"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, June 24, 2011


Just wanted you readers to know that I do check my "comments" tab now, for a change, so please feel free to communicate on that forum. If you want it private just indicate----and it won't be published. Thanks!

What a crazy WEEK! Our family guardian angels were on full time shifts, and I'm grateful that God protected in unusual circumstances.
My son returned from the Boundary Waters Canoe Area last night two days early due to extreme cold, wet, and accidental happenstance. One of his fellow canoes tipped and swamped two hours into the trip, with gear lost in the lake. This would have been a set back on any trip, but with the extreme weather it was borderline lethal.
Thank the Lord no one drowned. Thank the Lord they are all back home. One of the boys that suffered the tip-over wasn't in very good shape, hence the early return.
The Lord protects fools and babies---and young men who embark on trips with difficult conditions!
My Margaret had a close call driving, and thanks to the Driving Instructor they are both still alive and well.
My husband had an interesting week hobnobbing with former colleagues at two different conferences. After announcing that he was searching for work he was approached by several individuals with interest in his availability.
Now that doesn't mean anything until there is a job OFFER. But these people know my husband and what a wonderful, talented, intelligent, gifted, brilliant engineer that he is because they WORKED WITH HIM!
Couple that with five other "bites" of interest from other companies, I'm wondering if things may change before long. I am reminded again and again of the Lord's provision. He is the One who takes care of the birds and the beasts. Doesn't He care more for His own children?
Of course. The Lord provides. He will demonstrate His gracious and supernatural power in this very act of taking care of us.
May the Lord be praised.