"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Heads up to my readers:

There is a major spiritual battle raging right now. It's affecting all of us whether we know it or not.

Forces of Antichrist are mustering, and if you know loved ones who are not saved, be prepared for them to attack you in unprecedented ways.

Be comforted that this is a spiritual battle, that  you have the armor and sword of God's Word. He will fight for you, so rest in His Truth.

Satan is so mad right now! He knows his time is short.


From Chris Pinto

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Snow Tales

I'm sorry. It's been so long since I've had time to write. You dear faithful readers are so special to me, and I appreciate your willingness to keep checking up on Corgi Hollows.

What a Spring!

Last Saturday, on the way home from the deli, I drove west on US Highway 12. I've never seen a US Highway in that condition, at least 6 inches of snow on the pavement, blowing snow, crazy weather!

It was a Blizzard.

I was able to get off of the highway, but not at our own road. I had to drive past it to a more major road, where a plow had sometime gone through.

I was driving a car, not a truck, and the snow was over a foot deep!

Needless to say, I got stuck. I was a mile from home and going nowhere.

The adventure began.

Blizzards are known for their wind. Thankfully it is April, and the temperatures were not sub-zero. They were certainly sharp, though, and the snow was literally blowing horizontally---not vertically. I got out of the car to scrape off the emergency flasher lights, as ice was encrusted all over the entire car.

I called my knight-in-shining-armor, my husband, and he and Cheri intrepidly started out from home with four shovels. They made their way northward into the wind to get to my rescue. I worried.

It was deemed impossible to get the car a mile through deep snow to our own driveway, so we opted into backing the car 1/4 of a mile to the nearest neighbor's driveway.

Thankfully we know these folks. They rent our hayfield to feed their six Herefords.

After safely parking off road we started out (on foot) through the foot-deep snow toward home.

I didn't have boots on, but my jeans covered the tops of my shoes, and the effort to get through the raging storm certainly kept me warm!

It was an experience I'll not soon forget. I don't remember a weather event quite like that in my life!

Thankful that the power stayed on, and Ed had a cozy fire going at our return.

We were holed up for two days!

Our Choir concert was postponed until May 6. It simply was unwise to hold it, as many of our choir members are over 70, and most of the audience fits that age group too.

Interesting times we live in.

Yesterday was Israel's birthday. The UN ratified the country on May 14, but this is the anniversary of its existence. Seventy years is considered by some to be a generation. There is a prophecy about a generation not passing away before the Messiah returns. The Watchmen are truly watching.

Are you ready?

Things are happening at a dizzying pace. I hardly know how to classify different events these days----prophetically fulfilled, prophetically significant, or completely unrelated!

But everything is related. We don't live in a vacuum, and everything has a bearing on everything else.

For want of the the nail, the shoe was lost, for want of the shoe the horse was lost, for want of the horse the soldier was lost. For want of the soldier the battle was lost, for want of the battle the victory was lost.

A pithy saying? Certainly some truth.

Perhaps more than we even know!

I like to think that whatever we do matters. Why would God says to us "Whatever ye do, do it unto Him?" I think there is a pattern of impact that can start with the smallest nudge.

That's why I keep writing. I know that my blog is insignificant. It matters to few people in the world. But it still matters. I still feel the conviction to live life openly and at peace with God, showing His power in my life and how He has blessed me.

We've had our trials. Just read back!!!

But God is FAITHFUL!

He has provided the "grid" for my life and my family's lives. I can truly bless His name for giving me such joy and peace in this world in spite of pain and trouble.

I may not be persecuted and driven from my home YET, but I can still praise God, and that is good practice for when or if that DOES happen in my life.

As I was scraping ice off the car I was singing a song (as loud as I could, into the wind) that we are singing for our spring concert--"I will lift up mine eyes to the hills! From whence cometh my help? My help comes from the Maker of Heaven and Earth!"

What a great song to have in my heart and on my lips in a storm of epic proportion.

It was almost laughable! And I did laugh.

God is so good. Maker of heaven and earth, He cares about me and my snow-stuck Ford Fusion.

May His Name be praised.

I hear tell of temps in the 60's next week. These deep snows will disappear in a flood!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Strange Bedfellows

Bear with my stream of thought (per usual) today. I just listened to a radio podcast from Brannon Howse.

He was supposed to have been here in the Twin Cities this past weekend for a "Worldview Weekend."

The conference was shut down, cancelled by the hotel which was to host the event. Why? Because they had received threats from Antifa and Black Lives Matter about the event.

What is so strange about this? Brannon Howse is anti-socialist. He's anti-Fascist. He's pro Christian.

He's anti-terrorist. I've listened to him for years, and heaven help us!

For him to be shut down in several cities is beyond belief.

What are we coming to?

If liberals and Muslims are on the same team it says one thing------"HATE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS!"

I'm on the Christian/Jewish team. I'm perfectly fine with my liberal friends and my Muslim friends----I enjoy our talks, our friendship!

Because that is Christianity! We are commanded to LOVE OUR ENEMIES.

If love doesn't characterize your faith, you are not a true believer. Examine your heart! Repent! Follow the Word of God!

I have great issues with the Jesuits in the Catholic Church. Many of my friends are Catholic, and they are unaware of the Jesuit Counter-Reformation movement. It was birthed in the Inquisition and it never quite died. There are those that spread a false notion that Christianity morphs. No, it doesn't. Christianity is based on the Bible, and the Bible doesn't change. We have the Jewish manuscripts in Hebrew (very reliable) and we have the Byzantine manuscripts for Greek. Wycliffe, Luther and other early Reformers used these, fresh from the East. They are the most reliable.

We can trust our Bibles. Even if the Counter-reformation tried to undermine the authority of Scripture we still have the most reliable ancient book in existence.

We follow the Word of God, and that is the most humane and loving Word that exists.

So how do Muslims and Liberals end up together in a protest against Biblical Christianity?


The devil is behind this, and since he is the author of fascism he cannot stand to see it fail. Liberal fascism and Islamic fascism is the most lethal type of fascism. It gave birth to Communism, Socialism, Fabian Socialism and the Marxist Order of the Jesuits.

It's all there. Here's the link! Strange bedfellows? They are joined at the hip.

How bizarre to see anti-feminist, anti-homosexual, anti freedom Muslims teaming with feminists, homosexuals and racist Africans.  (I don't like to even use the term "racist" as I don't believe "race" even exists---except in one form, HUMAN) Those that perpetuate the importance of skin color are rightly labeled racist, though, and it comes in all walks of life on earth.

Why would anyone want to protest against those who hate racism, bigotry, sin in all its forms?


