"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, May 25, 2015


The wonderful thing about God is that He is Just, and we all have eternity to experience His justice. Some of us will also get his mercy, not by our merit, but by His loving grace.

This helps me view an unjust world very differently.

My choice to put my faith in Christ sealed His grace on me. He drew me, I followed. My world is wrapped up with a bow...eternity a given.

Christ Jesus be praised.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015



You Heard It:


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lilacs for a new abode

Corgi at home

Bedroom views

Dinner will be served

Cooks welcome

Cozy ...

Porch refreshment



Come sit awhile...


Neigh-bors :)

Corgi Hollows

Yes, We Are Moving

I am almost speechless with my astonishment at everything happening in our lives these days.

I want to post photos of our new abode but I don't have my computer right now, and my phone is my only means of blogging.

All I can say is that our days are full and our nights quiet...from exhaustion. Today is a rest day, so I'm catching up on things some, but this week will be very busy.

I am blessed.

Ed is doing alright. He had another week of steroids so he'll have some pain with withdrawal to expect.

Our church family was incredible this past weekend as they helped move heavier and ungainly furniture for us.

So thankful for our special friends who showed up to help for the weekend too.

God is so good.

The lilacs are in full bloom here. Envy us Minnesotans. It's practically paradise.

Until soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Jesus Word:


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time to Reflect

...doesn't happen often these busy days.

We got home from Oklahoma yesterday,  a much enjoyed brief trip to see Jim and his beautiful wife. We braved tornadoes,  floods, and hail...always missing the worst. My little red car got a few tiny dimples from hail, but minor damage.


Jim is graduating at the top of his class again. We are very proud of him. They had a change of assignment, and now they are headed to the southwest in a few weeks.

We had dinner at a Greek restaurant,  run by a Lebanese genius,  who is a Christian. Adam's Greek Cuisine. Totally delicious! I recommend! (Lawton, Oklahoma)

We met their gorgeous dog, a purebred German Shepherd, and walked around the field artillery museums. We found Geronimo's grave. Ed and Cherie swam with them in the pool, and a sweet memory was made.

As much as I would love to visit the Pacific Northwest and Joe and his wife soon, even this summer, there is little likelihood.

We are in the middle of moving.

So far we have a few boxes, a couple beds, and some tables and chairs moved. Our books and bookcases have yet to be attempted.

With a spinal tap for Ed early tomorrow morning,  we will not be doing much moving tomorrow. The rest of the week is crazy: move beds, kitchen, sectional, desks, and clean up everything.

We are not attempting to move stuff from the garage until the house is free of everything we are keeping.

It's exhausting to make decisions about everything, but I keep telling myself that I am getting my house in order for Christ's return. It's inspiring.

The views from the new place have already captivated Margaret's heart. She is busy with finals,  struggling to stay motivated even through the week.  Never has summer break been more welcome.

Summer employment changes will come as we face the obstacles of working with a long commute.

One thing at a time.

For those of you who are not looking for an epic fall, prophecy-wise, I'd encourage you to begin looking now.

As one fascinated by the new world order, I'm seeing things unfold toward that daily.

People who mock the Bible and God's infinite law will find themselves perishing in His wrath. Repent! The kingdom of heaven is truly at hand.

People who mock those of us who adhere to Biblical belief will easily succumb to the teachers of the new order, falling quickly under their rule.

So conditioned are the "sheep" to follow the intellectuals that there will be barely a bleat of protest.

If you think the liberal agenda is the "cat's pajamas" you will be sorely disappointed.  If you think "conservatism" will balance the liberal whackos, think again. This is only a political game.

God laughs at the the schemes of men.

He has already condemned the whole world. It's going down.

We must believe in Yeshua now, our only hope. It is what He always was...yet life was so much more appealing and easy for most of us formerly, even for those living in simpler cultures. Jesus was just a part of our lives, not everything.

Disasters and poverty, war and want have always plagued the human race. Catastrophes came and went, reducing population and restructuring societies.

The big game played on.

Now there is an urgency for us to be ready for big change.

The Bible is the most reliable authority we have and a map book to the timeline of history. Events are playing out and the trumpets of warning are blasting for those who have ears to hear.

When Obama made fun of Michelle Bachmann the other day I recoiled in horror at his flippant assertion. Does he realize his unique position on the timeline of history? Oblivion only hurts.

I feel he is not oblivious. He must have intelligence that encompasses the spiritual as well as the political power play.

Will the eternal condemnation of many souls be on his head?


That's what is playing out, friends. We mind our own business,  prepare for the inevitable,  and help others to see the truth of God's plan for mankind. He interacted with the human race in the time of Noah. He's promised to do the same type of thing again.

Get your house in order. September's coming!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015