"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Jerome Corsi's Listing of Rules for Propaganda: pp.150-153

Propaganda Rule #1: Any facts that disprove the disinformation meme false are rejected as not definitive because the investigation is continuing and proof might yet be found.

Propaganda Rule #2: Anyone attempting to disprove the truth of the disinformation meme is targeted for ridicule as part of the conspiracy theory.

Counterpropaganda Rule#1: A propaganda campaign can only be defeated by the passage of time, as the public will lose interest in the disinformation narrative if no criminal convictions can be achieved by a special prosecutor's efforts after the expenditure of the enormous government resources in the attempt to do so.

Counterpropaganda Rule #2: Realizing that the presidency is endowed with enormous powers, a president must take action to change the subject by action aimed at addressing a legitimate national security crisis.

Very revealing. Very prescient. Very real. All sides know these rules well.

Must Read:

Spiritual Things

Is it a wonder that there is overwhelming evidence of good and evil spiritual power in our world?

Paganism and witchcraft are out-growing any other religion on earth.

I heard this morning (on Jan Markell's radio program) a clip of a witch in New York being interviewed about his hexes on Brett Kavanaugh, the supreme court nominee.

The statistics show that there are thousands of covens. Just Google "how many covens are there?" and see what comes up on your search suggestions.

Are these people all delusional about spiritual power?

Paganism is clearly attractive to many people, those formerly "christian," (I define this as someone who attended a church that has a cross on it in some form, and probably grew up in a family that attended, regularly or on occasion, a church with a cross.) to those who long for more meaning than strict humanism.

Spiritual power is attractive.

I find it the most compelling thing in my life. My relationship with YWHW is the most important thing to me. I experience spiritual power every single day.

I've tried to share this relationship with my family, my friends, those I've met---anyone who will listen! But there is a very wide gap between the spiritual life and the mundane physical one.

It has been bridged, and spiritual forces on both sides (evil and good) have made remarkable contacts.

The deniers we will always have with us. Those that have not seen the other side have no choice but to deny it.

But more and more are seeing the side of spiritual evil, and that concerns me. The deception of the dark spirits has never been so powerful! Millions, if not billions, of people are drawn to the dark spirits.

Our world is not just a place of unbelief versus Christian spirituality. There is so much more to confuse. Satan has the power over this world, he was given it by God, and he is the father of lies, the master deceiver. He has people believing all sorts of deceptions and deviants from the truth. His goal isn't to get people believing in him, per say, just anything other than Christ Jesus; the way, the truth, and the life. If you don't believe in anything, Satan is just a-okay with that!

The dark spirits are powerful to an extent. They can manifest, they have greater knowledge than we have. They have the power to manipulate things and even control those who have no greater power from God.

Dark spirits won't bother you if you have set beliefs against God. They will gladly respond to any interest shown them, and they will harass those whose ancestors had a deeper relationship with them.

They love to morph with the times. In the Bible they were known has demons. In ancient cultures they were gods and goddesses. In the Dark Ages they were fairies, elves, brownies, ----all those "little" characters. Sometimes they masked as good entities. Deception was always their modus operandi. Now they routinely manifest as extra-terrestrials: Tall whites, grays, reptilians, aquamen, nephilim, super powers, avatars, etc.

Although there is evidence of "extra-terrestrial" phenomena in ancient art, the reality is that this phenoma has never changed much through time. Demons manifest occasionally. Sometimes they deceive by being "good." Witchcraft, though many who practice it deny this, has much to do with contact with demons. Those who are in the pagan religions always believe in the "good" spirits, until it gets to the level of Satanism.

Then it is about all-out evil power.

Extra-terrestrial activity is demonic. There are, and always have been orders of spiritual beings. Thankfully I am not concerned with evil orders, but I have read numerous accounts of those that have contact with the different types of beings.

God's messengers, the angels that did not fall, rarely manifest these days, if at all. They are certainly around us, as helpers, doing the righteous will of God. They are unlike the deceivers of Lucifer, head of the fallen orders.

We are warned to test the spirits in Scripture, and this is more important today than ever before. Spiritual warfare is ramping up, and we are in the thick of it.  Deception is all around us! How in the world do we forge ahead? Simply by honing in on God's Word, the Bible. If we spend time in God's word we are promised that it will be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We can stand on this path with confidence, knowing that the Holy Spirit will guide us in truth, and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

IF you are living in sin (sexual or any other type of sin) you are unable to stand in that confidence.
Repent! Turn away from it. Ask God to forgive you!

