"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The UN

Pinterest Chocolate Cake

Corgi Hollows aka Oakwood Hills Ranch

History Day Summary

Because we all live at a pell-mell pace these days I understand the difficulty of fitting in an afternoon of fun and frolic on an infrequent sunny day in fall! Projects beg to be done, last minute painting, wood chopping, leaf-raking---all before snow puts us to bed for the winter.

Busy people not withstanding, Corgi Hollows History Day was a success, and I am pretty sure that we'll have another one next year, tweaking the schedule and the activities somewhat.


The sun cooperated, and we had a huge bonfire and roasted hot dogs and s'mores. We had Bavarian Wurst and pretzel buns inside, along with krauts and mustard. My cousin brought TWO delicious apple cakes, one made from a recipe from an old friend. Delicious! Grandma brought cookies and chocolate cake.

My husband was able to get a few house projects done even as the day progressed! Several people showed up in character: (About half) We had a prairie family, Katie Luther (myself), a Medieval Mathematician, a falconer, Sancho Panza, a pilgrim, a Norsewoman in fur and knit, a gaucho, a fifties schoolgirl---

Cherie looked like a Renaissance maiden, but she is such a purest that she denied any association. That girl is going to be a history professor someday.

We had shoppes---jewelry, note books, crocheted items and scrubbies. We had a table of used books and things for sale. This was a good idea! It was fun to have things to market...Thanks to all the shopkeepers!

I'm waiting to see when Jan Markell's prophecy conference is next fall, and then I will let you know when the next Corgi Hollows History Day is planned.

I think the second weekend in October is good. You have a whole year to plan your character! Check out Goodwill for costume ideas. Remember this is a HISTORY FAIR!

Some of you may want to get your old sewing machines out...

Cherie had a Cross Country meet yesterday downtown at St.Catherine's University. Pretty course to run on. She has been nursing another sore throat, so her body was under the weather. She has about a week before the next meet, so I think she'll be healthy for that.

Today I made chocolate cake. October is my husband's birthday month, so we're celebrating all month. Why not? October is a time to start baking again anyway! The chill drives us to our warm ovens and goodies.

I'll have to take Corwyn for a walk later to use the calories up.

Blackberry continues to be a happy pup. She has a slow growing tumor in her mouth, inoperable, unless we remove half of her jaw. She has had such a wonderful life, and we are loving her up and preparing to say good bye from this earth. It may be months yet!

School substitute teaching has been steady. Lots of half days, which suits me just fine lately. I need time to get things done here too.


People are on the move. Things are happening. Can you believe the politics??  I've been tuned into all the prophecy fulfillment lately.

Israel, the fig tree, is blooming. According to Christ that means He is AT THE DOOR!
Trump tried to swing a deal with a two state solution and promptly got hurricane Michael. Look up Bill Koenig's books for the remarkable correlation between natural disasters and policies concerning God's Chosen Land.
I've had an intriguing inquiry about my past experience in Germany. I am interested to see where this goes. There is a film being made...
We are seeing the left self destruct into mindless violence and rage. If this isn't indicative of their core beliefs I don't know what is! The proof of the pudding is in the eating...
God is uniting believers through social media all over the world. We are in an age of technological wonder, and even though AI and IT has  a dark side we can certainly benefit from it as believers, encouraging each other and watching Christ's return together!

Jesus is coming to get us soon. I can't believe He hasn't come already! But He is certainly at the door, and we are looking up!

The horrible Tribulation foretold in both Old and New Testaments is about to commence. We see the framework in place.

These are exciting times, dear ones!

Let's watch together. Don't forget to preach the Gospel. How shall they hear without a preacher? We MUST tell the good news of Jesus  all the time.

How do I become a believer?

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It's getting dark out there...

The daylight hours are diminishing each day as we Northern Hemispherers approach the end of 2018.

Cloud cover in Minnesota has made the state's inhabitants long for a ray of sunshine, a dry spell, a moment of brightness! We have little to complain about, though, really, as we see Florida getting hammered, the southwest coast of Lake Superior inundated with 14 foot waves, chunks of land disappearing into the sea in Bangladesh, flash floods through Maryland, Jordan, Europe---

It just doesn't stop! Of course our internet connections keep us abreast of every tragedy everywhere. News travels at the speed of light.

And sometimes we hear things that make us grieve about sin every bit as much as we grieve natural disasters and catastrophes.

It's been a rough week in U.S. politics. It appears that it's going to get much worse, too. Deeds of darkness are going to be exposed, sin will be aired in the light.

There is a Biblical truth that is being highlighted for me: Sin will be exposed. Truth will always be revealed. People MUST live lives that are unreproachable or face the consequences of reproach.

Perhaps you won't have the FBI breathing down your back, but you may commit some sin that merits a visit from the Law. Perhaps your sin is hidden in a back closet in the darkest room of your heart.

It's going to be exposed.  The Bible tells us to make it right without the judge, to make restitution, to settle it without the law. The Bible promises that you will be dragged off to prison if you don't make it right. 

Expect that.

