"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Closing the Week

It's Saturday evening, and I'm counting my weekly blessings.

Today was "free." We had no organized activities. That is unusual, but once in awhile it happens!

Instead I got to a birthday breakfast party for a friend who has helped me out in multiple ways. I sorted through mounds of the usual household detritus, receipts, letters, and magazines.
I shopped for the gems of the tabernacle.

We are reading through the Bible, out loud, this year, and this past week we read Exodus and the description of the tabernacle. Yes, it was long, and detailed. It took awhile to read through all those cubits and numbers. Those gems mentioned on the ephod, the real ones, semi-precious and fake ones are easily acquired at Jo-Ann's and Michael's, so I thought to  find them for an object lesson for my students. I found I need to do a little more research, but I think I might make something with these materials to remind us, and teach us of God's plan for His people's worship.

I've been crocheting and finishing blankets during these bleak days of mid-winter. I've been pretty productive, and I can't think of anything more satisfying than seeing something beautiful come together and be finished!

I've got two dozen books next to my bed to read. Some look good, some not so much. My book club picked a few that I wouldn't have chosen this time. Time for some speed reading!

There's been a bed-bug scare at the library system in the county next to ours, and I've been a little reluctant to check anything out. But the librarian assured me that our county had found no such pests. Yet.
I've taken to leaving the library books in the car overnight in the sub sub temperatures. What pest could possibly survive that?

I'm always amazed that the bees are busy shivering all around their queen right now. They are doing their best to keep her alive. Sadly, if we have a warmish day this time of year she will start laying eggs which the workers will have to start to tend, thereby leaving the queen more vulnerable should the temps drop again. (Which they do, here). Beekeepers need to consider feeding the bees some, just to supplement them until spring arrives, as their stores are waning. It's a tenuous time.

Predicate, the prissy feline, has discovered that staying in bed all day is very much to her liking. The problem is that she seems pretty perky at night, and keeps the rest of the sensible pets and humans around her up at night.  Today we religiously shut the doors of the bedrooms so she couldn't hide in the bed. She acted put out, but I think we'll all sleep better tonight. Let's hope so.

Several good things in the world this week, despite the blizzards. I hear people articulating their faith in testimonies and in exhortations, and I see the Holy Spirit working, an exciting sign that we are on fast-forward toward Christ's appearance.

I was given a Turkish/German calendar on our trip last November. I'm brushing up on my Turkish, and I had this thought since I had learned some Turkish so long ago:

In Turkish the word for God-Yahweh, or LORD, is Tanrı. Not Allah. (Rab is the word for Lord.)

It's important to be talking about the correct God, and sometimes language can present real difficulties. I believe God is gracious and merciful, and since He knows the heart of every man I lose little sleep over translation difficulties. Still it seems an important issue when sharing the message of eternal life with anyone.

It's Saturday. It's time to re-hash the lessons of the week.

I could talk some about expectations and contentment, too, because I was very aware of some character development with these things this week.

I realized how blessed I am. My husband has a great job. I have the best job in the world: teaching and raising my children. We have everything we need. We have excessive surplus of what we want. We have a patient and loving God. We have forgiveness.

I know that this time of year can be difficult for me fighting health issues, but I am going to reaffirm my strong sense of God's goodness and His blessing even now, and every day. How thankful I am.

Time for bed. The week is over. I wish you peaceful rest, and cat-quiet sleep.


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