. Love that cares about the eternal destiny of all people, friends or foe.

Broken hearts must cope.

When we see Jesus, Messiah, they will be mended. For now we cope.

What Happens When you Die 

Next Tuesday

There is going to be a debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham the Creationist next Tuesday evening.

It will be streaming live on Google, so you can watch it if you care to. I think millions will watch it. It's sort of like a new Scopes Trial.

There is so much more evidence for a young earth, for creation, now, since the Scopes trial. It's overwhelming.

One of the things Bill Nye (the actually bitter and irritable Bill Nye----we went to the Red Balloon Bookstore on Grand Avenue in St. Paul years ago to see him in person. So many kids turned out we had to walk to an adjacent church for the event. I was taken aback by his demeanor and his unfriendly personality! Perhaps it was the church, the unexpected turn-out, or was it just Bill Nye?) has touted as a talking point is that it is abuse to teach children 'creation.'

Just for the record: I am a total creationist (I have written about it multiple times here, of my conversion to creationism later in life) but each of my children understands the theory of evolution COMPLETELY. Probably more than the average child. My children are completely aware of the entire proposition, the fossil record, the geological layers. We read National Geographic. We visit the Science Museum of Minnesota frequently (we're members).

But they also know the problems. The overwhelming problems. They know the worldview that seeks to deceive and question God's almighty power on display in His creation.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

As one of my best friends said a few years back, it will become increasingly obvious that there is a huge gap between true, Bible-believing Christianity and everything else as the days draw to a close. God is giving EVERYONE a last chance to choose eternal life. He's making it clear that the sheep are not the goats, that believers must stand apart.

He calls us to stand apart.

I think that the debate will reach those who choose Christ. I think some will be forced to make a choice they have ignored or avoided.

There's a song for this, Andrew Culverwell's "There's No Sitting on the Fence."

I can't find it on YouTube, but if you look for it you can hear it. Those lyrics have sat in the back of my brain for years, and they are so true.

There is no sitting on the fence, either you're in or you're out.

And a Big Thank You to the Grammys!


Looks like some Christians are waking up!

 It takes these blatant displays of evil to jar some out of the reverie of deception Satan has woven around their thinking.

The article is about the evil on display at the music awards show.

I think that anyone with any thread of faith would run, RUN from the popular music culture these days.

The best thing to do to it is let it go the path of Satanism that is has been on since it started in the voodoo cultures of the Caribbean. Yes. That is where is began.

There were many artists who did not know Christ before that, also considered "popular" in centuries past, but let us all admit something changed in the past century.

Satan began his plan to ensnare billions through music first subtly, now in raging exposure. The London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies were another big clue.

Thank the Lord people are waking up.

Leave it. It's spiritual poison.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Education: (Don't you LOVE Youtube???)

I know that most of you aren't educators like I am, but if you have the time to get a little free education here is a place to start. Excellent little clips, very informative. Take the time to watch two or three, just to bring you up to date on some developments, and history.


Are You Scared Yet?

You shouldn't be, if you know Christ as your savior.

Here are some things to be watching:

Increased demonic activity
Weather extremes
"Alien" encounters (demonic, though there will be massive denial of this)
Economy woes (stocks crashing, currencies devalued)
Apostasy and Heresy in "The Church" (counter claims to Scripture)
Massive animal death/extinction
Weird "coincidences" (doves being attacked by a crow and a seagull at the Vatican)
Loved ones delving into satanic activity or living in sin
Visions---they are happening to people all over. One must use discernment when analyzing these visions, yet they are occurring so often they can't be ignored.
Blatant satanism (the television is full of it)
Drug use
Mental Illness
Murder----especially abortion

There isn't one of us that isn't affected by any or all of these things right now.
Stop denying it!

God is giving us fair warning that time is short, and that Jesus is going to snatch His Bride away SOON. He is not willing that any should perish, but too many people have their heads in the sand. They are completely uninterested in watching for the signs.

"Oh, it's always been like that...."
"I'm tired of all the fear-mongering..."
"It isn't that bad...."
"You must be such an unhappy person...."

Hardly! I'm joyful to read the signs as a harbinger of Christ's return.

Praise God! I couldn't be more happy.

I'm sorry for those who don't have their "house in order."

Are you living in sin? Are you compromising your faith with evil/demonic activities?

Is there oil in your lamp?

