"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little Kim Hill Tonight

It's been a busy week.

One trip to the clinic last week, one planned for this week.  Next week Ed will be admitted to the hospital. The chemotherapy that he is to receive is so strong that he needs "rescue drugs" at the ready. Also, he will be carrying a back-pack pump which infuses IV fluids into his port even at home.

Fun times. (:/)

No, I'm not looking forward to this next "phase." It is going to last two months, with four hospitalizations.

So these two weeks of rest have been splendid.

Thank you, readers, for your kind letters of encouragement. You brought me to tears, thankful for your prayer, thankful for your kind words. You blessed me. It is a joy to know that you are praying.

Over the weekend there were many activities. Ed went camping with my husband. This was a sort of victory for him. Since we left the Boy Scouts due to their new policies last fall Ed has mourned the loss of fellowship with other boys, but even more he missed the camp-outs which occurred almost monthly.

Because he was ill last year we didn't get the camping equipment out once.

They went to Fort Ridgely, near Fairfax, Minnesota. The weather was perfect. They took just the pup-tent, and that was enough for one clear night.

Wildlife was minimal. The coyotes were quiet. (They must have moved up here!)

After journeying home the afternoon was taken with honey harvest.      

One hundred twenty pounds of raw pure delicious honey! We're selling it for $10 / lb., and that isn't enough to cover costs. We are a small "operation"---and the bees are kept primarily for the good of the environment.

Of course we keep some honey for ourselves...and for my parents on whose land the bees live. If you want some, leave a comment. I can ship it to you. It's going fast...

It's wonderful stuff.

Honey harvest is always a little stressful. The weather must be warm enough for maximum viscosity, and it should be done indoors because the local bees are very interested in the product.

The LORD gave us an unusually warm day yesterday for the end of September. (Thank you Lord!) And the honey came out well. The extractor flings the honey out of the beeswax cells.

Ed helped with the whole operation, and we're all glad it's done for the year. Now my husband can look forward to bedding the bees down for winter sometime this fall. The stress of getting the honey harvested is over.

This weekend is Jan Markell's prophecy conference. It's in Eden Prairie, and we plan to take a van-load of interested folks. Won't there be much to discuss this year??

Those of us who have been watchers for years observe all the new prophecy buffs with interest! Yes, it's okay to show your interest. Things are unfolding so fast now it's almost like reading aloud from Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, and Ephesians! We are truly appointed for "such a time as this."

Yesterday was my niece's birthday, and she was visiting from Connecticut. It was fun to have birthday cake with her and her friends! Cherie and I got to see them.

Margaret struggles with school and work, changes, and family stress. I think she is wonderful, but this early semester anxiety seems to get her down. Remember her in your prayers.

Cherie got glasses last week and I had trouble figuring out who she was a few times! She claims to love them. I think they are cute.

My oldest son is about to finish up at his officer's training school. He and his wife will be moving to Washington, finding jobs and a place to live. My great-aunt, who lives out there, says that jobs are easy to find, but housing not so much.

Pray they can find an apartment that allows a dog AND a cat---and that's affordable! God CAN do the impossible!

Our other grown son and his wife are still snug in their place a few miles away from Corgi Hollows, waiting for their move to Oklahoma in January. They will be taking their beautiful new German Shepherd with them.

Our Blackberry needed a visit to the vet last week. Her age is showing, and she's been having problems that a little estrogen is supposed to fix. Let's hope so. It's hard having a dog needing help when the people in the house need more help!

So, tonight:

Ed tried out a new boy's club called "Trail Life." It meets at a monstrously large church in the city across the river from us. He liked it. We'll try to make it a part of his life, as much as possible.

After spending the day cleaning, I'm tired. My husband is in Indianapolis for the week, and last time he was there for business Ed was diagnosed with Leukemia. It's sort of amazing to see how the summer went. It's amazing to see all of the things that have happened at Corgi Hollows in just that time frame!

This is my testimony...

Listen to Kim Hill's memorable songs. They play in my mind on occasion, and tonight I was hearing them again. They encourage me.

And, yes, they are 80's songs---the greatest era.... !

