"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Prophecy Notes

I happened to peruse a train of comments on a rapture-related article today. It's interesting to me how many views there are about events in the future, even when we all have one Bible to lead us.

It doesn't concern me, as I know GOD does what HE pleases in the end, and we needn't fear His love for us, even as we follow and believe. What happens, happens to all of us who believe, whether or not we believed it!

The Bible, in its wonderful way, gives an outline of hope to every person who ever believed for the last two thousand years. Even the earliest Christians awaited Christ's return. They believed in a rapture that no-one could predict the timing of.

Watch and be ready!

That belief still exists. The Bible states that we don't know the time or the hour.

On the other hand, the time of Christ's return to earth is a well-known time frame. It is preceded by seven years---literal years---of terrible hardship. It will be easy for people to see the timing of Christ's eventual return when the time of tribulation, or "Jacob's Trouble" comes upon the earth.

Will some people survive as believers during that time? Those who come to know Christ after the church is swept away may endure to the end of the that tribulation.

I believe the Bible indicates that they do. So have hope, friends who come to Christ after the rapture! The Bible predicts a thousand year time period where Christ reigns on the earth. I think we can take that literally, and see 1,000 years as 1,000. People have to be here to have that kingdom.

The church is considered the Bride of Christ---in contrast to the nation of Jews being symbolic of the bride of the Father. It's there. Its imagery is stunning.

Our promise, as the church, is to come back with Christ, on white horses (see Revelation) to keep order on earth during that 1,000 year time period. Then comes a judgement. Everyone will be judged. Those under Christ's blood and redeemed by His death on the cross escape eternal death.

Eternal death exists according to the Bible.

Now, remember, I don't try to make up my own ideas. I take them from the Word of God. If the Word of God says it, that defines it for me. We weigh one idea and passage against all passages and ideas. An intricate and thorough knowledge of the Bible is absolutely imperative to understanding the Christian walk. How else are you going to know what to believe?

You can't make it up. You can't pick and choose. You can't dismiss the parts you disagree with. That's idolatry. So don't do it.

Give in to God's Holy Word, His precious plan for you, for the future.

One thing more: if you have learned your doctrine entirely from one or two preachers of the same denomination, perhaps you haven't learned it from God Himself. Try a few other teachers of different views and weigh their words. Practice discernment! Let the Holy Spirit lead you, and not some preacher. There is such a danger of following a person, and not the Lord Himself when you listen to such a limited resource.

There will be differences, opinions, disagreements, discrepancies. That is completely normal, and even spiritually healthy. Peter and Paul had a few of those too.

What I have loved about the social media world is the linking of fellow believers in Christ world-wide. We all share a common spirit, a tight bond of loving Christ, and awaiting His return. We are kindred. We love each other immediately, as we share a hope that is like no other. We encourage each other, strangers perhaps in one sense, but bonded family in our spirits. It is the most beautiful thing. How exciting to look forward to eternity together, just serving Christ Jesus.

I've been grateful for the precious gift of prayer and support from these brothers and sisters in Christ, especially during these past weeks. God is good. He's prepared these bonds of friendship for these hard times.

Maybe that helps clarify a few things for anyone who may be questioning ---Exactly what does the Bible say about the future?

Lots. It's FULL of prophecy. It's all happening, too. The next event is the Lamb's Supper.


Low Counts

Ed had to have 2 blood transfusions today. His counts were low, so low that our oncologist seemed concerned.

I am unsure if this is related to the chemotherapy or the leukemia at this stage, but I do know that "blasts" are still not showing up in the blood test.

That doesn't mean they aren't there. They probably are, and so chemotherapy will continue.

I am working out the medication puzzler that links one of the bi-polar meds to leukemia. It appears that there is evidence that this particular med does affect the blood, and can cause blood disorder, but it has not been linked to leukemia yet.

I must file a report with the FDA.

And then, we may never know what caused this particular case.

I already wrote about my own trust in God for "why." THAT is settled, but if we all want to help the future treatment of leukemia we need to cover all the bases.

Also, I wanted to be sure we weren't shooting ourselves in the foot by continuing a medication that was linked to leukemia. That would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul. Well, sort of.

Minnesota was sad today to see the cold-hearted shooting of an officer yesterday. Also, the Ebola virus almost came to our neck of the woods last week. A man whose wife lives here died of the disease on his way here.

How close. How fragile. The world seems fragile and quaking right now.

I start again with the chemotherapy at home tomorrow. One day at a time, we fight this cancer.

Margaret emailed tonight. She's having a good week with "teen camp." She's excited to be coming home. I am excited to HAVE her home! I can't wait to hear about her summer. We are all looking forward to seeing her.

I think we are all feeling a little "low" right now. There are so many things to get through and done, so many things to await. So much going on. We're worn out. Low.

Ed's blood isn't the only thing that needs recovery!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Are You Interested in World Order?







I happened upon these four articles (not yet complete) and since I've been interested in this subject for some time I thought I'd share the links here.

The point that information is so much more widely available to all of us is applicable. We simply can know more, and sometimes it is for our own good.

Enjoy. I'd welcome discussion here, too. It will be interesting to get the book these articles are based on and see where it goes.