 People, WAKE UP! Tell your friends, your loved -ones, your co-workers, the people you meet! Time is short, and there are so many who are not redeemed.

Broad is the way that leads to destruction. Narrow is the path that leads to life. Few find it.

I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I would be very afraid to miss out on Christ's salvation, if I had sin in my life and heart.

Ask the Lord for His power to release you from your sin today. Ask Him to forgive you. LIVE FOR HIM.

I love Jesus. I can't wait to see Him.

Let this old earth pass away, and let the reign of Christ begin.

Today at the pool Ed accidentally knocked an older woman who wasn't watching where she was going. She responded with a barrage of profanity. It's this type of person who NEEDS to get her house in order. We can only return good for her evil, but our hearts are full of sorrow that she has a spirit of profanity, and it's affecting her future... 

Hawkeye Davis---Events from January


Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wartburg Choir, "Prayer" by Morten Lauridsen, poem by Dana Gioia

Bill Gothard and Idol Worship

Something is on my mind. It's the whole Bill Gothard debacle that is brewing. I know most people could care less about Bill Gothard, and what I think about him---or the whole subject, but I just want to rant for a minute. Don't read on if you have no interest.

Let me begin by saying that I have LOVED the books and literature that IBLP has put out about Character and the Commands of Christ. I think they are peerless. (Lost a few of you there....)

Bill Gothard is a man. A sinner, just like the rest of us. He is held to a much higher account because he is a teacher. Whatever twisted thinking is in his make-up or background is a part of his human nature, and there is little to commend in him or anyone with such issues. He must display Christ's character in his life, like anyone else.

But he's failed, just like most of us, if any of the accusations regarding his lurid behavior are true.

Because he has created an empire of "self-help" material, he is in the hot seat. He certainly should be condemned for his hypocrisy.

I'm thinking of Christ's dealings with the adulterous woman. Any of you WITHOUT SIN should cast the first stone.

In the condemnation I've been reading concerning him I see very little forgiveness, very little grace. I see a lot of bitterness. He should be rightly condemned by GOD when he has failed in his life, but God forgives the one who repents. I pray that God brings Gothard down if he's a fake.

But what about some of his literature? Should we "throw the baby out with the bathwater?"

I will say, with confidence, that what is GOOD should be lauded and listened to. What is junk should be thrown out. Having gone to the Basic Seminar for decades, I find little to criticize, much to commend. When I got to the Advanced Seminar I found less to commend, but still things of value.


I'm thinking we should point the finger at those who elevated Bill Gothard to a pedestal. Those of YOU who decided to out-do Gothard with his "legalism" and his empire. You fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. You didn't show discernment, apparently.

Now it seems that the pain and anger from a lack of discernment is unleashed at a human being who is a sinner just like you and me. Sadly, the good things are trampled on in the stampede.

I know it will all sort itself out in the end. Those deserving judgement (especially those leading the 'little ones' astray) will burn. Will Gothard burn?

Somehow I doubt it. Truth will be truth, even if it comes from a less than pure source.

Let's have a mature attitude regarding all teachers.

Sheeple, let's pay attention to the Word of God, not one who teaches it, who writes about it, who leads us. That is idol worship, and I've seen so much of that in my life. Putting any man or woman on a pedestal is spiritual death.

There is a big church in my neck of the woods. I doubt I would fit in there, but I have one BIG compliment to give it. The church is called "Eaglebrook" and I have absolutely no idea who the pastor is. There are a bunch of people I know who have gone over to it, escaping heresies here and there, but I have yet to hear the name of the pastor!!

I commend that church.

On the other hand, who hasn't worshiped at the feet of John Macarthur, or John Piper, or Martin Luther----or Joel Osteen....

We do love our examples, our human leaders. What danger!

I have my own favorites (AW Tozer, Vance Havner, Hannah Hurnard) God forbid that I re-align my life to their teachings! What fallible folk.

I also really like Bill Gothard. But that's about it. He helped me through one of the deepest valleys I ever experienced in my life. He truly cared. I will always be grateful to him for his advice. It was truly inspired, and seems to have been exactly right for the situation. I have no criticism.

If he is the evil one that many believe him to be, I hope he falls mightily. (Better a millstone around his neck and drowned in the deepest part of the sea). But if he is a wounded and attacked soldier of Christ, may the truth prevail.