On Sunday night at the jail I witnessed one inmate ask Jesus to be her Savior. Joy and singing, rejoicing in heaven! It is sweet to see the power of the Holy Spirit reaching into dark confinement for those who are waiting for sentencing. There isn't a lot of hope there, but one gal asked to pray for "comfort." It was a heartfelt and touching request.

These dear souls know the reality of being "found out."

Most of us can successfully hide our sin-----Or perhaps we practice "respectable" sin. You know, sin like white lying, drinking, gossip, neglect.

Perhaps we actually lobby to make our sin legal and acceptable. We don't like the stigma of "sin," so let's just say it isn't.

Lying to yourself never changes anything. It's defined as SIN by the Creator, and it's HIS rules that the Universe must obey. People are irrepressibly optimistic that they can fashion or create an environment where sin is acceptable and the god they worship is everything they like.

Reality check!

Sin is sin. God's laws are unchanging. God wins. Get on God's side, or you lose.

The joy of getting on God's side is that you have strength to deal with your sin. You have the joy of His love and His blessings. You understand the mysteries of His works. You have the power to defeat sin in your life. You have the hope of His return and being transformed in body and soul! You can trust Him with each and every fear or trial. You have hope. You have strength. You have power.

The Bible is a wonderful book that explains a Good, Just, and Holy God. The more time you spend in the Word of God, the more you love Him and want to serve Him. You want to defeat sin in your life.

Men, temptation is strong. You are wired that way. Women, you have your own battles to fight. I have extreme compassion for men and their weaknesses. I am a woman. I live with the battles that women face and of course I am compassionate for OUR weaknesses.

I know that God is greater. He is able to give us all we need to please Him and overcome sin in our lives.

King James Bible
My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:

1 John 2:1

We are given an advocate. Don't sin, but IF you do, you have Jesus. Comfort, people. Comfort.

Be overcomers. 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Upcoming Projects

I'm in the process of writing another children's book.

(You can check out my two other books on Bess's Creative Side, one of my other blogs.)

This one is about the Kensington Rune Stone.

I went to a lecture last night about the stone. It's been a source of controversy all along, but I'm more than inclined to think that it is an genuine artifact from 1362, unearthed here in Minnesota in 1898.

The lecturer last evening disagrees. He avoided archaeological evidence altogether, and came at the subject from a sociological viewpoint.

His main thesis was that the rune stone was a symbol of white power in an age where immigrants wanted to establish authority over the land they had settled in.

I'd never even conceived of that idea before. Actually, it was really offensive! Clearly the Darwinian Paradigm of racial superiority lives in this man's head, and he's trying to lose all the guilt he has associated with that. It was a pitiful presentation, and I'm rather sorry for him. He is not a historian, and chose to belittle the voices of the past as expressed in their own words through publications or journals.

He never addressed the geological evidence, nor the runic evidence brought forth by Reiersgord or Nielson/Wolter. He dismissed Wolter as a sensationalist.

I'm fascinated by the story of the rune stone, simply because it is an indication of much more going on in the world prior to Western Civilization!

There is ample evidence all over the world that people were organized into massive and productive societies throughout North America and South America, as well as in Europe and Asia. It isn't such a reach to believe that humans emigrated via oceans long before Christopher Columbus!

I've read the account of Thor Heyerdahl and his raft "Kon-Tiki." You should, too. It's a fascinating account, and proves that there was far more human migration between the continents than many "intellectuals" believe.

I wondered if this lecturer believed in Marco Polo!

I am presenting Thomas E. Reiersgord's ideas about the stone. I think they are the most researched and most likely. His account brings Knife Lake in central Minnesota into the picture geologically and geographically. He also cites American Indian sources far more than any other researcher. This is compelling!

We'll probably never definitively know the history of the rune stone, but there is certainly ample evidence to piece together a plausible history as more research is conducted.

The lecture I heard last night was a travesty to scholarship, but it's people like the presenter which give inspiration to those of us who have higher motives and real interest in history than to prove that a popular, current societal trend is laughable. (I do not disagree that any racial supremacy is abhorrent!) He mocked and completely misunderstood the attitudes and culture of previous historians. It is anyone's right to interpret, but to scoff is unscholarly. It's offensive.

He also mocked his own evangelical upbringing.

As I left the lecture hall I walked in step with another woman. She was wearing a Norwegian sweater. I engaged her in brief conversation---what did she think of the lecture?

"I still believe that the rune stone is from 1362."
"He never addressed the runic anomaly, nor Knife Lake!"

She shook her head in disgust. I was wasn't the only one disappointed.

I'm not sorry I went. I just have to address in my work the issues that he brought up. A refutation is completely easy!

Projects. Such fun!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fruits of Godlessness

Are you reading the news?

Are you watching what is happening in our country?

We are seeing the result of years of drift from Biblical Christianity.

We're divided, we're seeing hatred, we're confused, we're despairing-----without Christ.

Those of us who love and serve the Eternal Savior aren't surprised in the least! We EXPECT the horrors of sin to reign in a world gone mad with it.

President Trump is quite the figure. He's super easy to criticize. As Barack Obama was a judgment on our land, Trump is also a result of waywardness from God.

