"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Watchman Chronicles

I will link to this documentary on Amazon. It's really good.

If you think that Satan is just twiddling his thumbs while we all wait for Jesus to catch us away, you'd be wrong.

There are amazing and almost unbelievable things happening in the world.

Get this docu and be informed!

UFO Update! VERY Close Encounters!

The Size of New Jersey

It's  not very big. Tiny compared to Minnesota, or any other western state. It is dwarfed by large Islamic countries all neighboring it in the Middle East.

There are 57 Arab/Islamic countries in the world, most of them bordering this little chunk of land.

Have you ever asked why the territory is so disputed?

It's a drop, a wasteland for hundreds of years.

It's insignificant.

Yet the whole world is divided over it.


It's the apple of God's eye. It's the navel of the world. It's the promised kingdom of the future, and there is a spiritual entity that hates it with everything in his being.

He is Satan, and the tiny piece of real estate?


Really, it defies logic on every front that Israel could be such a thorn in the side of the world.

The U.N. obsesses over it. The apostate church wrings its hands about it. The Islamic countries are perpetually antagonistic over it. It's the main source of controversy in American politics, and has been for decades.

The evangelical or fundamentalist believers watch it carefully.

I think they are the only ones who know why.

In Ezekiel there is a description of dry bones coming back to life. An old spiritual was written about this passage.

"Dem bones, dem bones, dem DRY bones..."

Ezekiel predicted the return to life of the nation of Israel before the time of Christ. The LORD GOD used the dear folk who suffered tortuous slavery to bring forth a catchy song that proclaims this prophecy to the people of the West.

Yes. Israel is back to life.

I think this is the most obviously fulfilled prophecy in our age. Many others have come to fruition, but this one is amazing.

Perhaps it was brought about by tools of Satan, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, Fabian Socialists---evil doers, all, but they were pawns in the hand of God. God's Word IS true, and is coming to pass. Only know that only God wrought this miraculous act. Balfour? Don't give credit to this agreement, although it was the beginning of God's plan. This was only a piece in a huge prophetic puzzle.

God uses all sorts of things to bring about his designs----Pontious Pilate, Herod, Caesar, Nebuchadnezzar, in the Bible. He hasn't stopped using people and events to bring His ultimate plan to fruition.

Israel exists because of God.

This generation shall not pass away-----

Dire warnings ensue, and we must heed them.

Repent, come to faith, be born again. Time is incredibly short.

As the gentlemen stated in the previous post about the reprieve the USA has been given with the election of Donald Trump, this is the time to prepare for the worst.

The world is going to burn. Global warming at its absolute worst. A third of the world's population will be slaughtered. Horrifying things will happen in the heavens, and terrible creatures will appear.

All predicted.

People who choose to believe the Scriptures then, those that realize the Bible was true all along, will suffer, may be beheaded for refusing to take the mark of the Beast, needed for buying and selling.

It's going to get ugly.

There will be cannibalism, spiritual persecution, and rebellion against God like never seen before.

Save yourself from this time. It's coming soon to a country, city, place near you. There's no avoiding it.

That little piece of real estate called Israel is the harbinger of something much bigger, and it's time to get your spiritual life in order.

Watch for it to be in the news today.

It always is.


Interesting Talk

My Brain is Coming Back for Fall

Friday, August 18, 2017



Thursday, August 17, 2017

Leftist Fascism | Dinesh D'Souza and Stefan Molyneux

Buy this:

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Helpful Diagram

Hype and Hoopla

You are being played.

There's a new personality on social media. He goes by the moniker "An0maly" and he's a young hipster type (?) that WAS liberal. He still considers himself liberal, but he's waking up to the game that's being played by the puppet masters. I enjoy watching his little videos and I'd encourage you to, too.

Also, please take time to find a copy of "The Creature From Jekyll Island." This is a pivotal book, and if you look into it you will begin to have the scales fall off of your blind eyes.

You are blind.

