"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, July 21, 2018



Jan's Program goes hand in hand with my post:

Strange Fire

In the Old Testament book of Leviticus, chapter 10, something frightening happened.

The sons of Aaron took fire and attempted to burn an offering to God, instead of letting God Himself burn the offering.

God burned Aaron's sons. Completely.

God's response:

"Among those who approach me I will be proved holy."

As someone who wants to glorify God in everything (and who is painfully aware of the dark spots in one's person) I must continually ask myself if my thoughts, motives, beliefs, actions, life itself is right to God.

Lately I've seen many references to apostasy in the church. Discernment ministries usually come off sounding harsh and judgmental, and each different organization, denominational or missions oriented, has differences of opinion about what is right, what is false, what is true.

In my last post I wrote about truth and how we can filter it out by having a Biblical worldview. I couldn't be more convinced of this.

I have been a believer for 50+ years. I have had this question of discernment in my head  since I knew what the word was.

I have an opinion. I think that God works in mysterious ways to draw all men unto Himself. I think that there are levels of knowledge and discernment. I believe God directly speaks to some people about sin in their lives! Conviction is a wonderful thing. It's also terrible.

I think that God is merciful, but there are absolute standards regarding faith.

Holiness is perfection, and we should all be obeying the command of Christ, "Be perfect." I loved Bill Gothard's explanation of that command---It had to do with being a mature and ripened believer. The image in the "Commands of Christ" book was a "perfect" apple hanging on a tree.

We cannot be perfect, because of our sin nature, but we can be ripe and mature believers, understanding what holiness is and making that our goal.

That said, back to strange fire.

In this age many self-identified Christians believe that you can take practices from other religions and use them to honor and glorify God.

I like to think of Sadhu Sundar Singh, one of my favorite people of all time. (No, I'm not a fan of Todd Bentley, who also loves Singh!)

Here is a person who met God and became completely devoted to Jesus in his own culture. It's an example to me of a pursuit of holiness within a non-western climate.

We must be aware that we are influenced by western things, like Catholicism, Paganism, Deism, patriotism, nationalism. These ideas creep into our faith.

So does the New Age, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen.

I do like Japanese gardens. They are so tranquil. Did you know that each element of the garden has symbolic meaning?

Is this "strange fire?"

Would this garden be pleasing to God? It's worth asking. It's worth getting to the core of being holy and and understanding what truly pleases God.

And if I'm not sure, would I simply follow my desire to enjoy a Japanese garden despite the ramifications?

I'm using the garden as a metaphor for many, many other things that really could be deemed "strange fire."

Our whole lives should be lived in a pursuit of holiness. AW Tozer wrote a book about that, and I think he is one of my favorite theologians. He writes so clearly about the believer's walk. So much of what he wrote resonates in my spirit.

He wasn't perfect. His wife "accused" him of loving Jesus more than he loved her....

Some of us would say that that was right and good! Others would say that it wasn't showing Christ's love.

And that is what it boils down to, really. We know that the mountain top of holiness is our pursuit, but we may get dirty with serving others in Christ's love down here below at the same time. That's life as a follower of Christ.

But offering strange fire, once you understand it, is unacceptable. God is holy. He doesn't need you to practice yoga (a spiritual discipline). He doesn't need you to become involved in energy healing or Reiki. He doesn't want you to become a Gnostic, or pursue wealth like the Prosperity Gospel folk. He wants you to test the spirits and not be sucked into things like the New Apostolic Reformation. Watch out when a person or preacher holds the reins on everything in a follower's life!

Only God should be doing that.

All week I've been thinking of that horrible illustration about the pan of brownies. You know it. I almost hate to bring it up, but it's so true, so helpful in understanding strange fire and discernment.

Here goes; You make a pan of fresh brownies (chocolate cookie bars.) All the ingredients are perfectly fresh----the flour, the eggs, the chocolate---but you put a teaspoon of cat feces in the mix.


You can't see the feces. You can't even smell it. The brownies smell wonderful.

I couldn't eat them.

That is what a tiny fraction of strange fire does to your holiness. It pollutes the entire thing.

God understands us better than we understand ourselves. He is asking us to pursue HOLINESS.

He knows that we struggle with sin in our hearts and minds. He understands! He works in all sorts of ways to draw each and every person on this earth to Himself. Some come through extremes, some through deception, some through a direct (but narrow) path. He's working on people!

We can't be condemning judges, but we MUST be discerning! Don't get upset with discernment ministries when the spotlight comes too close to something you have okay-ed. Take it as a word from the LORD GOD that you need to discern yourself if this is STRANGE FIRE that you are offering to God.

Perhaps you are entirely okay with meat offered to idols. Paul says give it up so that others won't stumble.

You can give it up, can't you? Must you have your way?

Why keep something in your life that is only a hindrance? It may be "legal," it may be harmless, but do you need it to glorify God?

Give it up.

Please, give it up.

Holiness is something we all need to pursue, and God requires it.

Here comes the spotlight!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

John 8:44 King James Version (KJV)

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

As we navigate this tempestuous world we are increasingly aware of the elusiveness of Truth.

I watched a testimony this morning from Germany on "MenschGott" from a young woman who was delivered from a "Sucht" of Lying.

A "Sucht" in English is a compelling spirit. I always think languages don't exactly translate, but we can try to get the feeling of words. It conveys a sense of being driven, of compulsion, of addiction, of dependence, of lust, of besetting sin.

This woman was a pathological liar.

The story ends happily. She's delivered from this spirit by Christ Himself. Total transformation!


"What is Truth?" asked Pilate of Jesus. We don't know the answer He gave, if given.

We know that Jesus declared Himself the way, the Truth, and the life. Jesus is the truth.

This is a key piece of information. We need it to survive and serve in this life.

Lying politicians are a given. We all know this. We never know who or what to believe from the mainstream media. 

I'll give you some helpful advice that has never failed me in my search for truth. NEVER FAILED ME----

If Jesus is the truth, and he is, whatever He says is truth, and anything that contradicts His truth is a LIE.

This shapes a worldview that can handle just about anything. Build your life on a worldview of trusting Jesus and you can't lose.

