"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Reformation Day, and the Year of Horror is OVER!

My husband got a job offer today, and we are thankful to the LORD GOD!

Things will never be as you think they should, but we don't see the big picture! We are thrilled with the prospect for him. Glad that our painful year seems to be over.

Grateful hearts.

And yes, the job is here in the Minneapolis area!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last-Day Christians


This is a news letter primarily about money trends, but I think it has some interesting insight on Biblical interpretation. For those of us who are intrigued by numbers the article on Jude is indeed worth a look.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Marge's Elixir

I grew up knowing a woman who was a friend of my mother, and who was very knowledgeable about nutrition. Marge had said that if she could raise her children again she would have fed them mashed potatoes more often than she did. Mashed potatoes are full of "staying" nutrition and kids love them. I think of her advice as I raise my own kids.

In light of our current low immune system status my mom recommended Marge's Elixir. This is an immune system BOOST! I made it on Sunday and force-fed it to the sick among us.

3 Carrots
1 Apple
1 Orange
1/2 Beet


I had some Aloe Vera juice that needed to be used up, so I threw that in too. It affected the taste, but I hope it helped the healing effect. I also had only canned beets, so I used those. Don't let your kids see you add the beet. :) I tell them that most of the sugar they eat is from BEETS but it doesn't seem to make them want to eat them any more.

I learned to eat beets at the Lincoln Del. This Deli had a bowl of the most delicious pickled beets on the table when you sat down! (I think the Health Department must have shut them down eventually. Boy do I miss that restaurant! The French Apple Cake was .....!) Anyway. I like beets. My kids don't.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I am a troll. It's in my Norwegian blood, and I can't help it at times. My children have learned to fear me when I announce that I'm having a troll moment. It comes in handy sometimes.

Today my eldest son drove back to college. I always feel his loss, even when it has been often felt. He visited the doctor yesterday with a possible re-lapse of  Mononucleosis from last winter. :(

Margaret is down with acute bronchitis. Chest x-rays today will reveal if it is even pneumonia. She is appropriately medicated, but very tired.

I am experiencing the first cold of the season, too. It curbs my style (except as a troll). Just when we think we have a healthy start to winter with exercise and great autumn nutrition (squash and apples!) we fall under the curse of the chill and fever.

Even the dogs had a spat with each other. Afterward we were all filled with adrenaline and everyone made up with doggy kisses, but it wasn't nice! I think what caused it was the re-arranged furniture, maybe?

I am thrilled that my husband has been chosen as a "finalist" for one of the job opportunities he interviewed for. We must wait the weeks while "they" make a final decision, AND PRAY!

Meanwhile we work out budget difficulties and putter on fall chores, rearrange the furniture(!) and ferry the young ones about. Thankful that the furnace is comfortably sending out pipe sounds and warmth. It's gray and windy outside with frosty nights and cold rain.

My favorite pie apples, "Haralson," are on a bargain right now and I anticipate making PIE tomorrow. That will not feed the troll. Exactly opposite.

You are invited for pie and ice cream, if you dare!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Freaky Fridays

Before the job search, Fridays were always the anticipated end of the work week! A lovely long Saturday and Sunday to get out of routine stretched enticingly before us!

If you have applied for or interviewed for a job opportunity, be aware that the calls of rejection usually happen on a Friday. Before 5:00pm. Not something to look forward to.

So we pray that the phone doesn't ring on Friday! Just a little view into what it is like to be UNEMPLOYED.

So may the phone NOT ring today...(Except if it's one of you readers, that is A-Okay!)

We are going to be raking all those uncolorful leaves that carpet the ground. Frost last night, and more than half the leaves are off the trees. Time to do something about it. Because of the drought they fell from stressed limbs still GREEN! No brilliant yellow and oranges in our yard this year.

A Little Evidence to Support my Music Theory

This New York Magazine article rather gives credence to my point that music affects us in REAL ways.

Drums are sensual and associated with pagan worship. Always. They accompany marching and are associated with war. They impel the body to movement. They affect the heart's rhythm and help us dance.

Rhythm  shares equal status with harmony and melody to produce music.

Balance is key to good music for the mind.

Music is one of God's most precious creations, and we humans, made in His image, have the privilege of producing it better than any other God-made creature.

It is the language of worship. It is of the spirit, and intensely spiritual. It moves the soul.

A study done at Iowa State University proved that music with heavy rhythm was detrimental to plant growth. Classical music made the plants thrive, rock music made them wilt. Fascinating.