Kim Hill - Testimony

Kim Hill -- Charm is Deceitful

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On My Heart

As Ed has a respite from chemotherapy between the different treatment phases I pause to breathe and evaluate.

My own emotions and moods cough up their blues and anxieties every once in awhile. It's fall, and the year has made a complete circle since our first hints of bipolar disorder. I am a believer in bio-rhythms, that memories surface at different seasons, different dates.

There is relief that we've made a circle of a year, and that we are still here, still functioning, still going forward. All glory to God on that.

Milestones. They help us evaluate, count our blessings.

And there are blessings. We live in a warm eco-friendly house, with an acre of garden around us. We have vehicles that work, electricity to power our 1st-world lifestyle. Food of any desire, clothing to cover a village of people, electronics to amuse and assist, and equipment and tools to foster any hobby or interest. We have music to accompany our activity, music to comfort our spirits, to praise our God.

We have so much. Our sweet pets look to us for their needs, and give so much back to us in love and trust.

And we think about things.

I think about God all the time. This is a heart matter, and I'm writing about that today as the days grow darker, shorter.

It's Jewish new year today.

My mother has been reading Hannah Whitall Smith, and about her. Her ideas as a Quaker were edgy, but within the realm of orthodoxy for the most part. She didn't believe in hell.

I am not one to condemn people for their unorthodoxy. I maintain that God is always the judge, and it isn't my right to judge a soul.

I do judge beliefs though, because we all do. We all have made judgements on what is right or wrong. I believe ignorance is an excuse for heresy up to a point.

After all, we aren't all theologians and seminary students. I'm not, though I can say I've taken a couple of classes at two theological seminaries. Personal study is the ticket for most of God's people. God is the merciful judge.

And yet I keep thinking about heresy, about idolatry, about choosing the broad path that leads to destruction.

I keep thinking about putting another god before God.

I think about Satan's deceptions, his grip on people, and his ability to seem like an angel of light.

I think about the "orthodox" believers who stand firmly within the confines of their theology, be it Reformed, Catholic, or Spirit-filled. Each would find fault with the other, each would claim truth.

So what's a believer to do?

As God cares for the birds and the beasts of the field, He cares more for us.

He leads us in paths of righteousness, for His Name's Sake.

There are a plethora of  "discernment" ministries out there. I read many articles that point out heresy, and I appreciate the concern. I feel that discernment is a much-maligned spiritual gift.

Discerners rain on everyone's parade. Right?

Perhaps discernment ministries step on toes and make us uncomfortable, but they serve a vital purpose in our lives.

We must question the times, the trends, the spirits! We MUST be discerning.

Here is a question I have about Hannah Whitall Smith. As someone who doesn't believe in hell, that God is merciful to all, that trusted Christ Jesus as savior, yet had such personal failure and sadness---exactly what could be determined about her spiritual state?

God is the Judge, and I leave her to Him, but don't we all wonder?

If we make God in our own image, our own idea, defining Him in a way that we can accept----but not what Scripture teaches, WHO IS THAT GOD?

I wouldn't be quick to cast out someone like Smith. I don't know God's heart on this, but I do know she defined Him differently from what I read in Scripture.

I do know her son-in-law was an atheist (Bertrand Russell) and that you can't have your cake and eat it too when it comes to God. It is easy to claim atheism when you don't like the God that you've come to know.

I think many of my contemporaries just resort, (like Smith), to defining God as they like.

Perhaps the appeal of Islam or Hinduism is the definitive description and lack thereof, respectively.

Christianity is a religion of paradoxes. Once we accept that, we can go beyond ourselves. God loves, God judges. God chose, we choose. God is eternal, never beginning, never ending. We are never ending. Creation shows His work, however it may appear to us. His Word is definitive, is reliable, is trustworthy.

How much do you love Him?

Are you willing to see Him as He is, or define Him as you want?

I think about Jesus saying, "I never knew you."

My spirit gives witness that I belong to my Lord and Savior. I trust Him. I believe He is working in my complexities---leukemia, neurological blips and bruises, relationship scars, acute pain, and failures---and using my suffering to draw me to Himself.