If people lie to your face and you believe them you are in the hands of a loving God who will use that lying evil for good in your life.

That's His promise.

This is a worldview that works. God takes care of you.

It's also a worldview that assumes most things are a lie, or partly a lie, EXCEPT the truth from God's word.


Don't believe that statement without reservation---
Don't believe that news story without reservation---
Don't believe that book without reservation---
Don't believe that textbook without reservation---
Don't believe that friend---
Don't believe that one who is beloved----

You see, we are all sinners, and we all have a temptation to stretch the truth. We see things from our own perspective, for our own good (We are all selfish. If you don't believe that you are believing a lie!)
We can selectively share the truth, or part of the truth to our good.

It's really a lie.

I have a better half who likes to make sure whatever I'm saying is the absolute truth. His mother always said he had a hatred of gossip from the time he was a very young child. He's really commendable. 
He likes to re-say whatever I say, certainly in my best interest. Most of the time he just says it for me!

It really keeps me thinking! I'm constantly thinking about my words and whether or not they are true. It's a gift from God. I must tell the truth. I must not shade the truth. I must state exactly what I know to be the truth, and I must tell only that, no embellishment.

As a self-stated "artist" that can irk someone like me. Artists do see the world through rose-colored glasses. We can leave out the garbage dump in the foreground, the cemetery to the left...

We like the world to be only beautiful.

But that isn't the truth, and I acknowledge that to my truth-loving husband.

I can choose to admire all the good President Trump is doing to promote good things and choose to abhor the things Obama did without paying attention to the negative or positive each one represents too. Politics are so polarizing.

It's about truth. It's about what you WANT to believe, isn't it?

My truth is different from yours, right?

(Well I hope not, but it certainly appears to be so.)

That is where we MUST have an objective filter to find absolute truth. 

Enter Scripture. 

The Bible is either truth or not. It claims to be the Word of God, and God is truth. It's circular, and one must embrace all or nothing.

When you pick and choose what to believe you are placing yourself on the throne of your life and committing idolatry. The Bible is true, or it is not.

We can get into reams of arguments about the authority of Scripture, its origins, its veracity, its inerrancy. We can talk about manuscripts and councils, tradition and evidence. Believe me, I've looked into all of it.

I am content to believe that the Bible is God's Word. All of it. I'm content to trust the translations of Scripture (I do like the KJV) and believe the text as inspired. I'm willing to "argue" that the Holy Spirit speaks through Scripture to all things yesterday, today, and forever.

I trust the truths that God has shown me through His word. I trust the Holy Spirit to guide me in paths of righteousness for His name sake.

This helps me navigate the truth about life, this existence, the morals I must hold, AND it puts the searchlight on SIN in my heart and life.

Because God is holy, and He doesn't like sin ruling our temple, our bodies. He's going to point it out.

Gently, yes. But if you want to serve God you will eventually have to clean out the closets of your heart from immoral behavior. It's a process, but it's happening.

IF you think that God tolerates sin of any kind (and just open your Bible to Romans 1 for a pretty good list) you are believing a lie.

God is working on you to repent from sin.

So, when you have a Biblical worldview you can spot lies from a million miles away. It's just so clear. If you are duped by a "friend" or even a loved one who is trying to protect you from the truth, NOT a problem. God will see to it that the truth always comes out. I think this verse may apply here:

Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops. Luke 12:3

I think there will be an ultimate truth filter that will sift out the lies. It's coming, and I look forward to it.

I think we all know this, if we trust in a Holy, perfect, truthful God.

The God who made everything, He made the world we see in six days. He said so. Truth, or not?


OR else He IS A LIAR, LIAR....

I don't think so. I'm going with the God of truth.
He hasn't failed me yet, and He never will. 


ALWAYS read Greenfield

Friday, July 13, 2018

And the slave trader was....John Newton

Two of my favorites chatting:

Dear Beloved Europe


Beware the Religious Spirit

I'm reading two autobiographies right now.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon's, and John Newton's---"Out of the Depths."

You know I love biographies. They reveal so much about the spirit of individuals and we can learn so much from their experiences!

Spurgeon's autobiography is really a collection of things he wrote, not intending exactly an autobiography. There are letters/perspectives from others in the book too. He certainly was colorful, and probably suffered from bi-polar disorder. That becomes evident on reading. The possibilities of amazing things done by someone suffering with this disorder is really evident. Comforting. Brilliant minds have unique and sometimes dark experiences.

It's John Newton's story that is getting to my heart, though.

I see his mother, a homeschooling, God-fearing woman, teaching John to read at an early age. I see his astute memorization of Scripture and prayers. He had such a fantastic start in life with everything we homeschooling moms would have desired in our own home grown scholars.

He learned Latin, Greek, Aramaic. He practically memorized all six books of Euclid. He thought deeply about philosophy, reading the thinkers of his day (not that that helped him, but he certainly was a deep thinker!}

This young man from England had so much going for him, but he was swept into sin and desired the temporary pleasure of sinful association over the things of the True Spirit.

His mother tried.

Then came the interesting part---all of the miraculous rescues, the torments, the evil doings and mischiefs. Some of these events in John's life resulted in a change of heart, a desire to please God, to re-find his spiritual roots.

But alas, it never held.

John suffered from a "religious spirit."

I wonder if we actually understand what that is. Let me try to define it simply, and see if you recognize its temptations and torments in yourself.

The religious spirit says "I can do it. I can make myself better for God."
It says that I'm worth nothing aside from my spiritual actions.
It says "I know the Word of God. I know more than others."
It says, "I am better."
It has little repentance, little heartache for the lost. It cares only superficially for those that are stuck in the maelstrom of sin.
It appears proud often, if not all the time.
It's sinful.
It doesn't love, and the classic fruits of the Spirit are little in evidence.
It doesn't strive for holiness, but "goodness."

There's more, but this is a start. This spirit loves to indwell us. What a crafty, sly, Sneak it is! It really fools just about everyone.

But it doesn't fool God.

John Newton did become a Spirit-filled believer in time, but it was a long struggle with the religious spirit that he got as a child.