Quotes to Remember:

An article that bears light on this subject.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Immediate Action:


View on Mobile/Web page

Please Call Your Two U.S. Senators Right Now to Reject UN Disabilities Treaty

Mike Farris is the founder and chairman of HSLDA and a homeschooling father of 10.

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,
We have received intelligence that this week supporters of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) will be lobbying in force for Senate ratification of this dangerous United Nations treaty. They are busing in activists, making phone calls, and pressuring lawmakers.
We must match their efforts. Please call your two U.S. senators right now and politely but firmly urge them to defeat the CRPD. You can reach your senators by calling the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asking for them. You can also email them with our prewritten letter to your senators by filling out your information and then clicking the red “take action” button.

What to Say

Your message can be as simple as the following:
“I urge you to oppose the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This treaty surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and will threaten parental care of children with disabilities. Our nation already has laws to protect Americans with disabilities. This treaty is unnecessary and will hurt families by giving bureaucrats, instead of parents, the power to decide what is in the best interests of a child with disabilities.“
I know you are busy homeschooling your children. I know many of you have already called, and you may feel your senator is not listening to you. But I also know that your dedication to U.S. sovereignty, homeschool freedom, and parental rights made the difference in 2012 when the Senate rejected the CRPD. Please take the time to make these calls again. I know that if we are united in making our voices overwhelmingly heard, we can win again.

No Real Protection

Senate staffers may argue that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee added reservations, understandings, and declarations (“RUDs”) to the CRPD, including one which attempts to say that the treaty will not affect homeschooling. RUDs are considered to be weaker than treaty language under international law, as our recent analysis shows. Do we dare to trust our God-given right to direct the education and upbringing of our children to these RUDs?
Other staffers may argue that the treaty is only a statement of support for people with disabilities, and will not change U.S. law. Remind these staffers that Article VI of the U.S. Constitution says treaties that are ratified by the Senate “shall be the supreme Law of the land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

World Leader

The U.S. already is the world leader in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities—we don’t need to ratify a UN treaty to remain the leader.
Thank you for calling. Please forward this email to your friends, and urge them to call as well. At this point, the CRPD has not yet been scheduled for a floor vote, which means that supporters of the treaty still do not yet have the votes. Your phone calls and letters are making the difference. In fact, Senator Orrin Hatch (UT), just gave a powerful speech on the Senate floor against the CRPD. We encourage you to watch it here.
To learn more about the CRPD and to read it for yourself, please click here.
For liberty,

Michael P. Farris, JD, LLM
Chairman, HSLDA
• • •
P.S. We greatly value you and your support—it is a privilege to serve you! If you or someone you know is not a member of HSLDA, will you consider taking a moment today to join or recommend us? Your support enables us to defend individual families threatened by government officials and protect homeschooling freedom for all. Join now >>

Home School Legal Defense Association • P.O. Box 3000 • Purcellville, Virginia 20134-9000
Phone: (540) 338-5600 • Fax: (540) 338-2733 • Email: info@hslda.org

Specific Request

Dear friends. I have a very specific prayer request. I don't want to say what it is. God knows exactly what it is. Would you pray with me for His answer, and that if it is "no" I would soon understand that? I promise to share the answer with you, when it comes.

Thank you!


I am almost embarrassed to write this.  I am so humbled. About an hour ago I opened an envelope which specifically addressed my request. GOD ANSWERED.

Do you believe? I wrote requesting prayer early this morning. It had to do with providing funds for Margaret and her trip to Thompson,  Manitoba this summer. There were some unexpected costs, like the work permit and gas, hotel on the way up, etc. Margaret selflessly incurred all those costs, at her own expense, fully realizing she was giving up a summer's salary as a lifeguard at the YMCA.

She is a college student, you know.

God gave enough in that envelope to cover her summer excursion.  You cannot outgive God.

Thank you for your prayer. It was definitely answered.
God is good. Thank you Lord!---and the giver! God prompted you exactly. 

We Made It

The procedure went well yesterday. The fear of the unexpected is always greater than the actual event, right? The needle came out of the port after the chemotherapy without much fanfare. It required a little more pressure than I expected, which made me yelp a little (I could never be a nurse) but when I lifted the device off his chest there was barely a pimple! And certainly no blood. Relief.

Ed has a few days of just oral chemo now until Thursday.

His moods seem to be more stable. Thank you for praying! Tomorrow we will confer with the psychiatrist on new meds. I hope.

What a beautiful weekend! The temperature was a cool 70° most of the time, and the sun shone. Delightfully cool for the end of July. Will we have "dog days" this year? I wonder.

Our friends came by for a fire last night. They mentioned that they hadn't seen the familiar glow of our fire pit much this summer. A sign of our times.

I got the carpet on the stairs ripped out and the stairs painted white. Love the light. Love being able to see the dog hair! Love being able to CLEAN quickly! Today I attack the downstairs carpet. Concrete, here I come!

One of my friends volunteered to come and sweep and vacuum for me on Friday. So nice.

My husband was able to replace the power steering pump on one of our vehicles--the second time, because the first one he used as a replacement was defective!---and get the parts for the brake job. That vehicle is our utility vehicle now, a 12-passenger van. Ed can use it to get to PSEO (Post-secondary enrollment option) classes, we hope.