Wake up to the spiritual forces that are watching you even at this moment. Command the evil ones to depart in Jesus' powerful name. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, to walk in paths of righteousness for His name's sake.

We are at war. Humble yourself before God and let Him open your eyes to the realm of the spiritual.
You need Christ, and the battle is only going to get stronger.

Denying that there is a spiritual realm is feeding the dark side. You will experience the spiritual at some point, probably your death, but it won't be what you imagined. The Bible describes exactly what you will experience at death. If you believe Scripture you have a decided advantage. You CAN know.

The Word of God is truth. It is a weapon of good in this battle of forces. Get to know your "sword of the spirit."


One thing that has crystallized in my perception of the last two years since Donald Trump's election is the growth of anxiety and fear among just about everyone.

Right after the election we had an unprecedented opportunity to observe the mayhem and horror of the Left.

It came in waves of media onslaught, pink hats, riots, and general hatred.

That is fear! People feared that they would have to expose their penchant for evil: racism, bigotry, murder, perversion. People projected their sins on others who had nothing to do with such evil. Projection is a very normal human behavior, and we saw it first-hand. Exposing the sins of the heart is frightening. Exposure is scary, and each and every one of us likes to keep our bad side concealed.

The time after the election was exposure, and we all know evil likes to be under cover.

Donald Trump, with his character frailty, became an unlikely warrior in the centuries' old battle against an evil force of collectivism. He actually stated that he was anti-globalist, anti-deep state, anti-new world order. ALARMS!

The Deep State, the Swamp, the Secret Societies, the Socialists, the atheists, the fascist dictators, the anti-Christ forces that have been around since the dawn of time, all met an abrupt hiccup in their agendas-----a NEW WORLD ORDER.

How simplistic.

How remarkable.

Donald Trump is a tiny force that thumbed its nose at this Luciferian-controlled monopoly.

Bible prophecy WILL play out, and Trump will lose, but for now we have this window of opportunity to expose the New Order for what it is, before we are shut down, before our speech is further inhibited.

Some  brave souls have named names, but most people are crippled by fear of the earthly powers to even raise an objection to the new order. Fear is everywhere. I've seen it at work, at the schools, in family and friends.

Those that have been outspoken have systematically been silenced.

The Bible is not going to be silenced, and those who read it and know it have the inner confidence and wisdom to interpret all world events, all history, all time. Even a child has the framework to understand politics and environmental change.

Climate change.

It's been in evidence for millennia. It's ongoing, unstoppable, and certainly not only human-induced.
The collectivist agenda is to guilt-trip 7 billion people into suicidal elimination, leaving the "dregs" of the planet to the elite few who control its resources already.

The Georgia Guidestones have stipulated that earth's human population be kept at half a billion people. This is a monument to the New World Order, and its agenda is nothing to mock.

Most of the Left's agenda has already been implemented: break-down of the family unit, break-down of Biblical centered philosophy, break-down of ethical and moral values. We live in a sexualized, pornography-addicted society. The media is a cesspool of violence and sex. Hollywood (the wood that witches' brooms were cut from) has degraded Judeo-Christian values that once defined western culture gradually and from the inside out.

We are pawns, and now WE are quivering lumps of fear.

It's already too late.

Not SO fast, though:

What's next? God wins, and His plans are also part of the equation. We who belong to Him are safe and secure. As Martin Luther penned---the body they may kill, God's truth abideth still.

SPEAK OUT! Get into the Word of God, reading, memorizing, watching for Christ's return. Speak out against the powers of evil that rule the media, the left, the atheistic views that pervade our world today.

God is more powerful than Satan. He is showing His wondrous fingerprint in the lives of His followers, and in the scientific community.

It's amazing and wonderful.

Don't let the Deep State get you down. IT is going down!

Donald Trump gave us all a moment to point out the crazy deception of the New World Order.

No need to fear! Those of us who are swayed by the message of deceit all too easily (fed media lies  like the consumption of the infamous soylent green) can take heart and back away from such poison. We are not called to a spirit of fear.

We serve a powerful God. He defines Himself as Love. He is just. He provides a way above sin and its destructive effects. He is good, He is above all else.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and ALL these things shall be added unto you.
Hold onto the promises of Scripture and see the everlasting truth of God's word. It is freeing, exhilarating, and encouraging.