There are two kingdoms---God's and Satan's. If you belong to God's you must play by His rules, His ways. You naturally were born into Satan's kingdom, so if you go your merry way you need not change a thing to play his way. It's called spiritual blindness.

This past week has been fascinating, heartbreaking, frustrating. The racial issue resurrected in Charlottesville VA is a situation that needs perspective.

I've lived in the South. I loved it. Two of my children were born in Vernon Parish. I came to the south as a dyed-in-the-wool Northerner from Minnesota, self-righteous, historically one-sided and holier-than-thou. It wasn't long before I realized the South is different from the North, and there are different values. History played out differently there. The human condition wrought a different set of values and I was educated in southern history. I was willing to learn from the southerners themselves and I learned a lot. I listened to them. I gained a different perspective.

Slavery is still wrong. I didn't meet any southerner who thought it was right. I'm sure they exist, but I didn't meet anyone like that. My perspective on the lifestyle in the south was changed, though, and the fight for existence there was made known to me. The fierce love of the country, the lifestyle. Everyone should spend some time in the south. EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

I am a person who doesn't believe in "race" by skin color, but that there is ONE HUMAN RACE. Skin color is absolutely irrelevant to me. God made Adam and Eve, and we are all one family in descending from them, then Noah. I happen to be Swedish/Norwegian and I once had a REAL Nazi (National Socialist from Austria) say to me on the train in Austria that I was "Aryan."

I was so repulsed I couldn't believe such leftovers from Hitler still existed. They do. In Europe.

I love the cultural differences God made. On the train back from Washington Margaret and I breakfasted with a man from Ghana. He was moving to Williston, North Dakota. He was a brother in Christ! We had a wonderful visit, and he told us some inside information on what is happening in Africa. We listened with interest as he told the advantages of one African country over another. He told us where to visit, where not to visit. There are clear cultural differences among the countries of Africa.

There are clear cultural differences among the countries of Europe!

America is a melting pot still. We have become a nation of many cultures melded together. I can eat East Indian food, Asian, Mexican, Italian-----any day of the week because these restaurants exist within a few miles from my house. Food is just one of the cultural diversity things that we can easily identify with. There's so much more. I love it!

So understand that I absolutely do not advocate any form of racism. I see people asking for statements to be made by evangelical "leaders" and though I am not one, I am willing to say that I'm not racist, that I condemn any form of racism.

That said-----Barack Obama did more to foster racial conflict than he did to quell it. We can lay these demonstrations at his feet. The man who organized the fascist protest in Virginia was a Occupy Wallstreet organizer. He banked on uninformed uneducated young people to form a hateful demonstration and fomented a violent response to it all. It's all a ruse.

If you aren't educated you'll be played. These people were. They are probably drug/drink addled folk who have no self esteem, no friends except the weird fringes. They are introverts who revel in being "different" and need a place to belong philosophically. They have chosen badly because they have followed their evil human nature. They've been played.

The Antifa, or fringe left is the same. They listen to the handlers and act accordingly.

The Bible says in Proverbs that God hates a person who stirs up conflict in the community. The book of Micah is all about keeping peaceful amidst raging conflicts. If you are a part of the conflict you are disobeying God.

You need to be a peacemaker!

I have a few liberal "friends" on social media. Each one has asked for actions that require conflict---denouncing Trump, denouncing faith, denouncing anything that is conservative in their view.

This is stirring up conflict in MY community.

Let's see it for what it is. There is no problem in the heart that is resting in complete repose spiritually before Christ. A clear conscience is a gift from the Holy Spirit! Are you living in repentance? Are you following Christ's commands?

You are a sinner, I am a sinner. When we sin do we repent? Do we ask forgiveness?

Here is where there is peace.

So in the midst of this violence that has been spawned by Satan and his minions among the Deep State, Swamp, Jesuits, Illuminati, George Soros, RINOS, Antifa, Fascists, BLM, Puppet Masters------YOU HAVE PEACE.

Peace, peace, whose mind is stayed on THEE. Wonderful, marvellous PEACE.

Don't be played. Wake up. Let the scales of blindness fall off.

