"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Waxing Philosophical

It's a delight to have Margaret home with us after her summer away. With work and school looming her minutes seem precious. I love to sit with coffee on the deck and chat.

We talk about many things.

We often talk about relationships. No, no, I'm not getting "personal"---just general here.

We discussed people who matter more to us than we do to them, and vise-avers. How often we can forgive, (We know we're supposed to forgive no matter what, but do we?) standards people put on us, expectations, and desires.

Both of us woke up with ragweed allergies in full blossom. Love late summer, but oh! The Ragweed makes life barely liveable. Anti-histamine, here we come. We thought about everything we've been through this summer and allergies just seem like frosting on the cake of woe.

We knew we were going to get under the weather sooner or later.

Outlook can be so fickle. It may just take a stomach ache to turn down the fire of content in anyone.

Another snag arose over the past week. My dad, who is a spry octogenarian, must have surgery next week. He's battling a slight infection, so along with all your prayers for Ed, please remember him, too.

I'm thankful that my parents-in-law seem to be in good health. Their county fair is coming up, and that is a big deal where they live. We hope to get down there for a weekend during the fair.

We may get a visit from my brother in the midst of this new development. My brother is fun. We always laugh when he's around. Laughter is good for healing, so we all look forward to that.

Beautiful late summer days. It almost hurts---sun streaming through green-gold leaves, a single leaf floating downwards. Signs of the harvest nearing.

Our friends sent us a large box of delicious tomatoes. Once a year, when tomatoes are ripe, I indulge in a BLT. We had to go to the store to get the B, as it's not something I keep around the house much.

I think it was the best BLT I've ever had. Aldi has this excellent Italian Pane (bread) that made the best toast. It was the tomatoes that sky-rocketed the flavor. Sweet, luscious, deep red, PERFECT! What a treat!

The nutritionist at the hospital told Ed that he should eat some tomato every day to fight cancer. Not fond of them, he's helping me process them into palatable (for him) means. We're freezing them for future sauce and salsa. I am so thankful for generous friends, and their friends---who donated them!

Our church family has been so good to us! We've been enjoying meals prepared by them all summer! So thankful for their hard work and love.

Blessings abound.

Last night a friend at my husband's work gave us four tickets to see the St. Paul Saints play the Winnipeg Gold-Eyes at Midway Stadium, over by the state fair grounds. The evening was perfect, if a little chilly, for a summer game outside. I learned that it was the second to last game to be played at Midway Stadium. There's a new stadium being built in Lowertown for them, open next year. Tonight is the last game at Midway. Not a frequent attender, it was sort of sad to be a part of the closing era last night. The St. Paul Saints have been a very popular baseball team in their own right. Not part of the National or American League, they have much more leeway to be entertainment. Silly schtick adds to the experience.

It's more St. Paul humble than Minneapolis chic, a-la Garrison Keillor's description. We had fun.

We actually won tickets to see the Twin's next week! Do you ever sign up to win a drawing? It seems that whenever I do it's not worth my time. We seem to never win...but we DID! The dry-cleaners we go to had a drawing for Minnesota Twin's Baseball tickets. Amazing. We won the drawing! My husband is excited, being the main baseball fan in our home.

So there are always good things to enjoy. Looking at the bright side, right? God is good, all the time.

Chemo is going fine here at home. Here's what it looks like: (You can tell Ed is thrilled...)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Check it Out:

The Concordia Band - Elegy for a Joyful Heart - Paul Cravens

In the Backyard of Jesus

I finished reading "In the Backyard of Jesus" last night.

What a timely book!

I'm going to quote one thing here:

"The first step to resist Satan is to refuse to be a 'diplomatic Christian.' By accepting the fact that our faith is in direct conflict with the world's messages offered by Satan, and recognizing and accepting that being a 'diplomatic Christian' is a threat to our power to share the gospel, we can begin to resist it."

