"Only one life, 'twill soon be past
Only what's done for Christ will last."

Monday, October 22, 2012

God of the Parking Space

A few years back I read a book that scoffed at the idea of God being interested in such trivial things as available parking spaces, or any such mundane daily agenda matters.

My own reaction to this was little more than scoffing, I must admit. (Sorry)

I believe God lets us decide many things, but He also listens to our prayers and pleas, and directs our days in His infinite manner.

When I pray for a gap in the traffic as I merge, when I wend my way into the crowded city, searching for a convenient place to stash my car (which is large because of my five children), and shop for a specific item I pray. I pray and pray and pray.

I really think God cares.  I know He does. If He knows the number of hairs on my head and cares about the beasts of the field, does He not care about my day? My safety? My time?

I just live in perpetual gratefulness that He cares.

Last week my son parked within five feet of a driveway. He returned to his car to find it missing. It had been towed.

This is no small thing. An impounded car, downtown Minneapolis, a student who needs transportation at unheard of hours...4:30 am, 12:00 am...fees, and frustrations---even some fear thrown in: All are matters that my Lord and God CARES ABOUT.

Trivial, yes. World affairs are totally His domain, but so are mine, and He is so Great that He can handle it all---the bees in the hive, the blades of grass in the field, the upcoming election, the galaxies in the Universe, and MY PARKING SPACE.

The car is redeemed. My son was in Washington DC over the weekend to run the Army Ten Miler. He came in very well. In a crowd of 30,100 he was in the top 600 finishers. He ran ten miles in just over 1 hour.

He comes home tomorrow back to the grind of his junior year at the U.

And the Lord cares about all of this. Intimately. This I know and believe. Thank you, Lord!


Grace said...

Congrats to such a speedy runner! He inspires me to try to walk a little faster in the grocery aisles. ;-)

And I agree with you about God being interested in the little things in our lives. I've experienced that interest, and many times have been the recipient of his creative way of caring for me!

Costanza said...

Thank you, Grace! I'll pass your words onto him.