Speaking of classes: One our our health team specialists told us that children diagnosed with leukemia generally miss at least one year of school. Not a problem here, as we expect Ed will enter college courses as planned a year from now. We shall see. I am grateful that homeschooling has been an ideal option for dealing with sickness.

Right now we look forward to his learning to drive. Maybe it will happen this fall.

So many maybes. In the previous prophecy-related post the speaker mentioned that there are no 'Tomorrow' news sources. It's not 'USA TOMORROW', but 'USA Today.' I can picture the next few weeks giving chemotherapy at home, and the chemo treatments in the clinic as part of the treatment "road map" they gave us, but there are no guarantees. Never have been. Never will be, except for what God has told us WILL happen.

I find the current anti-Israel bias to be completely in line with what God said in the Bible thousands of years ago. Never before has the Bible been more relevant. God said all nations would align against her. The Orthodox Jews do not recognize the Messiah Yeshua, therefore they have no appreciation for what is going on in their country. They still look for their messiah to solve all of their problems. Secular Jews look to their own strength and knowledge. The Muslim looks to Allah, and some of them to the Mahdi. The Buddhist looks within himself to find reason and pleasure. The Hindu has a plethora of gods to appease and ask favor from. The atheist has only himself. Humanists trust in the unity of mankind. Witches in Lucifer, (although some of them see only a feminine super power) to fulfill the devil's need for worship.

Mixed up world it is, right? Ready for Christ's return! ---Actually ready for a "New World Order" ---for those who won't believe in Jesus. Ready for "peace and security," a false one, only good for 2 1/2 years. "Peace, peace, and there is no peace!"

Only in Christ, the Kingdom of HEAVEN, will there be peace. We are waiting for the true bride of Christ, the church that claims Him as LORD and SAVIOR, to be caught away to a wedding feast.

Fantastical and beautiful, it is our hope and joy to look for that day. Every single thing that happens in this world that appears as a "birth pang" to the end can only bring the believer deeper joy.

Therefore; earthquakes, rivers that run red, sinkholes, masquerading demons, mass animal deaths, wars and rumors of war, ISRAEL, world unity, increase of "knowledge"--or technology, world travel, signs in the sun, moon, and stars only mean one thing: Jesus is coming SOON. The End is truly near. I feel safe to say it will be in my lifetime, but I don't know the span of my days. If I lived to be 100 I would be amazed that I'd still be here. I know my great grandfather lived to be almost 100, and he expected Christ's return  in his lifetime too. His hope was there in his unquenchable spirit until he did see Jesus.

If you study Bible prophecy it all makes complete sense. You needn't do a thing. You watch it unfold. You look up, because your redemption draws nigh.

And then we can say ''We MADE IT!"

Praise GOD!

Saturday Treats at Han's Bakery: (Nice little bee cupcakes!)

Bless Israel, Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

Learn Your Lessons Well

Friday, July 25, 2014

Suited Up

To administer chemotherapy at home there is a real protocol.

First you put on one pair of gloves. Then you get a second pair on. On go the glasses, the large apron/coat, the mask.

You assemble the syringes of saline, the heparin, and the chemotherapy drug, which is kept in the refrigerator in a secure plastic container. Prime the syringes, get the bubbles out.

Carefully you scrub the port access cap with special wipes. Thirty seconds. Hold that clean!

On screws the saline solution. Draw back, push in, draw back some blood. Push in. Unscrew, keep the port clean...

Next the big stuff. On goes the tip of the chemo syringe. Push, wait 30 seconds, push, wait, push, wait...Count, count. Unscrew. Ed feels a little queer.

Screw on the second saline syringe, flush the line. Gentle pushing.

Now the heparin. Same push, wait, push wait, but not 30 seconds. Unscrew, cap the port cap, undress. Into the bio-hazard homely yellow container goes the entire attire and equipment.

This is "consolidation."

I've done it twice now. Yesterday and today. I've had a professional looking over my shoulder each time.
Tomorrow I do it myself, with Ed coaching me. He will.

My fears of doing medical procedures are melting away. 

I still need prayer.

Most Anointed Preaching ever Heard.


You need to go to church on Sunday, but if you can't just listen to this. Maybe you can listen to this AND go to church.

Islam and God's Plan

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Intense Chemotherapy, Next Phase

We drove to the clinic this morning for chemotherapy. The new port is accessed, and the session started ---and the chemo kept going and going and going!!

We finally started for home before suppertime, and believe me, it was a LONG day!

All the fluids needed to be added to flush out the chemo.

Tiring. Ed is nauseated tonight too. His hair was coming out faster today.

Off to bed for a good night's rest (we hope).

I'll be giving him chemo through the port at home over the next few days.

New things.

Support Group for These Crazy Times

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Photographic Journal

I just had to walk around the yard today, snapping pictures of some of the blooms and green I love to cultivate each summer.

I thought I'd share. This summer hasn't been run-of-the-mill. You know.

It is a joy to see the lovely flowers out there, glimpsing them when possible. I almost entirely missed the peony blooms while Ed was in the hospital. I'd wished I'd run out there and taken pictures! I decided to make sure I got a smattering of flowers recorded now.

I didn't plant squash this year, so no cheerful pumpkin flowers to compliment my day lilies.

