"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Truth Matters


For a new baby:

Deliverance from the Spirit of Reiki


What Cal Said


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Outlaw Christianity?




Friday, September 23, 2016

Morality Matters

Remember the "Moral Majority?"

I do.

There was a time in our society when folks basically followed the rules that God set up in His ten commandments.

We have sculptures of Moses in Washington DC, his words inscribed in stone on the facade of the Supreme Court. There was a time when...

But people have short memories and sinful natures. They forget God's righteous wisdom, His perfect plan.

They lose interest in following His idea for fallen mankind.

People pridefully put themselves above the authority of Scripture.

It's a mess now, isn't it?

I have relatives in Chicago. They live in a jungle of indecency. Over 500 have been murdered in Chicago recently!

Chicagoans will blame anything but their moral failures.

But that is exactly the issue. You see, morality really does matter.

And whose morals matter? Mine?  Yours? My relatives'?

I know, you laugh. It is so laughable! We simply can't agree. We're human.

That is why we so desperately need GOD'S morals as our base.

Cherie and I are reading ancient history right now. You know....Draco, Aristedes, Cyrus, Darius?

Sparta, Athens....

These cities/states set up systems of governance, one after another, for hundreds of years.
Cruelty was rampant.

Nothing held for any length of time, power shifted swiftly and horribly as a rule.

It was a Chicago jungle!

How far we've come.


God has a plan for us. It's so perfect that it is crazy that people buck it!

But the majority of people are spiritually blind and simply cannot fathom the perfect system that God set up.

Imagine a list of morals. Imagine a rule of love and forgiveness.  Imagine a society of freedom to do what is right and good. Imagine a godly open fellowship with each and every human being you meet.

Imagine selflessness and sharing. And imagine how God could be openly worshipped in such a group.

There you have it!

God's perfect plan.

Morality matters.

I know there is no going back. We will all be caught up in the swing of society toward totalitarianism.  It's the only system that works without  God.

The Israelites discovered that with Samuel back in 1,000 BC. They failed morally and got Saul (a disaster).

We're headed there, unless the Lord Jesus catches us up to be with Him as He promised us through Paul in Thessalonians.

I'm banking on His promise. I will bank on it until the day I die.

There just isn't another option for me.
And there isn't for you either.

Come to Him. His yoke is easy and his burthen is light. All ye who labor and are heavy laden! Take His yoke and learn of Him.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fleeting Days

Margaret is in France.
I'm hearing only basic information, so I cannot give a report.

The weekend was hard for me, but Monday started with Ed driving the wheezing Saturn to school and back. Passages.

Then Tuesday Cherie had a Cross Country meet which was very enjoyable for the spectators, excruciating for the runners. Beautiful weather, warmth, hills.

She finished well, and continues to improve.

Today was quieter, and I've had a moment to think.

Cherie and I are working through world history. Because we saw "Patterns of Evidence, the Exodus" last year I wanted to review it in light of historical reconstruction.

It's an amazing film, and if you like history, a must see.
We watched it today.

The Bible is true. People would be so far ahead if they would simply accept it as God's truthful Word and go from there. It always comes out on top of the worldly matrix historically and scientifically.

People are so proud that it's hard for them to give up their sense of the rational. It's hard to give up our sense of self and let God define Himsrlf. We always think the god in our minds is superior to the God of the Bible.  How pompous. 

The supernatural isn't reasonable,  necessarily,  but it is true.

To have a Biblical worldview gives a grid for all thought. Truly.

Someone described me as religious.  I am amused at that. I think I am anything BUT religious. I have a specific faith in Christ alone. I am sorry for my sins. Repentant. I know that my eternal destiny is in Jesus hands through faith.

This is it. No works, no rules. Faith in Christ alone. The only way to eternal life. The only way to avoid hell.

"Noone comes to the Father but by me," said Jesus.

"God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that
whosoever believes in Him should have everlasting life."

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. Our times are in God's hands.  God condemned the world. He lovingly provided His Son for our eternal sacrifice for our redemption from sin.

The debt had to be paid.

It's Raclette season. Come over for dinner and discussion.

Email me and we'll set a date.

Looking forward to it!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

It's Complicated

As Jesus' return draws nearer we are about to see things converging in a massive pull to fulfill prophesied events.