Satan makes strange bedfellows, and he delights in the demise of people. I can imagine his glee at the attacks on Christ's followers.

Just because we plainly avow that all sin is bad doesn't make us people of hate. Believers LOVE the sinner! We love our enemies.

Satan sides with anyone who is against God, and since God is Holy, Satan makes up this huge lie that we really are all "good enough" to get to heaven on our own merit, earning our way, not doing really bad stuff, comparing ourselves to others. We don't need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because God WOULDN'T send so many people to hell! This is a lie from the pit of hell.

We are already condemned to eternal hell. As Jordan B. Peterson writes in his book about 12 rules to live by, hell was aptly demonstrated in the 20th century with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. But even that earthly hell doesn't compare with the eternal lake of suffering fire.

Thank God for His salvation!

Thank God for His love for us! While we were yet sinners, Christ died for US! Salvation is in NO OTHER NAME.

You must repent. You must believe. You must follow Christ. There is no other way. Don't blame God for your own failings. God is who He is. Anything that isn't described in the Bible about His character isn't God. If you only like part of it, not the whole, you are worshiping an idol. God is who He says He is. Unchanging, pure, holy, just, and merciful in providing a way of salvation by dying on the cross for our sins.

So believe.

Last night, at the jail, a spiritual encounter took place that fooled me at first. I thought the words and testimony of one of the women was genuine. Later I learned that she is deeply involved in the occult. She was masquerading as a person of Christ.

It happens.

How can we ever be sure, then?

TEST the SPIRITS!!! The Bible plainly tells us to do this. We need to be on guard for Spiritual encounters with darkness, warfare, at all times. Those of us who are on the front lines mostly recognize this warfare by the grace of God, but ALL of us are affected by it.


The noose is tightening. We know that the Anti-Christ rises to power in a Global Government. We know that the world is slipping into an Orwellian "1984" state.

Fasten your seat belts.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"Very Conservative"

Facebook labels us now for ad intake.

I checked my label and it was-----You guessed it!

Actually I don't think of myself as "very conservative."

I define myself as pro-Jesus, pro-life, pro-evangelism.

What am I anti?

I am anti-racist, anti-sin, anti-globalist, anti-communist.

I love mercy and justice. I want people to understand God's creation as He intended it, and I want people to know the TRUTH!

The truth will set you free.

I could really care less about political labels. They are meaningless. I'm a registered Republican, and I'm thankful for the history of that party (Abraham Lincoln, for example). I feel very little affinity to Republicans, but I'm still under that label. I'm extremely wary of secret societies or even anything connected to them.

Things about any club or formal association bug me. Even the National Council of Churches. These clubs form and seek power to change others.

That's not freedom or liberty in Christ.

That bugs me.

I realize that people make stupid mistakes, dumb decisions, sinful ones. We are all sinners. We all do make these wrong actions. Often the natural consequences of these things correct us.

We don't need the United Nations cramming the solution down our throats. We are smart enough to learn and go on, free to do right. This is true freedom.

Remember, we are all under authority. It is preferable that it is God's alone. He is the master Ruler.

People in authority always get it wrong. Did you hear Walter Cronkite's threat in the YouTube clip I posted below? They have WAYS to make you obey.

That's the danger of a Marxist New World Order. Religion will be prescribed as it is in Communist China now. One may not "literally believe" a creed without it agreeing to the elite's stipulations.

"1984" needs to be must reading. Orwell was a committed Fabian Socialist until he saw the devastating results of Socialism. He wrote his book as a protest.

Better take note. We are already there.

You are being watched constantly. You are already pegged. You are living in a surveillance world, and you can't kid yourself that you can escape it.

Truly, it's already here.

Better turn to the One who defeats the system right now.

Anyone with the mark of the Beast is thrown into the Lake of Fire. Watch out! Be alert. Be sober!

Your adversary, the devil, is like a prowling lion, and he's gorging on the souls of the New World Order.


Revealing the Globalist Plan


This year my goal is to read four chapters a day in the Bible. I'm already well into Second Chronicles and I've read the story of Ahab, Jezebel, Jehu, Jehoram, Athaliah and Jehoida several times. It's recorded over and over.

Such significance.

Each time I read it I am appalled at the wickedness of "God's People," the Israelites. I'm also amazed at God's mercy, and His fulfillment of His promises.

These stories are not boring. They are gruesome, full of action, and hard to read for me. I have an overactive imagination.

God is a Just Person. He always was, always will be.

That is fearsome for humankind.

His holiness prevents sin from His presence. Jesus bridged the gap, paid the price, restored relationship. God sees Jesus when He beholds us, His own children. WE CAN'T DO A THING to earn His goodwill. Impossible. The Apostle Paul tried to nail that truth into people, but they just don't get it.

They prefer to "do" things for a false god, in pride and self justification, rather than humble themselves and repent.

Athaliah was a horrible human being. Wicked to the core, she influenced an entire kingdom against God. When her son, the king, was brutally murdered, she murdered every single member in the kingly line-up, every one that she could find.

A princess hid a young toddler in a chamber and smuggled him away to grow up with Jehoida, the priest.

Jehoida's righteous influence on this child changed the course of the kingdom for good.

Please read 2 Chron. 20 for the whole story. You'll be fascinated.

There are so many things to apply from this story! I'll focus on one.

Athaliah was a mother who wielded much power and influence. Being evil, she reveled in sinful customs. We all know sin can be pleasurable, for a time, and we all know that we naturally revert to sin. It's easy. It's our nature. "In sin did my mother conceive me."

It's much more difficult to do righteously. It's almost impossible to have purely righteous thoughts and intent. Pride is always the default sin, and it's the one that got Lucifer.

Thank the LORD he's got a solution for those thoughts in eternity. We are washed in the blood of the Lamb, and we are counted righteous.

But for now, we have them. We all have them. Human nature is tainted.

There's no solution for it except Christ alone. "There is salvation in none other." (Acts 4:12)

Athaliah followed her own pride and power. She worshiped idols and lived for her own pleasure. The Bible says that she was the king's counselor, so she had access to influence. Then, she became a self-declared monarch.

I wonder if we recognize Athaliah in ourselves at all, because that spirit is in all of us.

When you unleash a sinful spirit you have no sense of true righteousness.

Last week there was a horribly sad situation in California where a family of eight were killed. It appears that the perpetrator was one of the mothers of the group. She had chosen a lifestyle that catered to her own pleasure. Her god became herself. She became the ruler of her own world.

When her world clashed with God's world she chose a path that had no moral significance, just as she had lived. Murder is no worse than anything else, right?

