"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Healthy Choices

Want to live a long time?

Here's a few things I've discovered. Children, pay attention.

Wear your seat belts.
Be a "defensive driver," always prudent.
Eat organic.
Eat protein.
Don't drink pop. Don't eat much sugar.
Do eat raw honey, in moderation.
Don't have sex before marriage.
Don't drink alcohol.
Don't do illegal drugs. (Duh!)
Have some plants in the house. Geraniums, for example. Or leave the windows open. They filter the air.
Take a gun safety class.
Avoid bad company. If you can't, trust God to keep you, and WITNESS to them!
Don't smoke.
Laugh often.
Go to church.
Love people.
Wash your hands frequently. Wash your clothes, your body, your sheets, your house, your dishes.
Brush your teeth and see the dentist regularly.
Eat food that is well cooked. Don't eat sushi.
Make sure you boil/filter water that you're going to drink from an untrusted source.
Have pets. (They offer exercise and thwart depression)
Go outside everyday.
Value sleep.
Learn to cook well.
Wear appropriate clothes. (In Norway there is no bad weather, just bad clothes)
Be positive. Choose cheerfulness. Decide to be happy.
Learn something new everyday.
Sing. Make music. Choir members have healthier immune systems.
Read a lot.
Read your Bible everyday.
Lose your fear.
Never get angry, just bless those irritations. (Your heart will thank you)
Always forgive. (If you don't it will kill you)
Take vitamins, herbs, whatever you need to nurse your current human condition of decay.
Let your body and the Lord heal your illnesses. If sick, go to the doctor, and follow his advice, but realize it's the LORD who heals. Don't assume the worst.
Do things. Go places. Make stuff. Dream.
Honor your parents, that your days may be long in the land...

A little wisdom, but no guarantees. Very good track record though.

Why not see for yourself?


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dickens LIVE!

Today we listed something on "Craig's List" and a bunch of phone calls came our way immediately. Who to pick?

I screen calls when I'm home, so chances are the machine will pick up all calls. I settled on a nice sounding man from close by. A series of back and forth conversations happened---then it was decided that a friend would come by to pick up the item.

Soon a truck pulled up. Out stepped Sergeant George and Phil from Bleak House, Dickens' masterful novel about unfulfilled promise.

There are few fictional characters that I admire more than Sergeant George. His tough compassion always made me teary. The way he never let his friend Phil down was a lesson in humanity.

Today the "friend" who came to pick up the stuff had a "Phil." A more incongruous pair I couldn't have imagined, "Phil" was almost lame with obvious injuries, "Sergeant George" was quietly in charge and supportive.

Because the stuff was heavy and needed loading it took all humans on deck to accomplish the task. "Phil" threw his weight in too. "Sergeant George" remarked that "Phil" couldn't do much bending and lifting, but boy was he a hard worker!

My heart was softened.

I think lives are hard for many people, but it is touching to see how much we do need each other! How much we need to help each other.

I think that is what Charles Dickens had in mind.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is it Jesus? Or Someone Else?

Warren Smith, Another Jesus Calling

It's so tiresome to be always on guard for spiritual danger!

I've heard that before. Yes, Satan just loves to be so tiresome that we get sick of watching and discerning. At the risk of being (once again) labelled "tiresome," I link you to this interview.

I heard Warren Smith personally a couple of summers ago. His testimony, as that of many other believers formerly enslaved by satanic paganism, is powerful.

God has given the church of the last days these helpful voices, warning, watching, helping.

To scoff at their warning is to put yourself and those you love at risk.

Satan is a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

I certainly would hate to hear Jesus say "I never knew you..."

Are you reading devotionals, or are you reading the Bible? Devotionals are great most of the time. They give fresh insight. They should never supersede your time in the Word of God.

Johanna Michaelson, who wrote "The Beautiful Side of Evil," was led to test the spirit that called himself Jesus. She did it by the Book. She asked it if Christ Jesus was come in the flesh.