He's a patriot, and that is one reason to hope that his term in office buys time for more to reject the worldliness of a country gone bad.

This division is the result of sin! Believers reject ALL sin.

Sadly, some sin is not recognized by the world today. People want to justify sexual deviance and abominations before the Creator.

It's not going to work. Sin is sin, is sin, is sin.

You can't have it "your way." That sinister slogan spawned a generation of self indulgence.

We are called to follow God. When we don't, we suffer.

Yes, yes, this world is the kingdom of Satan right now. Those of us who belong to the Kingdom of Christ are fully aware of this! It was wonderful to have a country that acknowledged the laws and commands of YHWH for over 200 years.

Alas, the fruit of atheism and existentialism, socialism and communism is ripe for harvest.

God is not amused.

Maybe Trump can quell the forces of communism for a time...but those forces are powerful, backed by Lucifer, and they are, for the time being, alive and well.

It's war, friends. Whose side are you on? We must ask ourselves that question daily!

Are we forgiving? Are we loving? Are we kind? Are we pleasing our Lord and God?

Are we in the Word? Are we filled with the Spirit?

This is the time to be light, dear ones. We are called to shine in a dark world. There will be a cost---but we answer to the highest authority.


Articles indicating where the chips fell




Tuesday, October 2, 2018


This word is not enough, but I want to say it anyway.

I've been going through old files and collections of my life, 50+ years. I actually kept things from decades ago, and you may be surprised what I found from YOU.

During hard times in my life, starting with the loss of grandparents, pets, injury, miscarriage, sickness, homesickness---your notes and cards (which I still have!) sustained me by God's grace. I'm deeply moved by the wisdom, comfort and love you have shown me over the years.

Some of the notes and letters I uncovered are from those long gone. Some of you I have practically lost touch with. I ask forgiveness for that. I DO care about you, but I allowed my own life circumstances to crowd out special friends, and that grieves me.

I will maintain a positive outlook, though, and I will try to reestablish connections with those of you that I can! You are APPRECIATED!!!

God has blessed me with sweet friendship. I've had more than I deserve, for sure.

Thank you, dear friends! The mementos of my past sing of your dearness.


Northern Lights

I finished an afghan on Sunday. I've been working on it on and off over the last few months. It's from a kit, named "Northern Lights Afghan."

I saw it in a Herrshner's catalog a few years ago, and since my husband and I were singing in the Northern Lights Chorale I thought it would be fun to do it. I'm weird, but you already know that ;)!

I love the colors of the Rainbow, God's promise to never flood the earth again---and the northern lights have always fascinated me. I saw them dancing in the northern sky those childhood years when light pollution wasn't such a factor here in central Minnesota. The colors of the spectrum make up the northern lights, but here in Minnesota they usually appear green, sometimes reddish.

I did a small cross stitch of them when I was young. I find the northern lights to be compelling art, a wonderful theme for crafts or handwork.

Beautiful colors, dancing in the sky!

Last week I watched a lecture about the age of the earth by Dr. McMurtry. (See below) It's a fascinating documentary. When he got to the most compelling evidence of a young earth, I smiled.

It has to do with the magnetic field of the earth. It's wearing away, you know. Scientists can and have calculated the gradual decay of the earth's magnetic field. The math doesn't add up to an old earth, nor does it give any hope for a lengthy existence from here on out.

Watch it and see for yourself.

The northern lights are, of course, the visual evidence of that all-important magnetic field. When the sun omits its radioactive sunbursts towards this tiny planet our magnetic field of protection lights up with spectacular beauty! It's like a rainbow, a promise that the cold radioactivity of our space won't snuff us out.

For me, my afghan is a visual reminder that God has a beautiful and perfect plan, and that it is all wrapping up VERY SOON.


Our new choir, the Minnetonka Choral Society, is performing Handel's "Messiah" on December 14. Contact me for tickets if you want to attend! The tenor soloist is a spectacular performer from St. Olaf College. It will be good. I don't mind (shamelessly) plugging this concert.

You do know that "The Messiah" is mostly prophetic texts from Scripture, right? Our lives are full of prophecy, and most of us don't even know it.

I photographed the afghan and posted it below, but I must say that my phone camera doesn't do the colors justice! The afghan sort of glows in soft light. It's on the rocking chair in front of the fireplace. Come and sit for spell with me and drink tea...

Why i believe in a young earth by ex-evolutionist Dr.Grady McMurtry Part 1

The Last Generation

I just spent some wonderful time listening to prophecy nuts speak about signs and times.

I'm fired up.

Anyone who has read the Bible is aware of the prophecies, some fulfilled (most of the ones in the Old Testament) and some yet to be fulfilled. (Some in the Old Testament, some in the New.)

There are all sorts of theological interpretations ---exegesis, eisegesis-- (Look it up!) drawing out, coloring in...

Taken all together, the Bible has some amazing things to say; commands to live by, stories of human corruption and defeat, Christ's history, and descriptions of things to come.

It's God's way of communicating with his little creations---humans---and we stand amazed at our position in the Grand Scheme of God's Universe.