Stephen Khoury knows what it means to be a radical Christian in a conflicted world. He is a pastor in Israel.

His message is that Jesus is the answer to the Middle Eastern conflict.

It's a great perspective, and truth.

I hope you can get a copy of his book and be inspired.

The following post is a video of him:

Hope, While Under Fire

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Feeling Blue

Yes, today is a blue day. My Cherie is off on an adventure of her own---with good friends---for a couple of weeks.

I know she's going to have the vacation of her life: (Indianapolis Zoo, Mammoth Cave, Creation Museum (again), Underground Railroad Museum, Kentucky Horse Park, New Orleans--plantation, Sea World Texas, and a whole bunch of cities and sights to boot.

I'm amazed just thinking about it!

So glad for her, but I will miss her.

In the meantime I will try to restore the downstairs to a liveable scale, downsizing my home-school materials and book collection. No small feat. Really. I love books. I do not exaggerate when I say that we have thousands upon thousands. I am a book hoarder, and I apologize to everyone.

Everyone who knows me knows that. I'm a yarn hoarder too. There. Confession is good for the soul.

You'll be pleased to know that I am in the process of reforming, but I still feel blue today.

Lonesome for Cherie already.

The first month of consolidation is over for Ed. We start the next one Monday. It's back to the chemo-at-home treatments next week.

Despite nausea yesterday, after his chemotherapy shots at the clinic we decided to take Cherie to the Minnesota State Fair.

It was one of the most concise and productive visits we've ever had! We arrived shortly after noon, then took a turn around the entire fairgrounds, stopping for the treats we associate with the fair. We ended up spending far less on food with the nausea issue. Go figure!

Ed wasn't supposed to go to the animal barns without a mask, so he opted to sit at the MPR booth/building while we girls saw the chickens, rabbits, sheep, horses, cattle, and swine. We did NOT look at every animal. Basically we just walked through the middle of each barn. May I recommend that for next time?! We got to pet a few backs and noses.

The sun did not show its face the entire day, but no rain ruined it either. Perfect.

Cherie got a fox fur hat. She has a thing about animal fur.

At six pm we were finished and headed home. Cherie finished packing, and we all put our feet up. Glad to have had a nice time at the fair.

Back to work...

Christianity ...or Islam

Eric Metaxas....Must Read!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Danger + Cliche

Tonight I feel led to write a warning.

First the cliches: A house is burning, you see people in the house with no knowledge of the fire. Would you warn them?  Here's another: One beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.

I feel like the person walking by the burning house, and the beggar telling about the bread tonight.

I'm going to warn. I'm going to tell.

There is a spiritual house burning right now. Satan/Lucifer is a liar of the first magnitude. He has many people believing that they are perfectly safe in the the house. Everything is going to be all right. Right?

No. There is a great deception going on. I am grieving for those I know who are falling prey to the roaring lion that presents himself as a pussy cat.

So what is this burning house? Spiritual practices that mask as good.

So many. So many. I can't name them all. I can name some that I've come into contact with, and step on toes galore, but I must warn. I must try to "snatch from the fire," as it says in Jude.

Yoga. Reiki. Shamanism. Wicca. Spirit guides. Meditation, the "emptying" kind. Energy healing. Oils with spiritual power. Crystals. Islam. Buddhism. Hinduism. Paganism. Feminism. Homosexuality. Papist worship. Cult of Mary. Contemplative "Christianity." "Emergent Christianity." New Age Belief. Chakras. Mantras. "Alien Contact." Freemasonry. Baphomet worship. Witchcraft. Wizardry.

Isn't all so beautiful? Doesn't it make you feel good? Are you not healed? Included? Loved?


It's a ruse. The dark side is there, and if you are trapped into the spiritual aspect of any of these beliefs you are under the kingdom of this world, the kingdom of Satan.

You are not part of the kingdom of heaven. You are going to burn.

In a nutshell you missed the Truth. You missed the one way. You missed the absolute answer to eternal peace.

