"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Thursday, January 11, 2018

New Year, New Things

I'm sitting in a Early Childhood Development classroom this morning on my lunch break.

Lately I've been so busy that my thyroid dictates my energy levels back at home after work and I am EXHAUSTED.

This old gal is BUSY.

Margaret spread her wings and is working with substance addiction cases at a halfway house. Please pray for her. She has a lot to learn, and she is continuing at school, Caribou Coffee, and occasionally the deli (when I'm desperate.)

This is a trial run for her, and she may decide it's not the right fit, but it's good experience.

Chérie starts driver's education this month.
Again, prayers.. .

I am so finished with teaching kids to drive! It's stressful. This is number five, so I speak from experience. Can't wait until she's solo!

At least she's been mowing with a rider, so she's got a feel for the mechanics.

The weather turned cold this morning after a January thaw. We sit by the fire and doze frequently. It's a good life.

Like you, I read the news and watch the interesting global developments. Lately it seems there's a trend to discuss and disclose spiritual activity on a grand scale.

Tonight a film is playing in our area about UFOS and I'm planning to go (weather permitting). 

These things are either explainable or spiritual, and I'm interested in hearing the take of this film.

Go see it! Let's discuss! Certainly we will discuss this subject at our upcoming prophecy study.

End times are here, for sure.

Must quit. I have to corral the little ones for a few hours.

Will report back soon!

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