Yesterday I was able to meet someone who believes in the Pleiadian race. You know, the aliens from the Pleiades? That he taught his beliefs to a group of school children at a special field trip outing was just a little bit unsettling.

Do know that such beliefs are fair game now in education. Throw out the Judea-Christian worldview and you open the door to demons.

Atheism is just a denial of the spirit and a lack of repentance. Idolatry, far more insidious, is self definition of deity.

I pray I never fall into the trap of idolatry. I pray this for my family and friends too.

Enter discernment.

Don't follow the Pope. Don't follow the guru. Don't follow the Luciferian (who claims to be the true god).

Follow Scripture. Try the spirits.

It doesn't hurt to try the spirits. DO IT.

Trust the Holy Spirit to be your guide, and believe the words of Christ Jesus.

Choose Christ Jesus, come in the flesh, born of a virgin, sacrificed on the cross, risen, alive, at the right hand of God.

Don't risk worshiping an idol.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urgency Noted

As you know, I love to watch prophetic events unfold.

Having said that, and having watched countless signs of the nearing age of tribulation, I just wanted to be sure to make a few things clear.

Jesus is coming. It's apparent that He will come when it is like the days of Noah. He will come and catch us up to be with Him in air.

There is a bridal feast in heaven. Heaven is amazing. Jan Markell had a great program last Saturday on Heaven. I recommend listening to it.

Her conference is coming up on October 4 in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. By all means, beg and borrow to get there. You will not regret the day spent with people who are "in the know."

I have always linked the day of Christ's return to the Jewish feast of trumpets. After all, the Word of God says---the trumpet shall sound!

Malcom Isted has linked the Bible Code to the feast of trumpets 2015. It proves to be a day of significance for the church.

Signs in the heavens, (blood moons, the age of Aqarius, the end of the age of Pisces, fascinating planet conjunctions AND unprecedented unidentified flying object observation) earthquakes (Sweden got hit today with the biggest in 100 years!) increased, tremors, war. The Pope announced WWIII the other day.

More than that is the appearance of Israel, and the miraculous return of the Jewish people to their land. This is a sign of prophetic fulfillment that stands alone.

And what about the new one-world religion, taking shape as I write? What about the one-world economy? The rule of a one-world system?

What about a mark that lets you buy or sell-----and you can't without it?

Technology, travel, knowledge increased. These things are signs. They were clearly written about in the Bible, and people couldn't possibly understand them two thousand years ago.

Now it's simple. Open the newspaper in the morning and mark your checklist of prophecy fulfilled. It's that clear.

So what does it mean?

I think we have a year left. If not, that's that. I just feel an urgency to warn my friends and family that Christ Jesus comes soon.

He's only going to take those who are ready, those bought by His blood sacrifice, payed for with the price of His death on the cross.

We can't do anything to earn our salvation. It's a done deal. God's part of the transaction/covenant is complete.

But perhaps your part isn't.

Have you repented? Have you turned away from sin? Have you placed your faith in Jesus? Have you thanked Him for dying on the cross for your sin? Are you pursuing a life of righteousness, not because it earns you points for heaven, but because it pleases your LORD?

Are you thirsting for the Word of God? Reading it daily? Praying? Crying out to Him to save YOUR friends and family?

You may not have the joy of leading someone to salvation, but every little thing you do or say is drawing those around you to Christ.

You are part of a God-ordained/designed plan to bring people to Christ.

It's a wonderful calling.

If you don't know Christ, the Bible says you are going to perish----just as God said to Adam---You shall surely die.

It took a sacrifice to save Adam. It takes one to save you, too. Jesus did it.

Let's watch what happens this next year. You never know when you are going to die, so don't put off praying for salvation, repenting.

It is appointed man once to die, and after that the judgement. You get ONE CHANCE to get it right.

Satan has sufficiently dumbed down most of the world population to even be unable to read the Bible. He's succeeded way too well with this.

The Bible is the path to salvation. The Word is truth.

It's what you have been looking for all of your life.

So many exciting things going on. Keep your eyes open, and your ears.

To him who has ears to hear....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Me, a Cynic?

Yes, I am. I can be.

