"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This is Good;


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Call Him Out


Saturday, February 25, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

World Gone Loco

Today witches are casting spells on Trump.

It's all over the news, at least alternative news.

I'm talking about the non-mainstream ones.

You cannot label all non-mainstream news sources Nazi, or whatever. They aren't.

So, I really think witches are having their day. Apparently they've planned several more.

What does this say?

If witches are against Trump, maybe we should be for Trump?

I certainly do not side with witches. They are in rebellion against the Creator of the Universe.

I've always said I voted for Trump because I could not stand Clinton. I'm seeing what is playing out in Washington, hoping for the best, expecting nothing. It's all a grand play.

Is Mike Pence a Jesuit? If so, he's not to be trusted. Anyone can say they are Evangelical these days. The question is----REALLY?

That is why so many of us distance ourselves from that term. It has lost its meaning.

The world may be crazy with esoteric plans and actions, but we know the One Truth, and that is JESUS CHRIST.

How I wish everyone I knew had this assurance of peace and hope in their hearts and lives. Many do. I am blessed with a huge group of friends who are filled with the Holy Spirit. We connect instantly anywhere. It's a supernatural family.

But too many I know cannot connect on that level. They may actually side with the witches.

And that is rebellion.

Oh be careful little feet,
where you walk
Oh be careful little hands,
what you do
Oh be careful little eyes
what you see
For the Father up above
is looking down in love.
Be careful little-----------one.

Don't rebel. Find the Father and obey Him. Love the Son. Be filled with the Spirit.

Wake up to the deception all around us.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I'm trying to figure out why liberal Christians have such ease in condoning sin.

Take the illegal immigrant issue.

I know no one who is anti-immigrant. I don't know anyone who wouldn't welcome a legitimate refugee. I know many who disapprove of illegal immigrants living here, undocumented, some here for decades.

I disapprove of that. I think people should be following the law, especially if it is a good one, that does not contradict the convictions of someone who follows Biblical mandates.

So, I don't want to condone illegals.

But I sense that that is the argument coming from those leaning left.

I can't figure it out.


Is it because there is sin in everyone's life, so we can just condone crime, illegal activity, wrong-doing in everyone else?

I just don't see it that way.

So how does one condone illegals?

Refugees. They are people who truly have needs, must leave their country because of religious persecution, political unrest, natural disasters. I don't see refugees as young, perfectly healthy Islamic men---few women and children---who are crossing into Europe from the Middle East in massive numbers.

There is something about that picture that just doesn't fit the refugee argument.

Islam really is trying to take over the world for Allah. Aliyah. Moon god. Lucifer in disguise. Allah may be a name for God, but it has such poisoned meaning for one who was born into an Islamic culture that it cannot be a good transfer. Allah of Islam is a petty, mercurial being who demands works.

Read the five pillars of Islam.

YHWH is the creator. Maker of heaven and earth. Lover of mankind, sacrificial giver, merciful judge. We can do NOTHING to please Him except to believe in Him, love Him, serve Him. It's all about His grace, not our works.

Why would we promote the religion of Islam in  Western Civilization by allowing hordes of Islamic young men enter our borders?

Borders. There is a topic!

Rosaria Butterfield gave a talk recently on either David Wheaton's program, or Jan Markell's radio program where she mentioned that God is a God of borders and boundaries.

Think about that. It's true. God has made men and women, humans and animals, seas and land, countries, nations, peoples. Laws are boundaries. He made excellent ones to sustain life on earth. He made boundaries for the people of Israel to preserve their culture and bloodlines. He made sexual boundaries.

God truly is a person of boundaries. Borders.

Maybe we should learn from that and respect our own borders, and the borders of our countries.

Compassion is a given. We must be compassionate! I think of Herbert Hoover who unilaterally saved Europe after WWI. What an amazing person! He was probably the most compassionate president the US ever had.

Satan hated him, though. FDR, 33rd Degree Mason, destroyed him.