Misty and Blackberry got some face time too.

Corgi Hollows: Busy Week at Children's Hospital

Corgi Hollows: Busy Week at Children's Hospital: Well, Ed had surgery this morning, after an MRV last evening. Tomorrow we return to the clinic for chemotherapy. The surgery seems to h...

Oak beginnings

Milkweed for monarchs

Time for a drink


Find the corgi

New oaks that survived the squirrels so far

Potato patch


Bee balm

Cheri's sunflower patch

Dying chokecherry

Corgi Hollows

Busy Week at Children's Hospital

Well, Ed had surgery this morning, after an MRV last evening.

Tomorrow we return to the clinic for chemotherapy.

The surgery seems to have gone well. A new port is now in Ed's upper chest. The surgeon peeked at the wound in Ed's chest from the last port. That, he said, seemed to be looking good too.

There was a moment that came directly from our Lord today. The nurse who checked us in came into the room telling us that she knew us, had close friends that went to our church, and had been praying for us! She did her duty, then prayed with us. What comfort, what peace. The tone of the day was set.

After the surgical procedure and lumbar puncture we ran into our oncologist in the hospital cafeteria. He was pleased to see Ed, and was happy with us about the report, back from Seattle, that there are no cancer cells found in the blood testing from the last day of induction. We might see him tomorrow too.

Also happenstance, we saw our wound specialist as we walked toward the parking ramp! She gave encouragement as well, as we headed home with new equipment installed! We'll see her tomorrow too.

So goes a day.

Dear friends, my niece, Grandpa and Grandma were all waiting with us in the surgery center for Ed's operation. It was party-like.

Small steps toward ease in treatment procedures make us happy.

This port placement today should be a real help.

SO, please pray for NO infection. (That would be crazy, improbable, and completely bizarre.) Please pray anyway. Please pray for Ed too, as he seems to have crossed poles into a manic phase. Things are under control, but it still is hard. I can't imagine how his brain can handle everything, and I believe it is only God's gracious strength and help that gets him through all of this incredible chemical barrage. Pray for sleep as he recovers from the surgery.

We are home nights, so thankful for that.

In and out, our schedules are flexible. They must be.


Monday, July 21, 2014

It's So Hot My Brain is Cooking...

The mark of God

Take a few minutes to read this fascinating article. It's too hot to do anything else today, anyway. Food for thought, and let it simmer in your mind. It might be worth more research.

Of Note

This and That

In Matthew 8 there is a story about a leper who came to Jesus. He said, "Lord, if you are willing, You can make me clean."

Jesus said, "I am willing."

For some reason only explained in my spirit I weep every time I read this account. Jesus' compassion, His sweetness, His love for this sick man who was uncertain gives me comfort.

I think it shows Christ's love like a treasured photo.

There is another passage in Scripture that has the same effect on me. It's the one where Jesus says"Mary" in the garden after His resurrection.  Again, His gracious love just pours out as I hear Him say her name. I weep.

I've heard that same voice from our Lord in these last few weeks. The love and help that has been poured out for our family is truly the love of Christ. I have now wept daily at the sweetness of being a recipient of that love.

How unworthy I feel.

How humbling to me!

My own failings to Do For Others stare me in the face.

I could list dozens of friends ---and family!!!--- who have blessed us, willing to support and help.

Our case workers at the insurance company and the hospital see it as a thing wondrous to behold.

See how the Lord takes care of us?!

This week will be intense. You dear Pray-ers are asked to remember Ed for these things:

-His first (ever) MRI tomorrow.  He assures me he is not claustrophobic. This is being done for the surgeon. The first surgeon ran into difficulties installing the port because Ed's veins were unusual. This surgeon wants no surprises!

-Wednesday surgery. New port to be put in place. May the Lord bless this technical devise that makes treating luekemia so much easier! The port allows the chemotherapy to get straight to the heart, efficiently distributing the rather harmful chemicals.

-Thursday chemotherapy.  Ed starts the next phase of treatment Thursday. How nice it was to have a week of rest. We all needed it. Now we "ramp up" the action again. The next four weeks will have four day treatments, some I'm told, I will be doing at home. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pray please.

Oh how thankful I am that YOU are praying!!!

Ed has had a good-looking haircut from one of my sweet friends, and there has been some thinning. It still looks pretty good! Keeping it for now. He got to church yesterday which was his own personal victory. So happy to be there.

Grandparents from Iowa visited yesterday, bringing a fantastically refurbished 10 year old Ford Focus back to us! I'm sure they were grateful to get their own car back! We are grateful for their help in getting our car running again. Wonderful parents!---mine too!

Summer comes to Minnesota today. Heat extremes are predicted. Cherie and I will attempt some housecleaning, some projects, and perhaps a church softball game. To watch, not to play. My husband and older son have been playing on the team all summer, but I haven't been able to get to see one game yet. Tonight?

Friday, July 18, 2014

PITN: The Coming Christian War


Ed had the PICC line removed yesterday! This is a major plus for all of us, as we needn't care for it every 12 hours, carefully protecting it from infection.

Yesterday's appointment revealed better blood counts, general progress, and the "road map" for the next four weeks.

Next week will be quite full.

So glad to have a little more freedom physically. Ed's body is responding well to treatment now.