I like all kinds of music. I really do. I sing in a choir that sings many styles. I hold to my theory that unbalance can affect anyone in very specific ways.

If you have a problem with alcohol, narcotics, lust, and hatred, you might not want to feed your spirit any heavy drum music. You are feeding your problems. Try it. If you dare.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


"So every time Albert Molher writes a blog entry insisting the Earth is ten thousand years old, Adam and Eve were real people, and evolution is false. He’s fighting the last battle and asking people to enter the walled garden with him. Meanwhile people outside the garden see the new battle brewing and aren’t listening to him."   MH-scientismist, comment on Rod Dreher's blog

An Article to Consider

This is an article written in response to a NYT article on stupid fundamentalists. It's worthwhile reading, if you have the time, but I think the comment written on a related article (and quoted above) sums up quite a bit, from a different perspective.

In the last days there will be apostasy. People who see Scripture as suggested material to follow will be easily led down a path to destruction (as Scripture suggests!)

I am with Albert Mohler on this one. I much prefer to be in the safe house than outside. I may not make issue with most theological disunity, but I testify that my spirit resonates with the truth of Scripture, and how it beautifully reflects the world we live in, scientifically and metaphorically.

Even so, Lord Jesus, quickly come! Night shall be no more. Light shall conquer darkness, and we shall see Him as He is.

When I think of discernment and spiritual growth I think of those who tell of times in their lives spent alone with the Lord, perhaps forced like Brother Yun, or willingly like Sadhu Sundar Singh, I see a pattern of shock they experience at the moral slide of culture while they were "away."

We must keep current with our world. How else can we tell the Good News? But watch, lest you become comfortable with deception. Don't slide. Don't scoff at saints of old. Learn of them and from them.

Jesus died for sinners. Jesus saves. Jesus loves me and you. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." It really is simple. Let the Lord open your heart to Truth.

You will never be the same, and no, the world is NOT going to understand. The things of the spirit are not of the flesh. Come to Jesus quickly! Times are showing that things are coming to conclusion.

As old friends of the faith pass away, the burden falls on another generation to preach spiritual truth to the lost. Never let an opportunity slide, as you will have to give an account for it. (Romans 14:12)

And be encouraged! When people call you "dumb" or  "stupid," and they are frustrated and annoyed by you, take heart. You are experiencing exactly what Christ Himself did, 2,000 years ago.

But make sure you really aren't just annoying! :) Make sure you are loving and serving those you offend! (And that IS hard.)

Food for thought.

I have been thinking more about theology than bees and corgis lately, but during this time of intense waiting for corporations to decide if my brilliant husband actually is worth the gamble in this horrid economy under Obama, I think. I swim at the YMCA almost every day and I think while I'm doing laps. I think as I drive my son's cello down to the U, or ferry my other charges to and fro. Low times are perfect for thinking.

Sturm and drang and angst are all conducive to the artist. If you didn't have conflict to work out life would be vanilla. Granted, I could use a little vanilla right now, after a year of exotic flavors of waiting and pondering.  I think I'm at the point where I want to reflect on the PAST experience of difficulty, not anticipate it daily.  But yes, it is good for me. I am becoming a larger person (though I weigh the same, stepped on the scale tonight!) and that is generally positive.

And I write this hoping that someone else will find hope here, in a hopeless world. People like me actually do tell a life story of hope.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hold Onto Your Hats!

God is working big things right now, for sure in the big world, but also in our little one.

As you know, my husband has been searching (high and low) for work for over one year now. It is interesting to see things in progress as of this past week.

Somehow, in the interest of avoiding disclosure of sensitive information regarding his job search, I can express that things are happening. I am impatient, and I tend to think we are PAST the comfortable time of job loss (is there such a thing?) and it IS getting alarming. I have to sit back and rely on the peace that passes all understanding moment by moment.

And God gets the thanks of my heart in being good to us.

A third interview over the past 5 days. Hmmmm. We can hope. PRAY WITH US! Thank you.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are We Alone?

A few weeks back our broker at Primerica gave a little talk that I've been mulling over ever since. He talked about his life and the hard knocks he'd been through, most recently his wife's bout with cancer.

I heard him state emphatically that no one really cares about you, therefore you need to look out for yourself! When cancer hit his wife, people retreated. He heard them say that they were sorry, that they'd be there for him, that they would...

And then they all left. Some even blamed him for "dropping the ball."