You know what that one way is? Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ. He is the way, the Truth, and the Life.

Ditch the stuff that is going to burn. Don't go down with the house.

Jesus is always enough. No additives needed.

Just read the Bible.

Please don't try to justify any of these practices. They come from the pit as a grand scheme to draw you away from Christ.

If you want more information please ask. I have reams of it.

Time is short, dear people. We all know this in our hearts. There is no time to play around with spiritual flights of fancy. No time to practice things that are not of Christ's kingdom.

If He comes, will He know you? Have you chosen Him alone?

He is a jealous God. Your adoration, worship, thoughts, activities, are to be HIS.

If you can't answer yes, you may need to get on your knees and repent. Humble yourself, and learn to follow Iesou----Jesus Christ, Messiah.

I am so inspired by the stories of believers in the middle east who chose to die rather than give up Christ. This is faith. It is precious in God's sight.

Believe, and obey. Repent, for the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is at hand.

Did I step on your toes? I really do care that you call the right lord, LORD, and not some spirit master. Don't mess with Satan.

If you find you are having trouble turning away from Satan remember to call on the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Cry out to Him to save you from your deception.

This morning I read about taking care of orphans, prisoners and widows. I read about sharing and helping. In my own very weak way I want to share the truth I know with you.

May you believe. In time.

This is my message. It's simple, childlike, easy to understand. It's truth. God is always the most paradoxically complex Person, and the purest, comprehensible One. The Bible is the authority, the WORD of God. I don't base my belief on any experience I've had myself, nor any particular doctrine or "ism." God said it, so I can believe it.

My experiences, lovely that they are, are irrelevant. The "bread" I'm telling you about is all that matters. You can taste and see for yourself. Stop trying to make God in your own image! Stop seeking supernatural power that kills in the end.

But it does amaze me how it all fits, how completely satisfactory and inspiring faith in Him can be. Yes. I know why people die for it, never to reject it. It is everything that anyone ever needs.

God is love. He loves you. He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Give Him joy by coming to HIM and renouncing your "practice" that is a deceptive spirit using you, keeping you from the plain truth of faith in Christ.

And the Spirit said, "Come!"

Do it. Now! Don't wait. Let's see Him together, soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just a Little Prophecy Tonight:

I was sad to learn that Gary Stearman from "Prophecy in the News" announced his retirement from the program today. He will be missed. I loved his frankness, and fearlessness. Few people were willing to touch on some of the subjects he did.

I hope they can find a good replacement! It will be hard to fill his shoes. I know that when the pastor of the church we attended for a few years retired after being in the pulpit for decades it was almost impossible to find a suitable replacement. The church chose to go with someone completely different from him, personality and presence. Probably a smart move, seeing that no one could be like the older man. Still, the jarring change has left some wondering if they still fit in that congregation.

Alas, it's never easy, nor perfect. Change can be wonderful, or upsetting.

As we see the world on fire this summer I have thought so much about change. Of course OUR lives have changed. Totally. The world is changing too.

Islam is on the march, the new pope speaks of unusual things, the occult world manifests more and more.

I hear the words ---Nephilim, dragons, demons ---more and more.

And I'm sure you do too.

I truly believe that Christ is coming soon. I have been reading about prophecy my whole life, and the things I always pictured as signs are happening now. Rosh Hoshanna is the Jewish New Year, the feast of trumpets. It is the next feast on the time frame of Jesus' life. He never missed the feasts. Perhaps this Rosh Hoshanna is His time to get us. Perhaps next year. There are many reasons to believe that next year's feast is a prime time for Him to appear.

The time is right. The world is ready, more than EVER!

Exciting times we live in. It's wonderful that God has appointed us "for such a time as this."


With everything happening in the world I'm grateful you stopped by here to get updated on Ed and our Corgi Hollows.

Yes, we still need prayer.

We were blessed by our friends. They are now cruising westward toward their home, and we are happily remembering our time together, as we always do.