The things that the Bible prophesied.

It's happening, and I'm trying to get my mind around all the different angles that seem to be converging.

I'm a reader, right? I love to read. I'm also a prophecy watcher, and I always read things in light of prophecy and its fulfillment. Some things make total sense. Some things require me to change my position. Sometimes I'm completely blown away by some new information----game changers, for example.

I process stuff. I'm not sure I'm right, but I'm sure trying to synthesize what I'm taking in.

Aren't you?

It's enough to make you want to throw in the towel, give up, and sink into your mindless television and music.

But I'm not there yet. I have an idea that things are coming together for many of us. Somethings just make more sense than others.

Today is the anniversary of the Two Towers in New York City having been destroyed. It's a fitting day to look at the various conspiracies revolving around the event.

Moslems? American government? Secret Societies?
You've seen the report that 1,500 engineers/architects attest to the idea that the World Trade Center came down like a demolition...?

Well, you might want to look at that sometime.

It's interesting.

"Truthers" are detested far and wide, but you have to admire their ferreting instincts, and their die-hard attitude to uncover the bottom line.

For me the bottom line is JESUS.

He's in charge. He's bringing things to a grand prophesied conclusion, and whatever it takes to bring forces together and bring about that storied end is just fine with me.

God uses all means to His end and His purpose. He is good, just, and defines Himself as Love. Play by His rules and everything's cool.

Don't play, and it gets hot.

He made us. He made it all, including the exploding stars above our heads.
He can handle these crazy events playing out in our politics and history.

I've been having a bash of watching Christian Pinto DVD's lately:

America's Beginnings
Riddles in Stone
Dark Clouds Over Elberton
The Eye of the Phoenix
Tares Among the Wheat
A Lamp in the Dark

It's like a major history lesson.

You may remember the old radio guy, Paul Harvey? He was famous for saying, "And now the rest of the story!"

There is a part of the story we all learn in school that simply isn't told. I didn't care much about it until I came face to face with a demonic presence in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany 30 years ago.

As a believer I felt no threat. I am a child of the King. I have authority over dark spirits. I had no idea that that demonic presence had such authority over our culture. It's the spirit of Lucifer. The Light Bearer, the Illumined One, the Illuminati.

Come on, friends. We all know "They" are the illumined ones under the control of the god of this world. They have power, limited to this sphere, but it seems pretty powerful. They control the wealth, the media, the kings and rulers of this tiny ball in space.

They control everyone but the followers of Christ.

It's starting to make sense, right? It's many parts making up a whole of rebellion against God. Religion, politics, entertainment, economies, food, health. It all falls under their power.

They are rendered mostly benign, limited by the presence of the Holy Spirit, up until Christ's return, but they have incredible power over people. Most people have no idea that they are even influenced by that dark power.

But some are waking up from their stupor and sleep. Some people are seeing the darkness and attempting to flee it.

There is no neutral territory. The god of this world reigns and does the bidding of the Eternal Creator. He must. His rebellion suited him for this role.

So, we have established this worldly authority, and now we break down the tools of his kingdom. Religion is one of his main methods of control.

Matthew 7:22 says that MANY will say LORD, LORD! and Jesus will answer "I NEVER KNEW YOU."

That is religion. That is NOT relationship with God. Religion controls people who think that their deeds will earn them some type of reward, mostly admittance to heaven if there is life after death.

That's not Biblical.

Only the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, payment for sin on the cross, can GIVE entrance to eternal life.

But religion is useful. It helps people be good.

Roman Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mysticism----it's all about how good you can be, and what your reward will be.

Then there are the ruling elites. They control the economy and practically all the earth's resources. Satan handed these things over to them, and they are completely aware of his power. They serve him, whether it is through Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Bilderbergs, the Bohemian Grove, Occult worship, Satanism, Luciferianism, Witchcraft, Magick, or any dark art.

They have a direct line to the Main Control office. They are diabolical and cursed, and there is little hope for those who serve Mammon and idolatry.

This branch is so diverse---it has roots in all of the major religions, connections, links---but it controls governments and countries as well.

Our media is virtually ruled by Lucifer, those who serve him. Music is mostly his domain. In Jewish tradition Lucifer was linked intrinsically with music. It is such a powerful medium that God created, specifically to honor and please HIM---but perverted in the extreme by the Rebellious One, Lucifer.

