"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Horrible Liar

Michael Goodwin, writing in The New York Post, noted that "if it can be proven that a sitting president used government authorities to spy on a candidate who then became president and orchestrated leaks of classified material, Watergate, by comparison, really would be a second-rate burglary.”

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cherie's New Book:


Getting gas
Milk, bread, and eggs


Vacuum, dust, and wash
Do the dishes


The library book

Check the weather

The pets need...the child cries

Deadlines, travel tickets, preparation, events....

The tethers of our lives keep us in hold, and I've never been more aware of it coming off a quarter of a century with minimal ones. (Home-schooling/Un-schooling)

The boundaries of my week are more defined. I know when to report to work, and some days I'm granted the freedom of not subbing. Like today. I checked my phone last night and didn't get a call in the wee hours, so I began to plan my freedom. I was untethered.

So much to do!

But Corgi Hollows just hums along. Here's the report:

Cheri is busy with track. She got a bad cold, but only has missed one practice thus far. She writes in most of her time, just publishing her second book online with her friend. She's got the bug for writing.

Ed recovers. School has been challenging. He's going to drop one class after all---Statistics----, keeping calculus, English II, and Biology 101. The combination of medications and pain, sleep issues and just learning to walk again after knee replacement mid-semester meant sacrificing his pursuit of stats. For now.

Margaret is in Greece. She's on an island. She watches refugees. She says it is like a prison there, and she feels her life-guarding skills are handy for doing what she's doing---just keeping track of people and their goings-on. One and a half more weeks until we see her. It's been since September.

I am SO ready to see her.

My husband is the big traveler. Last week it was Las Vegas for a Federal Energy Regulation Committee fandango. Coming up is another jaunt to Indiana. Believe me, he's keeping your lights on.

The house (it was a foreclosure) has revealed its new needs for this year. Home ownership is one continuous project. Right? Gas meters need changing, sinking walkways need attention. All that with the early springtime yard clean-up. This non-winter was a blessing for us, even with the sad loss of cross-country skiing.

Misty is buried next to Kiwi. I went to adopt a rescue Corgi at a private humane society. The people there must be the guardians of the Universe, as they would not release this 7 year old Corgi to a home with any other pets. It "chases" them, they said.

Yes. Corgis do tend to herd. They are herding dogs.

I'm not giving up on her. I still think there may be a way to convince these PETA types that we really would love this Corgi and give her the most wonderful life she's had yet...


I was at the jail on Sunday. The women there were anxious to hear about Ed. The ones that come to our Pilot Outreach meetings are truly seeking change in their lives, and most have become believers. They pray. It gets them through their sentences of four or five years without sunlight.

This is a high security facility, and they can stay there for several years. No, there isn't any time outside, nor windows. It really is horrible for them. My heart goes out to them.

It's the system. County jails aren't meant for long term sentences. The prisoners get caught in the system, though, and there they sit.

Bringing the only hope they really have, Jesus, is what keeps them able to go on. I'm moved every time I go on Sunday nights. If you have ever considered jail ministry, DO IT!

I realize it isn't for everyone. Getting locked up for the evening isn't everyone's cup of tea.

It has always been a blessing for me, though. God blesses ME.

The Deli. I'm happily confident in my ability to make sandwiches and slice meats. I know how to fry chicken like a pro. (It's the best chicken in town, I'm told over and over again!) The salads are tempting. The customers are engaging. It's a most interesting place to analyze people. (I hope they never catch on to me!) Everyone needs to eat, and this deli is an equalizer. Do some people know how officious they act?

There are the jokers, the harried, the self-important. There are those who are shy.
People are so interesting.

Subbing. I've subbed every grade but third now. I've had third graders in other classes, like special ed and music. I've taught art, Industrial Art, science, English, math. I do love teaching music. I've taught history/government, business, accounting. I got to sub in the Future Farmers of America classroom a week ago.

I learned all about the meat industry and butchering, the Chicago stock yards, with the students. Fascinating. I'm more appreciative of the meat I'm slicing and frying at the Deli now!

Friends and family have been so generous to us. WE are grateful. Our lives are somewhat out of balance right now, much like Ed and his new ability walking----

We depend on you all to help us get through this. We are so thankful for you.

Your prayers are effective. I told this story to the prisoners on Sunday, but I want to journal it right here on Corgi Hollows. It must be remembered!

I had been asking for prayer for Ed and his surgery, his recovery, many specifics concerning this big step for him.

Last Thursday he went back to the oncology clinic to resume chemotherapy for his leukemia. It was a scheduled spinal tap/lumbar puncture. Methotrexate goes to the brain via the spinal cord. He gets a spinal every three months.

I did not ask for my praying friends to pray that morning. I know that Ed is on some people's daily prayer list, and that is AMAZING and SO appreciated. I do ask for "extra" prayer going into special procedures like lumbar punctures.

I did not that morning. (I'd been asking too much lately, right?)

And it did not go well. Multiple pokes and a blood vessel hit. Pain.
Please understand, the professionals at the clinic are wonderful. I do not blame them. I know that there is risk in EVERY procedure!

But I KNOW that God has the glory in everything, and every moment, every action. When we leave prayer out of the equation we are in some inexplicable way at a disadvantage.

I know this. I've experienced it.

So I put out the cry for prayer that afternoon. "Please pray for a good night!"

God answered prayer. Ed had a great night. Even with back pain, and the fear of spinal head-ache!
God gets the credit for His great help.

You get the credit for praying for Ed! So many thanks.

Prayer works.
I know.

I testify to the power of prayer and God's hands.

Ed has two more lumbar punctures to go, and I will be requesting prayer those days. Mark my words! I'm tethering myself to them.

Thank you for checking in!