Compassionate people should be our role models.

But God gives us borders, and we also need to respect them.

I'm learning the Otiot from Alan Horvath. The second letter is BET. It means house. It looks like a little house. It has walls, a roof, and a door.


I don't think we should condone illegal immigration. I don't think we should foolishly allow capable young men (who could be rebuilding their own countries!) to come and change ours.

I think we should be compassionate helpers, wise and giving. I don't think we should condone sin in any form. Forgive it, yes, but not condone it.

We have a higher calling, a higher standard.

Let's run that race instead.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Heads up

Love Not the World

Such beauty outside my evening window. The views are an amalgamation of beiges and grays. The sun is setting and it's all lit in a death view.

It's February and the snow is gone. Nothing lives.

It is beautiful, though, in its monochromatic simplicity.

Love not this old dead world.

Isn't that a reminder to all of us?

Where your treasure is, there is your heart.

What are we waiting for?

I have been seeing little faces this week, bright, questioning, dear. I see them every day. New ones--different classrooms.

It's quite the interesting job, really. I'm not even fond of kids that aren't my own, but my heart is just touched by these small people.

What is their future?

I'm so thankful that the LORD says the Kingdom of Heaven is such as these. Dear little ones.

Today Cherie and I discussed our love of God. She admitted that she didn't think she loves Him enough.
Nor do I. Nor does anyone. Honesty is wonderful.

I told her to think about hell and how horrible it is. I said that love for God begins there, the knowledge that God saves us from such torture.

Today I saw a friend put up a picture of a guillotine. It was bloody, and it was the "I" in the word impeach. That we could even justify the guillotine again in any way is enough to give me shivers. Prophecy unfolding, friends. Many will lose their heads, and that is just the beginning of sorrows.

Those that love God, that neglected to become believers before the Rapture of the church/bride of Christ will lose their heads. It's coming.

I have seen reports and images of an Illuminati reference to Trump's death. I hope that isn't true, just wishful thinking on the part of bloodthirsty liberals.

Life is not important to progressives.

But it is to God. He created it.

It should be to all of us. It should be our treasure, our heart. We should have deep concern for anyone who does not know Christ right now.

Time is so short.

Please, please, friend who is not a believer: BELIEVE!


Begin to know the Savior of the world.

How I wish I could force you to believe, out of love!

Those of us who know Jesus can sense His utmost concern for those He loves who haven't turned to Him yet. It's time.

Don't wait. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Agenda 21 Radio


Flynn ....
BREAKING EXPLOSIVE STORY!!!! Former CIA agent DR. JIM GARROW exposes the discussion Michael Flynn was having with a Russian diplomat that led to Flynn's resignation as President Trump's National Security Advisor. The conversation, which was being illegally recorded by the CIA in violation of the U.S. Constitution, was about the worldwide pedophilia ring. The ring reaches into Russia with the same cast of pedophiles that are found in the United States. Both Flynn and the Russian were attempting to get an understanding of who these pedophiles are in the U.S. government and inside the Russian government. These people travel from country to country and use Brussels as a major staging area for pedophilia purposes.


This  is a story that won't go away.
There's always layers.
Keep watch.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Exodus Applied

I'm reading through Exodus right now. "Discovering the Bible" has us reading Exodus, Luke, and now Job this time of year.

Today I read about the golden calf.

There is so much in this story, but today, for me, it said that it is easy to fall away from God and make our own gods instead of the Creator.

So I asked myself---have I fallen away?

It was so simple, so quick, for the Israelites to forget God, to want something else.

I don't think our generation is much better than theirs.

When "we" make God wishy-washy on gender, on adultery, on divorce, on evil---and change the definition of what's right or wrong---we are making a golden calf. It's not God.

God talks about his book and names written in it in this very chapter. Erasing names.

This is an eternal theme, and Moses doesn't seem so ancient to me. God is still holding that book of life in heaven. Moses is alive and well (he appeared with Jesus on the mount).