Target the true sin in the world----rebellion against God.

Here's everything else I'd say:

Then end game is Collectivism, known by a myriad of other names. Watch out.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nobody is Talking About these Billionaires! (2017-2018)

Must Read

Book Burnings

November 4

If all this were aimed only at “White Supremacists,” I’d say go to it – that would be a battle in which both sides should lose, and one well worth seeing. But of course, it isn’t. It’s aimed at anyone who disagrees with the hard left, specifically Donald Trump and his administration, and beyond that, average everyday Americans who have no direct involvement in politics at all, in the tradition of the left going back to the Paris Commune of 1870 (“Why must I be shot -- I know nothing of politics,” an innocent bourgeois cried. “That is why you must be shot,” a communard answered.)

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/08/big_plans_on_the_hard_left_for_november_4.html#ixzz4pvK7oEDb
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The Globalist Wake-Up


Donald Trump has done something right!

It seems that before this election there were few people who even had heard of "The New World Order," "Globalism," or anything to do with the Biblical foretelling of "one world under the anti-Christ."

It's big press now, and people are seeing the fruition of centuries of work. Donald Trump has targeted globalists, and he's made no secret of it.

George H.W. Bush openly referred to the "New World Order" back in 1992. Others have done the same.

Only Bible prophecy followers picked up on it then. Now we have a man in authority that wholly realizes the open threat of that coming time when the world turns to one person and proclaims him a savior. He will be an imposter, THE anti-Christ (the One, among many) and the one foretold in Revelation.

Or does Trump realize this?

As someone who believes that Lucifer is behind all of the machinations to bring about the New World Order I acknowledge his deception, his master-minding, his role in playing out God's ultimate Plan.

The Bible predicts, but it doesn't give explicit information. We must discern.

The lack of discernment in the world, in this good old USA is apparent and alarming.

Perhaps I seem like a simplistic ninny harping on the same subjects over and over. But I rub shoulders with those who seem to have no clue about the sinister forces at work, those laying plans and goals that completely oppose God's ways.

I think there are callings in life, and mine is to be a siren. Read Corgi Hollows and be warned!

Once your eyes are opened to the sinister forces working against God it's difficult to close them---but for death.

Lucifer is a grand conspirator. I don't understand how he thinks. I don't know why he even tries to thwart God, but he does. His role is to deceive mankind, to keep them from the truth of God's word, to bring as many down with him as possible.

I know he loses in the end, thrown into the lake of fire with fallen mankind, eternally suffering, time ceasing.

Remember, all mankind is fallen. All are condemned to death and hell. Souls will suffer for eternity. They will not cease to exist (Annihilation), they will experience punishment for  rejecting God's plan for salvation. That's Biblical.

That is why I continue to speak about Christ and His death on the cross. Putting your faith in Jesus alone saves from eternal punishment. No works, no religious ritual. Faith alone.

But it requires everything. You become God's. Your life will change. The scales will fall off of your eyes. Jesus will be your only focus.

But you have a glorious future.

The only thing that matters in this life is that you come to Christ. Nothing else!

This is a pretty good existence for many of us. I admit that! I've seen wealth and happiness and good. Fleeting things. They are nothing in comparison to what's coming. (Praise God!)

The whole point of this life is to find Christ  Jesus, the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN.

One way.

The whole objective of this life is to serve the Lord, to follow and obey Him. God's goodness makes this easy and light, but it is all about Him. Not us.

May God be glorified in every thought and deed.

Globalism requires allegiance to Lucifer. He masquerades as an angel of light. He's the Deceiver and the father of lies. Anything that requires an oath of allegiance to this imposter is suspect in the realm of globalism. Don't do it. Don't join a society that is secret, don't give your oath to anything that is not of God.

And make sure your God is the God of the Bible. Too many people serve a God of their own imagination. The John Lennon one, maybe. The god that only loves, never judges.

That isn't the one true God.

Face it, and repent.

What does the LORD require of you?
Read the Word to find out.

It's what sent thousands to the fires and lions in the first century, and in these last days that sort of persecution is predicted again.