Thanks for you prayers!!!!!

And please pray, next week, for the surgery to implant the new port. It will be placed on the opposite side of where the old port wound was near his neck.

Please pray for a new and useful port! It will make life so much easier for Ed.

Wounds continue to heal, slowly but surely.

Thank the LORD.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Illuminati 2014: A MESSAGE TO AMERICA (Hollywood Predictions COMIN...

The Identity of Christ


Chuck Missler interviewed by Derek Gilbert. An interesting thought from J Vernon McGee in this interview:

Paraphrased- There will be a time when Bible believers will have to go "underground," and it won't be because of persecution from people we know as non-believers. It will come from denominational "Christians."


Those people are pretending to believe that they are Christian, when in fact they have no inkling of thinking the Bible is all true (inerrant, as it claims to be). They may think there are "truths" in the Bible, but it is full of disputable facts, like the resurrection of Christ.

This is where the chaff separates from the wheat.

This is the parable that Jesus gave us about seed on the four types of soil.

This is the real test of true eternal belief.

Did God say?

The Devil questioned Eve with that one, and he's been successfully getting people to doubt God ever since.
2 Corinthians 4 explains the Gospel of Jesus, and also the reason for so many people having hardened hearts toward God's Truth.

Make sure your heart isn't hard. Ask for the Holy Spirit to open your blind eyes, and see His Truth, His salvation, His hope.

I know there are many people who scoff at us "fundamentalists." When I was young it was cool to be known as an "Evangelical." How we looked down our noses at those Bible thumpers!

Yes, yes, we believed the Bible too. Of course. We had all the scientific logical philosophical arguments down pat. We had realistic up-to-date faith. We were on the path to Universal acknowledgement that Jesus was wonderful. Come on everybody! It's the coolest thing...

As I've aged I've seen a transformation in my own spiritual walk, and I have a far greater appreciation for the Word of God than I had when I was young.

It stands the tests. Always.

I've lost my idea that it's cool to be evangelical and hip to be inclusive. I've ceased to care about how I come across to people, and I'm more concerned about how I come across to God.

I want to give Him glory and honor, praise and adoration. In everything----sickness, disease, persecution, beheadings and executions.

It boils down to asking the deepest question---what matters most?

Christianity is following Christ. Being a follower of Christ is believing Him, His Word, and experiencing the grace that flows out of that personal relationship with Him.

Not based on "experience." The relationship is based on the ENTIRE Word of GOD.

Count me in.

Time is short. Rosh Hoshanna is just around the corner. Could it be this year? "This year in Jerusalem!" is a happy cry. "This year with our LORD and SAVIOR!" is a joyous declaration! Oh that it would be so.


One more link that is so full of promise! Beautiful.

Biblical Prophecy is Happening NOW 2014-2015

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Says so Much:


Oh Fun

Corgi Farm Romp: http://youtu.be/cEEhPsnR_MU

Real Faith

"Real faith is always increased by opposition, while false confidence is damaged and discouraged by it."
                                                                                                                    ----J.B. Stoney


Every once in awhile I just stop and think about what is going on. It hits me, much like the thought about my children growing up and changing did a few months ago.

Life sure is different now.

 I have been running around these last couple of days with Ed here, trying to accomplish a week's worth of tasks in a few hours.

We have several appointments in the next week. This will keep us on the road, and thankfully in a new vehicle. (Yay!)

My niece, who lives in Orvieto, Italy, is coming to visit Ed today. She is an artist, and we look forward to spending some time with her.

We look forward to fetching Cherie from camp, though Ed is convinced she is starting to feel sad that the week is already half over!


Tomorrow it is back to the clinic for a physical. Tuesday it's another spinal tap, chemo, and an MRI. Wednesday Ed is scheduled for surgery, a new port! After that, on Wednesday, more chemo.

Things are going well here. I think Ed is considerably more healthy now, and I'm glad Nurse Grandma had him when his counts were really low last week. He spends more time awake, and is able to do light tasks.

I'm trying to get him out in the vitamin D sunshine more.

Other things: (because you do realize every once in awhile, that life goes on outside of your own little world of crisis management)

Flowers are blooming, birds have babies, rabbits and squirrels are playing with their young. It's a COLD summer here in Minnesota, and the furnace turned on this morning.

Yes. Whoops!

Minneapolis hosted the all-star baseball game last night and everyone's talking about it. All the sweatshirts and blankets sold out in the neighborhood downtown.

I am totally missing choir this summer. One might wonder How? --With everything going on.....

Choir is a spiritual energizer for me. Singing gorgeous chorale works can be exactly what one needs to handle the rest of life.

There is a reason why choir members tend to have healthy immune systems.

Think about joining a choir!

It gives you time to breathe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PITN: Watchers 8

I've been aware of spiritual warfare for quite some time. It does match my Biblical worldview, after all.

What you may find time to watch here is cutting edge, and a great summary of a plausible view regarding demonic activity.

Yes, it's creepy. Yes, it's edgy. Yes, it's uncomfortable. Yes, it's coming.

I posted this after the Drudge Report headline about aliens. Aliens are increasingly becoming mainstream material, not just Disney/Pixar creations.


Just remember what they really are. Manifesting fallen spirits.


Now you know.