Lucifer perverts. Music, sex, relationship, life itself. He is the instigator of evil.

We, like sheep, have gone astray. He has turned everyone to his own way.
-----but the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.

Always that hope when things are so bleak. Always that single answer to our humanity; Jesus, Savior.

So, here is how I see it today: Somehow Islam is a tool in the hands of Satan. It bears the blame for 9/11, but the Luciferians have a hand in that infamous day's events as well. I am not as vehemently opposed to evidence that agents within the governing powers exercised their destruction in addition to what Moslem jihadists wrought on those four planes. It just fits the entire paradigm. Lucifer is in charge. Lucifer destroys. He brings about the worship of himself in the spirit of anti-Christ and the globalist new/one world.

That's prophecy.

Now, there are major players in the history of this old earth. It's easy to lump them all under Luciferian power. Hitler, for example. He was simply evil.

But some of our "heroes" had connections to evil as well. Not on the surface, but dig a little. These people were sinners like you and me. Did they serve the One True God, Creator, Elohim?

Perhaps they did, but they may have been ensnared in something diabolical as well.

You see, it's complicated.

You cannot serve two masters. That's Biblical truth. God remains the judge of human hearts. You and I may not judge a heart.

We can certainly judge an action, an evil, however. We can see what some may not have seen in their day.

We have Google. :)

We can, for example, see that America was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans who really believed the Word of God.

We also can see that the writers of the Constitution were mostly Freemasons with philosophical ties to Enlightenment Thought.

We can see the direct connection between the Illuminati and the French Revolution, the writings of Thomas Paine and John Locke. We see how Thomas Jefferson was enamored by this rationalistic thinking.

Benjamin Franklin was an enigma! He professed faith in Christ, yet partook of some diabolical hellish group during his travels leading up to the American Revolution.


It's complicated.

Relationships between Manly P. Hall, FDR, his vice president Wallace, Aleister Crowley, Winston Churchill, are now come to light.

Are they all evil?

It's complicated. Some were.

Francis Bacon, John Dee (007), Queen Elizabeth I----Rosicrucians---

Research these people, their relationships and see them in the light of history. They all had huge influence. Evil, or good? It's fascinating to draw the links and parallels.

But as you see the links a fuller picture of history emerges, one that draws us all inevitably toward a globalist end.

Those left behind, that is. That is their end.

We can see a blatant cover up of God's truths regarding creation and evolution. Evolution (Charles Darwin was in the cabal of rationalism and humanism) became the perfect diversion from the Biblical account, bringing into question the very truth of God's Word.

An entire generation lost confidence in God's Word and became liberal theologically practically overnight. Remarkable. Satanic.

It took some brave scientists who kept their trust in the Word of God over science, like Henry Morris, to lead the charge back to God's Truth, and lo and behold, the Word of God trumps scientific theory every time.

Science changes. God's Word stands.

So now we come to a unique time. We are post 9/11, waiting to vote in a new president (term limits, ya know!) and we all know that the Electoral College and voting machines play a part in this Constitutional Republic's choice of President.

We all read the news.

Hillary and Donald. Obama has set the country back 100 years in race relations. The military has been decimated. The Republican Party (GOP) is in ruins. Foreign Policy is laughable. Obama's promotion of Islam in the world has ushered in a savage reality----ISIS, ISIL, refugees, Middle East Mayhem.

Can anyone fix it?

Hillary fainted today. Her health is surely a huge issue. She's sick. Her ties to Saul Alinsky and communism in general have sullied her reputation as a free-thinker. She is pro abortion, pro sin, and winks at her husbands "indiscretions." I have read several things about her participation in witchcraft.

Donald Trump is an enigma. The only things I can say in his favor is that he appears to NOT be a globalist, and has nice kids who support him. I forgot the third thing I was going to mention...

He's a hundred times better an option than Hillary, though. Whatever comes.

I don't think there is a fixer out there, friends. We're simply in for more trouble.

God alone can right this mess, and He will do it on His terms, just like He did before the Flood. He took Noah and his family into the ark and let the Nephilim and everyone else drown.

Satan re-instituted the Nephilim with Nimrod. They've been around ---giants in the earth-- and encountered since.

