"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Welcome Christmas!

I am one of those people who can enjoy Christmas music all year long, and really the birth of Christ is an event to be celebrated continuously throughout the year.   I gladly welcome the official Christmas time with the first Sunday of Advent tomorrow. 
I expect this Christmas season to have some difference from others I've lived.  Our home continues to be in disarray with remodeling projects.  The job search continues, and that lends a certain dis-ease to celebration. 
I'm finding it challenging to keep things sane as a family.  As much as I love the holidays I always find myself behind and missing a few really important "details."  I won't be sending cards this year!  First time in---ever?  I'll be happy to receive, but won't be sending.
We are paring down our gift-giving this year too.  We have so much that we decided not to spend much on more stuff, but rather give what we have.  Hope this is appreciated by those we love to give to!
If I could, I'd give the "Star of Bethlehem" DVD to everyone.  That is the most lovely and wonderful story of God's plan written in the stars for the whole world to see, and throughout the ages of His creation.  What a beautiful sign.
Must start the holiday baking.  That won't change!  I've got gingerbread in the oven right now, smelling scrumptious.  (Thanksgiving leftovers are GONE)

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N00bs0nFire said...

Con, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and am mildly disappointed that you won't be sending out cards. Would you consider posting more photos of your family? Or asking each of them to take turns writing a blog entry? I would love to hear about Christmas from their perspectives.

Also, would you consider posting the books you've been reading this year in your household? I looked for the DVD you recommended. The Hennepin County Library system does not have it, but I'll keep searching. :) Danya