I think most children run the risk of getting it, perhaps especially home-schooled children.

They really are smart, knowledgeable, and incredibly talented for the most part. They parrot their parents' faith. They've been given a safe  environment to experience the world, with loving attention and direction. They've been given time to find their true strengths and weaknesses and home in on careers that fit them well. They have time to hone their talents.

What a wonderful start to life!

But when they are afflicted by a religious spirit, like John Newton was, they are complete fakes spiritually. There is no true relationship with the Holy Spirit. There is not true understanding or sorrow at the state of mankind. There is a tendency to fall back, be carnal, choose badly because the Holy Spirit is stifled by the religious spirit.

The secret desires are not of Christ, but of the "flesh," or of one's own heart.

Psalm 37:4; Delight yourself in the LORD and HE will give you the desires of your heart.

These are HIS desires having become yours. It's not the BMW, or the mansion down here, the perfect body or the travels to exotics. His desires are your delight, His desires are your mainstay. You see His desires as your own.

This is true spirituality.

How do I get rid of that religious spirit, you ask?

First of all repent. Ask forgiveness. Go to God on your knees and pray for deliverance by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Secondly cry out for the filling of the Holy Spirit. Believe that God saved you through His death on the cross in 32 AD. It was HIS sacrifice, not anything you can do religiously, that saved your soul from hell.

Stop sinning. Right now, this moment. And stop sinning moment by moment. Don't pick up that glass of alcohol. Don't pick up that sensual book. Don't click on that pornographic image. It's a moment by moment thing, friend.

Maybe you struggle with an intellectual superiority issue. You like to read all sorts of "literature." (I can hear that word with a haughty British accent.) You know way more than most people, don't you?
Repent of that prideful heart. I think the religious spirit is mostly characterized by Pride. I'm good enough already, right? WRONG!

Sensuality is a gift from God. It's intended for pleasure. It's intended to be enjoyed within God's guidelines. It's mentioned even in the ten commandments: (written in stone in our nation's capitol) DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY.

That means sensual thoughts and acts outside of a heterosexual marriage. That's adultery.

Oh, yeah, there are lots of names for different kinds of sensuality or sexual fantasy. It's all adultery outside of marriage.

That is why the Bible is so good about warning us to NOT awaken these desires before their time.

Fat chance in this era, right?

It takes a moment by moment commitment to Christ. Do you want to grieve your Savior? Do you want to experience His love and comfort?

Conquering sin is a life-long activity. We're sinners. We need help here!

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the ONLY way to conquer sin, truly. Anything else is simply the fruit of a religious spirit.

And a religious spirit dwells in people of all persuasions, be they Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Wicca, Muslim, whatever. Even atheists can display a religious spirit.

Beware the religious spirit. It probably is lurking at your shoulder right now.

Tell it to GET OUT. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Fortressing Again

Ed is recovering from the operation well. This week he had a little setback with a small part of the incision not healing yet.

This is discouraging, and a little infection was apparent. It's been one month since surgery.
We are tired and anticipating better health.

Dealing with deep things can be very exhausting.

I think it was about a year after Ed was diagnosed with cancer that I thought of a word describing my mentality during that time.


It was a time of pulling back, healing, evaluating, putting up walls, recalculating, analyzing, reinforcement, quiet.

It was time to build up the foundations that had been damaged or hit by the enemy's fire.

Of course I'm talking spiritually as well as physically.

Going through a child's hardship is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do.

I broke my back when I was 17 (lifelong problems thereby), I've had loss of friendship, loss of dreams, loss of love. Loss.
But I've come through these things with God's help and simply went on with my life.

When my children go through the deep waters of pain or trouble I really feel it.

Of course I'm not in control. Never was.

I can't make it better. Impossible.

With God all things are possible. This is when I look to Him more and more! I can go through these times with His help. He makes it possible to get through.

Fortressing is a time of reminding myself that I can rely on God, but I have some responsibility to buck up and get my act together, too.

So I'm getting my act together right now. My dear friends know that my interests are so varied that I need to organize my time fairly closely in order to accommodate all the "normal" activities!  I am constantly reevaluating my activities and projects, my work demands.

I swam this afternoon at the lake. I found that the beach I had been going to was really weedy compared to the other one at the park, closer to the campground. It was a pleasure to swim today---the temperature of  the lake is perfect.

When one swims in a blue-sky-reflecting lake one realizes how small one is.

There you are in all of that water. You can't see the depths or guess the gallons. You are surrounded by tons of water held together by mud, rocks and sand. Northern Pike lurk beneath you.

It's rather awesome. You feel your fragility.

God cares about each human life in that lake more than he cares about the lake itself.

Of course we need to take care of the lake. I'm just pointing at the beauty God provides for us to enjoy. It's amazing. God is so good.

As a tiny human body swims in a Minnesota lake the picture of the totality of our significance comes into focus. We are significant.

And God protects us.

A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing.

I'm fortressing. I'm feeling the reinforcements even now.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Please Pray

Ed is experiencing some infection in his surgical wound.

We are hoping that it can be taken care of by antibiotics, and we are asking for your prayers.

Thank you.

The Most Benevolent Society

People wish for all the advantages of the Judeo-Christian based society, but not the consequences.

Atheists wish for all the benefits of a godless society, but they naively expect also the benefits of a society that obeys a moral deity.

Plainly spoken, anarchy belongs to the atheists. Whose rules are more powerful? One does what one wills.

With the belief in the Creator God of the Bible the paradigm shifts. We have a Being who makes the rules, and we must obey them whether we like them or not.

Anything else is a form of idolatry, picking and choosing the things that please us.

This is one of the main problems I have with the current Pope. I am not Catholic, but I understand that the Pope is "vicarious Christ" and his word is as good as law.

This pope has made statements that completely disagree with the Bible, let alone past Catholic doctrine. He is truly a law unto himself.

I prefer to honor and obey the Biblical God----whether I like him or not.

Think about that.

He is the same yesterday, today, forever. He hasn't changed one iota. He's all-powerful and all-knowing. He's omni-present.

He defines Himself in the Holy Bible, and we MUST either accept Him as He defines Himself or make Him up to be how we like him. In other words we like to make Him in our own image.