Because we, though tiny, are significant. God loves us. His prophecies are comforting to us and bring us deep peace.

When the world seems crazy we stand rooted in the grand scheme. We watch.

When things look the worst, we are told to LOOK UP, for our redemption draws nigh. That is a hopeful admonishment!

Two things I can pass on to you from my time at the prophecy conference will encourage you.

One of the speakers talked about a clock face. Metaphorically speaking, the clock's hour hand can represent Israel, the minute hand, Jerusalem, and the second hand the third temple.

When we see Israel, the nation, existing, Jerusalem (the eternal city of God) rightly positioned, and preparation for the temple to be rebuilt ongoing we know that prophetic events are unfolding before our eyes. It's a good picture. The hour is late.

Another speaker spoke of the three trees Jesus tells us about: The Vine, the Fig, and Olive.

The Vine represents the spiritual life of Israel. The Fig tree represents the nation/land of Israel. The Olive tree is a symbol of the religious life of the Jewish people.

Gentiles can be grafted in, or a part of both the Vine and the Olive tree. Only those of Jewish descent can be the Fig tree. Gentiles and those who are believers in Jesus Messiah can OBSERVE the fig tree, but they do not belong to that entity. The Fig tree is the nation of Israel, revived and blooming after thousands of years. Jesus said that when the fig tree bloomed his coming was AT THE DOOR. Read Matthew 24.

You can read it for yourself. He cursed the fig tree in Mark 11. The nation of Israel was dispersed, and the time of the Gentiles began. Now the nation of Israel is back, (by miraculous means---read accounts of the wars over the last 70 years!) and the "fig" is blooming, literally. The prophecy is fulfilled.


When He calls the dead in Christ with a shout, and we (believers) are then caught up to meet Him in the air, all hell breaks loose on planet earth.

Israel begins a time of seven years referred to in Daniel as "Jacob's Trouble."  Jesus called it the great tribulation. The world will be saying the words "Peace and Security---Peace and Safety" and everyone will be glad that the pesky "intolerants" ---those who think (know!) Jesus is the only way to restore relationship with God---will be GONE.

Satan, who hates Israel, will turn his powers against the Jewish people (It's all in the Bible, friends) and they will practically be annihilated by the end of the seven years.

Those who choose to follow Christ during that time will be killed, or if they are somehow able to survive they will not be a part of the global economy that exists then.

Why do you think Evangelicals are so against globalism? We see the workings and infrastructure of a powerful world ruler taking shape. We are buying time in hopes that MORE will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That people would be BORN AGAIN! (John 3)

And, BTW, the world ruler I referred to is NOT Yeshua, Jesus Messiah, the Christ! He is against Christ! He is Anti-Christ! He will have unprecedented power, and the world will look to him for salvation. He is an impostor.

Those who follow Him will perish.

So look around, friends. Jesus is at the door. The generation which has seen the blooming of the fig tree is here, now. Do we have eighty years? Fifty? Forty? Ten? One?

Will the catching away of believers occur today?

Prophecy is remarkable. It's good to understand it, and it's good to have a blessed HOPE in Jesus Christ, the bridegroom.

I just love how eager He is to come for us.

"I go to prepare a place for you, and if I go, I will come again, and receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you may be also!"

Jesus is the best. There is no one like Him. I am down on my knees in my spirit before His wonderful love and goodness.

What a privilege to carry everything to Him----

Pray for salvation!
The time for escape from the wrath God is going to pour out on the earth is so brief.

It's not business as usual! We are at the door of huge change.
Find your peace and your safety in Jesus Christ. The United Nations has no clue what true peace and safety is though they speak of it endlessly. True peace is found in Jesus Christ alone.

Cry out to Him! He is waiting with loving and open arms to save you! You must simply believe and turn from your sin.

Confess Christ, and you will be filled with His Spirit, your spirit will be born again, and you will be His priceless child with eternal joy.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018

It Saddens Me

IF there is one thing that saddens me personally, aside from all the sin and darkness in the world, it is the lack of interest young folks show in the Bible.

It appears that many enjoy the fellowship, the issue discussion, the music, the camaraderie of "church," yet they are unwilling to get to the nitty-gritty of the deeper aspects of God and His dealings with mankind.

It must be reckoned with.

Sin. Repentance. God's Character. Prophecy. Judgement. Power.

When one grapples with these things one can focus on love, compassion, and good. It flows naturally out of an understanding of God's heart, at least what humans are capable of!

Because God is beyond our comprehension in all ways. As Paul suggested in his writings, things unspeakable...

When one gets caught in the mire of human reasoning, theology, and spiritual distraction the devil knows he has won the battle. There is a lack of understanding that leads to fruitlessness.

That, my friends, is a the real test of Christ's love. You will be known by your fruits.

What is the root that grows the fruit?

A good understanding of Scripture (mind you, not even complete understanding!) will set you on the path to fruitfulness. When you question the Word, when you reason it away from its stated meaning, you lose your fruitfulness.

When you read and meditate on the Word you are tapping into the life-giving sustenance that drives your spiritual effect on others.

