"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wet Spring

I'm home on a Saturday morning. We have beloved house-guests, and they are away for the lunchtime hour. I'm sitting here watching the pouring rain and being thankful for a moment to reset my brain.

It's been wet all week.

The low spots are lakes and rivers, streams and marsh. I'm wondering how the swamp nests are doing. They must be flooded.

Ed had a marvelous appointment at Mayo Clinic on Thursday. His healing knee was pronounced excellent. The range of motion was better than predicted, the scar perfectly healthy. I am grateful.

I'm grateful for all the prayer that people offered for Ed and his healing. I'm grateful to God for everything.

The appointment took several hours, with X-rays and waiting, but we still had a nice lunch at the Minnesota Grill at the Kahler Hotel then drove by Francis and Edith Schaeffer's former home, just for fun. Rochester is a interesting city.

Back to teaching on Friday, and our friends arrived. Late night talks, solving the world's problems, great fellowship.

I got an invitation from Jan Markell yesterday to a new prophecy Bible study going on in the Twin Cities this summer. It's even in my neck of the woods. Sunday nights (every one except July 2nd) beginning in June.

I think our bi-monthly study may have to move to that one for the summer. Email me for details.

In other news, the Corgi search got pretty intense over the past month. I applied at three rescues, hoping to be the one to get a needy Corgi.

Corgis are hot items. Everyone seems to want to rescue Corgis. I finally put in an application for a mix that may be partly Corgi. I talked to the "foster" mom, and found out that this dog has fear issues. I'm reluctant to adopt a dog with fear issues right now. Also, the breed was just a guess---there was no genetic test made. I thought the face looked pit-bull related.

With all this unsureness I started calling breeders.

I took a stab in the dark on Google and found the old sheep farmer in Nebraska where we got Misty!

I made contact with him via Facebook, and what do you know??? They still have puppies!!!

I put in a request for a small female, a distant relative of our beloved Misty.

Blackberry will have a another puppy to raise. Her head rests on my feet. Life is good for her, and she will be a great adopted mom, helping the little potato to become house-trained.

We are all excited, as a family, to welcome a little ball of joy in the near future.

I'll keep you posted.

There is a sense of despair in the world over Donald Trump. I feel it in the school where I'm working, in people I know on Facebook, in friends who watch the mainstream media news.

I don't. I get my news on the internet, and I'm pretty much up-to-date. Sometimes more up-to-date.

I'm not in despair over Trump. I never liked him. I see him as someone doing a hard job, appointed for this time. He reminds me of someone I've known all my life, so I have sympathy for him and that type of personality.

He's trying. He's inadequate, but he's trying. I'm just so grateful that there have been pro-life measures taken since he gained office. I'm grateful that he is trying to "drain the swamp" of Washington D.C. intrigue. I'm thankful he's still apparently anti-globalist.

We'll see.

Lucifer is a mighty foe. He's got lots of power. He has powerful people in his pocket. He pulls the strings on the puppets of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove attendees, the Illuminati.

People who claim to be atheist are right in his camp.

Globalist objectives: population control, one-world government, one-world economy, global control.

All predicted in the Bible, coming soon to a life near you!

We are watching Biblically epic events play out. Luciferian pawns are just part of the whole show.

It's time to wake up and look up! Jesus promised his return! He's coming back! We're in the last days, and we know this because so much prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes!

Israel exists! The world is smaller! The technology to control the entire world is here! The powers that be are poised for takeover! It's all falling into place.

And you DON'T want to be left behind. Hell is a horrible place, and the time of Jacob's Trouble will be almost as bad here on earth.

At our prophecy study on Sunday we looked at the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. The events surrounding their appearance are truly frightening. Can you imaging stars falling to earth? The sky rolling back like a scroll? Earthquakes, rocks falling, people running to hide in caves? The description in Revelation is alarming.

There will be a ruler/king who will be the antichrist (white horse), war (red), famine (black), and death (pale).

We are so close.

When these things come to pass, look up! Your redemption draws nigh!

It is good to serve a good God who has given us hope, life, and purpose. He created us for His glory, and we are His. Knowing this paves the way to meaningful existence, and understanding of things as they play out.