I look at the views people have who believe other than I do and I feel cynical. I'm sorry. I just can't easily tolerate what I perceive to be a huge lack of understanding.

Then I remember the things that I don't understand. The things that I haven't learned yet. The views that I hold because they've been proven to me.

I remember that it happens to all of us, and Lucifer knows exactly how to deceive. He's the Father of Lies, after all.

Then I turn to Scripture and read TRUTH. I read ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I turn outside of myself and find the plumb-line of God's Word to measure my views against. What is found wanting MUST be reckoned with.

I can't just ignore it.

Now, more than ever, when time is so incredibly short, we need to know Truth, say truth, be truthful.

Today Ed had to have blood, and we had to cancel a dentist appointment because his neutrophils (ANC) were too low.

He also received two chemo drugs. He makes up things with their names, like they are people he meets. Dr. Vin Cristine, I'd like you to meet Miss Erwinia...

He's got a good attitude still. He's not cynical much, yet. How quickly we could fall into that ditch though.

We attended a benefit event for childhood cancer this past weekend. It was very nice, and I'm sure much money was raised. I am grateful.

I'm still trying to be grateful, because it's still hard to be grateful in a situation like ours. I mean, dealing with bipolar disorder on top of leukemia has its challenges. Daily challenges.

I'm feeling cynical today.

I'm tired of dealing with all of life's irritants, anomalies, and oddities. The eccentricities of my idiosyncrasies wear me out.

Just thought I'd "keep it real" here.

But I'm a person of faith. That really does set me apart. I have super strength, and it really does color my outlook, view, and mood.

I can call on the Holy Spirit to fill me at any time I need. I can't control His response, but He responds in His pure timing.

My trust in His power is an act of will and devotion to Him. He has been my all in all for 48 years. I KNOW He answers. I know He is there. I know that whatever I have to face this year----or any other that I may live, I have the God of the Universe to help me.

This is strength. This is good. This is what life should be.

That is why suffering for a Christian is so necessary. We see His strength in our weakness.

A few years ago I was at a prayer meeting where someone had a word from the Lord. He cried out against all the pride in the church today. Pride is Luciferian.

I'm going to keep referring to Lucifer, as he is trying very hard to take control right now, and he will succeed to a huge extent, especially in the lives of those who don't believe in Christ. Master of Masks, he will come as an angel of light to lead masses to eternal death. The Bible says narrow is the path that leads to life, and FEW find it.

What does that say about our world?

MOST of the world stands condemned. As I see the many killings of inter-islamic factions I just grieve. These people are going to HELL. How horrid. How sad. How wasteful.

How will they hear without a preacher?

And how will WE hear without a preacher? Too many preachers shy from expository preaching. It's exactly what the Church needs right now---not shock value, cool, inclusive, seeker-friendly junk.

The church is dying from starvation----Biblical starvation!

The pulpits should be screaming about prophecy right now! They should be hollering about sin and repentance. Pastors should be digging into whatever book they fancy-----JUST DIG IN, and don't tell us anecdotes ad infinitum!  We are SICK of anecdotes.

Tell us truths!

Go ahead and illustrate your talks, but please keep the Main point the Main point.

I'm seeing bigger screens, more lights, more song, more dance.

And it's a song and a dance to follow the Pied Piper, right on down the road to Hades.
Little children, following blithely and deceived.

Are you in the Word?

You probably aren't getting it in church these days. (I hope and wish you are!)

And pray that I can become less cynical as this week progresses.

Thank you.

Keeping the Shemitah Produces Supernatural Results

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Snakes Alive!

Something interesting to me happened yesterday.

I went to the Andover YMCA to swim. Next to the pool was a huge fiberglass snake. I'd say it was 20 feet long, about 2 feet thick, colorful, head raised, as if creeping.


Disturbing to me.

I heard it is for the "Kids Time" play place, the place parents put their children while they work out. Toddlers and babies and such.

I'm curious to know why they chose a snake for that area. It seems to be a play item, but exactly what does one do on a 20 foot fiberglass snake? Ride it?

Where are the rocking horses of yesteryear?