When you read the Bible you are immediately struck by the prophecies, what is still to come. So many prophecies have been fulfilled already, even ones in our day and age. (ISRAEL!)

Knowing Biblical prophecy gives a grid to your worldview, to your sanity, to your mental health. As things unfold you are fully aware of the implications, you have perfect peace in the hands of the God who has planned this all out from the beginning of time.

It's powerful. It's truth, and everyone, every young person NEEDS this to live fruitfully.

Alas. It's not been predicted that everyone will believe God. Actually there have been indications that 2/3rds of mankind will eternally perish. One third of the angels fell, but two thirds of mankind will.

That is not in Scripture, but in traditional writings. It would make sense. So many have already perished without the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

So many (it seems almost overwhelming sometimes!) are perishing in their sin, unrepentant, lost. Some actually believe their sin is completely acceptable on all levels.

Signs of the times, "as in the days of Noah"...another prophecy for our times being fulfilled.

What can we do?

We can share the Gospel. We can assure young believers that studying prophecy will greatly help them navigate their lives. We can minister lovingly to anyone who crosses your path. We can live this day, moment by moment, in surrender to the God who made Creation. We can affirm life, love, and righteousness. We can love one another. We can humble ourselves before the Judge of the Universe.

Come on, young people! Study to show thyself approved UNTO GOD! Get into the Word and find your purpose for living.

It will battle suicide, depression, sin, heart-ache, aimlessness, poverty, rebellion. It will bring pure joy.

What are you waiting for?

Olive Tree Ministries, with Jan Markell, holds their annual prophecy conference this weekend in Minneapolis. It's all day on Saturday, 8:30am to around 5:00pm. Consider attending this wonderful event, and find your reason for living.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Motive. It's about Motive

Monday, September 24, 2018


In order to avoid eternity in hell you must repent.

You must put your faith in Jesus Christ. God gives this gift of eternal LIFE to be freely accepted by anyone. He will not force you.

Please trust in Christ. Time is so short.

Jesus mentioned hell more than he mentioned heaven. God is the Creator of all things.

Read Colossians! He made things justly and perfectly.

Repent from your sin and come to Christ.

What can convince you to love your Maker?

Please humble yourself and turn away from sin. Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

Atheist Dies & Goes to Hell... Turns back to Jesus (R$E)

Friday, September 21, 2018

Ephesians 4 by Martin Luther:

Weisungen für das neue Leben

25 Darum legt die Lüge ab und redet die Wahrheit, ein jeder mit seinem Nächsten, weil wir untereinander Glieder sind. 
26 Zürnt ihr, so sündigt nicht; lasst die Sonne nicht über eurem Zorn untergehen 
27 und gebt nicht Raum dem Teufel. 
28 Wer gestohlen hat, der stehle nicht mehr, sondern arbeite und schaffe mit eigenen Händen das nötige Gut, damit er dem Bedürftigen abgeben kann. 
29 Lasst kein faules Geschwätz aus eurem Mund gehen, sondern redet, was gut ist, was erbaut und was notwendig ist, damit es Gnade bringe denen, die es hören. 
30 Und betrübt nicht den Heiligen Geist Gottes, mit dem ihr versiegelt seid für den Tag der Erlösung. 
31 Alle Bitterkeit und Grimm und Zorn und Geschrei und Lästerung seien fern von euch samt aller Bosheit. 
32 Seid aber untereinander freundlich und herzlich und vergebt einer dem andern, wie auch Gott euch vergeben hat in Christus.

This just seems to have more oomph.

Ephesians 4

20 But ye have not so learned Christ;
21 If so be that ye have heard him, and have been taught by him, as the truth is in Jesus:
22 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts;
23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;
24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness.
25 Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.
26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:
27 Neither give place to the devil.
28 Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.
29 Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.
30 And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.
31 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:
32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you.

The Last Shift

Tonight is my last shift working at the Deli at the local grocery store. The store closes for good on October 1, but the deli is closing tonight.

I have so many thoughts about this small milestone.

I came out of housewifery two years ago. My son had a chronic illness, cancer, and the medical costs were eating our savings. That, and a move to a more pricey home---from one completely paid off. We had wonderful health insurance, but cancer is expensive. You try different health foods, you pay for the gas for multiple trips downtown (parking was covered by a generous donor at the clinic----you know those big fundraisers hospitals put on?) Still, there were sometimes parking costs. We bought a car that was easier to fit into downtown parking...

We graduated from the full sized van.

We could not have done cancer without our close family and friends. They were our lifeline to sanity and ease financially.

We're through with those expensive days now, we hope. The hotels at the Mayo Clinic, the meals eaten out those nights with no time to prepare something at home...

One friend gave us a gift card to the Holiday Gas Stations. That was so thoughtful! We usually buy our gas at Costco, (cheaper) but it was fun to stop for coffee on occasion.

Gifts of $20, $50, even $500 and $1,000 were breathing room for us.

So much is not covered by insurance. You know that. I am SO thankful for generous friends.

So hi-ho, hi-ho, it was back to work I went.