It's absolutely true, and it's absolutely necessary.

Death, where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory?

Jesus has won.

Seek Him today.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


The Oriole is back.

For a week now there has been a piercing call, a single tone, announcing his return. This morning he started to sing his "at home" sign, an avian calling card, so to speak.

Next I will listen for his classic song, the one we all know Orioles sing. It's happier, sweeter, more assured.

I saw him on the grape jelly birdfeeder my mom put out this morning. I've got the windows open and his brief call varies in location, so I know he's making the rounds.

It's really hard to find their nest, distinctive as they can be. A hanging sack, precariously stretching from an old limb. Wonders of nature.

I was struck by the sadness in his tone this morning. Or is it the sadness in my heart that projects those tones into mourning?

So much peace, so much beauty every spring.

But I think of the unrest in the world, in people I know.
I grieve.

I had a impromptu conversation this week at one of the schools.

Another teacher quietly announced to me that she didn't believe in God.

I made a repartee. It was a softball, perfect pitch. I couldn't help myself.

I said, "I do."

"I have a son who is a miracle from God. He's been saved from death three times. He has cancer and he was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder 6 months earlier than his cancer started."
"I believe in miracles, and I couldn't have gotten through these past years without God."

Her face became gradually more shocked; "I bet you do," her kind reply.

Our conversation continued about books and my son's great attitude. It all ended easily. As I walked away I thought about how we appear to this world. Light in the darkness.

Our spirits testify to God's greatness. We are nothing. He is everything. He gets all the glory, as He should.

We humans have such a distorted view of ourselves.

That's why I mourn today. I just feel sad about the lostness of people.

If I feel sad, how does God feel?

The Bible says He loves. The Bible records his responses. Jesus wept. I can't imagine how He feels.

It spurs me to be more light. More reflecting of God's goodness---through the trials, the pain, the heartache.

More trials ahead. Guaranteed.

Be mirrors of His blessed hope.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

It's Been Awhile

So much to catch up with here at Corgi Hollows.

I've been consumed with finding a new Corgi to live in this Corgi Utopia with our three fine pets and five loving humans. It hasn't been easy.

I've applied at several rescues, contacted 3 breeders. Now I just have to wait and see what happens.

The other three pets visited the vet and were pronounced wonderfully healthy. We found a new vet in this area. Our old vet, a farm boy from southwestern Minnesota, was over an hour away, and though we did drive there for these past two years it seemed wise to change to a local vet.

This vet hadn't seen our pets before. She exclaimed at how sweet they were! How healthy--both skin and weight, personality and behavior. I was such a proud mom.

They are fun, and we do love them.

Predicate is sitting in the window seat right now surveying the bird activity out front. Topi has found several gopher holes, and he sits by them, waiting patiently. I do hope he will clean up the gopher population here at Corgi Hollows. It's a thriving community, and the gophers do a good bit of damage to the lawn.

Blackberry just sits by the fireplace until her "daddy" comes home from work. Then she stretches and wags her tail. She's always ready for a walk up the road to the corner and back. More? Not so much. She's slowing down.

I have been subbing. And subbing. And subbing.
My favorite thing to sub is 7th and 8th grade. Wow. Bet you'd never believe that! I certainly didn't. I do enjoy those kids, and the day is usually a breeze for me. I'm all over the school district, Kindergarten through 12th grade, but I prefer to accept assignments for Special Ed and Middle School. Such great staff! Sweet kids. Of course I take all the music and art assignments that come my way!

Margaret is installed at the Deli now, so she is taking half of my shift. This is so good. I was doing more time outside the home than I'd ever thought I would. This makes it bearable. Cheri is in the middle of her Track and Field season, so there are meets and practices that she has to get to. It's been a bustling spring.

The leaves on the trees are still in their baby stages. Bright yellow green. The blossoms of cherry and apple trees are bursts of pink and white all over the hills. It's just lovely.

Lilacs are budding. I think that in a week their glory will be full-fledged. Lilacs last too briefly. It is just a phenomenal sight on MN Highway 100, north of I-394. If you can drive that way this upcoming week, do.
I go out of my way this time of year to see the hedges that are now 30+ years old. Thankfully we drive that way to church on Sundays.

