"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, January 29, 2016


The following clip was talked about by L.A. Marzulli this week too. Very interesting.

If you think it's a farce, a sci-fi trick, you are mistaken. Spiritual war has begun in earnest, and you need to ask for your spiritual eyes to be opened.

Lucifer is laying his net, mapping his strategy, to take out the world and lead his minions to battle.

He loses. That's already ordained. He's going to play his part in the grand scheme until then, though.

Get on the side of victory. God wins.

Make things right with YHWH today. Don't wait.

Perhaps you've allowed your mind to be controlled by the media too long.

X-Files & The Illuminati's Agenda Hidden in Plain Sight EXPOSED !!!


Do you ever get the sense that our lives are in perpetual swing, a giant pendulum, one pole of extreme to another?

Bi-polar disorder is living that, and those around someone with that disorder are caught up on that pendulum to some extent. I think that all of us who deal with hard things feel we are on a pendulum of highs and lows, good and bad, quiet and frenzied.

Oh, to get that pendulum on a smaller radius!

The analogy ends there. Should we confine the pendulum we soon would expire.

This is an election year. I must post at least ONE post regarding it. Perhaps this is the only one???

Donald Trump leads the Republican race right now. (January 29, 2016) I'm not sure who leads the Democrat race, but Hillary Clinton is in hot water regarding her behavior with emails and Bengazi, so her viability in the race can only be explained by elitist puppetry.

Bernie Sanders is a remarkable character. To think that this old man would have appeal to the young pups of this age is unbelievable.

Democrats, you have messed up.

Republicans have too. Donald Trump is the anti-liberal reaction that has been fostered by Obama, Clinton, et. al..

He is the ridiculous extreme of a political pendulum, and if he wins this presidential race he is exactly what the country deserves.

To think that our country has degraded itself to such lows!

I am a first-rate cynic since the internet came into being. The abundance of information has sullied my formerly idealistic views of humankind.

It is easy for me to see the depravity of mankind, and its lostness forever! We ARE LOST!

But for Christ.

You people who rail against Trump----ask yourself what part you played in bringing about such a farce?

Did you idealistically vote for Obama 8 years ago? Four years ago?

Trump is a pendulum swing and reaction to that mistake.

For the conservatives who complain----why? The LORD raises up the governors of nations. We get what we deserve regarding governments and rulers. Judgment does not happen only on Judgment Day.

The pendulum swings, and the more extreme the height, the more extreme its mirror.

Prepare for a farce. Our tired nation has lost its soul.

Implosion is a given. We've passed the point of no return.

Our only hope is......

Yeshua. Salvation. Spiritual re-birth.

Don't worry about politics!

The day will bring forth what it will.

Can a leopard change his spots?

God brings about the end in His timing, and we are happily ensconced spiritually as we observe this fascinating demise into the New World Order.

Closer! It's getting closer.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Can I Get On Your Lap?

Corgi Eye

Warmth and Love

The lap of luxury

Hello from the Other Side....of the New Year!

That Adele song is making an impression on me, for lots of reasons. I wonder if you have heard it, perchance.

I'm getting reacquainted with my computer after a long hiatus. This old laptop has stored my thoughts for several years now, and it's showing its age, just like I am.

I celebrated another birthday, got through the holidays, and floundered with house projects over the last few weeks.

I am not finished. I have boxes to unpack from our move, now that the floor is finished downstairs (new tile) and shelves are installed.

The third purge is about to begin.

I do hate purging!

It seems so wasteful, on one hand, but then freeing on the other. Because we are all bibliophiles at this house books enter the premises frequently---weekly---but getting them sorted and culled is a task for the brave of heart. I struggle with letting perfectly good books go.

It's a compulsion. It's a weakness.

Since we are talking about weakness, this is the opportunity to confess another one of my weaknesses. (Confession is good for the soul!)

I've been convicted lately about my unquiet spirit.

Being a quiet person does not necessarily denote having a quiet spirit. I know quiet people who seem that they are about to burst, their spirits are just raging, and my spirit can detect that.

My spirit rages. It rages against politics, injustice, deceit, fleeing time, hurt, sickness, schedules that conflict, broken cars, circumstances, slights, stupidity.

Yes, confession is good for the soul. You know my dark heart!

But I realized that having a truly quiet spirit would be the  answer to my "issues."

So that is what my heart longs for in 2016. I want to know what a quiet spirit is, what it looks like in others, and what it could be in me. I am not sure I can even understand what a quiet spirit really looks like.

We are all in an unquiet world, where rage seems to be the topic of choice served up from the media daily.

"Can you believe this....?!" "Unbelievable....!"

This is exactly opposite of what Christ desires for His sheep. He wants green pastures, quiet waters. He wants us to be still.

Psalm 46:10: "Be still, and know that I am God."

This is my prayer.

As I wait for my Shepherd to come and take me away to His greener pastures I want to cultivate a quiet spirit.

Perhaps this incident sparked my resolution, but while we were in Indiana at the beginning of December for our quiet days of reflection, holed up in the Staybridge Suites, (we didn't leave the hotel for three days---a first in my life) a co-worker of my husband's, who is extremely generous, and a fellow believer, gave him a beautiful bracelet to give to me. It has Psalm 46:10 engraved on it.

"Hello from the other side..."

It did seem like a message from my Lord. It sparked a real soul searching. I'm wearing it. I even forgot to take it off going to the jail one night, (it dinged the metal detector!) and I was reminded of its message as we had fellowship there. Spirits are not quiet in jail. They are raging, grieving.

One of those nights the most extraordinary thing happened. A prisoner began to weep and cry that she had just received her sentence---10 years---and she was so heartbroken about her children growing up without her.

We all felt the pain.

Another prisoner spoke up with the most encouraging hope for her. "The judge doesn't set the sentence... the lawyers don't....GOD DOES! You did wrong, you're going to pay the price, but you are out of here as soon as GOD decides your sentence is over! Put your trust in GOD and HE will take care of your kids and YOU!"

I said "AMEN!"  Loudly.  It just came out.

These things that we endure are so bound up in God's plans for us. We, who belong to HIM, have that priceless endurance that knowing God's timing is perfect gives.

We are given a gift of eternal treasure. God has got it. God has our backs. God cares.

So, seek God. And cultivate that peace that passes all understanding. He knows our "sentence" in this life----that trial that plagues us, the circumstance that gets us down.

Give it to Him. Be still. Wait.

My spirit is learning things. Now my body is going to get up and get some boxes unpacked...

Boot camp for the soul.