The Deli was a place nearby, with much local color. It was a great job for an introvert like me! I worked alone in the big old kitchen, oven frying chicken, making salads, waiting on customers. I had time to think and plan, breathe, grieve, dream.

The store is a place I've known my whole life. Every single customer tells me how sad they are to see the store close. The little town it is in sorely needs a grocery store!

Margaret worked there too, sometimes we helped with covering each other's shifts. She is a coffee maven, working also at Caribou Coffee, a Minnesota coffee shop, so her experience in the food industry far out-measures mine. She started at the Deli after her return from France. A few weeks ago we had a conversation about crabby customers.

We get them from time to time, people who believe you are not worthy of their glorious condescension. It may be a snobby business man or woman wearing the expensive polo shirt or designer heels. It might be a life-hardened face sick of dealing with anyone or anything. You can spot them right away, and you sink into subservient mode. Don't think the people who serve you don't read you like a book! We do.

Your manners and your demeanor really do communicate.

I'm glad I've had this experience. I've learned so much, and I've learned to be kinder. I've learned to be careful about people. I've learned that a red-faced messy old guy who probably drinks way too much needs a kind word and his eyes light up with a little joke or pun.

I've learned that kindness matters.

I knew it before, but I've seen it demonstrated now. There was so much opportunity to SERVE.

I won't miss my weekends being tied up. Subbing will hopefully fund all the things we still need to manage.

I'm studying for the GRE now. I hope to take it in December. When Greek Class is done with its first session.

BACK TO SCHOOL again, and it's okay. I've learned some life lessons and I've gained a ton of confidence with my own cooking skills!

I can make an incredible potato salad, folks...


I must confess that I harbor ill feelings for leftists these days. They are so hard to love.

But God says we must love them. When they swear, when they're "ugly" -----(not physically,  but in spirit) when they treat you like dirt.

When they talk around your assertions and ignore your reasoning. 

But then, the spirit is only able to witness to itself. Leftists affirm murder, whether it is through abortion or socialism.

There is no meeting in the middle on this. The spirit speaks, and gives evidence of itself in all things.

Please, Lord Jesus! Help me obey you and love -----

Lucianne 9/21/2018 On the article "Mistaken Identity?"


Reply 2 - Posted by: LadyHen, 9/20/2018 7:10:26 PM     (No. 11765720)
And men and women write articles and wail and gnash teeth on WHY oh why young men aren´t more forward, why aren´t they asking women out on dates and chatting up gals like they used to? WELL DUH!

Don´t think this kind of stuff, and overzealous HR departments run by feminists, and #MeToo doesn´t have a chilling effect on young men now.

All a woman has to do is make an unsubstantiated accusation and your life as a husband, father, a man, your career, your financial future, your everything is over.. gone.

If it can happen to Judge K, it can happen to any man. "

A comment on Lucianne this morning. Truth. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Come Lord JESUS!

Come Lord Jesus!

Save your Children from the evil one!

Make us your light, your witnesses unto the ends of the earth

We are waiting, Lord,

We have oil in our lamps, we have the Holy Spirit who reassures our spirits that we belong to the Father in Heaven, creator of heaven and earth.

Thankful hearts today, for your blessings, your care, your protection.

May God be glorified!

Life, Ongoing

I spent the last three days being an art teacher at the high school. Everything went really well, and I'm getting to know so many of the students. It's been rewarding.

Cherie has morphed into a VARSITY cross country runner since I last wrote, and that has been amazing! She has improved her times and helped her teammates place better. It's been such a fun season so far! Many more meets to go----

We've had family visiting. My sister-in-law, gardener extraordinaire, brought tomatoes and cucumbers from her Iowa acreage. We took her and my brother-in-law to the wonderful ice cream place in Mound--Lost Lake Creamery. It's closing this weekend for the winter, but next summer you can try it out!

Last Friday Cherie and I drove to Albert Lea, Minnesota to have "The Tabernacle Experience" at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds. We met friends there---

This is a travelling exhibit that replicates the original tabernacle in Exodus. I really didn't know what to expect, but it was very moving for me. I came home with home-school material, a beautiful necklace that is fashioned like the high priest's breastplate, and a CD of beautiful Hebrew praise music. I'm playing this music in my car, and I LOVE IT.

Last year I learned the Otiot, the ancient Hebrew picture alphabet. I do have a desire to learn languages, as they are the way humans (and God) communicate. Our church has begun a Bible Institute recently and the first class they offered is an introduction to Greek. My husband and I signed up and last evening was the first class.

My husband took three semesters of Greek at Wheaton College, so for him it's a review. I'm pretty fresh. This week's assignment is to learn the alphabet and 26 words. Let's see if I can do it. It took me all year to memorize the Otiot.

Image result for otiot

I guess I'll really have to study this week!

The Corgi Hollows History Day is fast approaching. It has rained and stormed all week here, which keeps things unaccustomedly green.

I hope we have clear skies on October 13, the big day, but as I said----rain or shine! We'll have a rip-roaring time ;)

Email me at corgihollows@gmail.com for information.

