"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, March 12, 2018

Winter Retreat

It was perfect.

 The entire week in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona was a welcome respite after a long winter. Ed got to see the Grand Canyon. We sat in the sun by my cousin's pool. We heard the Wurlitzer organ at "Organ Stop Pizza" in Mesa, AZ. We drove almost 1,400 miles across the American Southwest. Cactus, mountains, vistas.

 It was perfect.

 Seeing our family on the trip made it wonderful, too.
 I need to take a time for recovery---always after a major trip, and then get back on track here at home.

 One really special moment for me was at the Grand Canyon. I've been to the Canyon four times. I've read multiple books about the canyon. Each time I've been there I've seen a variation of views and sights. I'd always wanted to see the head of Bright Angel Trail, but it hadn't worked out before. This time we walked toward it and I was going to take a photo of the signs and the opening of the path into the canyon----out stepped a mule pack train from the canyon just as I snapped my shot! What a coincidence, and a fun experience! The sweating mules were loaded with packs and two rangers. They had just completed their upward trip, from the bottom of the canyon. There is something so remarkable about these creatures! Everything went like clockwork, and I can praise the LORD for that.

We had wonderful, lovely time.

 I feel ready to get my teacher outfits back on and tackle the rest of the school year. The nice thing is that my school district still has Spring Break coming up, and I'll have a week to Spring Clean!

 I woke up today with a bad headache, carry-over from yesterday, so the sub couldn't sub this morning. I love having an unexpected free day, but the headache was awful. Feeling better now, and I'm off to the deli for the evening.

 This weekend is the Red River Bible and Prophecy Conference in Moorhead, MN. I'm planning on attending. I like to have no distractions at these conferences, so I try to actually go whenever possible. This one is going to be live-streamed on the Internet. Go to www.titus213hope.com for the stream this Friday, March 16. It's Saturday and Sunday too. People from all over the world tune in.

 A few years ago Rick Warren mocked Bible Prophecy and its significance. Apparently he's changed his tune since then. World Net Daily published some of his recent quotes about Bible Prophecy and its SIGNIFICANCE! I don't agree with Rick Warren theologically (no surprise here) but at least he's seeing the light concerning Bible prophecy.

 I have always said that knowing and watching for prophecied events to come to fruition is one of the most life-giving, faith sustaining things anyone can do. Those of us who follow prophecy are tuned into Scripture AND the Holy Spirit, plus the events of the ages.

 It's win, win, win. Get on the train. You can't miss out!

 Last evening at our Prophecy Study we discussed different preachers we all listen to and gain insight from. There are many!

Now that I'm a working gal I can't listen to as many as I used to. Sad face.

 I do like JD Farag. I like Gary Stearman. LA Marzulli is one of my favorites. Every Saturday I try to listen to Jan Markell. Sometimes I'm awake in time for David Wheaton. Our own pastor, John Cheek, at Grace Community Fellowship is always worth listening to. He's preaching in Romans right now. He usually spends at least a year in a book from Scripture. Lots of insights.

My friend never misses Jack Hibbs from California. Bill Salus is always interesting. Alan Horvath and Andy, the Humble Horse are two guys in love with Jesus who are watchmen. I always get a kick from them.

 This weekend we'll listen to Paul MaGuire, Jay Seegert, Christian Pinto, and Mike Hoggard.

 Find your own favorites, keep up on stuff. I just mentioned a few watchmen. There are many worth hearing. You may not agree with everything they say, but you certainly gain insight. Put it together for yourself.

 We are going through Zola Levitt's "Thy Kingdom Come" series on Sunday evenings and even though Zola has been gone 10 years or so, his insights are completely and amazingly current.

 Don't mock prophecy watchers. They are usually ahead of the game when it come to world events. There is such a lack of fear for those of us who know what is to come. When something occurs it's always in light of unfolding events. I cannot fathom any other way to approach life. It's good to know what's happening, and what's to come.

 Ed is on me to change my blog format. Somethings change on their own, and this is the day to experiment. We'll see what comes of that.

 There are enough unexpecteds in each mundane day. It's comforting knowing the big stuff.

 We all know you shouldn't sweat the small stuff!

What a great way to face life.


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