I was so sad for him. The point of his talk was to show that he had to find his own way out of the mess, stick up for himself, and-----who cares about the other guy?!

In our own valley of unemployment I have NEVER felt alone. I have felt the strength of prayer. I am aware of the ---hundreds?---of prayers that are said for our family every day. I sense God's presence in the dark moments, the quiet voice repeating Scripture to my spirit, reassuring me that He is there, He hasn't left me. I am buoyed up when someone says that they are praying for us! I know that God uses His people to BE THERE!

We are never alone.

And I am so grateful for your prayers. Our valley still winds before us, but I KNOW that the Pass over the edge exists. Perseverance, trust, hope, and discernment are my companions too.

On the side, I enjoy learning financial services, and realize what a tremendous benefit they can have for people, but I'm clear that the people I help and work with all have a greater need for God to be present in their lives. Age old story!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Rains and Pours!

But pray harder than ever, please! As of yesterday there were 3 calls to my husband for second interviews, plus a call from a local building supply for a part time shift opening!

Surely something could happen with any of these four possibilities, but we are only "in the running" so to speak until an offer is made.

Pray for the people involved with considering him.

I have had great peace, but my health seems to be suffering some.

Incidentally, the rain really is coming down outside right now, and that is welcome hydration for the grass, most of which had died in the month-long drought.

Shocking news yesterday: an old friend (I grew up knowing him from church) drove around the closed train crossing gates and was killed by a train. It is jarring to hear such news, and troubling. Grief in my old community.

Since we are all really busy with school I have had little time to write here, but I'd love to talk about the quick trip to Chicago for a friend's wedding (lovely), and the last weekend's prophecy conference, Chinese friends getting married, a brief visit from my eldest from college, and my mom's frail health.

Lots to think about!

Thank you for your prayers!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

God is So Good

I was listing blessings today, and I find that I am overwhelmed.

The old hymn, "Count Your Blessings," is a truth sayer. When you take the time to think of every blessing, little or big, you are bound to be surprised at the huge number of things GOOD in your life. God gets the credit, and you are happily joyful at His provision.

There was an interview for a job today, for my husband. It went well, but that is no promise of something materializing in the form of an offer, as we all know by now!

So thankful that the interviewing corporation has little to do with the decision to hire him. Really. I'm thankful that my Loving Father in Heaven makes that choice. In the meantime I am resting. I am thankful for each lovely day.

The sun's corona this evening was absolutely stunning, and that was listed as one of the numerous blessings! Why not?

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

I have that plaque hanging on my wall, and it has been such a comfort to me during hard times. Joy comes in the morning.

Another dear old saint who I counted a huge influence on my life passed into heaven this morning. She is rejoicing. I chatted with her a few weeks ago, such a sharp lady, and so in tune with everything! Praise the Lord she is with Him.

Thankful tonight. So many people praying for us, and I am SO grateful! God bless all of you !!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Just in Case You Missed This-----


Read this post, and watch the film!

Theological Red Shift

Last night I attended a "fellowship group" where the topic returned to Calvinism for the umpteenth time. Amazingly I kept my mouth shut, (which is no small feat) but I will spout a bit here.

Calvinism is the red shift distortion of true faith into Rationalism.

For us the mind-bending facets of Scripture are just too much. People meet Christ, study the Word and begin to grasp the character of God. The First Love of faith is so heady and wonderful, but Scripture indicates that many lose it, and chides us for it! It is easier to slip back to the limits of human rationale, and use the "if_____then_____" logical form to define our Creator.

The problem is that He really isn't definable in human terms!

God lets us know enough of His character in Scripture to know Him. He stretches us with things we can't understand (believe me, minds greater than ours couldn't) and forces us to accept Who He is-----Someone lovingly willing that no one should perish but graciously electing souls to follow Him. And you won't be able to explain this, but I challenge you to step out of your definitive "ISMS" to know God, personally, undefined.

Sadly, theological "isms" give birth to unbalanced worldviews, and that is the tragedy of tipping the scales into human terms.

Thank the Lord, the Creator of the Universe, the Holy Triune God, that He is so beyond our comprehension! We are mercifully allowed to understand His love for us, to see and believe His salvation, and to serve Him out of grateful love. He touches us and cares for us, his children,  in sweetest loving sacrifice.

Here is a link that is helpful in understanding this issue
And another.

Be careful not to idolize the "sovereignty" of God over God Himself.