I couldn't help but wonder if the Kundalini spirit that resides at the base of the spine of all who do Yoga rose up and declared its presence.

Snakes are universally loathed by humans. (That's Biblical, too)

All religions except one revere them, worship them, honor them. The one that doesn't is Christianity.

In Christianity the snake is particularly loathsome. The serpent is representative of Satan, Asmodeus, lust, the dragon. It's not a nice thing. It's evil and deceitful. It is a picture of the opposite side of God's love.

But they are fascinating, and, apparently at one time, strikingly beautiful.

I really don't mind snakes outside, doing what they were created to do, cleaning up vermin and such. They fill a niche in the food chain.

But to put a huge fiberglass icon in the kid's play area just doesn't add up for me.

I wonder if I could pull the "I'm offended" card at the front desk, pointing out that I am a Christian and snakes represent the devil to me. What would they say?

Oh, Oh!! We're sorry!! We won't install it because it is offensive to you.....????

I think not.

I'm glad my youngest is too old to go to Kid's Time anymore.


  Kids Stuff

Monday, September 8, 2014

the beginning of sorrows- MAJOR WORLD EVENT HAPPENING NOW 2014

Fair Time

Oh the sadness of a dying year.

Yes, this time of year is the close of the Jewish year. I think I have always been on Jewish time, as I sense the days shorten and the winter approaching. I cling to the sunshine and the deep blue September sky. The sunflowers and mums are open, the warm colors of autumn everywhere I look.

There is an urgency to get things done, to prepare for hardship.

Projects must be wrapped up, gardens harvested, the house made ready for cold.

This past weekend we drove to Iowa.


 Harvest is coming. Corn is ripe. We gleaned beans, tomatoes and cucumbers from Grandma's and Grandpa's prolific garden plot.

We went to the county fair. The weather was memorable. It was gorgeous, cool, sunny and clear. Ed spent the day riding the rides on the midway. He amazed us all by his tenacity. He wanted to get the most out of his all-day pass. He did.

The rest of us shopped and looked, watched the horse shows and pet the animals. I wonder why the beef cattle have such fluffy haunches these days. It just doesn't look natural! But it sure is cute. It's kind of Corgi-ish. Watching steers get shampooed and blow-dried is really entertaining. The bovines seem to enjoy the attention. Young 4-H'ers glow with quiet pride, caring for their prize winning animals.

The horse people were as much fun to watch as the horses at the horse shows. This fair is really fun to attend, as they've made everything easy to do. The horse shows are free to watch. The horses are top-notch.

Our niece, the beautiful Izzy, was the reigning fair queen, and it was fun to see her in her glory.

Also fun was connecting with good friends and our family.

If only we could make this harvest time trip every year! It seems a fitting end to summer.

When you have a child with cancer, a world going bezerk, a family in transition, and a bunch of other complications, a wholesome county fair is just the ticket to feeling normal. I recommend.

I'm thankful for the gift of the weekend away.

Today Ed started the shot regimen again. He got the 3 shots, and then we found out his platelets were low when he bled overly much from the shot pokes. After a platelet infusion, a talk with the hospital psychologist, and other clinic stuff we got home, exhausted.

We are appreciating the on-going prayer for our situation. Ed has been in elevated moods recently, and he's starting to swing back down. These poles are never easy, but it is a reality with figuring out the perfect combination of medication to stabilize his bipolar condition.

There is a portal of experience that you cross when you've been diagnosed with cancer. Up until then you dread the horrid stuff, never believing or coming to terms with the possibility of having it. When it comes to you, you can't believe it at first. Denial is there in all of us to an extent.

But you have passed that border of cancer. Now you understand. Now you know.

Yes, yes. It's Ed that has the cancer. I'm just the mom. Somehow I feel it in a weird way, like it is a part of myself too.

We must deal with it. No backing out, no negotiation, no option.

On with the school year.

Cherie arrives home tomorrow, we project. She's heading northwards even now, as I write. What tales she'll have to tell! What excitement! Cowboy boots and belts, Native American jewelry and Civil War paraphernalia. Treasures to be sure, to share and admire.

I can't wait to see her.