And stop worshiping PEOPLE. Worship God.

To those who have such deep resentment and bitterness I pray for their healing.  I pray that they would be able to get beyond their lack of discernment regarding idol worship. I pray they would grow and mature, and find peace, that they would get beyond their pain and brokenness.

And that mostly, they would trust Jesus.

January /Minnesota

Everyone is talking about the weather.

I hate driving in snow, but I love winter. I love snow. It's gorgeous, white, pure, cleansing, restful.

I just hate dealing with it. I'm thankful for a husband who is happy to spend hours outside shoveling and sweeping, keeping the fleet of vehicles going.

That is love on a -20° morning.

Minnesota is not for the faint. I have written of my love for this state of my birth here: http://corgihollows.blogspot.com/2013/05/ode-to-minnesota.html

My husband was willing to migrate here, and he has taken to it like a duck to water. And yes, it's cold here.

But it's all relative. Today it is sunny and still. Very cold. But pleasant.

Yesterday it was blustery and bitter. Warmer temp.

Yesterday we drove to St. Paul to sing with the Minnesota Chorale and the St. Paul Civic Orchestra. It was a sing-along. Mozart's Requiem. The performance was at the Landmark Center, an imposing and classic building downtown St. Paul.

The lovely strains of the Requiem wafted upwards in the grand space. I have never sung it before, so it was especially nice to follow along, learning the intricacies of the work.

The National Geographic came this weekend, and it was a fun surprise to open it and find that some of my children's friends are pictured in the article by Garrison Keillor. They have become friends through camp and Bible study, and Bible School.

We obviously haven't become as jaded as Garrison about our faith, and neither have the kids pictured. They are all nice young people. I can vouch for them.

You know, we are certainly products of our upbringing, but the character issues are still core----Truth is always truth, rebellion is simply rebellion, and love is over-arching. Sin is still sin.

We can learn truth, rebel, live with love (or rejection) and deal with our human natures. That's life.

And it really can be that simple.

We all know that we will get exactly what we deserve at some point, even if the "wicked seem to prosper." (Psalms)

It is only for a time.

At any rate, the article gives a very authentic Minnesota experience, and I have lived it myself, a couple of decades behind Mr. Keillor.

I love rhubarb. Rhubarb is really big here, in every sense. You will see a very large leaf of rhubarb photographed in the National Geographic. Here at Corgi Hollows we have nine hills of rhubarb, growing well in the dog pen. It's a Minnesota thing. I have bags of it in the freezer, cut up, ready for pie.

Ed is improving. We continue to tweak his treatment, and things are coming together nicely. We are beginning to live a new reality.

We had the "Bee Banquet," an annual event, last Saturday. The general outlook among the experienced keepers at the dinner was that it is very unlikely the Minnesota bees will survive this winter. It has been just too harsh of a winter, and some of the queens have started brood already. That is a death sentence for the hive with so many more days of sub-zero cold ahead.  I guess we'll see what will happen this spring. We can hope.

It was interesting to hear what the graduate students are working on for projects. All vital. All worthwhile. The banquet is a fund-raiser for scholarships at the University of Minnesota.

Speaking of the U, classes were called off today because of the temperatures. Margaret was ecstatic. Even college students appreciate an unexpected day off once in awhile! (Another perk, living in Minnesota)

Alas, my husband was off to work, bright and early. We must keep the electricity on!

What would we do without it?

I think I'll get a bag of rhubarb out of the freezer and make a pie for that poor man's supper.


Another Minnesotan: http://www.desiringgod.org/doctrinesofgrace
John Piper has a good message overall here, and some views of Minneapolis.

Saturday, January 18, 2014



Buy this magazine.

Whistleblower - Subscribe                                                     
I spent the evening reading five issues of this that I received when I ordered the DVD about Rabbi Kaduri. I didn't realize how much I 'd like it.

It tells a side that you are NOT hearing anywhere else, and it's vital information for any believer living in the USA. Really fascinating, up-to-date, and informative.

You may not exactly like what you read, but you really need to read it anyway.

I'm confident you'll be impressed.

Bible Answer Man

I think this radio program is wonderful. I listen to it every week. Today's program was especially good, and I wish everyone could hear it.

So many spiritual questions tackled.


I hope you make the time to listen soon.

I'll see you (Lord willing!) at the April prophecy conference in Eden Prairie. Mark your calendar!

