"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Spirit of the Season

Kyrie - arr. Paul J. Christiansen

I Believe - Mark Miller

Lo How a Rose/ The Rose - Craig Hella Johnson


And He said to me, “It is done![c] I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts. He who overcomes shall inherit all things,[d] and I will be his God and he shall be My son. But the cowardly, unbelieving,[e] abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

What a list there, in one of the last chapters of Revelation.

We are memorizing the verses in the little red book known as the "Treasure Path to Salvation."

Each week there are five or six verses to memorize that emphasize a concept of man's need for eternal life in Christ.

Verse 8, above, is one we're learning this week, and I have thought about it quite a lot. What a list. 

Fearful---cowardly: You won't be heaven. What???!

Unbelieving: Well, that's a given.

Abominable: What could this mean, really? Hitler? Stalin? Pol Pot?

Murderers: Certainly those that haven't repented

Sexually Immoral: Do you have a natural sexual relationship with one person who you have pledged yourself for life? If the answer is no, or ever has been no, you'd better repent quick.

Sorcerers: What about occult practices?

Idolaters: Have you decided God's characteristics, or did you get the description from the Holy Bible?

All Liars: Won't some people be surprised? "It was just a little lie! A white lie! It was partly true!"

All liars.

Get your heart ready to meet the Eternal Judge. Believe, repent.

These are hard verses in Scripture, but they are there for our good.

The Bible tells us to be salt and light.

What if there were NO righteous-minded people in the world? What if there were no God-given standard of righteousness?  What if no one knew what was good or right?

We who want to keep Christ's commands are admonished to be righteous. We act as a preservative in this world. When we leave, evil will be the most powerful force. Suffering will be rampant. 

Satan is the ruler of this world. He is the prince and power of the air. When Spirit-filled believers leave he will reign supreme.

For a time. 

God wins in the end, but those who have not chosen Him will perish eternally.

No lie.

On this Thanksgiving Day, why don't you choose a new eternal life. Leave evil, and follow Christ.

It is really that simple.

You know the Truth, now. Believe it.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Israel's Future?

Intense Living at Corgi Hollows

Well, the old house is sold, the keys are in the hands of another. The doors are shut on the past.

I was melancholic last week after we signed away the property. There is such a finality about selling a place you lived in and loved for 16 years. No going back, really.

I don't want to sound ungrateful or unhappy about where we are now, but there is this sense of loss that borders on sorrow about the past and no return.

I do love our new house. We are discovering all the little foibles it has in facing the new season of cold in Minnesota! We have had to tear up the floor in the kitchen due to leaking, and fix dozens of other handy-man type projects. We are going to update the floor in the basement, and install shelves and hardware to make things work right.

Margaret is having the most difficult season of her life. Besides surviving what could have been the most awful of car accidents, she has endured car trouble (the clutch) and late nights of working at the coffee shop. She has her job of life guarding weekly at the YMCA too. Add to that her senior project (a huge paper) and a full credit load at the University-----and she graduates in December!

Let's hope. Let's hope stress doesn't get the best of her. That crash was enough to rattle her nerves for the rest of her driving life----

But she's persevering. She's getting through it all.

My husband and I had our fall concerts with the Northern Lights Chorale. I was asked to play the flute at the end of John Rutter's "Agnus Dei." This was not easy for me, as I hadn't picked up my flute since Ed's Leukemia diagnosis.

That's over a year ago now...

There's something called embouchure (French for "mouth") that can be developed or diminished by practice or lack thereof.

I lack currently.

I tried the solo, and it came off, barely, with much trembling. I would like to get back to practicing more, as I don't want to lose my flute skills. I love the flute, and I've always been fairly confident playing it.

Another loss.

I'll post a YOUTUBE video of this piece if it gets chosen to be publicized. It is a powerful work.

Our season with the chorale was difficult for me. I think I'm finally really weary of all the life changes we've undergone in the past 3 years. Even the things that bring joy have dulled.

It certainly could be weariness, or even normal depression.