The veil is getting thinner as we approach the great reunion in the sky. It's coming. Surely, it's soon.

We are not appointed to wrath, and God has promised to take us and shield us from it. (Luke!) Jesus has given us hope for each day, and that is all we are required to live.

Those of us who like to plan for the year, the next five years---ten---
There are no guarantees.

I look for Jesus.

It's going to get ugly down here, and I absolutely don't want to be around.

The interesting thing is that we will be swept away, in an instant, and life will go on here on earth as if little change occurred. A few people disappeared. Ho-hum. Yawn.

But then the wrath of God will begin to manifest on this little circle of Earth. People will be begging to die, but for some inexplicable reason they won't. They will have to endure the pain. Sounds awful.

It's going to happen.

God is true. His word is true.
Satan is a liar, and a cheater too.

He wants you to manufacture the golden calf of your imagination, fashioning your god to exactly the person you like.

It's so easy.

Wake up!

I still can't believe Aaron had a hand in all of that. I just don't get it. What was he thinking?

God is so merciful, so forgiving. His grace is beyond what any of us could think of. I am so thankful for that grace. Grace, grace greater than all my sin!

These Old Testament themes just don't go away.

They are eternal.


My mom is offering a significant dollar amount to each of her grandchildren, step-grandchildren, and their spouses to read through the Bible this year. It's a great idea.

I hope they all get their monetary award, but far greater is the knowledge of the Holy.
It will be interesting to see how the Spirit moves in each of them. I've always said that one needs the Holy Spirit to understand God's Word and appreciate its daily relevance.

Perhaps this will be a self-check of His residence within,
or an indicator of a golden calf that conflicts with the God of Scripture.

It's time to check.

Looking for that twinkling of a moment----!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, Recovering from a "Bug"

I only subbed three days this week, and they were really good days, but I was battling a cold, and fending off the Norovirus, apparently. It is in the school where I sub.

I haven't been that kind of sick. Yet.

I'm always concerned for Ed, and bringing bugs back to him, but since he is also at the community college, exposing himself to other humans, it seems less of a danger. I think my immune system is getting a bracing.

I loved subbing Business this week. One of the marketing classes watched a documentary on Steve Jobs, and it was interesting. The high school students are pretty self driven, self contained. I need to keep them on task to the best of my ability, and that's all I can do.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

I said no to job this morning because my cough is still deep, and I just needed to rest. I work at the deli tonight. There's a new marquee outside the deli proclaiming it great! I have to smile. I do like working there. It's like being paid to work out. You can't believe the light lifting I'm doing. I can tell my upper arm strength is improving. There isn't a dull moment, what with slicing meats, wrangling the heavy-duty slicer, washing huge pans, lugging tubs of chicken, and a heavy fry basket! Add to that the mopping and the sweeping, bending and reaching---It's a work out! Cleaning is good exercise.

Oh, and the customers. They are fun, too. I'm meeting all sorts of people from the area. Since I live in a pretty classy neighborhood (the west side of Lake Minnetonka) I get to see ALL kinds. There are the genteel and the scruffy. I think there is an inordinate number of people who struggle with alcohol. That's disturbing. Sallow, unshaven faces with bleary eyes often appear at my counter.

And I say a prayer for them. What else can I do?

I know that a kind word can go far.

I'm getting to know my old habitat again, on a completely different level.

There has been a cold snap, but I think Spring will come early this year. I feel it. Hardly enough snow is on the ground to comment on. That's a disappointment. The chickadees are active, the deer are running in herds now.

I asked my husband to put up a new birdfeeder. Our old ones have been destroyed by the wildlife of the past, and we do need to keep the current wildlife fed. I'm excited to see if we can entice some Cardinals back to the place. I know they are around.

Ed had chemo and PT yesterday. His surgery looms. We're all getting jittery now.

Our church moved to its new home last Sunday. It was packed. (New church needed already?!)