You've Been Hoodwinked, Baby!



The first link is to a recently released popular song featured in the Disney film, "Frozen."  The second link is to one of my all-time favorite movies.

It's funny. It's exceedingly clever. I think it's a masterpiece.

Preface: Remember who I am. I lived in Ingolstadt, birthplace of the Illuminati. I'm just a bit interested in it. I like to link things together, like any conspiracy watcher----just amateurishly, of course. When I see something that seems to link together I think I should probably say "Watch out."

So, in Hoodwinked, the characters are all taken in by a little rabbit. (That is a conspiracy theory alone) The catch phrase of the film is "You've been hoodwinked, baby!"

I just wonder how many times Satan is going to say that to souls that thought they were completely out of harm's reach, merrily traveling life's paths, and coming to an end in Sheol.

I haven't seen "Frozen" yet, but my daughters have. When I saw this little clip bouncing about on Facebook, I watched with growing alarm. Remember, it's ALL I've seen from the film. I don't have any idea what redeeming qualities are in the whole of it.

From the clip I surmise------

Isn't the character becoming a witch before your eyes? May I ask if the process is portrayed as freeing, liberating, progressive?---Let it go!

How many young girls are watching that film, and given the impression that leaving conventional humanity and becoming someone with occult powers is good? I'm assuming the character is a heroine? This is not fantasy. This is reality. It's relatively easy to become a witch these days.

Baby, you've been hoodwinked. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Heads Up!


Ken Ham and Bill Nye are going to have a "debate." Should be very interesting.  I can't wait for the message of the gospel to be loud and clear to a zillion atheists who will be watching to see their guy "win."  As in most of these debates, each side will think their debater is the winner.

The whole purpose is to help people HEAR the message of truth. The message of creation. The message of salvation.

Let's pray that even one soul will become convinced of the truth of God's Word. Let's all take note and be affirmed in how to preach the Gospel.

It has the power to save.

Why I Write

Some people write, and some people read. I love to do both.

Inspired by the aforementioned great-grandfather, I decided awhile back to start writing "tracts."  Passé perhaps, in light of the blogging world.

I think blogging IS tract writing.

So I write. I have 5 children, two now married. I hope to have grandchildren someday. One never passes on everything in every conversation, but there are opportunities to get things "straight" when you lay out your ideas. If others find these ideas helpful I am only more pleased.

Every person needs to "work out his faith with fear and trembling." Having been on a faith journey for 50 years now I have some signposts and cairns to put up for the next generation.

God is faithful.

There is also history to pass on. When you live a rich life (and everyone does, to an extent) it is an obligation to record and share it! God's work is always worthwhile, and He is working in everyone's life. It is our duty to record His power and help. We need to be witnesses and testifiers of His involvement in our lives.

This is how we live. This is what we are thinking. This is where we are "at."

Frankly, as a Christ-follower I have nothing to hide. Best to live with a clean conscience, a clean heart, a clean testimony. Guilt, be a tool in our lives!

I am no intellectual. I am not anything special. Just a mom and a lover of Christ Jesus, who has trials and problems and tribulations---everyday kind of issues----and I am on a wonderful journey.

That is why I write.

I have a Corgi too.  A black lab mix, two cats, and bees, and I knit, and I home-school, and .........

There is always something interesting happening around here!

Many years ago there was a woman named Gladys Tabor who wrote for the New York Times. I read several of her books, and those of her contemporaries and friends. Her life, simple and interesting, became an inspiration for many people. I guess I am inspired by her as well. I don't think she was a believer, but her example helped me to start Corgi Hollows.

Write. Share. I often say "be light."  I pray it for my children. I pray that they are light in this dark world.

That is what Corgi Hollows is all about.

Thanks for asking. (Julie!)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Big Question

So, how does occultic activity mix with a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ?

Just very curious.

Zola Levitt, in his book from 1976, labels yoga as demonic communication. What about demon worship, those demons appearing in the form of Christ, even saying they are Christ?  (Read "The Beautiful Side of Evil")  What about all the demonic practices that people who claim to know Christ are doing?

Just asking.

The Bible is clear----you cannot serve two masters.

Which one do you love? The exclusive Christ Jesus, Lord of heaven and earth, Creator of the Universe, or ...

a false Christ-like idol?

Something to think about.