I can attest to the power of the Holy Spirit in keeping us on track, going forward, functioning every day, meeting challenges and simply getting up every morning to meet the demands of our lives.

It does take a bit of prodding to face a day that is spent at the clinic getting an infusion of chemotherapy, or a must-do appointment at the YMCA swimming to halt the effects of AVN (Avascular Necrosis) on Ed's knees.

It's Thanksgiving this week, and I do have so much to be thankful for.

I can't help it but look up at the Lord and ask----"Why in the world are we still here??????"

It's depressing.

But He has his purposes. He has his reasons. He is patient, and not willing that any should perish.

There are still a bunch of people on my prayer list that I'm praying for, for their salvation.

I pray they read my pleas for them to turn to Truth and a Biblical knowledge of salvation through and in Yeshua alone.

That's what we're here for, anyway. Life IS short. It's just seemed long lately.

Now that we don't have the other house to take care of we can curl up by our fireplaces and knit, read and be cozy as the nights lengthen into solstice. I guess the Norwegians have perfected the art of winter living, and I need to see it as an advantage.

With my first grandson on the way I have plenty to do with the knitting needles! I have a grand-nephew now, too----and the sweater I'm knitting for him is 3/4's finished. I need long evenings with hot cocoa or tea and a Jane Austen movie. I have projects to finish!

Margaret does too. Please keep her in your prayers.

We had a fun weekend with my husband's parents, delicious meals eaten out, and a spontaneous breakfast for 14 people this morning as our friends passed through on their way home from a trip down south.

Life is certainly interesting. Intense.

Maybe, just maybe, it will quiet down some?

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


The following lecture is very helpful. If you know me personally I'd like to request you watch it.

Aspergers is a complex problem---or asset---depending on how you look at it.

Dealing with it can be trying, frustrating, and often humorous. It is a life journey that is demanding and draining.

I know.

Could It Be Aspergers?

The Following Film "The Third Jihad"

I think you shouldn't have an opinion about the "refugee crisis" unless you have seen this important documentary. It is several years old, but completely current in its information.

One of the lies bandied about by the political left is that Islam is a peaceful religion.

It is not. It is amazing to hear people lie about Islam even after the terrorist attacks that continue all over the world.

Some liberals concede that perhaps 1% of Muslims are "radical." Any liberal source of statistics will claim this ridiculous percentage.

The truth is that 1 in four Muslims believe that Sharia law should be implemented worldwide. One in four Muslims believe that Islam should be the religion of the entire world. One in four Muslims believe that suicide bombing is a legitimate way to wage warfare.

That's 25%, folks. There are billions of Muslims in the world. One quarter of these people think that the rest of the world is filth.

That's a lot of people.

Fear is something that a follower of Christ has no part in. DO NOT FEAR! is said 360 times in the Bible. Once for each day of the year,about. No follower of Christ can ever be fearful.

But we can be wise as serpents----harmless as doves.

It is not sin to protect people.

Satan is the master of death. He loves to kill----destroy. He is the one that drives the ideology behind radical Islam.

I have Muslim friends that I love. I know that they have no intention of harming me, or my family. I know that many nominal Muslims are very lovely people. I know them.

It's the ones that really believe their prophet that I would like to see thwarted in their life purpose of bringing Islam to the entire world.

There is nothing wrong in wanting Islam to have a minor influence.

All this talk of being a coward, of putting on "big boy pants" and being yellow is completely insulting, and the ones it is aimed at don't miss the slight.

I don't. I don't care what anyone calls me, but I know there are things in this world that can harm and destroy. Satan, first and foremost.

We can fight a supernatural war, but that doesn't discount our material existence.

If people need refuge we should help them, absolutely. I remember when our church took in refugees from Cambodia back in the 1970's. Many people helped them to assimilate here in Minnesota, including our family and many of our friends.

Helping refugees is nothing new.

Islamic extremists can take advantage of that humanitarian impulse to help very easily, and those of us who would take in a family (or families) in a heartbeat are not to be faulted for being cautious.