Too often people in alternative lifestyles lose their moral moorings completely. You'd be amazed at the murder/suicide rates among these individuals. It makes perfect sense, though. When you abandon your morals life becomes a fuzzy mess of existentialism. Murder is nothing to such an existence. It's part of what you choose.

Scary thought.

Atheists always have a weak argument for this. They insist that preventing harm is an evolutionary trait. Their position is easily disproved. If that were the case we'd all be nurturing and loving. None of us are! The feelings a mother has for her baby are certainly natural, but when that child defies her something inside of the mother dies. It's natural. We still love, but there are natural consequences of sin! Relationships suffer from sin.

Athaliah is a prime example!

We NEED God's moral Laws to keep us from such madness. We need to choose righteousness. We need to repent from sin.

God is LOVE, God is GOOD! God is merciful and wonderful.
Why would anyone choose anything but God?!

It is in our sinful nature to seek our own way.

Athaliah was a seeker of her own way. God prevailed. She was destroyed, and God's plan was carried out despite her satanic role in attempting to thwart it.

God's plan is always carried out. He's all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present.

Get on His side today, and live for Him. He loves you. He wants to use you in His kingdom work. He wants you to snatch souls from the fire of hell (Jude 23).

Get on it!



Monday, April 2, 2018

Power of Music

New Forensic Evidence Validates The Shroud Of Turin And The Resurrectio...

New World Order


The spring is upon us, but here in Minnesota you'd never know. There's several inches of snow outside and the temps are wicked.

A new storm is blowing in this afternoon.

Perhaps Spring really will come someday.

Yes. It will. It appears to be nudging it's way toward May.

I've been busy with spring break activities as I'd planned, some cleaning, some reading, some cooking.

We had a lovely dinner yesterday with all sorts of scrumptious delicacies. I felt nudged to make carrot dishes, so we made Russian "Korean" Carrot Salad (Ahoo-ah!! Pepper and Garlic!) and Lincoln Del Classic Carrot Cake----pineapple, golden raisins, pecans, coconut---with cream cheese frosting. Delicious.

Margaret was home. Her friend was here for the week and much sewing commenced. Cheri has a new gown and cloak that is truly epic with hand sewn bead work. A few weeks ago a local dress design business had a material sale. One dollar a yard kind of sale. Velvets and satins, chiffons and shoes were being sold at ridiculously low prices.

We can indulge our Medieval garb affinity now, with so much gorgeous material! These dresses need five or six yards minimally, so regularly priced fabric is impractical.

I'd love to see the gorgeous gowns of the 1000's-1500's make a comeback fashion-wise.  With Cheri's beautiful dresses we can hope for a nudge in that direction.

We can hope!

Spiritual nudges have been taking place all over the world. I've been battling depression over the past few days and I know that it is linked to the sadness everywhere.

North Korea

Within my circle of friends and acquaintances there are crises on every front. Weighing times!

And can you believe what was disclosed about an interview the Pope had with a close friend? No hell, he declared.

There are too many "Evangelicals" who believe that too.

Perhaps you are one of those people who senses a nudge toward the Truth that God wrote in Scripture. The Bible is His Word, and when you ignore it for Jesus Christ Superstar you will eventually pay with your eternal soul.

---LORD, we did miracles in your name!     Depart from me. I never knew you.----

His Word is really what we have.

I hear that there is a travelling exhibit about the Shroud of Turin coming to LaCrosse, Wisconsin this week. It's a full-sized photographic representation of the shroud, plus information displays and lectures about the shroud.

I've got several books about the shroud. I've read quite a bit about it. The most convincing thing about the shroud being Jesus' actual grave clothes is the x-ray like images that appear on the cloth. One researcher said it was "as if" some electrical energy pulsed through the cloth and left the image of a crucified man, exactly described in the Gospel accounts.

Pretty convincing. Something supernatural.

I believe, like others, that the shroud is evidence for an unbelieving, humanistic, existential and atheistic generation----ours----in the LAST DAYS.

Believe you will live for decades and the earth will go on as is all you want. The Shroud of Turin is a nudge for you to believe that Jesus did die, did rise from the grave, is God, and is coming for His Bride, the Church of Jesus Christ.

It's a big nudge.

If you felt the nudge, you need to repent of ALL your sin before Christ. You need to ask His forgiveness. You need to ask Him to save your soul and make you BORN AGAIN.

"Lord Jesus,
Thank you for saving me, a sinner. Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins! Thank you for your promises in the Bible.
I'm sorry for my sin. I wish to ask you for the power to turn away from all sin, to turn toward you. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and make me born again. I repent, Lord.

Please pray that prayer. Ask Jesus for whatever you want! He always answers-----and no is an answer, but the prayer of salvation is always answered YES! Humble your hearts, and turn from sin.

We are in the last days. Israel turns 70 this year. Things are not sustainable as they are. We are winding down. Wars, rumors of wars plague the newsfeed. Disease and famine are rampant. (They shouldn't be, but they are.) Earthquakes are occurring in diverse places. Don't you see how the Bible is being validated by its prophecies coming true?

We are looking at a blatant globalist society making its presence known.

These are nudges, friends.

Jesus was a nationalist. He's the God of Nations! He created the genetic code with all of its diversity locked in it. He loves the nations and the variety of them!

It was the spirit of Babylon, the tower of Babel, that went against diversity. Globalism began back in Genesis. It is the spirit of the age of fallen mankind.

Don't you see it? It's plain as day.

You are being nudged to find the Truth that sets you free, right now.

Pray the prayer of repentance and tell a friend you did it. "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead YOU SHALL BE SAVED!"
Romans 10:9

You are being nudged.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Unstable in All His ways

The following post was lifted from Facebook. The Bible has dire warnings about double-minded people. Check it out for yourself.

Actually this woman shows the insanity of this age. Lord, come Quickly.


A Double Minded Man---

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tea, Anyone?

Gold Nuggets to Share

One thing becomes clear when you have been a believer for 50 years: Believers come in all shapes and sizes. We all have "pet" concerns. We all have bents toward certain truths. We are actually very diverse in the way we look, what we know, and what we've experienced.

That's confusing to the world.

Yes, there are trends you can see and put your finger on. Believers are famously pro-life----IN ALL ITS FORMS!

God loves and created life. Therefore we must also love and preserve it.

God is just, so we believers need to love justice.

God is merciful! WE LOVE MERCY!

This is the heart of Christianity, following Jesus.

I liked something Chris Pinto said at the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference this past weekend.

"If saved, always saved."

Remember that, and check out your spiritual profile. Are you in repentance? Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Are you showing the fruits of the Spirit?


Your salvation is in Christ alone, not of (any) works, so no one can boast! But is your life characterized by God's power and love for HIM?