I needed to repent from doing this. I still think I can think of better attributes for God sometimes. I want Him to save everyone. I want Him to show Himself more forthrightly. I want there to be peace on earth. Force it, Lord! I want there to be no poverty, no sickness, no death.

But I'm not God, and God has His own designs for this existence. I'm given the opportunity to CHOOSE HIM, or the other option; not Him.

There are only two options. God or not.

Not has many faces. It looks pretty innocuous most of the time. Not has become dozens of different religions and cults. Not pretty much makes up most of the world.

Not ends up in hell.

Everyone dies, but eternal death is for those who do not choose Jesus Christ.

God doesn't change. We do. We always make our gods okay with us. God is not okay with us. He loves us, but we need a savior to establish a relationship with God.

Choose life today. Choose the Creator of the Universe. Choose YHWH, the God who gave you His Word.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Something New at Corgi Hollows

I'd like to Remind Everyone

With all of the reaction to President Donald Trump lately I wanted to remember how horrible it was for us Believers to watch how Barack Obama dismantled our world during his eight year reign.

It is because of Obama that we have President Trump.

Obama did things which made us weep.

His narcissism and lack of experience, his secrecy  and disdain for the constitution, his demeaning of America as a whole all made us shudder.

We barely survived.

But we did by God's grace.

Now we have the ultimate anomaly in the White House, a showy entrepreneur. Someone no one imagined, except Ann Coulter.

As one who couldn't believe he won the nomination for the Republican party I have been pleasantly surprised by his abilities as a politician.  I approve his actions.

I think abortion is murder. Always.
I think there should be secure borders around our country.
I think Islam should be watched.
I think laws should be enforced OR done away with.
I think Israel should be supported.
I think the United  Nations  General assembly is a sham .
I think the media leans left. (This is an understatement.)
I think there should be freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience.
I think that Moses' ten commandments were pretty foundational for common law.
I think marriage is a union between a genetic male and a genetic female.
I think peace is achieved through power because the Bible says we have a sinful human nature. A powerful and benevolent government can suppress a lot of evil and promote a lot of good.
I think that a Judeo-christian society is the kindest of societies to most people.  It understands sin and allows for it.

There is a false notion of the left that conservatives are less compassionate. That simply isn't true, and we never address it because these is no need to argue something patently false.

There is a false notion that capitalism is evil.

I argue that socialism has killed far more millions than capitalism ever did. Colonialism saved heathen tribes from human sacrifice, tribal wars, and cannibalism.

This is history. This is truth.

This does not excuse the inhumane treatment of anyone. People are dirty rotten sinners, and left to themselves they will ALWAYS choose rebellion.

It is a low view of human nature.

But when God is in the mix things are the most positive way they could be on earth. His designs are simply the utmost. A compassionate, loving God balances the abuses of capitalism.

The atheism of socialism cannot do that. It drives into the dust any form of compassion for the good of the "state," the principle, the idea.  It is evil.

Study philosophy. Study history. Socialism doesn't work, and never has.

WE stand here on American soil because of capitalism, despite its abuses.

That sticks in the craw of most liberals. They must admit the truth someday, however.

Truth always prevails.

"I am the Way, the Truth, the LIFE."  ----Jesus

Thursday, June 28, 2018

To Age

I love getting old, just hate the pain.

I love being able to forget that everything is hinging on our appearances---
and people start to love us for who our souls are.

I've always been homely and overweight, and that has limited relationships with certain people. We all love beauty, and when you aren't beautiful there are those who simply, unconsciously perhaps, shun you.

The beauty of the soul is what truly matters though, right?

People are worthwhile, even if the "shell" isn't attractive.

As I age, I feel more acceptance for what I look like.

The kids at school expect a Grandma who cares about them, not a stunning young thing who is easy on the eyes.

I'm happy that my husband looked past the facade and saw ME. He decided I was worth spending life with despite my looks.

He saw my soul.

But now that I'm old it doesn't matter so much. I am finally confident in my own skin. Ed, Margaret and Cheri love me for my self, not my looks. The Corgi seems to agree too. She follows me wherever I go.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it says much about the people who ignore those whose beauty is deeper, not surface. These folks are programmed to their senses, and they reveal their own shallowness.

I know too many people like that.

Thank the Lord for age, experience, and the opportunity to get past that veneer-orientated existence.

I love beauty. I'm thankful that my own lack of physical beauty doesn't affect my sense of beauty!
Thank God for that!

And I've learned, that those who shun you for your lack of beauty aren't worth your time and concern.
Their surface-y sense of life isn't where the soul lives, and you can pray for their souls to go deeper.

Yes, pray for them.

And thank God for making all things beautiful in HIS time.

Your looks matter to Him, and it's okay when your beauty doesn't match the worldly sense of beauty. Be glad that you matter to Him no matter what.

Age is a gift that teaches what truly matters.

Lake Minnetonka

Minnetonka means Big Water.

There is a lake not far from Corgi Hollows which has 125 miles of shoreline. I tried to find out how many homes are on the lake, but homes have about 100 feet of shoreline. Do the math. That's many houses!

Some have a 1,000 feet of shoreline. Those are the homes that are priced in the multi millions.

Minnetonka is a beautiful, interesting, historic lake, and yesterday we rented a pontoon to spend a few hours boating on several bays.

The children were "made" to accompany us, but they all agreed that it was a day well spent.  A good friend who also attends our prophecy study on Sunday evenings came along too.

We started under cloudy gray skies, but the forecast became true and the day ended with a severe sunburn on my legs and face for me.

The water is so beautiful, reflecting the shore, the sky. Margaret was the only one to jump in and take a swim. She chose the bay south of Spring Park, near Island Park. She said the water wasn't cold, just right.

We saw some huge fish caught, netted. One boat nearly capsized during the struggle to reel the creature in. Must have been a Muskie.

I never have spent much time on the lake in a boat, but I do think there wasn't nearly the traffic on Lake Minnetonka yesterday that was on it in my memories.

We had entire bays to ourselves, yesterday.