The Phoebes have made their new home on a perfect drainpipe in the back of the house. They did that last year, after I removed their cute nest above the porch door. The pipe is a far better location, and the pesky Robins are their immediate neighbors, just 10 feet away, on the outdoor lights. I will have to remove that Robin nest next after the babies leave. I'm not happy about them being there, but I missed the chance to thwart their nest building. They had to start from scratch because I completely removed the old nest. I have to admit it is a prime spot for birds, but they have little appreciation for fire hazards.

Speaking of fire hazards: We were outside last Sunday night having our campfire when we noticed terrible smoke just to the east of us. A house? A barn?

The swamp was on fire! We listened to sirens for about an hour, watched the frightening glow of fire on the underside of the smoke. I heard that the fire fighters monitored the flames all night long. For as much water that we have these days ---the water tables are overflowing---there is still fire risk from dead swamp grasses.

Ed is done with finals (4.0 GPA!) and walking without any device! Two major milestones! He loves his math classes, and he is happy to go to school and meet with friends from there. He's making an effort to nail down a part time job, but we will see how that works. We're all hopeful for him. He's applied at several banks for a teller position.

Margaret is home, processing her time in France, and in Greece. Two very different experiences. She's finding her path back here stateside, and school is in her future.

We've done several improvements here at Corgi Hollows, so we feel ready to have guests again. There's always something going on. Bees arrive in June this year. We are gearing up for that.

I'm finding that my health is starting to suffer from all the working, two colds in two months, headache and back pain, hip pain and general weariness. Guess I'm getting old.

There's no rest for the wicked, and the righteous don't need any.

Have you heard that old quote? I think of it more these days.

The sky was brilliant blue today, and that was a welcome change from the gray spring days we've had. It lifts the spirits just to look up.

I've been singing my Maranatha song every day on the way to work. I drive such a pretty way, by a small lake, up and down hills, by horse farms. I saw swans AND loons on the lake this morning. The horses are show horses, most of them. I drive by the big Shriner's stable in Greenfield. It's amazing what gorgeous horses live in this area! All the pretty horses...

All this beauty, and I still pray that Jesus comes soon. As we anticipate His return I find myself chiding myself about being content. Yes, we have a beautiful life here in America. God has blessed us.

But it doesn't compare to the life to come!

As I hear testimonies about God's work in the world I selfishly want things to hurry up! God is so patient.

I'm not. I'm thinking about all my Corgis in heaven.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I haven't been writing much, but my brain keeps working. I've got more in it than I had a month ago!

Teaching school has been a daily occurrence. Working at the deli has been educational.

Margaret is home, and she has learned the deli job, so we are sharing the time shifts that I'd had since January. This is much to my preference. I really was working too much.

In all, I've felt absent. Absent from home, absent from Corgi Hollows, absent from many issues that I've had. Even absent from Ed's health struggles, though we've made every appointment and continued protocol.

Perhaps it was a good break from those things. One always appreciates things more when there has been distance.

Sadly, I can see how we humans spiral into robotic productivity when we do not take time to reflect.

Some read books.

Some write.

Some create music.

It's a dilemma.

Do we take the absence from the daily grind, or the daily importance? ---The things that really matter.

I'm finding out.

I'm more driven. I squeeze things into hours that I'd taken weeks to accomplish. I force myself to produce, to plan. That's good.

Yet I wonder how much more I could be doing.

We can't rest. We have such a short time left! When time ceases we will have our rest, but now we count the seconds and redeem the time.

It's exciting.

I've been able to follow some thinkers addressing the creationist movement, and I see the cracks in the Darwinian paradigm. I think atheists are seeing them too. Their arguments are faltering. Perhaps God is getting through to some hard-core rationalists! It's a last ditch effort to convict them before the Tribulation begins.

The new documentary "IS Genesis History?" arrived at Corgi Hollows yesterday. We watched it this morning. Second time, for me. I recommend. It's a comprehensive look at science and a reasonable argument for a young earth. It's very well-done, and difficult to refute!

God is so good.
I've been amazed at His blessings.