Islam is, after all, an ideology. One must ALWAYS look at the roots and the ends of an ideology. Where, exactly does this ideology take you?

To love, to be salt and light until Christ comes?
Or to take over the world and subjugate it to Allah?

Face the facts. Look at the roots.

Then you will become a conservative, faithful fundamentalist who loves everyone, but hates sin!


Let your conscience tell you, and open your heart to Biblical truth. You will be eternally right.

Take the time to educate yourself. Watch this film:

The Third Jihad - Radical Islam's Vision for America - (A Clarion Projec...

Guiltsgiving: Feel Guilty for Your Blessings!

I've Got Something That Works

"The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupid liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda."--from Google

If you have had your blood pressure rise in the last couple of weeks since the Islamist terrorist attack in Paris you've been on social media and you've been aware of the incredible disunity in our world, in our country.

There are some things which a majority of people don't have any knowledge of and ideology appears to be one of them.

I am a great fan of ideology. I love it. It drives me every day and gives me purpose for life.

I have an ideology that is firmly rooted in something completely outside my own reason, my own structuring. 

I have an ideology that is successful in absolutely every facet of human existence. My ideology is the best one in the entire universe. I want everyone to know it, to accept it, to believe it.

My ideology is God's ideology according to the Holy Bible.

And----just according to the Bible. Not any other religious book. 

The Bible is God's Word to mankind, and when you believe it you have a foundation for a universal network that exceeds reason. 

It's supernatural. 

It's the only way, the narrow way, the path to life, eternal and present.

The ONLY way.

Believe it or not, you will bow before the KING OF KINGS and you will confess that HE is LORD, and your eternal life will be affected by what you do now-----believe, repent, confess---Christ as Savior.

No second chance.

"It is appointed unto man once to die, and after that, the judgment."

Jesus answered and said unto him, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."

"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; That ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God."

Romans 3:19 Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God.


Lenin knew that his views were effective, but he had a low opinion of those that followed them. He called leftist liberals "useful idiots." When you follow someone who calls you an idiot you should question that leadership.

Christ Jesus, on the other hand, demands complete surrender. He is love, and He is holy. He demands that you follow HIS WAY and none other. 

His way was the only way from the dawn of time.

It is so encouraging to see people finding Christ in the worst of circumstances. It is wonderful to see blind eyes opened to the perfection of life in Christ. 

And there is no going back once you find the truth.

It is worth all, even to the point of death.

We don't base our hope on something unproven. God is ready and willing to show Himself to anyone who humbles himself and asks for forgiveness.

Come to the TRUTH. Obey God. Change your heart. Repent!

Your eyes will be opened, and you'll find a new family, one stronger and better than any genetic link! Your spiritual family will be your anchor, your mooring, your stronghold.

Reject religion, and come to Christ. Find HIM in all His perfection.

Religion can never satisfy. It will only bring sorrow and an end in eternal flames.


Christ JESUS, Yeshua, Isa Mesih, Lord Sabaoth! The one who saves.

Stop the madness of thinking man's way. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit and instruct you in HIS WAY.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It is a fact that when I have engaged in a social media discussion on anything that divides opinion I put myself in the line of fire.
It's fact that I try to argue ideas without insulting my opponents, that I encourage them to find sources of information they haven't tried.
It's fact that my opponents resort to some form of insult before they check out of the discussion too.
I am thick skinned, but rudeness speaks volumes.
Here's some advice for my ideological opponents:
When you resort to insult or rudeness you have lost your argument. Try to politely excuse yourself from the conversation rather than firing a stinging remark.
You only make me sorry for you, that you cannot come up with an intelligent response to my statements or questions.
Life is short. It is too short to be bitter about people who hold opposite views from yourself.
Debate requires give and take.
When you mock or howl with laughter you have lost the game.
Your insecurity is manifest, and you need to realize that you have worth, worth enough, to follow your arguments wherever they lead, be they false or true.
Be willing see the other side!
Find your plumb-line of truth and test it constantly.
But don't be rude.
It isn't nice.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Exciting Organ Concerts

Ed and I have been able to attend several organ concerts recently:

The American Guild of Pipe Organists Twin Cities Organ Crawl

Dr. Stephen Self, Bethel University

Nathan Laube

Kenneth Dake and Dr. Charles Kemper

We have a wealth of talent coming to entertain us here in the Twin Cities. The instruments here are also top notch.