Margaret turned over another birthday this golden weekend. She blossoms. What a gift she is to me, to all of us.

I broke the barrier of inertia today by going to the YMCA to swim for the first time in about 5 months. Terrible lack of exercise! I had to go, as my back was in bad shape. For you new readers... I broke my back years ago. It's a constant reminder of my accident with the beautiful horse I loved growing up.

It felt great to swim again, but I must have dropped my gorgeous necklace there at the Y, the one my son and daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas! I couldn't find it in my bag this evening when I looked for it. I'm going back tomorrow to try to find it. Pray I do.

Little things. Things you do in twelve hours at a time. That's our framework, and that's our plan.

I've got green beans to freeze. 
Getting ready for winter, here.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Unexpected in September

Ed went to the clinic this morning to get his port accessed for the next round of ARAC, a chemo drug that I've been giving him at home.

His blood counts revealed a low hemoglobin----back to 7.3 again!


Tomorrow a blood transfusion is scheduled. Another one.

Best to play it safe.

No wonder he took his mowing job slow yesterday, and he looked pale this morning. I still can't get used to this cancer thing.

I did have my cry on Sunday, which, once it started, was hard to turn off. It really was like a spigot of sadness, and a leaky faucet.

Today I'm back in the saddle, back to a fighting feeling. The clinic gave us tickets to the Twin's game tomorrow night. Amazing. I wrote about the game on Thursday... Our cup overflows.

Two dear people from our church gave us gift cards to the Holiday gas station. It's been nice to have them for a quick little treat on the way home from the clinic.

We tried the pumpkin spice cappuccino this morning. Yum! I'm not usually a fan of pumpkin spice, but this was REALLY good!


When you live 12 hours at a time it is truly the little things that become important. They should be. Gratefulness for every little thing is the way you get through it.

And God is good. The wallpaper on my phone is still:

Monday, September 1, 2014

The New "Fundie"

Recently I was reading an article by Henry Kissinger that alluded to Islamic "Fundamentalists."

What a loaded word. It really has nothing to do with Islam. It was coined by Christians, to describe those believers who stood on the "Fundamentals" of the faith. They wanted to distill the truest, clearest, most important doctrines into bite sizes for the masses, and came up with the issues that no one should compromise.

Many years ago I had a conversation (which obviously I still remember) with one of the grandchildren of  R.A. Torrey. Torrey actually wrote two large red tomes entitled  "The Fundamentals." Not a theologian, I'm not sure if that was an entire summary of the whole fundamentalist movement, but it surely gave definition to some of the fundamentals of the faith.

In my conversation with his offspring I was decrying the non-Biblical views being adopted by the church, the Jesus Christ Superstar movement, and the drift away from Scripture. My friend accused me of misjudgement and legalism, making me feel I was acting superior to people who were trying to find their own spiritual path.

I don't know where he stands theologically now, but I've never forgotten that conversation, and often thought back to the acrid rejection of what I deemed to be fundamentalism at the time.

I was young. Now I am old.

Now I see the tables have turned, and how Evangelicals and Liberals look down their noses at "Fundamentalists."

Does anyone who cries for "UNITY" not see the irony in bashing the fundamentals?

Here is one place that all those who call themselves Christian could truly unite! Instead there is more theological bashing than ever. Calvinists, Arminians, Liberal Theologians, Progressive Christians, Lutherans...of so many flavors (I live in Minnesota, I know there are dozens), Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics, on and on...

No one sees eye to eye.

I cut my spiritual teeth on C.S. Lewis and Richard Foster. It was cool back in my college days, to read John White and talk about open theology. Seminaries were rejecting the old hellfire preaching of the mid-20th century. New Calvinism was taking root. Evangelism was out-dated. We all read Henry Blackaby's book and then adopted the "Spirit Driven Church." We were in awe of Willow Creek Church. Music took on epic proportion as the "Worship Wars" ensued, driving people from church to church, some out to sea. Seeker Friendly was the new norm, never mind it was spiritual pablum, about to drive an entire generation of young church-goers away from faith.