Monday, July 14, 2014


After an unplanned visit to the clinic this morning Ed is home with me today.

Grandma and Grandpa have earned a rest after 10 days of excellent care. My parents are in their 80's now, so though very spry and healthy, 10 days of caring for a teenage boy is strenuous.

I take the lead now.

This morning the PICC site didn't look right. We took Ed down to the clinic for a new dressing. Our oncologist today thought that Ed was more than ready for getting a new port put it, so he scheduled that for next week.

Hooray. Relief. No more heparin syringes every 12 hours!

But until then I must take this responsibility, nurse though I'm not.

You know, this whole medical situation has given me incredible appreciation for those who deal with really chronic problems at home all the time, family members or professionals. I loathe this type of thing, but gladly do it for Ed.

Cherie is happily enjoying Bible camp this week. We got to bring her there last evening, and a lovely drive it was. Ed was able to go with us. He loved it.

As you know, the first 29 days of induction are over. That means Ed quit taking 120mg of Prednizone cold turkey on Saturday. There have been a few effects from this rapid change. Shakiness, joint pain, and some headache. Poor Ed. So much to go through.

Still wanting it to be quiet until we get the new port in. Infection seems to be haunting us.

I'm glad he's home. I'm sure my parents are glad for a rest.

Standing With Israel While the World Slips Down the Path to NEW WORLD ORDER

       Israel may not be perfect. They do not recognize Jesus as their King yet, but they are the apple of God's eye, and align against them at your own peril.

Bible prophecy predicts a world against her at the end.

Isn't it amazing how it is shaping up?

God bless Israel, and the future kingdom.

Watch with me while Revelation unfolds before our eyes.

Oh, you haven't read it yet??? What are you waiting for?! God promises a special blessing to those who read the last book of the Bible.

Go and get it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jesus Only

There comes a time in life when you realize that nothing but Jesus matters.

Jesus, God's Son, is given all glory and honor, in every situation...for one who loves Him.

When you come to that idea, nothing else matters.

Rest and peace follow. Love and trust color your thoughts.

This is no mindless meditation. This is reality.

To follow Christ is to find absolute truth. Nothing else compares.

To live for Christ is to really live.

To be born again is only of Christ. Outside of Him is death. Spiritual death.

Souls go on, redeemed or unredeemed.

Don't wait. Be born again.

You will soon be aware that you have found all you ever sought.

If you haven't, you haven't found Christ. You've found the beautiful side of evil.

The Glazov Gang-Daniel Greenfield on Obama's Border Catastrophe.

New Friends

Some Great Pictures of Margaret at Camp


Things Learned in Crisis

I don't do crisis well. I'm not that sort of personality type. Really, it must be a rare sort that can operate under pressure, especially pressure that involves the suffering of your child.

I have learned a few things though. Anything good is by the grace of my God. All the negative I attribute to my lazy and imperfect human nature.

I have learned that I focus on the next thing to "just get through." This helps to a point. I find that just keeping on for days and days can lead to some pretty deep exhaustion. I feel like my eyes are blurry and my heart  is sore, needing a day to just have a good cry.

No time for that.

Being a housewife is a pretty mundane-sounding job, but that is what I really am. I now know that it is very important. When those housewifely duties I do without thinking much about everyday don't get done there is disaster brewing. Really. Especially with a Corgi, a Black Lab, and three cats, all grieving in their individual ways. (Except for Predicate. That sassy girl cat seems to be the same old scaredy-cat she ever was.)

The yard is being cared for by good friends.

Next time someone is in crisis, I want to be the yard person. Keeping it mowed, trimming, helping in that way. It is huge. I am so grateful for this help right now.

My parents-in-law and my parents have been wonderful in every way. How grateful I am for their help. We just happened to have a vehicle crisis ----all vehicles needing major work---just as summer began. Just as Ed was diagnosed with leukemia. Both sets of parents generously offered a vehicle for our use. Wow. Lots of miles put on those cars, so glad they were reliable!

I have so many new readers here, I feel I need to reiterate on what a year it was for us: two weddings, three college graduations, two army commissioning ceremonies, recitals, concerts, ---the day -to-day with five children, now happily seven! Pardon my redundancy, but this contributed to my feeling of crisis.

Stuff that should happen just gets ignored. Projects that needed completion get left undone. You are necessarily ruled by the "tyranny of the urgent." We are major DIY's and all those car/house/yard ideas simply wait. Maybe next year.

Maybe not.

Cousin Hazel, long gone to be with the Lord, once told me that "Cheerfulness is a habit."

How this has helped me when my brain feels numb, my heart is breaking. Did you know that you can still smile?

It's okay. God's got it in His hands. You can smile.

It lets everyone know that we're all getting through this together. Which we are. Through prayer and help WE are getting through this as a family of God should.

Amazing, really.

Ed is alive. He's in remission. He's got great prospects. My crisis didn't end in something horrid yet. It won't. God's got the end in His hands.

Thank you for being there, for being a family to us in crisis.

As I drive the many miles right now in my borrowed car I bless you.

Thank you.

Ed's View

Friday, July 11, 2014

May God Be Glorified

Today the bone biopsy revealed that Ed's cancer is in remission. Praise God.

The day ends with grateful hearts.