No fear! 

You MUST Obey the Tribe

Friday, December 28, 2018

Quiet End to 2018

The snow decided to come in large, fluffy flakes last evening. The temperatures dropped and rain turned to ice. It isn't exactly impassable out there, but it certainly is unpleasant.

We have the fire going, my knitting is progressing. I've re-watched LA Marzullis' first "Watchmen" DVD, as well as "Patterns of Evidence, The Exodus" and the two "Agenda" documentaries.

I listened to Griffin's lecture on YouTube on his "Creature from Jekyll Island" and I nosed through a few more lectures, too.

I'm knitting my son Jim's fisherman sweater. I finished my husband's sweater (finally) earlier this year. Jim's first one felted and shrunk slightly, so that is now being worn by another dear (smaller) person. Joe's is still intact, as far as I know. Ed's is still to come. The first one I knit for my husband is being worn by someone in South Dakota, the brother of a very special friend. It fits him, not my husband. I tend to knit things bigger than they need to be. It's my knitting fault.

Anyway, I'm knitting this quiet break from school between Christmas and New Year's Day.

I have so much to do, but my spirit has required a contemplative mood, and I'm busy with all those things that get neglected when we are speeding through normal.

Last Saturday I took the GRE. I did okay, so today I applied for grad school.

My math skills are suffering, so Cherie and I are daily studying the 8th grade math book that is used at the school where I substitute teach. I got one online, and I really need to brush up on Algebra. Cherie starts her math class at the community college in two weeks, so we're helping each other out with review.

I never have liked math, but I simply must force myself to review it.

I made a chicken pot pie today, and the cookies are disappearing. Cherie made home-made kimchi (one of the five most healthy foods in the world!) and it smells piquant and garlicky around here. The mouth waters. Margaret and her friends have been cooking things here too. Our holiday feasting continues, overall. Krumkaka, lefse, fruitcakes---we've had unconventional breakfasts for days now! I made a mince pie for Christmas. It was a first time for mince, for me, and it turned out pretty good. There is a friend of my dad's who loves it. He's in a nursing home, and my dad and mom brought him a piece. I wonder if he thought it was good.

I'm reading the Bible in Spanish right now. My high school Spanish needed a refresher course, so I decided to read through Scripture with my Spanish prison Bible. There are always about 5 women at the jail that cannot speak English. I need to be able to communicate better with them. I had listened to a Spanish course all summer long (Powerglide) and now I'm on to bigger and better things. Reading the Bible in a foreign language is a great way to become more fluent.

The pets keep us busy and on our toes, protecting them from coyotes while walking the "back 40." The sun goes down so early, so we take them out after dark at night. The coyotes are often close by, whooping it up. A corgi or a cat (Topi likes to go for walks with us) could be a delicious morsel for hungry coyotes. I have to whoop it up myself, scaring them away! I clap my hands and loudly sing to scare them off.

The snow cover has been sketchy, but today Margaret took out her cross-country skis and tried to forge a path. It was icy. Still, it is a minor victory to be able to ski out back any given year. When the field is soybeans or corn one cannot ski at all.

Are you thinking about the world and its changes? I am. It's natural to do so on the brink of a new year. Politics, changing spirituality, geological anomalies all add up to big questions about what is really going on in the world. I am watching.

We are watchmen. Are you ready for change?

I hope so. Please let me help you be ready!
It comes like a thief in the night, rapid, sudden, and monumentally life-changing.

Welcome, New Year!

May 2019 be a blessed time. Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Merry Christmas, Readers!

My heart is full.

We celebrated a time of feasting and fun with family and friends last weekend; a time of music, joy, fellowship, and connecting.

My husband and I performed "The Messiah" with the Minnetonka Choral Society. It was a beautiful event, washing our souls with Scripture.

My family was together for the first time in several years. My heart is full, still.

We laughed, ate, talked, laughed, ate, talked, laughed.

Hearts are full.

This weekend, with its upcoming days off afterwards almost seems superfluous. I'm sad for all the folks all over the world who are disillusioned with all things life-connected. Christmas can be such a downer.

We're all a bit tired after the busy time last weekend. It lends to grumpiness and discontent, but I am reminded that whatever is celebrated in the upcoming week is "gravy."

It's my job to be loving, kind, forgiving, and grateful. It doesn't come easily, friends. Human nature can be wildly predictable, and we know that discontent and other "sin" reside comfortably in each of our hearts.