Brace up.

Everything is falling into place. I'm glad Donald Trump knowingly or unknowingly is trying to work against the forces of globalism. His role is to awaken the masses to the huge history playing out.

Fascinating times!

The Bible is true.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Illegal Christianity?

Hatred of Things

It is wrong to hate.

Hatred is a strong, unleashed feeling and it results in evil most of the time.

"I hate bananas"
"I hate yogurt"
"I hate chocolate"

We say it so flippantly, but it is a serious word.

God hates.

There are six things the Lord hates,
    seven that are detestable to him:
        a lying tongue,
        hands that shed innocent blood,
        a heart that devises wicked schemes
        feet that are quick to rush into evil,
        a false person who pours out lies
        and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.


Hatred is justifiable when it has to do with evil and sin.

But hatred among humankind is dangerous.

Do you hate Trump? Obama? Dark skin? Jews? Hitler? Communism? Lenin? Fascism? 

What do YOU hate?

Bible believers?

It's safe to hate evil, Satan, his ideas. But other things----? Who are you to judge? Only God has the authority to judge evil and sin.

You are required to love justice, mercy, and do what is required of you.

Your hatred will get you into trouble.

Better to love your neighbor as yourself, and obey the Word of the LORD.

The Great Divide

I've been away for 22 days. My family calculated the time while I was driving home yesterday.

Being away on three separate trips over the past three weeks has been remarkable for me. The time has served as a huge pause button on my otherwise busy existence.

The puppy needs training. The corn across the road is taller than my head. Flowers need grooming, grass keeps needing to be mown. I have a stack of new books to read, and millions of thoughts to process.

First a little inventory: I left Minnesota at the end of June, traveled through Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. I flew back home from that trip. Next (late July) I boarded the train and road through North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, and Washington, to Seattle. My kids and I drove to Oregon and back from there. Back home to Minnesota via train---The Empire Builder. I had 24 hours at home, and drove through Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana (where we stayed)---on to Kentucky.  Back home for a day, then back to Chicago for the weekend. That's 17 states in one summer! I don't think I've ever done that before.

The trip to Arizona was for our nephew's wedding. Wonderful. The trip to Seattle was to see my son and daughter-in-law and check out their west coast lives. Fantastic. The trip to Kentucky was to see the Ark Encounter with Cherie. I'd gone with Ed last year. My second visit was even better than the first! I love that place. So did Cherie. Lastly, I took my parents to a funeral in Illinois.

Each trip has been marvellous in its own right, and my overall impressions of this summer are hopeful and positive.

What a wonderful world we live in!

The funeral was for my dad's oldest friend. He was 92, and he lived life as it should be lived. How many of us can say that? He was a pastor, mentor, leader, visionary. The service was a statement of eternal hope.

It seemed fitting to end the summer travels with a memorial service. I experienced so many divisions in my travels---Continental divides, racial divides, relational divides, political divides, and even the divide of death that separates believers, if only for a short time.

I felt it was the summer of the Great Divide.

My travels have ended for awhile. I'm pretty sure of that. My place is home, and I'm thrilled to be back in Minnesota for my favorite time of year---harvest, Indian Summer.

I'm looking forward to my Corgi's growth and advancements. This morning the million-dollar-horse that lives at the end of the road came calmly by on the road with its rider. Topaz, the fearless black panther of Corgi Hollows, stalked the horse both ways. That cat has no fear. He is a mighty hunter before the Lord, as Nimrod, and I'm always amazed at his tenderness with Corwyn. They have the most amusing relationship! The cat could kill the puppy in a swat, yet he tolerates all kinds of toothsome harassment! He has the patience of Job.

Nimrod, Job. Such a Biblical creature.

Now we have the eclipse to experience next week. What does it mean? What will it be associated with? These are fascinating times to be alive. Watch for developments with the Federal Reserve.

Get a copy of "Agenda 2, Masters of Deceit" if you can, and watch it. It's a fascinating exposé of collectivism.

I recommend.

Nailed It