Each of these concerts was special for its own presentation.

The Organ Crawl was fun, as Ed got to play each of the organs featured. He played the beautiful space of St. Thomas More Catholic church on Summit Avenue, the famous St. Clements Episcopal Church (designed by Cass Gilbert---his architectural "jewel"), St. Stephanus Lutheran Church, and St. Paul Church of Christ.

We met some wonderfully sweet and generous people at the last concert who are helping Ed get an organ that has virtual sound. Amazing.

The concert by Dr. Stephen Self was wonderful because he played such a great recital of significant works, among them "Cathedral Music" by Gunnar Idenstam. Ed just loved this work. He went home and researched all of the pieces in the work, and I'm hoping he'll be playing them for me soon!

Nathan Laube is simply amazing. He played at Benson Great Hall, Bethel, and he did that beautiful organ justice. His repertoire is amazing. It was amazing. Amazing.

The fun surprise (for me) was the concert this past Sunday at Calvary Baptist Church on Lexington. Kenneth Dake is the organist at the Marble Church in New York City. He and our own Charles Kemper (He taught Joe piano lessons a few years ago) did a duo; piano, two pianos, piano/organ, organ solo---with flair and talent---that was impressive and very entertaining.

They performed Rachmaninoff's piano concerto in E, with Charles at the piano and Dake impersonating the orchestra on the pipe organ. Fantastic. Charles displayed his piano prowess beautifully. Each piece played was inspiring, nine in all. They wrapped it up with Holst's "Jupiter." Very moving. Their concert was titled "Spirit's Fire," and really, they should take it on the road.

There was an excellent turn-out for the audience. The concert was recorded, and I'd really enjoy having a copy of it!

I'm still thinking about that Rachmaninoff...

Now we look forward to the next two weekends of the Northern Lights Chorale Fall Concerts!

Lovely music.

Apocalypse Now

What an interesting time to be alive.

Last night I finally was able to watch the latest "Watchers" DVD, "Watchers 9" by L.A. Marzulli. Its title is "Days of Chaos" and it documents the most current of happenings---even things in September of this year.

Quite remarkable.

People I know are beginning to talk of bunkers and shelters, and we are all looking up at the skies, wondering what the next day will bring.

Aren't we?

It appears that most of society is trembling in fear. We are distracted by political races, or whatever inane activity pop stars are up to, but the underlying truth is that we are vulnerable, and things aren't as they were.

Here in the Northland we are enjoying warm days unusual for us in November. Each new day of sunshine I thank the LORD for the time to accomplish another neglected task.

We are reading Holocaust stories in our home school, because Thursday evening a Holocaust survivor is sharing her story at our local church. Anita Dittman. She has a wonderful story, and it's being made into a movie now.

She's coming to our neck of the woods. I can't hear her this time, (though I've heard her speak and I've read the book "Trapped in Hitler's Hell")  but Ed and Cherie are planning to go with the grandparents.

We are reading about Anne Frank, Oskar Schindler, Le Chambon, Padre Niccocci, and the Danish Underground.

I am encouraged by their stories, people willing to sacrifice their lives for a belief in what was moral and right, going against the tide of social conformity.

It's only 80 years ago that Hitler began his rise to power.

We live in a different world now. There is probably little chance of actually hiding from anything with the technology of this era.

The truth is, it's just not possible.

So what if we were to have to disagree with the powers that be?

Scripture is plain about the events to unfold. Dissenters will be eliminated. Period.