We all watched as cousins and siblings, aunts and uncles, close friends and even parents caught onto something more alluring than the good old fundamentals. They chose alcohol (a big no-no among fundies) rock music (Oh NO!), let go and let god, and enigmatic worship styles over simple truths from Scripture.

Corrie Ten Boom wrote a book called "Common Sense Not Needed." I think there is so much common sense in mere faith. We don't need to strive for the latest trend in spirituality! We don't need to hop on the political bandwagon of the decade, but we do.

Notice something, though.

The new "Fundies" are anything but straight-laced.

They home-school, are anti-abortion, and environmentally conscious (no GMO's, buy organic--a nod to the Reformed admonition to be good stewards). They oppose the New World Order. They tend to be conservative, as the conservative platform in the past catered to the anti-abortion crowd. They believe in God's definition of marriage, i.e. Adam and Eve-style. They are wild about prophecy. After all, the Bible is really full of prophecy, and "Fundies" love the Bible.

Many come out of a checkered past. They are formerly New-Agers, Occultists, or even atheists. The new 'Fundies" believe in a young earth (no change there) and that God made it just as He said, in Seven Days. Literal Days.

They love science. Science only proves Scripture. There is nothing to fear in true science. True science never contradicts Scripture. It's an authority thing.

The new "Fundies" love the Bible. They study it with a passion of first love. They use it to direct their lives, and love others.

"Others" feel judged by the Word, and blame the '"Fundies," but oh well, that's what Jesus said would happen.

"Fundies" don't care about unity in the church. They ARE unified in faith in Christ. They are unified by their belief in the Word of God. They know each other immediately, and love each other. Yes, there are differences, but "fundies" seem to be able to quietly nod at each other in deep agreement over the fundamentals. The real meat of the Word.

That's why Satan hates them so badly, and makes their lives miserable. If you are a '"fundie" you'll recognize yourself here right away. Fundies have instant rapport.

Fundies tend to seem sort of hard-hearted. They care about everyone, but they care more about everyone's soul. As Luther wrote, "The body they may kill...God's Truth abideth still!"

Yes, it's important that you have food, water, and shelter. That you have what you need. More important is your soul. Period.

Jumping on the bus to feed and appease the world is just not necessary. God asks us to do it everyday and every way! We don't need an organization or a political mandate. FUNDIES JUST DO. They are the doctors and nurses, the pastors who give their lives to missions. They are the workers at the soup kitchens and food banks. They are the volunteers at the hospitals and nursing homes. Really. Fundies are everywhere.

Fundies see themselves as Christ followers.

Are there fakers among them? Of course. I grew up in the era of Jimmy Swaggert and Jim Bakker. Oral Roberts and ...name your adulterous TV preacher...

Another win for Satan. Those sins don't define Christianity, any more than popular trends do. They are equally distractions to true faith.

But God IS stronger. Faith IS more powerful than its lack.

Faith in the God who created us is Faith that supersedes all others. That faith is defined by the Creator of it, not what we want Him to be.

I used to ignore the parts of Christianity that I didn't like. I admit it. I certainly didn't want to be a fundamentalist! I keep wondering why so many people have such aversion to people who are known as "fundamentalists." Was it because they are judging, mean, hypocritical, un-loving? That isn't exactly fundamentalism. That's sin. Legalism is always in the eye of the beholder. What is right for me may not be right for you. Parents have a say in that (after all, God did say that we should obey our parents) but really, we impose our own "laws" on ourselves. Doesn't the Word of God speak truths to each of us? If that is considered legalism, sign me up. We order our days by our relationship with the Personal Christ through His own Word! He laid the law for righteous living! Take the argument up with HIM!

Now I'm old. I am a fundamentalist. I do believe the fundamentals of the faith, and I have found unity among the brethren. We are from all denominations, all kinds of Christian background. I align myself with the Bible and its teachings, because it is the Word of God. I accept it as it is, trying to synthesize its paradoxes, live its teachings, learn from its examples.

And such hope it gives me. Such fellowship with other "fundies!"

The Truth will set you free, and you will be free indeed!

Follow Christ. Get that fundamentally straight.

Be a "Fundie!"

Update 9/17/2013

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