"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Books We Recommend

A Praying Life, by Paul E. Miller
A book on how to pray, and prayer's effectiveness

Evidence Not Seen
Darlene Diebler Rose's heart-wrenching story of faith

Sadhu Sundar Singh
Truly a remarkable life

Kristin Lavransdotter
My favorite novel. Epic.

The Real Meaning of the Zodiac
It's what you should know---the stars tell all (and you know me, by now, that I would have nothing to do with astrology)

Heavenly Man
Brother Yun's inspiring saga

Debating Calvinism
A little theology, readable, helpful

Little Owl Indian
Classic favorite, memorable illustrations

The Cost of Discipleship
A must-read for followers of Christ

The Little House Books
American gold

Betsy-Tacy Series
Minnesota gold

Books by Patricia St. John
English gold

The Star  DVD
Again, what you should know about the stars!

When Life Comes Undone
T.J. Addington's touch with death and fear, and God's faithfulness in overcoming

Yoga Uncoiled ---DVD
What you  need to know about Yoga, but you don't want to know about yoga. Believers are free in Christ---but it's counter-productive to promote Satan's realm, which yoga does. Ask any guru: yoga is Hindu, not Christian.

Discovering the Bible
Excellent guidance for daily Bible Reading! I'm reading it this year.

Mrs. Mike
I read this in seventh grade because my teacher told me I "had to." I MAKE my children read it too.

Sink Reflections
This system of organization is inspiring and DOABLE! I have not the gift of administration, but this book has helped me to keep a handle on my priorities.

Bonhoeffer; Pastor, Martyr, Prophet
Inspiring story for our own time. Fascinating account of civil disobedience.

UFOs What on Earth is Happening? The Coming Invasion
Alright, alright. So it sounds crazy. NOT. This little old book from 1975 is amazing! You've got to read it. Trust me on this. Zola Levitt wrote it, and Zola is now with the Lord. What he says in this book is right on schedule. Don't you love prophecy?????

Trim Healthy Mama
A real plan for real women, for THIS age (not 1950, not 2000), with stunning results. If  I can do it, so can you.