Scripture is incredibly precise about the coming times. The Bible has always been reliable. Prophecies are always fulfilled to the letter. We can expect that the future will likewise be easy to recognize from what is written.

It is already.

WE are seeing prophecy unfold: Gog (Russia) IS on the northern borders of Israel. Israel IS a green and lush land, once a desert. Jews ARE coming back to the Promised Land in droves. Israel IS standing alone politically in the world, all other nations aligned against her. Damascus IS practically leveled. There IS a world-wide technology to mark every human being. There IS a faction of elites that are endeavoring to bring about a New World Order. Animals ARE dying off in unprecedented numbers. Earthquakes ARE increasing. There ARE plans for a new temple in the Holy Land.

These things are prophesied in Scripture.

So, my dear friends, WE are to be looking up. OUR redemption MUST be drawing nigh.

Let God be true, and every man a liar. Romans 3:4

So today I ask you------------Are you ready?

Have you come to belief in the Son of God? Have you repented of your sins?

L.A. Marzulli asks a great question at the end of "Days of Chaos."

"Are you sure you know the LORD? If you are not sure, YOU DON'T KNOW HIM."

Get sure, friends.

I get emails from prophecy watchers like myself. Several of my contacts are very interested in the Bible Codes and Gematria. I am interested in this too, but cautious. One of my contacts is convinced (via codes and mathematical equations) that November 11 is the start of the Great Tribulation. He's sent dozens of emails with reams of information proving his point. I am skeptical.

But what IF tomorrow WERE the beginning of the Tribulation? In my understanding of Scripture the Church is gone by that moment.

That means the great catching away of the Bride is BEFORE THAT!

We are to live with a daily expectation that the LORD is coming. I like to have a special expectation on certain days just to shake up my own tendency to loll in the daily grind of life. We need these days to make us aware!

I ask myself---Is my house in order? Am I ready to abandon everything here?

If my heart is tied to something here, am I willing/ready to meet the LORD? He talks about not looking back.

I have the most wonderful expectations of seeing Yeshua. I know that to be with Him is going to be perfect. Nothing could be more lovely, beautiful, completing, and joyful.

So why do I have these little thoughts of darkness: Will the translation from the body to the eternal be scary? What will happen to our beloved pets? Am I leaving a mess for someone to find? Will I know CHRIST---or will I be one of the deceived? (Yes, because Scripture warns about this I DO ask myself this)

I am revealing the darkness in my heart here...

Certainly I have reasoned out answers to all these questions, but they remain unsolved mysteries!

I have my suspicions about my friends and family that don't know Christ, and I have reverted to the coping mechanism of hope regarding their spiritual state. I pray that they will turn to Christ, AND be strong enough to face certain death by the Luciferians.

Yes, it is dark to think such things. I do though.

As one who believes in Christ I can only love my brethren, love my friends, family and those I know who are lost. I can HOPE that they will find salvation in the ONE TRUE GOD.

"I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the life. NO ONE comes to the Father but by ME."----Jesus

 Come to Christ.

A million Iranians are now Christ-followers. They have seen the dark side of Islam and converted to Christianity. They risk their earthly lives for this, and yet more and more are coming to Yeshua daily. They know the truth.

I posted a video (it's long, I know) from Walter Veith the other day. He talks about the "Mark of Cain." I always find his lectures fascinating, if controversial. I think he was completely correct in saying that Cain tried to make God in to something Cain wanted to believe in.

That could be witchcraft, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Secularism, Atheism, Agnosticism, and even Christianity that goes against Biblical doctrine. It could be paganism, occultism, or heresy.

This is the mark of Cain. Making God in your own image is a violation of the first four commandments.

A few years back I had my own epiphany about the Biblical God. There were things I didn't like about Him. At the least He seemed harsh on poor mankind. I still believed in Him. I accepted Jesus as my savior.

Perhaps it was the process of sanctification, or just growing in faith, that made me know the Character of God better, and I had to grapple with what I believed or liked about God versus what Scripture had revealed. I chose to go with the Biblical God, revealed through Scripture, without trying to twist Scripture into something I could accept.