I ask myself this question practically daily. We need to. Where is sin in your life? Oh my. Personal questions!

If you are truly saved you will be an outlier, someone who doesn't conform. You will be something to behold, a flame that moths find irresistable....

I know there are several of my readers who patently disagree with my views. They keep reading my stuff though, like moths to the flame. It's irresistable to them because their spirit recognizes truth.

If only they would give in to the Holy Spirit's promptings and place their faith in Christ alone. What a true and joyful transformation they would find!

But that's just too weird....! Corgi is extreme. Corgi is a nut case....

Actually, no, I'm not. I'm as sane (or more so) than the average Joe. I've been evaluated by psychiatrists. Seriously. I'm sane, and I'm loving God and everyone created in His image, including the inmates at the county jail.

I'm someone God has redeemed and I'm called to share that truth until my last breath. God help me.

Here are some things I took away from the weekend's event.

(Not all the speakers were in agreement with each other theologically, so I love the credibility that adds to the whole thing. One must be discerning!) Still there were things of truth in each presentation.

Jay Seegert is a creationist. I love to listen to his fact-filled presentations. I became a full-fledged young earth creationist about age 40. I read. The stuff I was reading at that time was overwhelmingly convincing that God actually didn't lie about creation and how He did it in Genesis. The evidence all over the earth indicates a global flood, catastophic event, that completely reset the progress of humanity and the course of planet earth.

I read all about Carbon 14 dating. You should too.

I read all about genetics and microbiology. You should too. The evidence for an author/designer is undeniable, and if Scientists are honest to themselves they admit it. Thousands and thousands of PHD's admit that there is a Designer.

I studied probability. This, more than anything else, seems to be the number one thing that convinced me of God's involvement-----critical----in creation. The statistics and probabilities that occur in the creation are vast beyond measure. Look into it. Start with "Privileged Planet."

Jay gave a really good talk about a symposium at Cornell University about genetic mutation. I had heard some of this material before, but he explained epigenetics in a way I could finally understand. You need to try to understand it too. So amazing! God is amazing!

Mike Hoggard is a preacher with a personality that grows on you. I couldn't stand him the first time I heard him several years ago. I don't agree with him on several points, but his heart is so right and sweet, and he is fascinated by typology in Scripture, and so am I. He and I disagree about when the Rapture is occurring (I am pre-Trib) but we can still be siblings in Christ.

He talked about his views on the Rapture, and he certainly made his points. Here we can take ALL of Scripture and find truths that suggest a framework or a timeline, but ultimately we will have to wait and see what plays out yet. The truth is that we WILL be caught up. There WILL be a Great Tribulation. We all WILL suffer persecution and tribulations. There WILL be a second coming of Christ on the Earth.

We agree, mostly!

Chris Pinto is a researcher par excellence. I can't believe his level of knowledge and pernicious inquiry. He's the guy that ferreted out the builder/financer of the Georgia Guidestones. This is remarkable in and of itself.

His research led him to all the links between Islam and Adolph Hitler. He presented the facts of the Moslem slave trade in Africa and Europe. He showed the effects of Colonialism and how it changed the world. He talked about guns and Bibles.

His presentation was incredibly prescient.

Paul MaGuire is the author (recently) of  "The Babylon Code," and "Trumpocalypse." I recommend.

Paul is an entertaining speaker. He's VERY edgy. He will blow your mind at first, until you start to fathom the breadth of Lucifer's plans to fight God.

Really, it all makes complete sense, but you have to get out of the traditional storylines that we've all been fed for the past century. You have to know and understand the "players" and the "sheeple."

As you uncover the Globalist Agenda and its Luciferian Roots your eyes will be shocked open. It's not for the faint of heart, but we all point back to the superior intelligence of the Archenemy, Lucifer.

And He is defeated. Too many people live life in complete ignorance of his overarching earthly authority and devices.

He didn't stay a quaint spirit described in the Bible. He's a person with certain power and influence. To be aware of his shenanigans is a responsibility of the 21st Century believer. You have to know your enemy to wage war against him. That is a fact.

Most of us hate war and warfare, but that doesn't matter in reality. We will be overrun if we don't take care. War is a reality.

Spiritual War is even more a reality.

Be armed (The Bible is the SWORD!) Be sober, be alert. The Bible gives us our marching orders.

And always remember that the victory has already been decided, it stands, outside of the creation of time and space.

Comfort ye, comfort ye my people.

There. I shared some of the truths of the conference. I think you can buy the dvds of the whole thing at the conference website, www.titus213hope.com

I love going to the conference because my life is so full of distractions I can actually get away and take it all in.

Distractions at Corgi Hollows? Here's a little list for this week----

Ed's upcoming surgery (knee replacement in June ---the second knee, now)
Ed's graduation from school. He's finishing at North Hennepin Community College
Recovering from our Grand Canyon mini-vacation (why do you have to recover from vacation, anyway?)
Working at the Deli
Substitute teaching. I had a week off in Arizona and Texas, but went right back into it.
My 101 year old aunt died and we are planning a trip out of state for the funeral.
Cheri has begun her track season. Daily practices, meets start this Saturday. She's got her Driver's permit now, so we are attempting to get her to drive back and forth to Track. This is challenging.
Did I mention that I've helped five humans learn to drive? That is four too many.
I HATE IT. I think more than anything else. Really. I speak in all sorts of tongues everytime I'm in the passenger seat and my child is driving. I think I'm speaking Japanese, but I wouldn't know. It's stark fear.

The septic system problem continues. We are still in the throes of winter although the calendar says it's supposed to turn Spring sometime today.

Corgi Puppy antics. A day doesn't go by without her destroying someone's earbuds, smart watch, shoes. I took her on a 3 mile walk yesterday, and my husband took her around the hayfield in what's left of the snow. She could have gone another ten miles afterward. Boundless energy. Thank the Lord she's cute, or the household would revolt completely.

Puppies grow! (Thankfully!)

Spring Cleaning next week. I'm actually looking forward to washing windows (weather permitting!) and scrubbing walls! I continue the massive "culling" that commenced three years ago when we moved out to the country. Throw, throw, throw. Someday we'll fit nicely (albeit snugly) into this house with no storage!

I'm reading....all about Mary, Queen of Scots, books by Paul MaGuire, literature that I've yet to get to.

Jail: I missed my Sunday at the jail, but that is such a delight to be a part of. Several gals were getting their sentences recently, and we need to lift them up in prayer. That means they are moving on to prison. I won't see them again, but a couple of them really wanted to keep in touch. There are strict rules about this. For now, pray with me for them to stay in Christ.