It's a challenge to be salt and light in this world.

It's a challenge to be loving.

But we are commanded, and we MUST obey.

Rally the troops! Get your sleep! Wrap your presents! Fire up the ovens! 
Celebrate that Jesus came to this world as a human.

It happened, and we should PRAISE GOD!

Monday, December 17, 2018

More Convinced Than Ever...

It takes a moment with a young person to clarify battle stations sometimes. I had an interesting conversation with a young person who truly seeks truth. Unfortunately  this person has been confused by conflicting ideas and the result is a tenuous spiritual stance.

We are at war.

I read an article about the weapons manufactured in the USA, bought by the Saudis, and used on the Yemenites. War is ugly. It's been around since Cain and Abel, well, actually before that with the spiritual realm.

We are at war.

I received a sweet Christmas card from old friends in Germany. They are bemoaning the situation in Europe right now. "Everyone is getting to see things as black and white....it's really quite gray!" they said.

No, no it's not gray. Sides are clarifying. Gray is clearly fading toward black or white. There is no pure gray. You cannot sit on the fence.


Jesus is very polarizing. You either believe in Him and His claims, his truths, his way, or you choose another path, another "truth," another way.

Because, as you see, Jesus is either the Way, the Truth, and the Life, or He is not. It's all or nothing.

I see my own dear ones lured into the web of gray/black. It's so easy to see it.

Fundamentalist Bible Believers, sometimes dubbed "Evangelicals," are the bad guys. You know it! The comments on social media threads, whether Twitter, Facebook, Google+, are all anti-Fundamentalist. You've seen it.

It's PC to be anti fundie.

Fundamentalists can be of various stripes, but usually the term means someone who believes in the fundamentals of Scripture. Since the existentialist and liberal drift away from Scriptural authority, especially in the 1930's and the onset of WWII, there has been a successful campaign to undercut the Bible's veracity.

I've been there too. Who likes to believe about what God says He is in the Bible? One must believe and accept, not fashion a god one prefers.

My debates with atheists always descend into a tirade (by the atheist) about the mean, (blankety-blank) Person that is also known as the God of the Bible. The argument is so old it's tiresome.

(Why do I ever engage, anyway? We are commanded to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone, no exceptions, whatever the cost or result. After we share we are off the hook. Whatever seed or cultivation happens to be planted or nurtured is up to the Holy Spirit.)

As we see these sides clarifying, drawing apart, we must gravitate toward one or the other.

Jesus must be coming soon. The ranks are thinning out. The power of God is so evident in the lives of those who belong to Him. Satan is waging deceptive tactical warfare in the spiritual realm and he is certainly gaining some successes.

Harry Potter has lured millions into the occult. Meditation techniques and yoga have hoodwinked billions into the New Age.

The Bible is no longer the authority for this age, providing a moral code. People mock those that are converting to Christianity world-wide. It's so heartbreaking to hear the vitriol, but we can't be too surprised at it.

Jesus, our HOPE, our redeemer and savior, is poised to grab us away from this mess and God will mete out His judgment on the earth. This is a seven-year period, and it surely must be about to commence.

Those of you who know me, read my blog, and care even a little about what I am saying----make your peace with God! Time is short. I've been saying this for decades now, and I won't quit. Life isn't worth living without Jesus, and all we have is hope in Him.

Nothing else.

Nothing else.

I am convinced of nothing else but Christ.

Monday, December 10, 2018

It's That Time of the Year

I had it on my INFJ list that I was going to get my Christmas cards written and addressed BY HAND in JULY 2018.

Well, it didn't happen.

I got lots of other things done, but not my cards.

I actually pulled out the bin of cards in October and hand-wrote about 10.

I give up. Life is just sailing by so fast now that I cannot fit the time in to write 300 Christmas cards!!

I'm printing out a generic newsletter again.

You think that as you age and your family grows you'll have much more time for stuff. It's a lie. Don't tell yourself that! It doesn't happen. Life gets busier and busier! It's all good, just busy.

I'm keeping busy subbing. I'm launching Cherie, who took the ACT on Saturday and applied last week at the community college by us. Ed is wrapping up his semester there. Jim moved home with his family. Margaret is holding down two jobs, juggling her time between friends and preparing for her friend's wedding. Margaret is maid of honor.

My husband is busy plowing snow and fixing things everywhere, putting snow tires on...

