"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just Quick

Such strange, unexplainable vision deaths.

I want to update you, and really I can't figure out what is going on, so I'll just tell the story. My husband had a wonderful interview with a company in Iowa and he came home thinking an offer for a job would be forthcoming.
 An email came from the HR/Operations Manager (who did part of the interview) saying that they loved meeting my husband, etc. etc., and that they had put the "cart before the horse," and needed to go before a board to approve this position AFTER ALL.

And this should take at least a month or more....
of course knowing that he might be considering other options in the meantime.


This is our life right now. Needless to say it is stupefying to both of us.
Thanking the Lord that He is really the one who appoints, who saves, who takes care of us. NONE of this has been willful thinking and head-strong blindness, charging ahead where there has been only personal desire. We have been careful to seek out every possibility with care and consideration.

Discouraged? Yes. Frustrated? Yes. I am feeling drained and all the plans for that position (which were considered: buying another house, school options, Life options) seem completely frivolous. They are right now.

Live and learn. Go with the flow. WAIT ON THE LORD.
What else can we do?

Meanwhile I am learning the Primerica schtick and finding it very useful and helpful, very interesting, so I assume it is where I should be right now.

Please pray for our mental health. This Iowa thing had been such a boost to him, and we tend to drop low after a disappointment. We were rather numb yesterday.

God has blessed us with children who are like a balm to our spirits. They are incredible to me. Pray for them too, since we all feel adrift.

Please pray for God to show Himself mighty. Pray that He would be glorified in what ever happens. Pray that we can sustain our situation with integrity for the time being.


Anonymous said...

And this should take at least a month or more....
of course knowing that he might be considering other options in the meantime

This part begs a phone call to speak with someone in person. Email is fine for many uses but should be avoided in matters of this importance.

Costanza said...

Appreciate your thought. I agree. Watch and see what happens; the month is not over yet!