"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Friday, December 29, 2017

Year's End

And holiday end!

What a couple of weeks it has been at Corgi Hollows!

We said good-bye to my now "daughter from Canada" yesterday. She spent the last 10 days with us, and I claim her as my own. I thoroughly enjoyed her visit. She's Margaret's friend, and now my daughter. I love her.

My grandson visited. Heaven.

We saw friends, sat quietly, read books, watched a couple of movies; "Hidden Figures" and Keira Knightly's "Pride and Prejudice." We did a little shopping and a lot of cooking.

We sampled a Chinese restaurant in a nearby town and pronounced it "great."

We finally got to Giordano's, which has come here from Chicago, and the kids loved it.

We visited the Mill City Museum, downtown Minneapolis, which I HIGHLY recommend. I've been there dozens of times and I love it each time! Some of the kids went to see "A Christmas Carol" at the Guthrie Theater.

Yesterday I attended the funeral of my very good friend's dad. He was a world famous intellect, and I was privileged to know him. I commuted to the University with him and his daughter back in college on occasion. My friend grieves, but she is one of the strongest women I know. Her father is with Jesus. What a comfort.

I wanted to connect with several people over the break, but it wasn't to be. I have such wonderful friends and I love spending time with them, but now that I'm a working gal I think of them---and wish for time spent with them!

Can you believe it? I'm lined up for subbing five days at the the beginning of the new year already! It promises to be a very busy spring for a substitute teacher!

I did not send my stack of Christmas cards. Thank you to ALL who sent us cards! I love getting them, and usually I love sending them! It wasn't to be, this year!

Maybe Resurrection Sunday?

I didn't even get my gifts sent to my two brothers in New York and Chicago! They are still sitting under the decrepit tree that needs to come down today. Maybe I'll get to the post office next week....

It's been crazy fun, nuts, and wonderful all the same.

Corwyn wins hearts everyday. She has a sweet personality, very friendly, very affectionate. She is a cuddly thing, and loves to warm your lap on these frigid evenings. Blackberry just dozes by the fire. She complains when it's time to go out...

Topaz, the enigmatic black feline, has truly conquered all of us. His gem-like eyes fix on his next victim and there is no resistance. He wins. You must pet him, hold him, even against his wishes. He's powerful.

Predicate, the ghost of the house, especially since Corwyn came to live here, appears from time to time.

You have heard how cold it is, right? Minnesota weather at its best: minus 10? Minus 20?

It's cold! We try to walk up the road a bit and the air is like knives in the sinus. Ya, youbetcha, it's COLD in MINNESNOWTA!

I read yesterday that we may be in for a mini Ice Age again.

I hope not, but I'm grateful for a shed full of wood out back.

We have the most beautiful fires. Ed is a scouting expert at making a perfect-looking fire and it truly is a work of art each time.

Ed's blood platelet counts are still abnormally low, so I tend to slip into bouts of worry. I'm so human.
I know his days are in God's sovereign hands, and I DO give up my fears to God every moment, but I do pray for Ed, too.

I want this whole cancer thing to be DONE, OVER, Vorbei, as the Germans say!

But we're not done yet!

Actually Ed will need to go to the clinic for blood tests for the next 10 years. Every month for now, then at greater intervals. We will be praying for excellent progress each time.

I look up and say to the LORD---"Maranatha!"

He cannot come soon enough for me.

As wonderful and beautiful as life on earth is for us Western Christians it cannot compare to the glories of Jesus' face.

I had a dream I was able to sing in both the Northern Lights Chorale and the Minnetonka Choral Society this spring, just like my husband is going to do. It was such a nice dream. Impossible for me, but nice! I'm looking forward to choir rehearsals already!

It's pipe organ season now too! I'm excited for Sunday afternoon concerts around the Twin Cities. Usually they happen at 3 PM or 4 PM, so let me know if you want to join us! It's the most excellent way to calm the mind and heart for the upcoming week.

I live in the musician's dreamland.

Happy New Year!

May 2018 bring the LORD'S return! May it be a blessing to you and yours.
God bless you!

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