It was a moment of revelation for me.

I became aware of the most holy God, and that HE loved me.

I still struggle with this....daily....How can God love ME? I know He does, but I am so aware of my own insignificance, my failing, my daily sin struggle, my pride.

But God does love me. And He loves you. He wants you to repent and believe in Him.

He's bigger than you thought, beyond your comprehension. Beyond any close-minded doctrine defined by any human. Bigger than the Catholic church or the pope, bigger than Lucifer. He's amazing.

He's the one true God, and He's scary.  He's awesome, He's amazing.

He is love.

Dig into your Bible. Cry out to Him today! Say you are sorry for your presumptions about Him!

Come to Him.

The time is short, and the seven years of wrath are soon to begin. I am pretty certain of that.

Escape the coming wrath.  Humble yourself and believe. Turn away from your worldly assumptions and follow the Truth.

It will set you free.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Wolsfeld Woods

For years our family read the St Paul Pioneer Press, and in the "social media" section there was a place for readers to share life vignettes.
There was inside talk, ways to label certain kinds of stories and jokes.
One type of story was termed a Baader-Meinhof. This had little to do with the terrorist organization except that the first instance of this type of story regarded the infamous terrorists.
A Baader-Meinhof is hearing about something new, that you've never heard about ever before and soon after in a completely different context you hear about it again!
Well, it truly happened to me last night, and since it may have merit to some of you I'm going to tell my Baader-Meinhof!
On Saturday evening our friends came over for dinner. She and he have been my friends since I was in grade school. Now they live just about 3 miles away.
She mentioned hiking with her grandson in a beautiful woods nearby. "Wolsfeld Woods" is a gorgeous stand of virgin timber, and it stands behind the church in which I had piano recitals growing up!
It sounded intriguing to me, and truly, I had no clue the public woodland was there!
Last night I opened up the "Minnesota Conservation Volunteer" which came yesterday and started paging through it. I came to an article about a woods. It sounded very familiar!
Yes, it was about Wolsfeld Woods!
I think it's fated that I encounter this lovely place!
And now I've had my own real Baader-Meinhof.


Monday, November 2, 2015







At the Minnesota Wild with Ed

Too Much

I've had a couple of busy weeks. My thoughts are cooking, though, and I think We are experiencing a lull before a storm.

I just feel it.

I've done some reading, some web surfing, some preparation for a "storm." Ultimately I'm hoping that Jesus is on His way.

I see what is going on in Israel, Europe, and here in the U.S.. I can't help think we are on borrowed time.

We are, in a sense.

Our days ARE numbered, you know.

There is this crazy guy down in Australia who goes by the name "Humble Horse."

I can't stand his music, but I have to hand it to him----he sings all about prophecy and expresses my thoughts about the days we are living in precisely. I have to smile.

It's only a matter of time when the financial world reels under the heavy debt. The powers that be must have some diabolical plan up their sleeves to control and re-set the economic trends. It simply cannot go on as it has.

Change must occur.

I have my faith and trust in the LORD alone.

We are doing a bit of study on the Holocaust right now, reading stories of people who saved Jews during the war in Europe. Anita Dittman is coming to our town to speak in a week, and we hope to hear her again. She was a Jewish girl who survived the Holocaust in Germany.

What a story.

It's good to read these stories, but to try and compare that era of history with this one is ludicrous.

Perhaps protesters were able to hide out in the 1940's, but I don't think it's even a possibility these days.

If you protest now you're done. Technology has advanced to that level, at least.

Survivalists and bunker builders are in for a nasty awakening.

The most important thing anyone can do is prepare your spiritual condition to meet God. "Believe on the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and thou shalt be saved."

That's about it.

So enjoy the ride until that day! Don't worry. The LORD will be your comfort, your mainstay, your helper. You will be safe in His care.

Whatever comes, trust in the Heavenly Father to help and sustain. That is our hope, and it is in Him alone.