Campfires with friends, trips to church and shopping, Dairy Queen---all the fun times.

Today and yesterday they blessed us with helping on the carpet removal project downstairs. They finished the job for us, and it was SUCH a wonderful gift!! I'm so thankful!

Now, Wesley, are you free to come and help lay down the new floor?? :) (Wes knows how to do it...and helped finish the upstairs...! Thanks, Wes!)

The weather was lovely.

Ed had his shots yesterday, and I had my neck/back straightened out with my physical therapist. That appointment was long overdue.

Tomorrow it's going to be Ed's day. He's been battling nausea since last week. A new med should help that.

Our friends were a welcome diversion.

Our new car has over a thousand miles on it already. Amazing, in one month. So glad for a reliable vehicle. God provided.
It's easy to get around town and slip into parking. So timely.

Blackberry doesn't feel the best and Predicate tried to scale a new tree resulting in some injury. Vet visit next week? Poor pets. They still seem to be indicating that life isn't normal yet. How can I tell them it will be three years until normal? (IF THEN!) They'll have to acclimate as we do.

One big bright spot coming up: CHOIR.

Are you in a choir?

Try it. You'll like it.

Praying for some of you readers (friends and family!) who are suffering with heart issues and other illness. How powerful prayer was for us, and I hope for you too.

God is good, all the time.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ready for Friends

I am really grateful for our friends.

There is a friend, closer than a brother, ---Proverbs 18:24

I have been the recipient of that kind of love, and I am so grateful for all of my dear friends. Many bring food, some help with cleaning and yardwork, hundreds are praying, encouraging.

This weekend we have dear friends visiting. Ed looks forward to their visit especially, as the children in their family share multiple interests with our children. They live out of town, so when they come they stay with us. We are always sad to see them go after the visit.

We anticipate their arrival shortly. Beds are made and the refrigerator is stocked.

Ed's day went went well yesterday. It was a long day. Five "pokes"---the port for an infusion, the back for a lumbar puncture, and the infamous "three," ---shots in his thighs. He's been battling nausea ever since we left the clinic, but he seems to be rolling with it pretty well.

He gets a reprieve this weekend. We go back on Monday.

Today we took Cherie to the Gibbs Farm Museum by the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus. The day was set apart as a celebration of Dakota life, and it was fun to see the sights.

Errands and yard work completed the day.

As I was shredding zucchinis from my sweet friend who supplies me with her fresh garden produce I was simply filled with gratefulness for all the things our friends do for us.

Thank you!

Last weekend I found out that I have a personal connection with our primary oncologist! A girl that I grew up with is his special friend. We are always six degrees from relating, but here there was only one degree! Interesting.

The day was beautiful, but very humid. My husband got one of our vehicles running again, but it seems to need a few more tweaks to be road-worthy. Still, many things were accomplished.

Summer ripens. Next week starts FAIR TIME.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bowing to ?

Wednesday Weariness

So I was an election judge from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm yesterday. Long day. Glad it's over.

In the afternoon I couldn't help but ask myself, "Why am I doing this?"

Everyone should do it. Yes, it's a little tricky, a little nerve wracking, a little boring...

Yes, there's this elephant in the room....Voter Fraud.

We're there to make SURE that doesn't happen, and it didn't. New machines help with that, but also a good team of judges.

But it isn't fun.

Today we saw Ed's psychologist. We hadn't seen him for four months. A little blip called leukemia interrupted our regular schedule!

Ed's ability to roll with the punches and take things as they come impressed the psychologist. He told Ed that he had "grit." These little things help as we assess the whole picture of Ed's situation.

Interestingly, the psychologist at the hospital informed Ed that he was her first bi-polar patient ever. Mostly she deals with depression in her position. She's very interested in getting to know Ed. On the other hand our original psychologist hasn't dealt with leukemia before. Ed presents them both with a new opportunity.