Choirs: My husband continues in the Northern Lights Chorale. Those concerts are upcoming. We both have joined the Minnetonka Choral Society this spring. The upcoming concert, April 15, in Excelsior, MN is going to be a tribute to Martin Luther King Junior. I am not a fan of MLK, but this concert is deeply touching. I just love the main work that we're doing. Talk to me about tickets if you have that afternoon free.

Margaret's stuff---The life of a young and independent woman! It's always interesting.

My older three children have their own lives and I'm fascinated by them all. I can give God glory and honor and praise that they are seeking His face. What a blessing. May God continue to work in their lives.

So, Corgi Hollows is humming along. Happy Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2018

The Plusses of Christianity That You Never Heard

Since the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden Satan has had the human race enslaved.

We are wracked with guilt. We bear burdens that we cannot handle. We beat ourselves up. We rage against things we cannot control. This is a type of slavery.

Feminism has further enslaved women by removing the duties of men that were placed there by God to protect women.

We're so used to slavery that we hardly even notice it. We're slaves to our mortgages, car payments, credit card bills.

We're slaves to our demanding children (I have extraordinary kids, and of course, I love to meet their demands! But the fact remains, that we are responsible for them). We're slaves to our families in general.

We're slaves to our jobs, our commitments, and a host of other obligations.

When God created mankind he made us free and having dominion over the earth. That's not slavery.

He made us to have relationship with and appreciate Him.

Adam and Eve blew it, but God thankfully restored that relationship through Jesus Christ.

Christianity is the one religion that looks down on slavery. It is because of the nature of that relationship with God Himself that the believer receives freedom in Christ.

The founding fathers of the United States of America had a thing about kings. They rightfully acknowledged God as King, and God alone. They understood the nature of God's rule, and the freedom therein.

This is the beauty of Christianity.

But alas, the world is full of tyrants and sin. Satan is always trying to enslave those made in God's image.

The globalists of the United Nations and the Deep State behind the modern U.S. Government have their sights set on enslaving the citizens of the world in a massive enslavement.

It's true. There are about 1% of the world's populations that control 99% of the world's wealth.

It's true. Wake up, sheeple. Kings still rule us, just in different ways.

Thank God we have Him, our true King, whose Kingdom is not of THIS world, but the unseen. Thank God that He has overcome this world! Thank God that He reigns and lives and helps and loves. Thank Him that he answers our prayers and knows the end from the beginning.

This is all that is + to knowing Christ.

Remember, there is little we can do to defeat the enemy. He's already defeated in Christ Jesus. WE need to claim that victory, trust in our savior, and follow our king.

That is the path to happiness, truth, and freedom.

Read your Bible today. You will find that everlasting peace with an open heart and repentant soul. Don't wait. Treasures await you of a spiritual nature. Your spirit will be born again, and you will understand God's perfect plan.

So much.

Get out of the swamp of slavery.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Saddest Thing and the Happiest

An avowed atheist passed into eternity. 

I think there is nothing so sad as that on this sweet Earth. Stephen Hawking passed away, and I'm sure you've heard. I think you have contemplated his thoughts upon leaving his broken human form. We all do. 

Maybe we shy from such horrors as imagining an eternal fire burning with souls suffering forever. Time ceases. Suffering exists.

It's that way, or God is a liar.

God isn't a liar. He is TRUTH. He created it all, and atheists are in denial.

Their God, as John Lennox recently stated, is fashioned in the likes of Thor and Zeus. 

Christians don't believe in that type of god either. We believe in the One who made it all, including time.

But the happiest thing happened yesterday, too.

My aunt, who turned 101 two weeks ago, decided to die. She was a believer. When she was a little girl she was gravely ill and "passed away." Miraculously she came back to life. Back in the 20's people didn't have the same medical care. Miracles happened more frequently, I think. 

She didn't fear death after that. I have another relative that also had the same experience. Dying from a fever, seeing Jesus, coming "back to life" and living for decades afterward. These experiences made them less fearful about passing from this life. Both of them are with their LORD right now.

Oh, the joy of being in the presence of the Savior!

This life wasn't too bad for my aunt. She had a family, a long marriage, she lived the good life! She was a fun person. God gave her long years. But now she is perfected in Christ Jesus.

A promise that we can know was kept.

As C.S. Lewis said, Jesus was either a liar, insane, or what He claimed to be: God of the Universe.

He is God. That is the truth of the Gospel, and it is our greatest hope for glory to come.



Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Retreat

It was perfect.

 The entire week in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona was a welcome respite after a long winter. Ed got to see the Grand Canyon. We sat in the sun by my cousin's pool. We heard the Wurlitzer organ at "Organ Stop Pizza" in Mesa, AZ. We drove almost 1,400 miles across the American Southwest. Cactus, mountains, vistas.

 It was perfect.

 Seeing our family on the trip made it wonderful, too.
 I need to take a time for recovery---always after a major trip, and then get back on track here at home.

 One really special moment for me was at the Grand Canyon. I've been to the Canyon four times. I've read multiple books about the canyon. Each time I've been there I've seen a variation of views and sights. I'd always wanted to see the head of Bright Angel Trail, but it hadn't worked out before. This time we walked toward it and I was going to take a photo of the signs and the opening of the path into the canyon----out stepped a mule pack train from the canyon just as I snapped my shot! What a coincidence, and a fun experience! The sweating mules were loaded with packs and two rangers. They had just completed their upward trip, from the bottom of the canyon. There is something so remarkable about these creatures! Everything went like clockwork, and I can praise the LORD for that.

We had wonderful, lovely time.

 I feel ready to get my teacher outfits back on and tackle the rest of the school year. The nice thing is that my school district still has Spring Break coming up, and I'll have a week to Spring Clean!

 I woke up today with a bad headache, carry-over from yesterday, so the sub couldn't sub this morning. I love having an unexpected free day, but the headache was awful. Feeling better now, and I'm off to the deli for the evening.

 This weekend is the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference in Moorhead, MN. I'm planning on attending. I like to have no distractions at these conferences, so I try to actually go whenever possible. This one is going to be live-streamed on the Internet. Go to www.titus213hope.com for the stream this Friday, March 16. It's Saturday and Sunday too. People from all over the world tune in.

 A few years ago Rick Warren mocked Bible Prophecy and its significance. Apparently he's changed his tune since then. World Net Daily published some of his recent quotes about Bible Prophecy and its SIGNIFICANCE! I don't agree with Rick Warren theologically (no surprise here) but at least he's seeing the light concerning Bible prophecy.

 I have always said that knowing and watching for prophecied events to come to fruition is one of the most life-giving, faith sustaining things anyone can do. Those of us who follow prophecy are tuned into Scripture AND the Holy Spirit, plus the events of the ages.