I wonder if it is a sign of the times. People are so focused on their phones and computers that they don't care about getting out much.

My own children seem to be somewhat affected by this trend. Big Brother has captivated us all.

Philosophizing aside, the beauty of God's Nature was in full evidence to us. The trees were incredibly green. Perhaps Lake Minnetonka has more weeds than it should, but it really seemed to be a healthy ecosystem. We saw plenty of fish, and the water seemed really clean.

I've been swimming in Lake Independence this summer, and although rather weedy (Millfoil, probably) it seems like the water is clean. I don't itch when I get out. I think that's a good sign. I assume that Lake Minnetonka has similar conditions. We've had so much rain and snow that the water has perhaps rejuvenated.

There's a book I read when I was in high school, "Once Upon a Lake," written by an erstwhile Wayzata Public Library Librarian. I found it at Half Price Books recently and bought myself a copy to re-read.

It is a history of Lake Minnetonka, and it fascinated me then,  fascinates me now.

She wrote that we tend to overlook the most interesting things that have happened in places that become mundane to us. We need to be jarred into awareness to appreciate our surroundings.

I agree.

I could mention so many things learned in that book, the significance of the lake to the Natives, the first settlers that developed apples for harsh winters, the old hotels that drew people from the South for cool summers, the streetcar boats, the estates owned by the Pillsburys, (yes, THOSE Pillsburys) Noerenburgs, others. The lake has been mentioned numerous times in literature and song.

It's a jewel in Minnesota.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

But Not Enough

"Sense and Sensibility" is a novel by Jane Austen.

The movie made with Emma Watson and Kate Winslet was really beautiful, very well done, and pretty true to the book.

There's a poignant moment when "Marianne," Kate Winslet, acknowledges that the object of her adoration loved her-----but not enough.

Not enough.

Not enough to make the changes needed to be her true love.

I think about that phrase often.

I have had some interaction with atheists on Twitter, and there is one person who claims to have sought Christ his whole life, but now fails to believe. I have a friend who was on track to be a minister, now disillusioned with all things faith-related, not believing in God.

I have dear ones struggling with sin in their lives, unable to rise above the failure.

They don't have enough.

Enough of what? You ask.

There is a human nature that will struggle with sin in this mortal body. But there is victory in Jesus, too.

How do we get from A to B?

God invites all who will come. He is not willing that ANY perish. One must seek the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. The Bible plainly teaches this.

We must seek.

Not hopelessly! The Bible promises we will find!

But we must seek, and I'm thinking there aren't many who seek enough.


Seek enough.

Seek enough to be filled with the Holy Spirit everyday. Seek enough to spend hours in reading the Bible and prayer.

Seek enough to deny yourself food, alcohol, whatever your body craves.

Seek enough.

It's what will get you through the darkest moments of pain and doubt. It will seal your soul in Christ. Seek that you shall find, knock, ask, PURSUE.

And it WILL be given to you.

God's promises are never empty.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Many Will Cry LORD

21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

Matthew 7 KJV

Of course there are many interpretations of this passage. The devil loves to confuse. Let's look at it plainly, though.

The implication is clear. There are people who think they are on God's side and God doesn't know them at all.

I think this is the scariest passage in all of Scripture. The Bible tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, and although salvation is a perfect gift we are still responsible to make sure we are standing with God, and not on our own merit.

Standing with God is being in the Word of God, His gift to us. The Bible is literally the only way we can be sure of anything of God. He wrote it. He affirms it. He makes all the promises in it, and THEN we can apply those promises.

Do they work? Are they true? Is God lying?

Yes. Yes. No.

The "lamp" in Scripture always refers to the WORD of God. It's a fascinating Bible study. 

When we look at the parable of the ten virgins we see that their lamps play a huge role. Those that don't have oil are cast away.

Here's the picture for you and me. Are you putting your faith in Christ by standing on the promises of the Word, or are you fabricating a nice little god in your mind that you agree with?

Are you believing in a religious tradition that crafts its own regulations? Does it agree with God's Word? If not, why are you following that lie?

Are you obeying Scripture daily? Are you reading the Word daily? Are you rooted in His promises?
Or are you seeking experiences that give you a rush, make you feel good, or simply don't care?

Some of you don't believe in God.

You've had some moral failure in your life, and you simply can't forgive yourself. You can't believe God could forgive you. (You are full of pride!) So you decided God just doesn't even exist. You are the master or mistress of your own morals.

That works for your lifespan on earth. It won't do for eternity.

JESUS is coming again. 

We believers are looking for his coming in the clouds, to be caught up to be with Him. We're OUTTA HERE.

And, I hope, soon. 

Open that little door of your heart to truth. Your soul, your mind recognizes truth. You know it deep down. Don't stifle that little voice of conscience that God gave you when you came into existence. It's there in two-year-olds! LISTEN TO IT!

Please, please, please. As one who truly cares for your eternal soul, I plead with you to listen to that voice of truth within you that affirms God's Word. You need a Savior. You are a sinner. You need to repent and ask Jesus to fill you with His Holy Spirit.

It's simple, but oh, so hard.


The time is drawing nigh.

Filled With the Spirit

When we ask the Lord to forgive our sins, purpose in our hearts to turn away from sin, and put our trust in Jesus Christ and all that he did for us, (nothing that we do on our own!) we become God's children, born again into God's eternal family. Our spirit is born again.

All people have souls. I'd even argue that animals have "soul."
We define soul as mind, will, and emotion for ease, but naturally there are other interpretations and I'm not here to nay say those thoughts.

But souls are eternal, and I believe this deeply.

Spirits are something else. I believe that spirits come alive spiritually when a spiritual transaction takes place, and this is only possible with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Born Again.

Jesus describes this in John chapter 3.

This explains spiritual darkness on so many levels. Spiritual blindness. Spiritual deafness.
Inability to understand the Word of God.

When you are filled with the Spirit, as a part of that spiritual transaction, your soul is opened up to new truth, new experience, new life.

If you do not ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and make you born again your soul is doomed to burning in hell for eternity.

That's Biblical.