I've been prepping for a family gathering that is coming up this weekend.

Am I excited? YES!!!

I think this is the first time we've all been together in several years! Excitement is at fever pitch.

Also, this weekend, my husband and I are singing Handel's Messiah with the Minnetonka Choral Society. It should be a wonderful performance with really remarkable professionals as soloists.

This is a busy week with several rehearsals, too.

I haven't had a lot of time to write about things that have been on my mind, but that will come after the holidays, I hope.

And then, maybe the Rapture will happen before that!

My friend, who recently passed away, had a magnet on her fridge "Perhaps Today?"

I loved it. She woke up every morning and saw that, an expectant hope that Jesus MIGHT come even today!

How we wish it!

So many wonderful things happening, but the world is groaning, and Christians are being persecuted in almost every part of the earth. Time must be short.

Have you begun a personal relationship with your Creator?
Now is the time.

Make sure of your salvation!

Exciting times call for extreme measures. Ask yourself is you have been transformed, made the transaction, believed, repented of your sin, and FOLLOWED the savior. It's of paramount importance. Eternal consequences are at stake. Do you want to endure the Tribulation?

Only someone who was crazy would desire to experience that.

Trust me.

A Shocking Revelation for America!



Monday, December 3, 2018

Jan's Broadcast with Carl Teichrib

A Little Science


Here you see the gene make up that determines skin color in human beings. God made his first human couple with the combination of AABBCCaabbcc between the two of them. Thereafter all human beings have a combination of these six possibilities.

Last night at the jail I shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ using the famous and well-used "Wordless Book."

This book was developed to help those who cannot read remember the simple points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Child Evangelism Fellowship , a mission based in Missouri, came up with this idea many years ago and they still use it in their "Good News Clubs."

I love it. The pages are a dark grey or black, red, white, gold or yellow, and green.

The dark page symbolizes sin, red--the blood of Jesus Christ, the plain page is the washing away of sin, gold or yellow represents the hope of heaven, and green our daily walk with Christ.

Sadly some people have associated this little book with skin color since it has a "black" page and a "white" page.

While I use the book I never use the words black or white. I use "dark and clean." The colors represent the heart condition only, never a color of skin!

Last night I gave the simple message at the jail. These women in jail are intelligent, wonderful people who have committed some crime. I respect them despite their crimes. Many of them have never heard the Gospel, ever, and many of them speak English poorly or not at all. I find that sharing the Gospel is absolutely important, and the Lord has convicted me when I neglected to do it!

After I shared another woman pointed out that the book was not about skin color, a concept I had steadfastly refused to acknowledge, did not want to emphasize, and has simply and remotely nothing to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am deeply sorry that she brought the association to the forefront at all. It never should have been mentioned.

As I slept on it, my thoughts are nudging me towards some form of damage control with these dear women, and I think addressing the concept of race according to skin color is a must for me. I'm practicing here on Corgi Hollows for what I will present next time at the jail.

When God made the first man and woman He gave the design for diversity. God loves the nations. He loves the people He has fashioned! Evolutionary science seems preoccupied with "race" and superiority, a fallacious concept since God made ONE RACE: HUMAN! We are all humans with diverse facial features, skin color, tastes, abilities, and experiences.

We are all human beings and God made us completely equal in genetics and and biology! There is no such thing as white supremacy or "favored races," as Darwin titled his infamous book about evolution. God sees us as humans with his own design for variation in skin color.

We need to get past this ridiculous concept of superiority. I do not deny that "racism" exists, and it is a sin of the first order. It goes against God's own hand and work.

It is sin like any other sin, and must be eschewed.

I believe God loves the different nations, the various tribes and families of the world. He loves them all and wants them to believe in Jesus!

The book of Revelation, the end of time, mentions the nations in heaven and in the millennium. The nations will be diverse and lovely under Christ's reign on earth. He's not doing away with skin color. How absurd to even think such things.

We celebrate our lovely national diversity, our customs, our tastes, our styles! We have different values, different homelands! We are a colorful and wonderful creation of God, all seven billion or more of us. Let's get over this "race" thing, PLEASE!

God is the equalizer. We are all of value to Him. To Him we each have an eternal soul that is of infinite value. He gave us this distinction. We have mind, will, and emotion----that is the soul. It is an eternal creation.