The spinal tap and biopsy were done in conjunction with 3 other procedures, so Ed was loopy for quite some time. He seemed to track exactly what was going on, but didn't remember anything afterwards.

The other day he fell (a side effect of the chemo), and badly skinned both knees. These are now wounds that need to be seen by specialists!

They look good, healing slowly (oh so slowly!) with only a small portion of the normal count of platelets still in his body.

The wound from the infected port is healing nicely. The specialist was pleased.

The PICC line is also doing well.

All in all, we are thrilled with the healing that is happening.

Margaret wrote a letter that reached us today too. She is at that camp in the hinterlands of the earth. She told us that not only is she the camp lifeguard----she's also got the role of nurse!!!

She's pleasantly optimistic about it.

Frankly, I'd be terrified!

Please remember her in your prayers.

For Ed, the next step is now "consolidation."

This is a set of chemotherapy treatments over two months. Different drugs will be administered, as well as some of the ones he's already had. We expect some hospitalization to occur routine to this step. Twelve of the last 18 days of hospitalization were not "routine." The bumpy start to treatment is still not over, but we are GLAD for noted improvement.

And the entire treatment should be done in 3 1/2 years.

It's hard to believe how these drugs suppress the body's natural defenses. Ed's cells are constantly being barraged with outrageously potent chemicals. They simply can't survive.

Thankful for good nutrition, quiet, peaceful rest for him. Thankful the doctor said the word "remission." Joyful news. We are trusting our LORD.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Big Day Tomorrow

Early in the morning we will leave for the clinic.

We will find out if Ed's cancer is in remission. They will do a spinal tap and a bone marrow biopsy.

Tomorrow is day 29 of the treatment, a landmark. Let's hope and pray for good news!

Grandma and Grandpa are the perfect ones to care for Ed. Their house is in a peaceful setting. Our bees live here too. They are happy. Ed is happy. His wounds look good, and his color continues to improve.

Ed is playing the piano and a few games with Grandma.

Until tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cherie and Misty


My daughter-in-law sent Ed a soldier's cap with a sign she embroidered on it that symbolizes the fight against leukemia. It's an orange ribbon.

She thought it appropriate, because Ed is fighting a battle. His older brother, her husband, the army officer, donated the cap with our last name on the back. I think it is appropriate too.

But really, we are all engaged in battle right now. It's spiritual, you know.

The world is full of corruption, as it isn't what God intended. It's fallen. It's amazing to me that the world functions as well as it does in its corrupted state! God is amazing.

Believers must fight corruption. We must engage in spiritual warfare whether we like it or not. It's simply a fact of spiritual life.

The devil doesn't need to bring many reinforcements to take down the spiritually lax. If you aren't into spiritual warfare you might want to check your spiritual pulse. No need to fight dead soldiers.

If you are in the heat of the battle, know that the spiritual war is already won. Battles can be extremely hard. We're in this to win, of course, but most of us have lost battles. Despite that, our hope is in the ultimate win.

Bi-polar disorder is one of those battles that end up being both physical and spiritual. One must deal with the spiritual end of things as well as the physical. Today there was a discussion of a necessary new path for Ed's bi-polar treatment. There is a link to leukemia with one of the drugs he was taking for bi-polar. This troubling connection should be examined. I'm thankful our psychiatrist is perceptive. He's going to research new possibilities.

As believers in Christ, our view is that people are spiritually dead without Him. This is based on the book of Corinthians, written by Paul. Spiritual death is not understanding the message of the cross and Christ's sacrifice, not turning away from sin. Not believing, not having faith, not trusting.

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me," said Jesus.

How this makes us cringe! Can't Jesus be a little more tolerant?


Our battle with bi-polar began last fall with weeks of mania, nightmares, and demonic warfare in the middle of the night. We survived that by God's grace, until the medications started to stabilize the chemicals in Ed's brain.

I was made keenly aware of spiritual warfare. It's real.

It's a battle on both fronts.

How real it has become again with leukemia. Now we fight the dying, sick cells with chemicals again. Chemotherapy is doing a number on the cancer.

The spiritual warfare continues too. I have never experienced so many battles so quickly!

Do you know how to fight spiritual warfare? There is an example in Jude, the book I read each day last year. Michael, the archangel, is engaged in battle with one of the evil princes of darkness. He states that the LORD rebuked that evil entity.

The LORD does it. It is by Christ's blood, shed on the cross, that the power against darkness prevails. Demons hear our praise to God and they run. In the Old Testament Daniel had a similar spiritual battle. We must remember that we fight the fight by putting on the armor (Ephesians 6) and wielding the Sword of the Spirit. It is by God's power that spiritual battles are won. (And please check your God. Too many people have made God into something they like, not the one that is actually GOD)

KNOW THE BIBLE. It's our armor and our weapon.

Ed and I discussed this today as we drove from appointment to appointment. What weak soldiers we'd be if we didn't have that armor or weaponry. Please go to Ephesians and get armed.

We have found peace and safety in knowing God's protection for us regarding our present circumstances.

So what if we get taken down?

Just remember the war is already won. Battles are lost, but the ultimate victory belongs to God, our Creator.

Demons, run. The LORD rebuke you.

To experience the totality of being a person created by God you must become spiritually alive.