The spirit departed from her. It was known to her as Jesus.

If you think you may be admiring or communicating with Jesus in your devotional times, why don't you test him? Make sure.

The Bible warns us that the last church would be full of apostasy. Why should we be surprised when we actually see evidence of this?

Be careful, young ones. I'd rather run the risk of being "tiresome" and discerning, than easy-going and blind.

It seems many older Christians are getting weary of being discerning. We younger believers must pick up the slack and help them to see the dangers of this age. Most of us are more internet savvy, more informed, and more energetic than our elders. Let's respectfully help them to see the spiritual developments that seem to be daily bombarding us now. It's Kingdom work.

For the KING!

More Discernment Issues

The Emperor's New Clothes

There's an old fairy tale about an emperor who was tricked into thinking he had been made a suit of the finest stuff to wear. It wasn't a anything at all, but imaginary material, and he embarrassed himself by parading sans clothing through the streets.

A little child stated the obvious to the masses watching the parade, revealing to the vain emperor his folly.

The Bible clearly states the description of the beginnings of the Universe. It's right there in the first chapter of Genesis. Today we read in Revelation 4:11;

“You are worthy, O Lord,[g]
To receive glory and honor and power;
For You created all things,
And by Your will they exist[h] and were created.”

It's there from the beginning to the end of Scripture, that God created the World, and on His terms. Not ours.

Too many times we try to fit what we see into a reasonable and understandable scenario. We long for logic. We want to be pacified by the resolution of the unsolvable.

Guess what? God is beyond ALL. God will be taken by His own Word. God made the rules. God is that one who sits on the indescribable throne somewhere in the heavens above, with an emerald rainbow around Him, beyond our wildest thoughts.

When we see paradoxes we want to resolve them. It's natural. Man is "natural." 

Someday we will see, and understand, more of what God is. For now we simply are asked to take Him at His Word, in faith alone. Sola Scriptura.

He made the heavens in six days. He states the lives of the patriarchs. He fashioned the matter that we are made of. His Word is true, His love is infinite.

Yes, there are things we don't get. We are pea-brained in God's eyes! Yet He loves us. All of us. No exceptions. I know He even loves the Corgi who is pawing my knee right now! (I stopped for a little kiss on her forehead)

Some things are clues of God's young earth, as the energy in the sun, the water cycles on the earth, the dust on the moon, the genetic break-down, the "irreducible complexity" of DNA. So many things if you look. So thankful for godly men like Ken Ham and Henry Morris. Also the many up-and-coming young earth scientists who are an army of godly "Convince-rs." 

God made it. To question that is to say the Emperor has invisible cloth covering his nakedness. 

Even a child can tell the truth. 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014



This was in St. Paul tonight.

Across the street from the Xcel Center in the Landmark Center was another concert. The one my husband and I attended, the Master's Chorale.

No two concerts could be more different.

I can only imagine Lady Gaga. The chorale was a nice group of sharp young people on tour from their college in California. At least half of them had never been to Minnesota before.

They chose some "old chestnuts," as our own choir director like to say, and some lovely hymn arrangements.

The treasure of the evening was when the director, Paul T. Plew, sent the choir members up into the medieval-looking balconies above the atrium to sing "You are the Light." The sound was heavenly, and the piece so sweet.

You are the Light

What an angelically beautiful way to end a lovely musical moment.

Well done, Master's Chorale!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Another Graduation

Photo: Isaac Glover at Univ. of Minnesota commencement this afternoon     ...............

My son graduated from the University of Minnesota yesterday. He graduated as the top ROTC cadet, maintained his position on the dean's list, and his commissioning follows soon. I'm thrilled for him.

He also has the loveliest bride:

Photo: A very big day today...(you must pardon this mom's jubilation)..........

Grateful to God.

As spring comes slowly this year I am listing my blessings! What a wonderful time!

No great moment is without its difficulties, however. Ed continues to be very ill. Another visit to the doctor tomorrow.