The spiritual dimension is fascinating on so many levels. It interacts with our souls AND bodies on occasion. There is spiritual evil running amok all over this planet, deceiving, manipulating, controlling, hurting, fighting, battling, wounding, addicting.

We see it every day.

It speaks evil words, swearing, vulgarities.
It produces sensual thoughts, lusting, pornographic.
It is violent, in virtual worlds and in reality.
It rapes, murders, steals.
It takes God's name in vain.
It produces harshness and pain, lies and pride.
PRIDE----Oh you evil one!
The biggest liar of all is Pride. Pride consoles the soul with the idea that you are good enough.

You are not.

You never will be.


Only Jesus is good. Only Jesus can save. Only JESUS.

You are loved by Him, but you simply aren't good enough for anything. Satan/Lucifer/Beelzebub/Asmodeaous/Leviathan/Belphegor/Mammon have deceived you into thinking it's alright. Everything is alright.

Baal, Lord of the flies, is alive and well, and planting lies in the souls of men.


Time is passing, and we have so little time left.

Many of us have given up on friends and family who continue to pridefully turn away from the Holy Spirit. Jesus weeps. We see evil dominating their lives through deception, substance abuse, and addictions.

We weep.

The power of the Holy Spirit is there for ANYONE to access it. Perhaps you had a "born again" moment, but you are living in bondage to a besetting sin. God's grace covers all sin, but you need the victory.

Ask, you shall receive. Seek, and you shall find. Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you. Humble yourself in the sight of the LORD.

And He will answer. He will give.

You shall receive.

Are you spending time in the Word of God? Are you in prayer and supplication? Are you fasting? Are you obeying Christ's commands? Are you asking the Holy Spirit for his filling DAILY?

If you say no to any of those questions you need to GET ON IT.

Time is fleeting. We are at the end, dear ones. Deception is par for the course of the day, and we need the Holy Spirit to TEST the spirits.

The Spirit and the Bride say COME!

What are you waiting for?

Your sin is so not worth it. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Successful Surgery

Thank you prayer warriors!!!!

Ed's surgery is over, wonderfully done, and he is managing his pain very well.

What a trooper!!!!

WE are home from the hospital already. Surgery was Tuesday morning.

He was up walking three times the day of the surgery.

Now for the queasy part: (Don't read if you are easily nauseated!)

Ed's bones were broken. He had to replace the pieces in his knee to be able to stand up without excruciating pain. Like building blocks.

The implants that they used had to be adjusted to an even longer length than the ones they used last time. This being said, the necrosis is GONE from that right knee, and Ed should have the device for DECADES.

The fragments are gone, the skin is closed up and already almost healed. I am the 24/7 "nurse" for the next week, then I can leave him for short periods of time.

He's up and walking with a walker. The terrible pain was yesterday morning, but they still let him go home. He's already looking forward to hiking and living a normally active life.

His job as a bank teller required him to be on his feet a lot, so that should be going far better too.

So happy. So grateful. So relieved! I credit the LORD for answering all our prayers!


Thursday, June 7, 2018


The Winds of Fate

Corwyn, our affectionate, sweet, rambunctious year-old Corgi has been finding specific items to destroy recently.

When we don't get out with her she seems much more destructive.

In the mornings I've been sitting by the fireplace to read my four chapters from the Bible. I placed my KJV large print on the ledge beneath the fire after reading.

I came home after school to find my Bible's cover ripped apart!

She is such a heathen.

I duct-taped it back together, but it most certainly doesn't have the appeal it had. The contents are the same :)

I picked up:

I've been working on several foreign languages these past few years.

German is my second language. I studied German for foreigners at the University of Munich years ago. I also studied Spanish for two years in high school. In Germany I studied Turkish for a year. Recently I've been dabbling in Hebrew, and this fall I'm starting Greek. That's the plan.

Spanish is something I've been trying to re-learn, since at the jail there are some only-Spanish speakers. I have substitute taught in the Spanish classes at my school this year, too, so I really need to brush up on Spanish.

But I am so much more proficient in German----yet my grammar is atrocious. I understand most of it, but I have issues writing and speaking it. 

Enter Corwyn's direction.

I've decided to read the rest of this year's Bible reading in Deutsch. I had just started in Isaiah, so it's a great place to begin.

Just excited to continue learning----both language AND what the LORD is teaching me through His word.

Auf Wiedersehen.


Ed's Graduation Speech

Ed, As your mom and teacher I know much more about you than any other human being on earth. God knows your heart.

Today I'm going to give a glimpse of you to everyone else sitting here.

I know they all appreciate you---but I want them to see a bit of my view.

You have become a bright light.

This dinner marks your academic progress---ongoing, of course:

You have directed your own education, and you've succeeded masterfully.

"The world is your oyster" comes to mind, at least in the academic sense. I see those high marks in all subjects.

I am not good at math, so I take pictures of the assignments in my math classes I sub for, and text them to Ed so he can help me teach things I don't understand!

But academics is only a part of the whole that is Ed.

Music. I'm thrilled you share my love of the pipe organ. I am the most fortunate mom. I get to hear you practice. I love it.

I'm impressed, too, as is anyone who listens to you.

And then I must speak of your character, your personality.

You shine here, Ed.

From the day you were diagnosed with Leukemia I told you often, "I'm so glad you exist."

We didn't know how long we'd have.

You'd already been battling bi-polar disorder, instability, life challenges for sure...but then you had a whole new challenge----CANCER---and you managed that, with aplomb, even,

Now you face challenges with artificial knees----surgery coming up just weeks from now---but I feel you'll manage that too.

The bank where you work is lucky to have you. You've benefited from them too.

How many teenage boys deal with a half dozen middle aged women on a daily basis?

Your world and my world are inverted right now! :)

So, Ed, whatever path you choose----engineering, music, linguistics, computers, banking, philosophy, theology----I feel confident that GOD will keep you, bless you, make His face shine upon you.

I'm glad you EXIST!

Corwyn's Antics

Everything's Coming Up Roses

The sun is shining. Peonies are madly blooming. I just read a book by Frances Hodges Burnett titled "Miss Crespigny" that was published in 1878.