Don't compromise.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Harry Potter

Dancing and Marriage and Creation and....

You must ferret this post out, but it must be written.

There is so much confusion on standards, godliness, and even Biblical truth.

So here we go into hot water, and I hope you will find this little blog helpful.

"Others may, I cannot."  I was raised on this phrase. It had the implication that I was being held to a higher standard. Did it make me better? No. It made me think "intentionally" about everything I did. (I hate that word, by the way. It's so misused.)

Usually we align ourselves with a set of rules for living. For a Bible believer there is no question about the 10 commandments. We all should know them and follow them.

Jesus' commands seem to be somewhat more optional, but really only in the sense that they are more positively stated----Not "Thou Shalt Not," but "Come unto me...."

Then come our social obligations. We all live in societies with rules, and problems.

School shootings, drug usage, pornography seem to be the festering issues of our age.

Years ago it was drunkenness, prostitution, .....Oh wait, those haven't really disappeared, have they?

At heart lie the issues of character. We all have known persons of stellar personal character. They rise above petty lying, cheating, stealing. The promiscuity and plain evil which characterizes most of our media intake seems to have little or no effect on these bright individuals.

So how does that happen?

At risk of being called a "legalist" I will put down some standards which I think have shaped those stellar individuals. Of course we write from our own experience, so I can only cite examples from the lives of those I admire.


These activities all had an association with loose living back in the olden days. Let me explain.
Dancing was a way to express your sexual desirability. It was an opportunity to let another person touch and feel you, to get a tactile experience with you. Dancing led to intimacy, intimacy led to ......lust.

Ha ha ha ha haha hahahaha !!!!!

But really. Think about it.

Drinking alcohol is a social custom that varies by culture. I lived in Germany for awhile. Believe me, beer is just a part of the whole lifestyle. Yet even in good old Deutschland I met many people who were not only drinkers, they were enslaved to Drink. Alcoholics, we like to say today. "Drunks" seems so harsh. 

"Others may, I cannot." Holding to a higher standard is not to be mocked. Drunkenness is a plague on any society. I live in Minnesota. There is a lovely Indian Museum by Mille Lacs Lake. If you visit it, (which I recommend---we go every year!) you will see the section on social issues. It is sobering. Sadly, alcohol plays a major role in the demise of Native American culture. They admit that there is no denying it.

Smoking.  A few years back any veteran's hospital was full of old soldiers dying of emphysema caused by smoking. It's too late to visit and see this sad reality----the patients are certainly dead by now. Smoking hurts. It kills. My husband spent a week in a hospital ward in Innsbruck, Austria, in a bed next to a man dying of emphysema. His racking coughs helped my husband to vow NEVER to pick up a cigarette. The terror of suffocating every few seconds, slowly dying, was excruciating to witness. It was torture for my husband.

Don't start damaging your body. Hold it to a higher standard.

But what about pornography? What about drugs? What about stuffing your brain with senseless and even occult ideas from our mass media?

Where are your standards?

Others may. I may not.

I have a vision of people who are above all that dreck. I know there are families who hold their children to high standards morally, who strive to help them see spiritual power in rising above the low bar of society. It doesn't matter which social stigma you pick------any one can bring on satanic bondage (pride, lust, anger, envy, gluttony, greed, and sloth).

So hold yourself higher.


Recently I heard a statistic. It appears that the divorce rate among true Bible believers (not nominal Christians) is 1 in 1,300-----------------not 50% as among "Christians."

How freeing! How wonderful! The Bible truly is powerful as a standard for living here on earth. Bible believers smash the records. Satan just loves to bring us down, but he can't. He tried to spread the false idea that Christians were no better than anyone else.....

Bible believers AREN'T better, we just have the power to do what is right. We stay in a marriage that is troublesome, we made a promise to God---and we take our promises seriously. We don't just bail out at the demise of love, or problems.

Bible believers will be sinners, but they will NOT be abusers. They will be accountable to God for every single thought and action. Such a high standard!

High standards.  Stop looking down at the license of Christ's grace and love. Start looking up and setting God's perfection as your personal standard.

You won't be perfect, but you sure will be better off. Trust me on this.

Satan wants nothing more than to tarnish your life. Don't let him. Set your standards high, and strive for them. Let the Holy Spirit hold you to your convictions, and watch the bright shining light of Christ's glory emanate from your life.