It is so nice to have a sanctuary to worship in, with colored windows and pews. I like pews. You can squeeze in one more, or spread out. I hear that chairs are "in" though.

Having friends over for lunch, so I must close.

Have a nice weekend!

Good Points

Believers, are you awake yet?

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Navigating the Worldly Waters

It's been just weeks since Donald Trump became president.

Nancy Pelosi can't even say his name, and refers to him as President Bush.

It's interesting to see the hand wringing of the left.

I keep wanting to say---now you know how conservatives felt for 8 years.

The difference is that Biblical Christians know the end. We know the game plan. We know who wins.

We are unfazed by the politics that play out in this world because we are victorious in Christ.

It's important to be informed. We need to be aware of needs in the world, helping, serving. We need to stand for right, for justice, for the hurting and the poor. That's true religion.

But we need to step back and see the bigger picture, the spiritual plane.

Things are happening!

Once your eyes have been opened to the spiritual plane that is existing in our experience you cannot unsee it.

The only way to know the counterfeit is to be intimately acquainted with the truth.

Where, O where is the truth?
How can we know it?

It's in the Word of God.

When we see a Satanic strategy playing out on the worldwide scale we are unfazed. Informed, but unfazed.

This past weekend the Super Bowl half-time show aired. If you think that the Super Bowl isn't a massive campaign for Lucifer you are deluded. Really. Each and every half-time show for as long as I can remember has forced sex, satanism, and evil down each and every throat.

Yes. It's true.

You know it.

This one, with lady Gaga descending like Lucifer from above, apparently kept the theme going.

I didn't watch. I heard reports.

When will the masses awake? Only by the Holy Spirit comes revival. Perhaps it will happen before the End, perhaps not. Some say they have visions of revival in the end times.

I am skeptical. I think the Rapture will occur without notice, without fanfare. We'll just go to be with Jesus.

So it is time to be awake, watching, ready.

Trump may or may not be an elitist, a masked globalist. I don't know. It doesn't really matter. George Soros has come out against him, and that alone is enough to support Trump, in my opinion. Soros makes absolutely no attempt to hide his evil agenda.

For that reason it's interesting to watch what Donald Trump is doing.
I hope he succeeds.

We need a huge change in our politics. We need a fresh approach. We need change in education, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve.

We need to fight the killing of the innocent.

We need to enable Christians to do what Christ calls them to do.

The liberal Church (mainline denominations) has sold out to the Pope, the Jesuits, and to any Luciferian agenda proposed in the past decades. We see the spiritual disease in the churches of Europe and it's coming here, growing day by day.

Churches are flaunting immoral policies in God's face.

They are fashioning their own gods, willing to bow and bend to anything and anyone that they conjure.

Not God.

God's moral law is absolute. It's clear. It's written in His Word.

Find it today, and repent. 

Not Fond of Lyn, but Listen, Watchmen:

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Corgi Hollows


I worked five full days this past week. Teachers are sick, kids are sick, lice, coughs----

Substitutes are in grand demand.

I also worked at the deli, so I write this morning after a week of complete busyness. I work this afternoon too, so my life has taken on a completely new feel.


I look at the Blackberry hair shedding in the hallway and I sigh. The clothes are in the washer, dryer, and will I ever iron again? (Maybe that's not such a bad thing!)

I admire women who work outside the home. They are amazing.

I need to learn a new routine after 25 years!

My head hurts, my back aches, and I am weary.

Okay, stop the complaining! I will list the blessings now---

I'm meeting so many new people that I can hardly remember who is who.

The kids are great. I get virtual hugs from the little ones, sweet interest from the older ones. My heart is lost to them already, one month in. Even the behavior problems seem to be manageable.

I hear my name shouted out from down the hall, then, "Come and hear me play this on the piano!"
It's like having dozens of grandchildren!

It truly has to do with age. I'm just a grandma-type to them.

Oh, to have the energy of a young teacher and the authority of the older!