Meanwhile it drips today. The cats wanted out but accepted the invitation to come back in shortly after. This is a day to catch up, write, and plan!

Two big birthdays to celebrate this weekend, with friends and family, an organ concert (Michael Barone's  Pipedreams  35th Anniversary at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie) and the LAST SHIFT at the Deli!

Time passages. Life just keeps rolling along.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Gospel Truth

Yesterday my mom and I talked about sharing the Gospel. She was saddened by the lack of response to the Good News and asked why it even matters to share it when no one is listening. She asked me why I persisted in saying the same thing over and over.

I have asked myself that many times. It seems like it's not worth it. There is so little feedback.

But I have found that over the years, as a Bible-carrying student in high school, a Sunday School teacher, a missionary, a Good News Club teacher, a teacher/mom raising children, and now someone involved in jail ministry---the Gospel can be new and fresh each time you share it.

It never gets old. There are always nuances to emphasize. There may be completely different people around. If it is the same people there are different circumstances to address.

Someone has noted that it takes several exposures to the Truth before someone accepts it, usually. It may be a quick conversation, or a snatch heard on the radio. It might be a tract. Any one of these things could convince someone to convert to belief in Christ, but more often it is a combination of these things.

When I write on this blog I always start out with an issue that's on my mind. I end up with the hope that is in me in Christ Jesus, because that is the most important thing.

We all need to practice sharing Christ! The more you do it, day in and day out, you will be accustomed to it, eating---breathing---sleeping the Gospel! It's practice that makes perfect, and what should you be perfecting?

As believers we should be perfecting sharing Christ.

Yes, it is offensive to people. You always have to check if you are the offense, or the Gospel. You shouldn't be the offense. The Gospel is inherently offensive.

So, I make no excuse for continuously pointing to the Gospel. I am praying for many people whom I know do not know Christ, but I have links to them one way or another: family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, students, and those I meet online.

And God knows who is really listening, who is being touched by just that particular message, argument, or line of reasoning. God in his infinite wisdom chose us weaklings to deliver the truth.

What really matters? Politics? Events? History? Art? Music?

Every single thing on this earth is eclipsed by Faith. Faith is something that matters in all areas. It is the vital link to joy.

So I will continue to harp on. I will continue to practice sharing Christ. I will keep it up, and I will keep praying that I will not grow weary or discouraged. I know that I am to be obedient to my God, and He has commanded me to share the Good News.

How about practicing with me?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


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A Gift of a Day

We had planned to go camping. It's Labor Day weekend, and Fort Ridgely beckoned. I haven't camped since Ed was diagnosed with leukemia four years ago.

But storms were forecast, and we just didn't have the gumption to set up a tent in pouring rain.

Instead we drove to Fort Ridgely, had a picnic with my in-laws, hiked with Corwyn up and down the steep valley of the Minnesota river and got back in the truck the minute the deluge began!

We drove home in rain, and went to bed early.

I had my first substitute call while I was away, and since I couldn't respond I missed the job. Today is the first day of school. I don't have any real regret, as I needed a day at home.

There are so many things happening----Cross Country, the deli closing, projects, cleaning, pets to care for, people to help, schedules to manage! SCHOOL!

I have a friend who is going through a terrible trial right now. Please pray for her.

Hummingbirds are being driven away from their feeders by honeybees. I couldn't believe all the Monarch butterflies I saw at Fort Ridgely. It was impressive. Honeybees, too. They were all feasting on Goldenrod.

I expect the hummers and butterflies to depart soon. There is nothing so amazing as the migration of creatures in the animal world. It is always so astoundingly complex and next to impossible!

Psalm 50:11 I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine.

That verse comforts me. The NIV says insects, not wild beasts. They are included, for sure.

God takes care of His animal kind.

Mankind is the reason for the terrible mass death among different species all over the earth---ocean life, birds, insects! Sin affected the animal kingdom as surely as it affected humans. I am so thankful that God will redeem the earth and its animal kind as well as those of us who love and serve Him! The promise is there, in Scripture. I don't curl up and weep when I see the devastation. I hate it, but I know there is hope.

We are called to be stewards and we obey God in all His goodness. But we are realists, knowing that the earth is suffering from sin.

Today I need to steward my time. Laundry, organizing, and maybe a bike ride or swim later on.

Family is visiting from the east coast, so I want to be free for fun and games too! 

A day is a gift. I think we substitute teachers get this on a whole different level!

And so the school year begins...

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy

I'm reading a fascinating and fully researched book by Gary Wayne.

I don't feel like I can believe everything he writes in the book, but there are some interesting ideas!

I'm thoughtfully considering his information.

Here's something that makes sense that I had not considered before:

Fallen angels are not demons. Demons are the disembodied spirits of the offspring of the creatures mentioned in Genesis six. They are constantly looking for something to indwell, they are spiritual entities that can torment, abuse, and hurt. There are also ranks of angelic beings, too. Satan/Lucifer was a Seraph. Seraph has links to Serpent in the Hebrew.

Do you believe in the supernatural? Do you believe in the spiritual?

There is far more to it than we can even imagine.

What do you think of that? 