Today, after visiting the psychologist we drove downtown to the clinic for the three chemo shots for today.

All went well.

I'm tired this evening, but glad that we are 1/3 of the way through this two-week-long chemo phase.

Ed has learned that leukemia may cause problems temporarily with his feet as well as his back. So many new symptoms to deal with.

Twelve hours at a time....right?

In other news, it was a beautiful day today, and when we got home from the clinic I sat by the fish pond and soaked up the sunshine. Beautiful August.

Christian Palestinianism

In light of what is happening in the world I want to re-share this clip about Israel and Palestine. I am always amazed at the lack of balance regarding Israel.

I think it is impossible to be balanced about Israel. I truly believe that God's purposes are beyond man's. I also believe that Israel exists because it was a supernatural mandate from God in fulfillment of His prophecies.

Here is the "other side" from what you may have been hearing.




Balance is good.

By the way, I did enjoy reading Elias Chacour's "Blood Brothers."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Three Shots, Three Days a Week

Ed got to the clinic bright and early this morning, after taking his morning dosages of medicine. Promptly prepped for his new chemotherapy, a medicine administered through 3 shots, all at the same time, by three nurses, in his thighs.

This happens three days this week and three days next week.

Also, in about three weeks he'll have to go through it all again.


At least there was no allergic reaction! Should be good to go from here...

It's Monday, and this week will be slightly insane. I signed up to be an election judge a few years ago. Tomorrow is the primary in our neck of the woods. I just finished voting absentee---as I am the assistant head judge at a polling place different from where I vote this election. Tomorrow I report for duty with a good Minnesota hotdish in tow. I'll be working 6am to 9pm.

Margaret voted with me absentee today. This clears up her day tomorrow. I saw the nice county clerk who teaches us how to man the new voting machines. Slick things, they are. They take a picture of each ballot and if there are discrepancies with the ballot it alerts you.

I have a feeling that voting may take longer than usual. Thankfully there are only 1,500 voters in the ward where I am assigned. Truly, I hope they all show up, but that is wishful thinking. Primaries are just not that important to people. They should be.

I am voting for Kurt Zellers and Jim Abeler. Mainly. Governor and Congressman, respectively. I do hope they win. Kurt seems like a smart, capable man to handle the job. Republican governors seem to do well in our state. Jim Abeler is a well-known figure from our county, and well liked, too.

Tomorrow I'm the Republican judge. There will be one other Republican. Two Democrats, and a couple of independents. We will be a small crew, doing our civic duty. I always like getting to know the other judges.

I read a book last night called "The Equation." I downloaded it on my tablet. I think it is only available as an e-book.



I've been smiling all day. What a great, and meticulously researched book, by Malcolm Isted.

What a wonderful and hopeful message.

It's not for everyone, but it is timely and it is exciting. I encourage you to read it for yourself. Let's just say that next year, 2015, will be quite a year. Believers look up! Watchmen, keep your eyes open! Prophetic events are lining up ahead of us.

What a blessed hope we have.

I'm a complete Bible promoter here on this blog. The Bible has everything you'll ever need to know. "The Equation" is based solely on the Bible with a few references to Jewish tradition. Fascinating.

You know, good news is just very hard to keep to myself, and good news is what our God is all about.

Love and thanks to all of you who continue to bless our socks off ;)

PS.... My daughter-in-law is now a two-time national sailing champion! Congrats to her!!! Also, my lovely niece just became QUEEN of the IOWA STATE FAIR! She's a winner, too!

Friday, August 8, 2014

International Cat Day, today:

Allergic Reaction

Face goes from pasty to bright red
 Lips start swelling
 Throat constricts
 Breathing is hard

 Stop the med
 Eight people appear almost out of nowhere
Abdominal pain, nausea, vomit

It just isn't pretty. Two bloodshot eyes met mine in a question,

"What's going to happen here, Mom?"