As I see the world I am struck by the sweetness of knowing Christ, and the wonderful peace He gives in the midst of uncertainty. I can't help but see the power of Christ. The world continues its path toward eternal destruction. We look up.

So grateful for Christ's gift of salvation by His death on the cross.


Fire, Air, Water, Earth----

God requires you to believe His Word to get into heaven.

The Devil doesn't care what you believe.



Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In the Middle of it All

Two graduations done, one coming up this weekend, another commissioning, and then a reception. I find myself quietly repeating my schedule for May in my head various times.

Church softball games started last evening. Ed has a horrid case of tonsillitis, so he couldn't play. I was home with him.

Cherie has begun her fun with friends during the game. I remember those days of messing around on the playground or in the park while my brothers played ball.

The carefree days of summer.

Do you ever remember the cozy feelings of good times had as a child?

It would be fun to list those memories, wouldn't it?

---like sitting by the heater in a cozy truck, watching broomball late at night in winter, listening to good tunes on the radio?

---skimming across Lake Rebecca in a little catamaran on a sunny day, blue sky, blue water, warm splashes, gentle breeze.

---drinking in the coppery smell of a mountain stream at Bear Trap Ranch in Colorado. How can I forget that smell? Impossible.

---walking down a street in Munich on a soft lit summer evening eating Italian ice.

---that skirt you loved to pull on and accessorize with just the right sandals and jewelry.

---the nuzzle of your horse's nose on your cheek, happy greeting after a good day at school. Alfalfa and dust from the barn releasing aromas in the sunshine.

---cool wind blowing on your face as you speed around Lake Minnetonka in a little British convertible.

---the smack of a tennis ball well played from the sweet spot of the racket. What a rush!

---watching Venus as you jog the back road to the accompaniment of frogs and crickets. 

---finally buying that thing you'd saved up for. True appreciation!

---that feeling you get some days when the road beckons for a road trip.

---finishing a project, like a sweater or a quilt.

---receiving a love letter.

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I have had privilege. I can think of so many more! Good memories, gifts from God.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Up For Discussion

Paul Mcguire

This short radio program introduces several fascinating ideas that are cooking in our world. Not for the faint of heart. He's been a professor at Kings College.


Monday, May 5, 2014


Photo: Under the bell tower :) Ethan Glover and Rebecca Glover

My eldest graduated from college yesterday.

It was quite the accomplishment, really. He went to a Lutheran school, up north, and he isn't a Lutheran. He has struggled since kindergarten with "academics" but he's as smart as can be. Obviously. Despite his loathing of school, he got the degree and he's on with his life.

He was commissioned in the Army Reserves as a 2nd Lieutenant yesterday as well.

Oh, and his beautiful bride of 9 months graduated magna cum laud.

I'm busting my buttons, as my father-in-law likes to say.

But I know who to be grateful to. The Lord has been our helper, our sustainer, our main-stay. Nothing could have happened without His strength and power.

I know this!

As a home-school mom I knew the obstacles my son faced from birth on, intimately. I know their depths. I know his strengths. I know what a fine and wonderful individual he has become, and I am grateful to God.

May God bless them with peace and joy, love and hope. May He bless them with all that they need, and much of what they want. May He bless them as He has already, by leading them in His own paths, and in righteousness. May God be with them through everything. May He grant long and happy life to them, children and success.

A mother's blessing. God has already blessed so much. It is to His generous infinite provision that I appeal for more. Thank you Lord!

And All Thanks be to God

Charles Spurgeon:

     It is ill for an heir of heaven to be a great friend with the heirs of hell. It has a bad look when a courtier is too intimate with his king's enemies.

     Even small inconsistencies are dangerous. Little thorns make great blisters, little moths destroy fine garments, and little frivolities and little rogueries will rob religion of a thousand joys.

     O professor, too little separated from sinners, you know not what you lose by your conformity to the world. It cuts the tendons of your strength, and makes you creep where you ought to run.

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