I just love Paul Tournier and his book 'The Healing of Persons.'  We were reading it for our home-school this past winter. This Swiss doctor addresses the total person, and his success at healing was exemplary. Fascinating book. So helpful regarding what we are going through right now.

Mind and Body. Spirit and Soul. Good and Evil. Power and Weakness. Circumstances and Eternal Purpose.

What a journey, and what comfort to know God.

The fight continues.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Good News

Today Ed went to the clinic and actually got to leave it after the appointment for the first time!


The blood test revealed that his ANC (the critical number that tells everything about the blood...it's magically - mathematically derived) was 1.56.

This was finally within a "good" range. It's been 0 before.


We heard today that a new port may be placed within two weeks now. This is different information than from the surgeon. One month was our first idea.

What a relief for Grandma, who is carefully flushing the PICC line with heparin every 12 hours. If the port goes in the PICC can go out.

We are watching the wound from the old port infection carefully. It looks good, and the antibiotics are working. We must change that dressing once a day now, not twice.

Having Ed at his grandparents was the perfect solution to keeping his two infection prone sites clean.

The dogs and cats are not even allowed to visit Ed.

Really, with the worst winter in years behind us the pets are all shedding copiously. Not the best for non-normal openings in the body.

We were able to see two oncology doctors today, our regular clinic nurse, the wound/skin specialist, our favorite Chaplain Hal, and several others. It's like a reunion in a weird way.

Tomorrow we visit the psychiatrist and give a report...and plan a new road map for bi-polar too.

Twelve hours at a time. 

That's how you do it. That's how you manage.

And how could anyone deal with this without God?

Simply unthinkable.

Knowing that each of our days was ordained from before we were knit in our mother's wombs is greatly comforting.

Other pesky problems have sprouted, and with the support of family and friends they are being taken down. That is a relief. It does make it easier to have such great help. Thank you.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Heaven and Hell

There are days I cling to Jesus because I look forward to heaven. There are days I cling to Jesus because He's keeping me from hell.


Friday, July 4, 2014

a place to heal

Ed is at his grandparents for a time to rest. Grandma is a nurse, and we are grateful for a clean and restful spot for him to heal from the surgery and the new PICC line.

We are going to have a month of this. We think.

Thank you for checking on Ed here at this blog. Perhaps I'll get to write more soon.

To my regular readers I apologize for this emphasis on Ed. I know you understand.

Thank you for praying.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's Next

Well, unsure.

Tomorrow we may leave the hospital. Today wasn't easy. Unpleasant experiences are made more unbearable by unpleasant people, and there was an incident today that colored my outlook for the day.
Pray I can be gracious. I realize that I am worn thin. Yes, I'm raw.

Maybe this person felt that personal circumstances were overwhelming too.

I am stewing about having to learn how to care for a PICC line, keep a wound open so that it can heal from the inside out, and help a nauseated/sick/infection fighting/chemo laden/bi-polar young man at home. I am not a nurse.

There are many difficult situations in the world. I have only joy regarding Ed. He is a delight.

His circumstances are less than ideal at the moment, I needn't overstate.

I think I've found the perfect place for him to survive this difficult month of the treatment plan.

I'm imposing, but thankful for the option. We'll see what happens.

Hospital views

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Just to let you know how the day went:

Quiet, nice visitors, the open wound looks clean, the PICC line is working. There is some bleeding there, concerning but understandable. Pain under control. Healing. A very nice talk with the psychologist who is leaving tomorrow to get married. Ed's nurse today loves Corgis. She's had two of them. Ed got a stuffed Corgi from one of my friends and this nurse delighted in showing it to her colleagues.  Corgis do that to you.

Talk of some kind of home care, perhaps sooner than we thought.


Chemotherapy tomorrow. Friday being a holiday and all.

Oh, yeah, we switched rooms again. We're in our fifth room in 22 days. The view is marvelous. We are now looking toward St. Paul,  the University, and the airport.

So green. So healthy. 

Enoch in Jude, Divine Patterns

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Just to clarify, Ed's port was infected. It had to be removed today. He will try to heal with an open wound over the next days in the hospital.

This is a rare occurrence.

Having chemotherapy through IV is hardly ever done. Ed had that his first week of having leukemia.

The catheter line they put in during today's surgery will help to treat the leukemia while the wounds in his body heal.

At some future date they will put another port in, on the other side of his neck. We hope in about a month.

Sadly, he has barely any white blood cells to accomplish the task of healing.

Ed is very sick.

His spirits amaze the hospital staff. He has chosen to be positive.

I have a headache tonight. I choose to go and rest.

A long stay in the hospital stretches out before us.

Patience. Peace. Hope.

Blessings Count

Time to count blessings:

It's summer in Minnesota
Wonderful friends
Supportive family
Effervescent nature that Ed has always had
Good hospital---good doctors
Understanding employer
Home schooling... Flexibility
Your prayers
Medications that take away pain and cure

Here we are, trying to be thankful in all things. It IS possible.

Praise the Lord with me. He is always good.

The Port

...must come out.

Surgery will happen later today.

I don't know the details of the next month, but it's looking like Ed won't be leaving the hospital very soon.

Thankful we have a great support group!

Leukemia stinks.

But God's got this.

Hospital views