Blog Readers:

It's fun to find out who is reading my blog. I just see counts, not who, but I will mention things and there are certain people who perk right up and say "I know, I read that---"

And there are others, who you'd think MIGHT actually be interested.....who have no clue what I am writing.

It lends itself to being a bit more open about things.

As you know, I am extremely careful about names and places. I try to be vague when it comes to certain things that may reveal identities or specifics.

General things like cities or parks are fair game, or politicians. But I try to protect my own people.

I do not plan to reveal any specifics, but I do feel a greater sense of freedom about what I can write here. People that have had an impact on me in my life are truly fair game!

(I won't mention names!)

Sometimes there are negatives, and those shape our worlds more often than positives!

In any book there is a protagonist and an antagonist. Antagonists are interesting and necessary.

Cherie and I were discussing "Emma" by Jane Austen. Jane Fairfax is an interesting "antagonist." She is disliked openly by the heroine of the story, yet the reader feels that the author is definitely on her side.
It's a twist of literature that lends to the interest of the story.

Perhaps I can present "antagonists" in the same way---because I truly care about many "antagonists" in my life.

It's an interesting time to identify your antagonists. Politics is polarizing, and over the horrid Obama years I felt that people still interested themselves in ongoing friendships and relationships.

Trump became president and all the pretense came down. Leftists don't just hate Trump. They hate anyone who can see the good of what he is doing! The masks of civility came off.

People who once were interesting acquaintances, family, even friends are alien since the election.

It is a loss we will have to bear.

Perhaps it is a gift from the LORD, a way to cull the people of influence in life, those that don't or should not merit your interest or time.

WE are called to preach the gospel. That is a command to keep from Christ Himself. If people don't respond to that we are COMMANDED to leave. Shake the dust off your feet.

YES there is grief, yes, there is loss! Losing relationship is always painful, and should be! God knows this!

But there is also a command to go on, and follow the LORD.

Trump gave an interesting prophecy to evangelical leaders a week ago. It was supposed to be private, but someone recorded him. He warned the Christians that the attacks that have been so merciless on him will transfer to evangelical Christians if leftists regain any political power.

Fascinating. We are to prepare for persecution on a whole new level!

Persecution for believers is a given. We should expect it, and bring it to Christ. He understands and He will give the grace and strength to get through it.

We true believers hold the Rapture to be the Blessed HOPE that will whisk us away from such hardship, but the Rapture actually whisks us away to a marriage supper with Christ, the Bridegroom! It preserves us from the wrath of God that will fall on the earth before Christ and His bride return at the Second Coming to begin a 1,000-year reign on earth, where Christ Himself walks and rules.

It's in the Bible.

Simple, plain reading of the text will take you to this interpretation. One female pastor (I know, a travesty!) asked me "What's Plain reading?'

It's when YOU read the text and YOU see the words, and YOU get the message from the text.  You are not filtering it through some theologian, some scholar, some powerful personality.

It's YOU reading it. Don't be so afraid to READ the BIBLE, and ask God to HELP YOU understand it.

Trust God! The Bible is His word, His message to you!

Read it Genesis to Revelation and receive a special blessing. I try to read it through every year, and GOD HAS BLESSED ME!

God directs each facet of my entire life! He convicts me of my sin, He helps me overcome. He provides for me lavishly, things I could never have even hoped for! He is a generous Provider!

He requires my obedience, and He blesses me. Salvation is just the beginning of His great blessing on my life. I have eternity to look forward to, but the blessings are happening right now! Praise GOD!

Do you think my life is easy? Do you think I have no trouble? I hope that after reading this blog for years now you have seen the trials and tribulations of my insignificant life. I'm insignificant on this earth, but not to my LORD and savior. He loves me.

He's preparing me to be with Him, and that is the single most significant thing in my life. Everything else is just "gravy."

So come with me. Don't look back! Look up to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith! Don't worry about the unbelievers and their politics, their trouble with the world! It doesn't matter!

Love them, serve them, be kind to them, but let them go! OH, have you shared Christ with them? Have they ever heard the plan of salvation? Do they show evidence of the Holy Spirit in their lives?

The fellowship of true saints is a beautiful thing, and it unites souls all around the entire earth! It's amazing.

If you are reading this and you have not humbled yourself and repented before your Maker, please do. So much awaits you as His child.

Don't wait. Follow Christ today. He is the LORD GOD, Maker of Heaven and Earth! He is worthy of your adoration and your obedience. He is the reason for everything, and the only true reason for life.

Don't let Satan trick you out of eternal joy.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

For Eight Years

For eight years liberals and leftists put their fingers in their ears and ignored the cries of the independent, libertarian, and Republican voters.

Now the tables are turned and their screams of frustration and filth are difficult to hear. The temptation is certainly to ignore them and merrily traipse down the lane la-la-la-ing to drown out their voice.

I am trying to see things fairly, but I do not sense any attempt to meet halfway.
It's futile. The pendulum swings and things never stay the same. Obama had his time, now Trump.

My advice is to quietly wait this period out.
Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were victims of their own doing.
Trump will probably follow suit.