Well, God in His wisdom made it this way. Part of the curse, surely. Noah was a virile old man into his 500's.

Adam. Well, he blew it.

I'm not on Facebook as much lately (perhaps a good thing) but I miss that opportunity to minister, to evangelize.

We are all about spreading the gospel, living it, being Christ to all, and Facebook gives all of us that wonderful chance to be light.

It's such a fantastic place to connect with other believers, too. So encouraging.

And I need encouragement. We all do.

I can't sit here and write without pleading for prayer, too. So many people I'm meeting are desperately in need of physical healing, but also spiritual healing.

I'm praying for several people by name for their salvation. May God grant them open eyes and a willing heart to repent.

Ed needs prayer too. He is on the dean's list at his college----with an amazing schedule: Calculus, Statistics, Biology with lab, and English II. He's also tutoring math twice a week, trying to keep in touch with his Trail Life buddies, AND practicing the organ. It's cute: he made me an orange wool sweater on his knitting machine over Christmas break. It's absolutely perfect! He got requests for several more.

It costs $75 to $100 for materials and labor for these sweaters, but he STILL had customers! He's making one (for a gift) for our pastor. It's his way of showing his appreciation for our wonderful human shepherd.

Ed will have surgery at Mayo Clinic in March. His left knee will be replaced. He is still on chemotherapy, of course, so he will be handled with kid gloves.

Recovery will happen while attending classes. Maybe we're crazy. Maybe we're nuts. But we serve a big GOD, and He can make this work out with prayer.

It seems a good idea to keep Ed moving, so school, with its limited campus size and intermittent walking opportunities may be just the perfect setting for recovery.

I'm still trying to figure out how to keep subbing and helping Ed. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Maybe my wonderful in-laws might be willing to come for a week...(hint, hint!)

My heart still aches for my little happy Corgi face, Misty. I can't tell you how much I miss that creature, even though I know her time was up on earth. Blackberry seems to have worked through her grief, but she is the one that gets me up in the middle of the night now. She is truly aging at 11 years old.

She was happy to go for a quick walk up the road this morning with Cherie and me. She scampered on the fields (we don't leash her here on our back roads) and snuffed out the deer, fox, and coyote tracks. She loves it out here. Corgi Hollows is her earthly heaven.

Our prophecy study is ongoing. Jan Markell markets this study. It is really good. We meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings/month, here, at Corgi Hollows. I try to have the living room cleaned up and a fire in the fireplace, soup and treats. So far, so good.

We haven't had raclette yet this year!!! This is a travesty!
I guess I can blame discombobulation.

Perhaps you saw the previous post. My eldest son graduated from a criminal justice course in Washington. He was the president of his class, with distinction. I am proud of him. He has worked so hard all of his life. He's suffered several setbacks, overcome difficulties, and tragedy. I love seeing him succeed. It's a testimony of his nature---fun, hard-working, smart, and simply wonderful.

He also loves the LORD, and has the prophecy watcher bug like his mama. I couldn't be more pleased!

Margaret is still in France. She's enjoying this semester more than the last, and plans to go on a missions trip to Greece after the course finishes. This Greece trip will be to an island where refugees are entering Europe from the Middle East. I'm excited for her.

But I can't wait for her to get home either! We're all ready to see her again!

What a wonderful experience to study the Bible in France, though. It will be a wonderful life changer.

Cherie. She is doing so well. Her school work and her responsibilities at home have kept her busy, but she's been able to really spend time with her grandparents, too, next door. Her cello skills have improved remarkably this year! Also, she LOVES playing the piano. I am seeing a huge improvement there, too. Lack of snow has limited her cross country skiing this winter. She did get out once.

She's blossoming. She's such a reader I have to tell her to stop. Get outside!

Track season is coming soon. She'll be running again.

Funny things you'd never foresee---she'll be competing against my students where I sub!

So, there is the Corgi Hollows update. Blessings.

My son. Class President.