Our bodies are merely the vessels for the soul, and we all long for the day when our bodies will be pain free and glorified! Those who have been born of the spirit have this wonderful promise of hope.

If you have any racist ideas or thoughts you need to repent. Ask the LORD of hosts to forgive you and to help you get over that sin of ideology. It's wrong, damaging, and very insidious. Check your thoughts daily, bringing evil thoughts about pride or superiority captive as the Bible directs. Don't let the devil tempt you to practice his own favorite sin----pride.

I know there are thoughts of racial superiority among the women in the jail. It was mentioned to me once. I know I need to address this, and I pray I can firmly speak to the sin of racism that pervades our evolution-tainted society.

I'm going to bring my book "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life." I want to show them that Charles Darwin had the wrong idea from the start.

I want to be able to show my dear women that they are valued by God as they were created, souls that matter to the God of the universe. I want them to know that Satan has devised ranks of superiority from the beginning. It's something he understands as a one-time archangel. It means a lot to him and he's successfully hoodwinked the human race into swallowing such lies whole.

Please pray for me as I seek to undo any damage that may have been done last night.

The Gospel is for all peoples, nations, countries, tribes, and families. Skin color doesn't figure in the equation.

Thursday, November 22, 2018


I'm most thankful today.

I'm thankful that Ed's blood counts are entirely normal after cancer, and he is completely mobile with two new knees.

I'm thankful that Margaret is here, blessing us with her wonderful presence, not in France, and planning adventures.

I'm thankful that my son and his dear family are moving back to Minnesota this week.

I'm thankful that Cherie got her varsity letter in cross country this fall. Hard work, good performance, mature accomplishments. I'm thankful that she's gotten all of her driving requirements in!

I'm thankful that my oldest son and his precious bride are contemplating a move homeward from the Pacific Northwest.

I'm thankful for my husband's employer, a generous and happy company. I'm thankful for a capable, loving man to whom I've been married almost 30 years. God brought us together, and He did a good thing. You really cannot believe how I've been blessed by him and his incredible abilities and intellect. He is a selfless server, and I've been the main beneficiary thereof. Our children have been raised by a man of selfless love and giving.

I'm thankful for each young face I see at the school where I substitute teach, every day, and I love each one of them.

I am thankful for a darling little Corgi who brightens each of my days. I'm thankful for a loyal black Labrador mix that has given us 14 years of sweetness. I'm thankful for three beautiful and amusing cats that entertain us constantly, AND keep the mouse population away.

I'm thankful for friends that have been loyal throughout the years. My, how God has blessed me! Those of you who bless me with texts and love and times of fellowship DAILY are my backbone, and God has given me a plethora of wonderful people to call "friend."

I'm thankful for Jesus Christ. I'm thankful for His patience with me, a sinner, and one who messes up all the time! I'm thankful for His truth, the only real truth.

I'm thankful that He has provided us with a home, warmth, clothing, food, in abundance. Cars to drive, phones to keep in touch, a stove, a washing machine and a dryer!

Do you think about how easy it is to do life with these things?

I do. Stuff breaks, and then I realize how blessed I am to do things with the help of modern conveniences.

I'm grateful.

I'm thankful for parents who are in good health. What a blessing!

I'm thankful for the lives of those who have blessed me, who are now with the Lord.
It's bittersweet to miss them, but my heart is truly thankful for their beautiful contribution to my life, and to many others.

I'm thankful to God, that He made a privileged planet; designed bodies that heal, can repair themselves, and reproduce offspring. I marvel at the genetic code and His genius. I am in awe that He created something so wonderful to exist and enjoy His work and His glory! I am thankful that I exist.

I'm thankful that He ordained feast days, holy days, times of reflection and celebration. Whether or not they've been distorted by the devil, I will celebrate GOD'S DAYS, and HIS WAYS!

A time of gratefulness is entirely appropriate. The feast of tabernacles is an ordained celebration of thanksgiving. Today, November 22, 2018, is our feast of tabernacles.

God is good. I worship Him with thanksgiving.

We enjoy the feast that He has provided, and give Him all the glory and honor.

Sing a song of praise to the God of the Universe, Creator of everything! My mouth extols His wonderful majesty and infinite mercy. God is good. Praise His holy name!