My great grandfather was a remarkable dancer. He was a fixture at every dance, back around 1900. Then he met Christ. He became an evangelist, traveling all over the midwest, back in the days when travel was hard. He renounced his former behavior, especially dancing. In several tracts that he wrote he came down especially hard on dancing! He lived a long and happy life, dying at age 96. His new standards did him good. His love for the Lord helped many to become Bible believers. High standards, and wonderful influence.

Don't scoff at high standards.

God, in His perfect creation, made everything just right. Creation was perfect. Look what happened! Sin decayed every single aspect of this world.

The Word of God is about the only thing we have to help us set high standards that are actually implementable. So get into the Word.

Believe it from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. Yes, the part about six days, and all those genealogies. Believe that God is big enough to have brought all that about in His timing, His way, His power, and actually had Moses and others write it all down.

That whole creation thing. It is WHY we have standards. God holds us accountable.

At the Creation Museum there is a section which illustrates the effects of sin on God's perfect creation. The outcomes, low standards, and pain are all directly linked to the fall of man.

We are not called by God to live at that level. We are called to a higher purpose.

Set those standards HIGH, and trust the Lord to help you live them.


Friday, January 10, 2014


  Predicate's Perch

Notice the low table in the background. It was found at IKEA, in the "rejects" department. I was looking for a table for winter puzzles to be on.

Interestingly, my Cherie said today, "Mom, for the first time ever you got a piece of furniture we actually can use!"


Also, Predicate seems to be thriving. We find her in the most comfortable of positions.

Late Night Musings

It's one week since the wedding. We are getting back into the rhythm of our lives.

As big events become memories, and new things crowd the calendar to look forward to, we pause. We must pause. The lull is for breathing. We need to replenish.

After the last wedding we were hit by an unanticipated upheaval, it's nice to get through this one with relative stability. I confess that I watched what would unfold with a questioning spirit.

My friend told me a quote she heard about crisis in life-----it went something like "You are either looking back on a crisis, in the middle of one, or about to go through one..."

It's how you roll with it.

I confess that I long for Jesus more everyday. I have written the word "maranatha" around the house, and I cry it each morning.

Come quickly, Lord.

I am amazed at the ability of Christ-followers of the past to cling to Him and weather the storms of long life. I realize that we all must face each day, asking for our DAILY bread, and a long life is a victory of daily battles. It sobers me.

Yes, we are in this for the long haul, and our "Kingdom Life" has already begun-----that spiritual eternal life through salvation in Christ alone. We contend with our human nature and frailty only for a little while more.

Only a little while.

As Elijah felt a time of weary darkness after his great tasks on Mount Carmel, even we small ones must have rest for ourselves amidst life events.

I rest. I wait. I watch.

And I am so thankful.

"My yoke is easy. My burden is light."----Jesus

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Brother Humblehorse

I am a musician who loves classical music. I have little appreciation for rock music. I'm one of those people who believes that the music itself has spiritual power, and that the 3 parts of music, melody, rhythm, and harmony, relate directly to our spirit, body, and soul respectively.

I realize that not everyone has heard this, but it has been clearly demonstrated in my own life.

Here is a music video from "Humblehorse."

I can't recommend his music, but his sense of art and his message are priceless. I just wanted to pass it along. He's a fellow "watchman."


A Word About Heaven

Monday, January 6, 2014

Very Tired, Very Happy

Yes, my son got married on Saturday. (Yes, the second son's wedding in four months' span!) It is unbelievably cold here in Minnesota, but the day turned out to be "balmy" by winter temperature standards for this region!

Still, snow and ice presented a difficulty that was part of the whole wondrous affair!

The bride was beautiful, the groom ecstatic.

It was a sweet day.

I loved how the bridal party entered the sanctuary to the "Hava Nagila"----it was a beautiful and joyful blessing to the marriage ceremony.

  Don't they look happy?

God is so good.

May He bless them.


Heads Up!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lots to think on....

Ariel Sharon...

The Rabbi Who Found Messiah

Interesting times we are in! According to the DVD about the rabbi, who prophesied about the Messiah, there is a direct link to Ariel Sharon and the return of Messiah.  I hope it's the real one, and not the anti-messiah.

I have the DVD. If you are nearby I'll happily lend it to you.

If there is time.....


It might be that we are going to see the true King of Kings this year. Maranatha!