I got it from the Minneapolis Public Library, and it is a treasure. It's been rebound, but the pages are fragile.

The subtitle is "A Very Romantic Love Story."

These sweet stories from old are so innocent and pure. I had ordered a stack of books from the library by or about F.H. Burnett. I had no intention of reading all of them, but I perused through them and chose a couple to read. She was a prolific author. "A Little Princess" is perhaps one of my all-time favorites by her.

"The Making of a Marchioness" is really good, but "Miss Crespigny" sort of captured my own heart. I doubt that there are many copies around, so good luck finding one. I enjoyed it.

Roses, romance, sweet innocence, good character----nothing dark, nothing evil! What a contrast to today's young adult literature.

Sometimes we need to focus on something uplifting in this dark world.

Jesus is coming soon! We watchers are sensing a "thinning of the veil" and only those with closed spiritual eyes do not see the closing act of time approaching.

But now we see these days we're bound by, June 2018. Today is the last day of school where I substitute teach. I wasn't called today, and of course I wasn't expecting to be called. I subbed two days this week, and left the school with a sweet fragrance of closure for the school year.

I hardly know what to do with myself.

Just kidding.

Ed's surgery looms. Next week. Yesterday he had his regular appointment at the oncology clinic and his platelets are still low. All was cleared for surgery, though. Everything else looked really good.

Please pray with us for a rise in the platelet level (and insight into what will help increase platelets in the blood) and a successful surgery.

Please pray for a good night's rest for our surgeon before the surgery.
Please pray for no great surprises when they open Ed up.
Please pray for a quick and low-pain recovery.
Please pray for mental health and good response to medications.
Please pray for my husband and me to have peace during the week.

Thank you!

I had a few days of problems and issues that arose over the past two weeks. Sometimes things come up that you have no control over, for no apparent reason even. Yet these problems affect the spirit! Our days are full of questions, wondering, pleading with the Lord to work things out...

And He does. Always, eventually.

Those of us who love the Lord can see His gentle guidance, and we always know that we are anchored in something far bigger than ourselves. He is in control, even in death, and those of us who are saved by Him should have no fear.

So, roses, indeed. The June blooms are just starting here in Minnesota.

Rise up, oh my love and now come away! The winter is past and the rain has come. The time of the singing of birds has come.

These verses from the Song of Songs are beautiful and fitting.

The greenest of greens is all around me, the dew of each morning is perfectly cool. The birds are still wildly active and full of life! We must mow almost every day because the grass is so verdant. Beauty and new life, a picture of our place in Christ Jesus.

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you today with strength and wisdom, with Himself.

Monday, June 4, 2018


Who is the author of confusion?

The Devil.

He's a liar. He hates you. He is evil. He is at work today in the world.

The previous post is worth watching on YouTube.

The speaker's take on gender and the confusion it seems to render is very thought provoking. Body modification is something that I've always recoiled from (even though I could DEFINITELY use a new body!). I think his ideas about evil deception behind it makes a lot of sense.

Can you sense things taking a down-turn even now, dear ones?

Are you rock solid in the Word of God? Are you standing on His promises? Are you aware of the deception that pervades our culture, our churches, our families, our own minds?

Stand guard! Keep watch! This is for real.

Demons are manifesting so many times recently that people are beginning to actually believe in aliens.

Remember, these beings manifested as fairies, gnomes, elves, ----in the Middle Ages, whatever was convenient for the current culture. They manifests as "saints" sometimes. They manifest now as aliens from different planets. They used to be from our solar system. That wasn't convenient for the lie anymore. They're now from the star constellations---the Pleiades, for instance. Just far enough to make the culture believe it.

Don't be deceived. God is not mocked.

Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Brothers and Sisters, I don't think it can be long before we can see Jesus face to face. The darkness is almost such that it is hard to escape.

Come Lord Jesus! Maranatha! 

What illuminati DON'T want you to know about Aliens (R$E)

Saturday, June 2, 2018


I have to say it grieves me to recognize when a mother's worth as "just a mom" is overcome by the worth of a paycheck, eagerly cashed as soon as it is earned.

There's something wrong in the world.

I cannot change it, but I can grieve.

God always provides, and He chooses to do it this way for now.

Time passages.

Piecing together

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Okay, faithful friends, you know by now that when I entitle something "Blessings" I am in need of a little boost.

I must count my blessings.

Count with me, as I bet that you and I share many of the same ones, and if we don't, then you can hear the testimony of God's work in my life!

Gorgeous spring!
School year about to end!  (This one is new for me these past two Junes)
Warmth from the sun, seasons, quiet, and a peaceful home
Birds: hummers at the feeder all day, Oriels, Cardinals nesting right above the porch door at my mom's and dad's house next door
Cranes, pheasants, indigo buntings, killdeers, robins galore!
Bach playing on an old cassette tape I got from Germany
food--strawberry pie I'm making for a chorale potluck tonight
fellowship with like-minded friends, watchmen (we had our prophecy study on Sunday, and it was so good to be back together after hiatus)
Help for health issues, family who can step in, doctors who are trying to piece together what is wrong
Healthy, funny pets, always entertaining, always affectionate!
Gainful employment, contentment with that employment---despite interpersonal issues that come up!
Athletic children
Healthy children
Help for the hard times---cancer, depression, addictions, diseases
Understanding, wisdom, knowledge, brains that work pretty well, interesting things to occupy thoughts
Cars that actually drive
Air conditioning
cool water
plumbing (when it goes out you really do appreciate it!)
Horses to love on next door (they are being boarded at our neighbors' farm)
Beauty everywhere
clothes to wear--excellent thrift shops in the neighborhood, sewing machines, friends who are expert sewers
Fun things to do! --sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, reading
Fascinating books, thousands of them. (Once I dreamed of having "Corgi Hollows" be a place to share home schooling sources and lessons in music and fine arts, also a private lending library. That may still happen....)
Church family and a caring pastor
Amazing friends---GOD HAS BLESSED ME!
Time, sleep, freedom from pain (usually)
Bikes to ride, gravel country roads to jog, lilacs to sniff
A canoe to paddle (yesterday's canoe trip down the Crow River ended with a severe thunderstorm. All's well! They got 19 miles of the 23 planned)
A loving, infinite God who has a big plan for all time, one that includes you and me, each moment of time
A Father God who understands my heartaches, and knows that I trust Him in my little world.
Let the storms rage about me, let the evil one try his wiles on us---God wins. He's got this.

