"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Quiet Saints

Verna, Hazel, Paul, Ginger, Keith, and Judy

I hope everyone has a few solid folk to disciple them, besides their parents, as they grow.

I benefited from the advice, the teaching, and the support of all six, and I wanted to show my gratefulness today.

Verna recently went home to the Lord. She was an example to me in hospitality. Every Sunday she had a dinner ready to go, for any guests who appeared at church. The table was always expandable, and every guest was welcomed!
She helped run a farm and she taught Sunday School too. Her heart was tender toward missions, and I credit her with helping me memorize much of the Scripture I can still recite.

Hazel was my mentor. Her spirit was bright, and her gentle advice cut to the quick. A lesson in frugality and cheerful service, I strive to be like her. She had the sweetest way of getting a point across. She's been gone many years. Her memory is still fresh to me.

Paul is the pastor I had during my most formative years. I have rarely met anyone with the gift of a "word fitly spoken," but he had it. Comfortable in his role as an Under-shepherd, he discipled his congregation with memorable lessons. I also was happy to listen to his wise advice on career moves and marriage.

Ginger spent hours teaching me skills and just being friends. She shares my birthday, and we always tried to celebrate together. She is now almost 90 and suffers from some confusion, yet her sense of humor is unchanged. I'm privileged to have been her friend.

Judy is home with the Lord after a wearying struggle with ALS. Her life had huge impact, not just on me, in how she lived and died. I was honored to count her as a close friend. Cheerfulness was her hallmark, even in dying. Acceptance of what God was doing in her life was simply how she lived. Her legacy lives in her children and grandchildren, who honor her as well.

Keith is her husband, and he continues to be a great friend. He lives his life in complete devotion and service to the Lord, and I am always amazed at how God provides for him. His example to me is priceless. Often I think of how God has used his life to serve countless people and I am encouraged that God would do the same for me.

My parents are my gift from the Lord, and I'm so glad they encouraged these people in their influence and friendship to me.

I am grateful. I am blessed. I am needing to be following in their example.


scrapgma said...

MPCC is a unique community of believers. Many people there were a huge influence on me also.

Costanza said...

Love your confirmation! :)