 It's win, win, win. Get on the train. You can't miss out!

 Last evening at our Prophecy Study we discussed different preachers we all listen to and gain insight from. There are many!

Now that I'm a working gal I can't listen to as many as I used to. Sad face.

 I do like JD Farag. I like Gary Stearman. LA Marzulli is one of my favorites. Every Saturday I try to listen to Jan Markell. Sometimes I'm awake in time for David Wheaton. Our own pastor, John Cheek, at Grace Community Fellowship is always worth listening to. He's preaching in Romans right now. He usually spends at least a year in a book from Scripture. Lots of insights.

My friend never misses Jack Hibbs from California. Bill Salus is always interesting. Alan Horvath and Andy, the Humble Horse are two guys in love with Jesus who are watchmen. I always get a kick from them.

 This weekend we'll listen to Paul MaGuire, Jay Seegert, Christian Pinto, and Mike Hoggard.

 Find your own favorites, keep up on stuff. I just mentioned a few watchmen. There are many worth hearing. You may not agree with everything they say, but you certainly gain insight. Put it together for yourself.

 We are going through Zola Levitt's "Thy Kingdom Come" series on Sunday evenings and even though Zola has been gone 10 years or so, his insights are completely and amazingly current.

 Don't mock prophecy watchers. They are usually ahead of the game when it come to world events. There is such a lack of fear for those of us who know what is to come. When something occurs it's always in light of unfolding events. I cannot fathom any other way to approach life. It's good to know what's happening, and what's to come.

 Ed is on me to change my blog format. Somethings change on their own, and this is the day to experiment. We'll see what comes of that.

 There are enough unexpecteds in each mundane day. It's comforting knowing the big stuff.

 We all know you shouldn't sweat the small stuff!

What a great way to face life.


Fun movie summary: thanks, Google!

Desert View

Ed surveys the spectacular

At Desert View tower


Mather Point


Navajo Taco

El Tovar


Mule Train

Organ Stop

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Why Hated?


For the Erudite


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Getting "Spiritual"

Check your spirit.

Are you feeling a well of dislike, anger, frustration----hatred----in your soul?

Do you react to someone's opinion that differs from yours?

Your emotions are telling something about you, and how you are trusting the Lord for all things.

I think all of us legitimately can hate what God hates. You need to be very familiar with Scripture to understand what He hates.

He hates evil. He hates specific things, like dishonest measures, divorce, lying tongues...

I've written quite a bit about the seven deadly sins. Medieval Christians analyzed these seven things and philosophized about them for centuries. They do seem to be the root of evil, and I know their significance.

Anger and hatred go together. Anger toward any fellow believer, or a believer that is disillusioned with an issue, is wrong.

Righteous anger is something Christ displayed, and the wrath of God is not even in our paradigm, but for us humankind we must see sin as sin, and anger can easily lead to sin.

Are you angry at people with guns? Are you angry at people with mental illness who are on drugs? Are you angry at abortionists? Are you angry at anti-abortionists?

Pick your cause. Pick your fight. Anger is going to destroy you.

I've thought a lot about mental illness over the last four years. I truly believe that the ONLY way to handle it is in Christ.

You can drug a person into submission and complacence, but to truly manage illnesses of the brain you NEED CHRIST.

Depression is managed by the spirit. It's helped by meds, but it's conquered by Christ. You may even get to the point of miraculous healing.

This applies to each and every mental illness. Some can be healed, some helped.

I think of mental illness in the same vein as any other disability. Some are born with disability, some become disabled through circumstances.

God can do anything. He can restore limbs. He's able, but He chooses to do it seldom. I've read reports of his restoring such things as legs and arms, but I'm not going to dispute them.

I am NOT a rationalist. I'm a dimensionalist. I believe in the supernatural. I've seen things that are unexplained. I've experienced supernatural events in my own life. I know Christ's presence, and I know His Truth.

I will never argue with God's power.

I may test the spirits. I may see Satan masking as God, and wonder. God doesn't contradict Himself. He is good, and He is unchanging. His creation is humming along in an amazing fashion.

Satan does his bit, fulfills his purpose, and rebels against his Maker. The earth is completely in his camp, except for followers of Christ.

It's what the Bible teaches.

And I see the power of God's Truth. I see the power to manage life, to survive, to live in a fallen world through Christ's strength and promise.

I've seen it. Ask me. I'll tell you.

As the children of this age seek to cope with genetic break-down, faulty vaccines, mental illness, autism, ADHD, cancers, poor choices, addictions, crime, sin....

....I'll lead you to the answer of coping until we see His face.

It has worked for me, and it will work for you.


Jan Markell - Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy

A Tightening Noose

Billy Graham passed away. I'm one of those people who believes that his life was significant.

Of course he had his faults, mistakes, problems, bad associations.

I think, like Anne Graham Lotz, that his passing is also significant. We've come to an end of an era with his death. Luis Palau is also dying of cancer right now, and his ministry touched the Latin American world as Billy's touched ours. We are seeing change.

The shootings in Florida and Michigan have sparked and hardened our culture to more debate about rights and privileges, speech and mental illness.

I always state what everyone already knows, but I still think it bears defining. We are seeing our world creep toward Satan's ultimate earthy global kingdom.

There's an intriguing picture that emerges in the Book of Revelation. It's referred to as "Mystery Babylon" and it is a city that rules the rest of the world economically, politically, and in every other way. It is described particularly in chapter 13, where the leader of this order, the Beast, compels everyone on earth to worship him. No one will be able to buy or sell without his mark on hand or forehead.

Satan knows and understands all of this imagery, and he hates it. He propagates the idea that Revelation is hard to understand, should be interpreted heavily, and even that it is myth.

But it is happening. It's even happening now.

The most compelling evidence is the fruition of things predicted 2,000 years ago-----multiple references.

To me they are the most convincing testimony of the truth of God's Word.

The Bible is about a third prophecy. Most of the prophecies have been fulfilled. Critics always assert that those prophecies were written after the fact, but this cannot be true. It's just another tactic of Satan to deceive people.

There are still multiple prophecies to come about, and God's prophecies ALWAYS happen. They always come to fruition. God makes them happen.

The things predicted in Revelation aren't pretty, and I, for one, DON'T WANT TO BE AROUND when they come to pass. Thankfully I'd be one to be shot or beheaded right away.

BUT the Rapture will happen before that, as this is our HOPE. The hope given in Thessalonians. The church, followers of Jesus Christ, is addressed in the first chapters of Revelation. There are warnings about becoming cool toward believers and God. The Lord is pleading with his bride to stay close to Him as the world marches toward Armageddon.