Look up, your redemption draws nigh! Comfort ye, my people!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Change in the Weather

Did you feel it? Once again there was a feeling of a spiritual downturn. In the past few days and weeks the events all over the world seem to be influenced in a sinister way.

It's a change, and it isn't positive.

Perhaps it was the situation in Israel with the new embassy and expected Hamas reaction. Maybe it was the tightening noose on the Democrats. Could it be the Beyonce mass that was held?

The weather? The volcano in Hawaii? The multiple earthquakes?

The school shootings by demonically driven murderers?

The abortion now allowed in Ireland?

I saw a video on Facebook about the rise in witchcraft all over the world. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Nothing is more abominable to God.

It could be the spiritual attack and battle waging in my own little corner of the globe. Recently members of my family have experienced severe health issues, problems with sin, broken hearts.

Some days you want to get up and cry "Abba! Father! Save us! Maranatha!"

I've been pushing my own health with extra work teaching, track season for Cheri, no time for exercise and an occasional shift at the deli. Thank the LORD that someone new joined the team at the deli! God provided!

Now the evening and weekend shifts won't fall to just two people. Relief!

I wonder how long the little deli will be in business. There's a rumble of change going on, and none of us are certain of its future. The summer months should be interesting.

Ed's surgery looms on the horizon. We are getting prepared: hotel reservations, medical devices, general packing. What a summer.

He truly looks forward to the surgery, so significant is his pain.

Today Cheri and my husband canoed a river nearby. Storms came, so they didn't make their goal of 23 miles. I'm thankful they are safe

The world turned summer overnight. We broke a record for a hot Memorial Day. I can't count the Memorial Days we've had that were cold and rainy. Not today! We did have rain, but it was a thunderstorm. Lightening and hail made the canoe trip shorter.

We're weary. School is almost over for the year. Our minds and bodies are looking forward to peace and rest.

What's on the horizon for us? I am thankful for God's help, his plan, his assurance. What would we do without him?

Darker days may be hard, but his presence goes with us.

Keep going. Keep going!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


I am seeing all kinds of things about eliminating toxic things from life.

Toxins, toxic environment, toxic situations, toxic people.

It's a good idea, overall, but we all come in contact with toxins at some time or another, by choice, or by accident.

How many of us can truly control our entire lives?

None of us.

First of all, we should ask ourselves, "Am I toxic?"

"Who am I a toxin to?"
"How am I toxic to this person?"
"What is the antidote?"

I think, as Christ instructs, we need to pull the proverbial log out of our own eye before we extricate someone else's.

So, we establish that certain people may think we are toxic to them. It is a big clue to recognize who is toxic to you. You probably have found the ones that think YOU are toxic!

Let's look at the antidotes.


Wouldn't it be nice just to avoid these toxins in your life? To an extent you may, but perhaps this person is related to you. You see them every day? You may want to gently confront the person about the toxic behavior. They will hear you, though they may not listen. That is their choice.

If they don't listen, it's time to put up boundaries.

Boundaries are good. They are protection. They are definitive of rights and rules. We all need them, because humans function with rules and rights better than without them.

Boundaries are God-given. Elemental. We are separated from God by our sin. That's a big boundary. God kindly and lovingly saves us from that separation through Christ Jesus. Only Christ. That's a boundary.

When we translate boundaries to our mundane lives they may look a little different. If there is a breach of human love in the form of abuse of any kind there are grounds to separation and legalize a boundary.

But perhaps this toxicity isn't quite so dramatic. Perhaps you are bound by a family tie, or a child. Maybe you are a sibling, or even a son or daughter, mother, father, husband, or wife. Toxic abuse requires a severing of even those ties.

But maybe it isn't quite abuse. Maybe it's just personality. Maybe it's a huge difference of opinion. Maybe it's misunderstandings that have accumulated over the years, never clearing up. Maybe it is a lack of Christian love and brotherhood, or just plain sin.

So many things can draw wedges between people. People can try to overcome the division, but it always takes both sides to meet in the center, and that isn't possible for those who adhere to strict lifestyles, especially for those who cling to a faith that defines them more than anything else.

Everything is relative---except the black and white of a faith founded on an unchanging creed.

It's true.

There are lots of people out there claiming to be Christian, or Muslim, or Jewish, perhaps Buddhist or New Age, and these terms have little to do with their own personal definition of those terms. It's all relative to them.

We cannot define God. We must let Him define himself. If we let ourselves define Him we will always have division. When we accept Him as he defines Himself we have unity.

Back away from those that seek to define God in their own way. Back away from toxic people who insist on a  prideful and selfish definition of god. It isn't worth arguing with such folk. They will never see the true God. Their toxicity will only poison you and your peace in Christ!

Back away from the ones that hurt you, use you, wound your spirit. Place that boundary carefully, and give it to the Lord. He alone can nurture you and comfort you. He alone can heal the pain of poison in your heart.  You must turn to Him to enforce that boundary and that healing. It's truly the only way.

He may protect you from the toxin. He may heal the breach. He may even help you love and understand the one who has so hurt you. Why do you think He says, Love your enemies? It's the first step in applying the antidote to toxins.

Start by praying for them, and asking the Lord to give you love. Boundaries are fully enforced, yet there is a supernatural option for breaching the situation. It's the most exciting option, and it takes courage to trust in it. Sometimes the solution is very long in coming, and we like our quick fixes. Be assured that God is working things out in you, too. Your toxicity is also under treatment.

God is good. Always. He's the omnipotent Ruler of Creation. He can do anything. He chooses to define Himself in the Bible, and we need to trust Him in that. We need to humble ourselves and put our faith in Him, as He defines Himself, in His word.

That's so hard for people. So get those boundaries up!
The Lord has all the answers.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. All these things will be added unto you.
Peace of heart, mind and soul, the greatest treasures that exist.