"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Tomorrow I have a funeral to go to.  The person was suffering from cancer and in extreme pain.  She is now thrilled to be in heaven, and I'm sure the service will reflect that joy.  She had Sunday lunch out with her husband and my parents very often after church, so I know she will be missed greatly.  She was a good friend.
We had the most delightful visit from my son, home from college for the first time.  It was good to see him.  He was tired, so he slept a lot.  He got back to the North Dakota border just in time to be safe and sound before the first blizzard of the season rolled in.
Tomorrow my husband has his first job interview since he was laid off in August.  We all have high hopes for this interview.  Pray if you read this!
Tomorrow I bring the treats for the Northern Lights Choral choir practice.  Twelve dozen cookies and some salty snacks. Four gallons of juice.  I was busy today getting ready.  I made pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, (5 dozen) and peanut butter cookies (5 dozen) and I bought some brownie bites to round it all off.  We only have to do it once a year, so it's not so horrendous.
Today we had school and more re-arranging of the house as we prepare to re-do all the floors and paint.  Each day has it's chores.
There must be mention made of the strange wind storm that blew through.  What a storm!  There is a political storm going on too, and and that makes for daily intrigue.  Only a week until the mid-term election.  I know I'm not the only one who can't wait until it's over.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corgi Musings

It's so beautiful this October.  Life for a happy little Corgi who lives for treats and walks could not be better.  Misty's mistress is motivated by the nip in the air to get out more and enjoy the leaves and color.  There are four huge crows that visit the bird feeding station every morning and they are of great interest to the doggie mind.  The crows are welcome, even though they have an undesirable reputation.  The black cat who lives in the house sits on the bay window seat and waits for something to ambush. With increased mouse populations Kiwi kitty has had adventure in the house this fall too.  The humans appreciate his contribution, except when he brings the mouse to bed in the middle of the night to share his joy and prowess.  This is decidedly Unwelcome!
With the carpet ripped out the sound of little dog claws scratching everywhere is filling the house---there is more noise reverberating in this house than ever before.  Tomorrow is shot day for the canines and feline.  Should be lots of fun!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Prophecy Conference

The date has been on the calendar all year long, and this past weekend's conference is always anticipated by my family for weeks before it happens!  Isn't it tremendously exciting to see God working in the world, bringing about His plan for the end times?  I get so excited I can hardly sleep.
First of all, "he who has ears to hear, let him hear." 
The conference is strictly Biblically-based, so anyone who questions the authority of Scripture would not benefit from this type of event.  Just a warning!
The speakers were Dr. David Reagan, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Gary Kah, Mike Gendron, and briefly, Caryl Matrisciana.  Their work is prevalent and easy to find, so I won't waste time trying to summarize each of the lectures.  I want to pass on the excitement of the message they unanimously brought.
So much is happening concerning Israel and the Islamic world: The Ezekiel 38 coalition has begun to form, Israel is once again being blamed for the problems in the Middle East, but with greater vehemence.  All of this was predicted!  Soon Jews may be seeking asylum once again, and with all likelihood it will be the Christians who still believe the Bible that will seek to shelter them. The Dutch Resistance during WWII would be reenacted as events play out in the middle east to eliminate Israel's closest neighbors and anti-Semitic opinion flourishes once again.  Sadly.  Those of us who are lovers of Israel will be called to action, bringing hope and perhaps Spiritual Truth to the suffering victims of this next era.
There was much talk of apostasy within the Christian church.  This is a sign of the end times, as indicated by Christ himself.  Many will cry Lord, Lord;----I never knew you.  What a horrible answer, but too many will hear it.  The message we believers must repeat, over and over, is Repent!  The day of the Lord IS at hand!  Repent before it is too late.
For those of us who love God and have repented, acknowledging Christ's death and resurrection as all sufficient for our salvation the message is, "Love the Lord your God (Yahweh) with all your heart."  Jesus said that if you love Him you will keep His commands.  No, it isn't easy, but it is exactly what we must do.  Guarding our hearts from sin is only possible with the help of the Holy Spirit.  I find it particularly fascinating that the lists of immorality we find in the New Testament usually include disobedience of parents.  If that doesn't get 99% of us I don't know what could!  We will all be convicted of some "pet" sin when we seek to obey the first commandment.  Love of God and sin just don't mesh well.  I refer to Paul's anguish in Romans.  Being a Christian is finding the power to overcome, not excuse.
As we live in a society that seeks to excuse immorality we have indeed entered the "days of Noah." 
Those of us who long for the purity of heaven can feel the gentle breeze of Christ's return, any day now!  Praise God, and Maranatha!
Paul Manz wrote:  Peace be to you and Grace from Him who freed us from our Sin. Who loved us all, and shed His blood, that we might saved be.  Rejoice in Heaven, all ye who dwell there-in! Rejoice on Earth, ye saints below!  For Christ is Coming!  Is coming soon!  For Christ is coming Soon.  E'en so, Lord Jesus, Quickly come!  and night shall be no more.  They need no light, nor lamp, nor sun----For Christ shall be their All. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Today I made a mile-high apple pie.  It's for supper, before we leave for choir.  This week has been one of recovery for my poor husband, who has THE flu.  The rest of us are keeping healthy, and I'm not sure why.  This flu is nasty, and the man who is never sick has been in bed for a week.
Despite the flu we were able to trundle back to Chicago for a college reunion (25 years) and saw many old friends.
I was encouraged.  This class doesn't have many well-known names and faces, but the general group is first class in so many ways.  It was delightful to see God working in people's lives, comparing stories and seeing so many things we still have in common in seeking God's will.  I've been happy-spirited all week, contrary to last week! 
God knows what we need to encourage our hearts and minds. 
Reading lots of books right now: David Breese, "Seven Men Who Rule From the Grave,"  "Sarah's Key,"  "Growing up in Macbeth's Castle,"  a novel by Zane Grey, and another by Louis L'amour, "The witness Lied," and all the books we're doing for school.  Finished "King of the Wind" yesterday.  Love that one each time!
No news on the bees, but they are happily buzzing around a beautiful October garden.  My annuals have withstood the first hard freeze, but the pumpkin vines are done.  The mum/peony garden is a delight to my eyes!  Waves of fall color.  Indoors, the carpet is ripped up and the house is at odds and ends, but the golden glow of October light makes it all pretty.  Looking forward to the new laminate floors throughout the whole house.
No job news yet.  We're hoping for a breakthrough soon!
I hear a woodpecker trying to save our cedar siding from infestation.
Hope he/she doesn't do too much damage! 
Yesterday we all saw a weasel-like creature running around the yard.  Exciting!  Fat and sleek, we weren't close enough to identify it exactly.  Today Misty Corgi came in from her morning outing with bite marks on her nose.  She ran into some unfriendly animal. 
Off to sing------"Be humble,  Be humble Bumblebee!!!"  Very catchy and fun song!