A song of Thanksgiving, it fills my heart today and I pray that you, too, can breathe this prayer in your spirit this season of gratitude.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Minnesota Winter

Wadena Area

The Start of Highway 71

International Falls


Good Maps

Split Pea Soup

Walleye Sandwich

Watch or Read

Journey to Nowhere on Two Highways

Redwood Falls
Walnut Grove
Granite Falls
St. Cloud
Superior WI
International Falls
Black Duck
Park Rapids
Long Prairie
Sauk Centre
Belgrade (We took a wrong turn in Belgrade and got "lost" for a minute)

We saw Willmar three times as we traveled MOST of Highway 23 and MOST of US Highway 71 in this great state.

We made a huge X across the state. Cherie got 20 hours of driving time (the state requires 50) and 8 of it was night time driving. She drove in snow flurries, on icy roads, avoiding deer twice in the dark. She drove the iron range, the bogs of the northland, up to the Canadian border. She drove across the St. Louis River from Superior to Duluth and up the winding street to Hermantown.

We stopped to eat lunch on Monday at the Dairy KING in Redwood Falls, and Sandy's Place in International Falls on Tuesday.

Local places that were hopping busy and delicious!

We slept overnight in Superior WI, a nice Holiday Inn Express that overlooked the bay between Superior and Minnesota Point.

Surprises? Big towns, thriving towns, thriving farms, new houses!

Snow was covering the landscape for the entire journey. Most lakes were already frozen, the rivers still ran open.

We had intended to drive all the way to Pipestone and start our journey on Highway 23 there, but the time it would have taken wasn't enough for the our start in the day (you need to leave home at 7 am to do that!) . We'll have to get to Pipestone, Jeffers Petroglyphs and perhaps the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove on a jaunt next summer.

This trip was business, but what a beautiful place we have here in the center of the continent. Three watersheds, multiple biomes, varied geography, water (WATER!) and glacial ridges. So much beauty in a two day drive!

And the land is productive and sweet.

Such nice people, everywhere.

The walleye sandwich at Sandy's Place in International Falls is worth going back for.

Cherie was AMAZING. She held it together for BOTH strenuous days. She's all set to get her license here before long!

Corwyn was mad at me for abandoning her for two days. She's giving me the cold shoulder and showing preference for Margaret.

Those Corgis. Next time she can come along...

Will there ever be a next time? It took me 50 years to get up to International Falls. It's not exactly on the way to anything but Canada!

And Canada is nice...

Thursday, November 8, 2018

It Might Surprise You

After I got my sadness off my chest yesterday I felt a whole lot better for life...

I went to the Y and swam, talked to a couple of liberals, came home and got a lot done with all the extra energy.

Late last night I received news that a dear friend had passed away in her sleep. I was shocked. Death came so suddenly for her. My heart is with her dear family, and her loved ones---and it will preoccupy my thoughts for some time.

Ir may surprise you to know (or be reminded that) I do not wholly support the Republican Party. I am a registered Republican, but more often than not I find the representatives caving in to things I do not approve.

Why should my opinion matter?

It doesn't, really, but I do not want anyone think I am a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, because I am not. I am probably more Libertarian than Republican, and I've said this before.

I believe in a MONARCHY---with the Creator at the helm.

There are lots of reasons to support this. Our Biblical God is a God of mercy and love. He allows all people to be free, equal, and live as they choose. His basic laws (commandments) are truly the most ingenious and brief rules for any society to thrive.

They are overarching, applicable to all human beings, and they are fair.

What can be so wrong about that?

Well, atheists seem to have a real issue. They are in denial, first of all, but they are nit-pickers, too. They want to tweak the law into exactly what they want----more or less---and thereby come up with the fallacy that there wasn't any law-giver in the first place.

But those of us who DO know there is  a Law Giver, and a Judge of all mankind are accepting of Who He is. We may not like His laws, they encroach on our sinful nature, but we see the logic and the reason behind them, and we ACCEPT them.

When our children run amok we can point to HIS laws and say "HE SAYS...."

We, I, are/am not the authority. God is. They need to take it up with GOD. They are responsible for their own relationship with God, and we can only point and encourage.

I do believe in a swift spank for a young child who is willfully disobedient. One MUST behave, or we have anarchy. We parents are authorized to discipline by the God of the Universe, and it is ridiculous to think that something God sanctioned is wrong or ineffective.

Spankings should never occur in anger, and they should be swift. One slap. God told Moses to strike the rock once. The second strike was done in anger, and Moses had a terrible punishment from God for doing it. Think about that, young parents.