The realms of the spiritual have always been dimensional, and just beyond our senses. This truth will become clearer as we enter the New Age beyond Rationality. We're headed there very quickly.

I think believers will be taken out, though. It appears that the Word of God promises this blessed hope to us.

Jan Markell has a great study on the Rapture of the Church. Check it out @ olivetreeviews.org

It's a comprehensive Biblical study on the theme of the Rapture as found in Scripture. It's very comforting!

Since time is getting short, and we all are seeing a grid of convergence in signs and events don't wait to check this out.

You'll be eternally thankful.

Be encouraged, friends! We are in the home stretch!


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Off to a Running Start

School is on.

We are in the middle of commuting to and from school for Ed, and to and from Cross Country for Cherie.

My head is spinning, and I need a calendar by my side everyday, all day to see where I need to be next.

Cherie likes her Cross Country team, a new home-school team for this suburban area.

She competes with area junior high schools. It's been an exciting start! My husband ran Cross Country in high school, but I knew virtually nothing about it.

I played tennis on my high school team, and I loved to cross-country ski. Later I did some rock climbing and mountain hiking. I forced myself to jog.

This passion for running fascinates me.

Cherie takes it all in stride!

Choir started up for the season. Bruce, our director, picked out some gorgeous pieces and I've been moved to tears already! It's going to be great.


So many tears. Sadness for the lost, sadness for the demise and final closure on a young boy missing from Minnesota for 27 years.

Like 9/11 changed America, the abduction of Jacob Wetterling changed Minnesota.

We were all violated.

No, not to the extent that Jacob was. That is horrific.

But we were affected, because he was taken from a sweet back country road. There's safety in numbers, right? We moms thought so. Three boys on bikes in the wholesome country of central Minnesota. One taken, murdered, the rest of us changed forever.

Danger lurked everywhere from that day on.

Mr. Heinrichs took something from all of us that day.

Perhaps we all needed to wake up to our vulnerability. Perhaps we were too trusting. I know I've been too trusting, and suffered the consequences.

Human nature. We are so prideful that we want to think we are good. We aren't. No one is, not even Mother Theresa. (Canonized Sunday)

We are sinners in the hands of an angry God.

But God commendeth His love toward us, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Messiah died for us.

Jesus, our messiah, came and died for our sins. Took the penalty we deserved and bore our sins.

Thank God He rose again!

On Sunday night at the jail I was peppered with questions after I read the parables of the tares and wheat, the pearl of great price, and the treasure in the field.

Do babies go to heaven? At what age do they go to hell?
Do you go to heaven if you commit suicide?
Why do people worse than I remain free, while I'm in jail? It's not fair.
Why does God allow that to happen. Isn't He just?

Softballs, hardballs. I said things that I believed based on the Scripture and what I've heard from Bible teachers. Some of it didn't sit well. Several gals got up to leave.

There's a lot of pride and anger there in the jail. There's a lack of understanding! We all deal with these things, but in jail you have to face it in a deeper way.

I've been reading the book I got by Terry James, "Rapture Ready or Not? 15 Reasons This is the Generation That Will Be Left Behind."


Really good. But sad, too.

If you really believe in something wholeheartedly shouldn't it affect all of your life? Shouldn't it drive you to act upon that belief?

If I truly believe this is the generation that will be left behind, shouldn't I be screaming it from the mountaintops?

I do believe it.

If I saw that you were standing in a house that had its roof on fire I would be wrong to walk right by. I would be obligated to warn you.

So I warn you.

Jesus is coming soon. Read Terry's book. You'll be convinced too.

I'm just passing on the information I've acquired, giving the people I care about fair warning.

Get right with God. Repent. Believe. Live for Him. Warn your friends and family.


If it's two seconds from now, two days, two months, two years, two decades-----JESUS IS GOING TO GET US.

Now is the time to trust in Him. Before God's wrath falls on the earth.

It won't be easy when fire falls from heaven and the god of this world has his way with earth's inhabitants. Judgment is hard.

Don't be taken in with the deceptions of Lucifer---the traditions and religions of man. Paganism. Mysticism. The Occult. Idolatry. Materialism. Don't let yourself get sucked in. If you are already in the embrace of these false teachings cry out to the LORD to save you.

He will.