Then the church isn't a factor for the rest of the book. It's all about bowls and seals, wrath and monsters. War, disease, pestilence, earthquakes, destruction, blood and death fill the final chapters of Revelation. The wrath of God descends on the earth, and the damned are damned.

It's all happening. It will come to pass. Why do I know this?

I'm seeing everything aligning in preparation for these events.

We have nuclear bombs. We have global technology. We have a cashless society in place. We have microchip technology. We have increased frequency of earthquakes. We have diseases and bugs that still menace the world's population despite medical research. We have animal extinction. We have Fukushima, a destroyed nuclear power plant that pours radioactive sea water into the Pacific Ocean. Just Google "Fukushima Radiation Map" on your device. Think about what the Bible predicts about the oceans-----a third of the seas will die.

For me, Israel and its existence is the number one reason to believe in Bible prophecy.

God hardened Pharaoh's heart in the days of Moses. He also turned Balfour, Rothschilds, and several successive Presidents of the USA to begin a little modern nation called Israel.

These people weren't Bible believers!

God used them to bring about HIS plans for the future. God worked out his own prophecies concerning Israel.

Scripture is being fulfilled (Zechariah!) as millions of Jews return to Israel for the last days. These last days.

Israel is 70 years old this spring. Many prophecy watchers are wondering "which generation will not pass away before these things come into fruition."


And it's happening. It's happening right now.

Soon, I believe, those who have "oil in their lamps," the Holy Spirit, will be caught up to meet the LORD in the air.

There is imagery in traditional Jewish weddings that there is a week-long bridal feast. That is where we watchers get the idea that we are going to celebrate a week with our shepherd and LORD/ Bridegroom Jesus Christ, Messiah. I love the prophecy in Daniel 12 which assures those who love Him that we will be hidden away for a while---a week.

Jump to Revelation 19:11-16. Here we see a Rider, Jesus, the King, returning to earth with US! The Armies of heaven, on white horses.

This is a glorious passage, full of great hope, for we see evil defeated here on earth, and the end of suffering during Jacob's Trouble, the Great Tribulation.

Those left behind who choose to not take the mark of the Beast AND survive the wrath of God will be waiting for that Glorious Appearance of Jesus and His Bride.

The church has so much to look forward to. The earth doesn't.

Bible prophecy is vital to us as we face these days of rancorous debate. We see the march toward the Beast's kingdom plainly. We see the rights and beliefs of believers under attack DAILY in the mainstream media, social media, the press.

I do read the news.

Some of it's fake, but not all of it.

WE need to be on guard.

Read your Bible every day. Let the LORD speak to you through His Word. Watch for the signs. Do not take the Mark of the Beast.

The Bible plainly states that those with the mark will not be saved.

Universalists love to explain away the doctrine of Hell. Rob Bell is a prime example here. IF you believe the Bible (and it is true) you must reckon with Hell and its concept.

Believe it or not, Hell is real.

Avoid it! Accept Jesus Christ as your savior today. Become a CHRISTIAN BELIEVER.

Jesus conquered eternal death, hell, by dying on the cross.

Ask Him to forgive you and save you NOW. Time is so short.


Rhode Island’s Democratic Governor signed an executive order allowing the federal government to seize firearms from the homes of individuals they deem are dangerous.

Gina Raimondo’s overreaching order allows law enforcement officers to take guns away from those in “red flag” cases.

Friday, March 2, 2018

The Hope, and Satan's Doom:

But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.  For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.  For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.  For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Wherefore comfort one another with these words.
1 Thessalonians 4:13‭-‬18 KJV

The Rapture

If you aren't ready for the Rapture you aren't ready!

The Lord has promised us that He is coming for His church.

Bible prophecy is playing out before our eyes.

Israel is a country.
God is working in Israel.
The rise of APOSTASY and "Christian Palestinianism" is taking over the western world. 
People no longer believe in Scripture, no longer read it, no longer understand.
The new world order is poised to take over.
The Antichrist is longed for.
Israel is the bride of YHWH.
The Church is the bride of Christ.
There is a distinction between the wrath of God and the persecution of the church.
Signs of Christ's coming are happening in increasing frequency: earthquakes, volcanoes, disease, death, evil, violence,
We are all ready for the mark of the beast.
The World economy is ready for  cashlessness.

The early Church was listening for the trumpet. We are too. Jesus comes for us soon!

Be ready.
Wake up and fill your lamps!

It cannot be long now.


Gandalf and Topi


Promises from Scripture

Genesis 17:7
And I will establish my covenant between me and thee and thy seed after thee in their generations for an everlasting covenant, to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.

What does Everlasting mean? Everlasting.

Israel has an everlasting covenant with God, and it's playing out before our eyes.

Prepare for the Rapture!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Oh the Fleeting Days

I'm home today, on purpose.

Blackberry had a nail that needed a vet, so we were off to the vet this morning.

Coffee night with my "sisters" is tonight. After several snowy nights when we had to cancel we are finally hoping tonight works out. We have birthdays to celebrate and much to catch up on. I can't tell you how having a couple of dearest friends to share life with helps with everything.

I encourage you to build friendships!

Friendship is a gift from God.

I have a niece who is giving birth to twins this summer. I was able to craft two cute baby blankets for them this past weekend.

We had a family reunion, of sorts, too. I got to meet my third cousin and her family. It turns out she lives in the next town over, teaches second grade in the same school where I taught second grade 30 years ago, and her husband has a form of leukemia.


I don't believe in coincidence.

It was really fun to get to know her a little.


It's interesting to see how many people may be crossing your path on a daily basis and you may be fourth or fifth cousins with them! Truly fascinating.

The snow has blanketed us thickly over the weekend. It's blindingly white and beautiful. I look out and have an instant lift to my heart.

So bright. So pure.


Margaret was home for the weekend with my "new" daughter, Abby. I get them home every few days, and it is a joy. They work together at a halfway house downtown Minneapolis.

They desperately need a break from the drama there every so often. Mental health preservation is important.

We cannot fix people who never learned to live. Only God can do that. We can be compassionate and meet their needs for survival, but ultimately it is the power of God that saves and transforms. No where else is that so obvious but in such an environment.

Many things to hash out in the world: school shootings, politics, Billy Graham's death, the Olympics, the slide toward Armageddon.

Jan Markell has a good program this weekend about occult practices that have been adopted by Christians, supposedly transformed, to be spiritually "Christian." (Tarot cards, for example)

It's a good program.


We are astounded at the lack of discernment in our world, then we remember Satan's deception. We remember that the world is lost. We remember that he comes as an angel of light, masked in beauty to the unwitting masses.

The way is broad to destruction.