Yes, it should sting. It should bring humiliation. It should be followed up with love and acceptance and a reminder that discipline is HELPFUL. It is done out of love.

Government should fulfill the same sort of role on earth as a loving parent, but given the state of this Satanically-ruled earth there will be major issues. God give us a righteous government that practices reasonable judgment and much mercy!

To deny God is to deny reason.

THEREFORE we are at the mercy, right now, of a government that is unreasonable.

President Trump is a refreshing change from the last decades of pure evil in power. We know evil, because the Bible tells us what it is. There are zillions of examples of evil in the Bible. Any government that sanctions evil is, by definition, evil.

Trump is a sinner who is implementing things that are righteous. He is helping the righteous. The Republican Party Platform that he ran on is really a document of righteousness. It's truly amazing. The last administrations have given into wickedness, God's definition.

If you are cow-towing to evil powers you are then participating in evil.

Abortion is evil. Anything sexual outside of marriage is evil. Murder is evil, lying is evil, rebellion against God is evil...(think Bible bashing...)

There are powers ruled by Satan active and thriving here on this earth right now. Is Donald Trump under their power? Probably. We know that he has thrown carrots to the righteous by being Pro-Israel and Pro-life. Is he a believer? I certainly hope so.

Anyone can say they are a Christian these days. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

(I've got banana bread in the oven. I'm terrible at banana bread but I keep trying. It usually comes out as a pudding in the middle :(

The proof of a Believer is whether or not they believe God's Word. What else do we have? Nice philosophy? Nice theology?

He's not a tame lion.

----C.S. Lewis

Why do we persist in taming God?

We are called to have faith in Him, to accept Him, to love Him, to obey Him. We are called to believe.

Satan is in control down here, but God is in control of our lives as believers.

Satan is all about death. God is all about life.

Satan rules the hearts of men, unless they turn to God. Men have come up with all sorts of religions and ways to act godlike, or justify behavior. It's all a waste of time.

I love the freedom to obey God. I love the freedom to live as God wants me to live. That is true freedom, and it is the best freedom. Right now our government allows for this, but for how long? The New World Order so much talked about is just another ploy to be godlike and strive for a better existence WITHOUT the Creator. It is a society ruled ultimately by Lucifer, the fallen one, who has craved power since his first rebellion.

He still thinks he's going to win.

The Bible is true, friends. God has proved his love for us, has proved his Word is true, has proved that He wants us to serve and follow Him. Why would anyone choose anything else? Why would you compromise on the truth of Scripture? Why would you attempt to make a god in your own image? Can you really come up with a better god than the God of the Bible?

No. He is truth and reality, and anything else is simply imagination.

What else do you have?

Where else will I go?

Don't trust government. Don't trust religion. Don't trust personalities and philosophies. The Founding Fathers were all practical atheists, influenced by Rousseau and Voltaire, Thomas Payne and the Society of Jesus. They came up with a constitution and a declaration of Independence that referred to "God" in a generic way, and it was a good try at societal control. A really good try.

But let us acknowledge it for what it was! God has had His hand on our country, and we have had maximum freedom to live as Christ-followers. Even the Deists admitted that Christianity had its good points. (They weren't blind!) We do have a government that is based on God's laws, the ten commandments.

Let's not forget that we are at spiritual war, and we are always needing to be aware that evil forces are trying to manipulate any society to serve evil.

Don't trust in anything but God.

An interesting study for you: Think about all the times a vision or an angel appeared in a cave to someone. What was the result?

Ignatious Loyola
Joseph Smith

Who was this angel?

Gadriel sounds a lot like Gabriel, and these three (at least) all claimed their angels were Gabriel. Gadriel is a name for Satan. Yes. Look it up. Satan is such a deceiver. Don't put it below him to lie....
He's the Father of lies.

Fascinating things, people. Wake up to the wiles of the devil. He's been at work undermining the God of the Bible at every hand.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018



adjective: stupid; comparative adjective: stupider; superlative adjective: stupidest
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    having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.
    "I was stupid enough to think she was perfect"
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    • dazed and unable to think clearly.
      "apprehension was numbing her brain and making her stupid"
      synonyms:into a stupor, into a daze, into oblivion; More
      used to express exasperation or boredom.
      "she told him to stop messing with his stupid painting"
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    a stupid person (often used as a term of address).
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mid 16th century: from French stupide or Latin stupidus, from stupere ‘be amazed or stunned.’
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