He didn't say it, but I read it. Later I found out that it was one of the scariest moments he'd ever had. I was glad for a quiet, calm, and practically studious crew who knew how to deal with allergic reactions.

When things got a little calmer and we all knew he was going to live, a nurse sidled over to me and asked me how I was doing!

She knew how traumatic it could be for a parent to see her child in anaphylactic reaction. I was simply an observer, other than holding Ed's hand, and then the bucket for this nausea.

You just never know what a day will bring, do you? I certainly didn't. They saved his life. We spent the night in the hospital, his swollen head reducing in size. Fluids through IV. Today after two blood transfusions we were able to head home. Some swelling was apparent this morning, but he looked better as the day went on.

Delicate conditions.

Strange experiences.

It's been a bumpy road.

"Jesus walked that lonesome valley,
He had to walk it by Himself.
Oh, nobody else could walk it for Him...He had to walk it by Himself"

Thankful He walks our road with us.

Ed is with us, thank the LORD.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chartreuse to Sage

One morning last week I woke up to sunlight transforming our hollows from electric chartreuse green to a gentler, warmer faded green. It looked more sage. The summer had grown long and mature.

I am hearing the loon cry as I write this, and I'm pretty sure that we have a couple months of beautiful days left this year, before the loon heads out to the Gulf of Mexico. Two Pileated Woodpeckers visited the yard this morning as Predicate the cat took a turn around the shrubbery, stopping at the catnip for a snack.

She was unconcerned, but I think they could have made short work of her had they desired.

Margaret returned in the night. Tired and looking radiant, my lovely daughter is home. Cherie talked non-stop to her for half an hour, so happy to see her.

I am SO glad she was able to have her adventure. It went well.

My friend came again yesterday to help me clean, fixing the house up for the adventurer's return. So sweet of her! It's fun to have everything so spiffy. Now that we're getting caught up we can start doing our "Fly Lady" routines again!

Projects continue.

Ed feels pretty well these days. He's trying to master computer programming, so he chafes at the bit to get more computer time. I'm the damper to his enthusiasm, only allowing a limited time on the computer each day. Rules are rules.

I finished administering the second round of chemotherapy at home last Sunday. It went okay. This week's chemo will be at the clinic, after the oral chemo cycle finishes on Thursday. Ed and I both felt crabby this past week, and the nurse said it was a "stage of grief" we had reached.

I guess that makes sense. Everything has stages.

I am always amazed and touched at hearing people are praying for Ed. I got a sweet note from a person I've never met, telling me that their family is praying for us. Wow. Just wow! I hear that churches all over the Midwest are lifting up Ed in their prayers. Oh, how thankful I am! Cards and words of encouragement continue to come in, daily lifting our spirits!

God is good. He cares for His children. He makes the trials smoother, He aids our recovery, soothes our cares. Knowing His peace gives us distinct ability to deal with life.

My daughters-in-law have had interesting things lately: One was accepted to do a master's degree in family counseling! The other is racing catamarans in the Columbia River, Oregon, this week. Her boat is in second place right now, maybe a championship is possible?

Things just continue to be colorful. At times I think this is a summer that didn't happen----the usual Minnesota summer, that is. No time by the lake, no exercise, few campfires, camping?? Nope. Actually this weekend is the annual church camp-out, and Cherie wants to go very badly. My husband (who is running on little sleep with a non-stop drive to and from Winnipeg) plans to make that happen.

Open wounds preclude any camping for Ed. Really, that wound is closing up fast. Healing from the inside out, layer by layer, the healing is a fascinating example of God's design in our bodies! That this design can do three things--reproduce, exist while growing to maturity, and heal itself----is so remarkable that it merits deep analysis! To be genetically programmed in this way is a miracle. We still need to take care to keep the site of the wound clean. Camping might jeopardize the healing.

Perhaps by early fall it will be healed.

The new incision is completely closed over the new port. It looks beautiful.


Sage green is a mellow color. I'm ready for mellow.