I was reading about Charles Darwin and his upbringing this morning. He couldn't get over the knowledge the Bible presents about hell. He preferred to ignore it, explain away God, circumvent anything Biblical. The source I was reading asserts that he probably never cracked open a Bible while studying theology in England.

His lack of reading God's Word robbed Him of its transforming effect.
Charles Darwin eternally suffers for it, and is dragging millions, if not billions, into suffering behind him.

Awesome awful thought.

Crack open the Word of God today. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you through His very Word.

The days are fleeing by. How much time do we have? Surely not much.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Commi or Dem?

Pray for this man to come to Christ!

Take the Time

Warnings! Warnings!

I get discouraged when I see friends seek to place the blame for societal ills on some political motive. I get discouraged when any blame is misplaced.

God knows the culprit. God knows! I don't need to get discouraged!

Are you discouraged, friend? Are you looking at the world and harboring anger towards someone, something, some abstract idea?

I can get discouraged, and I know the Truth of God's Word!

Satan is a liar and a conjure, too. He even gets God's own sheep to believe little lies here and there.
They are cunning and believable, deceptive, devious. Can you think of another word for masterful deceit? Satan is that. You've been taken in, countless times.

WE ALL HAVE BEEN DECEIVED by him at one time or another. We're human. He's a fallen angel.

No, he's not all-powerful. He has limitations. I still can't figure out why he keeps up the act of wanting to be God when he knows Bible prophecy better than all of us. He's spoken with God. He's a first-hand witness to all of history. He's not all-knowing, but he knows a lot. He knows you. He knows me.

The world is in his power right now. Everyone is either in his camp or God's.

WE are born into his camp. We must CHOOSE to follow Christ.

Make that choice today.

We watchmen have been crying out for decades that time is ending. We still have at least a thousand and seven years ahead, but time is short for those of us living blissfully and unconsciously of the waning moments of this existence.

All truth is God's truth, and His truth declares a coming end to what we know now.

JD Farag, an Arab preacher from Lebanon now serving in Hawaii, has a timely word. PLEASE watch his video below.

Music is quite the power, and I am overly aware of that. You can choose to justify or explain your desire to hold a sinful thought or habit ----music?---close to your heart. I'm testifying that it isn't worth it. Cast away your addiction to the wrong music for a sweetness in Jesus.

You will be eternally grateful.
Please listen to JD.
Take the time!

Mid-East Prophecy Update – February 18th, 2018

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Completely Believable




Hitting the Fan

This septic system is problematic.

Corgi Hollows has been a wonderful haven for us and our friends, but it seems a week doesn't go by without some other issue rearing its head.

This week we found the pipe to the mound was blocked by winter ice. This means the pipe has settled, and the long term fix is to dig up the driveway, the yard, the pipe, and put in a new one.

Now we must pump the system out regularly.

Hey, it's functional.

It's expensive.

And the Lord wants us to lean on Him and rely on Him DAILY!

Here's a funny that my husband just repeated to me:

Never criticize someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

You'll be a mile away, and you'll have their shoes. (Ha ha ha)

My beautiful red car has been in the shop for three weeks. Something was defective in the transmission. Rather strange, since we purposefully bought a manual transmission to thwart bugs in the system. We have driven manual transmissions our whole driving lives. I learned to drive it in Germany. He learned it in high school. Funny how the things we choose to avoid problems can become problems!

You can't win.

But God. God gently leads us through all these irritations.

Irritations are a given in life. It's how we roll with them that produces character. We all know this. We sometimes practice what we know.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Ed has scheduled his next knee replacement surgery. It will happen this summer. Deterioration has been steady and increasingly obvious. We're praying he can finish this semester at the community college without too much pain. Mayo Clinic, here we come again!

Dr. Truesdale is probably the best knee replacement surgeon in the whole world.

What a privilege to be able to have him do the surgery!

Ed's new knee from last March is fantastic. We are so grateful and thankful.

We got a new pet family member recently. He's a pure white cat named Gandalf, and he's just what we all needed. Corwyn now has a superior (Gandalf), a peer (Topaz), and an inferior (Predicate) feline for playmates.

Blackberry continues to slow down, need outside breaks more frequently, and just wants to curl up by the fire. At thirteen she's entitled to quiet and peace.

My mom likes to take Corwyn for walks on sunny days, and she enjoys the outings, the treats she has in her pockets, and the exercise. I take Corwyn around the hayfield after school (when I have the energy!). We follow coyote tracks and deer, we snuff out little mouse trails. It's such a joy to be out in the pure cold snow.

That Corgi needs exercise! She's still in destructive mode, with a particular affinity for earbuds and pens, Scotch tape dispensers, and anything left within her reach. Puppy behavior can be extremely frustrating. Cherie has declared war on Corwyn several times this past week!

I subbed preschool three times this past week. PLEASE remind me not to do that often! I just don't have the flexibility in my limbs for such intense activity! These young preschool teachers are slim and lithe. You have to be. Preschool is insane.

I can keep up with one or two, but fifteen?! They are certainly very cute.

Tonight I am able to go back to the jail for the second time this month. Pray for the inmates at the jail!
Some wait for months to be sentenced, and it is hard on them. Can you imagine waiting in suspense for months?

I hate suspense. I read the back of mystery novels all the time before starting the story. There must be some mental disorder classification for people like me, but I can't help it. I like knowing how things end.

That's why I love the Bible so much. There are still mysteries that I've had to be comfortable with, but I know the end. I know I'm saved from eternal death. I know Jesus is my savior. I know how it all ends. I've read Revelation.

And the most amazing part is that I'm seeing the Bible's prophecies coming true before my eyes!

This whole micro chip thing is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast. It's in credit cards. Our money system is not a gold standard, it's what is determined by the elites of the privately owned Federal Reserve. When the Federal Reserve says that they are switching to a chip economy----who is lining up for the chip?

Not me.

I guess I'll have my head chopped off-----

EXCEPT that I have the BLESSED HOPE of the saints, Christ's return for the saved! Believers know that they go to be with Jesus for a feast before He returns in the second coming on white horses.

It's all there in the New Testament, and it gives glorious hope to those who believe.

Is there a better way to live?

I can't possibly think of even one better way. To look for Jesus every day is beautiful beyond measure.
It's the only way.

He gives us the strength to overcome when circumstances "Hit the Fan."
He gives us hope to keep on getting up each day and face the issues of the moment.
He gives us the reason for living.
He gives us the love we need in our hearts to function.


I'm reading "Heretic" and "Love Thy Body."
Both excellent. See the links below for "Heretic."

The creationist movement is working. I sat in a high school biology class recently where the teacher conceded that the creationist arguments were well given. This is progress.

Keep it UP! It's the truth, and the truth always wins.